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QuickTruss Launched at NAB
Thursday, 3 May 2001

Milos Structural Systems has announced that GES Exposition Services of Las Vegas debuted its new QuickTruss M290V inventory at the April 2001 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas. At NAB 2001, QuickTruss was used to build several structures including the pictured Banner structure that had 45ft tall towers and was 188ft in length. Another structure was used to carry a 3,400lb Barco LED wall. QuickTruss M290V is an 11 7/16" aluminum truss using 2" x 1/8" main tubing and 5/8" braces. It was selected by GES because of its quick connection system of solid spigots, pins and clips along with its versatility for indoor and outdoor use as well as being decorative or structural.

Brähler Combines Technologies
Thursday, 3 May 2001

Brähler ICS AG of Germany, with UK offices in Cambridge and Edinburgh, has announced two new digital audio products. Both have been designed and developed by Brähler and both are designed as components for the company’s Congress Data System - Virtual Audio Network or CDS-VAN for short. The first is the B8, a new feature-rich AD/DA interface unit. The second is the smaller OE16 interface converter. With the B8, it is possible to connect up to eight analogue audio sources to the digital CDS-VAN system via rear-panel electronically-balanced inputs and outputs (XLR-plug, XLR-socket or jack-plug). The unit also has three optical ADAT connections (in, out, and thru), two MIDI connectors (in and out), a wordclock BNC and 2 RJ45 ADAT sockets to power digital language selectors.

Brähler claims that the new B8, designed also as a standalone device, brings much more flexibility and versatility to established systems. Furthermore, it can be combined with other products - or techniques such as hard-disk recording and digital signal distribution, etc. In addition, Brähler points out that when linked with a DSP card from the Brähler CDS-VAN range, the B8 can eliminate the need for all peripheral devices such as graphic or parametric equalisers, delays, gates, compressors, routers and limiters.

Brähler’s second new hardware unit is an interface converter, the OE16, which is equipped with two ADAT optical input/outputs. The externally-powered OE16 converts the audio on both the ADAT 8 channels into ADAT RJ45 interfaces. (The conversion works bi-directionally and drive

Twice as Smart from Proel
Wednesday, 2 May 2001

Proel has announced a key addition to its Smart Series PA speakers - the new 'Double 15' 215P full-range enclosure. The 215P's custom-designed twin 15" speakers are matched with a 1" compression driver, enabling an overall handling of 500W (AES) continuous (1000W peak). The 215P has a frequency response of 45Hz - 20kHz +/-6dB, has a sensitivity of 101dB @ 1W/1m and delivers a maximum SPL of 128dB. Significantly, the Smart Double 15 has a 90 x 40 degree exponential horn for accurate high frequency reinforcement. By incorporating low-pass filters in each of the LF drivers, the Smart 215P offers a smoother performance through the crossover region. Perfectly time-aligned, it also delivers a clear spectrum across its entire frequency range. The Smart 215P's forte is the enclosure's powerful long-throw performance, which makes it ideal for full range applications without the need for additional subwoofers.

Marquee Supplies First DME to Donmar
Wednesday, 2 May 2001

Marquee Audio has supplied the first Yamaha DME32 for UK installation to theatre sound system specialists, Aura Sound Design. The Digital Mixing Engine will be installed in the Donmar Warehouse in London's Covent Garden in time for a new production - To The Green Fields Beyond - directed by Sam Mendes, and forms part of a general sound system upgrade, with the Shepperton distributors supplying all the components. Marquee Audio's Jimmy Potter, who earlier this year supplied Aura with a full sound specification for their fit-out for the Almeida Theatre in their temporary home of the Gainsborough Studios, confirmed that a new Yamaha 02R would again fulfil all the sound mixing duties, reinforced through four of Meyer's powered compact, multi-purpose UPM1P enclosures, which will augment the existing system. The new installation has been carefully designed to a fixed budget by Aura Sound Design, whose director John Owens explained that this is the first upgrade to the sound system that the theatre has undertaken since reopening around a decade ago. "The idea was to create maximum flexibility at minimum cost. We have configured the DME32 as an 8 x 12 matrix, bolted onto the end of the 02R through the desk's 8-buss output, to handle all the crosspoint matrixing, delays etc. It's all controllable by MIDI, allowing us to use Richmond Sound Design’s Stage Manager 3000 MIDI Show-Control software to automate all the shows for the theatre."

