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Pioneer showcases new CDJ-800 at PLASA 2002
Friday, 30 August 2002

PLASA 2002 will see the first European showing of Pioneer's new CDJ-800 product. This brand new addition to Pioneer's Pro DJ range, built around the company's world-renowned Jog Wheel (first seen on its flagship CDJ-1000 model), also benefits from many of the functions that make the CDJ line-up so popular. Roger Sanchez and Smokin' Jo will be performing in Pioneer's live DJ Booth: they will be joined by Seamus Haji - all performing on Sunday 8 September.

Pioneer can be found on Stand D40.

Guide to animation effects for MAC 2000 Performance
Friday, 30 August 2002

Martin Professional has produced ‘A Guide to Animation Effects’ for the MAC 2000 Performance, designed to illustrate the effects possible from the profile spot’s gobo animation system. Released earlier in the year, the 1200W MAC 2000 Performance’s animation feature has proved instrumental in the fixtures’ popularity among lighting designers. The system offers lighting designers new projection possibilities through the use of animation discs - fire and flames, sky and clouds, waves and water, snow and flurries, and more. The gobo animation wheel system was recently enhanced with the launch of a set of six new animation wheel designs.

The guide explains the theory behind gobo animation and offers tips on how to achieve a wide variety of effects. It explains each animation disk in detail and how it is best used. Further in the guide are some specific examples of effects which can be achieved and the gobos necessary to recreate them. The guide is currently available on the Martin website as a download from the service section and on the website’s MAC 2000 Performance page. It will also be incorporated into each MAC 2000 Performance user manual.

(Lee Baldock)

Lightfactor's line-up at PLASA 2002
Friday, 30 August 2002

Lightfactor Sales has chosen the PLASA show to launch several new and innovative products and services. This year Xilver, the Dutch architectural lighting manufacturer, joins Lightfactor’s list of major brands, which also includes Apogee Sound, High End, LDR, LightProcessor, Par-Safe, Morpheus and SGM.

The Xilver Droplet LED moving light is an entirely new concept of an automated luminaire using the latest high power LED technology, is housed in the most expediant design yet seen in entertainment, display and architectural lighting. This curvy, compact luminaire provides full control of beam position, effects and colour selection. The high brightness diode light source offers the ability to create fluent and lightning-fast colour changes.

A new division at Lightfactor - the Cut Colour Company - opened in August and is officially launched at PLASA 2002. The Cut Colour Company is a new one-stop colour-call shop. Colour control media is available from stock in both roll and sheet formats from leading manufacturers including Lee Filters and Rosco and can be cut to size or scroll as required. Lightfactor’s experienced staff ensure a fast, reliable service for the supply of all leading brands of filter in all formats. Gobos, gobo holders, PVC and Gaffer tapes and other essential consumables are also stocked.

LightProcessor will launch the first models in a new range of Dimension Series dimmers. This range is specifically designed to offer a combination of features and performance not normally available at this price level. The D610 six-chann

Martin @ PLASA 2002
Thursday, 29 August 2002

Martin Professional is showing a number of new products at PLASA this year: the MAC 2000 Wash is a powerful new 1200W MAC Fresnel fixture, with a number of notable features including extremely high light output from an HMI 1200W source, full CMY colour mixing and variable CTC filters, multiple front lens options for various beam spreads, a fully motorized zoom system and more. For increased flexibility, an optional motorized barn door module allows you to cut the beam wherever desired.

Next up, the MAC 2000 Performance is a powerful 1200W profile framing spot and animation projector, featuring a 4-blade framing system for precise stage lighting and gobo animation wheel for extraordinary theatrical effects. The gobo animation system has been further enhanced with a set of six new animation wheel designs giving lighting designers an unparalleled range of artistic effects with which to enhance their shows.

The Maxxyz is Martin Professional’s new professional lighting console and the most advanced stage lighting console on the market today thanks to a string of highly original features and intuitive characteristics such as customizable LCD buttons for tailored programming, a built-in 3D Visualizer with real-time Preview mode, full multimedia capability, and much more.

