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Lamba to provide entry-level access to Stanton’s straight arm technology
Thursday, 15 August 2002

Lamba plc have announced the UK release of the Stanton STR8-30 turntable - giving entry-level candidates access to the growing trend for straight tone arms. Stanton's latest direct-drive deck comes packaged with a Stanton 500 B cartridge, pre-mounted on a headshell, slip mat, dust cover and leads. And like the rest of the STR8 series models, the STR8-30 is fitted with the skip-resistant straight tone-arm. Other features include: +/- 10 % pitch control; strobe indicator; aluminium platter; aluminium tone arm; dust cover and slip mat.

(Ruth Rossington)

Klark Teknik equalizes with Helix @ PLASAKlark Teknik equalizes with Helix @ PLASA
Thursday, 15 August 2002

Klark Teknik will unveil the Helix DN9340 digital equalizer at the forthcoming PLASA show. Built to an all-new cutting edge design, the DN9340 combines the engineering experience of this world leaders in audio equalization with customer feedback resulting in a completely new concept in flexible audio equalization for every application.

Helix is a dual channel digital audio equalizer packaged in a 2U 19" rackmount format. Designed to be intuitive and simple to operate the unit offers five main functions: dual 31-band graphic EQ with no less than five selectable modes of operation; dual 12-filter fully parametric EQ; dynamic or ‘Threshold Dependent’ (T-DEQ) EQ; four configurable filters per channel; and configurable delay of up to 1 second per channel. Like all Klark Teknik DSP devices, Helix is equipped with more than enough processing power to allow all functions to be fully operative at all times.

The simultaneous availability of graphic and parametric EQ has many advantages. In particular it allows the engineer to separate out the different sections of equalization. For example, during set-up and any soundcheck, the parametric mode can be used to set a basic EQ for the venue with maximum flexibility. However, once the show starts the engineer can flip to graphic mode, which now starts from a ‘flat’ baseline. Thus any problems that need fast attention can be addressed using the speed of a graphic EQ without getting it confused with the original venue set-up. At any time, a quick glance at the home page on the large graphic display on the fr

Rosco Range at PLASA
Thursday, 15 August 2002

Rosco has a wealth of new, interesting and innovative products to be seen this year. The award winning ImageProGobo Slide Projector will be demonstrated on the stand allowing visitors to see how easy and effective it is to use. Also on stand will be catalogue of hundreds of images which have been specially selected for their value in theatre, opera, ballet, television and concerts. A CD containing the images is available from Rosco or available via the company’s website.

For traditional metal gobo users, Rosco has produced 60 new designs, including cloud images, break ups, windows and abstract graphics. Again, the entire range of over 900 other images can be seen on the Rosco website. Some or all of these new gobos can be used in the new Rosco Vortex 360 Single/Double Gobo Rotator. This new product offers excellent flexibility in a low cost package and can rotate one or two steel or glass gobos at fixed or variable speed. The speed of rotation can be set through a switch adjustment on the plug (for fixed speed) or by lowering the dimmer (for variable speeds). The Vortex 360 doesn’t require an additional power supply - the transformer plug can be plugged directly into a wall outlet or, using a low cost adapter, into a dimmer. The Vortex 360 fits the iris slot of such fixtures as the ETC Source Four, the Altman Shakespeare, the Strand SL, the Selecon Pacific and many similar instruments.

Rosco’s range of decorative material for events, promotions or theatrical design has been greatly expanded, updated and modernised. The materials have been improved, and

Distribute video and audio signals over low cost CAT5
Wednesday, 14 August 2002

AutoPatch, manufacturer of high performance and customizable audio, video and digital signal switching and routing equipment, has released its new Modula CAT5 Matrix Switchers and Point-to-Point transmitters/receivers. Users can now reduce the overall installed cost of a system by routing and distributing S-Video/Stereo or 2 x Composite/Stereo, point-to-point over 300m of unshielded twisted-pair (CAT5). In addition using the new AutoPatch Modula Matrix Switcher with CAT5 cards, users can achieve true Matrix configurations up to 32 x 32, 4 x 60 and 60 x 4 in a single 3U enclosure. RGBHV models will be released by the end of the year.