CAST Lighting WYG-it
Tuesday, 1 May 2001

CAST Lighting has unveiled the newest member of the WYSIWYG family - the WYG-it. Its plug-and-play USB interface enables PCs running WYSIWYG software to connect with DMX lighting consoles to cue, visualize and virtually render productions. "We have been working in partnership with Pathway Connectivity, an industry leader in Canada, on this particular project," said Gilray Densham, president of CAST Lighting Ltd. "The WYG-it has two DMX ports in for a total of 1024 channels per unit and includes a built-in MIDI for consoles that support AutoFocus. It is a small, portable and an affordable device that keeps clutter to a minimum, because there is no external power supply required." The WYG-it concept was first shown at LDI in October 2000 and then, following extensive Beta testing, was demonstrated for the first time at this year's USITT (March 2001). The technology was then put to use at this year's Juno Awards - Canada's music awards show. WYG-it will be available through Electronic Theatre Controls.

Sennheiser’s Plug & Go Pro Wireless System
Friday, 27 April 2001

Sennheiser will launch a new Hidyn-plus miniature plug-on wireless transmitter at this year's AES convention in Amsterdam, which enables any cable microphone to be instantly converted for RF operation. Developed to meet the requirements of PA companies, and broadcast, film and video sound recording professionals, the SKP 30 includes 48V phantom powering to enable use with condenser microphones and features Sennheiser's market-leading HiDyn-plus companding system, making it compatible with the full range of Sennheiser 3000 Series and 5000 Series professional wireless systems. The highly efficient HiDyn-plus system increases dynamics up to 110 dB. Even with low antenna voltages, HiDyn plus will ensure excellent sound quality and highest transmission reliability, say Sennheiser.

Suitable for worldwide use, the SKP 30 is available for UHF frequencies between 518 and 870 MHz, and features a switching bandwidth of 32 MHz. The plug-on transmitter comes in a roadworthy metal housing with recessed operating controls. It is powered by a standard 9V PP3 battery, delivering a typical RF output power of 30 mW. Combined with Sennheiser's EK 3041 miniature camera mount receiver, the SKP 30 provides a versatile package for ENG applications.

New Look Pulsar Minipiece
Wednesday, 25 April 2001

Pulsar has introduced anew range of products aimed at demanding applications in more stylish environments. Both the Minipiece 54 compact lighting controller and Masterpiece cueing Outstation ranges are now available in silver, white and grey front panel finishes. These products are ideal for bars, restaurants, window displays and exhibition stands and promise to blend effortlessly within the interior design. If the standard colours are not suitable, Pulsar can offer custom colour finishes.

Hz’s DPX Amps Upgraded
Tuesday, 24 April 2001

Hz Audio has announced a facelift to its DPX 600 and DPX 1100 amplifiers. The company says its DPX units now feature Hexfet output stages, which has increased their power to 400W to 750W per side respectively, and are consequently re-named DPX 800 and DPX 1500. Other new features include bridge mode capability, dual input/output on balanced XLR, an extra Speakon output for 4-way speaker cables, and improved heatsink and internal airflow resulting in up to 30% better cooling. mailto:

Matrix Launch Zoning Amplifier
Friday, 20 April 2001

Matrix Audio Developments, the pro sound audio amplifier specialist, has launched its brand new MZA1 modular zoning amplifier. Ideal for shopping centres, restaurants, airports and large domestic installations, the MZA1 is fitted with a number of innovative features. Contained within a 4U 19" master main frame, the MZA1 features slots for up to eight amplifier zone modules, each rated at 50W rms per channel at 4 ohms. There is a music source and microphone selection on each zone module, as well as two microphone and four stereo music inputs. The MZA1’s versatility is exemplified in its ability to be used with the F1 compact loudspeaker system.

Clay Paky’s CP Color
Friday, 20 April 2001

Clay Paky has launched a new series of colour changers. The CP Color 150 and CP Color 250 are designed for use in professional settings such as theatres and television studios, as well as being ideal for retail and conference environments. Each differs in lamp power, but both have revolving barndoors for beam shaping. The CP Color 150-E is a special model for outdoor use and is equipped with a special structure that guarantees protection against dust and moisture. All three models adopt a colour mixing system with CMY three-filter colour mixing for creating any colour tone, and all have dimming capability. Both of these functions can be controlled via DMX and all have optional diffusion filters for different beam apertures.

