Germany - MultiTouch will demonstrate displays for corporate collaboration and personalised interaction at ORGATEC Modern Office & Facility 2014.

A bespoke 4x 55"-display MultiTaction iWall and a 55" Interactive Table will feature, each running the MultiTaction Experience software platform. ORGATEC 2014 takes place at Koelnmesse, Cologne, 21-25 October, and MultiTouch is located on Stand A067, Hall 11.2.

"In the future, businesses will supply office workers with less personal technology but will provide more publicly accessible technology that is personal, as individual work spaces migrate to the cloud," explains Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. "These workspaces will be accessible from any interactive platform in the office or home. Our demonstrations at ORGATEC will show how this can be achieved today in the work place using MultiTaction technol

UK - Customers can now hire ColourPoint uplighters directly from White Light. The London based lighting supplier has added more than 100 new CORE Lighting ColourPoint uplighters to hire stock, further expanding the company's range of all-weather event lighting.

Manufactured in the UK, ColourPoint fixtures feature a bright LED source, long-life lithium-ion battery, and wireless control - making them extremely popular for lighting indoor and outdoor events, conferences, and architecture. The fixture's sleek chrome casing and versatile colour range also make the ColourPoint suitable for on camera applications such as studio and set lighting for TV & broadcast.

"We are always investing in new technology to better serve our customers," says Dave Isherwood, hire and technical director at White Light. "The ColourPoints are brilliant because they are so versatile and du

Denmark - Martin Professional has announced the return of its popular MAC TW1 Tungsten wash light as a certified refurbished product to satisfy the global demands of lighting professionals. All Martin MAC TW1 refurbished fixtures will bear a "pre-owned /certified by Martin" label and meet the same performance standards and quality level of new Martin products.

"We are thrilled to see that the MAC TW1 is still acknowledged as an outstanding product and the ideal moving light, especially in theatre and TV applications where best possible light quality is important for LD's and camera personnel," said Markus Kl├╝sener, product manager for stage lighting at Martin Professional.

"Whilst LED technology is constantly improving on efficiency and light quality and finds its way into more and more applications and markets, we truly acknowledge that there is, as

Spain - Master Audio has announced the launch of the JK46A, the engineering led, specialist PA company's first self-powered column array loudspeaker.

A professional high-performance, light-weight 4x6" active column array loudspeaker system, the JK46A is a fully optimised electronic and acoustic design, featuring custom-matched system components, including carbon-fibre coned neodymium drivers, audiophile specified class-D power amplification and 48-bit programmable DSP control.

The latest addition to the performance / cost competitive Joker series, the JK46A introduces "a revolutionary concept" to small to medium fixed installation and mobile reinforcement sectors, with its amazing LF response - down to 50Hz - enabling a compact column array to be deployed in a far wider range of applications and environments than would normally be the case.

Exceptional full fr

Belgium - When Apart celebrated its 20th anniversary two years ago, the VINCI series was launched. The series consisted of an integrated amplifier (VINCI2125) and two prestigious loudspeakers (VINCI5 and VINCI7). Last year VINCI4 bookshelf loudspeakers were added to the range. To complete the VINCI series VINCI8S has been released.

The Apart VINCI8S active subwoofer with high power amplifier is designed to reproduce a fat and deep bass at moderate sound pressure levels. Due to its discrete design and small dimensions, the subwoofer is very easy to integrate even in the most demanding environments.

VINCI8S is a match for the Apart VINCI4 & VINCI5 bookshelf speakers or the VINCI7 cabinet loudspeakers. This combination is designed for retail stores, shops, and restaurants or meeting rooms.

At the back of the subwoofer an adjustable crossover frequency and level control potentio

Belgium / USA - ArKaos PRO will take a very active part in LDI 2014 (17-23 November) at the Las Vegas Exhibition Center where ArKaos software and hardware will be shown on the booth of its exclusive US distributor, A.C. Lighting, Inc. (Booth 2358). ArKaos PRO will also present four half-day training courses on the use of its MediaMaster software as part of the LDInstitute professional training programme.

LDI 2014 will mark the first US showing of ArKaos' new MediaMaster 4.1, the latest, ever-more powerful version of ArKaos PRO's media server software. MediaMaster 4.1 delivers a plethora of new features including new aspect ratio and cropping tools, new hue, saturation and lightness tools, layer-based volume control and a redesigned interface.