(Ruth Rossington)

Audio Resources turning up the volume
Wednesday, 14 August 2002

Professional audio systems specialists The Audio Resources Group aim to turn up the volume on the mobile disco market by launching a dedicated range of products. Audio Resources has collaborated with Shermann Pro-Audio, neighbours on Mochdre Enterprise Park, Newtown, Mid Wales, to design and manufacture a specific range of professional loudspeaker systems under the Loaded banner.

"Loaded systems are designed and built in Shermann's own manufacturing plant and customers will be invited to come along and visit the workshops and demonstration suite," said Mark Astley, managing director of Audio Resources Ltd. "The powerful Loaded range is designed purely for the mobile disco market. We have a lot of respect for DJs operating mobile systems because they are esentially one-man bands who provide great entertainment for the whole night."

(Ruth Rossington)

EAW JFX Series to launch at PLASA
Wednesday, 14 August 2002

EAW is launching the new JFX Series of 2-way multi-use loudspeaker systems at the PLASA Show. Designed for both portable and permanently installed applications, the JFX Series loudspeakers feature asymmetrical trapezoidal enclosures that allows them to work both as main channel systems or as stage monitors.

The JFX Series represents the first all-new line of general purpose, 2-way loudspeakers from EAW since the MK Series debuted in 1998. All transducers, crossovers and enclosures are newly designed. Four of the models in the line - JFX88, JFX100, JFX290 and JFX590 - will be available on stand.

The JFX88 is one of the smallest loudspeakers in the series, using an 8" LF cone driver and a 1 in exit/1.4" voice coil HF compression driver mounted on a Wave Guide Plate. The system includes an internal, passive crossover for full range powering without the use of an external processor. With a 10" LF cone driver and a 1" exit/1.75" voice coil HF compression driver with neodymium magnet mounted on a Wave Guide Plate, the JFX100 includes an internal, passive crossover for full range powering without the use of an external processor.

The JFX200 series models feature switchable full range/bi-amplified powering, as well as a variety of methods for mounting and suspending the loudspeaker. All models use a 12" LF cone driver and a 1.4" exit/3" voice coil HF compression driver with neodymium magnet mounted on either a Wave Guide Plate (JFX200) or a constant directivity horn (JFX260, JFX290).

For greater low-end authority, the JFX500 series

Stardraw launches first web-based application
Wednesday, 14 August 2002

Software provider is to launch the world's first web-based CAD system. is a tool that allows users to design and document integrated systems through a browser using an on-line library of over 30,000 industry-specific symbols. represents the introduction of web-based technology which incorporates tools and data for all of the niche markets addressed by Stardraw's conventional software packages including Stardraw Audio, Stardraw AV, Stardraw Lighting 2D, Stardraw Professional and Stardraw Radio. As a result, users can now customize their symbol sets drawing from any or all of the above libraries according to individual requirements. Stardraw MD David Snipp explains: "Our conventional applications have established the sorts of tools that integrators find easy to use and valuable for system design and documentation. The web-based application has been written from the ground up to provide comparable functionality, but it is designed to run within a web page. Furthermore it encompasses everything we have ever done within our conventional 2D applications across a variety of markets, making it all accessible under the single heading of This is brand new technology and we believe we are the first company in the world to offer full CAD capability via the web."

Where traditional software is shipped on CD and installed, Stardraw’s web-based application is delivered through HTML pages, using tools which download themselves as and when they are needed. All of the functionality, for instance Cut, Copy, Paste commands

New Denon AVR receiver and loudspeaker systemNew Denon AVR receiver and loudspeaker system
Tuesday, 13 August 2002

Hayden Laboratories, the exclusive UK distributor for Denon, has introduced the latest in AVR receiver and speaker technology for home theatres. The Denon AVR-1603 AV receiver with Dolby Pro Logic II and powerful output of 80W per channel is designed for home theatre entertainment of the future. In addition to Dolby Digital and DTS, the AVR-1603 enables the enjoyment of existing Dolby Surround programs and of conventional stereo sources, e.g. CD, in convincing 5.1 channel likeness. If there are only two speakers, one for each stereo channel, the AVR-1603's Virtual Surround mode gives the listener the sensation of being surrounded by a full ‘real’ theatre sound system.

