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Hayden Launches Rane DA 26 Amp
Wednesday, 27 June 2001

Hayden Laboratories Ltd, exclusive UK distributor for Rane products, has launched the Rane DA 26 distribution amplifier - a neat 1U splitter/mixer device providing a one-box solution for all installers of paging and background music systems.

The Rane DA 26 provides a paging preamplifier, dynamics processor, crossover, distribution amplifier and remote-level-control in one unit. It can serve up to six zones, routing a mono Program Source and a Priority Page Source. The program source is processed by an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit with adjustable target level, ratio and attack/decay. The Priority/Page Input features automatic signal detection and remote zone assignment. Automatic program attenuation with a range of 0dB to -80dB allows mic/line mixing, talk-over or Priority-Replaces-Program operation.

Each of the six outputs can distribute full range, high pass or low pass programme music - ideal for situations where one zone might need mid/high and bass frequencies only, while others require the full range of the speakers to be active. The DA 26 is particularly suited to applications utilizing smaller speakers - which often require bass enhancement - achieved either by adding bass to the full range response or by using a true bi-amp system. The amp has an inbuilt 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley crossover that supports both of these bass enhancement schemes, allowing each of its outputs to route full-range, high-pass or low-pass program material as required. Hard-wired remote level controls allow independent control of music amplitude in each zone, with automatic l

Blackout Triple E Launch Modular Track Control System
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

For the 10th year, drape, track and rigging specialist Blackout Triple E will be exhibiting at PLASA.

This year the company will be launching a modular curtain track control system with DMX protocol. The 19-inch rack-based system will control the entire range of Blackout Triple E systems and will feature DMX interface as standard to enable track systems to be integrated into a lighting and movement package. Also on display on the Blackout Triple E stand will be a variety of track, drapes, starcloths and automation equipment, as well as acoustic blind systems.

Blackout Triple E was formed when two market leaders merged in 2000 to provide the entertainment, architectural, presentation and event industries with a range of solutions for drape, track and engineering requirements. Offering a combination of specialized drape creation with an expertise in tracks, Blackout Triple E's experience stretches from opera houses and cruise ships to MTV Awards and rock 'n' roll tours.

Blackout Triple E - Stand F20 Projector from Projector from Coe-Tech
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

Coe-tech Ltd is now stocking the projector system - the latest product from Italian company Travel Show, for which Coe-tech is exclusive UK distributor. The is suited to a wide range of applications including retail/point-of-sale, museums, attractions, bars, restaurants and club.

The system comprises two small projectors: the PR 5.2 is an effects projector using 200W or a 250W HSD light source whilst the 3.1 utilizes a 250W 24V halogen lightsource. The PR 5.2 is a versatile multi-functional device, offering bright, sharp images up to 10 metres from the source. A variety of effects are available to fit on the front of the projectors. Two metal prongs extrude from the lightsource and support the lens system, plus a large range of motorized or fixed accessories and effects. The effects mechanism is designed specifically to offer very quick and simple access for changing effects.

A third projector - the PR.Compact - is a 35 mm slide projector or 55 mm gobo projector which utilises a 50W/12V light source. This is designed for areas where high light output is not necessary. There is also a wide range of effects and accessories available. Included are simple devices like iris, manual dimming shutters, a manual mirror diversion tool, variable angle rotating mirror and bifocal and wide angle lenses. More complex effects include an oscillating mirror, a multi mirror tool, a shaping ‘sash’ window barn door effect, rotating gobos, six colour-changer, timed colour changer with six dichroic colours, gobo modifier with timer and fluid (liquid) effects.

Gemini Range of FoggersGemini Range of Foggers
Tuesday, 26 June 2001

Gemini’s lighting division has launched a number of new fog machines. The FG-5200 is a low profile, lightweight professional fogger built around a large, internal 1.5 quart fluid tank. Boasting a high output pump providing 10,000 cubic feet per minute, the FG-5200 also has a 1200W heat exchanger for denser fog. The unit incorporates a 32 foot remote control with magnetic backing, while the remote itself features both timer and duration controls. Also new are the FG-1200 and FG-2200 fog machines. While the FG-1200 boasts a high output pump offering 3000 cubic feet per minute, the FG-2200 will pump 4000 cubic feet in the same time. For denser fog, the FG-1200 has a 700W heat exchanger, while the FG-2200 has an 800W version. Both units have a 32 foot remote control with magnetic backing and a lower heating temperature as an added safety mechanism.