New Mixers From Denon & RaneNew Mixers From Denon & Rane
Wednesday, 18 April 2001

Hayden Laboratories has announced the addition of two new mixer products to its UK distribution portfolio. The new Denon DN-X800 mixer, a versatile, highly affordable DJ mixer, containing all the features you’d expect from a pro mixer, plus additional X-Effect functionality designed to maximise the effects capabilities of Denon’s twin CD player range. The DN-X800 is the first DJ mixer to feature four digital inputs and two digital outputs. One of the possibilities offered here is the easy conversion of vinyl to a digital media, e.g. DAT, CD, minidisk, etc. When combined with the range of new Denon CD players, the X800 offers new features for the DJ. Operating the CD Player and X800’s Cross Fader now becomes a single-handed operation. The X-Effect can be used in both single and dual Drive Operation with the CD decks and is ideal for spontaneous and performing and re-mixing on the fly. It is simple and intuitive to operate and enables a plethora of live effects. In Cross Fader Start mode (channels 1, 2, 3, 4), single-handed operation is possible to Start or Stop Sound and Cut In and Out simultaneously.

Also new is the Rane MP44 mixer, a fully-featured, high-end professional mixer for serious DJs and performers. Features include FlexFX loop assignment, emergency paging and optional level controls. The FlexFX facility allows the assignment of a single effects loop to any or all of the MP44’s four channels - simultaneously if required. The Page Input auto-senses the presence of audio and attenuates the house and DJ booth outputs by 40 dB thus allowing f

Nu-Light’s Laser Animator Heads for Horizon
Tuesday, 17 April 2001

Nu-Light Systems has announced the release of its Laser Animator software package. The first customer to receive the system was Somerset-based Event Horizon, a specialist in laser and pyrotechnic displays for the corporate market. Managing director of Event Horizon Charlie Adcock says: "The Animator has given us the ability to modulate and animate a company logo and add other spatial and graphic elements. It’s quick and easy to get to grips with and we wish we’d had it ages ago." The Laser Animator runs on a PC-based system and includes 250 graphical images and 20 animations, all of which can be customised by the operator. Debbie Clayton, managing director of Nu-Light says: "This new animation system has taken us two years to develop and it fits perfectly within our product range. With laser heads available from 20mW to 3W we can cover most eventualities and full laser systems can be designed for either touring or installation use. The possibilities are enormous and we look forward to developing a customer animations library where other customers can download animations from our website. Interested parties can also download a demo version of the software from our website."

Cerwin Vega Upgrades E Series
Monday, 16 April 2001

Cerwin-Vega! has introduced a second generation version of its popular E-Series hi-fi loudspeakers, which cover floor-standing, bookshelf and centre channel models. These are now available through the Californian loudspeaker giants’ exclusive UK distributors, Lamba plc. Four models form the floor-standing range - namely the E-715, E-712, E-710 and E-708. Features common to all models include diecast aluminum woofer; immense power handling, and greater output with less applied power. Thanks to the Acoustic Contour Controls, the E-Series promises optimum sound in any listening environment, while the Multi Density Cabinet has been designed to help reduce distortion and improve tonal accuracy. The E-Series is loaded with a balanced dome tweeter, offering high sensitivity, with protection from thermal overload, plus a lightweight 5.25in midrange, producing smooth, clean vocals from the low mass cone - while the tuned bass-reflex design promises a full 3dB boost at the tuning frequency.

Rosco ColorWaves
Monday, 16 April 2001

Rosco ColorWaves offer a combination of one of five strong, vibrant colours with the unique textures of Rosco’s Image Glass. Four of the most versatile of Rosco’s Image Glass gobos - Waves, Strands, Ripple and Mosaic - have been coated with brilliant dichroic colour. The result, when projected in an ellipsoidal spotlight or a moving light, is a unique combination of colour, texture, shading and blending. 20 ColorWaves are available in Standard B size (86mm) and in moving light sizes and are supplied in a mounting ring. Maximum wattage for an ellipsoidal spotlight is 575/600 watts; for a moving light, 1200 watts.

Holy Smoke
Friday, 13 April 2001

An Italian manufacturer is doing its bit for 21st century religion with the invention of a smoke machine for priests, which will allow them to deliver clouds of incense smoke at the touch of a button. The company, Belltron, says the machine will put an end to the difficult job of lighting incense during Mass. They say the battery-powered machine is very easy to use, and is environmentally friendly because it uses less incense. Belltron specialises in high-tech solutions for the church: among its other products are loudspeakers and microphones, as well as solid-state digital storage units which can faithfully reproduce organ music (with speed control) and church bells (software complete with Ecclesiastical Almanac of Holy Days).

