France - Audio network specialist and equipment manufacturer AuviTran has announced the release of a new AxC-AES67 interface. Available from AuviTran’s network of distributors, the AxC-AES67 card is latest addition to the Audio ToolBox suite, the company’s flagship product line.
AxC-AES67 is fully compatible with AES67 and Ravenna protocols, and supports industry standard SMPTE2110, ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching and NMOS IS-04 + IS-05. Using one slot of AuviTran AVBx3 or AVBx7 ToolBox platforms, this interface card features up to 64 input channels and 64 output channels at 48kHz. Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the reliable and versatile AxC-AES67 enables the setting up of multiple professional audio systems while seamlessly interconnecting network audio protocols.
Either operating as a flexible analog StageBox when combined with AxC-AX4

Europe - Robe Lighting enjoyed a busy and lively ISE 2024. New products on show included a selection from Robe’s award-winning IP rated iSeries - the iForte and iForte LTX, iPainte, iESprite, iBeam 350TM, iTetra2TM, iT12 ProfileTM and Robe also previewed its new iBolt - soon to be launched - plus a variant of its T32 Cyc, as well as the Footsie Slim, a compact version of this ingenious footlight solution.
The eye-catching and contemporary Robe booth featured areas for Robe’s other businesses - architectural brand Anolis, lighting control solutions specialist Artistic Licence and lighting console and media server manufacturer, Avolites. It attracted many visitors and was constantly busy throughout all four days, primarily functioning as a meeting and networking space.
Those wanting to see the highlighted products in more depth could walk or catch a shuttle bus a s

Europe - Optocore reports a successful ISE 2024 in Barcelona. Represented by directors and founders, Marc Brunke and Tine Helmle, the company announced the setting up of a new technical workshop (under the provisional title of Optocore Fibre Workshop) to an enthusiastic response from all partners. During each workshop, specially designed demo systems - unique to each location - will demonstrate how easily it is to operate advanced control situations using the Optocore protocol.
These events will take place right across the world - at partners’ demo rooms - and access will be free to all who register. Further details will be provided in due course.
Optocore presented this year’s Best Distributor Award (for outstanding sales) to Bill and Brandon Coons, of Optocore North America, based in Canada.
The company is also in the process of streamlining its distributi

Germany - The FlexDistro rack has been developed to meet the frequently changing requirements in the event and touring sector.
Designed for quick and easy swapping of modules, the Indu-Electric FlexDistro can be equipped for the specific requirements of any project or production in an instant.
Each module has up to 24 channels, and each channel is protected with its own 30 mA RCBO (RCD/RCCB). The list of standard features includes a network-capable meter, USB port, mains indicator, switchable LED strips and utility outlets.

USA/Europe - Meyer Sound got off to a high octane start in 2024, with technology showcases at The NAMM Show and Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conventions.
“2024 promises to be another significant year for Meyer Sound,” says senior vice-president John McMahon. “We’re building on unprecedented momentum that began with the success of the Panther large-format linear line array and the 2100‑LFC low-frequency control element. This success continues with further development of our award-winning Nebra software and the newly announced NADIA DSP platform, which is already redefining the world of active acoustics. NAMM and ISE proved perfect opportunities to highlight our latest advancements and forge meaningful connections in key markets as we move ahead.”
At NAMM, Panther and the 2100-LFC were on display alongside LINA very compact line array loudspeakers paired w

Europe - Midas Consoles has launched Cobalt, a high-channel count, pocket-sized USB3 audio protocol converter.
“Cobalt is designed with sound engineers in mind. It is more than just a USB converter; it is a game-changing solution that combines power, portability, and connectivity for those seeking professional-grade recording without breaking the bank,” says Midas.
With Cobalt - which debuted at ISE 2024 - users can record and virtual soundcheck up to 192 channels all through a single Neutrik locking USB C connection, direct into PC or Mac. This not only streamlines the set-up but also allows audio professionals ‘to carry a powerhouse of functionality right in their pockets’.
The built-in sample rate converters further elevate Cobalt's capabilities, enabling operation at either 48kHz or 96kHz without compromising the channel count. This flexibility is cru

