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Limited Edition Mixer from Stanton
Wednesday, 16 May 2001

Stanton will introduce another world first this month when it begins shipping the SK-2F Limited Edition mixer. Available in the UK through exclusive distributors, Lamba plc, the SK-2F Limited Edition is an upgraded version of the SK-2F. Upgrades include the latest generation of the Focus fader (V2.0) which is a digital optical crossfader, and the OS2 optical scratch switch. The SK-2F is the first mixer to utilize this technology, which will enable DJs around the world to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with two turntables and a DJ mixer.

Improving on the original, and world’s first optical fader design, the Focus Fader V2 is truly curve-adjustable to accommodate any style of turntable artist. Fitted with an array of optical sensors, and microprocessor-controlled to eliminate the need for contacts or graphite material, V2 will outlast many standard graphite or conductive plastic faders on the market - which is why it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The OS2 also represents a Stanton innovation in its mechanical properties, since it is the first phono/line switch which features a fader as the user interface. This will allow the same hand/wrist movement to be executed when using the crossfader and OS2, which in turn translates into efficiency in scratching performance. The flat handle and soft slide action of the OS2 makes it easy to perform any existing techniques, including the Crab Scratch. The small travel and slide motion will be a positive tool in conditioning the hand/wrist movements to be more minute and precise.

Stanton’s Latest Turntable
Tuesday, 15 May 2001

Stanton has released the latest in its line of professional straight tone arm turntables. Available in the UK through exclusive distributors Lamba plc, the STR8-100 features Stanton¹s highest torque direct drive motor to date, as well as many features favoured by today’s professional DJs.

Like all the STR8 Series turntables, the STR8-100 comes with a straight tone arm, which virtually eliminates skipping. It features digital output (SP/DIF) which allows the DJ to plug the turntable into a computer and sample away. The Key Adjust (Master Tempo) keeps the pitch at zero, while the platter speed is changed using the pitch fader. There is also a Line Input Master, a built-in 3.5mm input jack allowing portable CD, MD or MP-3 to be plugged directly into the body of the turntable. Other features include in the STR8-100 include a reverse switch (allowing back-spinning), selectable pitch adjustment (up to ±25%), selectable speeds (33, 45, 78rpm), brushed aluminium chassis and aluminium platter, height adjustable tone arm and adjustable feet, blue LEDs and blue strobe indicator, target light and a free slip mat.

LT Series from Crest
Monday, 14 May 2001

Crest Audio’s new LT Series amplifiers, introduced into the UK by exclusive distributor, Sound Department, has been designed from the ground up, for use in fixed installations, club and mobile DJ work, AV rentals and MI/pro audio. The LT Series features Crest’s next generation Linear Power Supply combined with a Class D amplifier to deliver high output in an extremely compact package. The linear-toroid transformers are not as large or as heavy as traditional linear supplies since they are coupled with a new Class D output stage which is 93% efficient. The LT Series performs consistently during the most demanding situations, delivering immense power without sonic compromise. All LT Series amplifiers have a frequency response of 10 Hz-20 kHz with THD less than 0.05% at rated power. The full line up includes: LT1000 (500 w/ch @ 4 ohms); LT1500 (750 w/ch @ 4 ohms); LT2000 (1000 w/ch @ 4 ohms).

Adam Hall to Distribute Racklight in EuropeAdam Hall to Distribute Racklight in Europe
Monday, 14 May 2001

The Adam Hall group has announced its agreement with California-based RPM Optoelectronics to distribute RPM’s innovative new Racklight throughout Europe. Racklight represents a new dimension in glare-free directional focused lighting for rack cabinets. Technical advances incorporated in the ‘Racklight’ provide visually uniform, brilliant illumination unavailable in other products. The unique design of the UV-resistant acrylic light guide provides heat-free, concentrated light with no hot bulbs to handle or change, and is guaranteed for five years. Racklight illuminates one metre of rack space with cool, even light. Built with high quality materials around dependable solid state lighting, ‘Racklight’ is a safe and durable addition to any rack equipment, and is available in a variety of light source colours.

