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TMB Makes DMX Data Lynx Announcement
Tuesday, 27 February 2001

TMB Associates has been appointed as exclusive worldwide stocking distributor for the DMX Data Lynx from Upstaging Inc. TMB is now stocking Data Lynx at all its locations. DMX Data Lynx is an all-in-one DMX router, tester, and disaster recovery unit. It allows instant switching between two lighting consoles with up to four DMX universes per console. It is capable of automatically switching from one console to the other in the event of DMX output failure from the current console. It can also test moving lights and cables, diagnose and display DMX data, plus store backup scenes from any DMX controller. Tommy Stephenson, TMB’s sales manager, said: "This is a very practical product, developed by one of the top rental companies. In addition to its main function of switching between a primary and backup console, it performs a variety of very useful tasks such as DMX diagnosis and fixture testing. We see it becoming standard equipment for the larger lighting rigs."

DPA Microphones A-B Stereo Kit
Monday, 26 February 2001

DPA Microphones is to unveil a new large-diaphragm stereo kit for professional A-B stereo applications. The new 3532 is a complete A-B Stereo Kit consisting of two carefully factory-matched omnidirectional Large Diaphragm Microphones with 130V preamplifiers in a discrete class A design. The specially selected and hand paired microphones are matched within 1dB on frequency response, sensitivity and self-noise. The maximum phase response difference from 50Hz to 20kHz is 10°. With low self-noise and high SPL capability, the stereo kit delivers a huge dynamic range of distortion-free, clean detailed sound.

Twentieth Century Theatre Patents
Monday, 26 February 2001

In 1996 the second edition of British Theatrical Patents 1801-1900 was published in demand to the runaway success of the first edition. Such was the interest and fascination with the subject, the authors Terence Rees and David Wilmore, embarked upon the mammoth task of consulting several million more patents to compile a database of theatrical patents for the first half of the twentieth century. As a result of some five years work the first release of the database is now available covering 1901-1950 and includes many fascinating technological developments relating to moving lights, projection, dimming and control as well as staging, illusions, and a myriad of other technical theatre subjects. The database is now available for purchase (£957+ Vat) and there are currently almost 1,000 patentee entries on the database. Purchasers will receive free updates as new entries are discovered - but beware - as the entries increase so does the price! - the earlier you buy it the cheaper it is! Further information can be obtained from Theatresearch on Tel:+44 (0) 1423 780497

New Lights from Coemar
Monday, 26 February 2001

Coe-tech, UK distributors for the Coemar range of stage, effects and architectural lighting fixtures, have three new portfolio additions. The Coemar Supercyc 2.4 is the first ever cyc light offering 425 degrees pan and 212 degrees tilt movement. Making the most of Coemar’s patented Twin Lamp Technology (TLT), the Supercyc 2.4 utilises two powerful 1.2K MSR lightsources, giving an incredible 110,000 lumens output and a colour temperature of 5,900ºK. The Coemar Panorama Cyc Power is a highly flexible CYM cyc floodlight designed for exterior use, again taking advantage of Coemar’s Twin Lamp Technology (TLT), an optical system that multiplies the luminous output while minimising power consumption. The latest model of Coemar’s successful award-winning CF7 luminaire is the CF7 HEX. The HEX version features enhanced optics with a 30% brightness increase, 21 channel mode for even more precise movement and a glass front lens to filter incoming smoke, dust and other potentially troublesome environmental elements. All CF7 features can be made into the HEX model if required with new retrofit kit now available.

Underground Role for A-T’s Pro42
Friday, 23 February 2001

The versatility of Audio-Technica's range of microphones has been demonstrated with the use of A-T ProPoint mics in a purpose-built badger sett at a Welsh country park. Flintshire County Council's Countryside Service has constructed the sett, with its earth-lined tunnels leading out into woodland, at Wepre Park, at Connah's Quay on Deeside. Specialist sound systems suppliers Apple Sound, based nearby at Mold, installed cameras and microphones in the sett to allow people in the visitor centre at the 168-acre combined recreation and conservation site to see and hear inside the badgers' home. A camera and an Audio-Technica PRO42 boundary microphone were installed in the walls of each of the three chambers of the sett, out of reach of the sharp teeth of any inquisitive badger residents.

Once the project - sponsored by Airbus UK, Apple Sound, International Power and Toyota Manufacturing UK Ltd - was completed, Wepre Park's Countryside Rangers invited the BBC to take a look who agreed to run a webcam by taking a feed off the three cameras installed in the sett. The Wepre Park Badger Cam can be viewed at

New French Stockists for DHA
Friday, 23 February 2001

DHA has appointed its first distributors in France - Dimatec, La Boutique du Spectacle and Lighting Technology Durango. In addition to an already extensive range of DHA gobos, Dimatec has expanded its stock of products to include DHA's moving effects range and the Gecko image projector. La Boutique du Spectacle is now a stockist of DHA catalogue gobos, moving effects and the DHA Gecko, a compact, low voltage image projector, which can be used as a framing spot or to project images and textured light. Lighting Technology Durango, meanwhile, is now a stockist of DHA gobos and moving effects.

