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Piranha M1 Dynamic Microphone
Tuesday, 27 November 2001

Piranha Cables has introduced the M1 Dynamic Microphone to complement its comprehensive range of high quality instrument, speaker and microphone cables. The microphone has a rugged black body shell and can confidently handle the harshest of stage environments, say the company. Its super-cardoid sound capsule gives a clean, natural sound, low harmonic distortion and a high threshold to acoustic feedback. The M1 is supplied with its own traveling box and a Piranha M1 mic cable with high quality Neutrik connectors.

The company has also recently added multicore cable to its ever expanding range of audio equipment. The cable is available in 4, 8 and 16 pairs, each one individually shielded in aluminium foil and individually jacketed within an outer sleeve made from a strong, highly flexible matt black PVC. Identification is made easy with numbers running along the entire length of the inner cables.

Martin Pro Unleashes T-Rex
Tuesday, 27 November 2001

King of its habitat, the T-Rex is the aggressive new companion to Martin Professional's other well-known predator, the Raptor. The T-Rex deploys a unique quad-angled mirror to create a salvo of effects with 48 sharp, dynamic light beams, changing colour and direction to the beat of the music. A combined colour/gobo wheel offers 11 solid colors, four multi-colours and four white, along with a full arsenal of 19 gobo patterns. The T-Rex houses a bright 250W halogen lamp with a long 500-hour lamp life.

Marquee's World Debut of Yamaha DM2000
Monday, 26 November 2001

The worldwide launch of the new Yamaha DM2000 24-bit, 96kHz production console, underpinned Marquee Audio's most successful open day ever at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith this month. Although their collaboration with Yamaha was primarily to expose the PM1D, for whom Marquee have already enjoyed huge success as main dealers, the new desk was rushed down from the SBES Show at Birmingham - where it had been given its first private preview - and unveiled to visitors in the Studio Theatre.

With full support from Yamaha's technical team, including Professional Audio Manager Terry Holton, the Marquee Audio team of Spencer Brooks, Andy Huffer and Glen Smith spent the day entertaining the UK's leading production and PA rental companies as well as studio managers. Shipping in the first quarter of next year, the DM2000 is a complete, multi-platform mixing system for broadcast, recording, post-production and live performance, marking a new era in digital mixing. Offering 96 mix channels, extensive surround features, integrated DAW and ProTools control, it provides more than nine times the processing power of the Yamaha 02R.

With its 24-bit/96kHz spec, the DM2000 offers a comprehensive range of 96kHz-compatible stereo effects, many designed for surround mixing. In addition, the DM2000 provides full automation of virtually all console parameters, and features 25 100mm motorized faders which can be layer-switched to control the 96 channels. L&SI was at the SBES preview launch - a full report appears in the December issue.

ADT's Serial Digital Analyzer
Monday, 26 November 2001

According to manufacturers Audio Digital Technology, its new SDA11 digital analyzer is a 'Digital Swiss Army Knife' for anyone who works with digital audio, verifying the final link in the audio chain. Visual indication is provided to indicate sample rate, line errors and channel status. The three output BNC connectors when connected to an oscilloscope will allow further investigation of data word length, eye patton and jitter. Word clock output is also possible from the incoming AES/SPDIF signal.

The small, hand-held, battery device will accept sample rates up to 96kHz at 24bits and will allow monitoring via headphones or internal loudspeaker of the incoming AES or SPDIF signals. For cases requiring a 'get out of trouble' fix, the analyzer is also capable of editing and re-transmitting the channel status bits causing the problem in communication, establishing a temporary working connection between two devices, while the hold function is a useful addition to tracing intermittent faults.

DAR Goes Live with TriggerDAR Goes Live with Trigger
Friday, 23 November 2001

Digital Audio Research Limited (DAR) has launched the Trigger Audio Replay System, building on its innovative workstation and disk-recorder technology to create a unique, flexible and powerful system for live television productions, as well as for radio and live theatre. Ideally suited to game show applications, Trigger provides easy-to-use instant-play facilities, allowing sound effects, music segments and voice-overs to be managed from a single system.

Trigger offers the the ability to record, edit, assign and replay audio segments from within a single-screen display. Mono and stereo audio segments can be assigned across up to four stereo outputs, with segments sequenced as four separate Playlists, or triggered individually by the 32 instant-play Trigger keys. Specific segments can be programmed for triggering by external switching - including contestants' and presenters' buttons, and console fader-starts - with Trigger also able to generate or respond to MIDI commands for synchronizing audio play-outs to other events and equipment, such as studio lighting.

