UK - Flightcase, loudspeaker component and 19-inch rack manufacturer Penn Elcom highlights two exciting new products at the 2015 PLASA London expo - a brand new, super cool LED rack light, and the robust and innovative MOL3 latch with patented automatic cantilevered action.

These and a selection of other current Penn Elcom products will be prominent on stand L26 at the ExCeL exhibition centre, 4-6 October.

A seriously stylish and efficient rack lighting product to hit the market, the new Penn Elcom RADM-23 1U Raclite is designed to be fitted to any 19-inch equipment rack providing an elegant and practical solution for illuminating equipment in dark and dingy environments.

Twenty-five super bright cool-white (6500K) LED emitters provide a crisp wash optimised for clear vision of the kit in the rack, allowing the status of equipment to be checked at a glance.

A 130 - 150 deg

UK - A powerful load cell monitoring system with improved coverage, increased security and a range of up to 800m will be showcased by leading load cell brand BroadWeigh at PLASA 2015.

Development engineers at BroadWeigh's parent company, Mantracourt Electronics, have developed a new radio module giving four times the range of the previous system. Improvements in the omni-directional antenna have provided increased performance in more challenging environments such as high concentrations of truss or wall. The system will be on show on the stand of BroadWeigh's exclusive UK distributor, A.C Entertainment (F30).

The upgraded radio module and antenna give improved signal integrity and coverage of installations, meaning that, in perfect conditions, a signal range of up to 800m can be achieved, as standard. In addition to this, the shackles and base stations can now be assigned a Gro

The Netherlands - German manufacturer and MADI specialist, DirectOut Technologies launched new remote software for their MADI analyzer and signal generator, ANNA-LISA, at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam.

ANNA-LISA is a handheld device with a simple traffic light style LED Go/No Go indication. It is equipped with two MADI I/Os; a coaxial BNC port and an SFP cage for single mode or multimode transceivers. It is compatible with all MADI formats and checks for AES10 conformity, sample rate, format, signal amplitude and jitter. The onboard generator has three presets for different test signals.

The newly-launched remote software, which is available as an app for ANDROID™ devices and connected via Bluetooth, offers a significantly enhanced feature set for ANNA-LISA users. Functions include advanced analysis of signal parameters including amplitude and jitter measurement; monit

UK - High End Systems will be exhibiting on stand E8 at the forthcoming PLASA 2015 at London's EXCEL.

Once again, it is all about LED, and for the first time in the UK will be the brand-new SolaWash Pro 2000 from High End Systems. SolaWash Pro 2000 is the next step in the bright white LED revolution from High End Systems. With an incredible output from a 600W LED source, there is now a wash light with no compromises.

The SolaWash Pro 2000 is the only LED wash light able to outshine 1500W metal halide units while using half the power and reducing maintenance intervals, operating costs and delivering unrivalled benefits for low cost of ownership. The fixture also comes with a two-year warranty as standard and is packed with CMY, variable CTO, 2 fixed colour wheels, framing, iris, 2 variable wash filters, a 5.5 to 55 degree zoom range and the ability to create stunning beam looks

UK - Zero 88 - Eaton's performance lighting control series - returns to the 2015 PLASA London expo show floor - on Stand E30 - at the ExCeL Centre with several exciting and innovative new products and releases.

PLASA will play a crucial 'next step' in the revolutionary new Zero 88 FLX lighting console's development.

Following its very successful launch earlier this year, Zero 88 launches a range of apps, upgrade options, accessories and feature enhancements designed to make FLX a truly powerful, versatile, durable, portable and extendable lighting control range.

Supporting up to eight universes over ArtNet or streaming ACN, FLX 8 brings 4096 channels of control with no patch limitations.

Zero 88 general manager David Catterall stated, "FLX is already setting new standards in lighting control with its intuitive capacitive touch screen interface, which makes the set up

UK - Lighting Resources who represent EHR­GEIZ, is presenting a world first, supplying its successful LED Helios 7B moving head with two compart­ments for lithium ion batteries from the international electrical tools manufacturer Makita.

Thanks to the double-battery so­lution, the Helios 7B beams are supplied with power in a redundant arrangement, which makes it pos­sible to remove and change one of the two batteries at any time. The batteries are then charged in the standard DC18RC quick charger from Makita.

