Switzerland - Pangolin ScannerMax is a brand new scanner system family created by Pangolin Systems. Scanner systems (Galvos) like these are used for rapidly deflecting a single laser beam to create patterns or effects. ScannerMax scanners are designed for industrial as well as show purposes, so there are a variety of possible applications.

To create spectacular laser shows it is essential to deflect the laser beam extremely fast, so that the patterns, graphics and pictures projected don't appear to be flickering. Laserworld offers Pangolin ScannerMax galvos for many of their professional laser light systems, including most SwissLas and several RTI units. "The quality of the ScannerMax scanners is superior to the standard solution, so more professional users may want to go for the upgrade," says the company.

"More ScannerMax solutions are in development, but the

Germany - The MA Lighting grandMA2 is renowned for lighting network stability. The existing 1Gbit MA 4Port and 8Port Nodes are ideal for networks where large quantities of frame-syncronous DMX need to be distributed. MA Lighting has announced a matching 1Gbit 2Port Node range which fits into the MA system ensuring maximum performance via the MA-Net2 protocol.

The MA 2Port Nodes are optimised for touring and installations purposes with rugged steel housing for a long life even under harsh conditions. The front panel offers a 2" colour screen as well as current status LEDs. The mains switch and all connectors are located on the rear.

Available with and without control parameters, all MA 2Port Nodes are fully configurable from the grandMA2 consoles or from grandMA2 onPC software. To achieve the highest flexibility, each DMX port can be individually configured as DMX in or DM

UK - Roland Systems Group has announced the launch of the XS Series - a new range of multi-format matrix switchers. Designed for events or fixed installations, the XS Series offers an adaptable solution for applications that require high-quality, integrated video and audio conversion and switching.

With a multi format design, the Roland XS Series features eight HDMI, RGB/Component/S-video/Composite inputs and up to four HDMI or HDBaseT outputs with built in scalers to enable picture-in-picture, resizing, rotating, and flipping. Audio can be embedded into outputs via 8 stereo audio inputs (2 mic) and/or HDMI audio as well as de-embedded on output. Additional features of the Roland XS Series include remote iPad control, EDID emulation for HDMI and RGB signal management and HDCP key master to maintain authentication information for each HDMI source.

The Roland XS Series is availa

USA - QSC Audio Products has announced the addition of three new loudspeaker models designed for fixed installation applications. The new AD-S6T and AD-S112sw surface-mount loudspeakers are additions to the popular AcousticDesign Series, while the new AC-C4T (part of the upcoming AcousticCoverage loudspeaker line) offers integrators a cost-effective, in-ceiling loudspeaker solution that is ideal for voice paging and light background music applications.

"Today's integrator is looking for a single solution system including loudspeakers and these new additions to the QSC loudspeaker lineup helps fulfill that growing need," says Travis Nie, QSC product manager - install loudspeakers. "With the continuously growing acceptance of the Q-Sys platform and PLD/CXD amplifiers both of which feature Intrinsic Correction processing, advanced voicing filter sets can be applied e

USA - New from EAW is the Otto Adaptive Subwoofer, the first subwoofer in the company's Adaptive Performance Series headlined by the Anya 3-way full-range loudspeaker system.

Loaded with two 18" woofers - with acoustic energy exiting from four spaced apertures in the corners of the enclosure, Otto can produce 131dB (1 meter, continuous, full-space) with requency response down to 22Hz (-10dB), say EAW.

As with the Anya full-range modules, each Otto transducer is separately powered and processed, allowing multiple directivity patterns to be created from a single module. Also like Anya, Otto modules can readily be combined in arrays to provide increased pattern control and output, the company says.

"Each module is engineered to generate any three-dimensional wavefront surface and determine the processing needed to achieve optimum coverage and tonal balance for the spe

UK - The Salamander Quad Pro is the latest flame unit to be launched by Le Maitre and follows on from the successful Salamander, extending Le Maitre's flame family offering.

The Salamander Quad Pro is a larger, more versatile system than the Salamander. A four canister system, it can be operated with each canister being fired independently and the option of multiple colours being loaded to provide a truly stunning visual display from a single machine. Firing the canisters sequentially can also be used to increase the duration of the effect, with up to 120 hits in total and each flame reaching around 12ft/3.5m in height. Alternatively, all four canisters can be fired at the same time to produce a much bigger single flame reaching up to a spectacular 25ft/7.5m - terrific for stadiums!