Europe - Building upon the success of the recently introduced PlutoFresnel, Astera has announced the launch of ProjectionLens that will add capabilities to its battery-powered, LED-based light, allowing to convert quickly into a powerful profile spotlight.
The lightweight, portable PlutoFresnel - which operates on a completely wireless basis with built-in battery pack – can be transformed in less than a minute simply by slipping on the ProjectionLens, which then allows the light to become a Profile Spotlight with a range of 16° to 36°. Projection zoom can be controlled manually by twisting the lens barrel or two Focus Wheels.
An E-size Gobo holder also enables custom logo projection. Built with the precision and durability that Astera applies across its entire range, the Profile Lens allows for close control of the light over any distance, with crystal clear optics

UK - Midas Consoles has launched its HD96-AIR, an addition to the Heritage-D series. The desk aims to provide the same specs as the Heritage-D HD96-24 desk, but in a more portable, compact form-factor.
Midas HD96-AIR is equipped with a capability of up to 144 simultaneous input channels and a 96kHz sample rate, it houses 123 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses, which provides sound engineers with unprecedented control and precision as well as a fader bay companion (HD96-FB16), It has 8 XLR Inputs and Outputs featuring award-winning Midas microphone preamplifiers, solidifying Midas’ commitment to top-tier audio quality.
Midas HD96-AIR was debuted at this year's ISE show. The latest addition to the Heritage-D series offers features usually normally reserved for the larger consoles such as dual redundant power supplies, snakes, and two built-in format converter sl

Europe - CONTRIK showed a comprehensive range of new Power Multicore solutions for the first time at ISE; offering the professional AV and lighting, and broadcast and film location production sectors a wide range of power connectivity solutions from new multicore cable and stringer box series, optimising power cabling costs and complexity in the field.
The new range of Power Strip Multicore ‘stringer boxes’ launched at ISE, comprises six models with Harting E16 connectors, providing for 6 channel single phase breakout, or breakout and daisy chaining, on Neutrik powerCONTRUE1 TOP or Schuko Type F connectors.
Models are designated as offering either ‘X’ (Xtreme protection) or ‘XO’ (Xtreme Outdoor protection). ‘X’ providing high mechanical (IK) protection and ‘XO’ high mechanical (IK) and high environmental protection, allowing for the seamless connect

UK - The countdown has begun to RCF UK’s second open day this week, designed to showcase the new TT+ AUDIO large-format GTX line array. The official launch is taking place in both the south and north of the country, several days apart.
Following the successful presentation at the Glasshouse, Gateshead at the beginning of this week, the roadshow moves to the Millennium Studios, Bedford, where a second presentation takes place on Thursday 8 February for southern based dealers, specifiers and media representatives. The first session at 10.30am will be followed by an afternoon one at 1.30pm.
On demonstration will be the flagship GTX 12 line array, the mid-size GTX 10 line array, accompanied by the GTS 29 subwoofer and XPS 16K amplifier.
The audio visual demo will last around 20 minutes with customer interaction via Q&A and the facility for the presentation to be r

USA - Biamp has announced that its line of Parlé all-in-one video and audio-conferencing bars are now certified for Zoom Rooms.
The Zoom certified Parlé bars offer peace of mind and security to integrators, installers, information technology personnel, and end users, assuring them that the product is validated to work seamlessly within the rigorous standards of the Zoom Rooms unified communication (UC) platform and provide extraordinary 4K video and audio-conferencing experiences in small-to-medium sized Zoom Rooms.
The Parlé family of conferencing bars includes the Parlé VBC 2500 video conferencing bar and the Parlé ABC 2500 audio conferencing bar, as well as the Parlé VBC 2500a and Parlé ABC 2500a conferencing bars that include a discrete output for Assistive Listening Systems.
“Enabling seamless collaboration between offices, remote workers, and tho

Spain - Tempest launched its latest rental and staging projector enclosure system, Fly, at ISE 2024. Fly’s innovative chassis folds flat into less than half its volume for compact shipping and storage. Fly enables rapid setup and teardown, with minimal tools, saving on time and labour.
Weighting in at just over 20kg (44lbs), Fly is less than one quarter the weight of a standard Tempest Typhoon rental enclosure. Fly is available in four models and is compatible with a wide variety of projectors up to 50k lumens, including all the most popular models in the equipment rental space.
Fly comes with all the usual Tempest protection measures, against airborne pollutants, weather, heat, cold and condensation. Fly also features an AR-coated port glass door, that opens without tools, making last-minute lens changes quick and painless. For extra-long lenses, a deeper Lens Exte

