USA - At InfoComm 2014, WorkPro launched two new products: NEO 5 A ES and NEO 5 IP. The brand also featured the line array column speaker UDA 16 and the ZERO subwoofers Series, as well as the improvements to some of its existing lines, such as the update to the distributed audio system over IP, BlueLine Digital.

One of the new products is NEO 5 A ES, the updated version of NEO 5 A. This installation loudspeaker has been developed to maximise savings in energy consumption and, therefore, to be more efficient. Under this ecological company philosophy, the brand has come up with a smart solution capable of shutting down when it is not receiving an audio signal: this means a reduction in its consumption below 1W under these circumstances. "Thanks to this product, it is possible to exponentially enhance the performance and efficiency of the audio installations," say WorkPro

Belgium - Barco has expanded its single-chip DLP projector line-up to now include F50 Panorama, WUXGA and Full HD models to meet a wide variety of demanding applications, from first-class exhibitions and high-end visitor attractions to corporate collaboration suites, 24/7 control rooms and big data analytics labs.

The new F50 range offers a combination of high resolution and active 3D stereo at higher frame rates in a small, quiet unit, ideal for professional-class venues where a powerful, yet unobtrusive visualization solution is needed.

"Barco is continually innovating its high-fidelity projector offering, and we are extremely excited about our latest additions, which represent a quantum leap in performance and image quality to expertly handle 3D and big data applications," comments Kristian Kolstad, director of product management at Barco. "The combination of

USA - Allen & Heath unveiled Qu-32 at InfoComm, a 32 fader, 38 in / 28 out digital mixer joining the rackmount Qu-16 and compact Qu-24. Qu-32 shares the Qu series key features, such as total recall of settings (including faders and digitally controlled preamps), Qu-Drive integrated multi-track recorder, dSNAKE for remote I/O and personal monitoring, multi-channel USB streaming, Qu-Pad control app, and the renowned iLive FX Library to deliver class-leading audio quality. It comes with a larger, 7" touchscreen and 33 motorised faders.

Key to the design was providing a dedicated fader per mic input channel while retaining a compact footprint, the Qu series distinctive styling, and extensive I/O, comprising 32 mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs, 24 mix outputs including 2 Stereo Matrix Mix Outputs and 4 Stereo Groups with full processing, patchable AES digital output with a f

USA - Audinate's tradition of creating innovative solutions continues, with the announcement of its new software application, Dante Via at InfoComm 2014.

Dante Via transforms Macs and PCs into networked I/O devices. With Dante Via, you can now build a complete, standalone audio system of networked PCs without the need for any dedicated Dante-enabled hardware to be present on the network. Any computer instantly becomes a networked audio I/O device, says the company.

Dante Via "expands AV horizons, freeing one from the limiting constraints of short reach point-to-point analogue and USB cables". Dante Via allows you to create a flexible audio bridge for your computer to connect with legacy USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt audio interfaces and transform them into networked devices. Without the need for additional hardware, Dante Via transmits and receives professional qual

USA - At InfoComm 2014, Shure Incorporated announced the availability of Wireless Workbench 6.10, available for download at The next evolution of this software solution from Shure adds new product support, enhanced frequency analysis, and safeguards against unwanted setting changes.

Wireless Workbench 6.10 now supports the newly introduced QLX-D Digital Wireless System, a cost-effective solution that features networked control and Shure's intelligent rechargeable battery technology.

For greater insight into frequency compatibility, Wireless Workbench 6.10 introduces a re-designed Frequency Analysis view. Providing more transparency when troubleshooting, Frequency Analysis displays a detailed and interactive listing of conflicts discovered per frequency and enables users to filter conflicts by type.

After all desired settings are in place, the software

USA - At InfoComm in Las Vegas, Martin Professional introduced the MAC Quantum Wash and MAC Quantum Profile, the latest solution to provide brighter and more compact LED lights.

The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, "beautiful wash fields, a market-leading colour palette and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate the most demanding applications with brightness and perfection". Combining an impressive 750-watt of RGBW LED power with Martin's market-leading optical system ensures Quantum's 1:5 zoom operates with maximum output and superior performance.