Trigger can be operated as a stand-alone system - or, using DAR's D-net protocol, Trigger systems can be networked to each other, or linked to a studio-wide, server-based audio network. A disk-based system, Trigger is supplied with an 18GB internal hard drive, plus a choice of removable-media drives including DVD-RAM, MO and Zip. Trigger's built-in editing functions provide the ability to fine-tune audio segments independently - trim start and end points, adjust fade-in and fade-out slopes, set gain levels, and ad

The DJM-3000 Rack Mount MixerThe DJM-3000 Rack Mount Mixer
Wednesday, 21 November 2001

Yesterday, Pioneer introduced to the world its first Pro DJ 19" rack-mount mixer; the DJM-3000. To ensure the widest possible music-making flexibility, the DJM-3000 is equipped with an industry-first Effect Mix Mode that easily and accurately effects phrases in a BPM-linked operation along with an improved auto beat effector. In addition to Echo and Zip, Pioneer has come up with a new effect, 'Roll'. This runs a mix while changing the pitch of the song up the chromatic scale to the beat of the music.

The Auto BPM Counter automatically measures and digitally displays a track's BPM (measurement range: 70-139 / 91-180 / 70-180 / Manual) allowing the user to merge one song into another smoothly. Tapping on the TAP button enables the user to manually input BPMs of tracks that are difficult to measure. DJs can now see the music beat, making it faster and easier to mix tracks with different beats. More information is available from Pioneer's 'djsounds' website - address below.

Nady's Competitive UHF PackageNady's Competitive UHF Package
Tuesday, 20 November 2001

Nady Systems, one of the world's largest wireless microphone manufacturers, has introduced a cost-competitive UHF package via its recently-appointed exclusive UK distributor, Lamba plc. Lamba see the UHF-10 as being one of the best value-for-money products on the market, the system offering all the advantages of clear-channel operation on the uncluttered UHF band (operating between 794-805MHz). Featuring the full 120dB dynamic range, the UHF-10 promises a typical operating range of 250ft - extending to up to 500ft in open areas.

Features of the UHF-10 receiver include DigiTRU Diversity for maximum range and drop-out protection, Tone Squelch for locking out potential interference; noiseless transmitter; both quarter-inch unbalanced and balanced XLR outputs and full LED indicators. The BodyPack Transmitter (UB-10) features: Off/Standby/On switch; low battery LED indicator; locking 3.5mm mini-jack for audio inputs (instrument, headworn mic or lavalier mic), with input level adjust and three-way selector. The UH-10 Handheld Transmitter features the Nady DM-10D unidirectional neodymium dynamic cartridge for optimum true sound, with low feedback and minimal handling noise.

CF7 WZX and more from Coemar
Tuesday, 20 November 2001

Coemar has launched the CF7WashZoomX, a new unit which complements the already popular CF7HEX. The new 700W MSR unit continues the Coemar tradition of using carbon fibre in the construction of the body and, alongside now standard features from Coemar such as high output and crisp definition, uses a powerful zoom lens system and a range of filters to alter the beam output from maximum intensity to maximum evenness to maximum diffusion. Alongside the zoom capability, which can produce beams as narrow as 9° and as wide as 54° with the diffusion lens, and as wide as 80° with the prismatic lens - Coemar's rich CMY colour mix system is included with a single dichroic colour wheel and colour correction filters.

Also new from Coemar, the new iCyc250 and ColourCyc250 LX are designed for applications requiring compact, intelligent colour wash facilities and are both constructed utilising the latest VO ABS material and features a unique system of four snap-on lenses which can be quickly changed to alter the beam configuration as required. Utilising the MSD/HSD 250 series of lamps, the iCyc also features full CMY colour mixing and full on-board dimming, whilst the ColourCyc utilises a colour wheel with replaceable dichroic colours.