Empowerment on Display
Saturday, 12 May 2001

London-based Optimusic had an interesting demonstration of a potential application for their product at the Frankfurt ProLight & Sound exhibition in April.

Using just one of the company’s OptiBeam units (see L&SI January 2001), the demonstration featured a display window in a booth, in front of which a single light beam projected down onto a reflective floor-sticker. With the OptiBeam in reverse mode, anyone breaking this beam, intentionally or otherwise, triggers one of a pre-programmed sequence of cues, via MIDI.

Designed by Raymond Haeck of Optimusic’s Belgian distributor Demon, the display was a mock-up of a product showcase. The first cue activated the opaque grey LCD glass, revealing the product (a running shoe!) behind it; subsequent breaks of the beam started the product turning on a revolve, triggered a musical soundtrack, switched on a fan to create a backdrop of fluttering tinsel tassles, then changed the lighting states, and so on, before returning the display back to its original state. This was a simple, but effective, demonstration of how just one of these interactive light units can offer members of the public the power to alter their surroundings in retail, museums, themed attractions, leisure venues, and more.

Optimusic’s Mishka Klotz calls this ‘empowerment’ - placing the power in the hands of a usually passive audience. The levels of empowerment don’t stop there: up to 32 OptiBeam units can control up to 99 pre-programmed cues each - that’s a fair number of cues, just waiting to be created.

James Thomas Launches Image Plus for MR16
Friday, 11 May 2001

James Thomas Engineering, the company that has put the MR16 ‘Birdie’ lantern on the map, introduces the latest evolution for the Par 16 lantern - the Image Plus. Image Plus is a simple and cost-effective focussing device that attaches to the lantern’s colour frame runners, further increasing the versatility of the lantern. The Image Plus 3 takes a standard size E Gobo, enabling any desired image or logo - in either glass or metal - to be projected onto a surface or wall up to four metres away. James Thomas also offers an MR16 gobo rotator that will rotate one or two gobos. Two types of lens are available - for narrow or wide effect options. There’s also a set of four shutters for beam-shaping and masking of the projected image. For the sharpest focus, lamp types required are either E49 or EXT, both of which are 12V, 50W, the Osram Titan 12V/65W or the EYF 12V/75W.

Any situations requiring precise focussing of the lightsource will find this fitting ideal. The Image Plus and other attachments are suitable for a wide variety of applications including theatres, retail, architectural, museums, heritage centres and art galleries. James Thomas Engineering manufactures an assortment of Par 16 lanterns which house MR16 lamps, including the standard type and those fitted with remote torroidal transformers either above the yoke or to the side, with a dimmable electronic transformer up to 12V/75W.

Stereoscopic DLP Projection from Christie
Thursday, 10 May 2001

High performance projection specialist Christie Digital Systems has announced it is the first company to deliver a complete suite of stereoscopic single projectors featuring 3-chip DLP technology. Specifically designed for stereo, the new Mirage line offers advanced performance features to revolutionize virtual reality (VR), entertainment and simulation markets worldwide. "With the introduction of Mirage, a noteworthy improvement in the projection of stereoscopic moving images is taking place. The Stereo3D image is the cleanest, clearest, and easiest ever seen. Moreover, the setup of projection is vastly simplified, and requires no tweaking for continued performance at a high quality level," said Lenny Lipton of the StereoGraphics Corporation.

Since the introduction of its high performance CRT stereo projectors in 1985, Christie Digital has established itself as the leading manufacturer of stereoscopic projectors for virtual CAVE systems, workbenches, power walls and other 3D and simulation environments. The Mirage line further expands Christie Digital’s portfolio of stereo products.