Design Colours from Lee Filters
Thursday, 22 February 2001

Lee Filters is continuing apace with the production of more Designer colours for its 700 Series. Leading lighting designers have been invited by the company to create a colour or colours of their choice. One of the first designers to make the trip to Andover, was David Whitehead, owner of Stage Electrics. He is pictured holding one of his finished creations with Paul Topliss of Lee Filters looking on. Over the coming weeks, several lighting designers will be spending time with the company on the creation of the new range which will officially launched at the PLASA Show in September.

Learning More About GAM
Tuesday, 20 February 2001

White Light’s popular ‘Training Initiative’ training and education programme continues to offer opportunities for those involved with theatre lighting to expand their knowledge of new products and techniques - this week with two seminars on the Great American Market GAM range of products, held in association with the Le Mark Group. Products on show will include the GAM colour range, GamChroics coloured glass, GAM gobos, effects such as the GAM TwinSpin gobo rotators, the GAMCommand DMX controllers and BlackWrap. The seminars will take place at White Light’s Filmer Road, London base on Wednesday 21st February. Anyone wishing to attend should E-mail

Indy 575 Lamp from High EndIndy 575 Lamp from High End
Monday, 19 February 2001

To meet the demand from television and theatre designers for a lower colour temperature version of the Studio Color, High End Systems has introduced the Indy 575, a patented incandescent lamp that gives designers the ability to match the colour temperature and colour rendering of a conventional lighting rig. At a lower colour temperature of 3200K, the new lamp source allows designers to create deeper reds and warmer ambers with color mixing. These colors are more difficult to achieve with the higher colour temperature of the MSR 575/2 discharge lamp normally used in Studio Color. Users of the Studio Color S or Studio Color 575 unit (with electronic ballast - it does not work with the Studio Color M version with a magnetic ballast) can simply remove the MSR575/2 discharge lamp from the unit and plug in the Indy 575. No adjustments or modifications to the fixture are needed, not even for the voltage. The fixture will recognize the lamp and operate it correctly - completely automatically. Indy 575 uses a patented filament design constructed to maximize efficiency with the reflectors in the Studio Color 575 fixture. Dimming is currently mechanical and will also be electronic in future fixture software versions. John Wiseman, VP of worldwide sales, told us: "We listened to designers and we're happy to say we've met their demands. This extends the use of and expands the market for Studio Color 575s in giving designers an arc or incandescent source, while allowing rental houses and production companies the chance to broaden their business."

Lighthouse LED at Motor Show
Friday, 16 February 2001

Major car manufacturers used 19 large Lighthouse LED video screens for their stands during January's Detroit Motor Show - the first major motor show of the 2001 international calendar and the most important one in North America. The Detroit Show also highlighted the first major commercial use of the new Lighthouse 5mm ultra high resolution LED screen on auto manufacturer Mini's booth. AV rental companies used a total of almost 307sq.m of the Lighthouse 10mm product - LVP102 and 15sq.m of the new LVP202 5mm screen. The Lighthouse video screens featured on the stands of Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Toyota, and Volvo.

Hard Disc Music System from AEI
Friday, 16 February 2001

On February 1st AEI Music held a launch party for ProFusion, featuring renowned Ibiza and Ministry of Sound DJ Brandon Block. Hosted at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, the launch was attended by many of the UK’s leading retail and leisure operators. Attendees were treated to a champagne reception and demonstrations of the software that supports ProFusion, blending all the benefits of Hard Disc storage with the know-how of experienced professional music programmers. Capable of running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the system is able to store 400 hours of digital music or eight hours of video. Up to four separate zones from a single unit give businesses the opportunity to segment their sites into specific areas. Pre Launch trials have proved a great success, with operators including Whitbread, AMF Bowl and Scottish and Newcastle signing up for further installations.

First Purchase of EAW Line Array 760 Series
Thursday, 15 February 2001

massAV, of Burlington, Massachusetts, has officially become the first company in the world to purchase the new Line Array 760 series speaker from EAW. CEO and owner of massAV, Patricia Basteri, recently ordered a speaker and monitor system, which includes 24 x 760 speakers, 12 x SB 1000s and 8 x SM-15 monitors from EAW. The new order will upgrade the capabilities of the company, whose current system of 16 x KF 650s and 8 x 850s will complement the new system. "This new Line Array product will bring great versatility to the venues and facilities that our top clients are currently using," Basteri said. As the exclusive AV provider for The Bayside Expo Center, The Rhode Island Convention Center and Microsoft New England, massAV plans to maintain its firm grip on event services in the Northeast region. Senior audio engineer for massAV, Jason Geshelin, said of the system: "The sonic quality is absolutely superb! The KF760 travels well, is easily rigged and the overall product packaging will allow smooth load-in and load-out.”