Finally, the Panorama range has been increased with the addition of the Panorama Cyc250 and the Panorama Cyc250C. These compact, outdoor colour wash units are IP44-rated and utilize the MSD/HSD 250 series of lamps. Both units are constructed from the latest VO ABS material and features a unique system of four snap-on lenses which can be quickly change

StratoSphere from Laser MagicStratoSphere from Laser Magic
Monday, 19 November 2001

The StratoSphere is a 60ft tall by 50ft wide inflatable dome with two airlock systems for entrance and exits. It has been designed to be a projection sphere capable of holding 300+ VIP guests and offer excellent projections of video, lighting and laser images inside a unique 360° environment. It is also possible to use the projection surfaces as a giant video screen as the surface of the sphere is specially designed for this medium, we have projected both on the inside and on the outside of the StratoSphere with equally impressive results and couple with the quick erection time of the sphere, Laser Magic feel that this system will attract users from many areas of our industry.

Its first showing was for a large event celebrating 20 years of King Fahad's reign in Saudi Arabia, where it was mounted on a barge in the sea. Inside the StratoSphere, Laser Magic installed high power video and lighting systems to create a living surface, and then coupled to this the new IREOS multi-coloured searchlights as well as their new stock of Comar NAT 2.5kW luminaires to create a unique atmosphere.

Laser Magic currently has one StratoSphere system, with a second StratoSphere due for delivery towards the end of the year. Further details are available from the Laser Magic website.

EDDY Award Winners Announced
Monday, 19 November 2001

Entertainment Design magazine's EDDY Awards will be presented on 7 December 2001 at John Jay College Theatre in New York City. This special 10th anniversary EDDY event also includes six awards (both group and individual) to outstanding designers and technicians, as well as a tribute to all past winners, and a special salute to a talented group of young designers. This year's winners are High End Systems for the Catalyst projection system, developed in conjunction with Wynne Willson Gottelier. This latest Award follows on the heels of the PLASA Show and LDI Awards it has already won this autumn.

Lighting Accessory awards go to Lee Filters for the Quick Roll, a roll of colour gels already cut to standard fixture color frame widths; to Rosco for the Image Pro system of making low cost full-colour high-resolution plastic gobos; and to Wybron for the Eclipse II, a variable speed iris douser with linear control using a single motor with one channel of DMX. The software award goes to Pathway Connectivity for the Pathport Manager, the software companion for the Pathport DMX network.

Further details can be found at the Entertainment Design website.

ProVocal from dbx
Monday, 19 November 2001

Arbiter Group has launched the ProVocal from dbx Professional. The ProVocal is a unique, dedicated and powerful vocal processor, featuring state-of-the-art microphone and preamp modelling, award winning compression and dynamic effects, a 24bit digital effects section and a selectable 44.1 or 48Khz digital output. There are 18 microphone models and 10 microphone pre-amp models. Effects include compressor and de-esser, as well as chorus, flanger, delay parametric EQ and reverb. The ProVocal features a 24-bit, 44.1 or 48kHz digital S/PDIF output and is MIDI controllable.

BassBox Pro/X.Over Pro
Sunday, 18 November 2001

BassBox Pro and X.Over Pro are a suite of programs designed to give the constructor a hassle-free method of constructing their own speaker cabinets.

BassBox Pro has a selection of seven cabinet styles with user-customizable parameters including dimensions, driver choice and vented or enclosed styles. A wide variety of drivers are available from including single, dual and three-way cone drivers and flat radiators. The BassBox software is aimed at the home/semi-professional constructor looking to build cabinets for the home hi-fi, small venue or car.

To this end the software has a section depicting typical home and car acoustics to help the constructor choose their design. X.Over Pro is a standalone crossover design program that is quite comprehensive and allows the user to design their own crossovers or modify examples. All parameters are calculated and response graphs updated as values are changed. Graphs are generated for common requirements such a 3dB crossover points, as well as showing phase lead/lag of the wave-fronts of each driver in the design. X.Over Pro would be useful for professionals, as well as home constructors, as the maths involved in the crossover design is all taken care of, with excellent graphical representations. In both cases the Windows-based software is easy to use with excellent manuals explaining from first principles the nature of speaker operation and the parameters involved in speaker design. If you fancy having a go at building your own cabinets for the home or small venue, but are too lazy to reach for the calculator and a textbook, the

Martin Pro Offers Alien
Thursday, 15 November 2001

The Alien O5 is an elegant recessed colour changer from Martin Professional, which opens up new design possibilities in retail and themed environment illumination thanks to its stylish design and interchangeable colour possibilities. The compact and powerful Alien 05 is made of die-cast aluminium and offers eight interchangeable dichroic colour positions, plus open white. The Alien 05’s adjustable spherical head can be angled and swivelled in any position. It can be used as either a recessed ceiling fixture, or be positioned in a wall as an uplight, downlight or sidelight. The beam angle is 55-degrees and a special long life MR16 lamp (3000 hours) is included. The Alien 05 is also electrically dimmable using an appropriate transformer.

