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Audient Introduces ASP520Audient Introduces ASP520
Tuesday, 30 October 2001

Audient has launched a brand new product to augment its Surround Sound range - the ASP520 bass management processor. Launching in November 2001, designer David Dearden describes the ASP520 as "a unique problem solver for bass management in any surround monitoring system." Any surround sound monitoring environment which does not have five full-range loudspeakers in addition to a subwoofer needs some form of bass management in order to reproduce the full bass content of the surround mixes.

The ASP520 is a flexible bass management controller which permits selection of both the bass redirect source and destination. Phase compensation at the crossover point and two bands of parametric equalisation are provided to enable the LF performance of the monitor system to be optimized without resorting to external EQs. The ASP520 can be used alone, or in conjunction with the ASP510 Surround Sound controller to provide a complete management system for surround monitoring.

SSA Amps for Digital Cinema Sound
Monday, 29 October 2001

The Stage Accompany SSA amplifier range is specifically designed to meet the very high demands of (digital) cinema sound reproduction: these 'digital-cinema' dedicated amplifiers, have been developed with some unique features, to dramatically enhance the cinema experience, say the company. The SSA amplifiers feature SA’s ‘high speed, high current’ class G design. This high efficiency design, together with the 280 joules capacitor bank, makes the SSA 200 deliver 1380W of fast and sustained power per channel.

An important feature is the Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) system that completely eliminates the influence of (in cinema, often very long) speaker cables. The result is a highly accurate bass and mid response, without the need for using high impedance speakers. Through the tamper-free internally accessible EFN circuit slots, extra signal processing functions can be added to the SSA amplifiers. The EFN-DP modules consist of three functions, all operating at the same time: clip/excursion protection; dedicated filtering; and power optimizing.

With the EFN-DP modules, all SA cinema systems deliver maximum output with optimum sound quality without the risk of mechanical damage. In order to minimize installation time and rack cabling, the SSA amplifiers feature a 15-pin D-connector. With this connection, all signal wiring to and from the monitor is carried out simply by connecting one D-connector cable (standard type) between amp and monitor. This Data-port is completely compatible with existing D-pin connected monitors.

OPTI Offers Christmas Display Solutions
Friday, 26 October 2001

OPTI has just released its 2001 Christmas brochure, aimed at giving retailers, bar operators and exhibition organizers access to a range of display options for the Christmas period. The OPTI Kinetics range of 6" rotating effects wheels has been strengthened with the new Christmas-themed versions featuring stained glass windows and Father Christmas scenes, to add to the snowflakes, stars, snowmen, bells and Nativity scenes which make up the range. All of these effects wheels can be used in conjunction with any of the OPTI Kinetics range of high quality effects projectors. Clear, concise and helpful advice on lighting effects, projection and installation is available free from OPTI staff, plus information on how individual requirements can be tailored to provide customized effects for any environment.

Tried & Tested: Your Vote Required
Friday, 26 October 2001

PLASA Media is looking for feedback from readers of Lighting&Sound International magazine and PLASA Online News, to find out the products that are making the biggest impact among entertainment technology practitioners - and we want your input.

'Tried & Tested' will take a simple approach: we're not asking for your views on hundreds of different product categories, we're just after your gut reactions to a series of broad-based questions on the equipment you're using, in the fields of lighting, sound, staging and effects.

The aim of this is simply to sniff out what's impressed you, what's made a difference to your working life. There are no awards and no ceremonies - we're just going to stir the pot and see what, if anything, floats to the top. The products you vote for can be new or old, high-tech or low-tech - all are valid.

The products which have the highest profile from among the votes cast will be featured in the December 2001 issue of L&SI, and one lucky entry, picked at random, will receive £100 worth of Technical Book vouchers to spend at the PLASA Technical Bookshop. And if your entry stands out as being particularly noteworthy, then we might think of something for you too . . .

Details of how to vote will also appear in the November issue of L&SI. Voting closes on 20 November 2001.

