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PCM Motor Controllers
Thursday, 13 July 2000

PCM has introduced a range of low cost motor controllers. Constructed from standardised steel plates, the controllers are available in 4, 6, 8 or 12 channel units with both local and remote controls. 24 or 36 channel units are also available for larger venues. Local controlled units have Ceeform outlets for each hoist on the front panel, whilst the rear panel contains toggle switches for each hoist, a manual phase reversal system and an overload device all protected by a hinged cover.

Paradigm Announces First Ever Holo Screen
Wednesday, 12 July 2000

Paradigm Audio Visual has announced the arrival of the latest innovation from Danish projection specialists, DNP. The Holo Screen, a holographic rear-projection screen designed specifically for point of sale applications, was launched at the recent Infocomm exhibition in California, USA. The DNP Holo Screen is a hologram in the form of a thin film laminated to an acrylic substrate. This hologram will only respond to light striking it from specific angles - in this case exactly 35°. This allows the screen to be hung anywhere in free space, with the projector hidden away from view. From the viewing side, an image of almost perfect 3D-quality can be seen apparently suspended in thin air. This new medium allows further scope for creativity in content and images than has previously been possible, and enables the use of existing video, computer and still image material. The hologram is so selective about the direction from which it receives the light that it is suitable for use in even the most glaring of ambient light situations, such as shop windows. The DNP Holo Screen is activated solely by a projector modified to throw a trapezoid image at a 35° angle that translates as a perfectly square image. The DNP Holo Screen is now shipping and is available from Paradigm Audio Visual, exclusive distributors for DNP Denmark A/S in the UK.

AC Launches Starlite Mk 5 Zoom into Market
Wednesday, 12 July 2000

Following considerable success at the top end of the market, Starlite Mk5 distributor Lane Lighting has passed the baton to High Wycombe-based AC Lighting to launch the product into the mainstream market. At the same time, the latest generation of the fixture has been launched, featuring an 18º - 35º zoom module. To coincide with the launch, AC has also announced a substantial price reduction with the aim of making the product affordable to a much wider market.During the past two years the Starlite Mk5 has been a feature of many of the major UK festivals and events, with appearances at Glastonbury, V98 & V99, Reading, Party in the Park and Homelands. In addition, the fixture was used in abundance at the opening of London's Millennium Dome. The first customer for the new zoom fixtures was lighting design specialist Metropolis Lighting, who have just installed six of the units into the brand new 'Now' TV studios in West London.

Allen & Heath Launches v101 Software for ML5000
Monday, 10 July 2000

Allen & Heath has announced the availability of version 1.01 of the new ML5000 console's software, which can be downloaded from the company's website and is complete with full, clear instructions for uploading to the console. The new version offers refinements to the functionality of the desk, including a streamlining of the snapshot store to allow storing to sequential locations with single key presses and an extension of the MIDI dump to include more surface settings.

Olympic Noise Gate from ARX
Friday, 7 July 2000

ARX has announced the launch of two new products. The Mix 8 is an 8 into 2 stereo line mixer, designed as the ideal real-world interface for today's 8-track playback requirements, and a solution to all multi-channel line mixing needs. Also new is the VCS-6 (pictured) DC-controlled noise gate, which has been developed in conjunction with Panasonic Broadcast and the Sydney Olympic Broadcast Organisation (SOBO), who requested from ARX an audio-for-video switcher based on the ARX Sixgate, which they were already familiar with. Panasonic has now placed an order for 34 of the units, allowing them to control remotely 204 channels of audio at the Sydney Olympics.

XtraMusic Offers Hospitality Package
Thursday, 6 July 2000

XtraMusic has launched a new satellite music package which provides subscribers with unlimited access to 80 channels of music, encompassing full background and foreground music requirements for business establishments. The company's European business development manager Noel Chivers said: "Our customer feedback tells us that the average pub can spend between £50 to £100 a month on CDs, and this is without the cost of CD players."

Philips Easy Line Adds PA to CCTV
Wednesday, 5 July 2000

Philips CSI's Easy Line 2000 products represent anew and easy way for CCTV installers to offer more advanced systems combining CCTV and PA. Easy Line brings together Philips POS observation and discrete CCTV systems with compatible public address products to add sound capability in a plug and play format. The new system allows installers to provide fast and cost-effective solutions including stand-alone or integrated POS, CCTV and PA systems.

Cable News from Artistic
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd is now able to supply the full range of Tourflex Datasafe cable manufactured by AC Lighting Ltd. Tourflex Datasafe cables are engineered specifically to handle the requirements of DMX512 and the range includes single pair, twin pair and digital colour changer cable, all types are UL listed.