The new unit also retains a number of key features and benefits from the original Salamander de

UK - Panasonic is set to launch 'the world's first portable, high-brightness WUXGA LCD projector'. The PT-VZ570 series comprises six models, each offering a blend of high image quality, low total cost of ownership (TCO), flexible installation and collaborative functionality.

The projectors offer a maintenance-free operational life of 7,000 hours when set to eco mode, significantly reducing the TCO for businesses and educational institutions.

All six models allow both portable and ceiling-mounting, while Vertical Lens Shift and Screen Adjustment functionality means easy adjustment of images projected onto flat or curved surfaces, as well as angled projection.

Hartmut Kulessa, marketing manager for Panasonic, said: "Equipped with a high 5,000:1 contrast ratio and Panasonic's Daylight View Basic technology, the projectors delivers bright, richly detailed images. They are i

The Netherlands - The newest addition to the Audac loudspeaker range is the Mero series. These high-end in-wall speakers will blend will "blend beautifully into any interior, making only their extraordinary sound draw your attention with their nearly invisible design". This series includes three models: Mero2, Mero5, Mero6. Their unobtrusive design due to the slim grill with very thin border of only 1 mm and limited grill depth extrudes the surface by only 3.2 mm when installed.

Their applications range from residential Hi-Fi and home cinema installations to multi- zone systems, unobtrusive installations in lounges, bars, boutiques and offices.

The selection of high-grade materials in combination with accurate acoustic craftsmanship guarantee an unsurpassed sound experience, characterised by a warm and detailed sound.

To guarantee a lifetime stability, secure mount

Switzerland - The Guide-U system from Phonak makes sure that visitors in leading attractions worldwide, such as the Dresden Start Art Collections in the Semper Building, can effortlessly understand what their guide tells them. Powered by Roger technology, the latest generation of the guiding system offers an even greater listening experience to every visitor: groups of any size, several groups in the same room, and even people with hearing loss can rely on Roger Guide-U to get more out of their guided tour, says the company.

Since its launch, Guide-U has been the audio tour guiding system of choice for some of the world's biggest visitor attractions. Featuring the latest digital standard, Roger, the new generation of the guiding system offers "crystal-clear speech understanding even to large visitor groups or several groups simultaneously". Leveraging Phonak's longstan

UK - Lighting control expert, Artistic Licence, has introduced a major upgrade to one of its best-selling DMX splitter products, Rail-Split RDM, with no increase to the list price. Concurrently, a budget-beating sister product, Rail-Split DMX, is now offered for those in need of a reliable, no-frills DMX splitter without RDM functionality.

Long a main-stay of the Artistic Licence DMX splitter range, Rail-Split RDM has an optically isolated DMX input and six independent outputs, each of which is fully bidirectional. The latter feature makes the product compatible with RDM-enabled devices, a powerful feature in many scenarios - not least in facilitating automatic fixture addressing. However, RDM is not always a blessing, in that some DMX fixtures misread the data structure, resulting in a flickering effect.

Rail-Split RDM now has in built-in solution. In its normal mode of opera

UK - Verbatim has announced the expansion of its LED range with a family of new easy-to-install luminaires for a broad range of professional lighting applications spanning hotels and restaurants to offices, retail stores and warehouses. Ideal for new lighting installations or upgrade projects, Verbatim's attractive light fixtures offer fast and easy fitting with compact housing dimensions and external power supply. Customers also benefit from improved thermal management and higher lumen output compared to when the lamps and fixtures are separate elements.

Suitable for most suspended ceilings, Verbatim's LED luminaires are far more energy and cost efficient than compact fluorescent or halogen alternatives, says the company.

Verbatim's recessed spotlights, with a choice of 25° or 40° beam angle and an adjustable LED head, are perfectly suited to delivering accent and spo

UK - Pro audio equipment provider Audiologic has added Phoenix Audio Technologies to its portfolio of distributed brands. Phoenix Audio Technologies is an innovator of audio communication solutions for Voice Over IP (VoIP), web conferencing, distance learning, and video conferencing applications.

Formed in the first instance by a group of scientists who, 30 years ago had worked on the development of SONAR systems, Phoenix came into being 10 years ago. Its key personnel having been at the forefront of academic research and having co-authored hundreds of professional essays and books on the technology, Phoenix very quickly established a strong portfolio of audio solutions for the emerging video and audio conferencing markets.