The single projector solutions are optimized to work with Liquid Crystal (LC) shutter glasses for active stereo, or with LC modulators placed in front of the lens, for passive Stereo3D with polarized eyewear. The product line consists of three new models: the Mirage 2000, an SXGA projector at 2,000 lumens; the Mirage 5000, an SXGA version at 5,000 lumens; and the Mirage 10000, an XGA projector delivering 10,000 lumens. "The Mirage sets a new standard for performance and

DAS Audio Expands Reference Series
Thursday, 10 May 2001

Valencia-based loudspeaker manufacturer DAS Audio has added to its Reference Series of fixed installation SR cabinets with the R-214. A two-way, vented, full-range cabinet, rated at over 1000W, the R-214 is ideally suited to live music production, club sound, or general purpose speech and programme reproduction. Equipped with two high-efficiency 15" speakers with 3" voice coils; an efficient cooling system provides high power handling and low power compression. The HF unit comprises a 1" exit compression driver with 2" titanium diaphragm, coupled to a constant directivity horn. The passive filter network incorporates a non-intrusive Active Safety Circuit (ASC) that limits overloading and protects the drivers.

Programme power handling is rated at 1400W, with a peak power capability of 2800W and RMS rating of 700W. The cabinet’s high-efficiency design is reflected in the 102dB sensitivity rating (at 1m) and a rated peak SPL at full power of 136dB. DAS Audio is distributed in the UK by Sennheiser UK.

DMXEtherGate from Enttec
Wednesday, 9 May 2001

Enttec, an Australian manufacturer of entertainment lighting devices, has just launched the DMXEtherGate. This new device is a low-cost plug and play gateway between Ethernet, networking commonly used in computer networks and DMX512 which is the industry standard control signal for entertainment lighting. The DMXEtherGate is available in two versions - an IN box to convert DMX512 to Ethernet and an OUT box to convert Ethernet to DMX512. Both have a 10Base-T Ethernet port that can be connected to any Ethernet equipment such as hubs, switches, radio access points. By using Ethernet, the lighting designer or operator can utilise all the existing infrastructure and the readily-available Ethernet hardware.

Thanks to the RLE data compression included in the DMXEtherGate multiple DMX512 universes can be transmitted on a single 10Base-T link. Moreover by using multiple IN and OUT boxes the system can support up to 256 DMX universes on a single Cat 5 ethernet network. Using a network of DMXEtherGates, the user can also dynamically re-route DMX universes from one input to one or many outputs. All what is needed is Enttec's free software GateConfig and a network enabled computer.

The DMXEtherGate offers interesting possibilities for large venues and complex DMX networks, providing the ability to install and then be able to change the routing or add new access points as required. Also the combination with wireless ethernet solutions can solve many DMX distribution problems, by using a standard wireless ethernet access point, a user can distribute up to 256 DMX512 universes over a

New Engine for Harrison LPC
Wednesday, 9 May 2001

The award-winning LPC (Live Performance Console) is now available with Harrison’s advanced 40-bit digital processing engine. The LPC-digital has a compact, ergonomically designed control surface with 40 multi-layered, motorized channel faders and 16 motorized remote faders. Unique to the Harrison LPC, all rotary controls are automated via motorized pots - an industry first. The Harrison IKIS software provides complete storage and recall capability for up to 10,000 ‘scene stores’ so that only one console is required for multiple performing acts. The remote audio processing rack results in significant space savings. Multiple control surfaces can work with one Harrison digital engine, which is capable of up to 176 busses in varying configurations, coupled with a large-capacity digital router. I/O is available in individual rack or bulk rack-mounted packages. The digital engine utilizes 40-bit processing, 24-bit I/O, remote control mic preamplifiers, remote AES and analogue I/O subsystems, and an optional fibre optic control link.

Harrison will be showing the all-digital LPC at the forthcoming AES exhibition in Amsterdam (12-15 May).

QuickTruss Launched at NAB
Thursday, 3 May 2001

Milos Structural Systems has announced that GES Exposition Services of Las Vegas debuted its new QuickTruss M290V inventory at the April 2001 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. At NAB 2001, QuickTruss was used to build several structures including the pictured Banner structure that had 45ft tall towers and was 188ft in length. Another structure was used to carry a 3,400lb Barco LED wall. QuickTruss M290V is an 11 7/16" aluminum truss using 2" x 1/8" main tubing and 5/8" braces. It was selected by GES because of its quick connection system of solid spigots, pins and clips along with its versatility for indoor and outdoor use as well as being decorative or structural.