Ego 1 and Ego 2 are the first in a new series of highly individual 250W DJ effect lights featuring new flower and gobo patterns and high quality projection optics. The MX-10 scanner is the latest in Martin's popular MX series, combining a quality achromatic lens system, a 250W lamp source, high velocit

Hz to launch DPX-15 Lite amplifier at PLASA
Thursday, 29 August 2002

Hz International will launch its brand new amplifier - the DPX-15 Lite - at the PLASA Show. The DPX-15 Lite, which replaces the DPX1500, provides 750W per channel into 4 ohms and features total short circuit protection with continuous clip limiting - without compression. The unit also includes two-speed fans to cater for varying workloads. Furthermore, the weight has been drastically reduced from 16 kilos down to 8.5 kilos. It also has massive headroom, say Hz, thanks to its extremely high damping factor - almost twice that of the existing DPX1500.

(Lee Baldock)

Latest developments from OptiMusic at PLASA
Thursday, 29 August 2002

Interactive lighting specialist Optimusic is launching the new OptiBeam the OB2 at PLASA 2002. This latest interactive light unit boasts a very high light output and comes with focus function. Furthermore, due to changes in design and increased demand, Optimusic has announced that the price of the the OB2 is priced some 30% less than the OB1! Also on show is the latest version of the company’s OM-CS Control System - now 20% lower in price. The Optimusic stand will feature new and exciting applications for the innovative interactive lighting system - visitors can see the latest beam games such as BeamBowling and BeamFootball, the latest BeamDJ setting and more.

Optimusic can be found on stand J22.

Mackie announces arrival of Baby HUI
Wednesday, 28 August 2002

Mackie Designs Inc has announced the arrival of Baby HUI into its growing family of high-performance touch-sensitive control surfaces. Baby HUI is the first affordable control surface that supports the HUI/MIDI-mapping protocol, allowing it to work right out of the box with any HUI-supported digital audio workstation (DAW) on PC or Macintosh platforms. The growing family of HUI-supported DAWs currently includes Mackie Broadcast Professional Soundscape 32, Mackie Mixtreme, Digidesign ProTools and Digi 001, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Nuendo, and many others.

Baby HUI joins the emerging group of Mackie control surfaces designed to improve workflow and creativity by allowing users to interact with their favourite DAW through a familiar analogue style interface rather than a mouse. "With Baby HUI, users will no longer have to rely on a mouse to delicately move a fader or rotate knobs on screen," explained Keith Olsen, Corporate Director, Global Recording Market and Product Development at Mackie Designs Inc. "These simple actions can become frustrating and even time-consuming when attempted with a mouse. Baby HUI provides the ‘human touch’ of analogue faders and knobs. Actions that would require multiple mouse clicks can be accomplished with a simple push of a button, slide of a fader, or a turn of a knob."

Baby HUI features eight channel strips that each include a 60 mm touch-sensitive motorized fader, mute button, solo button and a signal LED. Multi-functional rotary encoders accompany each channel strip as well. These provide pan or s

Studio Due’s Excess in full production
Wednesday, 28 August 2002

Following official introductions in Rimini and Frankfurt earlier in the year, production of Studio Due's top of the range spotlight - ‘XS’ - has entered full scale production, in both the XS600EZ version (with HMI 575 lamp) and the XS700 version (with HTI700 lamp).

The fully-featured units include numerous combinations of metal gobos, standard and grey scale dichroics, glass, and the innovative use of artistic glass. The XS also includes five different wheels of colours and prisms, providing a wide range of possibilities for lighting designers. At the centre of this equipment is the very efficient optical system which consists of a lens system, condenser and dichroic mirror reflector. Combined with zoom and focus capability, these produce an intense and uniform light beam. Two cooling fans are internally mounted to reduce running noise and are computer-controlled to adjust the airflow based on the power of the lamp and the surrounding air temperature. The XS is also equipped with a 128x64 pixel LCD display panel. With only four buttons, this panel gives access to real-time adjustment of most control functions.