Key lines now available for shipping include the brand new Spider, the very latest word in conferencing phone technology. With SIP telephony & USB soft cod

UK - As GDS enjoys its 10 year celebrations it shows no sign of reducing its ambitious approach to innovation. The launch of ArcLamp, awarded the ABTT 2014 Theatre Award for Lighting Product of the Year, is yet more evidence of the GDS forward march.

ArcLamp is the final piece in the jigsaw toward achieving a total LED auditorium lighting solution. Suitable for any shape, age or size of venue, ArcLamp is a like for like replacement for the standard candle or golf ball lamp in a beautiful LED equivalent and has all of the attributes synonymous with the ArcSystem range.

ArcLamp is a compact and robust 4.8W LED lamp available in Candle & Golf Ball in both clear and frosted types. Truly and smoothly dimmable from 100% to Absolute zero, ArcLamp is ideally suited for chandeliers, circle fronts and wall-lights. In replacing tungsten/ incandescent lamps, ArcLamp offers in the region o

UK - Panasonic has launched a new range of network LED displays aimed at the corporate and education markets.

The LFC70 series is designed with the next-generation wireless technology Miracast, allowing seamless high speed wireless transmission of content, including Full HD video files, from Miracast compatible devices to the displays.

The series is also compatible with Panasonic's Wireless Projector App for iOS, for wireless transmission from iOS devices to the displays, as well as Panasonic's Wireless Manager software, which allows wireless presentation from a PC.

Enrique Robledo, marketing manager at Panasonic, said, "We believe these displays present an opportunity for professionals to consider the future of digital equipment for meetings or classrooms.

"Miracast is a powerful tool for sharing media. Fast connection and very high bandwidth means you can displ

UK - Allen & Heath has released a new firmware update for its Qu Series of compact digital mixers with a wealth of core new features to enhance functionality of the pioneering range. As well as support for the newly launched Qu-32 mixer and AB168 Audio Rack, v1.5 introduces DCA Groups, custom channel naming, flexible dSNAKE output patching, improved routing for studio recording applications, and additional MIDI control soft keys.

Four DCA groups have been added, which can be assigned to fader strips in the custom layer on Qu-16 and Qu-24, whilst the new Qu-32 has 4 dedicated DCA master strips in the upper layer. Furthermore, all Input channels, FX returns, Mixes, DCA and Mute Groups now have custom naming functionality, which can be shared with the QuPad remote app and with any connected ME-1 personal mixers. Also, dSNAKE outputs to remote Audio Racks and monitor sends to ME-1 m

UK/USA - Cadac is set to capitalise on its successes at the ABTT Theatre show with LMC Audio Systems, and at InfoComm with its Cadac Audio North American sales and distribution arm.

Speaking after his company's first public showing of the CDC eight digital audio console, at ABTT, LMC Audio Systems managing director Paul Hinkly said, "There was tremendous interest, both among the theatre sound fraternity and the growing number of concert touring and corporate AV visitors to the show. The ever increasing variety of premium pro-audio products and technological convergence across pro-audio sectors is attracting more and more of these customers to ABTT."

Moving forward, LMC Audio Systems' sales team is embarking on an extensive demonstration programme across the UK, to all market sectors. "With its 'next generation' gesture-based touch screen operation, stunning soun

USA - Danley Sound Labs, maker of loudspeakers and subwoofers that "cleverly sidestep the trade-offs and constraints inherent in conventional designs", has applied that same "outside of the box" thinking to its latest loudspeaker and subwoofer installation design software.

Named Danley Direct and available for free from danleysoundlabs.com, the new platform models the direct sound path from user-defined designs involving Danley products in three-dimensional spaces (which can be conveniently imported or modeled via SketchUp). Co-designed by renowned acoustician Doug Jones and Sebastian Rivas Godoy, Danley Direct is notable for its transparent cross-platform performance (Mac or PC), multiple-window flexibility, and tremendous speed. Like everything Danley Sound Labs puts its name on, Danley Direct is built on solid math and third-party measured loudspeaker and

UK - Solid State Logic has announced that its Offline Setup software for the SSL Live console is now available for free download. The SSL OffLine Setup Application, or SOLSA, allows creation and editing of Live console Showfiles on a laptop or desktop PC. Almost anything that can be done on a Live console can now be manipulated and configured 'offline' when access to a console is not possible.

Software functionality includes console architecture configuration and setup of fader tile layers and banks. Stageboxes and I/O routing can be assigned along with the creation of scenes and other automation editing. SOLSA also allows you to add effects, manipulate channel processing settings, bus routing and VCA assignments. SOLSA includes the same Help System as the Live console software, offering a built-in user guide with tutorials and reference sections.

