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TiMax ImageMaker in UseTiMax ImageMaker in Use
Monday, 6 August 2001

Out Board Electronics’ new TiMax ImageMaker 16, the audio localisation and virtual surround matrix, has been used on recent high profile corporate event shows with two leading audio design/production companies.

Dimension Audio’s Mark Boden used the system’s multi-dimensional effects capability for the first time during a walk-in for 200 BT delegates at the Sofitel in Paris. The event, called BT Ignite, was staged by production company Catalysm, and the TiMax showcontrol PlayList was used to trigger two CD players, running for half an hour on a continuous loop. While the main audio track came from the screen, the TiMax ‘image definitions’ created an array of voice sound effects which appeared to be emanating from different areas of the room.

"We used TiMax again to create a surround sound effect during various points of the video," said Boden, adding that the level/delay matrix was so successful that it would now form an intrinsic part of the sound at the repeat event, which will be held at London’s Metropole Hotel. Boden was joined by James Eade on engineering duties, and in addition to TiMax Dimension Audio featured Trantec’s S5000 UHF wireless system (10 lavaliers and two handhelds) and a d&b sound system, mixed through a DDA CS8.

Meanwhile, Delta Sound Inc was asked by Jack Morton Worldwide to provide the audio at the National Agricultural Centre for the dealership launch of the new Vauxhall Vivaro van. A specially-commissioned music and effects score and video were provided and a TiMax ImageMaker 16 was used to e

TOA Intelligent VM-2000 Amplifiers
Friday, 3 August 2001

TOA’s VM-2000 Series amplifiers are designed to allow for expansion as requirements increase. For example, if the standard five loudspeaker zones are not enough, the unit can be linked to another unit for servicing an additional five zones and doubling the power output. Optional accessories and related equipment are available to meet specific requirements and enhance a unit's operational scope. The VM-2000 Series conforms to most international emergency sound system standards and requirements such as IEC60849.

The VM-2000 Series also offers intelligent self-diagnosis capability. When a VM-2000 Series unit is fitted with the optional SV-200M Surveillance Board, the unit gains the ability to conduct automatic system-wide checks for open or shorted speaker lines and ground leakage as well as other malfunctions, simplifying maintenance and other routine system tasks as well as instantly alerting operators when a fault occurs. And of course, the VM-2000 Series is ready for failsafe operation with backup 24V battery power to ensure uninterrupted operation.

EV With Shuttlesound at PLASA
Wednesday, 1 August 2001

Electro-Voice has a big presence on the Shuttlesound stand at PLASA this year, starting with EViD, an elegant new range of loudspeakers designed for the installation market, in particular bars, restaurants, retail and leisure complexes. Increasing in both size and power and suitable for both live and installation work is the successful new Rx Series, whilst the concert market has recently witnessed the debut of EV's new line-array system, X-Line. Shuttlesound will also be exhibiting the ultra-compact Venice console from Midas along with product from Dynacord and a comprehensive range of EV microphones including the new N-Dym wireless system.

New Eminence Speakers at PLASA
Tuesday, 31 July 2001

Eminence Speaker Europe is using PLASA 2001 as the platform to introduce its new sub-bass and bass driver range, Eminence Magnum. Power ratings are expected to be in the region of 1kW. The Magnum is available in 15" and 18" sizes and uses a ‘bullet-shaped’ aluminium phaser at its centre to act as an acoustic device that minimises destructive phase conditions. The phaser doubles as a heatsink. Motor heat is drawn through the aluminium by the draught from cone movement (a principle employed by the company’s Kilomax series).Magnum possesses a number of other interesting developments including a copper shorting ring to reduce distortion; core periphery ventilation - a series of eight holes in the pole piece that enable a continuous exchange of hot air inside the motor and cooler air inside the enclosure; sinusoid suspensions; lower QT parameters for use in smaller vented enclosures; a choice of HO and LF specifications. The HO version has a lighter moving mass for greater sensitivity; LF has a longer X-MAX and greater moving mass for extended low frequency performance.

The Eminence stand at PLASA will be the biggest ever taken by the company. Managing director Arthur Barnes explains: "We have seen a growth in the importance of this exhibition and an increase in the attendance of key buyers - many are people we perhaps do not reach at Frankfurt. PLASA, in reaching a different audience, has become almost as important to Eminence as Frankfurt."

Eminence can be found on stand E24.

