Germany - Cameo has introduced the ORON H2, billed as the world’s first IP65 hybrid moving head with a phosphor-laser engine. With its combination of beam, spotlight, and wash and an ‘unrivalled zoom range’ for laser moving heads, the ORON H2 is suitable for flexible use on medium and large stages – both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its laser technology, the ORON H2 also acts as a future-proof and sustainable alternative for the upcoming EU ban on discharge lamps from 2027, says the company.

The Cameo ORON H2 is based on a 260-watt phosphor laser engine, which acts as an energy-efficient, long-lasting replacement for discharge lamps in the 480-watt class. The laser engine of the ORON H2 has a light output of 330,000 lux at a distance of 20m and a narrow minimum beam angle of 0.6°, which is achieved without the use of a beam reducer. For flexible

The Netherlands - In late April, CAS Exhibition Partners took delivery of 250 KL PAR FC LED PAR lights from Elation for use in the leading exhibition contractor’s many stand builds across Europe.

Useful in setting the ambiance of an exhibition stand, reinforcing a theme, and adding depth and dimension to enhance the overall visual appeal of a space, the new full-colour-spectrum lights can also play more functional roles like highlighting products, signage and displays. Either way, the KL PAR FC’s high colour quality and adaptability will serve to captivate visitors and reinforce brand imaging for CAS customers.

CAS Exhibition Partners offers full-service exhibition build services and takes pride in their commitment to innovation and improvement. That dedication includes ensuring the overall quality of stand lighting by maintaining their own high-

France - L-Acoustics has announced updates to L-ISA, its immersive production platform for the live sound and music creation markets. New enhancements include 16 free outputs in L-ISA Studio, integration of Mixhalo’s AI-powered translation services with L-ISA Processor II subscription model, and more.

The addition of 16 free outputs to L-ISA Studio will facilitate immersive monitoring setups at minimal cost, a feature with particular appeal to theatre practitioners and educational institutions around the world. In theatrical environments, L-ISA 3.2 enables immersive playback opportunities for plays and musicals, making spectacularly modern productions accessible to all creatives. Meanwhile, the latest L-ISA update opens new opportunities in secondary and higher education environments, where immersive audio is often taught in theory but difficult to impleme

UK - Absen made its debut at the Media Production & Technology Show (MPTS), where the company showcased its innovative AbsenLive capabilities.

Absen demonstrated its extensive AbsenLive production technology with floor, wall, and ceiling installations, all of which suitable for rentals or permanent setups in live events, virtual production, and xR stages.

Exploring the AbsenLive product portfolio, Absen's stand featured a main screen that utilised the PR1.9, a virtual production specialist product.

A ceiling screen showcased the PR3.9, while the floor utilised the Mars series' MR2.5, suitable for live events and VP/xR. A side screen featuring the SA2.6 completed the immersive experience. In a dedicated demo area, attendees got the chance to get hands-on with Absen products.

Solutions from across the AbsenLive portfolio were on dis

Europe - Showtec has added four new models to its ACT series that now includes a number of fresnel, ellipsoidal, par and flood lights. Like the existing models, the new Par 200 W RGBAL, Par 200 W CW/WW, Par 200 W UV and Flood 200 RGBAL are designed for use in theatres, on stages and even at business events.

The new models strengthen the ACT series by adding three new pars and one flood light to the range. Each one is equipped with a powerful 200 W LED designed for a specific purpose. In keeping with rest of the ACT series, accurate colour rendering, manual control options, optimised beam angles and silent operation are features of the new models.

The Par 200 W RGBAL is a versatile indoor spotlight with an RGBAL LED light source that is capable of producing a wide range of colours. In addition to control via DMX, manual control is possible using the o

USA - EAW will debut its new SBX118F 1 x 18″ powered arrayable subwoofer at  InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas. This new subwoofer can be used to enhance any EAW full-range enclosure and is designed to rig directly to the popular NTX Series of professional solution products. With SBX118F, the NTX series offers rider-ready performance fit for touring productions and high-end installed applications, says the company.

“SBX118F brings emotion and impact to any performance,” says TJ Smith, president of EAW. “Designed to support all EAW's professional systems, including ADAPTive, SBX118F is an essential element of our catalogue. SBX118F’s rigging interfaces directly to the NTX210L line array enclosure, increasing the number of applications and adding deployment flexibility to the already successful NTX series.”  

