Germany - LD Systems has launched a new product range specifically for the installation market. The TICA series offers compact solutions for any size project that are flexible, easy to install and packed with features that deliver better sound and control, says the company.
The series includes everything from media streaming and mixing preamplifiers to a range of amps with different channel and power outputs. There are also Dante networked audio interfaces, transformers, headphone amplifiers and control interfaces.
Installers can build entire systems using workhorse products from the series, or alternatively, the TICA series can be integrated into an existing installation providing additional connections or zones. They’re small, functional, single purpose products that are accessible and extremely easy to install.
“Our DIO Dante interfaces have expanded our

USA - As of 1 November 2023, Gobbler Media has confirmed on their website they are no longer trading and have closed their subscription marketplace immediately, terminating support for all Slate Digital and Solid State Logic subscriptions.
In response, Audiotonix companies Solid State Logic and Slate Digital have launched a migration programme to allow Gobbler users to transfer their existing accounts to their new shared subscription platform, which will guarantee continued access to their favourite subscription and ongoing new plug-ins.
Slate Digital Gobbler subscribers can find all the details on their website via the migration landing page.
James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix states: “Unfortunately, we have been aware of Gobbler’s situation this past week and our first reaction has been to take care of our existing Gobbler subscriber customers and make sure t

Europe - HOF will reduce the prices for standard truss by up to 15% as of 1 November 2023. This affects the truss systems HOFKON and HOFFORK (with the exception of the MLT series). The prices of the HOFKON 290-4 series in black will also be reduced by up to 15%.
This price reduction is a reaction to the current easing on the procurement market for raw aluminium. Both the HOFKON 290-4 series and the HOFKON 290-4 Black series are currently available from stock.
Dennis Klostermann, Co-CEO at HOF, says: "The last few years have been challenging for all of us in the industry due to the pandemic and the associated supply chain issues. We are very pleased that the current market situation allows us to pass on the more favourable procurement prices for raw material to our partners. We look forward to a continued successful collaboration."

USA - ADJ is preparing to showcase a variety of entertainment lighting fixtures, LED video solutions, and atmospheric effect generators at the IAAPA Expo (Booth #475), an event for professionals from the attractions industry. The company’s booth will feature a variety of products suitable for the attractions industry, including both regular and IP65-rated automated luminaires, static lighting solutions, LED video panels and a high-output professional snow machine.
IAAPA is the Global Association for the Attractions Industry and its annual Expo attracts thousands of visitors from across the United States and around the world. Hosted in Orlando, FL - the undisputed theme park capital of the world - the event attracts professionals from the full gamut of attraction-based businesses, including amusement and theme parks, hotels and resorts, water parks, family entertainment cen

UK - Vivitek has announced the DU7000 series of large venue projectors. The series comprises the DU7099Z, DU7199Z and DU7299Z, each offering varying levels of brightness. The DU7000 Series is capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 30,000 hours with stable and constant brightness and has an IP6X sealed engine design. This makes the series suited to large venues - such as auditoriums, lecture halls and sports arenas - as well as the rental and staging markets.
Through the deployment of Vivitek’s latest laser technology, the DU7000 Series provides high brightness of up to 9,600lm, high 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and features great colour uniformity with vivid colour technology. The new projectors also mark a shift away from manual lenses, with support for up to nine motorised lenses, including a new short throw lens 0.47-0.50 up to 5.3-8.20 for tight installation sp

USA - Following the announcement from earlier this month that it has joined forces with industry pioneer DiGiCo, Fourier Audio is releasing the transform.engine, previously known as codename Project Core.
Housed in a 2U touring-grade chassis with dual redundant power supplies, the new transform.engine is a Dante-connected server designed to run all VST3-native software plugins in a live environment, bringing premium studio software to live sound and broadcast applications. Fully compatible with any VST3 plugin that can run on Windows, the new device gives engineers and creatives access to the very best studio-grade processing on a robust platform that is specifically designed for the rigors and complexities of live productions.
Designed as a turnkey solution for plugin hosting, the transform.engine is easily controlled by a remote Windows or macOS client application,