James Thomas Launches
Monday, 30 July 2001

James Thomas Engineering will launch its new Exterior MR16 fixture at PLASA 2001 and also feature the new Image Plus focussing device for the MR16 lantern. JTE is also highlighting examples of its large, versatile range of standard aluminium trussing, ground support and roofing structures and theatrical lanterns - applicable and popular in all areas of the entertainment industry, from clubs and destination venues of all types to large scale festivals, theatres, concert tours, theme parks, visitor attractions and retail environments. The Par 16 Outdoor lantern is IP65-rated and developed for use in all types of weather conditions. This highly durable fixture’s body is made from corrosive resistant, robust, cast Aluminium.

James Thomas Engineering is also introducing the latest evolution for the Par 16 lantern - the Image Plus 3. This is a simple and cost-effective focussing device that attaches to the lantern’s colour frame runners, increasing yet further the massive versatility of this already dynamic lantern. The Image Plus 3 takes a standard size 'E' Gobo, enabling any desired image or logo - in either glass or metal -' to be projected onto a surface or wall up to four metres away. James Thomas also offers an MR16 gobo rotator that will rotate either one or two gobos.

Other highlights include the Thomas Follow Spot Chair, which has received a major upgrade in the last year, and a streamlined version of the James Thomas Moving Light Truss (MLT) with enhanced ergonomics, along with examples of the company’s popular and versatile range of standard alumi

Lightfactor’s PLASA Line-Up
Monday, 30 July 2001

Leading UK distributor Lightfactor will be displaying the latest products from LDR, LightProcessor, SGM, High End (Lightwave Research), Apogee Sound and Zeck Audio.

New SGM products include the launch of the Giotto 400 spot and wash moving head luminaires. Producing a powerful 8000 lumens, these fixtures were designed and built specifically for large shows, theatres, TV studios and entertainment venues. The light output is produced by a combination of the Phillips MSR 400HR discharge lamp and a dichroic reflector that allows the heat to be dissipated on the rear of the fixture - ensuring maximum temperature reduction.

From Apogee Sound, of California, will be the recently-released range of powered loudspeakers - the APL Series. Modelled on the highly successful AE and F Series cabinets, Apogee’s powered versions emulate the performance, clarity and quality of the conventional loudspeakers, with processing and amplification both contained within the enclosure. Models on display at PLASA will include the powered versions of the AE-5 (APL-500) AE-10 Subwoofer (APL-10), AE-8 (APL-800) AE-12 Subwoofer (APL-12) and the FH-2 (APL220). Also on stand will be a ‘live’ demonstration of the ease of rigging and de-rigging the Apogee ALA-9 system using the new Prolyte delay tower from Holland.

From the LDR brand of Italian-made theatre lanterns and accessories there will be three new products launched at the show: the Suono f650 Plus and Suono pc650 Plus; the Nota f1200 plus and Nota pc 1200 plus Tono f2000 plus and Tono pc2000 plus. These are

Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001
Monday, 30 July 2001

Hayden Laboratories, the UK distributor for leading audio brands Denon from Japan and Rane from the USA, is launching four new products for professional DJ and installation markets at PLASA 2001. Also highlighted on the Hayden stand is equipment for the fixed installation market, including Rane’s renowned ECS conferencing system products and their various CobraNET interfaces.

The new Denon DN-X400 DJ mixer is aimed at pro DJs wanting high-spec, robust kit. It follows hot on the heels of Denon’s first DJ mixer, the Denon DN X-800, launched earlier in the year, which has already proved a massive success with cutting-edge DJs. The X400 mixer is aimed at mobile DJs, entry-level installations and bars, cafes, and retail environments featuring guest DJs. Features include improved tactile touch-rubber knobs and superior faders, and a Track Mark button on the front panel for the insertion of ‘track breaks’ when recording a continuous mix. The machine has two mic inputs, Channel Fader Start and Crossfader Start using the industry standard 5v pulse trigger, and cross fader Contour Control. Other features include individual gain control on each channel; three-band EQ; eight line and two phono inputs; Booth/Zone output for separate control of the DJ booth; effects loop from the main output and mic output and coaxial and optical digital outputs for great connectivity.

The new Rane DA 26 distribution amplifier is a neat 1U splitter/mixer device providing a one-box solution for all installers of paging and background music systems. The DA 26 provides a paging p

A-T In the Loop
Monday, 30 July 2001

Welsh audio company Sound Induction Systems Ltd has employed Audio-Technica's Freeway radio microphones and PRO44 boundary microphones in a new portable loop system, pioneered to aid the hard of hearing. The system, which packs neatly into a briefcase and provides loop amplification for an area of up to 120sq.m, is proving an overwhelming success, and is available for sale or hire from SISL for non fixed installations.