Portugal - NEXT Audiogroup has introduced the Moka System, a compact plug´n´play line array system optimised for flexible, high power and modular array configurations to fit a diverse range of sound reinforcement applications.
The system comprises three fundamental elements — the Moka Array, Moka Sub and the Moka Sub A.
Its capabilities span from a small to large event, extending all the way to flown line array systems for professional live sound reinforcement at concerts and festivals, complete with adaptable subwoofer arrangements on the ground, or flown if needed.
The Moka Array speaker, encased in a polyurea painted multi-laminate birch plywood enclosure, serves as a line array element. It accommodates a 9” neodymium woofer with a 3” neodymium driver coaxially mounted. The wave guide ensures minimal interference among the arrays, creating a classic li

Spain - Audinate has announced that Dante Director, a SaaS solution for remote Dante network administration and management, is available as a pre-release beta. Dante Director enables management of Dante networks from a simple, convenient web dashboard accessible from anywhere.
Designed to meet the needs of users with small to medium-sized Dante networks, Dante Director enables IT and AV administrators to remotely configure Dante channel subscriptions, control user access, ensure network security, and monitor multiple Dante networks from a single account. Dante Director joins the Audinate suite of products that bring professional management to AV solutions and includes Dante Domain Manager, which serves enterprise and on-premise network management needs.
Dante Director works closely with Dante Controller to enable remote AV management capabilities. After initial setup,

Spain - Prolights is promoting the expansion of its successful Astra Hybrid330 range with a new addition, the Astra Hybrid330IP. This unit stands as the market's first IP65 LED moving hybrid, engineered for mixed use indoor and outdoor.
The Astra Hybrid330IP is billed as the most versatile Prolights moving light to date. Constructed from durable magnesium alloy, the luminaire maintains an ultra-compact profile at just 25kg, still delivering a small form factor, bright output and extensive effect sections.
This luminaire is designed with a powerful 330-Watt LED module, providing a high output of luminous flux and a zoom ratio that spans from three degrees to fifty degrees. The large zoom range ensures that the Astra Hybrid330IP can adapt from long-throw beams to wide spot projections, making it a versatile choice for various staging requirements.
Astra Hybrid330I

Spain - With the PX series, audio specialist Pan Acoustics from Wolfenbüttel is presenting further solutions for sound reinforcement from conference rooms to live applications. The components in the series are designed for fast system integration, installation and simple operation.
To launch the series, loudspeaker solutions for AoIP applications with the specially developed Pan Power Core technology will be shown at ISE 2024 in Barcelona.
“These solutions are characterised by proven Pan Acoustics quality in audio, design and workmanship,” says the company. The first family members of the PX series will be available in Q3/24.

USA - City Theatrical has announced its first 2024 product launch with QolorFLEX Quad Chip RGB Amber Plus Deep Red LED Tape. As an expansion to the QolorFLEX line of LED Tapes, Dimmers, and Accessories, QolorFLEX Quad Chip RGB Amber Plus Deep Red LED Tape is designed for lighting designers looking to achieve a true deep red colour in their lighting design projects. This LED tape can be used for live entertainment, film and video, architainment, as well as many other creative applications.
Developed to suit lighting designer requests for a true deep red coloured light from an LED tape, the QolorFLEX Quad Chip RGB Amber Plus Deep Red LED Tape (P/N 5050-24-RGBAD-60-5-20-1) is an interior grade 24V Quad Chip 4-in-1 RGB Amber plus Deep Red LED tape with a high output brightness and the ability to create a wide spectrum of colours, including deep red, when used with a DMX color co

Spain - Visitors to Brompton’s stand 3A750 in Multi-Technology Hall 3 will experience different zones, each highlighting key features tailored to Touring & Live Events, Broadcast, Fine Pixel Pitch Installation, and Virtual ProductionAdditionally, there will be an exclusive preview of its upcoming Gen 3 8K processing range
The Touring & Live Events demo zone will feature an Absen PL1.9 LED wall, allowing attendees to experience the latest Tessera hardware and software solutions, which have long been the industry choice for providing a reliable and robust toolkit for live events and touring productions, offering easy setup and limitless creative possibilities.
Moving to the Fine Pixel Pitch zone, a Leyard ultra-fine 0.9mm pixel pitch LED screen will demonstrate Brompton’s suitability for fixed installation fine pitch applications, such as corporate meeting ro

