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Audient's ASP8024 Widens Horizons
Friday, 21 January 2000

Audient plc has released three new variants of its ASP8024 console, along with news of a number of additional options. Frames to accommodate 24-, 48- and 60-input channels have been added to the original 36-channel frame size. An integral patchbay has also become an option and has been fitted with Neutrik bantam jack sockets and a D-Sub based studio systems interface. 144 tie lines are included as standard. A producer's table for applications requiring a dedicated script space can also be specified. The first 48-channel consoles shipped to UK and Dutch studios in December and a pair of 24-channel consoles will be delivered in early February, for use in mobile classical recording.

Yamaha's PM1D Digital Music Mixer
Thursday, 20 January 2000

Yamaha's famous PM series mixing consoles have now entered the digital domain, with the introduction of the company's new PM1D digital mixing console, designed specifically for live and installed sound applications. The CS1D control surface operates the DSP1D digital audio processor, which can either be located with the interface, or at a remote position. The PM1D can be configured in 48- or 96-channel versions, with 48 mix busses, 24 matrices and 12 DCAs. Conversion is 28-bit A/D and 27-bit D/A, and internal processing is 32-bit. Dual inputs are available on all channels. Other features of the lightweight, compact system include an ethernet-based comms system. All console-to-stage control signals are transmitted via one 68-pin cable per 32 channels and three ethernet cables.

Stanton New Mixer Range Now Ready
Wednesday, 19 January 2000

Stanton has completed its new range of DJ mixer products, instituted with the takeover of the company by Gerard Cohen's Tracoman. Announced at the 1999 PLASA Show, four models are now in production, and available through UK distributors, Lamba plc. The SK ONE is a slim, two-channel unit, offering two line and two phono inputs, with gain, two-band EQ (+9/-26dB) and pan control on each channel. The SK TWO is another two-channel unit, offering two line and two phono inputs, with gain, three-band EQ (+9/-26dB) and pan control on each channel. The RM THREE is a three-channel professional DJ mixer, offering six line, three phono and two mic inputs, with gain, three-band EQ (+9/-26dB) and pan control on each channel, whilst the SK FIVE is a two-channel DJ mixer aimed at the budget-conscious customer.

Strand Lighting Introduces New ShowNet Based Control System
Tuesday, 18 January 2000

Strand Lighting has introduced the ParkNet lighting management and control system. A veteran of theme park lighting tasks with projects recently completed for Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida, several Cruise ships and a host of themed attractions, Strand has developed a sophisticated central control system that offers simple point and click access for the control of a wide range of facilities. The new ParkNet system incorporates control for up to 18,000 DMX devices whilst the systems graphic user interface accommodates scheduling of events and includes an astronomical time clock that precisely calculates sunrise and sunset, and can execute events related to those times.

Sound Beam - Directional Sound
Thursday, 13 January 2000

The BBC's Tomorrow's World programme last night featured a new development which, according to its designer, is capable of transmitting sound in a straight line Sound Beam is a new device which sends sound in a straight line - working on much the same principles as a spotlight. Designed by Joe Pompei, a researcher at MIT media lab in Boston, it can be used to relay audio to just one person in a crowd. Pompei's design is based upon high frequency ultrasound waves which are beyond our hearing which act like a 'carrier' for audible sound. His design combines music with ultrasound; this then recreates the complex wave patterns of the music at a much higher frequency that can't be heard. A specially designed speaker is then used to send out this high frequency ultrasound beam. Physical properties in the air then distort the beam producing a range of frequencies, including audible sound. The sound quality isn't high enough yet to cover very long distances, but when it is, the potential applications for the product in public places such as airports, stations and cinemas are mind-boggling.

DPA Large-Diaphragm Microphone Kit at AES
Wednesday, 12 January 2000

DPA Microphones is highlighting its new omnidirectional microphone at the Paris AES. The Type 3541 is a complete microphone kit for all kinds of high-quality solo recordings such as vocal performances, strings and wind instruments. The new 3541 is based on the same large-diaphragm capsule technology as the established gold model Type 4040 Hybrid Microphone. Supplied as a complete kit with suspension mount, windscreen and pop-filter, as well as the state-of-the-art Microphone Amplifier Type HMA4000 and a special microphone cable, the 3541 also introduces a completely new versatile modular capsule and preamplifier system. The capsule can be separated from the microphone preamp and the preamp exchanged, giving the engineer a choice between musical colouration of the Type MMP4000-T tube preamp, or the transparency of the solid state preamplifier Type MMP4000-S. Both are included in the microphone kit Type 3541.

