Spain - True to its declared commitment to ‘Reach Across Worlds in 2024’, Chauvet professional will be highlighting products and technologies ‘that go beyond innovation to create a convergence of the real and digital’.
An impressive collection of new products in the Strike series will be on display at the company’s stand. Among these are the Strike Array 4C and Strike Array 2C, IP65 rated versatile RGBA-WW blinder-strobe-audience lights. Both units open the door to an abundance of design possibilities with their full-colour pods (four in the larger unit, and two in the smaller one) that can be independently focused.
The Strike Array 4C and Strike Array 2C both feature industry standard-setting low end dimming capabilities as well as a red shift function that warms the colour temperature of the light as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten look. The variable

Spain - Following a successful year, EM Acoustics is having a predictably busy start to 2024 as the team returns to ISE later this month. After a successful UK launch at PLASA Show in London, EM Acoustics will unveil the latest addition to its Reference series, the ultra-compact R5, to an international audience for the first time at the event.
The Reference Series is characterised by its ‘low-profile design and exceptional quality’, offering full-range point source loudspeakers that boast flat frequency and phase responses. The series, which was an instant success in installations and live events alike, represents a flagship product line for the brand.
“Introducing a smaller enclosure is a logical step in the evolution of the Reference Series, driven by huge demand from our customers,” confirms Greg Clarke, EM Acoustics’ brand manager. “Like the rest of the

USA - JoeCo has launched BandMate, a 24-channel backing track player for live performance playback. Aimed at gigging musicians, the 1U system can replay multichannel audio material alongside MIDI data for the control and update of MIDI equipment such as effects pedals and lighting controllers. The new hardware is supported by a pair of apps for user-friendly operation.
“There is a definite requirement from musicians for a live assist playback device that they can trust more than a laptop,” said JoeCo managing director, Joe Bull. “We created BandMate to be a flexible solution that will give musicians a robust device they can rely on gig after gig, which is simple to use and easy to control.”
BandMate uses a setlist to organise the playback for a gig. This playlist automatically loads up the next song so musicians can focus on their performance rather than the te

Spain - At this year’s ISE, RCF will display a comprehensive range of audio products including new models for installed sound, pro sound, live sound along with new RDNet management software and Shape D3D simulation software.
RCF will debut the PMR 60T, a two-way 80W pendant speaker for commercial applications, and a comprehensive range of both self-powered and externally-powered subwoofers for professional applications. The new S 8019 and S 8029 subwoofers, single and double 19" passive units respectively, come equipped with high-excursion transducers, delivering ‘exceptional sound pressure and quality for high-power installation applications’. These subwoofers pair ideally with the RCF XPS 16K amplifier.
RCF will also introduce the DMA 504 amplifier, a new member of the Business Music Series. This 4x500-watt, 2-rack unit amplifier with digital routing and DSP i

Spain - Ayrton will be exhibiting at ISE on stands 1G700 and 1G530 where it will be bringing a selection of its comprehensive range of LED lighting products. Star of the show will be Argo 6, launched in September 2023 at PLASA Show, London.
Argo 6 is Ayrton’s first weather-sealed effects luminaire, available as Wash or FX versions, presenting a 280mm front window designed to ensure optimal visuals. Equipped with 19 LEDs of 40W with RGB+W additive colour synthesis, Argo 6 can deliver a light output of 13,000 lumens, and obtain a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°. Argo 6 FX sports a high-definition liquid effect system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb that can generate complex graphic effects LiquidEffectTM.
More Ayrton products present at ISE include the icompact effects fixtures Zonda 9 FX and its smaller sibling

Spain - Hive has introduced two new additions to its Beeblade product range. Beeblade Minima and Beeblade Osmia are joining Beeblade Pluto as part of the wider ecosystem, offering users more media playback solutions that work in harmony with a wide range of project types. Additionally, Hive is also launching the new Beehive 5U rack mountable chassis at ISE 2024.
Beeblade is a new approach to media playback that seamlessly integrates into any Smart Display Module (SDM) compatible display or projector. It’s the hidden hero behind complex, creative video that can be synced across multiple players using Hive’s Beesync software.
Joining the Pluto Beeblade - which is designed for large-scale mapping projects - the Beeblade Minima is Hive’s newest HD player with the lowest technical specification. The new Beeblade Osmia is a mid-range solution that can achieve 4K media