Brähler Combines Technologies
Thursday, 3 May 2001

Brähler ICS AG of Germany, with UK offices in Cambridge and Edinburgh, has announced two new digital audio products. Both have been designed and developed by Brähler and both are designed as components for the company’s Congress Data System - Virtual Audio Network or CDS-VAN for short. The first is the B8, a new feature-rich AD/DA interface unit. The second is the smaller OE16 interface converter. With the B8, it is possible to connect up to eight analogue audio sources to the digital CDS-VAN system via rear-panel electronically-balanced inputs and outputs (XLR-plug, XLR-socket or jack-plug). The unit also has three optical ADAT connections (in, out, and thru), two MIDI connectors (in and out), a wordclock BNC and 2 RJ45 ADAT sockets to power digital language selectors.

Brähler claims that the new B8, designed also as a standalone device, brings much more flexibility and versatility to established systems. Furthermore, it can be combined with other products - or techniques such as hard-disk recording and digital signal distribution, etc. In addition, Brähler points out that when linked with a DSP card from the Brähler CDS-VAN range, the B8 can eliminate the need for all peripheral devices such as graphic or parametric equalisers, delays, gates, compressors, routers and limiters.

Brähler’s second new hardware unit is an interface converter, the OE16, which is equipped with two ADAT optical input/outputs. The externally-powered OE16 converts the audio on both the ADAT 8 channels into ADAT RJ45 interfaces. (The conversion works bi-directionally and drive

Twice as Smart from Proel
Wednesday, 2 May 2001

Proel has announced a key addition to its Smart Series PA speakers - the new 'Double 15' 215P full-range enclosure. The 215P's custom-designed twin 15" speakers are matched with a 1" compression driver, enabling an overall handling of 500W (AES) continuous (1000W peak). The 215P has a frequency response of 45Hz - 20kHz +/-6dB, has a sensitivity of 101dB @ 1W/1m and delivers a maximum SPL of 128dB. Significantly, the Smart Double 15 has a 90 x 40 degree exponential horn for accurate high frequency reinforcement. By incorporating low-pass filters in each of the LF drivers, the Smart 215P offers a smoother performance through the crossover region. Perfectly time-aligned, it also delivers a clear spectrum across its entire frequency range. The Smart 215P's forte is the enclosure's powerful long-throw performance, which makes it ideal for full range applications without the need for additional subwoofers.

Marquee Supplies First DME to Donmar
Wednesday, 2 May 2001

Marquee Audio has supplied the first Yamaha DME32 for UK installation to theatre sound system specialists, Aura Sound Design. The Digital Mixing Engine will be installed in the Donmar Warehouse in London's Covent Garden in time for a new production - To The Green Fields Beyond - directed by Sam Mendes, and forms part of a general sound system upgrade, with the Shepperton distributors supplying all the components. Marquee Audio's Jimmy Potter, who earlier this year supplied Aura with a full sound specification for their fit-out for the Almeida Theatre in their temporary home of the Gainsborough Studios, confirmed that a new Yamaha 02R would again fulfil all the sound mixing duties, reinforced through four of Meyer's powered compact, multi-purpose UPM1P enclosures, which will augment the existing system. The new installation has been carefully designed to a fixed budget by Aura Sound Design, whose director John Owens explained that this is the first upgrade to the sound system that the theatre has undertaken since reopening around a decade ago. "The idea was to create maximum flexibility at minimum cost. We have configured the DME32 as an 8 x 12 matrix, bolted onto the end of the 02R through the desk's 8-buss output, to handle all the crosspoint matrixing, delays etc. It's all controllable by MIDI, allowing us to use Richmond Sound Design’s Stage Manager 3000 MIDI Show-Control software to automate all the shows for the theatre."