ADB Phoenix 10 Control for Music Hall
Thursday, 25 October 2001

Enlightenment, the UK's specialist dealer for ADB - Siemens stage lighting equipment, has recently supplied an ADB Phoenix 10 lighting control desk as part of Shrewsbury Music Hall’s refurbishment of its lighting systems. The Phoenix 10 is at the centre of a comprehensive DMX network designed by Enlightenment. The network is principally powered by two Artistic Licence Rack Splits which also incorporates an Artistic Licence Snap 1024 as a secondary remote control desk. Other equipment installed and commissioned by Enlightenment includes 96 ways of ADB Eurorack 60 all-digital dimmers with lighting bars and outlet boxes. This is the first sale of an ADB Phoenix 10 by Enlightenment which now adds to their growing portfolio of Phoenix 5 customers that include both the Drum and Midland Arts Centres in Birmingham and the Coliseum Theatre in Oldham.

Fujitsu Ten Launches EclipseFujitsu Ten Launches Eclipse
Wednesday, 24 October 2001

Developed by Fujitsu Ten, the Eclipse TD 512 is a new studio monitoring system. Aimed at all sectors of the music recording and mastering market (and the high end audiophile market), several clients, including the major new Sphere Studio complex and Mike Ross-Trevor, chief engineer at Sony Music Studios in London, are evaluating the Eclipse TD 512 for improved accuracy in recording and mixing. Producer, artist and musician Brian Eno (Roxy Music, Talking Heads, U2), already uses Eclipse TD 512s in his own studio.

The most immediately obvious difference from conventional speakers is the egg shape of its enclosure, hence no flat surfaces, presenting sound waves internally with an effectively infinite baffle. In a further departure from convention, the driver is decoupled from the cabinet fascia and mounted internally via a massive integrate stand, which provides mechanical 'grounding' of the driver assembly. The enclosure itself is ‘floated’ or isolated from the movement of the driver assembly.

Eclipse TD also eschews the time and phase distortion effects associated with multiple drivers and their crossover electronics. The single high-performance driver smoothly radiates a spherical wavefront, with accurate reproduction of the impulse and phase characteristics of the source signal. It is also supplied with its own 502 pre/power amplifier, creating an electronically-integrated monitoring system requiring only a line-level source.

SB210 from JBL
Tuesday, 23 October 2001

JBL Professional has added the SB210 Compact Subwoofer to its extensive line of Control Contractor products. Just 14" tall, the dual 10" unit has a frequency range of 42Hz - 200Hz to add low frequencies to fixed installation sound systems in virtually any professional application, including restaurants, retail, theme parks, exhibits and displays, even small church and performing spaces. The SB210 has two 10" (254 mm) aluminium/ceramic composite cone woofers, for a total power handling capability of 400W continuous (1600W peak). Intended for use indoor or outdoor, the SB210 features a high-impact polystyrene cabinet and multilayer thermoset composite-covered grille for full weather-proofing, and is available in either black or white.

"The small profile of the SB210 belies its power and its ability to offer warm, punchy low end," explained Rick Kamlet, senior director of installed sound for JBL Professional. "Our customers in many markets have asked for a small, rugged subwoofer to add to their existing Control Contractor systems and the SB210 will fit right in."

JBL has made installation as easy as possible by designing the SB210 to be mounted several ways. Each SB210 is shipped with four feet, for setting on a shelf or floor and four foot receptacles for stacking SB210s. There are also 13 insert points integrated into the speaker’s cabinet for suspending the subwoofer. The optional U Bracket (MTC-210UB) attaches to both ends of the speaker allowing easy installations on walls and ceilings. When used with the optional JBL MTC-210-

Proel Launches Installation Cable Range
Monday, 22 October 2001

Proel has announced the latest additions to their cable catalogue, specifically produced for the installation market. The CMP Series are distinguished by their green outer jackets, housing a series of multi-pair fire-resistant cables for fixed applications in recording and television studios as well as cinemas, disco’s theatres and live sound PA applications. Double shielded by aluminium and polyester foil within a flame-resistant PVC jacket, the numbered paired cables are highly resistant to signal loss due to outside interference.

Three models are currently available - the CMP 8, 12 and 20 - each model number representing the number of pairs contained. In addition, a new double-shielded fire-resistant microphone cable has also been introduced. The HPC 210 FR is also contained in a green flexible outer jacket, which is shielded by tinned copper and is light in weight (30g/m).