Audio Plans for Nexo PS-8
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

Surrey-based installation company, Audioplan, has recently taken delivery of a total of 21 PS-8 cabinets and seven LS-400 subs. Indeed, the demand for these loudspeakers has been so intense that the very first shipment to arrive at UK distributor, Fuzion, went straight out to Audioplan who installed them within 36 hours of arriving in the country. The first recipient of the PS-8 was St John's Church in Ealing who took delivery of four PS-8s and two PS-15s. Other interesting applications from Audioplan's initial delivery include a sale to Surrey-based BallRacing Developments who develop high-end motor sport simulators for PC and Playstation.

PCM Announces Year End Motor Schools
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

PCM's CM Lodestar Motor School training sessions have been scheduled for September 18th and 19th immediately after PLASA and also on 28th and 29th November. The two-day course, which will be held at PCM's HQ in Prenton, Wirral, has now been modified and streamlined to include an operational session on the use of the Lodestar Motor in addition to the usual hands-on assembly, disassembly and troubleshooting of the hoist. Once again, the event is broadened by trussing, ground support and metalwork specialists James Thomas Engineering, who will present a half day course on truss usage and its interaction with motors.

NXT Shortlisted for MacRobert Award
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

Huntingdon-based NXT plc has been shortlisted for this year's £50,000 Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for its SurfaceSound flat panel loudspeaker technology. Henry Azima, Martin Colloms and Neil Harris have spent five years perfecting the world's first diffuse flat-panel loudspeaker, the technology behind which is now being licensed to manufacturers around the world. The winner of the Award will be announced in November.

Common-Sense from Artistic Licence
Monday, 3 July 2000

Artistic Licence has launched a new show control system. 'Common-Sense' provides a protocol interface that supports contact closures, switch matrices, analogue control voltage, real-time clock, MIDI, MIDI show control, Infrared, RS232, RS485 and of course DMX512. All of these interfaces are software-controlled in a self-contained wall-mount enclosure. The product is configured using a user-friendly graphic software package, Sense-Edit. Common-Sense has been nominated for the PLASA 2000 Best New Product Award.

Autograph Announces Soundweb Plug-In
Friday, 30 June 2000

Autograph Sales, UK distributor for the Conductor show control systems from Belgian compant Avenger, has announced the introduction of the Soundweb plug-in for the Conductor's Composer software. Developed in conjunction with BSS Audio, plug-in enables the Conductor to interface with BSS's programmable audio network products, and brings additional functionality to the Soundweb system by allowing the control of fades and cross-fades. The plug-in provides event-synchronised control of any variable-gain Soundweb parameter, such as Eq value, delay time or compression threshold.

Federal Launches Millbank Integrated Amps
Friday, 30 June 2000

Federal Signal has launched the Millbank Ultima II XK series of integrated public address amplifiers - the first Millbank product introduced since Federal's acquisition of the brand last year. The Ultima II range boasts a range of features not normally available in this price range, and are also very easy to install, with no internal adjustments or retro-fit options required. The amps feature six inputs, the first five 'universal', allowing the simple configuration of the signal priorities associated with each input. Each offers a balanced input, with a trim control to allow a wide variety of signal sources to be used.

Lighting Technology and the Titan
Thursday, 29 June 2000

Adding to its continually-expanding range of dramatic lighting fixtures, the ultra-high-power Titan 7kW Xenon searchlight is now available from Lighting Technology. It is the latest unit in the architectural range from manufacturers Astralux, for which Lighting Technology is an exclusive distributor. Ideal for situations where organisers want to attract the attention of the general public, the Titan can send out a call-sign in the form of a dramatic shaft of light. It has a range of 1 lux at 24 kilometres.

MiniMac Wins Again
Thursday, 22 June 2000

Martin Pro's MiniMAC won the Best of Lightfair 2000 award from Design Journal magazine recently - the latest in a string of awards for the product. In the past month it has also picked up the Lightfair Innovator award and the inaugural Roeder Award. It also won last year's LDI Award for Lighting Product of the Year/Architecture and more recently the Best New Product of the Year Award at the Electricity and Lighting Show in Montreal.

Tascam for Toploader
Thursday, 22 June 2000

For their recent headline UK tour, Toploader augmented their live set with an on-stage Tascam DA-98 digital multitrack and RC-898 remote control. Controlled by drummer Rob Green, the Tascam recorder is used to bring some of the studio-recorded strings and percussion from the Album - Onka's Big Moka - into the live performance. The band also brought in a second rig of four DA-88 digital multitracks to record some of the gigs.