SISL has pioneered a number of new products for the market as a direct result of the Disability Discrimination Act, and has built Audio-Technica microphones into many of these innovations.

Citronic’s Product Line-Up
Monday, 30 July 2001

The Citronic DJ Product Line continues to grow and has become one of the most extensive DJ brands in the World. At PLASA 2001, Citronic will be showing new and recently-released products. Also, Citronic will be announcing the winner of the ‘Design a mixer’ competition launched at last year’s PLASA and we will be previewing the winning design.

New mixer products include the CS3 mixer; the CDM10:4 DSP - the famous 10:4 with effects; a new silver panel version of the PRO 8; the latest addition to the company’s Mix Station range, the MSX-4; the SM450 Mk3 high end DJ install mixer and the VT3:2 - the hottest new product around. New CD Players incldue the CD3 Professional anti-shock with vari-speed and the CD4 high end 20 second anti-shock memory with Seamless Loop. Amplifiers products include the CPX Amplifier Range, the Ephos 6:2 mono PA head mixer with DSP and the Ephos 8:2 mono PA head mixer with digital delay. Other products include the PDQ Turntable, the KD-1 Karaoke Decoder, the BC-2 Dual BPM Counter. Other highlights include Citronic’s new 3D animated promotional DVD and poster line up.

Citronic can be found on stand D32.

MilTec on Show
Friday, 27 July 2001

Miltec (UK) Ltd will be showing audio products from both Ecler and Artcoustic, and a range of lighting products from FAL. New from Ecler will be additions to the PAM range of amplifiers, together with a new Enviro 100v line system and EPC 7000W sound system. Also on show for the first time are the Concept 2 and SCLAT ranges of mixers. FAL is introducing the Three Sixty 2 and Three Sixty 4 moving heads, alongside the Roulette Scan - a 1200W fixture and a 1500W strobe system. Artcoustic meanwhile will have its full range of speakers for bars, restaurants and conference rooms on show.

MilTec UK can be found on stand B40

Product Launches from Tannoy
Friday, 27 July 2001

Now celebrating 75 years at the forefront of audio technology, Tannoy is launching the multi-application, transportable T8 Dual Concentric and slimline i7 Contour reinforcement loudspeakers at PLASA 2001. Also on show are Tannoy's high power iQ10 PowerDual and a comprehensive range of sound reinforcement loudspeakers for foreground and background music, audio-visual and paging applications. A new range of high quality installation microphones and TA series amplifiers will also be on show, which further strengthens Tannoy's position as a total system supplier in the fixed installation, sound reinforcement market.

Tannoy's T8 is a compact, wedge profile version of its successful wide dispersion i8 Dual Concentric reinforcement loudspeaker. Unlike conventional two-way loudspeakers, the T8 can be used vertically and horizontally without any change to the sound quality and is ideal for low-profile ceiling mounting in landscape configuration in areas where height is limited.

Tannoy's new i7 Contour is a full-range installation loudspeaker designed for high quality music and speech reinforcement in applications where wide yet controlled coverage is required. Housed in a slimline cabinet allowing discreet vertical or horizontal mounting close to a wall or ceiling, the i7 Contour uses four 4" bass drivers and a single-dome HF driver, and exhibits dispersion characteristics of 70 degrees vertical and 110 degrees horizontal. In addition, the i7 features a built-in THP 60 low insertion loss transformer resulting in a more dynamic performance with extended bandwidth, and has r

Fuzion at PLASA 2001
Friday, 27 July 2001

Fuzion is displaying a number of newcomers to its product portfolio at PLASA 2001. The first is a range of high quality yet cost-effective loudspeakers and signal processors from WORK aimed specifically at the entertainment sector such as bars, pubs, leisure and retail complexes. Crown matches this with some new ranges of amplifiers for both installation and touring purposes and on the IQ side a new IQ-USP2/CN Cobranet DSP plug-in card for the MA-02 and Comtech Series amplifiers.

