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Bandit Motors In
Thursday, 24 August 2000

Bandit Lites has introduced a new motor control system which fully conforms with all European directives. Bandit's design engineers spent over two years of extensive R&D working on the project and consulting with several prominent European manufacturers, including ETC and Martin Professional, while developing the system. The new motor control has full fault-detection systems integrated into the design and is currently being used on a number of Bandit Lites shows in Europe, including Feet of Flames, Lord of the Dance and Paul Weller.

ARC Lighting Shines in Dome
Thursday, 24 August 2000

Chichester-based new product patenting and development company Patent Plan has seen an idea it protected in 1998 evolve into a product that now plays an integral role in the structure of the Millennium Dome. Kit Grundy, MD of Patent Plan was approached in 1998 by Michael Russell, MD of Arc Lighting, a lighting design and development company on the Isle of Wight, to protect the intellectual property of Arc's illuminated flooring system. Once the illuminated flooring system's patent protection was in place, Arc Lighting was approached by Dome architects who wished to use it to form the Money Zone's Investment Bridge. After the architects had seen the potential of the flooring system in greater detail, Arc was asked if the system could also be used for the exterior of the Money Zone. The company manufactured and installed 630sq.m of slim light boxes which weighed in excess of 25 tonnes and consumed 45,000W. Arc's flooring system has now gone on to win a SMART Award.

NJD Introduces Mirage Downlighter
Tuesday, 22 August 2000

NJD has introduced the Mirage - a colour-changing downlighter and truss light, which uses red, green and blue colour-mixing (three 50W, 12V dichroic lamps) to produce 65,000 colours. Measuring 127 x 121 x 81mm, the polished aluminium Mirage unit can be fixed directly to the ceiling or, with a 'Downlight' fixing kit, fitted into a standard 140mm round hole for suspended ceilings. A power pack can power two Mirage heads, controllable via DMX, MIDI or 0-10V. The Mirage units are available in either polished aluminium, gold, black or white anodised aluminium, and can accept two different lamp types for wide (wash) or narrow (highlight) angle applications.

Aerobic Mic from Audio Technica
Friday, 18 August 2000

Audio Technica has introduced the new AT889cw wireless microphone. Designed for aerobic instruction and other demanding applications, this new head-worn mic provides condenser microphone quality with rugged, moisture-resistant construction. The AT889cw is a noise-cancelling microphone designed for use with all A-T UniPak wireless transmitters. Built to withstand strenuous activities, the mic has adjustable head and neck bands which allow the user maximum control over microphone positioning.

Vigil at Homebase Megastore
Tuesday, 15 August 2000

Baldwin Boxall's Vigil voice alarm system has been installed at the Homebase megastore at Braehead - the largest home improvement store in the UK - as part of an extensive fire alarm and evacuation system. This is the first Homebase store to fit the system, although it is already in use by many Sainsbury's stores - owners of the Homebase chain. Fully compatible with BS5839 Pt 8, the Vigil Compact system is a 1U, simple to install voice fire system, capable of operating across four zones. Developed for use in supermarkets and shopping malls, the Vigil Compact provides an ideal solution for applications where larger, multi-zone systems would be unnecessary and more costly.

MusicPro from GMS
Tuesday, 15 August 2000

GMS Music has introduced the MusicPro music management system. Based on its award-winning SmartDisc technology, MusicPro offers computerised management of background and foreground music, holding up to 500 tunes which can be changed to suit the needs of the venue. GMS also offers a music exchange programme offering users access to over 250,000 hand picked tunes.

Additions to Selecon Axial Range
Monday, 14 August 2000

The Acclaim Axial is the latest addition to Selecon's Acclaim range of 500-650W luminaires, incorporating the superior efficiency of the latest compact filament lamps, axial configuration and custom lens designs. The result, says Selecon, is a high-performance variable Zoom luminaire a precise and even beam. As well as the standard safety features, the Axial also benefits from safe and easy adjustment of the light distribution from a centre peak to a flat field and two interchangeable beam angle choices for short or longer throw applications. The heat management system uses hot mirror technology: the lamp socket and wiring are contained in a separate compartment, isolated from the direct energy of the light source by a substantial heat sink. Air moves through the two zones dissipating the heat, maximising component life. The Astral Axial model, meanwhile, combines a high-quality projector like beam with a long life display lamp. Typical applications include pattern and logo projection for retail display, museum and gallery lighting, framing spots and area illumination. The Astral Axial uses the single-ended CDM ceramic discharge type lamps - 150 and 70W.