"By combining the lens shift possibilities first seen in the MAC Viper Quadray with the MAC Aura's ground-breaking optical system, MAC Quantum Wash sets new standards for light and colour morphing effects from a wash light," says Markus Kl├╝sener, product manager for stage lighting, Martin Professiona

UK - Orbital's new Nemesis distribution line of audio playback and control solutions took centre stage at last week's ABTT 2014 Show, with the Nemesis UMT-2D Multi-Button & MIDI to USB Converter being judged the Sound Product of the Year by the ABTT panel of peers and industry experts.

The award was presented to Orbital Sound's Richard Carter, part of the Nemesis design team, at a joint ceremony hosted by The Association of British Theatre Technicians and The Stage Management Association, at the end of the first day of the show.

Orbital MD Chris Headlam commented, "This is a great achievement for the team behind Nemesis - representing two years' research and development to create something that has long been missing in the theatre market. The objective is to remove the complexity and often random nature of computer playback systems - something that has plagued us all at s

USA - At InfoComm 2014, Barco introduced the MMS (Moving Mirror System): a new projector accessory that empowers show designers with total creative freedom to direct sharp, detailed HD images anywhere on stage or within an exhibit.

The MMS augments Barco's large-venue projectors with the capability to broadcast a variety of pre-programmed images. Eliminating the need for custom rigging frames and heavy yokes to position visuals where desired, the MMS system enables the projector to be rigged in its natural position, with the mirror doing all the work remotely. Then, it can be controlled either via the layout of the projector, the Barco Projector Toolset, or with an external lighting DMX desk.

"The MMS is a liberating tool that show designers will love for its unlimited creative possibilities, ease of set-up and increased flexibility," comments William Morris, vice pr

USA - At InfoComm 2014, Martin Professional introduced the latest additions to its VC-Grid and VC-Strip LED video solutions to include 15, 25, 30 and 60 mm pixel pitch for architectural installations, stage design, and television set design.

Martin's VC-Grid LED panel allows for the creative integration of LED video into interiors, set elements, stage designs, and custom-shaped LED video screens. Driven by Martin's P3 System Controller, the VC-Grid provides high-quality image processing that eliminates the need for DMX pixelmapping, loose power supplies, and cabling. The VC-Grid offers 64 individually controllable pixels in RGB and cool, medium and warm white colors. Additionally, a hybrid power/date cabling systems allows the panels to be easily daisy-chained for ultimate design freedom.

"With the latest additions to the VC-Grid & VC-Strip Family, we are now able to offe

UK - ETC has added two products to its lighting control line up: the Nomad software and Nomad Puck controller. Designed for situations when lighting professionals can't bring their consoles with them, Nomad and Nomad Puck allow users to programme and run shows from anywhere.

"One of the best features of Nomad and Nomad Puck, is the ability to run either Cobalt or Eos/Element software," says ETC Eos product manager Anne Valentino. "It's like having two consoles in one - users don't have to choose between the two control platforms." Both Nomad and Nomad Puck can serve as a primary controller, a backup or a client device, and can also be used offline.

Nomad is a tiny device that attaches to PCs running either Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, or Macintosh OS X (Mavericks). It is available in four output counts: Nomad 256, which offers half a universe, Nomad 1024 with

UK - In order to meet demands for larger scale applications, PR Lighting has taken the successful model of its XLED 1037 - but instead of deriving its output from 37 powerful 10W RGBW LEDs (with a lamp life of 50,000 hours) they have added a further 24 sources in developing the new XLED 1061 (PR-8121).

The result is powerful, 4-in-1 bright linear colour mixes highlighted by animation effects, rainbow effects and a pulsing strobe.

Fully featured, in addition to the above functions, the XLED 1061 also offers 0%-100% linearly adjustable dimmer, linear zoom (13°-52°), adjustable speed pan (540°) and tilt (270°) with auto position correction, and linear colour temperature correction from 2700K to 10000K.

Controllable via DMX, other features include: Brightness and contrast adjustable display; Lamp use time display; DMX512 channel value display and Menu Invert func

UK - Loose HDMI cable connections can now become a thing of the past with the new HDMiGrip cable range available from CIE-Group. Featuring the 'friction lock' connectors the high quality HDMI cables can prevent the cable from falling out of an AV device socket.

Available from CIE-Group, one of the audio visual industry's longest established providers of equipment for professional audio visual integration and PA sectors, the HDMiGrip cable connector's lock ensures that it holds securely in place, but will detach simply by pulling the connector out (without the need for pressing / releasing any locking switches or buttons).