The AVR-1603 provides a digital optical output terminal for connecting a CD recorder or other digital recording device to make high-quality digital recordings directly from the source. Two sets of speaker terminals are provided for the main speakers, allowing for the use of a second pair of stereo speakers in another room. A ‘Personal Memory Plus’ function automatically recalls the last surround mode used for each program source.

The Denon AVR-1803 is equipped with six equally-powered amplifiers, one for each channel, in a discrete configuration, giving total accuracy when reproducing sound from demanding DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, Dolby Digital, DVD-Audio, and SACD sources. The Dolby Pro Logic II feature enables 2-channel stereo sources to be heard in realistic 5.1-channel surround sound, and for multi-room versatility, the Denon AVR-1803's Multi Source function allows audio to be enjoy

Beyerdynamic at PLASA 2002Beyerdynamic at PLASA 2002
Tuesday, 13 August 2002

Consolidating its focus on the conference sound contracting markets, beyerdynamic will debut a range of new conference and microphone products including the MCW-D wireless conference system (including simultaneous translation and voting facilities which work over a secure digital wireless link), together with new gooseneck and sound contracting microphones.

The company will also feature several new products from its distribution partners. From ASL, will be the new Digital intercom system for integration into ASL or any other 2 or 4 wire intercom systems. Biamp will show its Audia digital signal processor, previewing its new Echo Cancelling and the addition of the Audace Intelliplate as a control option. From Cue, there will be a sophisticated range of Media Management products, including a new 15" touch screen. DB Technologies will be showing Lyric, a new range of active speakers, whilst Klein+Hummel are planning a new range of sound contracting speakers designed for outdoor installation. Finally, from XTA will be the company’s Series 2 signal processing range.

beyerdynamic can be found on stand F34

Mackie introduces new active subwoofer at PLASA
Tuesday, 13 August 2002

At PLASA this year, Mackie Designs Inc is introducing its new SWA1801 high-output 18-inch active subwoofer. The 900W SWA1801 is designed specifically for portable live sound applications, as well as fixed-installation in venues such as nightclubs, churches and corporate facilities.

"The SWA1801 fills a much needed niche in our growing family of sound reinforcement speakers - the subwoofer position between the SR1501 and Fussion subwoofers," explained Ivan Schwartz, corporate director, Global Sound Reinforcement Product and Market Development. "We pulled out all the stops with this one. From the RCF Precision transducer to a new port design, we are very proud of the new 1801."

The newly designed RCF Precision transducer features a unique 4-inch inside/outside wound voice coil with composite polyamide former construction that provides improved power handling capabilities. The magnetic assembly utilizes advancements in coil venting and structural cooling that offer lower temperature rise and substantially improved power compression characteristics. The system uses a proprietary high efficiency, high current amplifier module that provides high current at all levels of operation. It is rated at 900W RMS of continuous output and 1400W of peak output.

The SWA1801 also features a sophisticated on board control system. The input panel accepts line level input signal and has loop out connectors for signal routing to other devices. It also includes a high-pass out connection for routing signal to full range speakers or amplifiers powering passive full range

Intelligence from Color Kinetics
Tuesday, 13 August 2002

Color Kinetics Inc, the intelligent LED illumination specialist, has launched two new products designed to help end-users maximise the potential of the company’s LED illumination fixtures: The PDS-150e and PDS-500e simplify installations of Color Kinetics fixtures by combining both power and data capabilities in one economical source. PDS-150 offers a robust 150W power source and intelligent data drive circuitry for all Color Kinetics UL Class 2 listed fixtures (all bColor Series products and all iColor Series products with the exception of iColor Accent). PDS-500e offers a robust 500W power source and intelligent data drive circuitry for all Color Kinetics UL Class 1 listed fixtures (iColor Accent).