Swing Wing from Tomcat
Friday, 11 August 2000

Following on from the success of the ABTT award-winning Trolley Truss, Tomcat (UK) Ltd, has launched Swing-Wing, the latest trussing technology to satisfy the concert to theatre crossover market. A lightweight, modular and portable trussing system, Swing-Wing offers increased efficiency in the fit-up and transportation of stage lighting and associated equipment. Once flown in position this dual function product transforms to create a safe focus platform, and leaves the stage below clear of cases or dollies. On first inspection Swing-Wing resembles conventional pre-rig trussing: the lamps are mounted high inside the truss, protected from the rigours of transportation. The sections are wheeled from truck to stage on integral castors and pinned together. Swing-Wing uses a spigoted connection, for optimum strength and speed of assembly. Once supported at working height, the side faces of each section of Swing-Wing are swung vertically through 180 degrees, and held rigid in this new upright position with a pair of snap braces. This simultaneously reveals the lighting fixtures within, and forms a safe working platform with handrails.

Conference Systems Benefit from Tannoy Quality
Monday, 7 August 2000

Twenty four Tannoy i8 Dual Concentric sound reinforcement speakers have been purchased by Edinburgh-based hire company, Sound and Vision AV, to upgrade its entire mobile audio-visual and conference hire systems. The purchase followed a successful six month trial, which involved field testing four i8 speakers. Sound and Vision's mobile audio visual and conference systems are used at most major four and five star hotels in Scotland on a daily basis. In addition, the speakers are powerful enough to be used for larger conferences and road shows where required.

Free DSP Demo From QSC Audio
Monday, 7 August 2000

Sound system designers interested in learning more about QSC's new DSP-3 digital signal processing module can now download a free demo version of the configuration software directly from the company's newly-redesigned website. QSC's new DSP-3 is a compact digital signal processing solution that offers two channels of independent DSP. The DSP-3 is configured with a software interface that allows users to configure DSP signal chains with simple 'drag-and-drop' programming.

Disposable Air Puppets from Reel EFX
Monday, 7 August 2000

Reel EFX Inc, the original manufacturer of the Skydancer Fan, has announced the availability of the first disposable air tube puppet - now seen at various trade shows, parties and many other types of special event. The puppets are made of the same polytubing used for the original Skydancer Fan. The company currently produces 11 at very reasonable prices, and more are on the drawing board.

PJ Lighting Wins Patent for Multi Truss Adaptor
Thursday, 3 August 2000

PJ Lighting has been granted a full patent for its PLASA Award-winning Multi Truss Adaptor - the CD146. The product, which was highly commended in the 1998 PLASA Awards, is a heavy-duty, multi-use truss adapter for mounting trussing to tripod or trussing stands. The main feature of this product is its unique ability to hold trussing in all of its differing angles - apex up, apex down, ladder truss and box truss. As well as holding trussing to stands, the adapter can securely clamp light or sound products to trussing.

Cricket's New Look Features Screenco LED screens
Monday, 31 July 2000

Following on from its three-year contract to provide giant outdoor screens at all major international cricket matches and the NatWest Final in the UK, Screenco is also now supplying screens for the Norwich Union National Cricket League for this summer's season. Organised by the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board), the Norwich Union National Cricket League is a series of 45-over matches between 18 first class County Clubs, including over 20 floodlit games starting at 4pm and finishing after dark, necessitating the installation of temporary floodlights at the grounds. A total of 20 Norwich Union NCL matches televised on Sky Sports will feature a 32sq.m 25mm pixel pitch LED screens provided by Screenco, along with bespoke aluminium goal post support structures, mains power and peripheral branding facilities.

Digital Audio Upgrades ADDA 2402 Converter
Thursday, 27 July 2000

Digital Audio of Denmark has announced an upgrade to the ADDA 2402 high-end AD/DA converter. The ADDA 2402 has been updated and is now available with an interface for synchronisation to a studio reference Word Clock signal complying with SDIF2 up to 100 kHz. sample-rate. This means that the ADDA2402 is now available in two models - with synchronisation according to AES11, or with Word Clock synchronisation. For a special introduction period, the new model with Word Clock interface will be available at the same price as the previous model.

Denon Launches New Generation PMA Amps
Tuesday, 25 July 2000

Denon has launched two new UK-designed amplifiers which improve on the well-known technology of the PMA-250SE and PMA-350SE range, and have broad-band designs, ready to take advantage of DVD-A and SACD (Super Audio CD) technology. The PMA-255UK uses the chassis and fascia of the 250SE, but with a totally new interior. Rated at 30W, typical power can exceed 45W pc into 8 ohms. The new design also delivers superior bass power and drive with enhanced load handling. PMA-355UK. The new PMA-355UK design adds extensive features and dramatically improves the sound quality of the 350SE. Despite a 50W rating, typical power output can reach nearly 70W pc into 8 ohms.