From Sabine comes the much-anticipated SWM-5000 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum radio mic system. This is a high quality system with some amazing features, and should not be missed. Symetrix also has some exciting new stuff on offer - the SymNet DSP Audio Matrix for the heart of your audio system, the 322 DSP engine for all-in-one outboard control and the 308 VCA Volume Control/Loudness EQ. There will also be new offerings from Camco in addition to the Vortex Series amplifiers, and of course the usual suspects will also be very much in evidence including the award-winning loudspeaker ranges from Nexo and the stalwarts from Crown.

Fuzion is the UK's leading independent pro audio distributor with a well established portfolio of top industry names including Nexo, Crown, Sabine, Symetrix and Littlite. New to the fold this year are the highly engineered amplifier ranges from Camco and a competitive range of loudspeakers and signal processors from WORK aimed specifically at the entertainment sector.

Fuzion can be found on stand F32.

Smart Sound With LEMSmart Sound With LEM
Friday, 27 July 2001

Smart Sound Direct enter the battle of the ‘peaks’ with the wallet-friendly LEM CLX2 compressor/limiter/expander. Incorporating Intelligent Program Recognition, this cost-effective 1U dynamic processor combines features normally unavailable within this price range, say the company. Programmed attack and release times are deduced with the CLX2’s Auto Function, allowing maximum compression without side-effects, while manual overide allows optimum control over transient peaks, essential for the selective programming of individual signals. The CLX2’s onboard Dynamic Enhancer permits selected replacement of ‘high-end loss’, most common when using broad band compressors. With the Auto ‘tracking system’ monitoring the amount of compression used, enhancement is only added when compression is employed, hence the compressed signal still maintains its audio dynamics. An Expander/Gate provides stable tolerance when receiving signals close to the noise floor. Expansion is automatically adjusted depending on the program level, keeping unwanted background intervention to an absolute minimum.

SGM Giotto Spot 400
Thursday, 26 July 2001

The Giotto Spot 400, the latest addition to the SGM range, is a moving head fixture designed and built specifically for use in large shows, theatres, television studios and entertainment venues. The 400 has a range of features including variable zoom, which enables linear beam angle adjustment from 9° to 24°; an electronic ballast (which ensures flicker-free light, bright stabilized beams and lighter fixture weight) and a linear diaphragm which allows to set the beam width. Excellent luminous performance (10,000 lumens) is achieved thanks to Giotto’s combination of a Philips MSR 400HR discharge lamp and a dichroic reflector, which allows the heat to be dissipated on the rear of the fixture, thus ensuring maximum temperature reduction.

Internal fixture components are all easily accessible, thanks to the simplicity with which the unit’s body can be opened. All maintenance procedure is thus facilitated to the utmost and extremely fast. As well as carefully studying the various mechanical and electronic components, SGM also paid close attention to the fixture’s appearance, studying smooth stylish lines that fit perfectly into any environment in which aesthetics are considered an important factor. Another major goal achieved with this moving head fixture is its very quiet operation, a feature sure to be appreciated in the theatre world, but also elsewhere.

SGM can be found on stand J37.

Audace to Launch Intelliplate
Thursday, 26 July 2001

Audace Ltd of Redruth, Cornwall, will be launching its new Intelliplate digital remote control system at this year’s PLASA Show. The company will be exhibiting at PLASA for the first time and will use the opportunity to reveal a package of new features, both hardware and software-wise, along with new multi-lingual literature to accompany the launch.

Intelliplate is closely based on the digital wall panel system that Audace has been shipping throughout the course of this year, but boasts significant enhancements to both the hardware and software specification. For the first time the system is capable of controlling DSP processors other than the Allen & Heath DR Series. At the time of going to press, both the BSS Soundweb and the Gentner PSR1212 were compatible, with plans afoot to include other processors on an on-going development cycle.

The software includes facilities for volume control, source selection, room combining, paging and more. Panels are configured using the new PanelWare set-up utility which is available for free download from the Intelliplate website. Hardware enhancements include an infrared window on each wall panel to enable wireless connections between the rack and PC for in-zone adjustment of EQs, levels etc during installation. In tandem with this announcement, Audace also announced the establishment of a dedicated website for the new control system.

Audace can be found on stand P28.

Elation Introduces Vision 575
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Elation’s new Vision 575 is a high-output DMX-512 scanner with high quality optics and a long list of features - from the ability to overlay gobos, to a digital display for fixture characteristic settings. The scanner features two motorized gobo wheels, with a total of 11 fixed gobos, plus six interchangeable 26.9 mm indexable gobos.