Also making its LDI debut is LEDMaster, the new all-in-one solution that delivers LEDshow control in three easy steps. Just map, program

Sweden - Wireless Solution Sweden AB and Antari have announced the line of fogger and hazer products offering W-DMX as standard OEM installed or optional.

Users can now get the F-5D Fazer, F-7 and W-515D/W-530D with W-DMX built in as standard. W-DMX is also available as an option in the F-1 and M-4. These high quality foggers and hazers are top choice among users in some of the biggest events worldwide and the ability to operate them wirelessly offers endless opportunities.

Wireless Solution and Antari have been OEM partners for years on several products in the Antari range. The introduction of Antari's Wireless Series transforms digital wireless control of stage effect machines into simple, intuitive control. Antari has gathered the most popular models and given them a convenient wireless function where messy cables are a thing of the past.

Joyce Chan of Antari said, "

USA - Building on the s success of the Behringer X32 which has become a best-selling digital console family, the company has announced four additions to their digital mixer lineup.

The wireless, remote-controllable X AIR Series ranges from 12 to 18-inputs, with all boasting Midas-designed mic preamps, an integrated tri-mode Wifi router - and 4 X32 stereo FX processors that include close to 50 of the ever-growing X32's high-end FX 'Plug Ins'. Select X AIR models feature multichannel, bidirectional USB audio/MIDI interfaces and ULTRANET connectivity for Behringer's P-16 Personal Monitoring System.

"For the first time in audio history, Behringer has created a digital mixer which is integrated into a stage box and combined with a wireless router, recording interface, personal monitoring system and even a revolutionary auto-mixing function. While not only unprecedented from an

UK - Visitors to the Shure Distribution UK stand at PLASA London 2014 had the opportunity to learn more about Shure's QLX-D Digital Wireless system, which made its UK trade show debut at PLASA. Delivering exceptional wireless performance with transparent 24-bit digital audio, QLX-D features networked control and compatibility with Shure's intelligent rechargeable battery technology.

QLX-D Digital Wireless transmits accurate audio with extended, flat frequency response. The system's automatic channel scan and IR sync make finding and assigning an open frequency quick and easy. Suitable for live sound events as well as installations at public and corporate facilities, academic institutions, houses of worship, hotels, music venues, and more, QLX-D's solid RF performance enables users to confidently cover applications with diverse requirements.

"This system packs in a lot of

Switzerland - RTI has updated their high professional Nano product range and released the RTI Nano RGB 30 with '10-10-10' ultra white-balanced setup.

The new RTI Nano RGB 30 show laser light systems were especially developed for professional users with high demands that require professional quality without compromise. This new system comes with a '10-10-10' setup, meaning it has nearly an equal power distribution over the colour sources: >10W/638nm, >10W/530nm, >10.4W/450nm and a guaranteed power of 28W after aperture providing an awesome white balance with incredibly good beam specifications of only ca. 6mm/<1.0mrad (full angle!). The red spectrum is covered by 638nm bright red diodes only - no dark 658nm diodes are used! As a green color source, a Coherent Taipan OPSL is integrated.

The major challenge was combining the huge number of single red diodes in an array with good

Germany / Italy - Italian loudspeaker manufacturer K-array has launched a new product that fully utilises the digital powers of , AFMG's ground-breaking beam steering and coverage control technology, FIRmaker.

K-array KH8 features eight built-in DSP channels per enclosure, driving separate sections of 20 HF, MF, and LMF transducers, resulting in exceptional coverage control and a rated maximum SPL of 145dB, say AFMG.

As well as being the first loudspeaker system that has been built from scratch with FIRmaker steering in mind, the K-array KH8 offers a range of other, interesting features that fit well with the fully digital concept. Coming boxed with three units in a straight frame, the KH8 is flown without the need for curving. Instead, the vertical aiming of each element of the flat hang can be adjusted easily and at any time while the whole system remains straight, never tak

USA - Le Maitre USA will be exhibiting on Booth #2625 at LDI this year at the Las Vegas Convention Centre next month. Among the products on show will be a new hazer making its world debut.

The TBF-Pyrotec flame range is to be exclusively distributed by Le Maitre USA in North America and there will be several of the German manufacturer's machines on the booth along with video footage: 5-Master, Pyromaster & Spraymaster.

In the year of the 20th Anniversary of the G300 Le Maitre is delighted to be running an original 20 year old G300 on the stand next to a brand new one, underlining just how durable this industry leading unit really is! Other fog units on show will include the GForce 3, GForce 2 with Freezefog Pro producing atmospheric low fog and the portable Mini Mist.