AVW in Control
Monday, 25 June 2001

Established in 1996, AVW Controls has a growing reputation for leading the way for affordable stage machinery automation, and this year is exhibiting at PLASA for the first time.

PLASA 2001 will see the launch of the company’s latest chain hoist controller. The six-way chain hoist controller is designed for Verlinde and CM Lodestar type hoists and can be used either in the usual way or controlled with AVW’s Impressario computer control system. AVW will also be promoting its Impressario motion control system, designed and built by AVW. In response to industry needs, Impressario offers sophisticated computerised automation for rigging and scenery, at a significantly lower price than anything else in its league. Developed primarily to control flying systems, Impressario suits any motor and is ideal for scenery changes and synchronising flying bars.

The console can be plugged in at multiple positions and operated by either one or a number of users to control the ‘maths’ of where and when to accelerate, and how quickly. Easy to both programme and use - users do not need to be technically minded - the beauty of Impressario is that, because it is not subject to third party considerations, unlike similar products in the industry it will not suddenly become obsolete.

AVW Controls - Stand N2

First Ever Digital Tourguide SystemFirst Ever Digital Tourguide System
Monday, 25 June 2001

GuidePort is a unique 'intelligent' visitor audio guide system from Sennheiser. It employs the very latest multiple-channel, digital wireless transmission technology to provide an almost limitless degree of functionality, in providing a soundtrack to any visitor attraction.

By the use of digital sound transmission techniques and cellular-based computer network control, a virtually unique visitor experience can be provided, incorporating multiple languages, any number of different levels of description - with separate soundtracks for children, adults, locals, tourists, experts or even individual visitor groups - each visitor experiencing a soundtrack specific to their chosen route through the attraction, automatically received as they approach each exhibit or enter an area of the attraction. Thus any number of 'different' tours can occur continuously and simultaneously.

Additionally multi-lingual film or video soundtrack can be effectively incorporated within the visitor tour at the relevant positions en route, as can announcements of relevant special events and presentations. If a personal guided tour is required, a handheld guide transmitter is available, with only those members of the particular tour group able to receive the guide's transmission. The versatility of the GuidePort system is also unique. Rearranging exhibits or assigning new audio to particular areas or exhibits is a simple procedure that can be achieved without either shutting down or altering in any way those parts of the exhibition that do not require to be affected. GuidePort also plays an active pa

Amptown Launch Transflex2
Monday, 25 June 2001

Amptown Cases is celebrating a staggering 10,000 sales worldwide of its versatile Transflex road trunk system by launching Transflex2, offered in a standard range of four lengths and two widths (1/4 and 1/3 truck packs). As part of the launch, Amptown is offering the first 598 customers over 20% discount.

The Transflex2 has been updated to allow even greater flexibility. The movable partition systems have been redesigned to allow them to be positioned at 25mm centres, and are available in two heights, one which fits the full height of the case and a shorter version, designed to fit under any trays that are used. The Transflex2 trays themselves are self-supporting and can now be firmly located anywhere along the length of the case - they can also be fitted in multiples. Existing users of Transflex will be pleased to learn that all components of the new Transflex2 are compatible with the original version.

Mackie Fussion Wins UK Nightclub Award
Friday, 22 June 2001

At the 10th annual British Entertainment & Discotheque Association Awards, held in Birmingham, the Mackie Fussion System walked off with the top award of the evening when it was voted Product of the Year 2001.

The BEDA/Miller awards are voted upon by members of the association and a panel of judges. The judges had the following to say about the system. "Mackie's high-output active speaker system has made a major impact in late night venues across the UK. Combining high precision transducers with application specific amplifier technology, the system is capable of generating extreme output levels with incredibly low distortion levels. Its in-built amplification allows for ease of installation and minimal signal loss."

Philips Compact Discussion System
Thursday, 21 June 2001

The new CCS 800 compact discussion system from Philips CSI provides an easy and affordable way to improve the management of meetings and conferences. It also comes with an extra incentive - a free delegate unit for every 10 delegate/chairman units purchased.