(Lee Baldock)

Wholehog MiniWings Debut at PLASA
Tuesday, 27 August 2002

The Flying Pig Systems MiniWings for the Wholehog III console and Wholehog II PC are due to be shown at PLASA and will ship soon after, the company has announced. Two versions of the wings will be available - Programming and Playback. Each features the same high quality controls as found on the Wholehog III console, and with an anodised blue aluminium finish, the wings are not only stylish, but also rugged and reliable.

The units draw power directly from the USB port on a console or laptop, and so can be used anywhere, even if there isn't a power socket nearby. Alternatively, connecting the units to the included power supply adds support for an external Wholehog III desklight and two external USB devices, thanks to a built-in USB hub. This allows the connection of devices such as keyboards, mice and DMX Widgets to laptops or PCs with a limited number of USB ports, without having to resort to an external hub.

The Playback Wing features 10 masters, with faders and flash buttons to provide full control of attached cuelists. This is complemented by the programming wing's four encoders, trackball and buttons, allowing fast and concise programming of shows. The trackball can be used either in 'cursor' mode to move the pointer around, or in 'pan & tilt' mode for convenient positioning of mirrors and moving heads.

Support for using the MiniWings with Wholehog II PC will be released at PLASA, with support for the Wholehog III Console following soon after. If you can't wait though, some screenshots of the next version of Wholehog II PC are available at

E:cue launch at PLASA
Tuesday, 27 August 2002

E:Cue have announced the release of a new PC based lighting control software. Debuting at PLASA 2002, the system comprises free software which is capable of up to 4096 DMX channel operation. In an effort to bridge the gap between PC-only control and the flexibility and 'feel' of a traditional lighting desk, the manufacturers have a plug-in controller which allows programming via faders and encoder wheels, with the processing carried out in the PC. The software is comprehensive with the functionality of high-end desks easily accessible, such as LTP/HTP assignment, fade times and timecode/MIDI interaction, as well as having a number of sub-masters and extensive cue lists.

There are several plug-in hardware units available. The Nano, being the smallest, is about the size of a cigarette box and plugs into the USB port, giving the user up to 256 channels of control and once unplugged from the PC the device can act as a 32 channel stand-alone replay unit. The Twilight is the next unit up, with 512 channels, and so with eight twilight units and a USB hub up to 4096 channels can be controlled by one e:cue PC. The programming interface, or fader unit, comprises 13 faders, 73 keys and five encoders allowing fast programming by traditional means, and being around the same size as a laptop allows a complete lighting control system to be carried around in a bag.

The largest in the range is the Media Engine, which is a fully programmable DMX show control device. Integration with MP3 audio and other external playback devices such as hard disc recorders, DVDs etc, allows incredible f

HW International @ PLASA 2002
Friday, 23 August 2002

HW International UK sole distributors for Shure, QSC Audio, Phonic and PreSonus pro-audio equipment will be exhibiting the latest technology from each of the said manufacturers on stand E20. Shure will be previewing the latest in affordable personal monitoring with the PSM 200 Personal Monitor System, along with the most recent addition to the legendary SM range, the new SM86, a rugged vocal condenser microphone. Another development that will be on show is the ETVD/PG58, a wireless version of the acclaimed PG58 microphone.

A number of QSC products will also be on display including the DSP-4 signal processing module and the ISIS PCM 215 Subwoofer system, also new additions to the RMX and PowerLightÔ amplifier ranges. From Phonic a complete new range of DJ mixers, the MX Range, will bedebuted, as well as the new Phonic DB2 DI Box, plus new ES range of stage loudspeakers. Furthermore, from PreSonus, the FireStation digital recording interface will be making its European debut.

The PLASA Show will also be the setting for the unveiling of HW’s refreshed corporate image which is a culmination of activities reflected in HW’s new improved website, the new HW 2002/03 pro audio range catalogue and new range of merchandising.

HW International can be found on stand E20.