PDS-150e and PDS-500e have been designed with a number of features which make specifying and installing Color Kinetics intelligent illumination fixtures a breeze. Both products incorporate data drive circuitry with short circuit protection to prevent problems associated with mistaken wiring during installation, use diagnostic LEDs to assist in correctly installing the products, and automatically accommodate supply voltages of either 115 VAC or 230V AC. They also have an ambient operating temperature range of 0 to 50°C - a 10°C improvement over Color Kinetics’ previous power and data supply products - and feature an automatic over-temperature shut-off switch to prevent overheating. Both the PDS-150 and PDS-500e are housed in an indoor-rated NEMA-style enclosure with pre-formed knockout holes sized for standard conduit connectors, complying with National Electric

grandMA software update 4.0
Monday, 12 August 2002

Right on cue for the forthcoming trade shows, MA Lighting is launching new software for its grandMA range. The new version - 4.0 - is characterized by its extensive network functions. Key features are the multi-user environment and the master-master operating mode. The ‘Worlds’ new Pool-System enables it to classify moving lights and fixtures to single users. Moreover users can also select special user rights for these moving lights and fixtures.Communication between operators is ensured via a network (Chat) facility.

Another new feature is the Live-Patch which runs through the command line, as well as a fixture schedule and DMX patch designed to meet customer demands. Users can assign any individual fixture and channel ID to the dimmers and moving lights in order to control the dimmers by faders and show these on the channel sheet. The ‘Matrix’ function allows easy programming of the matrix (sample effects). The software also features a simple Wireframe-Visualization in the ‘Stage’ sheet. In addition users can operate the grandMA by remote control via Wireless Ethernet with the help of a pocket PC (e.g. iPAC).

The 3.30 software version has just seen connection to the GPS-satellite-navigation systems, according to the NMEA-standard. Parallel with this, the visualization software grandMA 3D is being updated and integrated into the Multi-User-System.

MA Lighting can be found on stand G8.

Grandmaster Flash launches Rane Empath mixer at PLASA
Monday, 12 August 2002

Hayden Laboratories, UK distributors for Rane, have announced that Grandmaster Flash - founder of modern Hip Hop - is launching the new Rane Empath mixer on their stand at PLASA 2002.

Rane and Flash have worked together to design the Empath. In addition to doing a number of sessions on the Hayden stand (Monday 9 September at 3.00pm; Tuesday 10 at midday and 5pm) Flash will also demo Empath at the Ministry of Sound on Tuesday 10 September, playing a set in the Bar, between 11.30pm and 1.30am.

The Empath joins an impressive line up of Rane mixers already in use at the Ministry. The Empath is the first 3-channel, 10" format mixer to offer big-board features and studio quality sound. The mixer is feature packed, while also being easy and intuitive to use. Rane consulted the Grandmaster from the early stages of the mixer’s development, and Flash is responsible for many of the machine’s principal features and control locations. The Empath offers a unique combination of performance, features, and quality and is designed for professional DJ’s and applications including clubs, broadcast, competitions, remixes, and live performances.

The Empath mixer has been nominated for a PLASA Award for Product Excellence. See for details.

Hayden can be found on stand G32.

PaTPad moving light module
Friday, 9 August 2002

Australian-based lighting control system designer and manufacturer, LSC Lighting Systems, has announced the forthcoming release of the PaTPad Moving Light Module for their popular maXim range of consoles. Utilizing Resistive Touch Screen Technology, the PaTPad is capable of controlling up to 20 intelligent lighting fixtures at any one time. The PaTPad’s advanced features include programmable palettes, presets and groups, extensive filtering options, cloning of looks, multiple storage options and a comprehensive fixture library.

All features are seamlessly integrated through the PaTPad’s unique and easy-to-use interface. A touch screen and bright LED dot matrix display replaces the rotary wheels, buttons and poor viewing angle LCD displays that are found on conventional Moving Light Controllers. The touch screen can be moused or tapped to select looks and positions, while the display and multi-colour switch LEDs provide immediate feedback on the state of the selected fixtures.