"The HDMiGrip Cable is such a simple, yet great upgrade for the common HDMI cable," comments Chris Edwards, marketing director at CIE-Group. The 'friction lock' ensures that there will be no worry of loose connections or pulled out cables which remo

USA - Lab.gruppen has unveiled its D Series, a new flagship install-dedicated four-channel DSP amplifier platform, which debuted at InfoComm in Las Vegas.

Drawing upon experiences and new technologies developed recently as the company's flagship, and TEC Award-winning, PLM 20000Q - built primarily for the high-end touring market - increasingly became the preferred choice for consultants in demanding stadia and arena installations, D Series represents the most advanced and capable install-dedicated platform ever conceived by Lab.gruppen, says the company.

Total integration is the core ethos behind D Series, delivering what Lab.gruppen engineers describe as an amplifier platform that offers 'genuinely open interoperability' - a product that can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of digital audio and control protocols - bringing unique features and performance capabilities to

USA - Martin Professional and Lighthouse Holland have officially launched Martin ShowDesigner 6 (MSD) 3D visualizer with a newly designed 3D engine to provide photorealistic rendering in real-time using the latest DirectX technology.

The MSD 6's user-friendly timeline control allows users to create complex presentations including lighting, video, animated scenery, camera motion and animated smoke effects. The user interface has been completely redesigned with a modern look, offering a rapid workflow to quickly drag and drop fixtures, objects and textures as well as instant access to any object's properties.

MSD 6 is Vectorworks-friendly and through a Windows-based plug-in, Vectorworks files can be exported and imported into MSD 6. The intelligent system learns from previous conversions to choose the right MSD fixture type to replace Vectorworks fixtures.

MSD 6 also comes wit

Germany - "We're a great believer in luck. The harder we work, the more luck we have." Although often attributed to Thomas Jefferson this could have just as easily coined by the team at MA Lighting. Their strong position in the market as the manufacturer of premier lighting consoles has not happened just by fluke or happy circumstance.

Since 1983, when Michael Adenau founded MA Lighting, the company has been committed to ploughing as much time, effort, resources and expertise as it can muster into developing the very best in lighting control. Today, more than 30 years on, MA Lighting is a top choice for lighting and video designers and operators throughout the entertainment sector.

The scalable grandMA2 with its sister product MA VPU (Video Processing Unit), are a lighting and media control system like no other, it provides seamless integration between lighting and v

UK - LEE Filters has introduced an app that gives lighting designers access to the entire LEE colour effect filter range - all from the convenience of their iPhone.

Inspiration is something of an awkward customer. It has no respect for timetables or boundaries, and when it does strike, more often than not it happens at the most inopportune moments - usually when it's impossible to get access to a swatch book or a computer.

To help lighting designers out of tricky moments such as these, and allow them to explore and save their ideas while on the go, LEE Filters has launched the LEE Swatch iPhone app, available for download from the Apple App Store (cost £0.69 / $0.99).

With the complete range of filters available to view at the swipe of a fingertip, the LEE Swatch iPhone app is both intuitive and uncomplicated, and allows the user to: Search by filter name or number, an

USA - Nemetschek Vectorworksn has announced the release of the English version of SimTread 2, a pedestrian simulation tool developed by A&A Co. Ltd., the Vectorworks distributor in Japan, in partnership with Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and Takenaka Corporation. As a plug-in for Vectorworks software, SimTread lets users simulate and analyze crowd movement. It can also serve as evacuation simulation software for both general and complex building and municipal designs.

"SimTread lets Vectorworks users design with confidence by identifying crowded areas and factors that inhibit or change circulation flow," said Dr. Biplab Sarkar, chief technology officer at Nemetschek Vectorworks.

"It therefore expedites the iterative design process and helps to determine the best designs for safe traffic flows. Plus, several new features enhance SimTread's crowd movement simu

UK - BlackBox Recorder manufacturer JoeCo has announced that a new version of its JoeCoRemote software app for iPad is now available to download from the iTunes App Store.

JoeCoRemote for iPad enables remote control and operation of any 24- or 64-channel BlackBox Recorder or Player. In addition to the standard input metering display, this latest software release includes a new, dedicated monitor window offering real-time monitor mix control. The window features expandable channel strips with graphic faders, pan, PFL, solo and mute controls. This enables a separate headphone monitor mix to be easily created.