New ANSI standard for metal-halide ballast power cables
Thursday, 22 August 2002

The American National Standards Institute approved E1.16 as an American National Standard on 8 August 2002. The new standard, ANSI E1.16-2002, Entertainment Technology - Configuration Standard for Metal-Halide Ballast Power Cables, is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file at the ESTA website (address below).

ANSI E1.16 may be an inexpensive standard, but it's designed to eliminate expensive accidents. Manufacturers of ballasts for HMI-type lamps rated 6kW and above often use a common circular, three-pin connector for connecting the detachable power cable to the ballast. Most manufacturers use one particular pin of the three for the protective grounding connection, but until the publication of ANSI E1.16, there was no standard specifying which pin. Without such a standard, a manufacturer could easily decide to use a different pin for ground and the usual grounding pin for an ungrounded power conductor. This has happened, with the result that using one manufacturer's ballast with another's power cord led to an electrically hot ballast chassis. The use of a standard grounding connector assignment across the industry will help prevent this from happening.

(Ruth Rossington)

Funktion One’s Dance Stack @ PLASA
Thursday, 22 August 2002

Funktion One has always had a love of dance music. Tony Andrews' loudspeaker designs from the 1970s and 80s were mostly designed using funk music from the likes of James Brown, Sly Stone, and Parliament. In response to the combined reaction of the current dance world suggesting a ‘no holds barred’ design approach, the company has developed a sonically and visually imposing ‘stack’ of matched components.

Fundamentally, the dance stack is a four-way system with sub bass, bass/low-mid, mid-range and high frequency. It uses 24dB/octave crossover slopes and time alignment. Equalization, being an unnecessary evil, is not required, say the company. Funktion One’s David Bruml expands on the design background: "To make sure of the low end, we have a newly designed 2 x 18" infrabass - patent pending - dealing with the ‘weight’ part of the bass from 20Hz to 65Hz, whereupon we move to a hybrid horn-loaded 15" which takes care of bass and low mid, the speed part, from 65Hz to 280Hz. This combination for the low end needs the extra power in the mid provided by the new 10" axhead which handles from 280Hz right up to 5KHz. The remaining high frequencies are handled by the Funktion One-designed 1" compression driver."

The Dance Stack will be demonstrated in the Mayfair Suite on the Mezzanine level of Earls Court 1. Funktion One can be found on stand T18.

TT EZ Norm from Switchcraft
Wednesday, 21 August 2002

Switchcraft, the US manufacturer of connectors and patchbays for audio and broadcast professionals, has launched a range of 96-way TT patchbays in which the normals for each jack can be changed from the front of the panel simply by using a screwdriver. Named TT EZ Norm, the patchbays are supplied with 48 modules each containing two jacks manufactured using Switchcraft's industry-proven contacts and switches. At the front of each module is a small screw which can be used to change the normalling to any setting – full, half or non-normalled. The screws have a strong detent spring and are covered by a plastic strip to prevent unwanted changes.

Suitable for analogue or digital signals, the patchbays can be supplied wired or unwired and in three rack heights – 1U, 1.5U and 2U. Unwired patchbays have jacks with solder or wire-wrap terminals and are available with the choice of tie-bars or support trays for cabling. Wired patchbays have internal connections made with 110ohm cable and are terminated on the rear panel to EDAC, Cannon DL, Switchcraft's punch-down (IDC style) terminals or 3-pin connectors.

(Lee Baldock)

Quentor launch new Q-Fix range at PLASA
Wednesday, 21 August 2002

Quentor introduced its System Q Cases in 1996. Strong, good looking, weight saving products designed specifically for the demanding environment of Formula One motor racing, their benefits have been readily embraced by other industries.

Now the company has introduced its Quentor Q-Fix flightcases, which feature a new level of accuracy of manufacture almost unknown in the flightcase industry. The cases utilize a new, patented construction system offering unique, high strength and quality assembly. Quentor Q-Fix Cases are available in standard sizes or custom-built in almost any size, style, and colour. They are ideal for many applications within the AV, broadcasting and entertainment industries. The range includes trunks and racks, together with more specialized cases for lighting, cameras, and other AV equipment. The cases are available ready-assembled or as a flat-pack system, making them ideal for distributors/stockists or for users where space is at a premium.