CAST Lighting WYG-it
Tuesday, 1 May 2001

CAST Lighting has unveiled the newest member of the WYSIWYG family - the WYG-it. Its plug-and-play USB interface enables PCs running WYSIWYG software to connect with DMX lighting consoles to cue, visualize and virtually render productions. "We have been working in partnership with Pathway Connectivity, an industry leader in Canada, on this particular project," said Gilray Densham, president of CAST Lighting Ltd. "The WYG-it has two DMX ports in for a total of 1024 channels per unit and includes a built-in MIDI for consoles that support AutoFocus. It is a small, portable and an affordable device that keeps clutter to a minimum, because there is no external power supply required." The WYG-it concept was first shown at LDI in October 2000 and then, following extensive Beta testing, was demonstrated for the first time at this year's USITT (March 2001). The technology was then put to use at this year's Juno Awards - Canada's music awards show. WYG-it will be available through Electronic Theatre Controls.

Sennheiser’s Plug & Go Pro Wireless System
Friday, 27 April 2001

Sennheiser will launch a new Hidyn-plus miniature plug-on wireless transmitter at this year's AES convention in Amsterdam, which enables any cable microphone to be instantly converted for RF operation. Developed to meet the requirements of PA companies, and broadcast, film and video sound recording professionals, the SKP 30 includes 48V phantom powering to enable use with condenser microphones and features Sennheiser's market-leading HiDyn-plus companding system, making it compatible with the full range of Sennheiser 3000 Series and 5000 Series professional wireless systems. The highly efficient HiDyn-plus system increases dynamics up to 110 dB. Even with low antenna voltages, HiDyn plus will ensure excellent sound quality and highest transmission reliability, say Sennheiser.

Suitable for worldwide use, the SKP 30 is available for UHF frequencies between 518 and 870 MHz, and features a switching bandwidth of 32 MHz. The plug-on transmitter comes in a roadworthy metal housing with recessed operating controls. It is powered by a standard 9V PP3 battery, delivering a typical RF output power of 30 mW. Combined with Sennheiser's EK 3041 miniature camera mount receiver, the SKP 30 provides a versatile package for ENG applications.

New Look Pulsar Minipiece
Wednesday, 25 April 2001

Pulsar has introduced anew range of products aimed at demanding applications in more stylish environments. Both the Minipiece 54 compact lighting controller and Masterpiece cueing Outstation ranges are now available in silver, white and grey front panel finishes. These products are ideal for bars, restaurants, window displays and exhibition stands and promise to blend effortlessly within the interior design. If the standard colours are not suitable, Pulsar can offer custom colour finishes.

Hz’s DPX Amps Upgraded
Tuesday, 24 April 2001

Hz Audio has announced a facelift to its DPX 600 and DPX 1100 amplifiers. The company says its DPX units now feature Hexfet output stages, which has increased their power to 400W to 750W per side respectively, and are consequently re-named DPX 800 and DPX 1500. Other new features include bridge mode capability, dual input/output on balanced XLR, an extra Speakon output for 4-way speaker cables, and improved heatsink and internal airflow resulting in up to 30% better cooling. mailto:

Matrix Launch Zoning Amplifier
Friday, 20 April 2001

Matrix Audio Developments, the pro sound audio amplifier specialist, has launched its brand new MZA1 modular zoning amplifier. Ideal for shopping centres, restaurants, airports and large domestic installations, the MZA1 is fitted with a number of innovative features. Contained within a 4U 19" master main frame, the MZA1 features slots for up to eight amplifier zone modules, each rated at 50W rms per channel at 4 ohms. There is a music source and microphone selection on each zone module, as well as two microphone and four stereo music inputs. The MZA1’s versatility is exemplified in its ability to be used with the F1 compact loudspeaker system.

Clay Paky’s CP Color
Friday, 20 April 2001

Clay Paky has launched a new series of colour changers. The CP Color 150 and CP Color 250 are designed for use in professional settings such as theatres and television studios, as well as being ideal for retail and conference environments. Each differs in lamp power, but both have revolving barndoors for beam shaping. The CP Color 150-E is a special model for outdoor use and is equipped with a special structure that guarantees protection against dust and moisture. All three models adopt a colour mixing system with CMY three-filter colour mixing for creating any colour tone, and all have dimming capability. Both of these functions can be controlled via DMX and all have optional diffusion filters for different beam apertures.