New Compulite Software Release
Thursday, 20 July 2000

Stagetec has released version D05 software for the Compulite Spark 4D, Micron 4D and Ovation 4D consoles. The software is a result of an ongoing development and includes a whole host of new features including better manual control of chases, facility to assign macros and pages directly to memories and a system protect function plus many more. The software can be downloaded from the Compulite section of Stagetec's website.

New Millbank Integrated Amplifier Range
Thursday, 20 July 2000

Public address and voice alarm specialist Federal Signal has announced the launch of the Millbank Ultima II XK series of integrated amplifiers - the first Millbank product launched by Federal Signal since its acquisition of the brand name last year. Aimed at a wide range of environments from factories and warehouses to pubs and clubs, the Ultima II includes a range of features not normally available at this price range. The Ultima II mixer amplifiers have six inputs - five of them Universal, allowing the simple configuration of the signal priorities associated with each input. Each offers a balanced input, with a trim control to allow a wide range of signal sources from microphone to line level to be used.

Set and Forget Loudspeaker Control from Sony
Thursday, 20 July 2000

Sony has launched a cost-effective loudspeaker management system which allows install, theatrical, live and studio engineers to 'set and forget' crossover, EQ, dynamics and level settings for PA and sound reinforcement systems. The new SRP-F300 is a true 24-bit 96kHz all-digital design that provides sophisticated control over complex multi-speaker set-ups via an intuitive PC interface. The 1U 19" rack-mounting unit offers both analogue XLR and AES/EBU (32-96kHz) format input connectors to accept signals directly from the monitor outputs of an analogue or digital mixing console, with a mix of both formats possible.

ARRI Launches Arrisun 5 Event
Thursday, 20 July 2000

ARRI Lighting has introduced the new Arrisun 5 Event lighting system - created to save set-up time and costs when large numbers of daylight Pars are required. Facetted cold-light glass reflectors and spill light baffles optimise the new lamphead. ARRI has also introduced the EB 575 Event-Six electronic ballast pack, designed for 19" rack-mounting. Each contains six 575W electronic ballasts, with output for six lampheads via a single multicore cable.

DNP Launches High Image Contrast Screen
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Paradigm Audio Visual has introduced a new screen with exceptionally high image contrast for control rooms and other similar environments. The dnp Black Bead Screen, like other double element screens in the dnp range, utilises a Fresnel element to capture and redirect the projected light. Uniquely, however, the Black Bead screen incorporates a single layer of tiny glass beads set within a thin film of black material. A maximum area of each bead is exposed at the rear of the screen, facing the projector - with only a small surface area exposed on the viewing side. This configuration not only maximises the actual image contrast, but it also enhances the perceived contrast - because the screen appears black when nothing is being projected. The Black Bead screen offers wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles, virtually infinite resolution, but at a relatively low gain.

CA-1000 Series Amplifiers from Apogee
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Apogee has introduced a new range of CA amplifiers for touring, permanent installations, rental applications and commercial sound. Built around the same rugged chassis as the DA-Series amplifiers, these new CA amps use the latest in power MOSFET technology. Four models are available and all are only two rack spaces high, and feature rear panel level controls to avoid tampering or inadvertent adjustment. The front-end circuitry features an advanced clip eliminator to reduce distortion. Speaker protection is provided by means of an ultra-fast crowbar circuit. All models are equipped with dual, adjustable speed fans for quite, efficient cooling and feature internally configurable AC mains for 120 VAC or 240 VAC. Power inlet is an IEC approved removable connector; cordsets may be specified for US, Euro or UK standards.

ADS Mole at Cyprus Theme Park
Friday, 14 July 2000

ADS Worldwide has received an order from a company in Cyprus for 60 Mole loudspeakers for installation in a theme park. ADS' Mole loudspeaker has several advantages in an installation of this type since it can be installed in the ground, being easily camouflaged by shrubs and plants. The unit has been designed to provide a wide frequency range through 360 degrees and in open areas is ideal in that it can be located near to those people required to listen to either background music or public announcements.

HireTrack Down Under
Friday, 14 July 2000

After months of research, UK-based Navigator Systems has appointed the Premier Technology Group as distributor of its best-selling rental management software, HireTrack Eclipse, to cover sales in Australia and New Zealand. As a well established and highly-respected company within the entertainment industry, the Premier Technology Group are an obvious choice to foster HireTrack Eclipse throughout Australasia, say Navigator.

PCM Motor Controllers
Thursday, 13 July 2000

PCM has introduced a range of low cost motor controllers. Constructed from standardised steel plates, the controllers are available in 4, 6, 8 or 12 channel units with both local and remote controls. 24 or 36 channel units are also available for larger venues. Local controlled units have Ceeform outlets for each hoist on the front panel, whilst the rear panel contains toggle switches for each hoist, a manual phase reversal system and an overload device all protected by a hinged cover.


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