53 Bars With Tannoy's Wide Dispersion
Wednesday, 21 June 2000

Over 40 Tannoy speakers have been used in a popular city town bar and nightclub in Burnley, Lancashire after a recent refurbishment by Liverpool-based Orritt Electronic Services Ltd. Bass-owned bar Sidewalk 53 and nightclub City 53 have benefited from extensive remodelling in line with Bass Leisure Retail Channel policy, and as a result, Sidewalk 53 was recently ranked in the top 10 UK CTB's according to FHM. The bar features eight Tannoy i12 Dual Concentric speakers, four B400 bass cabinets and a couple of TX2 controllers in conjunction with Ecler amplification, and a Cloud CX335 compressor limiter and mixer. The larger roomfeatures eight Tannoy i12 Dual Concentric speakers with two B400 bass and two B950 sub-bass units. Ecler amplification and Cloud crossovers complete the larger room. The smaller room uses 10 T12 full-range speakers; two B950s with Tannoy TX2 controllers are also installed along with Ecler amplification, Cloud Cx and Citronic graphics.

World's First TV with NXT Sound
Wednesday, 21 June 2000

LG Electronics of Korea has launched its first TV integrating NXT SurfaceSound loudspeaker technology. The LG Platon CN-29Q3 TV features motorised NXT panels on each side, which are operated via the remote control handset. The unit can be used with the panels folded in at 45 degrees or fully out. The company's new product strategy is centred around its digital technology and features next generation display devices as its core product group. LGE plans to build Digital LG as its premier brand image and is making preparations to take the centre stage in representing the cutting-edge electronics industry in the new millennium.

VDC Launches Latest Catalogue
Tuesday, 20 June 2000

VDC Trading has released its 2000-2001 product directory, featuring the copany's full range range of pro audio, video and broadcast cabling systems. The world-renowned Van Damme range of cables are prominently featured as are over 5000 other cabling and connector solutions, from custom-built stage boxes and metal work, racks and multicore looms. VDC hs also added further product lines to this year's directory which include 2U, 16-32amp mains distros, all rack mountable and in two colours.

Multiple Hoist Controllers From Out Board
Friday, 16 June 2000

Out Board Electronics has introduced a new series of chain hoist controllers designed for multiple control for a range of staging and rigging applications. The series comprises the CM4 four-channel 4U Lodestar hoist controller, the CM6 - six-channel, 3U controller and the CM12 - the most compact controller on the market, with 12 channels in a 3U chassis. All models conform to European EMC and LVD requirements. The first sale of the new controllers has been made to London-based Vertigo Rigging, who have invested in three 12-channel controllers and two of the 6-channel CM6s for use within their hire stock.

Rearpro Simplified by Paradigm
Friday, 16 June 2000

Paradigm Audio Visual has launched the Paradigm Rearpro LC rig, a new low-cost system for AV specifiers and installers, which will enable installers to carry out professional rear projection installations (up to a screen size of 72") without time-related expenses on design, planning materials and lengthy installation procedures. The Rearpro LC Rig comes as a serviced hardware package comprising projector mount, optical mirrors (glass or foil), frames and all interconnecting framework. The rig can be used with any LCD or DLP projector, for which it will then be assembled and aligned. Also included in the package is a full CAD service that enables a dealer's projector to be built into the system. Complete CAD drawings are supplied for client use, liaison with contractors and for system documentation.

XtraMusic Launches Retail Lease Package
Friday, 16 June 2000

Satellite background music specialist XtraMusic has announced the launch of the XtraMusic Lease package, aimed specifically at retail establishments of any size or type. The package enables retailers to provide digital CD-quality music consistently for customers and staff alike. The system is operated via simple touch-button control and the cost can equate to as little as the price of a CD each week. Where the satellite system is the sole source of music, XtraMusic is exempt from PPL licensing. It therefore represents a cost-effective means for smaller retailers to supply music by original artists, from an extensive library of over two million tracks, without constant interruption from radio announcements and adverts. XtraMusic benefits larger retail outlets by offering music for different departments or areas, without the associated costs of PPL licences for each individual area.

Small World Specs Matrix
Thursday, 15 June 2000

A new PA system, featuring STR1500 amplifiers from the Matrix Audio Development, has been installed at First Division Football Club Sheffield United by Small World. The company has designed and installed a new PA system to replace the existing 2000W (RMS) PA. The spec includes Marine-grade plywood cabinets housing Fane 450W Colossus loudspeakers and Fane CD150 high frequency units, together with Matrix STR 1500W amps. The installation is phase one in a two-phase programme to create the ultimate environment of sound and vision.


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