Mirror Balls to VegasMirror Balls to Vegas
Tuesday, 13 February 2001

Mirrorware specialist Light Engineering has just completed an unusual contract destined for a Las Vegas nightclub. The brief from Brilliant Stages was for a number of mirror balls ranging from 5" to 32" diameter with a broken glass mirror effect. Shipped just before Christmas, the balls are due to be installed sometime soon and Light Engineering is preparing itself for the flood of orders it is certain will follow.

New NXT 'i-ceiling' Sound System
Monday, 12 February 2001

Armstrong World Industries Inc, NXT's latest Licensee, has launched the i-ceiling Sound System incorporating NXT's SurfaceSound flat panel loudspeaker technology. The complete system includes Sound Panel ceiling speakers and pre-packaged electronics units (including both processors and amplifiers) to drive the panels and custom tune the system for the space. One of the first applications of the new i-ceiling is in Temple, Texas, where Nextel is installing nearly 300 Sound panels in its new call centre. The Sound Panels will be used to provide sound masking in the 108,000 square foot facility, most of which is open plan.

beyerdynamic’s Second Opus
Monday, 12 February 2001

Following on from the success of the Opus microphone range introduced last year at the Frankfurt Music Messe, beyerdynamic is releasing a further five new Opus models. Opus 53, 67 and 87 are all optimised for percussion, Opus 82 is for high output level wind instruments and Opus 54 is a high specification neckworn vocal microphone. A ‘light’ version of the popular MCS conference system will also be launched. This is configured for smaller conference situations with a maximum capacity of 30 delegates. New additions to the MCW wireless range include new stations suitable for simultaneous translation applications, as well as conference functions.

Colour by Design
Sunday, 11 February 2001

Toronto-based Spectrum Manufacturing has recently launched a new colour-changer - the Aquarelle - the result of a seven-month long race to design an architectural colour-changing system for the Famous Players project in Montreal.

The work began in March last year when lighting designer Stephen Pollard approached Dave George of Spectrum to discuss the feasibility of a new architectural system. The deadline was October 2000 and since he wanted to ‘paint the outside wall of the theatre with light,’ the team at Spectrum, having accepted the challenge, immediately christened the project Aquarelle - French for ‘water colour’ .

Spectrum’s engineering department began by evaluating several architectural lighting fixtures, finally recommending a 1,000 metal halide HID fixture. Its optical system, modular reflector and overall construction of the fixture seemed ideal for the proposed link up with a colour scroller. For the scroller itself, Spectrum started by modifying one of its existing large size indoor constant tension colour scrollers, the M-5 MkII. Since the terms of the brief required the unit to be totally sealed from the external environment and withstand heat from the 1,000W lamp, not to mention the extremes of the Montreal climate which can range from -40 degrees in the winter to +100 degrees F in the summer. Using its in-house environmental chamber, Spectrum tested components, and then built a full-scale prototype to verify that the proposed design would withstand 100% humidity.

A patented IR-reducing technology that eliminates 95% of

CO2 Cannon System
Friday, 9 February 2001

Soon to be released from The Effects Company is an advanced system of air-launched effects - the CO2 Cannon, which will be available in single or multibarrel versions. Previous methods for time-consuming hand loading are now eliminated as this system uses factory pre-loaded cartridges, available in two sizes/loadings with a choice of effects such as E-Fetti, Glitter, Streamers, Star, Hearts, Flash Discs, Metallic Streamers, Ultra Violet E-Fetti and even condoms! Available at the end of March, the CO2 Cannon system will have its world launch at the Frankfurt MusikMesse in early March.

New Additions from Midas & Klark Teknik
Thursday, 8 February 2001

The Live! Show in London has seen the UK launch of the new Midas Venice console - the company’s first high-profile console in an ultra-compact format. The Venice brings Midas to a new range of applications, such as smaller conference or live band applications, for effects returns or additional inputs in large multi-console applications, in installation/contracting work, or as part of a small mobile system. The Venice also provides an ideal feature set for live acts who need to mix their own FOH and monitor sound from on-stage. There are three versions available: Venice 160 (8 mono/line + 4 stereo-line/mono-mic inputs); Venice 240 (16 mono/line + 4 stereo-line/mono-mic inputs); and the Venice 320 (24 mono/line + 4 stereo-line/mono-mic inputs).