The SBX118F is a high-output, mid-s

Europe – Sommer Cable has introduced the new 32-core SC-Elephant SPM3215 loudspeaker cable, specially developed for use in professional large-scale sound reinforcement systems. Its main application lies in the connection between line array speakers and the latest generation of 16-channel amplifiers whereby each speaker is individually addressed.

The cable is suited as a reliable connection solution for (PA/sound systems or large sound reinforcement systems such as the L-series from L'Acoustics. An individual combination of the cores also makes it possible to run smaller sound systems. The SC-Elephant SPM3215 can also be used as a control cable for machine and robot control.

With its torsion-free stranding, the cable ensures a reliable performance, while its compact diameter of just 20,3 mm makes installation considerably easier. Owing to its fine-w

USA - City Theatrical now offers three standard beam control accessories designed to fit Martin Lighting’s MAC Viper XIP lighting fixture, which includes the MAC Viper XIP Follow Spot Handle, MAC Viper XIP Concentric Ring, and MAC Viper XIP Hexcel Louver.

These three beam control accessories were developed based on City Theatrical’s understanding of the unique accessory needs of lighting professionals, and the high demand for this moving light fixture in the market. City Theatrical currently offers 40+ styles of beam control accessories for 15 different Martin Lighting moving light fixtures, which are available through the City Theatrical dealer network.

City Theatrical’s engineers and craftspeople design and create lighting accessories, like the new MAC Viper XIP Follow Spot Handle (P/N 2815), based on working with designers and manufacturers

USA - K-array will return to InfoComm this year in Las Vegas. The K-array group, which encompasses the brands of K-array, KGEAR and KSCAPE will be represented by the K-array USA team at the show. This year, the addition of a dedicated K-array sound room, running in parallel to the existing on-booth demo room, will allow visitors to experience the brand’s larger installation solutions and those for live events.

“We’re excited to turn up the volume at this year’s InfoComm and allow the public to experience a great range of products from across the K-array ecosystem,” says Rusty Waite, president of K-array USA. “It’s been a few years since we had a larger sound room separate from the booth at the show, so we’re looking forward to guiding the demos and highlighting some of the larger K-array products whilst receiving real-time feedback from liste

USA - Obsidian Control Systems has introduced a comprehensive range of data distribution products under the Netron series, tailored for system integrators and fixed installations. These products prioritise reliability and performance and help in the management of complex networked lighting systems.

The Netron Integration Series has been created to integrate flawlessly with the ONYX lighting control platform yet is compatible with all other manufacturers’ lighting control systems, making it a universal solution for a multitude of setups.

The initial products in the series are available now, with more solutions set to debut soon.

Netron EP1 This compact device functions as an Ethernet to DMX gateway, featuring a single RDM-compatible port. Designed for effortless integration into single-gang wall mounts, trusses, or standalone setups, it offe

USA - Elation’s R&D department embarked on a development project that spanned several years to tackle the challenge of achieving ‘the perfect balance between colour accuracy and intensity’. The result is TruTone Technology, an advancement that allows designers to adjust CRI from a single fixture in order to find the best lighting fidelity.

Achieving that perfect balance between brightness and colour accuracy is an issue that has persisted in the entertainment lighting industry for years and holds significance for lighting designers and rental houses alike. Traditional LED engines, with their fixed CRI values, have fallen short in delivering a comprehensive spectrum, leaving designers and gear providers with inflexible options. Despite the industry’s numerous attempts to address this shortfall, the ideal solution has remained elusive.


USA - ACT Entertainment will present PK Sound’s new Robotic Line Source System at InfoComm 2024. Comprised of the T8 robotic line source element and T18 intelligent subwoofer.

Featuring PK’s patented multi-axis robotics, T8’s output - with peak SPLs reaching 143.5 dB - is precisely controlled down to 400 Hz in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The result is a high degree of flexibility and precision in system dispersion for designers or operators in virtually any application.