The CCS 800 is suited to small to medium-sized applications for up to 100 delegates. Each delegate unit comes complete with built-in microphone, loudspeaker and two headphone sockets with volume control. Optional units have an additional priority override button which cuts off all other speakers when pressed, allowing meetings to be managed more effectively. Other optional features include simultaneous translation facilities, remote participation by telephone and linking to a PA system for broadcasting proceedings to a larger audience. The CCS 800 interfaces easily with external equipment to extend its capabilities. For instance, a graphic equaliser can be added to match ambient acoustics, and a public address system used to broadcast proceedings to a larger audience. Additional microphones (wired or wireless) can be allocated to guest speakers or for audience participation, and proceedings can be recorded and played-back via a tape recorder. Remote delegates can also participate by telephone (or video conference) via a telephone coupler, and a background music source can be connected to create an atmosphere or fill in gaps. Interpretation and language distribution facilities can also be added when required.

DHA’s Fifteenth PLASA
Thursday, 21 June 2001

For the fifteenth year DHA Lighting will be exhibiting at PLASA.

PLASA will see the launch of DHA’s new YoYo+, ideal for revealing images and for creating effects such as sun rises, opening doors and windows, bouncing balls and floating balloons. Available in single and double versions, with the option of a gobo-changer on the double design, the YoYo+ was initially designed for the current production of My Fair Lady, in which it has been used to create a window effect on stage. Using ETC Source Fours, each with a distortion corrected glass window gobo with a net curtain, the YoYo+ gobo has a heavy curtain profile - when Higgins pulls a rope all four curtains 'open' to reveal the window patterns and the room floods with light.

Continuing on from last year’s success, DHA Lighting will be conducting lighting effects workshops in the Kensington Room on Wednesday 12 September. Also building on the success of last year’s event, DHA will also be hosting a PLASA party (invitation only) to celebrate its 30th birthday.

DHA Lighting - Stand F14

Smart Audio
Wednesday, 20 June 2001

Direct marketing company Smart Sound Direct, has introduced the latest in its line of ancillary equipment. The Chameleon CF8 mains distribution unit/high frequency filter is designed to sit quietly within any sound system fending off those inherent mains born nasties such as high frequency ‘spikes’ and ‘saw tooth wave’ beasties living within the power supplies. Using Chameleon evolved precision winding techniques, far more mains filtration is now possible than previously achieved for a unit of this size and weight. The compact close coupled design allows 1U rack models to be fitted with Neutrik 15 amp Powercon sockets feeding up to eight appliances, or alternatively a 2U design featuring six 13 amp outlets.

High End’s Austin Open House
Wednesday, 20 June 2001

The perfect time to show off High End Systems' hottest products is during the hottest time of the year in Texas. During July 11-12, High End Systems is inviting all interested parties to see the latest new offerings at its Lone Star headquarters in Austin. From 3-6 pm on both days, visitors can chill out with the High End team with cold beverages and hors d'oeuvres while watching demos of x.Spot, EC-2, Handshake, Indy 575, Color Pro and Studio Beam. The office is located at 2217 West Braker Lane, Austin, Texas 78758. Anybody wishing to attend should call the special reservations hotline at +1 877-468-1693.

grandMA ultra-light
Tuesday, 19 June 2001

MA Lighting has extended its product range with another innovative new console, the grandMA ultra-light, which neatly plugs gap between grandMA light and the well-known Scancommander.

The compact desk offers 1024 control channnels (two DMX lines) and most of the software and programming features of the grandMA light. It uses the same future-oriented grandMA software and is therefore compatible with other show files. The console features a full-color TFT touchscreen, 10 manual executor faders, 10 executor buttons, four encoders and a single multi-functional trackball (for mouse and wheel-operation). It has Ethernet, MIDI and timecode, together with a floppy and a built-in hard-disk. Two control desks (also in combination with other grandMA range controllers) can be linked for full tracking back-up or playback tracking in order to increase the channel count. In comparison to grandMA light, the ultra-light version comes without a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) and cannot be upgraded to more control channels.