New from Klark Teknik at Live! 2001, is the new upgrade to the recently-launched DN9848 loudspeaker processor - the KT Kompressor Module v2.01. This upgrade adds a full-function compressor to every output of the DN9848 in addition to the four already on the inputs without sacrificing any of the unit’s standard features. The upgrade is available free from the Klark Teknik website, along with the Stardraw for Klark Teknik software control shell and supplementary software.

Camco’s Vortex On SceneCamco’s Vortex On Scene
Thursday, 8 February 2001

Following the recent announcement that Fuzion is to handle distribution of the Camco amplifier range, the company introduced Camco’s innovative Vortex Series of amplifiers, at the Live! Show in London yesterday. Vortex, say Fuzion, represents a significant advance in lightweight, high-power amplifier design and technology. Vortex is a high power amplifier featuring high-efficiency, high-power (6000W into 4 ohms) and high-quality audio in a light, 2U chassis. The microprocessor-controlled amplifiers digitally control and monitor all functions and provide all internal ‘housekeeping’ tasks. Each has a three-stage switched-mode universal power supply, with reliable over-voltage protection up to 400 volts. In addition, Vortex is designed to present a straight-through thermal cooling path unimpeded by internal electronic parts, meaning there is no air movement (therefore no ingress of dust) over critical components. Other features include an RS485 port on the rear of the amplifier as standard, and Camco’s EUI (Extended User Interface) which allows for the use of peripheral modules for additional functionality when required.

Matrix Launches F1 Speaker System
Tuesday, 6 February 2001

Matrix Audio Developments, the pro audio amplifier manufacturer, has launched the F1 compact loudspeaker system, which has been designed specifically for the commercial installation market. The system comprises the highly-compact, and easily-mountable mid/high F1 cabinet (measuring just 17cm x 9cm x 8cm) and the B1 bass cabinet, which can be either free-standing or incorporated into fixtures and fittings. When combined, one B1 and two F1 cabinets are capable of producing 100Wpc RMS at a frequency of 35Hz - 18kHz.

JBL Launch New Generation
Friday, 2 February 2001

JBL Professional has recently released the EON G2 ‘Generation 2’ line of powered speakers. Among these is the EON10 G2 compact powered speaker with 10" woofer, increased power and a three input mini-mixer. This is ideal for AV applications, smaller musical and spoken word performances and, when combined with the new EONSUB G2 powered subwoofer, provides a full range sound system with full range power for more demanding performance and playback applications. The EON10 G2 features increased power over the first generation EON 10, with 125W for low frequencies and 50W for the highs. The 10" Differential Drive low frequency driver uses a neodymium magnet for light weight and reduced distortion. As with other EON G2 speakers, the EON10 G2 is kept cool, not by heatsinks or fans, but by JBL's Thermomaster Total Thermal Management System.

Route-r to Success for ASL
Tuesday, 30 January 2001

The latest product to be available from ASL is the VAR-4 Digital Audio Router. This unit uses digital signal processing to provide a self-contained Public Address/Voice Alarm control system and includes built-in digital message storage for emergency or routine announcements. It allows connection of up to six audio inputs routed to four outputs and for the monitoring and control of up to 64 amplifier mainframes (V400) and associated amplifier interface card/surveillance units. Each mainframe connects to the VAR-4 via an Audio-CAN serial data network and audio monitor bus. The router includes digital storage for 2 x 32-second emergency messages and 2 x 10-second test messages, and provides four microphone inputs, typically for two fire microphones and two general purpose paging microphones. Two connections are provided for background music sources, either of which can be selected for routing.

Stairway to the Stars
Tuesday, 30 January 2001

PCM has added a new webbing ladder to its inventory of professional rigging accessories. The new product replaces conventional, bulky ring and tube-style ladders with streamlined rods of carbon or glass fibre. The rods are inserted into tubular braid sleeves made from synthetic fibre which are sewn into side members of the same material for maximum strength. The product is ideal for all entertainment industry applications - theatrical, performance, industrial, live event, touring, television and film. The ladder is available in standard lengths of 10, 15 and 20 metres, and custom lengths can be produced as required.

Soundcraft Launches M Series
Monday, 29 January 2001

At the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, Soundcraft launched a new range of compact mixers - the Spirit M series. The Spirit M4, M8 and M12 offer 4, 8 and 12 mono inputs respectively, and all feature four stereo inputs, four stereo returns, 100mm faders, and an S/PDIF stereo digital output. All channels have peak and signal LEDs, complemented by a high-resolution stereo output meter.

Physically, the layout of the desk will be instantly familiar to any experienced engineer or musician. The mono input mic preamp design comes straight from the award-winning Soundcraft Ghost console. The powerful three-band EQ has a swept mid and tightly focused HF response that delivers a cleaner and more controlled sound. The electronic design of the desk incorporates ‘ground-tracking’ architecture, usually found only on more expensive mixers, and attention has been paid to details such as grounding around the faders.


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