Helios 7B creates serious beam effects, but can control each pixel in each colour separately, if required. Thanks to its small size, Helios 7B is extremely fast, but it can also go slowly. With its high-quality Osram LEDs including a lens developed in-house, Helios 7B is an ideal tool for professional applications and has been short listed for the Finals of the PLASA

UK - Allen & Heath has launched new Chrome Editions of its Qu series compact digital mixers to mark the launch of Qu v1.8 Chrome firmware in mid-October, which adds new features including Automatic Mic Mixing, a Spectrogram and additional monitor mixes.

Chrome Edition Qu-16, Qu-24 and Qu-32 mixers all feature the same high contrast metallic finish rotary controls and fader caps as the premium GLD Chrome series, providing optimal visibility in low lighting scenarios and enhanced tactile control.

The new Automatic Microphone Mixer (AMM) coming in v1.8 firmware helps the engineer to manage the levels of multiple mic inputs, ensuring that each speaker's contribution is heard, but with priority settings to establish an order of precedence, says the company. AMM is vital in applications such as conferences, meetings and panel discussions where a number of microphones are open at the

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd., a leading one-stop provider of professional equipment to the entertainment industry, will showcase a selection of the very latest lighting, audio, rigging and video solutions available from their vast portfolio of over 200 leading brands - in their large exhibition Zone (Stands F30 - F38), which also includes stands for their sister company, A.C. Special Projects Ltd., industry-sponsored 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Cars Championship (BTCC) racing driver, Jack Goff, and a number of leading lighting marques.

Staff from AC-ET's Lighting sales division will be present to demonstrate and discuss products showcased on dedicated brand stands within the AC-ET Zone for Chroma-Q®, Jands, ProLights / ArchWork, Spotlight and GLP, as well as a selection of products from other leading brands including Philips Vari-Lite and Luminex. In

UK - This year has seen complete production solution specialist White Light further develop its wide range of services. Over the past nine months, the company has not only forged its own dedicated audio department but also acquired Shock Solutions, a forerunner in the fields of LED lighting and audio-visual equipment solutions. Similarly, the company has invested heavily in the very latest technology and provided the production support on a whole range of events from concert touring, to corporate events, to theatre shows, to venue launches. This vast array of newly acquired skills and state-of-the-art equipment are currently on display at one of the biggest entertainment technology events of the year: the PLASA Show 2015. WL is exhibiting on stand C30 and showcasing the very latest in lighting, audio, effects and AV solutions.

The equipment on show includes the ArKaos MediaMaste

UK - At PLASA Show 2015, A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd., a leading one-stop provider of professional equipment to the entertainment industry, is showcasing a selection of the very latest lighting, audio, rigging and video solutions available from its portfolio of over 200 leading brands - in a large exhibition zone (stands F30 - F38), which also includes stands for sister company, A.C. Special Projects Ltd., and industry-sponsored 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Cars Championship (BTCC) racing driver, Jack Goff.

Staff from AC-ET's Lighting sales division are present throughout the show to demonstrate and discuss products showcased on dedicated brand stands within the AC-ET Zone for Chroma-Q, Jands, ProLights / ArchWork, Spotlight and GLP, as well as a selection of products from other leading brands including Philips Vari-Lite and Luminex.

In addition, AC-ET is la

UK - Building on the great success of the 'Robe Arena' at PLASA 2014 to mark the company's 20th anniversary, this year Robe takes another large space at PLASA 2015 in the ExCeL Centre, and will make a major impact with its newest products and technology, focusing on innovations specifically aimed at theatre and television lighting applications.

The powerful features of the new DL7S LED profile fixtures will take centre stage, highlighting its quality of light, subtle and intricate full spectrum colour mixing and high colour rendering index - all suitable characteristics for theatre and TV environments.

Also new will be The Square, bringing the possibility of combining video projection, pixel animation, beam effects and LED wash lighting in one fixture with continuous pan/tilt rotation movement; the ColorStrobe from Robe, an RGB version of the potent new LED Strobe from Robe; T

UK - Robert Juliat is currently exhibiting at PLASA 2015 in its brand new hospitality area within the Ambersphere stand (B10) where the team is busy introducing visitors to the latest and greatest of the Robert Juliat product range.

Robert Juliat's newest product, Dalis, an asymmetrical 300W LED cyclorama light, has been officially launched at the show, with PLASA 2015 marking the first time Dalis has been seen in London. "Mixing a wide variety of pastel and saturated colours with perfect balance from its 8-colour LED source, Dalis is guaranteed to spice up every lighting designers' plans," says Robert Juliat. "With silent fanless operation that makes it ideal for both theatre and television use, Dalis is poised to satisfy the industry's appetite for a smooth, powerful LED cyclorama lighting solution."