MA Lighting - Stand J12

Drawmer Shows-off New Six-Pack
Tuesday, 19 June 2001

Drawmer has introduced the six-pack - a 3U, six channel multi-dynamics processor which features comprehensive universal linking technology designed specifically for surround-sound application. The unit can be configured so that any combination of channels can be linked to track each other's levels preventing image shift. For example, front left/right and rear left/right can be configured as two stereo pairs with individual channel control over both centre and sub-bass (LFE). Channel six offers the option of a switchable 120Hz low-pass filter in order that a sub-bass (LFE) channel may be derived from a five channel surround mix. Each channel comprises a soft knee compressor with switchable Auto or Manual Attack and Release, a variable threshold limiter and a 'Programme Adaptive' Expander/Gate with a variable release time of up to five seconds to retain reverberation tails where necessary. LEDs show link status and comprehensive bargraph metering displays all dynamic functions.

Innovative Design from Electro-VoiceInnovative Design from Electro-Voice
Monday, 18 June 2001

EVID is a brand new range of loudspeakers from Electro-Voice, designed specifically for installations such as bars, restaurants, hotels, leisure and retail complexes. Designed with versatility in mind, these ellipsoid cabinets offer over 100º of swing and 45º of rotation, which combined with the flexible Strong-Arm-Mount (SAM) system, enables installers to cope with even the most challenging of spaces. EVID is available in three models, plus a subwoofer, and is also designed to integrate with the EP Series ceiling speakers should further choice be required. The baby of the range is the compact 3.2 full range followed by the 4.2 compact full-range loudspeaker system. The largest and most powerful EVID enclosure is the 6.2 extended range high output loudspeaker system, although at only 16.5" high it is still amazingly compact for what it can produce. With dual 6" woofers and a 1" titanium tweeter, the 6.2 is best suited for larger areas that demand higher SPL levels such as shopping malls, airports and stadia etc. Any of the three models may be combined with the 12.1 dual input sub for system enhancement. The systems are available in the UK from Shuttlesound from July onwards.

Neumann Improves on a Classic
Wednesday, 13 June 2001

The most modern build materials and manufacturing techniques have been employed by Georg Neumann to create the M 150 Tube, a microphone that uniquely exploits the heritage of a revered classic design, while exhibiting a performance capability at the very limits of modern acoustic and electronic engineering. The instantly recognisable head-grille recalls the famous M 50 from which the M 150 derives its distinctive acoustic characteristics and operating principle. First introduced some 50 years ago, the M 50's clarity and realism earned it a repuation as an orchestral microphone of choice, most notably in the DECCA tree configuration.

The omnidirectional, pressure gradient transducer provides excellent transient response and low frequency reproduction. By mounting the surface of the diaphragm flush to a small (40mm) sphere, the capsule acts as a pure omnipressure transducer at the lowest frequencies, delivering a perfectly circular polar pattern. This pattern narrows increasingly through the mid and upper frequency ranges, forming a unique directional characteristic, ideal for natural stereo recording, or indeed, 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel techniques.

This same operating principle is retained in the M 150, but Neumann's engineers have undertaken ground-breaking work on the use of high grade titanium in capsule design which has resulted in the development of a very thin 12mm diameter diaphragm, producing greatly improved response characteristics. The M 150 employs the same sophisticated power supply and transformerless output circuitry as the award-winning M 149 Tube, impr

CDJ-1000 Digital Deck
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

Pioneer GB Ltd is set to chnage both the art and technique of mixing with the introduction of the CDJ-1000.

The futuristically designed CDJ-1000 is based on Pioneer’s groundbreaking CDJ footprint and defines a new generation of professional DJs looking to push their mixing skills to the limit and harness the freedom and flexibility of digital technology. The CDJ-1000 is packed with a range of innovative new features such as - Vinyl Emulation, WAVE Display, MMC and Loop In and Out Adjust. With its design rooted in CD and sampling technology, the CDJ-1000 is modelled on a traditional Vinyl Deck. A touch-sensitive Jog Dial, designed to emulate the characteristics of a turntable, allows DJs to treat CDs exactly the same way as they would a vinyl record: cueing, pitch-bending, back-spinning and even scratching.