The new software also features more robust signalling between the JoeCoRemote hardware interface and the software app, leading to more efficient communication in both wireless and wired set-ups. Preliminary support for JoeCo's forthcoming BlackBox BBR1MP Recorder with integ

USA - Introducing a single component to address an array of AV switching and processing needs often encountered in boardrooms, classrooms and other presentation settings, Atlona announced at InfoComm 2014 its most advanced 4K-capable, HDBaseT switcher for systems which need to accept multiple digital and analogue inputs as selectable sources for displays located as far as 230 feet away.

The new Model AT-UHD-CLSO-612 is equipped with two HDBaseT, two HDMI, and two analogue inputs, and provides switching, up- and down-scaling, converting, audio de-embedding, and signal extension capabilities in a single rack-unit enclosure. According to the company, it is the first scaler that can take a 4K signal and display it on 1080p monitor.

"Switchers for single room systems, particularly in education settings, haven't addressed customers' needs in terms of providing inputs on lectern

UK - DisplayMapper, a division of Projection Artworks has announced its fully daylight-visible retail solution. By creating retail sector applications using daylight visible 3D video-mapped projections onto and around products, whether built within FSDUs or as permanent installations, DisplayMapper will enhance products and ignite promotional messages, says the company.

Launching in July, the new division's retail display technology system uses bespoke cloud-based software controlled from a central network, which allows clients to develop and automatically deliver their own content to hundreds of daylight visible projections all controlled centrally. In-store equipment is low cost, industry standard and easy to use and maintain.

Major developments in the small-scale projector market have resulted in devices offering exceptional brightness. The DisplayMapper team has harnessed

Canada - CAST Software has released its wysiwyg version R33, the most power packed release with more than 10 new features, giving lighting designers, multimedia and production professionals the ability to create and previsualize "amazing new lighting design like never before".

"This is the biggest release since wysiwyg was introduced twenty years ago" said Gil Densham, president of CAST Software. "R33 delivers new features including LED video wall glow, shaded view optimizations and profiles, templates, and double the number of universes. R33 certainly raises the bar for industry professionals so they become more productive, more professional, more profitable. It's all about our Members."

In creating wysiwyg R33, many new features result from extensive beta testing by some of CAST Software's most experienced wysiwyg users. One such lighting design

USA - The FC-21ETH, FC-22ETH and FC-24ETH are members of the new Kramer family of high-performance, easy-to-use, bidirectional hardware and software interface systems. The FC-21ETH, FC-22ETH and FC-24ETH can enable control of RS-232 and/or RS-485 controllable machines via an Ethernet LAN.

These products give installers the ability to implement simultaneous control over several AV devices (the number depends on exact model) spread throughout an installation by offering bidirectional Ethernet to serial conversion. Each product operates as a network server, which means they accept network connections, but do not initiate them.

All setup and maintenance of the FC devices are managed by built-in web pages, which are accessible through any common web browser. The FC-21ETH, FC-22ETH and FC-24ETH offer 1/2/4 (respectively) serial ports for AV device control with one of them being a RS

USA - Green Hippo reports that its Par4keet 4K+ Player from the new AViary Video Tools range was awarded 'Best of Show' at InfoComm 2014 by NewBay Media.

The Best of Show Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts from submitted nominations. Criteria include ease of installation and use/maintenance, performance, relevance, value/ROI, network friendliness, versatility, and reliability.

Par4Keet is the first video player to combine class-leading video playback at 4K+ resolution along with true realtime media manipulation and multi-screen configurability in a robust rackmount casing.

For video professionals who need to map high-pixel count media onto multiple display devices or high resolution screens, Par4Keet provides high quality video playback at 4K resolution and beyond along with flexible output mapping for any of today's screen technologies.

Green Hippo has been

UK - ELC Lighting launched the Buddy, a new Ethernet to DMX node at this year's ABTT show. Designed and engineered as an entry level product, the Buddy was designed with students and newcomers to the market in mind, but is already being hailed as an essential piece of kit for lighting designers to carry in their back pockets, with over 200 units already sold, the company reports.

Speaking at the official launch of the product, Silvio Cibien said, "Buddy has all the functions required to enable a user to get DMX out of their laptop at an entry level price. We feel students and newcomers to the industry need to be able to experiment without the fear of doing something wrong, or losing all their work. The Buddy will enable them to program and create with ease, on their own laptop. But it's also an ideal piece of kit for any lighting designer who may suddenly find they need acc

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