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CompuCAD 2.0 Released
Thursday, 30 November 2000

Stagetec has announced the release of CompuCAD version 2.0, which includes moving light support. CompuCAD files from version 1.5 are compatible with version 2.0. The CompuCAD 2.0 CD, that includes the upgrade to version 2.0 and moving light libraries, is now available.

Lighting Control for Sky
Thursday, 23 November 2000

Stagetec has been awarded the contract to supply five new Compulite lighting control systems to the BSkyB studios in Isleworth. Four of the studios will be fitted with Photon systems, complete with riggers controls, and an additional Sparktop system will be supplied which can be moved to different studios as required. One of the systems will be installed in the 24 hour Sky News studio.

The R&W Catalogue is Online!
Thursday, 23 November 2000

Raper & Wayman Pro-Audio published its first catalogue in late 1988. Now, after eight paper editions it has launched its web-based version - R&W Online. Constantly growing and much more up to date than a paper catalogue could ever be, R&W Online includes literally thousands of pro-audio products for recording and broadcast, as well as for live presentation. Visitors can browse and select the kit they need, request online e-quotes via R&W Online's unique 'Quote Me' system, and then buy either online or in person as required.

Colourfast from Lighting Technology
Monday, 20 November 2000

Colourfast is the new expanded colour filter service for the entertainment industry from Lighting Technology. Based at its London headquarters at Park Royal, the service includes the supply of all major filter brands and the production of scroller streams. A major investment has seen colour stocks increased and Lighting Technology's colour room has been expanded and refurbished. To expand the service a custom-built air-suction preparation table has been installed for scroller stream assembly on site.

New Mixer/Amplifier from Tannoy
Friday, 17 November 2000

Tannoy Professional has launched the TMA120 mixer/amplifier for use in a wide range of audio installations. A 6-input mixer and 120W power amplifier have been integrated into one easy-to-use 2U box to supply high quality sound for background and foreground music and speech systems in venues such as retail outlets, houses of worship, factories and offices. The six balanced inputs are suitable for either microphone or line level signals, and one of these inputs can interface with a telephone switchboard, making this a truly flexible solution. Each channel can be set to automatically or manually mute, assigning priority to, for example, a security microphone, and overall volume levels can be set remotely using a simple potentiometer. Other features include tone controls, a built-in compressor and extensive output patching capabilities. Finally, the power amplifier is able to supply 120W into either a low impedance or line voltage distributed speaker system.

Denon Launches its First NXT Speaker System
Tuesday, 14 November 2000

Denon has announced its first system that incorporates NXT flat panel speakers. The speakers are custom-made by Mission for the Denon AV-F100, DVD-based mini component Home Cinema system. The Denon SCAV-F100 5.1 channel flat panel speaker system is designed for both music and movies and will be sold as part of the new Denon AV-F100 mini-component system, which comprises matching compact Denon DVD Player, Home Cinema Receiver, AV Power Amplifier, fiveNXT flat panel speakers and a powered sub-woofer.

Metrodeck Brings Life to Touring Theatre
Thursday, 9 November 2000

Stray Theatre, a small theatre company which tours the length and breadth of Britain, has recently enhanced its performance possibilities with the addition of a Metrodeck staging system from Maltbury. As an independent organisation relying partly on its grant for support, Stray Theatre was delighted to find that it would be cheaper to buy their own Metrodeck system than to hire one. The highly-flexible staging system can be packed down in around 10 minutes, and has proved an ideal tool for the company’s varying production requirements. Stray Theatre’s David Lightbody said: “The feedback has been incredibly positive in terms of the quality added to the production.”

Buy AV Online
Wednesday, 8 November 2000

Acoustic Arrangements has launched a new online shopping site – e-av – offering a wide range of professional AV products, sound equipment and home cinema gear. According to MD Glyn Chapman, the site will be updated on an almost daily basis and will feature a range of special offers and end of line discounts.

Martin’s Wizard
Tuesday, 7 November 2000

The new Wizard from Martin Professional is a DMX-controllable effect light which uses a high-output 250W discharge source (2000 hour life). The Wizard houses two independent color/gobo wheels offering seven colors plus two white and six gobo patterns, as well as a separate shutter for fast strobing. Taking the effect of the popular Acrobat a stage further, the Wizard produces a unique flower-effect which is projected onto a pan and tilt adjustable mirror drum, delivering more than 80 light beams with continuously changing colors and gobo patterns.