The CDJ-1000 has an ingenious WAVE display, which reads every track on the CD and displays the corresponding sound level in a graphical format. There is also a Zoom facility, that allows the DJ to scroll along the Wave display to obtain even greater information. Uniquely, the CDJ-1000 incorporates removable memory technology - MMC (MultiMediaCard) - allowing the DJ to store favourite cue and loop points, as well as all the track WAVE data from the CD.

Other features include an instant reverse activated by the flick of a switch with no loss of tempo or pitch. Three Hot Cue buttons that can be used to memorise cue points on different CD tracks and then instantly recalled at any time during a mix - this can also be used like a sampler to jump to vocals, stabs or

Optex Launches Auraflash
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

UK-based video, film and broadcast group, OpTex, has launched the Auraflash softlight range at a number of venues around Europe including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. A sister product to the award-winning Aurasoft, the only luminaire to have received the accolades of both an Academy and an Emmy Award for lighting technology, Auraflash is available as a dedicated softlight with an integrated 700mm reflector, as well as in specific lampheads to fit existing Aurasoft 600 and 800 housings.

Both the dedicated Auraflash 700 softlight and the Auraflash 600 and 800 lampheads are compatible with most popular flash generator packs, including Elinchrom, Bowens, Broncolor, Balcar, Profoto, Hensel, Multiblitz, Systems Imaging, Norman and Speedotron via an interchangeable pack-to-head cable. All models feature a purpose-built, fan-cooled 3000Ws flash head with 650W modelling lamp.

Logic System Adds to Product Range
Friday, 8 June 2001

Logic System Pro Audio will be launching several new products at this year’s PLASA exhibition.

The increasingly popular IS Series of dedicated installation products will be extended with the addition of two new products. IS7 has been designed as a reaction to customer requests for an ultra small cabinet with an exceptionally high SPL and clear, clean sound quality. Whilst the IS7 is no larger in size than the existing IS6, it will offer increased power handling and sensitivity at 100W and 94dB 1W/1m respectively. Further to the success of the IS26 bass cabinet, the IS23 is a 1 x 12", 300W low profile sub bass unit which at only 300mm in height has been designed to fit neatly under bars and seating areas.

The existing LS Series of product will also benefit from two new additions. Both LS7 and LS12 are aimed at theatre and AV applications where sonic excellence combined with defined coverage and compact dimensions are required. LS7 combines a 6.5" cone driver with a 1" compression driver and offers power handling of 100W and sensitivity of 94dB. LS12 combines a 12" cone driver with a 2" compression driver and offers power handling of 400W and sensitivity of 98dB. Both these products have rotating horn flares to allow both vertical and horizontal mounting.

Logic System Pro Audio - Stand J20

Fuzion Takes on WORKS
Friday, 8 June 2001

UK distributor Fuzion has announced the addition of a new brand to its portfolio. WORKS is a brand of loudspeakers and signal processing equipment from Spanish company Equipson, based in Valencia, specifically aimed at the pub/club and bar/restaurant market. According to Fuzion sales director Paul Ward, Fuzion has been looking for a product to address this area of the market for some time. "We are recognised for supplying high quality, high end equipment and for being a company that provides solutions for its customers, but we are aware of certain gaps in our product portfolio which have inhibited us from being able to supply complete systems to certain market areas. In loudspeaker terms we have not been able to offer customers anything below a Nexo PS-8, even though we have a thriving amplifier business in the bar/pub/club sector with certain ranges from Crown. Having WORKS on board means that we can at last offer customers a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, reliable solution for the mid-range market as part of a complete package."

Fuzion has also announced the appointment of Linton Smeeton, well-known from his previous role at RCF UK, to head up sales of the WORKS line (see today’s People News).

LCS Takes Centre StageLCS Takes Centre Stage
Friday, 8 June 2001

The Berkeley Repertory Theater in Berkeley, California, has chosen a Level Control Systems (LCS) CueConsole at front-of-house to control three remotely-located LCS Matrix3 LX-300 audio engines in its new, state-of-the-art ‘Theater Next Door’. This 600-seat proscenium theatre complements the existing 400-seat thrust stage. Theatrical consultants Auerbach + Associates managed the overall design. The theater purchased a 40-by-32 CueConsole with a Transporter module, an Editor Module, two Faders modules, and three Meters+ modules. The Transporter module features cue list control and master faders, the Editor module provides instant access to each channel's processing, automation, and assignments, each Faders module adds 16 motorized re-mappable faders, and each Meters+ module contributes 16 assignable meters and a variety of control over important functions.