Colour and intensity can be controlled for various colour presets with colour sequences also controllable. With the Alien multi-driver unit, it is possible to connect a total of up to 24 Aliens on six independent driver outputs. A standard network cable using RJ-45 connectors can be used for easy daisy chaining of multiple units.

The unit has three different control options: in the simplest control option - a dipswitch - it is possible to select a predefined colour change from a setting of the dipswitch. The dedicated operator panel, Oracle 05, ensures intuitive programming and playback and features an LCD display. Finally, there is the option for control via any DMX controller.

DPA Presents New HydrophoneDPA Presents New Hydrophone
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

DPA Microphones has released its next-generation model of waterproof microphones - the Type 8011 - which, according to the company, is the only high-quality phantom-powered hydrophone in the world.

The 8011 is the only 48V phantom powered waterproof microphone specially designed to handle the high sound pressure levels and the high static ambient pressure in water and other fluids. With a full bandwidth of 100Hz-20kHz, the 8011 hydrophone uses a piezoelectric crystal sensing element which is enclosed in a capsule so that it can withstand high pressure encountered at depths of up to 50m without being damaged or suffering changes in its performance characteristics. The sensing element gives the hydrophone a dynamic range of more than 100dB, so that even large fluctuations in the SPL emitted from a sound source, or in the distance from the sound source to the hydrophone, will cause no distortion in the recorded audio signal.

The Type 8011 uses a built-in precision preamplifier, which remains unaffected by temperature changes. The preamplifier is powered via a standard P48 system and is equipped with a standard 3-pin XLR-connector. The integral cable has a robust and abrasion-resistant jacket, which allows the product to be used in permanent installations immersed in water or ice over long periods of time.

At the Olympic Games in Sydney, broadcast engineer Al Craig chose DPA hydrophones to provide a sound that matched the underwater cameras covering Swimming, Diving and Water Polo. "The idea was to provide a contrasting texture when the vision went underwater,"

New Controller from Elektralite
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

Elektralite has launched the CP 16/24, a universal moving light controller and big brother to the renowned CP10xt - the workhorse of many club designs the world over. Whereas the CP10xt offers control of 16 x 8-channel fixtures, the new CP16 / 24 allows the user to control the very largest fixtures with its 16 x 24-channel capability (384 DMX channels). The CP16/24 is capable of programming a wide variety of different manufacturers' intelligent moving fixtures through the use of extensive libraries already patched and ready for use. There are even additional entries to cover fixtures not already specified in the library. It will also control dimmers, colour changers - in fact, virtually any device that utilises DMX protocol.

Retaining the ease of programming which made the CP-10xt such a world-wide success, it takes only seconds to learn how to enter a cue, create a chase, and construct a macro. Manual control of any individual or multiple fixtures can be done at any time even while a pre-programmed show is playing. Other features include: auto-masking, timed crossfade, and coarse or fine joystick control. The user also has the added ability to turn the joystick from absolute to relative position control, providing accurate positioning of moving lights. To enhance creativity, a MIDI port is provided which allows control of the CP16/24 remotely from another MIDI device such as a keyboard. The MIDI port also allows CP16/24s to be linked, and to download or upload complete memory content to a 3.5" disk, for example. The CP16/24 is supplied with an external power supply

Stardraw: New Software for LDs
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

Stardraw selected LDI 2001 as the launch platform for its latest lighting design and documentation software. Stardraw Lighting 2D is an all-new offering from the London-based software company and replaces the Stardraw 2DV3 package which has been available since 1998. The Windows application boasts a library of over 8,000 symbols of fixtures and truss, regular monthly updates of new symbols and program features, advanced reporting and an interface that is "so easy, even a salesman can use it."

David Snipp, Stardraw’s managing director and head of development, described some key elements: "This code has been under development and evolving for eight years so it’s very robust, reliable and above all, fast. With Stardraw Lighting 2D we've added a lot of advanced features and implemented a subscription-based philosophy, in line with Stardraw Audio and Stardraw AV. Our users place a lot of value in receiving new symbols in a timely fashion, and the cutting-edge architecture we use allows us to add new features very easily. For example, we have just added a utility which identifies any serious problem, whether it's caused internally by bad data from an imported file, or externally by bad device drivers, and Stardraw will mail a comprehensive report back to the developers. This means we can fix any fault without our users having to spend time on the phone, and fixes are always posted within 48 hours. This new version immediately notifies users whenever updates are available from our website."