The fixture includes 11 dichroic color filters plus white. For added variation, there is also a 32K filter, 56K filter, UV filter and frost filter. Another unique effect on the Vision 575 is a rotating three-facet prism. Variable strobing at 1-10 flashes per second is another capability offered by this versatile fixture. The 575 is equipped with a motorized iris for a tighter beam. It also features motorized focusing, allowing the creation of ultra-sharp images, and it comes with a 575W lamp for extra brightness.

The Vision 575 was designed to put control of all the effects at the user’s fingertips and make it easy to create a customized light show. The fixture includes a four-digit LED menu panel for addressing, personality setting and effects calibration. The display also provides readouts on lamp usage, DMX values and other pertinent information. Additionally, there’s a built-in self-test mode for all effects. Compatible with any DMX controller, the Vision 575 features 8 and 16 bit pan/tilt resolution. Pan movement range is 170 degrees, and tilt movement range is 110 degrees. Beam angle is 15 degrees, with optional 12-degree and 18-degree lenses.

ARX Release New Products at PLASA 2001
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

In conjunction with its UK distributor Raper & Wayman, Australian manufacturer ARX Systems is showing for the first time in the UK the ZA series of 4-channel, 6-channel, 8-channel and 5.1 multi-channel amplifiers, all in 2U chassis. New additions to the SPL range include the SPL 20 powered arrayable trapezoid sub woofer, the SPL 8 powered compact full range loudspeaker and the SPL 28 powered compact sub woofer to complement the SPL 8. The 8 Pre, an 8-channel microphone preamp, featuring variable gain, 20dB pad, phase reverse and phantom power, is ideal for use as a console extender, ADAT/Hard Disk recording and acoustical analysis. Finally, the BarMix Zone Mixer is designed for all applications requiring switchable multiple input selection and multiple outputs, featuring remote level control and mic override in a compact 1U package.

ARX can be found on Stand H36.

Turbosound Announces Flashlight Mk II
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Turbosound’s legendary Flashlight system, which dominated concert touring throughout the 1990s, has undergone a significant upgrade to the high and mid-high frequencies. The new working models have been beta tested extensively on leading shows this spring and summer by premier production company Britannia Row Productions - most recently appearing on the prestigious Route of Kings season at Hyde Park.

Turbosound’s managing director Alan Wick had put his new R&D team, under the direction of Philippe Robineau, to work on refreshing the existing system soon after leading the management buyout of the company back in 1998. A focus group of leading international sound engineers and audio production companies was assembled, who quickly identified the need for a new HF driver and a new top plate and recone for the 6.5" mid/high driver, to create a significant gain in SPL while simultaneously reducing distortion. Brit Row’s equipment manager Jerry Wing confirmed: "Out of this forum of engineers came a new development of the TFS-780H ‘high pack’, which although keeping the same outward appearance, features totally new drivers in the high and mid/high section."

Philippe Robineau said although Flashlight Mk2 took over a year to bring to market, the redesign had to go through several iterations before it was ready for beta-testing. "Although the bass end was essentially fine, we knew we could improve the system, as other parts of the frequency range could be strengthened," he said, and so they focused on the HF and 6.5in high-mid

New Product Line-Up for Artistic Licence
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

True to form, Artistic Licence has a number of new products lined up for PLASA 2001.

Truss-Link is a truss-mounted Ethernet to DMX512 converter, which allows the Ethernet output of a console to be cabled direct to the lighting truss and then converted to DMX512. Truss-Link supports the public domain standard Art-Net and is compatible with Artistic Licence, ADB and MA Lighting products.

Down-Link is a wall plate Ethernet-to-DMX converter. The product is built into a standard two-gang wall plate. Ethernet wiring is provided at the rear, whilst the front panel houses two separate DMX512 outputs along with address switches and indicators. Down-Link is specifically designed to allow installations to use Ethernet distribution with local conversion to DMX512 in each room.

Water-Pipe is a linear luminaire based on coloured light emitting diodes (LEDs). The product is housed in an elegant aluminium case comprising machined end-pieces connected to a satin anodised extrusion. The curved lens fits flush with the casing to provide an aesthetic circular cross section. The product mounts to any flat surface by means of two screws at either end bracket. The cable exit is via the base of one mounting bracket allowing totally invisible wiring. The body of the lamp rotates 270 degrees and once focused is locked in place by two grub screws. Water-Pipe is available in both interior and exterior versions.