Spain - Amadeus is debuting debut three new models of its A470 Avignon Columns Series line array speakers including Straight, Focus, and Wide versions. All models are available for ordering now, with delivery starting in Q2 2024.
Initially specifically designed for the Avignon Festival – and used within the Courtyard of the Palace of the Popes each summer – the Avignon Columns Series line array from Amadeus is now available for every venue.
For two years, experts and specialists in culture-oriented facilities, craftsmen, and industrials of different trades and domains have worked together to create and install this new system for the festival. The system which is installed and used each summer at the Avignon Palace of the Popes features 10 A 470 Focus column modules, installed in a stereophonic configuration, offering two high-fidelity, line-source speaker columns

Spain - Naostage will welcome ISE 2024 attendees to an immersive and interactive experience on stand #5D750. The company’s award-winning tracking solution, K System, forms the cornerstone of the Naostage stand, where a dedicated ‘black box’ live tracking experience will present visitors with an immersive, interactive show in four parts.
The show will begin with an immersive video made by Naostage partner Cutback, with video mapping handled by SMODE (Naostage’s technical partner at ISE) and tracking and interaction managed by K System. Comprising three scenarios and designed to be interactive and contemplative, the segment caters to professionals in cultural tourism markets, such as museum spaces, as well as those in marketing looking for cutting-edge solutions.
The subsequent two sequences are cooperative games, where entertainment professionals – for example

Spain - At ISE 2024, TT+ Audio is putting the spotlight on the new GTX Line Array System.
Unlike previous TT+ Audio products, the new GTX system separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, relocating it to newly designed touring racks. Each rack accommodates up to three RCF XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers and seamlessly integrates the externally-powered GTX system with self-powered TT+ modules all controlled by the RDNet management platform.
TT+ Audio's newly developed Precision Transducers, used in all GTX models, incorporate advanced motor structures, multi-layer voice coils, and oversized magnets for high performance and extreme power handling. Proprietary waveguides provide precision coverage for the wide-range compression drivers. The GTS 19 subwoofer, designed for extremely fast acceleration, boasts two 48 cm (19") cone drivers, each with a

Spain - Shure has announced the launch of the Microflex Advance MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Microphone, featuring a low profile round form factor, available in white, black and aluminium finishes. Following the launch of MXA902 in 2023, MXA901 expands the Microflex Ecosystem TM portfolio with a modern audio solution for delivering enhanced directional voice capture and reproduction with minimal setup required.
Additionally, Shure announced a preview of Designer 6.0, the next generation of the Designer configuration software. Designer 6.0 represents a complete overhaul of the software’s workflows and user experience, making it easier than ever to configure, deploy, and manage hardware devices within the Microflex Ecosystem portfolio, including the MXA901.
“Organisations are currently faced with upgrading their meeting spaces to adapt to today’s work environ

Spain - Cadac Consoles is returning to ISE, after a four-year hiatus, with a realignment of its product offering in the form of the brand- new CM system, centred around the CM-J50 mixer. The result of an extensive re-engineering programme, the CM system offers enhanced connectivity, control and flexibility, all packaged in a lighter but familiar form factor showcasing an all-new design language.
Audio-first is the core design principle of Cadac Consoles, married with an intuitive user interface and workflow. The interface has undergone a significant evolution on the CM-J50, including the addition of a number of new user led features, allowing faster creative control of Cadac’s unprecedented audio quality, while maintaining an industry-leading 0.4ms through-system latency. Resulting in an unparalleled mixing experience for engineers of all levels.
Though smaller and l

USA/Europe - At ISE and NAMM 2024, Nexo is introducing a compact, lower-powered, combined amplification and processing solution.
Available in standard and Dante-equipped versions, the 4-channel nanoNXAMP4 and nanoNXAMP4-D deliver 4 x 250W utilising highly reliable, ultra-low distortion Class D amplifiers and SMPS with PFC to provide the same sound quality and sonic signature as NEXO’s larger NXAMPMK2 TD Controllers. Processing uses FIR filtering for precise system EQ and linear phase compatibility, with pre-sets available for an edited range of speakers drawn exclusively from NEXO’s popular ID and ePS Series.
With a universal mains voltage range of 100 to 240 Volts, the nanoNXAMP4 occupies just half a rack width, increasing channel density. The integrated DSP offers a true 4x In / 4x Out architecture with optional Dante connectivity, all without the need of externa

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