A significant new step with this software is the abilit

Tuesday, 13 November 2001

ARX Systems, the Australia-based manufacturer of pro audio products announces the release of the new ARX Product CD-ROM V5, the total resource centre for all things ARX. Completely revised and updated the V5 CD includes new products such as the SPL8, SPL20 and SPL 28 powered loudspeakers, 8 Pre mic preamp, ZAT multi-channel transformer packs, updated application notes and much more.

To obtain a copy you can either register online at the ARX website below.

Rosco Model 1700 Fog Machine
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

A high quality successor to the Rosco 1600 fog machine - with radical improvements and lower cost, has been introduced by the company, offering solutions for theatre, clubs and rental applications. According to Rosco, every feature has been evaluated and state-of-the-art technology applied to give long-life reliability and high performance. The Rosco model 1700 delivers fog output equal to or more than that of the 1600, but in keeping with modern practice, draws low power - 1190W (230v) or 1130W (110v). The machine accepts either the 4L or 2.5L Rosco Fog Fluid bottle. The entire range of Rosco fluids is available in these sizes. This new machine has a remote control stored on board, with a 5m lead and fine control for on/off settings. It can be connected to a lighting control board through an optional DMX interface. An XLR socket port enables up to four machines to be operated with one remote control.

Kelsey Launches Duracat CableKelsey Launches Duracat Cable
Thursday, 8 November 2001

Kelsey Acoustics has launched Duracat, a tough Cat5 DMX and AES data cable for industrial applications which provides a durable and reliable data solution for patching, theatre, studio stage and public area usage. According to Kelsey's Michael Whiteside, the brief for this cable was to produce a tough, "stage-proof" Cat5e cable that terminates with standard RJ45 connectors and yet has a build that provides real protection for its structure as a data cable. "We have gone to great lengths to ensure that Duracat is constructed for maximum flexibility combined with the strength and durability that is fundamental to the accurate transmission of data," he commented.

Satisfied customers already include Marquee Audio who have used Duracat for a recent theatre installation, and rental company SSE who were delighted with every aspect of the cable's performance in a live environment and have subsequently ordered a significant quantity. Internally, Duracat is built as a Cat5e patch lead, using stranded copper conductors that give it strength with flexibility. The pairs are orbitally spun round each other rather than twisted which prevents strain and means they stay in a 'natural' position. This also enhances its electrical consistency. A plastic foil followed by a loose wrap screen around the four pairs maintains a low capacitance and gives the components protection against internal abrasion.

The inner sheath fits exactly onto RJ45 connectors, for correct and secure crimp termination, whilst the outer sheath provides a durable wall to protect the internal struct

Digital Processor from QSCDigital Processor from QSC
Thursday, 8 November 2001

QSC Audio Products Inc has introduced the DSP-30 digital processor. Building on the power and success of the DSP-3 signal processing module, the DSP-30 is a cost-effective, highly customizable, single rack unit, 2-channel signal processor featuring a high degree of functionality that can improve the performance of any sound system, say QSC Audio. The DSP-30's powerful processor facilitates a wide range of signal processing functions, including screen channel crossovers, multiple parametric EQ and time delay for surround channels, or subsonic filters for subwoofers. Compound these functions with compression/limiting, precision attenuation, mixing, plus tone or noise generation, and the DSP-30 is as flexible as your system's needs - easily capable of performing the most complex speaker processing tasks.

Featuring an intuitive front panel layout for easy program selection coupled with a computer interface via a front panel RS-232 port, the DSP-30 combines ease-of-use with a high degree of customization. Using the supplied PC-based Signal Manager software featuring 'drag and drop' processing blocks, simple drawing tools, and real-time control, any combination of signal processing functions may be configured until the total capacity is used. DSP resources are graphically displayed at the bottom of the screen and configurations can be easily downloaded directly to the DSP-30's eight user configurable presets for easy recall plus set-and-forget convenience.