The PaTPad allows for up to 24 parameters per fixture but no upper limit is placed on the number of control channels allocated to each fixture. Any six parameters may be displayed and controlled simultaneously while all 24 are only one key press away. Individual move and delay times can be stored with each parameter. Filtering and storing according to Colour, Beam or Focus type is of course de rigueur! Fixture templates are available from LSC’s website or new ones may be created on any PC.

LSC Lighting can be found on stand C4.

A-T celebrates 40th at PLASA
Friday, 9 August 2002

This year’s PLASA Show marks a celebration of the 40 Anniversary of Audio-Technica, and sees the company continue its long tradition of introducing significant new products at PLASA. With the ink having only recently dried on an exclusive UK distribution deal with US manufacturer Sabine, the range of digital signal processors and spread spectrum wireless equipment can be seen for the first time on an Audio-Technica stand at PLASA 2002.

Audio-Technica representatives will be on hand alongside their Sabine partners to talk visitors through the product range. Also shown for the first time in the UK will be three new additions to the Artiste Elite series of professional performance microphones, a range designed specifically to extend the capabilities of today's most sophisticated live sound systems. The new AE5100, AE3000 and AE2500 instrument mics complement the established AE performance vocal microphones in the series.

The new products will be displayed alongside the recently-revamped and upgraded Engineered Sound installation range, the industry standard AT40 series (including the recently-introduced AT4040) and the studio focused AT30 series.

Audio-Technica can be found on stand H16.

ARX releases MSX 32 mic/line splitterARX releases MSX 32 mic/line splitter
Friday, 9 August 2002

ARX Systems, well known for their large range of innovative signal processing solutions, has introduced the new MSX 32 active microphone/line splitter. Active microphone and line splitting has a number of benefits over passive splitters, primarily improved sound quality, noise figures comparable to the best microphone inputs, increased resistance to RFI, consistent microphone load and, where required, total signal Ground isolation between outputs.

The MSX 32 consists of eight channels of actively buffered ultra-low noise microphone/line splitter. Each of these channels has four electronically balanced splits, two on the rear panel, plus two more on the front panel. All four output splits have the option of transformer balancing if required.

A 'Link' switch links consecutive channels providing an ultimate maximum of 32 outputs from a single input, ideal for multiple press splits. Each channel has a 20dB pad switch and switchable input gain of 0dB, 10dB, 20dB, 30dB and 40dB increments, plus silently switchable 48V phantom power with indicator LED.

Signal monitoring is provided visually by an LED meter indicating Channel Level, and audibly by a headphone output selected by way of the Listen/PFL switch on each channel. The monitor circuitry can also be bussed with other MSX 32s in multi-unit splitter systems. Housed in a 2U chassis with integral power supply, the MSX 32 offers an ideal solution for high-quality multi-channel signal distribution.

(Lee Baldock)

New addition to Shure SM line at PLASA
Friday, 9 August 2002

Combining the ruggedness of Shure’s legendary SM line with the studio quality audio of a Shure condenser, the SM86 handheld vocal microphone will make its European debut at this year’s London PLASA Show on the stand of distributor HW International.

The SM86 has a cardioid polar pattern and a wide frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz. The mic additionally delivers high gain-before-feedback and a tailored frequency response for a clear reproduction of vocals. Additionally the SM86 is equipped with an integral two-stage windscreen and pop filter and has a built-in, three-point shock mount, which virtually eliminates stand and handling noise. The microphone requires phantom power for operation and is housed in a rugged, silver-coloured, enamel-painted enclosure incorporating a steel-mesh grille.

Standard accessories offered with each unit include a microphone clip and vinyl storage pouch. With the arrival of the SM86, the entire SM family of components will begin appearing on dealer shelves in new, attractive packaging bearing detailed specifications and information on the complete product line.