DPA Introduces Revolutionary Headband
Wednesday, 11 April 2001

DPA Microphones has designed a new headband offering superior sound and functionality for live performance and broadcast. The first model in the current series was the successful 4065, intended for everyday use by the same person: the new 4066 headband offers similar advantages in an environment where there is a different user every day. New adjustment features make it easy and quick to change the placement, from one side of the head to the other, as well as adjusting the length of the microphone boom. As the microphone is omni-directional, it is not necessary to have the microphone stretched out in front of the mouth. The sound quality of the 4065 microphone is consistent in the new 4066, which has a maximum SPL of 144dB - among the best in its class. Morten Stove, CEO of DPA Microphones, explains the background of 4066: "Our objective was to create a more flexible solution to the problem of headset microphones. We tested many different alternatives in conjunction with user input from customers such as Scharf Weisberg in Washington, who has been using the 4065 with the Back Street Boys."

During the development, two factors were highlighted: "The primary issue is the adjustability of the brace behind the neck. Smaller than other models on the market, the 4066 has a 2mm slim tube behind the neck, which is adjustable on both the left and the right side. This feature allows it to fit just about all heads. A flexible boom placement is essential, enabling the visible profile of the microphone to be kept as discreet as possible. Because it is easy to change the

New Audio Products from Gemini SoundNew Audio Products from Gemini Sound
Wednesday, 11 April 2001

Gemini Sound Products has introduced the XPM-3000 three-channel MOSFET professional power amplifier, which incorporates two satellite ‘main’ channels and one subwoofer channel with switchable low frequency boost. The XPM-3000, which can be operated without the subwoofer channel, offers stability of the latter down to a 2ohm load, and post crossover line level outputs for chaining additional subwoofers and satellite speakers. Other features include high-power output to avoid clipping, two-way Linkwitz-Riley crossover, oversized torroidal transformer, comprehensive speaker protection circuitry and signal ground lift switch.

Also new from Gemini is the UX-1600 UHF wireless microphone system. Offering 16 channels, the UX-1600 has both balanced and unbalanced output jacks, an LED indicator for RF located on the front panel, alongside an accessible squelch control. Housed in a half-rackspace mounting unit, the UX-1600 also features auto-mute circuitry to eliminate popping and static when the mic is out of range, plus a frequency-tuned quarter-wavelength antenna. The UX-1600 is available in hand-held, lavalier or headset models. Also new from Gemini are the UX-1610 diversity wireless mic system and the UX-1620 dual-channel UHF system.

Taky Introduces Microphone RangeTaky Introduces Microphone Range
Monday, 9 April 2001

Taiwanese microphone manufacturer Taky Electronics has introduced a brand new range of microphones aimed at the professional live sound and recording markets. Now on sale throughout Europe, Taky’s JTS range offers professional solutions across a wide range of applications. Manufactured from high-quality components, all of the JTS range include hardened steel grilles and are finished in metallic enamel-painted die-cast metal for durability on the road. The JTS range includes the NX-2 bass instrument microphone (30Hz - 12kHz), the NX-6 supercardioid instrument microphone (60Hz - 16kHz), the multi-purpose NX-7 vocal and instrument microphone (50Hz - 16.5kHz) and the NX-8 cardioid vocal microphone (50Hz - 16.5kHz).

Neutrik’s Phone Plug for Live Sound
Monday, 2 April 2001

Neutrik has launched the NYS225-S commercial quarter-inch phone plug for the live sound industry. The latest in the two-pole mono plug series designed with a larger shell to accommodate wider diameter speaker cable, the 225-S features a silent switch that eliminates the popping distortion when inserted into a jack. "The NYS 225-S was created in response to the needs of musicians, technicians and engineers in the live sound marketplace," says James Cowan, vice-president of Neutrik USA. "The silent switch automatically depresses upon insertion and acts like a ground lift to eliminate the pop when a cable is plugged into an instrument or amplifier."

With a rugged and durable design, the NYS 225-S is built to take the wear and tear of the road with a machined brass shell and a product life of 5,000 insertions. The plug also features a larger cable clamp and large metal handle for speaker cables with a diameter of 0.335-inches (up to 12 AWG).