Quentor can be found on stand C29.

New product line-up from Monacor
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Monacor plan to launch numerous new products at PLASA 2002. LE-510DMX is one of many new lighting effects available under the img StageLine brand, which includes a total of 10 new effects plus two new controllers. STA-162 - one of the range of nine new and re-designed amplifiers which will be available for the first time at PLASA. The range of stereo power amps starts at 60W per channel and goes up to 1000W per channel.

The DJP-400/SI is a new turntable in silver with all of the following features at a very competitive price: quartz controlled direct drive heavy diecast turntable quick start with brake adjust three-speed switchable pitch bend digital display for BPM and pitch backward function digital output analogue output switch line/phono remote start stylus illumination. PAB-515/SW - This new 300W ABS moulded plastic speaker enclosure contains a heavy duty 15" speaker together with a high efficiency dynamic horn. ThePMX-400DSP is one of the new range of powered and unpowered mixers released for the Show. The PMX-400DSP contains a 300W per channel amplifier and features 79 effects in the digital sound processor on all 8 channels. Finally, the CD-260DJ is one the best value-for-money items at the show: a twin CD player with many outstanding features including beat counter.

Monacor can be found on stand D38.

Logic System Pro Audio at PLASA 2002
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Logic System will exhibit at PLASA 2002 riding the crest of a wave having achieved the most successful six months yet. This years’ show sees an array of new product launches including the second generation of product for the IS Series and the addition of the IS10 enclosure. The evolution of the installation series has been achieved by working closely with customers and aims to build on the runaway success of the original boxes. The LS Series, aimed at theatre and A/V markets sees the addition of the LS8 to plug the gap between LS7 and LS12.

Recent jobs keeping the factory working to capacity include Yates venues in Leeds and Blackpool plus Jumpin’ Jaks, Blackburn for TTL and Toad in Chelmsford for Image Sound. Meanwhile, LMC identified the LS Series as the obvious solution for an installation at St Mary’s church in Paddington.

In the live arena, Glasgow-based hire company SAS added eight CM15 cabinets to its existing stock of CM20 units in order to service the BBC Saturday morning show, whilst Nottingham-based Merlin PA added four stacks of CS1296 to the hire inventory to cover a busy summer schedule which included Status Quo at Newmarket Racecourse. Last but not least, Edinburgh venue The Liquid Rooms has added to its existing Logic front-of-house system with 15 CM20 stage monitors. Local dealer Northern Light handled the deal.

Logic System can be found on stand J20.

ACDC launches new generation of colour-changing lighting
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

ACDC Lighting Systems of Barrowford, Lancashire has introduced the new generation of Colorise Cold Cathode Lighting by completing a £40,000 installation of Colorise DMX at Crow Wood Farm, Lancashire. The DMX system has been designed specifically to fade smoothly between colours with fade times varying from seconds to days. The transition between colours is exceptionally smooth and can be activated at the push of a button or alternatively an automatic system can be used.

The driver technology at the heart of the unit is derived from ACDC’s low voltage Coldstar ll ballast and uses highly efficient electronics. Low energy consumption and long life make Colorise an attractive option, especially when installing in ‘hard to reach’ areas such as swimming pools and gyms. This increased flexibility has proven to be a great success in a variety of projects including Crow Wood Farm (pictured), where they chose four of the colours available in the Colorize system to create the desired atmosphere. A Crow Wood spokesperson said: "The Colorise lighting provides a smooth and relaxing colour change effect which contributes significantly to the general ambience throughout the health club".

(Lee Baldock)

New developments from CrestronNew developments from Crestron
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Crestron has extended its popular line of handheld, wireless RF touch panels with the arrival of the ST-1700C. This is the industry’s only active matrix display, producing stunning on-screen picture resolution from 64,000 colours. In addition, the ST-1700C provides five engravable push buttons down each side, for quick and easy ‘one-touch’ control. The ST-1700 features new fast-charging long-life NiMh batteries, and is compatible with the CNRFGWA RF gateway. A two-way version (STX-1700C) is also available to allow feedback from RS232 devices on the panel.