Shure can be found on stand E20

New DVD players from DenonNew DVD players from Denon
Thursday, 8 August 2002

Hayden Laboratories, exclusive UK distributor for Denon audio products, has introduced three new high-end DVD players for the professional market. The DVD-1600 combines Denon's expertise in the field of hi-fi and digital technology in a product that extracts the full potential of DVD-Audio at an affordable price. The DVD-1600 features RGB Output via the SCART and inbuilt Dolby Digital and DTS Decoders, making it an ideal upgrade for older pre-DTS Cinema systems. The 1600 features an Audio Only mode when playing DVD-Audio sources that ensures noise doesn't affect the purity of the audio signal. The machine's high sound quality is consistent and reliable due to it's well tried-and-tested audiophile parts! The DVD-1600's audio is capable of reproducing a dynamic range of 144dB, with an extended frequency response from 2Hz to nearly 100kHz. This is theoretically nearly 50 dB more than a CD, along with extended high frequency response - to nearly 100 kHz, compared to a CD's 20kHz high frequency limit. To faithfully reproduce such detail, the DVD-1600 features 24-bit D/A conversion, offering the ability to handle up to 192 kHz sampling frequency.

The DVD-2800 MK2 upgrades the current DVD-2800. The new Silicon Image DVDO PureProgressive SiI504 decoding engine yields even greater picture fidelity than the original. High-quality picture playback and optimum processing for film, video, graphics and mixed-mode content is ensured by a high-accuracy 12-bit, 108-MHz video D/A converter; the Denon Super Sub Alias Filter; Noise Shaped Video (NSV) circuits and other state-of-the-art video

Pioneer gives DJM-600 an Ultimate Silver style
Thursday, 8 August 2002

Pioneer has released a silver version of its professional DJ mixer - the DJM-600. The new stylish DJM-600S, will satisfy consumer demand for a funky silver version of this superb mixer. The excellent product boasts many innovative DJ friendly features, giving DJs even more creative scope for the ultimate live performance!

Developed in conjunction with professional DJs, the DJM-600S takes sound mixing to the highest level. Its superb functional design will fit effortlessly into any club environment, and with creative features will reinforce Pioneer's leading position in the fast developing world of mixing. The DJM-600S offers all the high quality and reliability usually associated with the Pioneer product range, but takes product performance to a different dimension. With an impressive range of powerful effects, including auto filter, delay, echo, auto pan, auto transformer, flanger, pitch shifter, reverb and send and return for external effects, the system provides the DJ with all the tools for creating a wide spectrum of exciting and individual sounds.

Other new functions enable the DJ to record up to eight seconds of sound for sampling, and sampled music can be activated manually over any given track or can be seamlessly and continually looped. With easy to use sound effects with a special dial to allow complete control over the intensity, the DJM-600S is unbeatable. The DJM-600S offers DJs a total of four channels, four line inputs, 3 phono inputs and 2 mic inputs, setting it on course to become the centre-piece of sets incorporating live instrumentation and mixed-in

New RACE software for the Electro-Voice Dx38
Thursday, 8 August 2002

Electro-Voice has introduced new RACE software for the Electro-Voice Dx38 - one of the best-selling digital sound system controllers on the market. For this update (which can be downloaded free of charge from all the factory presets have been thoroughly revised, including both the 50 permanent factory presets in the Dx38 and the additional presets included with the RACE editing software which ships with the device. In addition to the 50 most common combinations of the current loudspeaker series FRi, Rx, Xi and X-Array, the folder named ‘Factory’ contains 25 additional presets, whilst the 50 ‘Old’ presets can be found in a separate folder. Most of the presets have been pre-programmed with the acoustic data of the relevant loudspeakers (phase and frequency response), so that each time the user modifies a parameter, he can see and hear at once the true acoustic response of the entire system, since RACE (Real-time Acoustic Cluster Editor) operates in real time. Also available is a Master Mute function, which mutes all the outputs instantaneously and is designed particularly for network applications (the control via RS-485 of up to 31 Dx38 units is possible).

(Lee Baldock)

Vari-Lite answers demand for long-life lamps in VL1000 ERS
Wednesday, 7 August 2002

Vari-Lite Inc has added another option to its award-winning VL1000 ERS luminaire, making the automated lighting fixture even more adaptable for a wider range of applications. By offering the VL1000A ERS with either a standard or long-life arc lamp, Vari-Lite has increased the versatility of the fixture while lowering the unit's operating costs.