Spain - Robert Juliat will be exhibiting independently for the first time at ISE on Stand 1F300, near the entrance of Hall 1.
RJ will be showing its award-winning Sully 4C profile and Fresnel fixtures - which were awarded the 2022 LDI Award for Best Debuting Product - all with integrated RJ Color, Robert Juliat’s innovative software platform.
Sully 4C Profile (650SX 4C) is a four-colour (RGBLime), 200W LED profile that delivers perfect whites and high quality saturated and pastel colours; it is also a swift and economic solution to convert RJ 600SX tungsten fixtures to LED.
Sully 4C Fresnel (315LF 4C) is a compact fixture with the same level of colour quality and control as the Profile, available with a choice of 200mm Fresnel or PC lenses.
Known for its leadership in followspot design and production, Robert Juliat will be showcasing the latest of its LE

Europe - Audiofocus has unveiled its new ARRoCC constant curvature loudspeaker series. Conceived as a complete PA solution for medium throw sound reinforcement scenarios, the ARRoCC system comprises the wide coverage CC210W cabinet and its narrow coverage twin, the CC210N, plus the high-powered 118S compact subwoofer. ARRoCC makes its world debut at ISE 2024.
CC210W and CC210N each house a pair of V-mounted 10” LF transducers with Tetracoil double voice coils for additional power, precision control, improved impulse response and handling of transients. A large 4” titanium diaphragm HF compression driver allows Audiofocus to employ a lower crosspoint, resulting in better dispersion and control down to lower frequencies. Both cabinets achieve a peak SPL of 135dB and a frequency response of 55Hz - 19kHz.
CC210W and CC210N offer 25° x 90° and 12.5° x 90° coverage

Spain - Lightware Visual Engineering will showcase a range of solutions for the corporate, education and live event sectors at ISE 2024. Visitors to the Lightware stand (3N750) will be offered demonstrations of its Taurus product family, including the Taurus UCX Dual Screen, Taurus TPX and Taurus TPN, along with other innovative connectivity solutions. Lightware will also debut its recent corporate rebrand, which has been developed to better align the company's visual persona with its status as an innovator in the technology sector.
Lightware's Taurus TPN is a media-over-IP solution tailored for medium to large conference rooms, redefining the landscape with its reliability, technical sophistication and user-centric features. The Taurus UCX-TPN and HDMI-TPN devices, both leveraging SDVoE technology, form the core of the solution, allowing for the creation of adaptable media-

Spain - Tempest is launching its latest rental and staging projector enclosure system - Fly - at ISE 2024. Fly’s innovative chassis folds flat into less than half its volume for ultra-compact shipping and storage. Fly enables rapid setup and teardown, with minimal tools, saving on time and labour. Weighting in at just over 20kg (44lbs), Fly is less than ¼ of the weight of a standard Tempest Typhoon rental enclosure. Fly is available in four models and is compatible with a wide variety of projectors up to 50k lumens, including all the most popular models in the equipment rental space.
Fly comes with all the usual Tempest protection measures, against airborne pollutants, weather, heat, cold and condensation. Fly also features an AR-coated port glass door, that opens without tools, making last-minute lens changes quick and painless. For extra-long lenses, a deeper Lens Exten

USA - TT+ Audio will feature strongly in the Anaheim Arena, with demos of the GTX Line Array. At centre stage, TT+Audio’s new GTX Line Array System addresses the full range of challenges faced by touring sound professionals and large-venue system installers while offering ground-breaking performance and sound quality, says RCF.
Unlike previous TT+ Audio products, the new GTX system separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, relocating it to newly designed touring racks. Each rack accommodates up to three RCF XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers. This new approach to hybrid power management seamlessly integrates the externally-powered GTX System with self-powered TT+ modules all managed by the RDNet software platform.
GTX models include the GTX 12 three-way line array module, GTX 10 two-way line array module, and GTS 29 high-performance double 19" s

USA - The Sennheiser Group will showcase its latest audio innovations in two demo spaces. The Sennheiser Group Live Room (located in demo room # 18806) and the Immersive Demo Room (# 18808) will feature the latest audio innovations from Sennheiser, Neumann, Dear Reality and Merging Technologies, as well as offering seminars and panel discussions with industry experts.
The Sennheiser Group Live Room will offer visitors a chance to explore the rich histories of Sennheiser and Neumann by showcasing both companies’ timelines. A focal point within the space will be the unveiling of Sennheiser’s latest addition to its professional studio portfolio, with NAMM attendees having the unique opportunity to engage with the product for the very first time.
Additionally, a dedicated wireless station will feature the Evolution Wireless Digital family of wireless microphones, Digit