USA - Eventide Audio is introducing immersive audio versions of two distinctly Eventide plug-ins: Blackhole Immersive and Micropitch Immersive. Debuted during the AES NY 2023 Convention this week, the two plug-ins are designed from the ground up for surround and immersive workflows, including Dolby Atmos.
Blackhole Immersive expands the signature sound of the stereo version of Eventide’s reverb across an entire immersive mix. Eventide’s MicroPitch panned pitch and delay effect is relied upon by legions of engineers for the creation of beautiful and wide stereo soundfields. Now, with MicroPitch Immersive, the proven power of strategically decorrelated sound is pushed into three dimensions.
The clean and intuitive interface of the Eventide Immersive plug-ins seamlessly fits into production, whether the project is mixing music, post-production for film, or sound desi

China - ROE Visual has introduced the Vanish ST Series, an outdoor LED panel designed to excel in high-utilisation scenarios, to the European and UK markets.
The Vanish ST Series is designed to provide ‘exceptional value for touring, festival and outdoor live events’ needs’.
The VST Series is available in a solid panel, measuring 1000x1000mm, and comes in pixel pitches of 4mm (V4ST) and 6mm (V6ST), providing the brightness necessary for outdoor use, ensuring visuals capture attention in any environment. The Vanish ST has built-in curving blocks, allowing the frame to curve 10 degrees in a convex or concave configuration.
The Vanish ST will be showcased at the JTSE exhibition, held in Paris on 29-30 November.

Europe - The dnp Supernova range of ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens will now transition to Visual Displays Ltd (VDL), ensuring the brand continues its legacy as VDL Supernova ALR.
Originating in Denmark, the Supernova screens have been manufactured by dnp denmark A/S for many years, under the umbrella of Dai Nippon Printing of Japan. However, with the recent surge in the electric vehicle market, strategies are shifting. As a result, dnp announced that the Supernova range would cease shipment by the end of June 2024.
VDL and its founder, Greg Jeffreys, have long-standing ties with dnp, tracing back to the 1990s. Jeffreys initially offered consultancy to dnp as they forayed into the proAV rear projection screen market. This partnership later evolved, with Jeffreys' company, Paradigm, becoming dnp's exclusive UK distributor, before ultimately transitioning into VDL

USA - Reaffirming its commitment to the success of its integration partners and end-users in international markets, LEA Professional today announced the extension of its international warranty from three to five years on products purchased after October 1, 2023. The move underscores LEA Professional’s confidence in the design and build quality of its amplifiers and provides international customers with strong assurance of LEA Professional’s customer-centric intentions.
Commenting on the extension, Jeremy Bules, LEA Professional vice-president of engineering, notes: “As others cost-engineer, strip out features, and roll back warranties, we believe in our amplifiers and are confident that a five-year warranty is what our customers seek and deserve. As such we’re extending the warranty and we’ll continue working with our international partners to evolve our products a

USA - Offering increased thickness and weight capacities, ADJ has upgraded the selection of safety cables available as part of its Accu-Cable range. With a focus on strength, reliability, and value, the new safety cables are designed to offer ‘complete peace of mind for all professional lighting and production applications’. The TÜV approved range features three different weigh loading options, which all share the same robust and practical design.
Safety cables are an essential component of any entertainment technology installation, which ensure protection for equipment and personnel. They are used to add an extra layer of security when equipment - such as lighting fixtures, atmospheric generators, and speakers - are rigged at height. A safety cable will ensure that a piece of equipment will not fall to the ground - causing damage and potentially injury - should its pri

USA - At the AES Show in New York (25-27 October) at the Javits Center, Focusrite (booth 926) will be showcasing its range of audio solutions for professional audio engineers, musicians, podcasters and broadcasters.
The newly launched Scarlett 4th Gen range of audio interfaces will be available for hands-on exploration. Focusrite’s audio specialists will guide visitors through the new features of the Scarlett Solo, 2i2, and 4i4 4th Gen, like Auto Gain, Clip Safe, and the updated Air mode that brings studio console magic to users’ fingertips. With over 6.5m units sold worldwide, Scarlett is the best-selling interface range in history.
Focusrite’s Red range offers digital conversion, remote-controlled mic pres, and built-in monitor controls. These interfaces have earned their reputation as the ‘go-to’ solution for the highest level of audio quality. Don’t mis