Micro-Scope 3a is the latest version of the award-winning DMX512 tester. Micro-Scope 3a includes a multitude of new features to further simplify the technician’s life! Micro-Scope

New Effects from Gemini
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Gemini has added several new lighting effects to its comprehensive catalogue. These include the Shooter multi-coloured centerpiece, which incorporates a rotating shutter effect that is sound activated. The 115V package includes a 120v/300W (64514) bulb, while the 230V option has a 230V/300W (64516) bulb.

Also new is the PB-6PAK 6" police-style beacon which features a reflector that revolves around a BL6-25W bulb, to create the kind of lighting effect that is more usually accompanied by the sound of sirens. Finally, comes the Phazer multi-coloured simulated laser light - an effect that is sound-activated and produces a total of 16 different patterns. The Phazer is supplied with a 24V/250W (EVC) bulb with a 300 hour lamp life.

JustiFire Launched by Millbank
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Millbank JustiFire is a new single-channel, four-zone PA/VA system from Federal Signal. The new system is a cost-effective, off-the-shelf product, designed specifically as the integral element of a BS5839 part 8 compliant (European BS EN 60849) emergency voice alarm system for small to medium-sized offices and industrial facilities.

The system is self contained, easy-to-install and has 24 hour integral battery back up. The utilization of a Windows-based configuration programme provides ease-of-use and a simple graphical interface enables Millbank JustiFire to be set-up to meet the requirements of individual installations. It provides a standard solution for the majority of installation requirements and accelerates the process of system design and quotation, building, commissioning and maintenance.

New from Stonewood AudioNew from Stonewood Audio
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Stonewood Audio Ltd is launching three new products to complement its existing Professional Intercom Range. Firstly, the Stonewood Audio SA-WBP1 is a multi-channel full duplex wireless belt pack (pictured). Features include frequencies programmable via PC, 16 selectable channels, fully EMC and ETS 300-422 approved, channel spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz, and powered by four AA alkaline batteries to give better than eight hours use.

Secondly, Stonewood now offers a Professional Intercom System for Off Shore/Marine use, where system reliability under extreme conditions is a necessity. This product has been engineered so that all switches, level controls, connectors and the cases are to IP67 ratings, allowing the belt pack to be submersed in water. To complement the SA-OSBP1 two more products rated to IP66 are now available which are a full duplex loudspeaker outstation and a loudspeaker station with a Xenon beacon.

Finally, Stonewood has further developed its headphone range and has introduced the CD-quality Armoured Cable Stereo Headphones. Primary designed for the CD listening market in music stores and superstores, where music quality and durability together with security are of the utmost importance. A built-in thumb-wheel volume control is an optional extra.

Outline at PLASA
Monday, 23 July 2001

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Outline will be showing the Soundtracker - the first horn loaded ceiling tile sound system - at PLASA 2001. The Soundtracker has been designed specifically for discos and dance venues where high SPL is required but noise pollution is a problem. Other uses can be in Hotels or Airports etc, where control is needed on dispersion.

Also on show from Outline will be the Kangaru. First shown last year as a prototype, now revised and powered by Class D PWM amplifiers, the Kangaru now comes complete with removable wheelboard, transport covers and all cables and stands required to make the system work out of the box - the first truly 'plug and play’ system. A full 2kW system that can be transported in a Ford Fiesta!

New Spin on Special Effects
Monday, 23 July 2001

Moiré and Goboram II are the two latest products from Wybron Inc designed to help lighting designers create new moving effects with gobos. Moiré is Wybron’s first dual gobo rotator, enabling the user to rotate and change two B-sized glass or metal gobos. Controlled by a simple toggle switch, the two gobos are operated independently and can be rotated together, in opposite directions or with one static and the other moving. The user can control the speed of each gobo remotely simply by connecting Moiré to a light dimmer. Goboram II is a combined gobo changer, indexer and rotator in one, giving designers the ability to change and rotate up to three gobos, all in a single unit. Automatic, Goboram II can be programmed with show cues, as with Wybron’s colour changers. Just like its predecessor, Goboram II’s fast and smooth transitions between gobos allow the user to make the most of stationary lights. Part of Wybron’s growing Coloram System of integrated lighting accessories, Goboram II is integrated easily and inexpensively as it operates right from your existing Coloram Power Supplies.

Both Moiré and Goboram II are specifically designed to fit the effects slot on the ETC Source Four or the Shakespeare 600 ellipsoidal.


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