New Mixers From Denon & RaneNew Mixers From Denon & Rane
Wednesday, 18 April 2001

Hayden Laboratories has announced the addition of two new mixer products to its UK distribution portfolio. The new Denon DN-X800 mixer, a versatile, highly affordable DJ mixer, containing all the features you’d expect from a pro mixer, plus additional X-Effect functionality designed to maximise the effects capabilities of Denon’s twin CD player range. The DN-X800 is the first DJ mixer to feature four digital inputs and two digital outputs. One of the possibilities offered here is the easy conversion of vinyl to a digital media, e.g. DAT, CD, minidisk, etc. When combined with the range of new Denon CD players, the X800 offers new features for the DJ. Operating the CD Player and X800’s Cross Fader now becomes a single-handed operation. The X-Effect can be used in both single and dual Drive Operation with the CD decks and is ideal for spontaneous and performing and re-mixing on the fly. It is simple and intuitive to operate and enables a plethora of live effects. In Cross Fader Start mode (channels 1, 2, 3, 4), single-handed operation is possible to Start or Stop Sound and Cut In and Out simultaneously.

Also new is the Rane MP44 mixer, a fully-featured, high-end professional mixer for serious DJs and performers. Features include FlexFX loop assignment, emergency paging and optional level controls. The FlexFX facility allows the assignment of a single effects loop to any or all of the MP44’s four channels - simultaneously if required. The Page Input auto-senses the presence of audio and attenuates the house and DJ booth outputs by 40 dB thus allowing f

Nu-Light’s Laser Animator Heads for Horizon
Tuesday, 17 April 2001

Nu-Light Systems has announced the release of its Laser Animator software package. The first customer to receive the system was Somerset-based Event Horizon, a specialist in laser and pyrotechnic displays for the corporate market. Managing director of Event Horizon Charlie Adcock says: "The Animator has given us the ability to modulate and animate a company logo and add other spatial and graphic elements. It’s quick and easy to get to grips with and we wish we’d had it ages ago." The Laser Animator runs on a PC-based system and includes 250 graphical images and 20 animations, all of which can be customised by the operator. Debbie Clayton, managing director of Nu-Light says: "This new animation system has taken us two years to develop and it fits perfectly within our product range. With laser heads available from 20mW to 3W we can cover most eventualities and full laser systems can be designed for either touring or installation use. The possibilities are enormous and we look forward to developing a customer animations library where other customers can download animations from our website. Interested parties can also download a demo version of the software from our website."

Cerwin Vega Upgrades E Series
Monday, 16 April 2001

Cerwin-Vega! has introduced a second generation version of its popular E-Series hi-fi loudspeakers, which cover floor-standing, bookshelf and centre channel models. These are now available through the Californian loudspeaker giants’ exclusive UK distributors, Lamba plc. Four models form the floor-standing range - namely the E-715, E-712, E-710 and E-708. Features common to all models include diecast aluminum woofer; immense power handling, and greater output with less applied power. Thanks to the Acoustic Contour Controls, the E-Series promises optimum sound in any listening environment, while the Multi Density Cabinet has been designed to help reduce distortion and improve tonal accuracy. The E-Series is loaded with a balanced dome tweeter, offering high sensitivity, with protection from thermal overload, plus a lightweight 5.25in midrange, producing smooth, clean vocals from the low mass cone - while the tuned bass-reflex design promises a full 3dB boost at the tuning frequency.

Rosco ColorWaves
Monday, 16 April 2001

Rosco ColorWaves offer a combination of one of five strong, vibrant colours with the unique textures of Rosco’s Image Glass. Four of the most versatile of Rosco’s Image Glass gobos - Waves, Strands, Ripple and Mosaic - have been coated with brilliant dichroic colour. The result, when projected in an ellipsoidal spotlight or a moving light, is a unique combination of colour, texture, shading and blending. 20 ColorWaves are available in Standard B size (86mm) and in moving light sizes and are supplied in a mounting ring. Maximum wattage for an ellipsoidal spotlight is 575/600 watts; for a moving light, 1200 watts.


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