Also demonstrated is the new ZEP 360LF 300W LED Fresnel

UK - French LED lighting manufacturer, Ayrton, is showcasing six new products at PLASA Show 2015, all of which have been launched this year. MagicDot-R and CosmoPix-R were first shown in the UK at PLASA Focus Leeds but now make their first appearance in London on the stand of Ayrton's exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions (B10).

MagicDot-R and CosmoPix-R are part of the Creative Solutions line, into which Ayrton has incorporated a totally new technology: the first 94mm diameter narrow beam angle collimator combined with the latest generation high-power (40W or 60W) Osram multichip LED to create tighter beams with an unrivalled centre beam intensity.

MagicDot-R has proved a hit from the moment it was released and is currently appearing on the Foo Fighters international tour. The latest member of the RADICAL series, MagicDot-R is the first professional moving head LED

UK - After 2014's successful return to the PLASA Show, this year Yamaha is exhibiting on a bigger stand and, for the first time at the event, sharing it with Nexo and Line 6.

The companies are exhibiting on Stand K40, in a prime position opposite the PLASA Show Bar. The stand is at the heart of the Audio zone in PLASA Show's new layout, a zoned arrangement designed to make it easier for visitors to navigate the show floor.

With the first units due to arrive at dealers very soon, the Yamaha Rivage PM10 large format console is the centrepiece of the stand. Product specialists Andy Cooper and Wayne Powell are on hand to give hands-on demonstrations to engineers keen to familiarise themselves with it, as well as on Yamaha's CL, QL and TF consoles, which is also on display.

Other Yamaha products on show include the company's CIS range of installation products, including loudspeak

UK - PLASA Show 2015 marks the UK debut of the d&b audiotechnik V-Series point source loudspeakers. Launched earlier this month V7P, V10P and V-GSUB are on the d&b stand J50 alongside other mobile and installation products, and on d&b sales partners' SSE / Wigwam stand L10.

"PLASA London is a significant show for d&b this year," says Gianni Abruzzese, d&b GB commercial manager. "We're really pleased to be showing the V-Series point sources, which we think are pretty special. The design of the mid-range horn means that the vocal performance is in a league of its own. I think the market has been waiting for a point source with this level of performance for a while now."

Adam Hockley and Steve Jones of d&b GB Education and Application Support will be contributing to the line-up of pro audio seminars, as part of the PLASA Professional Development Programme. On

UK - At PLASA Show 2015, D3 Technologies is showcasing its innovative, integrated video production suite. "d3 is more than just a media server," the company days. "Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets you work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements, while being completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware."

Nominated for a PLASA Award for Innovation, d3 Technologies' 4x4pro sets a new standard for power and flexibility. With next generation components, it is ideal for the most demanding productions. The d3 4x4pro plays up to eight layers of 4K video or 32 layers of HD video, and up to eight layers of uncompressed HD video, all with co

UK - Triple E's ModTruss is being deployed as the 'universal building system' for the Theatres Trust stage, the Technical Theatre Awards/USITT stand and the Technical Theatre Awards stage at PLASA this year.

Triple E launched ModTruss - best described as full size Meccano - in the UK market at the ABTT Theatre Show in June 2015. It was immediately recognised as 'Engineering Product of the Year' at the ABTT Awards.

ModTruss was Triple E's most ambitious launch since the company was formed in 1984. The product is set to revolutionise theatre staging, set building, stage machinery, construction and event markets.

"We're very excited that visitors to PLASA 2015 will be able to experience ModTruss," says Triple E's managing director, David Edelstein. "The feedback at ABTT was overwhelmingly positive, not only from the wider industry but also from the ABTT Awards ju

UK - Audio-Technica has announced the launch of its new installation-friendly affordable UHF wireless system, the AT-One. Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, the AT-One provides a solution for installers, performers and presenters seeking a fuss-free wireless set-up.

The AT-One's frequency plan is divided into two groups, with four available channels in each group split between the Europe-wide license-free frequency range and the LTE duplex gap. Users can choose up to four channels from one group. This arrangement allows installers to run two four-channel AT-One systems (using separate groups) in close proximity without the fear of interference, for example.