The DSP-30 features 24-bit converters and operates at a 48kHz sampling frequency. The unit features balanced Neutrik Comb

Vari-Lite Kicks off LDI with Debut of New Luminaire
Monday, 5 November 2001

Vari-Lite kicked off its participation at LDI 2001 with the debut of a ground-breaking new luminaire - the Vari*Lite VL1000 ellipsoidal reflector spotlight. The special sneak preview event, in Junior Ballroom G at the Rosen Centre Hotel, featured an overview of the innovative VL1000 by Vari-Lite chairman and CEO Rusty Brutsché. "With the VL1000, we believe Vari-Lite has taken the largest single step towards one of the goals the company set for itself when it was founded 20 years ago - developing automated systems for all stage lighting.

In addition to getting the preliminary, close-up look at the VL1000, attendees at the special event had the opportunity to see history in person as Vari-Lite displayed the numerous revolutionary luminaires from its 20 years of innovation, including the first ever automated light from Vari-Lite - the Vari*Lite VL0 prototype. It was the VL0 that helped establish automated lighting as an industry.

Vari-Lite also featured the VL1000 at its LDI display. Visitors to the display were able to see 50 VL1000 luminaires lighting the stand. They were also able to examine the new luminaire inside and out, as well as operate demo units that allowed them to explore every parameter of this innovative light. In addition, Var-Lite’s Sarah Clausen and Jim Waits led technical training sessions on the Virtuoso DX Console as well as on systems and design. The sessions, part of LDInstitute and the ESTA Training Programs, give entertainment design professionals theopportunity to get in-depth technical training. And at the LDI/ESTA Awards ceremony o

ETC’s Emphasis
Monday, 5 November 2001

Electronic Theatre Controls chose LDI as the platform to launch a new lighting control product - Emphasis. The new product integrates two technologies that have never been together before - the hands-on lighting control of the company’s Express and Expression consoles and the new level of WYSIWYG’s Emmy award-winning visualization software. Emphasis can now handle the whole lighting process from start to finish: tasks don’t have to be repeated and a high level of integration means that the data only has to be entered once and the system will automatically update everything related to it. It also features WYSILink giving users a graphic representation of the system. The good news for current users of Expression and Express users is that they can upgrade to the new system.

Vigil CommuniCare from Baldwin Boxall
Wednesday, 31 October 2001

The recently developed VIGIL CommuniCare from Baldwin Boxall Communications is unique within the emergency communication sector, having been especially designed for use within a completely new market - Disabled Refuge Areas. Market leaders, Baldwin Boxall took the initiative to develop VIGIL CommuniCare, a sophisticated emergency communication system that meets the requirements for public buildings containing Refuge Areas, such as: Cinema Complexes, Hotels, Theatres and Office Blocks.

The main Control Panel allows Fire Officers or Building Managers to keep in contact with wheelchair bound personnel who, in an emergency, are kept from danger within Refuge Areas. The control panel is supplied as a 64 way unit which can be divided into 16-way blocks, is wall mountable and battery backed to meet EN60849, BS5839 part 8 and BS5588. The Remote Unit is housed within the Refuge Area and, once triggered, allows disabled personnel to keep in contact with Fire Officers and enables the Fire Officer to reassure the disabled person or give further instructions. The unit also houses a relay switch, which can control external apparatus such as an over door light or mute local Voice Alarm loudspeakers. Designed to be wired in a loop configuration with a 200m cable run between each unit, the Remote Units are extremely simple to install by using three-core fire-rated cable. It is, however, possible to increase this cable run by adding a 'dummy' remote unit to boost the signal to the next unit.

CommuniCare has been designed for future growth and Baldwin Boxall is already developing a Fire T

Audient Introduces ASP520Audient Introduces ASP520
Tuesday, 30 October 2001

Audient has launched a brand new product to augment its Surround Sound range - the ASP520 bass management processor. Launching in November 2001, designer David Dearden describes the ASP520 as "a unique problem solver for bass management in any surround monitoring system." Any surround sound monitoring environment which does not have five full-range loudspeakers in addition to a subwoofer needs some form of bass management in order to reproduce the full bass content of the surround mixes.

The ASP520 is a flexible bass management controller which permits selection of both the bass redirect source and destination. Phase compensation at the crossover point and two bands of parametric equalisation are provided to enable the LF performance of the monitor system to be optimized without resorting to external EQs. The ASP520 can be used alone, or in conjunction with the ASP510 Surround Sound controller to provide a complete management system for surround monitoring.


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