New lighting Style from LDR
Friday, 30 March 2001

Italian spotlight manufacturer LDR will be launching two completely new ranges at ABTT in London on 4th April. LDR’s popular budget-priced 650W Tempo and 1000W Aria ranges have been completely redesigned to create the new style ‘Tempo plus’ and ‘Aria plus’ to improve performance, quality, availability, and compatibility with other manufacturers’ accessories. Tempo plus - simple 500/650W Fresnel and PC spotlights for smaller venues - are now fitted with a quality glass reflector to improve the light output, an improved focus mechanism, 150mm DIN standards accessories and added safety attachment points for barndoors and other colour wheels. The higher-power 1kW Aria plus range has a new body to accommodate 185mm DIN accessories and other detail upgrades. The new products will replace their predecessors immediately, and will be on show at the Lightfactor stand at ABTT.

GE Lighting and Koto Electric Collaborate
Friday, 30 March 2001

From opposite corners of the globe, two well-known companies have joined together to meet the growing needs of the entertainment industry. GE Lighting, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and Koto Electric Co Ltd, based in Tokyo, Japan, will collaborate to distribute and develop new products in entertainment metal halide discharge lamps. Under the terms of the agreement, GE will distribute metal halide discharge lamps manufactured by Koto Electric. The lamps - built to GE Lighting’s specifications and branded with the GE name - will be distributed by GE Lighting worldwide, except in Japan and the People’s Republic of China. In addition, both companies have committed to expand their discharge product offerings in the future. "We are constantly looking for ways to improve not only our distribution capabilities, but also our commitment to our customers," said Gerry Schuh, product manager for GE Lighting. "Our collaboration with Koto Electric will provide new outlets to sell and service GE Lighting and Koto Electric customers, and allow us to expand our presence in the entertainment lighting industry."

L-Acoustics Modelling Software
Thursday, 29 March 2001

L-Acoustics and CATT-Acoustic have been working in close collaboration to develop a DLL Directivity Interface (DDI) for modelling V-DOSC and dV-DOSC. This WST DDI allows for directivity modeling of L-Acoustics’ Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST-based) line source arrays and represents a significant advancement in addressing the needs of acoustic consultants and sound designers. Generally, acoustical prediction software programs describe the directivity of a sound reinforcement system with a balloon representing the magnitude of the sound pressure as a function of site and azimuth radiation angles. This type of balloon works for a single source, but is not sufficient to simulate the behaviour of large line source arrays that have both an extended near-field and distance-dependent directivity. Developed using proprietary theoretical modeling, the WST DDI allows the user to make accurate SPL predictions of L-Acoustics’ WST-based line source arrays in either a venue (including the effects of room acoustics) or in open air situations. CATT-Acoustic also allows for SPL mapping, calculation of room acoustics parameters (such as STI) and auralization in order to evaluate system performance prior to actual installation. L-Acoustics is currently working with EASE to develop the same type of modelling capability for this industry-standard program in order to make modeling of WST-based line source arrays even more accessible.

Philips P3 Technology
Tuesday, 27 March 2001

Philips Lighting’s investment in new technology promises users of halogen lamps a better lighting product for entertainment application. The lamps now incorporate a new technology called P3, which involves coating the pinch leads with a protective coating which results in greater reliability, by reducing early lamp failure caused by overheating. In addition it allows for more freedom and flexibility of the lamp burning position. All lamps with this new technology are now clearly identified with a distinctive P3 logo. To mark its launch, new packaging has also been designed and rebranded ‘Broadway’.

Stagetec’s Product Day
Friday, 23 March 2001

Stagetec held a product day at the Centre in Slough earlier this month. Primary focus was on the Compulite and LSC product ranges, with several new products previewed by both companies. Compulite showed the new CompuDIM 2000 touring version of their high-specification modular digital dimming system. This compact 24 x 2.5kW or 12 x 5kW system includes many advanced features including two DMX and Ethernet inputs, full status reporting both on the built in LCD screen and back to any Compulite desk, RCD protection per module and option of hard wire bypass switches for powering moving lights. New software was previewed for the 4D range with many new features geared to the architectural control market, including an event Scheduler and facility to operate the consoles from macro panels. These new features have already been utilised for lighting control at the BBC Concert Hall in Maida Vale and St Johns Beacon in Liverpool.

LSC previewed the new maXim control desk, due to be launched later this year. This is a powerful, easy to use range of control desks which combine the right mix of functions, large memory capacity, reliability and elegant design. The maXim is destined to lead the industry as the choice of control desk for theatre, events, touring shows and rental companies. A wide range of products was also on show from other suppliers including the Martin MAC2000, High End Studio Beam, Coemar CF7, TMB 575W MSR Source 4 PAR and the new Compucall telephone to DMX interface. Representatives were on hand from both Compulite and LSC to discuss the new products and any other requir


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