Multiform Adds DMX 424
Thursday, 6 January 2000

Multiform Electronics has added the DMX 424 - a 24-channel DMX decoder - to its range of control products. The mains-powered decoder is designed to provide the 10V DC analogue control signals essential for dimmer packs, colour-changers, effects lighting, smoke machines and special effects in systems using the DMX 512 control protocol. The 24 output channels can be set to provide control signals of 0 to +10 volts, or from 0 to -10 volts DC.The unit will decode a block of consecutively numbered channels and the BCD switches select the number of the first DMX channel. Other features include Watchdog and Rx data monitors, test programme and user back-up memory.

New Hog 500 from Jands
Thursday, 6 January 2000

Jands Electronics has launched the new Hog 500 lighting console, a lower-budget version of the Echelon 1K, which was first shown at Entech 1998 in Sydney and has since been selling well worldwide. Features such as auto-menus and palettes for beam, colour, position and groups make initial programming of the Hog 500 fast and easy, while user-definable fixture libraries and auto-menus make patching and set-up very simple. Any cue can quickly be called from memory. 512 control channels are available, and a MIDI interface allows allows reception of MIDI show control, notes, timecode and command strings. A standard 3.5" floppy disk is available for show storage.

Cerwin Vega! Launches SUB-15
Thursday, 6 January 2000

Cerwin Vega! has introduced the SUB-15, a compact, direct-radiating 15" sub-woofer which, the company claims, matches the performance of products usually twice the size and price. The high-powered enclosure (500W programme, 1000W peak) offers an attractive advantage to installers, say Cerwin. The SUB-15 is available exclusively in the UK through its distributor Lamba plc.

First SparkTop Delivered
Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Alain Bardouil from White Butterflies Productions took delivery in December of the first Compulite SparkTop system. White Butterflies has owned a Spark system for several years primarily for controlling Hardware for Xenon projectors. The system had its first outing to St Brieuc in the North of Brittany for a Millennium night show controlling Hardware double image scroller projectors.

ATI Introduces Mini Paragon II
Tuesday, 4 January 2000

Audio Toys Inc, a subsidiary of the ATI Group has released the Mini Paragon, a mixing console with all of the attributes of the now established Paragon II less 24 input channels. Like the Paragon II, the Mini Paragon is an automation-ready console: each input featuresan ATI patented compressor, a gate, and four bands of parametric EQ. Each channel has a variable direct out switchable between stereo or dual mono. Half of the 16 groups are stereo, with the remaining eight switchable between stereo or dual mono. The desk saw its first use on Canadian rocker Brian Adams' 34-date swing through Europe.

Gong for beyerdynamic Microphone
Tuesday, 4 January 2000

In an intensely contested international design competition, beyerdynamic has been selected to receive the prestigious Hannover Design Forum 2000 award for their S600 Handheld Wireless Microphone. The judges were impressed by the ergonomic design, attractive finish and the simple interchange between microphone heads to condenser, dynamic and shotgun lavalier microphones. Introduced in February '99, the S600 completes a range of products and accessories available for the U600 UHF wireless system which includes base stations, bodypack transmitters, bodypack receivers, antenna distribution systems as well as a computer interface and software for programming and monitoring of the radio frequency and audio frequency functions of the system.

Norwegian Broadcaster Takes First KT Mic Splitters
Monday, 3 January 2000

Norwegian sales and hire company AVAB-CAC has taken delivery of the very first Klark Teknik DN1248 Active Microphone Splitters, which were launched at PLASA in September. The units were purchased for NRK Broadcasting, Norway's biggest national radio and television broadcasting company. So far the company has ordered two DN1248s for their music recording department with the intention of increasing the stock significantly after an initial trial period.

Trolley Truss Adds Flexibility to Theatres
Sunday, 2 January 2000

A new system to enable lighting and electrical crew to gain access to overhead rigs in theatres is being manufactured by Tomcat UK. The system, called CES Trolley Truss, was designed by Colin Smith, the head of lighting for Opera North, based at the Grand Theatre in Leeds. Smith developed the system as an alternative to other methods of access, such as Tallescopes, which are the subject of further safety restrictions as well as to be a cheaper option to existing forms of flown bridge. Opera North itself changed its entire rig to the system over a year ago, and Smith says the time-saving has been remarkable. Another recent convert to the system has been Scottish Opera, who have been very pleased with the results.

MTFX Adds to Range
Thursday, 30 December 1999

MTFX has expanded its range of smoke and aroma machines. It now stocks three Jem Heavy Fog 6500 smoke machines and has recently invested in The Effects Company's new Aroma-Tech machines, capable of producing a variety of aromas. MTFX used them to good effect recently when they produced an orange aroma for the Tango Conference at the ICC in Birmingham.