Hungary - Lightware Visual Engineering has announced the launch of Taurus UCX HC40, a video switcher designed with AV integrators in mind.
Taurus UCX HC40 simplifies 4K video, audio, and control signal transmission, while providing power over a single USB-C connection. As with the previous UCX devices, Taurus UCX HC40 makes AV setups cleaner and more efficient, by reducing the use of cables and connectors, says Lightware. Additionally, with data speeds of up to 5 Gbps thanks to USB 3.1 Gen1, it ensures high-quality and ultralow-latency of video and audio.
The new Taurus variant brings an improved USB Hub, providing faster connections and enhanced compatibility with non-compliant USB devices and extenders. It also includes a front live LED for easy status monitoring and the ability to configure internal pull-up/pull-down for Room Occupancy (OCS); more flash storage spa

USA/UK - Console manufacturer and software developer Harrison Audio has announced the debut of its 32Classic Mixing Console, a 32-channel in-line/split-recording console.
Featuring an analogue tone, flexible workflows and hybrid studio functionality, the 32Classic is a 'purist' console with modern, premium features. Harrison Audio is now a part of Solid State Logic following its acquisition in April 2023. The new 32Classic is designed and engineered by Harrison Audio in Nashville, Tennessee, and manufactured in Oxford, England.
With a hybrid modular design and premium componentry throughout, the 32Classic is able to accommodate a variety of ‘traditional’ and modern ‘hybrid’ workflows. Its 32 mono mic/line channels, classic 32C four-band parametric EQ with variable high-pass and low-pass filters and other built-in modern features - such as 64 channels of high-

Europe - Harman Professional Solutions has announced JBL Professional’s introduction of the JBL IRX One all-in-one column PA. Featuring an advanced acoustic package, three-channel mixer and Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming; IRX One is an easy-to-use system that’s road-tested and can be carried with one hand.
IRX One incorporates concert line array-inspired directivity control, resulting in a custom-tuned, C-shaped array. Equipped with six 2" high-frequency drivers, the array delivers exceptional clarity, a wide sweet spot, and seamless front-to-back coverage. Additionally, the 8" woofer employs a bass-reflex design, ensuring accurate low-frequency response down to 40 Hz.
Designed to cater to a diverse range of users, IRX One includes a convenient three-channel mixer with support for the most popular connection types as well as integrated iconic dbx automatic feedback

UK - As part of its quest to simplify the world of commercial audio for integrators and end-users alike, Optimal Audio continues to evolve its ecosystem, and the latest developments see updates to its WebApp and SmartAmp firmware.
WebApp unlocks the technology and capability behind Optimal Audio’s Zone series, providing the foundation to deliver efficient, high-quality multi-zoned commercial sound systems. Compatible with any device, WebApp makes system set-up straightforward and once completed, the venue staff can then be presented with a simple user interface which allows them to easily operate the system.
WebApp 1.2 sees a number of additions designed to make system configuration more powerful, including the ability to add system settings or preferences to a timed routine, allowing end-users in busy settings to remain focused on their work, rather than making adju

USA - Sennheiser Group (Demo Room 3D03) will be hosting an exclusive series of immersive presentations from Grammy-award winning audio engineers and producers during the 155th AES NY Convention, taking place from 25-27 October at the Javits Centre in New York City.
The demo room will also feature a comprehensive line-up of end-to-end immersive recording and mixing solutions, with hands-on microphone testing available to visitors.
Highlights on display from Neumann.Berlin will include the KH line of monitors, including the recently released KH 120 II, the NDH 30 open-back headphones, and the company’s groundbreaking MT 48 Interface. With this, Merging Technologies will exhibit the Hapi and Anubis interfaces and Dear Reality its suite of spatial audio production plugins including dearVR PRO, dearVR MONITOR and dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT to enable monitoring, mixing and a

USA - The all-in-one KL Spot IP is a radiant and rugged static luminaire that can also function as an LED Profile by adding the optional motorised framing module, creating a lighting fixture that's both handily adaptable and primed to set your creative spirit on fire. Additionally, its IP65 rating means it is suited to both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Elation has embarked on a journey toward simplifying automated static lighting with the KL Spot IP, a venture that began with its companion, the KL Profile FC. The days of being boxed in by limited options are over, says the company. Need to relocate fixtures on the fly? With an integrated zoom lens spanning from 7° to 50°, you can place the KL Spot IP anywhere and still capture the perfect beam size - no extra lens tubes required. This translates to reduced costs, streamlined setups, and unprecedented flexibility for every pe