The HPC 610 FRS is a fire-resistant loudspeaker cable, which contains two copper wires insulated by red and blue jackets within twisted conductors and copper braids, once again within a green outer jacket. Finally, the HPC 610 FR is similar to the HPC 610 FRS cable, but its extra fine wires are not shielded, allowing greater flexibility.

JBL Subwoofer Powered by Crown
Friday, 19 October 2001

The new MPro Series MP418SP from JBL Professional is an 18" subwoofer with its own Crown two-channel integrated power amplifier. Designed for use with other MPro Speakers or powered speakers such as EON G2 models, the Mpro 418SP is a versatile solution for low frequencies for live music and DJ applications.

The MP418SP is a powerful, single 18-inch (457mm) subwoofer in a compact bass reflex enclosure with a frequency range of 30-150 Hz. It features an integral dual channel amplifier/ signal processing module designed and built by Crown Audio specifically for it. This provides two channels of power with 660W at 4 ohms. The second amplifier channel can be used to power a full range speaker or a second subwoofer (such as the companion MP418S non-amplified version of the MP418SP). The amplifier module also passes through line level signals for powered satellite speakers.

Roadworthiness is assured through the use of heavy-duty steel handles, 16 gauge-steel hexagonally-perforated grilles, Duraflex finish and four heavy duty casters. The MP418SP also has a pole-mount receptacle for mounting satellite speakers on top.

CAT 150 from Space Cannon
Thursday, 18 October 2001

Distribution company Coemar De Sisti Australia has announced the availability of the CAT (Colour Advanced Technology) from Space Cannon. This is a professional exterior and interior wash/spot luminaire that represents the state-of-art in specialized outdoor floodlighting. Small, light, efficient and environmentally friendly (without IR and UV rays output), CAT is designed to meet the specific needs of the architectural lighting professionals, combining impressive light output with unlimited colour mixing, variable photo metrics, all in a fully weatherized IP66 static unit. The CAT provides a cost-effective, full-featured alternative to other architectural fixtures available. The full colour mixing system, able to supply more than one million colours, is an innovative world-wide patented tubular quartz dichroic system which provides smooth and saturated cross fades throughout the entire colour spectrum, adding the possibility to obtain variable photo metrics from 3.5 to 80 degrees, both with symmetrical and asymmetrical beam. The CAT 150 is an automated 150W fixture, utilizing a short-arc lamp, which provides you with a lamp life of approximately 6,000 hours up to 12,000 hours, according to the different types of lamp that can be utilized.

The CAT 150 can be controlled via DMX512 or using our external Space Composer control system. It can also be controlled by a bi-directional infrared remote control. A built-in microprocessor board allows several units to work in stand-alone mode, without any external controller. It will be available in 10 different versions, one of these

BSS Releases ProSys PS8810 Signal Processor
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

Already recognized for the success of its Soundweb product in the installation market, BSS Audio has released a new processor for this expanding area, aimed particularly at integrated system solutions.

The ProSys PS8810 is a fixed path digital processor, with eight inputs and ten outputs, that each have a dedicated processing path which includes EQ filters, gates, compressors, auto-mixers and delays, as well as other processing objects. With its fixed path design, system installers need only configure the routing matrix and decide which of the processing objects will be utilized. Once these are established, the set-ups may be stored as presets and recalled via the PC, contact closure or the 8810’s own internal events scheduler. All functions of the PS8810 are set-up and controlled from a PC running IQ-WIN software, the control suite that can run a variety of types of audio equipment.

The real strength of this new DSP is that it is the first in a new generation of Harman Professional ‘partnership’ products, utilizing the IQ communication protocol from Crown. Furthermore, it provides audio networking via CobraNet technology that will enable digital audio and control signal exchange with other existing and developing Harman equipment.