UK - Audient has introduced ORIA, an all-in-one audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically for multi-speaker arrays ranging from stereo to 9.1.6 setups - and everything in between.
“As immersive audio continues to become more prevalent across music, film, TV, game and VR production, our goal was to design a purpose-driven and affordable solution for those wanting to work in the immersive space,” says Audient’s Andrew Allen.
“ORIA is designed to prioritise immersive audio workflows, giving you onboard room and speaker calibration DSP, true immersive monitoring control and professional audio performance, alongside intelligent integrations with Sonarworks and Dolby Atmos.”
ORIA provides 16 outputs via TRS or AES, two dedicated relayed switched stereo outputs, two independent headphone outputs, BNC Word Clock in and out, as well as two Aud

Spain - LED Studio is expanding its EDGE series with the launch of the 54” EDGE Pro and 65” EDGE at ISE. The single die-cast cabinets are designed as a direct replacement for popular videowall LCD panels, offering increased sustainability with up to 40% energy saving vs LCD, as well as simplified installation and operation to make large scale LED applications more accessible.
LED Studio is on a mission to eradicate throwaway culture with its proprietary V1 Architecture within its EDGE series. This cabinet infrastructure allows for the pixel technologies to evolve as technology progresses, with options for Flip Chip High Bright Common Cathode and traditional SMD and the latest addition to the pixel offerings Chip on Board (COB), says the company. During the upgrade, only 30% of the display undergoes replacement, preserving the remaining 70% in its original state. This app

Spain - Part of the K-array brand ecosystem, KGEAR has released two new product launches in the run up to ISE 2024. The pro-audio manufacturer introduces the GU210 subwoofer and GMX4L mixer to its product family, two releases that once again showcase the ingenuity of K-array’s engineering.
The GU210 subwoofer is suitable for fixed installations, especially in environments where a discreet audio solution is required.
Enclosed within a stainless-steel cabinet and grille, the subwoofer boasts an IP rating of IP64, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor installations. The GU210 also comes in both a black and white finish, allowing it to slot seamlessly into any project design.
“The launch of the GU210 is significant because it fills a gap in our portfolio by providing a performance subwoofer with a versatile 10” form factor,” explains Lorenzo De Poi, br

Spain - Shure has announced the launch of Microflex Wireless neXt 2 (MXW neXt 2), the latest addition to its Microflex ecosystem, expanding the original Microflex Wireless platform. Designed with a combination of advanced features, the new Microflex Wireless neXt 2 is a versatile, two-channel wireless system designed to offer ‘a cost-effective, intuitive, and all-in-one audio solution for diverse spaces and hybrid environments’.
“MXW neXt 2 is an ideal new solution for those seeking enhanced meeting equity and clear sound reinforcement in videoconferencing and hybrid presentations, both in classrooms and business spaces,” said Doug Daube, director of conferencing, global product management, at Shure. “AV/IT professionals in corporate and higher education environments now require more flexible solutions for teaching, conferencing spaces, and other hybrid scenarios.

UK - Rycote has announced the immediate availability of two microphones that expand and enhance its professional microphone portfolio. Tailored for film production, sports broadcasts, and field recording applications, these new additions solidify Rycote's commitment to delivering top-tier audio solutions.
"I've always found Rycote's products to meet my expectations in terms of clear sound and adaptability to the environment,” comments Keith Alexander, professional sound recordist. “Often, I have to select gear for expansive outdoor shots, ambient sounds, dialogues, and studio recording. Their versatility is unmatched; they're lightweight and capable of handling various tasks. Moreover, the protective cases have proven essential during expeditions, especially when I have to travel under rough conditions, such as being in the middle of the ocean with a constant 100km wind.