Soundweb 9008 Expands Output Capacity
Friday, 8 June 2001

BSS Audio has released the Soundweb 9008 Networked Signal Processor - the latest device in the Soundweb family. Identical in functionality to a standard 9088ii device in terms of networking and DSP processing, the 9008 only has eight analogue outputs, and no inputs. This makes it a highly cost-effective way of designing systems that require a much larger ratio of outputs to inputs. A system now will typically use 9088ii's devices to provide the basic input and output capacity, with 9008 modules being added to provide further outputs. The release of the 9008 is accompanied by Soundweb Designer V1.22, which includes a number of new facilities and features. Auto On Line automatically loads a designated design file into Designer when the program is started, and then goes on-line to the network and loads data to the devices. Security facilities may be enabled to prevent unauthorized access. Secure Login/Logout allows users to log out and then into a design as a different user without closing and re-opening the design file. The Full Screen mode allows a map window to be enlarged to full screen, enabling the construction of larger control panels, with all the normal Designer menu items hidden from view. When used with the Auto On Line function above, designers can create secure systems that will automatically load control panels, which can be safely used on touch-screens, for example. A new DSP object, the Modulator, has been added, which has two inputs and a single output (the output being the product of the two inputs).

QSC to Debut CX SeriesQSC to Debut CX Series
Wednesday, 6 June 2001

QSC Audio will debut its new eight-channel CX-168 power amplifier at INFOCOMM in Las Vegas, June 13-15. The new CX-168 features eight channels rated at 90W per channel at 8 ohms and 130W per channel at 4 ohms in a compact 2U chassis. For added flexibility, each pair of channels may be bridged to deliver up to 260W at 8 ohms. The CX-168 includes contractor-specific features that are standard among QSC’s entire CX Series, including detachable Phoenix-style input connectors that enable the system to be pre-wired prior to rack mounting. Other features include 1-dB recessed and detented gain controls and a custom security cover for tamper-proof installations, user-selectable high-pass filters to reduce transformer saturation and protect speakers, and proportional response clip limiters that are independently defeatable. The CX-168 also features DataPort connectors, allowing each channel pair to be governed by QSControl, QSC’s audio networking system. This enables the system operator to control amplifier gain levels, check clipping and thermal status and monitor numerous additional system parameters.

Crest Audio Sets the BenchmarkCrest Audio Sets the Benchmark
Tuesday, 5 June 2001

Crest Audio has announced the latest introduction to its ‘Crest Performance’ products - the new CPX Series power amplifiers, available from exclusive UK distributors, Sound Department. Designed for mobile sound systems, fixed installations and a wide variety of audio applications, the CPX Series power amplifiers deliver superlative performance with Crest’s legendary reliability and sound quality. The CPX Series includes three models - the CPX900, CPX1500 and CPX2600. The CPX Series offers a comprehensive feature set that includes: built-in defeatable GCL clip limiting, low pass filters (18dB per octave at 80 Hz), and electronic crossovers with direct outputs. In addition, all CPX Series amplifiers feature extensive protection circuitry not previously found in amplifiers at this price point. These features include: GCL gain comparator (monitors input/output gain), thermal protection, DC Triac Crowbar (prevents DC in/out), and turn on/off muting. In addition, all CPX Series products utilise a unique (patent applied for) heatsink configuration which greatly enhances the cooling capabilities of these amplifiers. The CPX900 produces 450W per channel (20Hz to 20kHz) at 2 ohms (900 watts at 4 ohms, bridged mono), the CPX1500 produces 750W per channel (20Hz to 20kHz) at 2 ohms (1500 watts at 4 ohms, bridged mono), and the CPX2600 produces 1300W per channel (20Hz to 20kHz) at 2 ohms (2600 watts at 4 ohms, bridged mono). THD is less than 0.1% at rated power for all models.

The CPX Series amplifiers feature a built-in crossover (150 Hz, 24dB per octave tuned for su


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