New High Power PAM Amplifiers
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

CIE-Audio, exclusive UK representative for the Inter-M commercial and pro audio range, has announced the launch of the latest addition to the ‘PAM’ Series of modular amplifiers. With a successful track record gained from the smaller 60W and 120W versions, the new PAM-240 and PAM-360 benefit from many of the features which have made this product so popular. In particular, the PAM’s unique modular ability to ‘slot-in’ two music modules from the choice of tuner (PAM-T), CD (PAM-CDA) or cassette player (PAM-D). These new 240W and 360W 100v line amplifiers also feature selectable priority outputs and six mic-line inputs with selectable phantom power. These desktop units also come supplied with an optional rackmount kit.

UV Flood Offers Greater Flexibility
Tuesday, 16 October 2001

The UV400 high intensity 400W ultra violet floodlight has proved a popular choice for visual effects since its launch last year, say manufacturer UV Light Technology. The level of international sales has prompted the Birmingham-based company to introduce a built-in electronic 'smart0box' to allow ‘plug in and switch on’ use anywhere in the world. The new electronics also facilitate power variation down to 60% of maximum, enabling adjustment of the light intensity and increasing of bulb life through under-running. A new rotating barndoor unit has also been added to the range, allowing more directed lighting effects. Light intensity may be adjusted by using Par 64 scrollers, which also permit rapid on/off ultra violet effects peviously not achievable with non-hot restrike ultra violet floodlights.

Ampekko signs deal with CommaxAmpekko signs deal with Commax
Tuesday, 16 October 2001

West London-based Ampekko has been awarded the sole UK distribution of the full range of Commax sound equipment from Korea. Commax is recognised as one of the world’s largest electronics firms whose commitment to quality design and manufacturing has set them apart in the OEM market. Established in 1968, Commax offer advanced digital telecommunications products, as well as a full range of commercial pro audio equipment. Products include 100v low impedance amplifiers from 100W to 1000W, mixers, routers, zone controllers, and other ancillary items such as fans and chimes.

Commax products were exceptionally well received at the recent PLASA show, say Ampekko. Sussex-based installers Blucat, who supply independent breweries, leisure and retail units with sophisticated 47-channel satellite music systems, have placed a considerable order for Commax specialist amplification. Jennifer Linstead, Blucat’s sales director commented: "We are very impressed with both the competitive price of the Commax range as well as with its high performance and standard build quality. It offers enormous potential to deliver reliable alternatives to our customers where price is not compromised by quality."

In addition, Commax is now being supplied to installers for use in a wide range of projects such as St Peter’s Italian Church, Clerkenwell, and the Christian Salvesen warehouse, who carry out the logistics for all House of Fraser stores Nationwide. Such an interest in the Commax range underlines that it offers flexible and yet cost effective amplification solutions acr

PNX Series from Renkus-Heinz
Monday, 15 October 2001

Renkus Heinz’s new PNX Series loudspeakers offer the same high level of system integration and unsurpassed performance as the active powered PN Series, with external System Specific Electronics. The PNX Series consists of 10 compact full-range two-way loudspeaker systems and five Reference Point Arrays (RPAs). They incorporate design breakthroughs such as rotatable Complex Conic horns, TRue Array Principle (TRAP) design and RPA systems integration. The ultra-compact PNX61s, PNX81s and PNX82s provide the studio monitor quality required in many of today's high-end applications. Multi-angle enclosures with 6" or 8" woofers and rotatable Complex Conic horns make it easy to deliver transparent source reproduction from floor monitor positions as well as stand-, wall- or ceiling-mounted locations.

The PNX121 and PNX151 provide the solution when more output or tighter directional control is necessary. The PNX121s features a 12" woofer, 1" high frequency driver and Complex Conic horns. The larger PNX151s have 15" woofers, 2" high frequency drivers and larger Complex Conic horns for even tighter directional control. The PNX Series "plug and play" Reference Point Arrays make it easy to incorporate fully integrated, electro-acoustic PNX loudspeakers clusters into audio system designs for venues where loudspeaker array coverage is required. Each PNX Reference Point Array includes PNX loudspeakers, signal processing, amplification, flying hardware and inter-loudspeaker wiring - all optimized to form a cohesive, perfectly matched system deli

High Performance Overheads for evolution
Friday, 12 October 2001

Sennheiser has expanded its evolution range of dedicated instrument microphones with a competitively priced, high quality condenser model, the e664. Designed for applications such as drum kit overheads, or acoustic instrument miking, such as for guitars or strings, the e664 features low noise electronics, high output and a highly sensitive capsule for both studio and live performance applications.