USA - DPA Microphones, together with Yamaha, will showcase a selection of its mics at the new Mobile Listening Studio as part of a Grand Plaza Tour at the 2024 NAMM Show. Located behind the Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, the mobile studio will act as a mixing space for all performances at this stage for the duration of the convention.
The brand welcomes attendees to tour both the stage and studio to see and hear first-hand the clarity provided by DPA mics. Attendees can also visit DPA Microphones at the brand’s booth on the show floor (Booth 17911).
“This new Mobile Listening Studio will not only highlight the versatility and clarity of DPA mics but will also be an exciting place for show attendees to see a variety of top-of-the-line gear,” says Jarrod Renaud, marketing and communications manager, DPA Microphones. “Attendees can now enjoy a live show at the Yamaha

Spain - The Obsidian Control Systems team from Europe and the U.S. head to the ISE tradeshow with additions to its popular and award-winning Netron data distribution range, including a comprehensive line tailored for system integrators and fixed installations, plus the world's first IP65-rated devices for entertainment signal distribution. Lighting professionals are invited to explore these latest innovations on Stand 5C150.
Obsidian is showing a comprehensive line of Netron products in smart form factors optimised for system integrators and fixed installations. Two new compact devices with interchangeable connection plates offer performance and flexibility. Available as RDM6D (6-port RDM Splitter) and EN6D (6-port EtherDMX Node), these rugged chassis can be DIN-Rail or wall mounted and provide data ports that can be repositioned to the top, bottom or front of the devices.

USA - ACT Entertainment has a lot to celebrate as 2024 begins. In addition to launching a new corporate logo and forthcoming website, the company heads into the year with new brands and divisions. Included among its latest acquisitions and partnerships are Visual Productions, PK Sound and, most recently, tvONE - the combination of which will see ACT dive more fully into the fixed installation, professional sound and video production markets.
“At ACT Entertainment, we are passionate about helping our clients realise their creative vision and are continually on the lookout for cutting edge products,” says Ben Saltzman, CEO, ACT Entertainment. “These three brands not only help us deliver on this promise, but also expand our reach into new markets and industries. We look forward to supplying new and existing customers with a fuller array of audiovisual solutions that will

Spain - Berlin-based pro audio company, Holoplot, returns to this year’s ISE to showcase its audio products. The X1 product series, the sound of Sphere, once again takes centre stage, joined for the first time by the new, more compact X2 Matrix Array.
Holoplot technology enables precise control over sound in both the horizontal and vertical axes, allowing users to tackle even the most challenging acoustic environments and produce outstanding, realistic audio for stereo deployments, as well as add and explore creative capabilities to enhance immersive sound designs. Most recently, this is showcased at the Las Vegas Sphere where Holoplot is the exclusive provider of the sound system.
The Matrix Array’s technology uses advanced proprietary algorithms and integrated software applications to precisely shape and steer sound to where it's needed and remove it from where i

USA/Europe - The OCA Alliance has announced that the AES has formally published the latest update to the AES70 suite of standards for control and monitoring of devices in professional media networks. Making up the core standards, AES70-1, AES70-2, and AES70-3 form the foundation of the AES70 standard. AES70-2023 represents a significant advancement, bringing in a wave of new features and improvements. Fully backward compatible with all existing AES70 devices, a major focus has been on improving the understandability of the specification with revised, expanded documentation, more precise language and ten informative annexes to assist developers.
The update also extends its connection management architecture with better support for redundant network connections and a clearer organisation of functions. There’s flexible support for connection negotiation and media transport se

Europe - The Neutrik Group’s Contrik brand has expanded its CKPE series range of power multicore cable assemblies. The Harting E16 and Socapex SL 419 compatible Power Multicore connection cables, and Socapex SL 419 compatible single-phase powerCON TRUE1 Power Multicore Split cable configurations enable the streamlining and increased cost-efficiency of cabling processes.
The rewireable power multicore cable assemblies are specified for use in video wall, lighting and audio applications, in indoor and outdoor event, theatre, and other media production environments. Complementing Contrik’s portable power distribution systems, CKPE series Power Multicore and Power Multicore Split cable assemblies are DIN 15765 standard-compliant for mobile event production.
The expanded Power Multicore cable range offers six channel and eight channel Harting E16 connector variants, and

Spain - Elation will feature a line-up of integration lighting solutions that ‘blend art and innovation’.
Highlights in the Proteus series of multi-environmental luminaires include the IP66-rated Proteus Hybrid Max, a hybrid fixture with pioneering technology that launches as the torchbearing successor of the Proteus Hybrid.
New in Elation’s popular Fuze series is the Fuze Teatro, a fully-automated yet fanless framing fixture for completely silent operation and the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive colour engine.
New luminaires in the sought-after KL ‘Key Light’ series will also highlight, including the KL CYC cyclorama/set/wall wash along with the all-in-one KL SPOT IP, a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom.
Not only will Elation be highlighting new solutions in its popular Proteus, Fuze and KL series, v

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