Crestron has also announced the addition of a ‘mini-tilt’, one-hand-control extension to its award-winning Isys high-resolution touch panels. The smallest of Crestron’s table-top versions, the TPS-3000 touch-panel provides the industry’s highest resolution (640 x 480) on a 6.4" active matrix display and 64,000 colour graphics from its Isys engine. Multiple graphics can be displayed on the TPS-3000 without any shift in colour depth or quality. The panel also supports real-time video as standard and can accommodate balanced or unbalanced video, S-Video or composite.

The touch-panel’s audio capabilities include stereo audio speakers offering built-in volume control, a built-in microphone and built-in WAV sound file capability. Furthermore, it places centralized, fingertip control of any device including integration and control of audio, video and computer signals, and boasts full Internet compatibility. The TPS-3000 also comes with optional accessories.

(Lee Baldock)

Shermann RS-5 making waves in the audio market
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

A new mid/high pack has been launched by professional audio systems specialist Shermann Pro-Audio. The company, based in Newtown, Wales, is delighted with early orders for the Shermann RS-5. Designed for use mainly with the successful Shermann R118 VLF system or with any Shermann LF unit, the RS-5 is a bi-amped, four driver mid/high pack featuring a 12" horn-loaded low-mid device, twin 6.5" mid-range and a 1" HF drive unit.

Weight saving within the RS-5 has been achieved through the use of highly efficient, British-built 12" low-mid and 1" HF drivers equipped with neodynium magnet assemblies. The mid and high units are front-loaded, mounted on an easily removable housing, which doubles as a phase plug for the 12" drive unit. In such a design, the external cabinet is effectively a sealed chamber which eliminates the need for removable access panels or doors, thereby creating an extremely sturdy structure. The cabinet is fitted with rear-mounted 100mm castors, six handles, MAN 2.5" flying points, a heavy-duty steel grille with foam cover and twin NL8 connectors (NL4 to order).

A realistic balance of smooth response, effortless vocal reproduction and relatively high efficiency has been the major design priority for the compact RS-5. Both sections have a nominal impedance of 8ohm and require just 400W per section to realize the 132dB continuous output (138db peak).

"The RS-5 is proving very popular because it's easily rigged and lighter than most competitive boxes," explained Shermann Pro-Audio designer Ken Hughes. "It wil

Philips launches Plena ‘All-in-One’ PA system
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

Royal Philips Electronics has launched the Plena All-in-One PA system with combined background music (BGM) and paging to meet the growing public address requirements of small to medium-sized businesses. With a 120W mixer amplifier, a professional quality CD player with MP3 capability for long play time and a digital FM/AM tuner all in one compact housing, it provides a 'one-box' solution for many applications - including public address in retail stores, supermarkets, car showrooms, garages, small factories, and schools.

Plena All-in-One is ideal for smaller PA applications requiring compact equipment to fit into limited space. It takes up less space and is more economical and easier to use than a separate amplifier and BGM music unit. The built-in amplifier is a 120W mixer-amplifier with three microphone inputs, including one with selectable priority status for use with a microphone with remote switching contacts. A two-tone chime option is provided to precede priority calls. This microphone input also features a voice-activated (VOX) option so that when someone is speaking into the microphone, it automatically mutes or reduces the volume of the background music to an adjustable softer level. The amplifier has controllable outputs for two separate loudspeaker zones and an additional call-only output, effectively giving it a third zone for priority announcements. Call-active contacts are provided to override local volume controls on loudspeakers (if fitted).

The CD player is a professional quality, drawer-loading unit which plays normal audio CDs and recordable discs (CD

d&b audiotechnik’s C3 line array module
Tuesday, 20 August 2002

d&b audiotechnik’s development and support teams are conducting live tests and presentations across Europe of their long-throw extension to the renowned d&b C4 system. This is the final development stage of the C3 line array module.