Used in tandem with the accompanying T18 intelligent subwoofer, PK Cell modular touring rack and PK .dynamics control software, the T8 system delivers PK Sound’s patented remote and real-time multi-axis robotic coverage control to a wider range of users and applications in the touring and rental, performance installation, theatrical, worship, nightlife and corpora

USA - Obsidian Control Systems is offering offer the Netron CLU, an easy-to-navigate central utility interface useful in discovering and managing Netron data distribution devices across a lighting network. Especially helpful when deploying networks that use multiple nodes, or when working with nodes that lack integrated screens, the Netron CLU makes Netron data signal devices even easier to configure, eliminating the need to physically access the devices themselves, says Obsidian.

Netron devices can be discovered regardless of their current IP address, and all Netron features can be centrally configured, or reconfigured, without the need to access individual web pages or the device displays. Whether you're setting up a handful of nodes for a live event or 50 nodes for an install, remote access to all device functions straight from a computer makes device set

Germany - LD Systems has introduced the ANNY series – a battery-powered PA system for musicians, singer-songwriters, street art performers, and ‘users who appreciate the lifestyle convenience of a Bluetooth speaker and still value high-quality sound and professional equipment’. Whether for mobile live gigs, speech reinforcement in clubs and schools, or simply for quality sound on the go, far away from any power socket – ANNY is a fully fledged PA system that transforms any location into a stage, says the company.

The ANNY 10 is available as the first in the series. The active two-way full-range loudspeaker with 10" woofer and 1" tweeter combines an integrated six-channel mixer, three-band EQ and effects (reverb, delay), Bluetooth 5.0 streaming, and a footswitch input for hands-free effects control with a compact and robust housing that can be moved e

Europe - Ayrton has announced the official launch of Kyalami, its first IP65-rated laser source luminaire in its Creative Solution series.

Kyalami is inspired by the multiple award-winning MagicDot. First released in 2015, MagicDot sold by the thousands within months, and still inspires creativity. Nine years later it has given birth to Kyalami.

Devised for architectural graphic effects, Kyalami is an ultra-compact luminaire with great creative potential. Its essential performance capability is based on its design, extreme miniaturisation, and a minimalist cylindrical footprint that allows multiple luminaires to be installed only a few centimetres apart.

A sphere of just 265mm incorporates Kyalami’s 100W laser module, cooling system and optics, while its 126mm front lens positioned in the continuity of the sphere provides Kyalami with a uni

UK - Union Audio has launched an EQ/crossfader unit designed to accompany and expand the mixing possibilities of the company’s flagship orbit.6 analogue rotary mixer. The eq.xfader is a 1U rackmount unit featuring a dual four-band isolator design with an Innofader crossfader, adding another dimension to the capabilities of the orbit.6, and opening up an array of expansion options to innovate customer set ups and promote dynamic mixing.

Designed with a six-channel architecture to mirror the orbit mixer, the dual crossfader transitions between audio sources connected to either side of the crossfader, placing channels 1-3 and channels 4-6 on opposing sides of the crossfader. A Mix/Cut switch alters the crossfader's functionality from a carefully designed curve to create gradual transitions in Mix mode, to full volume in Cut mode when the crossfader is moved t

UK - Studiomaster has widened its FOH loudspeaker portfolio coming out of Q1, with a line-up of new and uprated replacement series and new product type designs, including several revealed during the NAMM and ISE shows at the beginning of the year.

Four completely new active loudspeaker series offer compact columns, two-way point-source cabs, and vertical and horizontal compact line arrays, with designs offering significantly improved feature sets, utility and price to performance advantages, increasing the brand’s competitive edge in key market segments.

The Direct MX series column array is a highly versatile, 127 dB / 2000 W column array design, available in two system configurations; with the 6x 3” mid frequency / 1x high frequency 1” precision compression unit armed column array, respectively (and literally) coupled with a compact 10” and

Europe - d&b audiotechnik has released ArrayCalc 11.4. This latest version offers a significantly simplified interface function in conjunction with EASE 5, the electro-acoustic simulation software, providing users with a more efficient workflow for modelling sound systems and room acoustics.

For users such as acoustic planners, consulting offices and sound engineers, the link between ArrayCalc 11.4 and EASE 5 simplifies the workflow significantly. The previous process, considered time-consuming and error-prone, will now give way to a smoother experience, reducing stress and increasing productivity. Complex and tedious projects are made easier to complete, and the latest features reduce the burden of manual tasks, allowing users to focus more on creativity and precision.

"Users can now export the XLD file format with an extended set of information

UK - Display and video specialist PSCo has added Epson’s smallest and lightest 4K 20,000 lumens projector to its rental fleet.

