Originally announced in April, the significantly updated Version 1.5 software for Yamaha's Nuage post-production system will be released on 22 July, alongside Version 6.5 of Steinberg's Nuendo DAW.

Nuage sees Yamaha hardware seamlessly combine with Steinberg Nuendo to deliver the most flexible and advanced audio post-production system on the market. The significant new software updates add many further features which enhance and speed the post-production workflow.

A key aspect of these is the updated and improved Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) functionality. Nuendo's ADR Taker system has been extended to make vocal and foley recording even faster and more convenient.

This includes a new Free mode, which allows the operator to start recording and let the speaker perform multiple scenes in one go. The start point of recordings can be set within a longer scene, while switching b

UK - The PT-TW341R Series is the latest addition to Panasonic's short-throw projector line up, featuring four models1 that offer bright projection possibilities, ideal for meetings and classrooms.

The series offers up to 3,500 lumens of brightness, a high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and long lamp replacement cycle of up to 8,000 hours in eco mode.

The projector is designed with Panasonic's original Daylight View Lite function, which allows control of image brightness in a bright room for comfortable viewing.

The large image projection is enabled without casting a shadow onto the screen or dazzling the presenter. The PT-TW341R model is designed with built-in interactivity, allowing up to two users to write or draw on the projected image with an interactive pen/pointer.

Installation flexibility is another strong feature of the PT-TW341R series which is equipped with both verti

UK - tvONE is now shipping the new C2-2000 universal scaler series. The C2-2000 series encompasses the C2-2855 Universal Scaler, the C2-2755 Video Scaler and the C2-2655 Scan Converter. This new series provides the ultimate flexibility to the user, as the C2-2855 features the ability to up/down/cross convert, the C2-2755 to up/cross convert, and the C2-2655 to down convert.

When asked about tvONE's new tactile user interface and software designs, Andy Fliss, tvONE's director of marketing said, "Our R&D team flawlessly succeeded in delivering on our customers' needs. Our new C2-2000 product line diminishes installation time and shortens learning curves, and that's where integrators and rental and staging experts find success today."

The new product series features new, ergonomically designed control panels and highly intuitive configuration management tools making ins

UK - Yamaha has released software updates for its CL and QL series digital mixing consoles, as well as updated versions of its StageMix iPad app.

Available now as free downloads are V2.03 firmware and CL Editor for CL series consoles, V1.07 firmware and QL Editor V1.03 updates for QL series consoles and Version 4.5 StageMix iPad apps for QL, CL, M7CL and LS9 consoles.

The firmware updates and Editor software updates are available as free of charge downloads from www.yamahaproaudio.com. StageMix 4.5 can be downloaded free from the iTunes store or direct to an iPad via the IOS App Store app.

(Jim Evans)

China - PR Lighting's initial brief when planning its new LED Studio 3205D was to develop a fixture purpose-designed for lighting up large scale automobile shows around the world. But with its inherent power, derived from a single 500W LED source, coupled with a stable colour temperature and high CRI, its high specification makes it applicable to any large-scale application - particularly TV studios, theatre, commercial and multi-functional situations.

In addition to its two available colour temperatures it also boasts enviable energy levels, with luminous flux measurements of 9000 lumens (43°) and 17500 lumens (71°), with its CRI of 90 further enhancing the vivid colours.

The LED Studio 3205D contains a 0-100% linearly adjustable DMX dimmer, linear motorised zoom and electronic strobe, with flexible beam angle from 43°-71° further boosting its versatility.


USA - Danley Sound Labs has announced the expansion of its OS Outdoor Series of fully-weatherized loudspeakers, including a new fully-weatherized subwoofer. Although all Danley products are optionally available with level-2 weatherization, which includes fibreglass seams, stainless steel hardware, and protective coatings over all wooden components, the fact remains that those wooden components will have a shorter life span in the elements than they would have had in an indoor installation.

In contrast, Danley OS products are constructed of moulded plastic with a custom injection moulded shell rated to last 50 years. The cabinet is sealed so the inner components are also protected from harsh outdoor elements. The materials are sourced from within a half-hour of Danley's Gainesville, Georgia headquarters - a boon for large orders and/or short lead times.