The 2-way active C3 loudspeaker is an entirely horn-loaded design which, unlike other ‘line arrays’, can be arrayed not only vertically but also horizontally, and by employing the distinctive 30° angled rear side panels and rigging accessories of the C4 cabinet, it extends even further the scalability of the C4 system. Utilizing an identical horizontal dispersion of 35° (above 900Hz) and with a 5° vertical HF dispersion per cabinet, the total frequency range of the vertical curved coherent wavefront of a C3 column is naturally dependant on the overall length of the column. This enables the C3 to address distances above 30m in two different ways: on the one hand as an integrated module for a C4 array where mid and high range to the far field is required, and on the other hand as a full line array approach optimized together with C4-Subs and B2-Subs. The C3 is also driven by the standard d&b P1200A mainframe to produce 143dB maximum SPL.

To date, a variety of diverse applications have been realized with the co-operation of existing European C4 users. For example, a concert at the Rotterdam Stadion with an audience of 50,000; typical open-air and arena shows with audiences of 15,000 such as the Beach Festival in Skive in Denmark, the Palais Omnisports Paris and the Sportpalast in Antwerp, pus a selection of shows ranging fr

Three new Allen & Heath products at PLASAThree new Allen & Heath products at PLASA
Monday, 19 August 2002

A little over a year since Allen & Heath gained its independence from the Harman group in a management buyout, the UK mixer manufacturer has announced plans to launch three major new products at PLASA 2002 (8-11 September, Earls Court, London). The new products include the iDR series of audio mixers and processors for installed and live sound systems, the PA series of 1kW powered consoles and the Xone:V6 audiophile rotary club mixer.

At the heart of the iDR series is the iDR-8 audio mix processor, an 8 input, 8 output digital mixer and processor in a 2U rack or desk mount chassis. Allen & Heath will also be showing the iDR-in and iDR-out expander options plus a range of remote control devices for building tailored iDR systems.

The new PA series will be introduced with the launch of the PA12-CP and PA20-CP 12 and 20-channel powered mixers. Both consoles include a unique Constant Power amplifier, providing 500W per side into either 4 or 8 ohms without loss of power.

Xone:V6 is a high quality 6-channel mixer for club installation. Fully discreet circuitry and top quality components have been used throughout, including Penny & Giles rotary faders with conductive plastic tracks.

Allen & Heath's managing director, Glenn Rogers commented: "I'm tremendously proud of these new products and I think our customers will see we've been listening to their requests. We're giving our installation users an affordable, easy to use alternative to the more complex DSP systems in the shape of iDR. MixWizard and GL series live sound customers that have been asking us for a professio

PLASA launch for Wembley Loudspeaker’s HPi 8 cabinetPLASA launch for Wembley Loudspeaker’s HPi 8 cabinet
Monday, 19 August 2002

Wembley Loudspeaker is to launch a new installation cabinet, the HPi 8 - a highly compact range which, according to Wembley director Paul MacCallum, who designed them, will amaze people with their large sound.

The new cabinets are manufactured in the UK to Wembley’s high specifications, containing components unique to Wembley Loudspeaker. Measuring up at a mere 305mm wide x 260mm high (and 255 deep) the diminutive cabinets deliver a punchy sound more reminiscent of a high-grade studio monitor. "We have been working on an increasing number of installations over the past couple of years," said MacCallum. "We launched the maxi-cube about nine years ago, and there are still many of them running fine all this time later, but we have been always trying to improve on them - not being ones to rest on our laurels! Last year we tried a few ideas which have led to the new HPi 8 cabinets."

The cabinets have a useable range of 55Hz through to 20kHz, delivering punch, warmth and clarity, with no requirement for additional processing. Simply connect to an amplifier and a full range spectrum of sound floods out, with sensitivity of 96dB, negating the need for the sub ‘woofer’ units that many speakers require to achieve a full range sound. The birch ply cabinets have been designed around the 150W 8" cast aluminium co-axial speaker at their heart, manufactured under licence by Volt, and have this to thank for their amazing sound characteristics. They will be available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 ohm impedances to allow for any configuration of installati


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