SL Expands with Architectural Options
Tuesday, 28 December 1999

Strand's SL theatre luminaire range, which recently raced to 15,000 units sold inside six months of production, has expanded with the announcement of a new series dedicated to the architectural market. The new spotlights house metal halide 150W CDM lamps available in two colour temperatures - 3000 degrees for a warm, tungsten look and 4000 degrees for a cool, daylight appearance. There are six fixed angle fixtures in the range., as well as two zooms.

New SCM410 Mixer from Shure
Thursday, 23 December 1999

Since its introduction in 1995, the Shure SCM810E has been widely specified in a range of applications. Shure has now released a smaller version - the SCM410E - a half-rack (single rack height) automatic mixer which boasts features such as four input channels with balanced XLR mic level inputs, a balanced XLR mic/line output, an unbalanced RCA aux level output, a +16 dBu peak output limiter and 12v phantom power. The unit is further enhanced by its link facility which enables SCM410, SCM810 and FP410 mixers to be linked together in any combination up to 400 channels.

Set and Forget
Tuesday, 21 December 1999

Sony has launched a cost-effective loudspeaker management system that enables live, theatrical and studio sound engineers to 'set and forget' crossover and level settings for PA/sound reinforcement systems. Ideal for use on stage and AV presentation systems, as well as studio-based monitor speakers, the new SRP-F300 is a true 24-bit 96kHz all-digital design that provides sophisticated control over complex multi-speaker set-ups via a familiar PC interface.

XTRA music for Xmas
Tuesday, 21 December 1999

XtraMusic has added four specially-programmed channels of Christmas music to its existing channels through December and the into the New Year. The service will be part of XtraMusic's growing digital audio programming which offers 80 channels of stereo music to business establishments.

QSControl Video, CD-ROM Now Available
Wednesday, 15 December 1999

California-based QSC Audio has told PLASA Publishing that its new Ethernet-based audio networking system, QSControl, is now accompanied by a free video and CD-ROM that allows users to manage and control amplifiers and other audio devices using a PC. Both the video and CD-ROM give viewers a 14-minute overview of the system's capabilities and practical applications. QSControl was the first computer-control system on the market to incorporate standard off-the-shelf technologies such as Ethernet, TCP/IP network protocol, and Microsoft's Visual Basic. The system is now being used in a variety of venues worldwide, including the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cerwin-Vega Launch LS Series
Tuesday, 14 December 1999

Cerwin-Vega has launched a range of domestic hi-fi/home theatre systems, which will be available in the UK through distributor, Lamba plc. The LS Series offers three three-way floor-standing models - the LS-15 (15in woofer), LS-12 (with 12in woofer) and LS-10 (10in woofer), as well as a two-way bookshelf system, the LS-8 (8in woofer).Four further models are designed for home theatre application, including two two-way video-shielded modular systems: the LS6 (featuring 6.5in woofer) and LS-5 (5.25in woofer), plus two two-way full-range centre channels, the LS-6C (dual 6.5in) and LS-5C (dual 5.25in).New, improved low-mass woofer cones, with enhanced damping characteristics, have been developed especially for the floor-standing three-way loudspeakers.

Sony Digital at AES Paris 2000
Monday, 13 December 1999

Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe is to launch the new DMX-R1000 digital mixing console at the Paris AES convention (19-22 Feb 2000), aimed at pro recording, mastering and post production facilities and high end project studios. The 48-channel, 1200mm wide DMX-R1000 will feature touch sensitive motorised faders, integrated metering, colour LCD touch-screen, dynamic and snapshot automation, 5.1 surround processing and a 96kHz processing mode. Sony will also introduce two new variants of the OXF-R3 'Oxford' digital mixing console – the 'Lite' and 'UltraLite' - to bring the Oxford console concept to a wider range of music recording, television post and film mixing applications.

Chroma-Q Range Increases With New M5 Addition
Friday, 10 December 1999

Following prototype showings at this year's PLASA Show in London and LDI show in Orlando, AC Lighting has announced the launch of the new Chroma-Q M5 colour-changer with units now shipping. The new M5, designed for fixtures in the 5,000W range, carries many of the same characteristics as the rest of the Chroma-Q M-range, including the recently released 8-Lite version. The new M5 has standard features that include adapters for rotating barndoors, quarter turn catches for quick internal access, the ability to perform scroll changes without dismantling the unit shell, and the facility to fit heat shield filters.

Triple E's UniRing Is Widget of the Year
Friday, 10 December 1999

David Edelstein, MD of truss and track specialist Triple E, collected the award for Widget of the Year at this year's LDI Awards ceremony. He told PLASA Publishing: "It was a complete surprise and we are absolutely delighted that UniRing has been awarded this accolade!"Created for Triple E's Royal Opera House project, UniRing is a specially designed plastic ring which enables borders and legs to be clipped directly into Triple E's own aluminium track sections. No more tying knots: to attach borders and legs on bars, staff simply twist them in, saving a great deal of time during change arounds.


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