"Like all of our Sy

Spain - Guil has decided to highlight two of their most important product ranges: Lifting Towers and Staging, by launching two new websites.

The new company sites, now with more in-depth, clearer and up-to-date information about these two fields and a fresh design, offer an effortless and intuitive use for clients.

By widening their online presence, Guil provides, on one hand, more information on each product from both their Lifting Tower and Staging catalogues with technical specification sheets and pictures of each product; and on the other, Guil aims to interact more with their clients through social medias, videos and photos with their Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Issuu and Linkedin profiles.

The new Guil Staging website, www.guil-staging.com has a simple and clear design; the user can easily browse through their 3 main ranges of products that the company manufactures: mod

Germany - The newest member in the SPL Phonitor family, the Phonitor mini, is now available in stores. The Phonitor mini features at its core the exact same 120-volt technology as the Phonitor2, the brand's flagship headphones amplifier, which provides for superior technical specifications and a premium-quality sound. At the same time, the unique Phonitor Matrix enables an authentic music reproduction with headphones.

According to SPL, the Phonitor mini can be used in any situation and environment where there is a need for professional sound quality, from home and project studios to big orchestra recordings and live applications, besides being ideally suited for hi-fi and audio enthusiasts.

(Jim Evans)

Germany - The Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen in Essen, Germany, has been recognising design innovation since 1955. This was rebranded the Red Dot Award: Product Design at the start of the new millennium. Function, environmental impact and the degree of innovation are just some of the evaluation criteria.

As the years ticked by it has evolved into a leading international product award: for 2014 no less than 400 international experts discussed and evaluated 4815 submissions from 53 countries. The jury only bestows the award on the design that captures the imagination through the standard of workmanship and sheer innovation.

"If nothing else, this is reflected by the actual number of designs that win the Red Dot Award," states Professor Dr Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot, "compared to other international design competitions, it's far fewer."


Portugal - After extensive engineering work carefully tuning the system performance to, the new Next HFA Series are coming out from production. The most anticipated system on the series - HFA206P + HFA112s is officially ready for delivery now.

This system uses an active subwoofer (HFA112s) to power the passive satellite (HFA206P). It is a system with a "fantastic ratio between the size and its sound pressure". The quality and the power of the system make it perfect for DJs and small systems for live music, says the company.

The HFA speaker series are fully powered PA systems designed to deliver high output and dynamics, extreme linearity and fidelity for unrivalled performance at a very competitive price.

Entirely made in Portugal, the HFA speaker series uses quality custom made components, loaded by birch plywood enclosures, coated by a scratch resistant textured

UK - Rosco has launched a line of four new fog machines designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of applications, from theatrical productions and film sets to photo shoots and training exercises.

The Mini-V is easy to use as well as being the most affordable and compact machine in the series. The Vapour is the workhorse of the new line with features and performance suited to the most demanding professional environments. Designed specifically to fill large venues and outdoor spaces with dense fog and smoke, the Vapour Plus produces a massive amount of fog in a short time. The V-Hazer is a rock solid, quiet and reliable haze generator.

Rosco's Vapour Series has been carefully engineered to provide professional quality fog and haze while also offering ease of use, reliable performance, and simple maintenance. The Vapour, Vapour Plus, and V-Hazer models have been designed wi

UK - With BPM: DJ and Electronic Music Production Event co-locating with the newly formed PRO: Audio and Lighting Technology Show at Birmingham's NEC (13-15 September) RCF has opted to increase its presence in order to feature a wider representation from the Italian company's extensive portfolio.

Exhibiting on stand #G1, RCF UK's Phil Price states, "We have traditionally fared well at BPM among the DJ community; but we welcome the addition of PRO as it exposes our new portable/touring and install portfolio to an entirely new segment. This will give us the best of both worlds."

Among the popular series on display in the LIVE range will be the evergreen ART, D-Line and NX series. But visitors will be especially keen to hear the new Evox portable column speakers, which will be on demonstration in the PA Experience, along with the stunning new ART745A.

The former are r

Germany - Astera LED Technology has released the AsteraApp for free on the Google Play Store. The AsteraApp can be downloaded and then installed on any Bluetooth-enabled Android device (optimized for Android phones and 7" tablets).