The e644’s cardioid response pattern provides highly effective feedback and rear-field signal rejection. In keeping with the evolution ethos, the e664 offers build and performance specifications superior to microphones several times its price. The metal bodied mic features a matt-black, anodised, scratch-resistant finish. A switchable low frequency roll-off filter protects against low level hum and rumble, while the capsule provides a 40 - 20kHz frequency response (+ 2.5dB) and a 130dB maximum SPL rating.

Sennheiser’s highly successful German-manufactured evolution series of wireless and wired high quality dynamic microphones continues to expand with several new products on show at the recent PLASA Show. The evolution range of metal bodied stage microphones feature differing capsule types and response patterns but share the same innovative capsule development, rigorous construction and quality control standards. A full range of dedicated instrument mics and monitor headsets is also included.

Drawmer’s Second Generation Digital Masterflow
Thursday, 11 October 2001

Drawmer has announced an upgraded version of the DC2476 Digital Processor, the product which initiated the company's successful digital Masterflow range. New features include comprehensive up/down sample rate conversion (32kHz to 96kHz) and switchable word clock input/output sample rate selection. Also featured is an absolute stereo output trim (up to 12dB) which is invaluable when output level is required to conform to broadcast regulations. The output trim level is maintained even in 'system bypass' mode in order to prevent accidental level increases during transmission. A tone generator with variable output levels for line-up purposes is also included.

The DC2476 Masterflow Digital Processor is a 24-bit/96K multi-dynamics processor which features Drawmer's acclaimed multi-band digital 'bootstrap' compression, tube saturation and advanced EQ processing suitable for mastering, tracking, in-ear monitoring and further live sound applications.

Formula Mix with the Crowds
Monday, 8 October 2001

Formula Sound had an overwhelming response to their latest mixer, the PM-100 modular mixer launched at PLASA 2001. The three standard chassis versions were on display and great interest was shown in the four-channel version. The configurations of this mixer are so versatile that it is ideal for almost any requirement, live bands, audio-visual, clubs, mobile DJ.

New S5000 Beltpack is I/R Programmable
Monday, 8 October 2001

Trantec has responded in the best way possible to the request from high-profile rental companies to upgrade its award-winning S5000 synthesized UHF system. The first choice for many leading event-based production houses, the S5000 has taken pride of place in their rental fleets for the last five years. But at this year’s PLASA Show visitors saw how this feedback had been processed in the form of a new S5000 beltpack - programmable from a Palm Pilot.

As Trantec marketing manager Tim Riley told us: "It was only a matter of time before we put the ideas we had been receiving into production. After all, if you don't listen to the people who are going to be using the kit before going into production, how can you expect to sell anything?" The new S5000 beltpack is powered by single AA battery, giving around eight hours of use. Gain, frequency and user name can be programmed via Infra Red sources such as Palm Pilot. Compatible with existing S5000 receivers, the rounded, slimline, chrome-finish design is built for comfort, and to afford protection to the microphone connector

ProColor from ElationProColor from Elation
Friday, 5 October 2001

Los Angeles-based Elation Professional has introduced the Pro Color DMX color changer, a highly affordable intelligent colour changer that features 10 dichroic colors and 10 split colors. It includes a bright, 150W 9,000 hour discharge lamp and a special frost filter that produces a dynamic wash effect. The Pro Color is aimed at venues requiring more colouring options than a standard Par can provides, but who may not be able to afford the full colour-wash fixtures. The Pro Color also is equipped with two DMX channels that can be programmed to set the tone for any application. One channel controls the frost filter and a 0-100% dimmer, while the other operates the color wheel. This makes it easy for the user to program the Pro Color and automatically keep the coloured background effects changing. A 10-19° beam angle can be adjusted to set any stage accordingly.

Proel's PLASA Duo
Wednesday, 3 October 2001

Receiving their UK debut at this year’s PLASA show were Proel’s new TFL218SP 2x18" subwoofer and TFL152P 1x15" full-range enclosure. The TFL218SP features twin 18" drivers with 4" voice coils delivering output up to 133dB and a frequency range down to 35Hz. Power handling is 1200W (AES), and the system has a sensitivity of 100dB @ 1W/1m.