Customers who order VL1000A fixtures can specify whether they prefer the standard or long-life arc lamps, and Vari-Lite will ship the units accordingly. Because the long-life arc lamp is electrically identical to the standard model, no modifications to the fixture are required. Customers who own VL1000A luminaires can order long-life lamps for fast and simple drop-in replacement. The long-life lamps provide 2,000 hours of operation, double that of the standard lamp. Customers can also order the VL1000 ERS with shutter or iris features, and at the time they place the order they can choose gobos that fit their specific needs. The VL1000 ERS is available in arc and tungsten versions.

(Ruth Rossington)

Ambient Audio Labs to be sole marketer of 1070-A mic preampAmbient Audio Labs to be sole marketer of 1070-A mic preamp
Wednesday, 7 August 2002

Mark Conese and Dick Sequerra, the two principals behind Sequerra Audio Labs LLC, have dissolved the company to pursue other professional interests. Fortunately, for the many devotees of the company's recently-released 1070-A microphone pre-amplifier, Conese will continue to bring this award-winning product to the market through his new company Ambient Audio Labs, LLC.

Throughout his 22-year career in professional audio, Conese has gained widespread industry respect in an array of audio-related fields. An accomplished musician and audio equipment designer, in 1989 he designed and built his Stamford, Connecticut-based recording studio - Ambient Recording Company - which has become known for making audiophile recordings as well as beta testing cutting edge technologies. In 1999, Conese founded Ambient Records, a boutique record label. Both recording studio and label have earned critical accolades from engineers and artists alike.

Conese's commitment to innovative audio products is evident from his years designing custom pro audio electronics on a commission basis, to his decision to design the 1070-A in 2000/2001. The pre-amp, which won numerous awards at its American and European AES debuts last year, will be marketed and sold by Ambient Audio Labs LLC based in Connecticut. "The positive reaction I got from high-end users, as well as the press with the introduction of the 1070-A at AES New York and AES Munich convinced me that I just couldn't let this die as a product with the dissolution of Sequerra Audio Labs," Conese said. "The 1070-A is the first of se

Le Mark to launch latest innovation at PLASA
Wednesday, 7 August 2002

Le Mark has developed a new heat-resisting pressure-sensitive fixing tape for lighting filter, boasting exceptional properties and performance and suitable for both exterior and interior applications. GEL-Tak is an ultra-low profile clear polyester film, double coated with an exceptional high heat and UV light resistant adhesive layer on both surfaces. This innovative and unique combination allows GEL-Tak to be stuck one side to a window, the other to any make of lighting filter. Its special adhesive has been developed in such a way as to allow the actual filter itself to become re-positional.

GEL-Tak is extremely fast and easy to apply and also to remove, even weeks after application. Its low-profile polyester substrate and clear coating make it very difficult to see once it’s in place. Filter remains recoverable and reusable, it will not damage sensitive architectural glass, and is available in custom widths from 12mm to 1100mm. Its standard roll length of 12mm x 25m makes it ‘pocket’ convenient.

Le Mark can be found on stand D14.

New Shure PSM 200 personal monitor systems at PLASA
Tuesday, 6 August 2002

UK distributor HW International has announced that the latest in personal monitoring, the Shure PSM 200 personal monitor system, will make its European debut at this year’s PLASA Show. The PSM 200 makes the benefits of in ear monitoring accessible to a wide array of cost-conscious musicians, houses of worship and installations requiring assistive listening devices. Beyond cost, the PSM 200 components deliver exciting new features including the built-in ability to upgrade the receiver from wired to wireless, a transmitter that is also a mixer and a high fidelity earphone.

For users who cannot initially afford wireless, the P2R Hybrid Receiver protects their investment by allowing them to upgrade at a later date. The hybrid receiver starts as a wired bodypack and, with the addition of the Transmixer component, operates fully as a wireless receiver. By combining frequency-agile wireless transmitter functionality and a two-channel mixer, the PSM 200 TransMixer offers the end user complete control of the in-ear mix right on the stage. The PSM 200 is being sold in complete system configurations, and as individual components to allow customers to build their own systems.

Shure can be found on stand E20


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