Germany - With the Fineo series, HK Audio is offering a new, wide-ranging product family for professional indoor fixed installations - with extensive accessories, easy integration and sound quality.
Together with installation professionals with many years of experience, HK Audio has developed the Fineo series based on these specifications and by incorporating many customer requests to cater for professional installations in music clubs, theatres and karaoke bars, conference environments, houses of worship, event catering, community centres and auditoriums.
Especially for use in sports venues and multifunctional halls, all loudspeakers of the Fineo series are certified ball impact-proof to meet the strict requirements of the German standard for sports facilities (DIN 18032-3). Due to its high performance and high-class sound, FINEO is also suited for immersive audio, mu

Denmark - DPA Microphones has launched its new 2017 Shotgun Microphone. Designed to capture authentic sound with high directivity, clarity and consistency, the 2017 excels in challenging broadcast scenarios, says the company. With its durable design and ability to withstand any environment or extreme application, DPA’s newest solution is designed for broadcast and live events, from traditional news and sports to location sound or musical performances.
“In an industry with a variety of shotgun microphones, we built the 2017 to stand out from the crowd,” says Helga Volha Somava, product management director, DPA Microphones. “Measuring just 184mm (7.24”) in length, the 2017 is more compact than many popular solutions and still offers impressive technological features. From its durable construction and ease of use to its leading acoustical properties, the 2017 can capt

Europe - Audio-Technica’s BP3600 immersive audio microphone is now supported in the recently-released version of Flux:: Immersive’s SPAT Revolution software (version 23.08), allowing for the capture and mixing of a truly three dimensional audio image.
The microphone has eight compact capsule assemblies with excellent high-frequency characteristics integrated into the body, while remaining compact and lightweight enough for single-operator usability and easy setup. This practical broadcasting solution captures realistic sound that will bring the recording location directly to listeners without the need for extensive equipment, says A-T.
The BP3600’s eight microphone modules extend from the body to form a cube with 15cm between each microphone assembly. Each microphone assembly in the eight-channel near-coincident array is equipped with a 12mm hypercardioid capsule

UK - Ayrton has announced the launch of its new WildSun K9 Wash, the latest fixture in its Multisources 9 Series.
WildSun K9 Wash is particularly suitable for television, sporting events, fashion shows, car shows, or any prestigious events requiring powerful, high-quality light and perfectly rendered colour.
WildSun K9 Wash is a highly evolved variant of Ayrton’s WildSun K25 TC, specially geared to shooting TV video and broadcasting in high-definition. With a brand new sleek design and a visual footprint 20% smaller than its predecessor, WildSun K9 Wash’s weight has been drastically reduced by 25%, allowing for better integration.
This unique LED luminaire measures up to the classic Fresnel HMI 4000 lights in terms of pure output. Fitted with 217 next-generation high-output LEDs, the luminaire delivers more than 60,000 lumens of overall output with 40% les

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced the SM12 Stage Monitor. Inspired by the renowned Microwedge acoustic design, SM12 is the latest addition to EAW’s catalogue of stage monitors.
SM12 is a two-way passive loudspeaker that can be used as a stage monitor or fill speaker. A concentric driver attached to a CSA wave guide provides even coverage throughout the 90° x 60° pattern. A large ground coupled port extends low frequency response down to 60Hz from the 12” woofer mounted in the low-profile wooden enclosure.
When utilising the available mounting pattern, SM12 can be used on a flat surface with two cabinet orientations or mounted on a third-party pole. An integrated kickstand offers additional positioning options when used as a stage or floor monitor.
"Stage space is at a premium and artists have high expectations,” says TJ Smith, president,

The Netherlands - Lighting controller manufacturer Visual Productions has announced it has joined the Q-SYS Technology Partner Programme. This programme enables software and hardware technology partners to create market-ready solutions that integrate seamlessly with Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform.
As part of the programme, Visual Productions has worked closely with Q-SYS, who has fully vetted and endorsed the following plugin integration with a Q-SYS Ready badge (developed by Visual Productions and verified by Q-SYS).
The CueCore2 is a compact form-factor lighting controller for semi-permanent installations and architectural lighting. Designed for non-stop operation, the CueCore2 has no moving parts; the unit is completely solid-state and achieves a remarkable level of reliability that allows lighting engineers to ‘fit and forget’. Althou

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