Users should link their Android device to an AsteraBox to initiate control. Acting as the middleman, the AsteraBox receives commands from the app (using Bluetooth), and these commands are processed inside the AsteraBox, then sent to all Astera lights within a 300m range.

With the AsteraApp, users can easily send programmes and effects to lights, create programmes and customize effects, store these programmes for quick use at an event, change the colours, brightness, speed, and fade of programs, target individual lights or groups of lights, as well as many other advanced features for event lighting professionals.

Simon Canins, R&D director at

UK - Distributor Sound Technology has announced immediate availability of the new AKG DMSTetrad digital wireless microphone system. Designed for a variety of applications ranging from concerts and clubs, to conferences, this licence-free wireless system offers "uncompressed audio transmission, superior RF performance and 128-bit AES standard encryption".

The AKG DMSTetrad digital wireless microphone system features an integrated four-channel mixer, and an antenna front mount kit. With 24bit, 48kHz audio coding, it provides uncompressed studio-quality transmission and a linear frequency response, for uncompromising vocal and instrumental performances. The DMSTetrad's 128-bit AES standard encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal, which makes it a perfect companion for high-security conferences.

Two sets are available, the DMSTetrad D5 Vocal Set including the DHT

UK - Crestron has announced the latest enhancements to its line of LED fixtures, with the new, condensed range of six fixtures now available to order across the EMEA region. Crestron originally entered the luminaire market with an extensive range of fixtures in early 2013. All Crestron LEDs (CLEDs) replicate the smooth dimming curve, colour temperature and lumen output of traditional halogen fixtures, with a 70,000-hour lamp that exceeds most comparable low energy fittings, the company says.

"The new condensed line of CLEDs came about from the feedback we noted from our dealers." says Mark Tallent, international product manager for Crestron Lighting and Building Controls. "By condensing the range, we have simplified the line for authorised Crestron dealers whilst adding extra features and functionality. This makes it easier to select the right fixtures for their p

USA- The newest member of Chauvet Professional's 'unplugged' WELL Series, the WELL FLEX utilizes an internal lightweight Lithium ion battery that will last through an entire event, while recharging in under eight hours - no power cords required. This IP44-rated go-anywhere unit also comes with a pre-installed W-DMX wireless DMX receiver so that data cables can be eliminated too, for completely cord-free operation, says the company.

The WELL FLEX is not only flexible in terms of the wireless freedom it offers, but also in its versatile design possibilities. Containing four 10-watt Quad-Colour LEDs (red, green, blue, white), it is capable of producing vibrant, shadow-free blended colors in a vast palette that ranges from rich jewel tones, to delicate pastels, to variable whites, ensuring it will set just the right tone - or even match the colour themes - at any event.


UK - Allen & Heath has introduced the Xone:K1 to extend the MIDI controller range of its elite Xone DJ line, joining the successful Xone:K2 controller. The K1 has a flexible layout allowing users to define and customise an individual workflow and mixing experience, and works with all leading DJ software. The Xone:K1 is easily configurable to allow fast access for setting levels, triggering hot cues, adding effects and instant looping to relieve the DJ from focusing on the computer screen.

Featuring six endless rotary encoders with push switch, 12 analogue pots, four linear faders, and 30 backlit performance switches with three-colour illumination, the Xone:K1 allows comprehensive mapping to leading DJ and production software, such as Traktor Pro, Ableton, Virtual DJ and MixVibes, offering a total of 52 assignable hardware controls, more than any controller of its type.


UK - At PLASA London 2014, Harting (Stand No. G15) is featuring its RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems for asset management in the theatre and touring environment, along with rugged connectivity solutions for audio-visual multimedia events.

Harting's RFID technology can be applied for improved asset management for entertainment rental/hire companies and for theatres which share equipment for touring shows. The Ha-VIS RFID system offers a high degree of flexibility to simplify the implementation of scalable solutions in different application sectors.

The system combines rugged, high-performance RFID readers with powerful data pre-processing to ensure high-speed data transmission and optimum dynamic network performance. An efficient software solution allows the scaling of RFID solutions from individual readers through to enterprise-wide solutions across different loca

Germany - Astera has released its latest wireless creation and instalment in the X-Series, the Lightdrop (AX3). The updated and enhanced replacement to the previous Lightdrop (AL3-M) is equipped with many more features and improved capabilities, the company says.