HazeMaster - the most powerful hazer on the market today along with the unique oscillating MVS hazer will be

The Netherlands - The CRS12GT is a two-way passive-filtered loudspeaker, designed to meet all requirements of current and future digital cinema immersive surround sound formats.

Featuring Alcons' proprietary multiple-patented pro-ribbon driver technology, the CRS12GT combines an exceptional clarity and intelligibility with an unusually high dynamic range and up to 90% less distortion than traditional cinema surround systems. It is the ideal loudspeaker technology for complex sound sources as speech, music and effects and offers the most realistic immersive surround sound reproduction possible.

By utilizing identical MHF pro-ribbon transducers for screen- and surround systems, an exceptionally wide and uniform sound stage throughout the entire listening area is realized; This is especially striking in multi-channel cinema surround systems, but also in performing arts theatre su

Italy - ArKaos has announced the adoption of its Kling-Net protocol by Italian lighting manufacturer Music & Lights to be incorporated into a number of pixel-based LED lighting fixtures from its Prolights range.

Kling-Net will be retrofitted into four existing Prolights products, Halupix, Chromapix, Halurock and Chromarock, with plans to incorporate King-Net into all new Prolights products from the outset.

The Prolights Halurock is based on a 7x7 matrix of high-lumen CREE Warm White LEDs, with a 2800K° colour temperature which recalls the classic effect of the halogen lamp in rock concerts, while the Chromarock LED moving head is based on a 5x5 matrix of high-lumen Osram Ostar RGBW/full colour LEDs, offering a limitless chromatic generation.

Halupix is a 7x7 matrix of high efficiency CREE LEDs with an on-board modular rigging system designed for arrangement into walls or

UK - The promise of reduced maintenance costs for outdoor theme park cabling systems is offered by the Han-Eco(R) Outdoor connector from Harting.

The new connector is based on a robust high-performance lightweight plastic material which, when mated through its FPM (Fluor Polymer Rubber) flange seal, provides IP65, UV, ozone and acid-rain resistant protection.

Insert options allow simple field installations using screw-terminal monoblock assemblies with 10, 14, 20 and 28 ways at 16 A. Alternatively, mixed audio, video, communications, data and power signals can be handled in a range of four different sized housings.

This modular integrated cabling approach makes Han-Eco(R) suitable for exposed conditions in theme park audio-visual/multimedia installations, and reduces costs by enabling extended maintenance intervals through its ability to withstand adverse outdoor environment

USA - Gefen's new 4K Ultra HD Extender over One Fiber delivers resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 30Hz) with RS-232 and bi-directional IR using one SC-terminated fiber optic cable.

This long-range solution is effective up to 1000m at 4K resolutions and up to 2000m at 1080p/60 full HD. RS-232 offers an easy method of system automation while bi-directional IR facilitates control from both local and extended locations, the company says.

Installation is plug-and-play simple, requiring a single strand of multi-mode fibre optic cable to connect the sender (source) to the receiver (display). The use of fibre optic cabling provides EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection for mission-critical applications. The metallic enclosures further insulate against ambient noise. Automatic calibration based on the length of the cable is included to refine the quality of the delivered video.<

Europe - Panasonic will next month (November) release the world's shortest throw detachable lens for 3-chip DLP projectors.

The new ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw lens allows projection distance to be shortened by approximately 60 per cent compared to traditional short throw lenses, meaning savings in space and opening up new areas for projection.

When the lens is installed on a 3-chip DLP projector, a 200 inch screen can be created from just 1.5m; compared to a distance of four metres with a traditional lens.

The new lens complements Panasonic's existing ultra-short throw lens designed for 1-chip DLP projectors (ET-DLE030). Both lenses offer installers maximum flexibility and are backwards compatible with older projector models.

3D visualisation solutions specialist, EON Reality, have used Panasonic ultra-short throw lenses to create an immersive multi-wall environment in w

Australia - Illumination Physics specialises in high technology lighting products for the architectural market. As both designer and manufacturer, the company is able to provide services across every stage of a major project, from concept to commissioning. The result is a high degree of customisation on a project-by-project basis, leading to improved function and value.

An example of such custom design is illumination Physics' 6W Modular Dot. This product is a custom-designed modular light fixture based on the IP Dot. The benefit is that you can attach as many modules to the dot as required in order to achieve the desired projection of direct and indirect light - vertical, horizontal or both directions simultaneously. This makes it both a practical and cost-effective product.