SOLSA is intended to enable e

USA - Philips Lumileds proprietary CrispWhite Technology was awarded the coveted LFI Innovation Award in the category of LED/OLED Chips and Modules at LightFair International 2014.

Luxeon CoB with CrispWhite Technology was developed specifically for retail applications including downlights and spotlights where the truest colour representation is desired by store owners and retail customers. CrispWhite is offered throughout the Luxeon chip-on-board (CoB) line of arrays. These arrays feature the highest combination of efficacy and lumen density in the industry, with a lumen range of 1,000-10,000 lm and typical efficacy of 100 lm/W.

Thousands of show attendees including lighting professionals and designers got a sneak peek at CrispWhite's light spectrum at LightFair International 2014 and the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition earlier this month.

"We displayed sat

Finland - Genelec is now shipping the 8010 active monitor, the smallest member of the 8000 product range. The 8000 Series is widely used in the high-end professional audio, mastering, post-production and broadcast market sectors around the world. Its professional heritage is reflected in the compact-sized 8010.

Suitable for professional work in small studios, it offers accurate monitoring capability with ease of installation. The outstanding sound quality makes the 8010 ideal for small editorial studios and OB vans, and a perfect companion for portable recording devices and other mobile production work.

Featuring a balanced XLR input, 3-inch bass driver, 3/4-inch tweeter and efficient Class D power amplifiers - one for each driver - the 8010 produces more sound pressure level than might be expected from a monitor of this size. The Intelligent Signal Sensing ISS circuitry saves

The Netherlands - Showcasing new and innovative products and technologies as well as proven devices, Lawo will use this year's IBC to address audio and video broadcast, software solutions and workflow optimization issues

A world premiere to be held on Friday 12 September 2014 at noon will present the IBC audience in Amsterdam with a brand new audio mixing console that "extends Lawo's application range and rounds up the company's product portfolio". This addition to the product family boasts high performance and a new face, with an advanced feature set based on proven Lawo technology. It is, in the company's words, "simply unbelievable".

The new crystal radio console offers a cost-effective entry point into the Lawo world of mixing, bringing comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality plus all of the flexibility and customizability for which Lawo is renowned.

UK - MTFX has recently acquired four industrial-strength Exterior Aroma Machines. These powerful machines are suitable for use outdoors or for large indoor spaces.

They can be loaded with one, two, three or four long-lasting aroma cartridges and can fill an area up to 20,000sq.m with a huge variety of smells. MTFX has over 50 different standard aromas in stock plus 12 Christmas-themed smells and thousands more are available.

All four units have already been used to great effect at the ITV 'Fever Pitch' World Cup fan park in Manchester when they released football-related smells (half time oranges), smells of Brazil (coconuts, lemon & lime) and smells of England (cut grass, roast dinners) at strategic points during one of England's matches to create a '4D' viewing experience for visitors.

(Jim Evans)

Spain - D.A.S. has announced the introduction of a new single 18" subwoofer system into its popular Action series of products. The new low frequency unit is aimed at the mobile DJ and portable systems market, where attributes like compact size and high output are especially appreciated.

The Action 118A is a powered horn-bass subwoofer system designed to provide extended bass response for the Action full-range cabinets. A powerful 3200 Wpeak amplifier drives a single D.A.S. 18LX long excursion bass loudspeaker incorporating a 4" voice coil for high power handling.

The Action 118A is powered by a Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply (SMPS), digital signal processing (DSP) and a 3200 Wpeak power rating. The amplifier has an EQ switch which allows the user to select a deep sub-bass response or a loud bass response. The system includes two balanced inputs with

USA - Cerwin-Vega! is presenting its new P1000X 10-inch Powered Loudspeaker, the latest ┬Čaddition to its P-Series Powered Loudspeaker Line at Summer NAMM 2014 (Booth 825). Also on display will be the XD4 and XD5 Speakers and XD8s Subwoofer, the newly expanded offerings for the company's XD Powered Desktop Speaker Series.

Slated for release in August, the P-Series P1000X is a versatile workhorse that can serve as a single speaker for a small venue, be daisy-chained for larger venues needing more coverage and SPL or be side-mounted as a floor monitor. Featuring the same controls as the acclaimed P1500X, the P1000X Powered Loudspeaker is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker with a 10-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver. Powered by a custom efficient 1000W Class-D amp, the P1000X has a proprietary hemi-conical horn that provides enhanced sound clarity a

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