This compact and powerful RGBW spotlight improves on its previous model with high-power Cree LEDs and other top-quality components like Samsung batteries and in-built, optional CRMX wireless DMX by LumenRadio. The polyamide/polystyrene housing protects and cools the device from its heat-generating, high-powered components, keeping it cool, thus maximising its run-time.

Being twice as bright as the previous Lightdrop, the AX3 is also considered a replacement for other discontinued Astera lights such as the 24W Wireless Spotlight (AL7-L). The AX3 contains a 15W Cree LED chip, with a narrow 13° beam angle, which make

UK - VDC Trading Limited, the London based company distributing the Van Damme cable brand, has again broadened the scope of its online ordering system. It now facilitates the ordering of data single leads and assemblies online. Already a great success for both the audio and video cable buyers, the online 'YouSpec' system now allows web visitors to design, specify, price-up and order completely bespoke data cable solutions - 24 hours a day, every day.

Cables available include 22 different Van Damme and standard network cables. These include Van Damme Tourcat F/UTP, U/UTP and SF/UTP tactical Cat 5E cables, Cat 5E solid conductor cables, screened and unscreened, Cat 5E U/UTP stranded patch cables in 6 colours and Cat 6 and Cat 6A standard network cables.

A whole range of connectors can also be specified including screened and unscreened RJ45 connectors, Neutrik Ethercon connector

USA - FSR is once again extending its range of innovative Pro AV solutions with the launch of its new, next-generation matrix switcher. Joining the company's switcher line of products that already address the needs of all types of users, FSR is now introducing its DV-HMSW4K-88 Matrix switcher, which routes eight HD sources to any eight HDTV displays.

The new FSR DV-HMSW4K-88 Matrix switcher supports 1080p full HD up to 4K plus all 3D formats, along with multichannel digital audio formats such as PCM, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Switching and other commands can easily be implemented using the front-panel push buttons, IR remote control, RS-232, or via TCP/IP.

"FSR has always had a dynamic range of product offerings, enabling us to accommodate so many markets with smart technologies and solutions, including our complex matrix switchers, which are cost-effective,

South Africa - "This really is awesome," said Nick Britz of DWR. "Vectorworks has become a standard in the South African industry for technical drawings and it also integrates very well with ESP Vision." Training of the product will be held regularly.

Developed by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., Vectorworks software is a line of industry-specific CAD and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through to completion. Users range from architects to lighting and scenic designers.

While great ideas begin in the mind of the designer, Vectorworks provides the tools to help capture, develop and communicate ideas.

(Jim Evans)

China - ROE Visual Co., Ltd, a leading manufacture in creative LED display industry, has launched Black OnyX P3.47 HD LED display.

The Black OnyX is ROE Visual's new high-performance indoor HD LED display incorporating professional industrial design. Magnesium alloy panel makes it lightweight and strong. The module uses Multi-Color's newest anti-glare black LEDs to get a high contrast ratio. Driving IC MBI5153 supports a high refresh rate and great image quality at a low brightness.

The Black Onyx is powered by ROE visual's new control system - Evision. It supports a max. resolution of 2560x1024. Real-time brightness adjustment by knob and real-time configuration by LCD monitor. All calibrating and operating parameters are stored. You don't need to reset the display after replacing a module.

The innovative and friendly design supports a convenient installation for both hangi

USA - Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, the COLORado 2-Quad Zoom IP from Chauvet Professional will reliably light up stages and performers with intense, ultra-vibrant RGBW colours. Containing 14 brilliant 15-watt Quad-Color (red, green, blue, white) LEDs, which emit up to 8,000 lux at 5 meters, this beefy new addition is the brightest, most powerful PAR-style colour-wash fixture in the entire COLORado IP family, says the company.

It is also very rugged and weatherproof; built to withstand serious onslaughts of wind and precipitation, the COLORado 2-Quad Zoom IP is IP66 rated with an M12 GORE valve for assured internal equalization. Even the proprietary power cord and DMX input cable that come included with the unit top the ingress protection scale at IP66, making the COLORado 2-Quad Zoom IP a perfect choice for summer concerts, amphitheatres, festivals, fairs, sporting events

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