Building on the success of the PU series, the EB-PQ2220B projector is described as ‘the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 20,000 lumens projector’ and is packed with Epson’s technologies while using the same 4K quality interchangeable range of lenses as the existing EB-PU series.

The ultra-lightweight, compact high-lumens projector offers easy installation and set-up, simplified maintenance, and stunning image quality that is ideal for use in large auditoriums, live events, concerts, and conference rooms. Furthermore, its small size and weight means a reduction in waste from packaging and lower costs for transport, storage, and installation.

Tom Allott, rental manager at PSCo, said: “The PQ series builds on

UK - EM Acoustics will return to the Royal Armouries this month for the 2024 edition of PLASA Focus in Leeds. Following a very busy 12 months which included the launch of the R5, a return to the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury and the ongoing expansion of its manufacturing facility, the EM Acoustics management team heads to the northern edition of the UK’s largest entertainment technology show with lots to share.

Visitors to PLASA Leeds can expect to see some of the familiar favourites in the EM Acoustics range plus the Reference Series, including the new R5.

“The R5 has proved to be an extremely popular product; an instant classic, in fact,” explains Greg Clarke, EM Acoustics’ brand manager. “Following a highly successful ISE, we’re focused on expanding our production capacity to meet growing demand and are continuing our R&D efforts t

USA - AtlasIED is introducing several new Dante-enabled products as part of AtlasIED’s Atmosphere audio processing and control platform. The company will showcase the new line of products at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas (12-14 June).

Based on the Brooklyn 3 Dante audio processing module, the new Dante-enabled DSPs offer 16 x 16 channels of Dante digital audio. Users can create sources and zones using Dante network I/O, and any input - analogue or Atmosphere accessory - can be distributed via Dante for maximum flexibility. All Dante settings can be configured and monitored through the Atmosphere GUI.

“Dante and the AtlasIED Atmosphere platform have a shared mission of providing the utmost level of reliability and flexibility to its users,” said Joshua Rush, chief marketing officer at Audinate. “Simplifying the process from start to finish for ou

UK - Midas Consoles has announced the launch of the V2.0.0 Firmware update for the flagship HD96-24 console, which is now available to download for free via MIDAS mCloud. V2.0.0 offers a range of enhancements designed ‘to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow for audio professional and streamline the creative process’.

Among these features is the introduction of Macros, which allows users to automate repetitive tasks and create custom sequences of commands effortlessly. V2 also now allows users to seamlessly integrate with external hardware like Sennheiser EM6000. While the new Update Scenes function allows making absolute or relative changes to send levels in many scenes at once (quickly and simply). The addition of ‘Two Way Flip’ also allows the user to select an input channel and control its contribution level to all output channels via the displ

Saudi Arabia - Powersoft is participating in the upcoming Saudi Light and Sound (SLS) and Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expos, taking place this week (7-9 May) at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Centre.

At the SLS Expo, Saudi Arabia’s first dedicated pro-AVL trade show, Powersoft will be represented by its local distributors, aDawliah Electronic Appliances and PRO LAB. On both stands, visitors can experience firsthand the capabilities of the Unica amplifier platform and the complementary MyUniverso cloud platform, with demonstrations provided by the Powersoft team.

At the sister SEA Expo, Ferco Seating Systems will demonstrate the power of Powersoft's haptic transducer, Mover. On the Ferco stand, Mover will be seamlessly integrated into one of Ferco's cinema chairs, giving attendees the chance to sample the technology in a im

UK - British pro audio manufacturer Wharfedale Pro will be returning to the Royal Armouries this May for PLASA Focus Leeds. The Wharfedale Pro team will be on hand to introduce visitors to all the latest products in the brand's ever-growing portfolio, as well as supporting business partners with upcoming projects.

“PLASA focus Leeds is always a great opportunity to connect with our UK market outside of London,” says Peter Peck, marketing manager at Wharfedale Pro. “We’ll be sharing a cross-section of our product portfolio on the booth with a focus on our updated DP series amplifiers with FIR filters, a range of installation loudspeakers and our flagship WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature array system.”

The continued development of Wharfedale Pro’s DP series amplifiers, including the DP-F, DP-i and DP-N models is aimed at addressing key market feature

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