The particular application this fixture was designed for required a great deal of flexibility. Firstly

UK - Branding specialist Sunbaba is set to "shake-up product launches, conferences and exhibition stands" with a new 3D graphic.

Designed on display polyester and polyester voile, the system fuses Sunbaba's tension fabric frame with LED colour-changing light battens, to stunning effect.

Unveiled at the Showman's Show, where it won the company the Best Stand award, the initiative captivated all-comers, bringing stereoscopics to a waterfall scene without any need for 3D glasses.

Trevor Booth, technical director at Sunbaba, comments, "We hung one of our mesh fabrics in front of the same image on a solid fabric, both finished with a special silicone keder. We have tried a number of variations over the years, but this is the first time we have been able to combine the two graphics in a single frame."

Booth achieved the breakthrough by adapting software desig

USA - Elation Professional has launched the Platinum Profile LED, billed as the market's first entry-level LED moving head profile with framing shutters.

Using a high-performance 180W LED engine that gives a level of power comparable to a 575W discharge lamp, the fixture's flexible four-blade rotating framing system allows the beam to be shaped and angled as required for precise highlighting of set pieces and performers, or can be used to create outstanding projection or mid-air effects.

Individual control of each blade position and angle allows for a highly controlled field of light with less light spill while rotation of the complete framing module permits projection at any angle. Pre-programmed blade macros are included that offer a series of shape and movement effects.

The fixture's economical 180W LED engine (6,500K, >85CRI, 20,000 hours) emits 9,000 total lumens of fli

Denmark - Martin Professional has introduced the latest software update for its P3 System Controller family of LED video processors. Version 3.1.0 includes an improved preset system, placement tools for creative projects, and a host of additional new features for improved functionality and ease-of-use.

"Since its introduction in 2008, Martin's P3 System Controller has become the industry standard for integrating video and lighting," commented Wouter Verlinden, product manager - LED Video, Martin Professional. "Setting up LED video systems can be a lengthy process. However, the P3's real time control capabilities paired with the new Version 3.1.0 software allows lighting designers to more easily integrate screen processing as part of the creative process and set up an entire system with a few mouse clicks. "

The new software's updated preset system allows fi

UK - Video, AV and technical production provider Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) has launched a new range of specialist projector rigging solutions.

Four innovative products are currently available - Rental Frames, Truss Mounts, Flying Mounts and a Portrait Adaptor - all designed to work together.

These have been developed by and for riggers and technicians combining numerous ingenious features, offering straightforward and practical projector rigging options informed by CPL's vast experience of touring and live events.

The streamlined, efficient and versatile Truss Mount is at the heart of the system.

A genius touch is the tilt-and-swivel (T&S) mechanism underpinning the design, which is based on a ball joint and enables extremely quick and easy adjustment of the projector by one person - requiring only a single pair of hands!

This is ideal for crew aligning machines wh

USA - Audinate has released its latest firmware update for the Dante PCIe soundcard. Version 3.7.1 delivers a range of new features, including audio signal presence indicators, latency statistics monitoring and packet error detection.

In addition, the Dante PCIe high performance soundcard may now be used with several popular Thunderbolt expansion chassis, to enable connection to computers such as Apple's Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The Dante PCIe soundcard has been certified to run with Apple's latest version MAC OS 10.10. The soundcard will now also run on Microsoft Windows servers. Both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Window Server 2012 R2 are supported.

The Dante PCIe Soundcard supports up to 128 channels of bi-directional audio with incredibly low latency. "Professionals migrating to Thunderbolt based workstations and workflows will now be able to utilize Dante PCIe

USA - When Elation Professional arrives in Las Vegas as a Premier Partner of the 2014 LDI trade show, the award-winning Sniper multi-effect light and laser simulator is certain to be one of the stars of the show. Fresh off a successful PLASA trade show in London where the hybrid fixture won an Award for Innovation, the Sniper will be making its North American debut at the Las Vegas Convention Centre 21-23 November alongside world premier products and a host of other professional lighting innovations from Elation.

Two brand new products will be making their world debut at Elation Booth 2615 at LDI - the Protron 3K, a new high-power LED strobe light with 80,000 lumens of power; and the EPT6IP, a high-resolution, high-brightness LED video panel with 6.7mm pixel pitch designed for production and touring applications.

Elation continues to innovate in its Platinum Series with three

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