Despite its flexibility, the AT-One's simple interface ensures an undaunting prospect for users of all levels of expertise, says the company. But it doesn't skimp in terms of stylish robust build quality and

USA - Meyer Sound has introduced Amie - the first studio monitor from the company in more than two decades. Developed to meet the demanding needs of Skywalker Sound, Amie brings a level of clarity professionals can trust, making it ideal for critical production environments where accurate translation to larger systems is imperative, says the company.

Tasked by Skywalker Sound to create a new studio monitor with precision translation, exceptional power, and a great price point, Meyer Sound has created a product that brings tremendous accuracy for everything from the intricate details of dialogue to dynamic music tracks to explosive action sequences.

"Amie brings an incredibly smooth response across the spectrum," says Leslie Shatz, Wildfire Post Studios sound designer and re-recording mixer who has worked with a beta version of Amie. "It is very accurate for dial

USA - Elation Professional is gearing up for the LDI show October 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre with a number of products set to impress at Booth 1117, including the powerful Platinum FLX hybrid moving head, recent Innovation Award winner at the PLASA show in London.

With its next generation digital lighting technology and accessible price tag, the Emotion has attracted a lot of attention since launching earlier in the summer. Visitors to LDI will now have their chance to get a close look at this compact yet powerful moving head digital light.

Several new products will see their North American debut at LDI including the Platinum HFX, a new mid-sized addition to Elation's hybrid family of beam, spot and wash luminaires; the Satura Profile, a powerful new LED-based CMY colour mixing moving head with output that compares to 1,200W fixtures, framing system, zoom and mor

UK - As venues like theatres, schools and community centres upgrade their lighting rigs with LED technology, their power control technology needs to be upgraded as well. With a simple configuration and dependable wireless performance, the ColorSource Relay power control system is a budget friendly solution for data distribution and system infrastructure, particularly for smaller sized venues.

Working in conjunction with the ColorSource Relay, the ColorSource Transmitter connects to a wired DMX source - like a lighting desk - and transmits DMX and data signals wirelessly to any ColorSource Relay within a 100 metre range and supports up to 16 amps of power.

The problem solving ColorSource Relay makes it easy to get DMX and power into remote and hard-to-reach locations, without having to run cords everywhere.

And the ColorSource Relay is not just for LEDs. Combined with the Col

Europe - With the announcement that Audinate has now delivered their AES67-enabled firmware to their OEM partners in order to offer AES67 compatibility with their Dante protocol, the Ravenna community "welcomes them to the world of interoperability they created five years ago".

Andreas Hildebrand from ALC NetworX, developers of Ravenna, states, "This is great news for users, who can now interconnect audio devices using Ravenna, Q-Lan, Livewire and finally Dante."

AES67 cannot be used on its own, it simply allows different audio protocols to talk to each other, so manufacturers who want to enjoy the interoperability of AES67 need to choose a protocol that is AES67-compliant to fit into their products.

"We always intended that many different protocols should provide AES67 compatibility in order to offer the system designer and/or end-user as wide a cho

USA - Bose Professional is now shipping four new dual-channel amplifier models from its broadened FreeSpace amplifier line. These models are optimised for premium commercial applications such as retail, restaurants and hospitality.

There are two mixer amplifiers (IZA 2120-HZ, IZA 2120-LZ) and two expansion amplifiers (ZA 2120-HZ, ZA 2120-LZ) each at 120 watts per channel. FreeSpace amplifiers can be quickly configured without the use of a PC, enabling each installation to be customised easily and intuitively. In addition, FreeSpace amplifiers offer a range of models and features to enhance any audio installation using Bose FreeSpace loudspeakers.

The IZA models include an integrated audio DSP providing Bose loudspeaker EQ, Bose Dynamic EQ, Opti-voice paging/ducking, audio mixing/routing, bass/treble adjustments, remote control options and an auto standby feature. The ZA models

UK - At the PLASA exhibition in London this week, the d&b GB team and sales partner SSE/Wigwam took the opportunity to talk to visitors and answer questions about the recently launched V-Series point sources. And there was plenty to talk about following the announcement that the new V7P and V10P had been named in the 2015 PLASA Awards for Innovation.

"The new point sources attracted a lot of attention at the stand," said Gianni Abruzzese, d&b GB commercial manager. "They're actually a really good example of the way d&b products are designed to work systematically. The three-way passive V7P and V10P provide exceptional directivity control with a high output. We had a V7P cabinet with the sides cut out on the d&b stand, exposing the hornloaded mid-range section. It's this dual chamber horn, which provides a remarkable MF performance, especially in the vocal range, t

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