The TFLV152P pairs a high quality 4" voice coiled 15" speaker with an HF compression driver fitted with a 3" titanium diaphragm. The TFLV152P has a frequency response of 45Hz-18kHz (+/- 6dB) and will handle 600W (AES). The two-way configuration, bi-amp/full range selectable, produces great bass output, while the compression driver/horn assembly smoothly disperses mid-frequencies over an optimum field.

Ideal used in pairs, the new systems join Proel’s TFLV flying installation series of 18mm birch-ply constructed, epoxy textured paint finished, professional touring enclosures. They feature thick metal grilles for maximum protection, include stand adaptors and are fitted with commercial M10 thread/eyebolts for flying applications.

Crown Boosts IQ
Wednesday, 3 October 2001

Crown Audio announces the recent availability of its powerful IQ for Windows software version 5.0. Like the previous IQ for Windows version 4.1, the new software application, which is designed for configuring, controlling and monitoring Crown IQ Systems, is available for free download from the Internet.

Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000/Professional and NT 4.+, version 5.0 features a number of enhancements that make it even easier to use. IQ System integrators now have an even greater number of graphical tools with which to design customized work surfaces foroperators, as well as the ability to create direct user controls free of confusing program elements. Fully indexed help screens are available to informatively guide users through system setup, and no programming language experience or training is required to quickly be up and running.

Mackie: Software for Sound Contractors
Tuesday, 2 October 2001

Mackie Industrial, the contractor products division of Mackie Designs Inc, announced at the recent PLASA Show the introduction of its 'Mackie Central' rapid proposal development software. The Mackie Central V.1 software application is aimed at automating the proposal and documentation facets of a sound contractor's business. Written specifically for the sound contracting market, the software aims to streamline the creation of professional proposals that are routinely created by contractors for design/build and negotiated bids.

The key to the product's appeal is the fact that it includes a fully-automated drag-and-drop Quotation Builder that performs all of the calculations typically assigned to a spreadsheet. In addition, the program assembles written descriptions for each of the products in the database into a Word-compatible proposal. The product thereby provides a finished, professional proposal that is developed concurrently with the quotation. This is a first in the contracting industry, as Mackie Central allows contractors to maintain consistency between proposals that the various sales people are developing. Mackie Central also allows greater efficiency in the use of a salesperson's time in that they are no longer spending countless hours composing custom-written proposals for each project.

The database also links to individual PDF specification sheet files and prints the appropriate sheets, with the contractor and client's names on the bottom of each page. An open database format allows the contractor to insert an unlimited number of additional items and prices

Blackline Adds Further Trio
Friday, 28 September 2001

Martin Audio took advantage of PLASA to expand its Blackline range. The new Blackline F8 is a versatile, two-way passive system designed for applications where high output is required from an ultra-compact enclosure. It features a long-excursion 200mm (8") low frequency driver and a 25mm (1") HF compression driver mounted on a 90º x 50º horn. The horn is user-rotatable to allow the F8’s multi-angled enclosure to be used in either its vertical or horizontal orientation. Special attention has been given to the high excursion requirement of the LF driver. This enables the sound balance of the speaker to remain consistent throughout a range of power outputs. Where extra low frequency is required, sub-bass systems such as the Blackline S12 or S15 may be added.

The Blackline F10 is a 2-way passive system, designed to provide high quality club sound and stage monitoring from a very compact enclosure. It features a powerful 250mm (10") low frequency driver and a 25mm (1") constant directivity, user rotatable, 90º x 50º horn. The 2-way passive design of the F10 enables simple, high performance systems to be put together whilst minimising the number of amplifier channels required. Where extra low frequency is required, sub-bass systems such as the Blackline S12, S15 or S18 may be added.

Finally, the S12 is a highly compact sub-bass system featuring a high power 300mm (12") 75mm (3") voice coil, designed for use with the F8 and F10 loudspeakers in situations where extended low frequency output and increased system headroom are required. Whe


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