Hayden Launches Latest Denon Twin CD Player
Monday, 6 November 2000

Hayden Laboratories, UK distributor of Denon products, has launched the latest new twin CD player from Denon. The DN-2100F twin CD player expands the comprehensive Denon range with an affordable, mid-range model, which sits neatly between the recently launched DN-2600F and DN-1800F twin CD players. Its standard features include Digi-Scratch, Key Adjust, Brake/Platter-S, Seamless Loop and Hot Start/Stutter, alongside unique features such as Power On Play, Repeat Play and Pitch Lock. The machine features two audio channels (stereo), a sampling frequency of 44.1kHz (normal pitch) and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The DN-2100 is guaranteed to satisfy the wish-list of any contemporary DJ, offering maximum flexibility in the most cost-effective package.

Plug and Play Speaker System from Chameleon
Monday, 6 November 2000

Chameleon Audio, of Cinderford, Gloucestershire, has launched a new, compact sub-bass system with an output of 2000W (rms) for major events and pro-concert performances. It allows instant ‘plug and play’ sub-bass reinforcement from a balanced mono input, with very low noise (<-100 dBA) and distortion levels (<0.01%), to give output at up to 2000W. Designed for a frequency range of 20 to 150Hz, the SB 2000’s built-in amplifier includes large reservoir capacitors, 2500W mains transformers, bipolar output stages and class A pre-amplifier stages.

DT390 Headsets Take the Stage
Thursday, 2 November 2000

At the end of a busy Summer Season for Dobson Sound, one of the more practical new products taken into its hire stock was beyerdynamic's new DT390 headsets. Martin Reed, Dobson's Sound engineer was enthusiastic about the headsets: ’We used the DT394s [Motorola Comms Version] and the DT390s for a mixture of comms, duplex talkback and IEM systems fed with PFL and Motorola links. The 27dB isolation the headsets gave us was a great advantage especially with the levels we had had to face at some of the rock events.’ The DT390 series of headphones have been designed as noise defending monitoring headsets. The headsets have been applauded by television camera crews that have to work on sound stages and a special version of the DT390 will be available in the next few months that has a low-profile ear-shell so that the headset does not interfere with the camera when it is being used on the operators shoulder.

High End Introduces the x.Spot
Wednesday, 1 November 2000

High End Systems debuted its newest automated luminaire, the x.Spot, at the recent LDI exhibition in Las Vegas. The x.Spot boasts enhanced projection capabilities through its sophisticated f2.0 (4:1) zoom lens (11° to 45° range) with steady aperture and flat-field focusing. The fixture’s high light output comes from an MSR 700W short arc lamp, optimized through a multi-elliptical reflector for maximum output.Modular construction lets each user customize the x.Spot and assemble the optimal feature set for every show. Gobo and effects wheels are placed in x.Spot's three user-configurable slots. Oversized, rotating LithoMotion wheels create dynamic image movement through the light beam. Another option is a comprehensive set of framing shutters, which accurately frame set pieces. The x.Spot offers state-of-the-art colour mixing as well as variable colour temperature correction (3000° K to 6200° K), making each fixture instantly adaptable for theatre and TV studios.To extend x.Spot's life into the future, each fixture comes with an Ethernet port, making it ready for ACN (Advanced Control Network) and other network-based protocols. x.Spot is targeted to ship during the first quarter of 2001.

Atomic Chooses Arrayable Logic
Wednesday, 1 November 2000

Logic System Pro Audio has announced the first sale of their new CS1296 arrayable touring system, to Atomic Sound Systems of Newark, Notts. The system, launched at PLASA 2000, consists of three boxes - a fully arrayable mid-top box with optional flying hardware, a twin 15inch cabinet and a single 18inch cabinet (although a twin 18inch enclosure will be added to the range in the near future). Delivery of the 30-box system took place in early October, in time for the busy run-up to Christmas.

Safety First for Stage FX
Tuesday, 31 October 2000

Skyhigh Stage FX has designed a new range of pyro detonating systems - the PDS Range. The company claims that this new range is one of the safest pyro firing systems commercially available. As soon as the PDS firing key is turned to arm the system, not only does the fire button illuminate, making it perfectly clear the system is armed, but also an LED is illuminated on the Smartpod, informing anyone at the business end, that the system is now armed. The LED is bi coloured, and serves two purposes. It not only warns personnel on stage that the system is armed, but it also informs them whether or not the pyro in the Smartpod has a circuit through it.A Smartpod will only pass an electrical signal to a pyro once. If a pyro fails to go off the first time, the system has to be re-set, before that pod will receive a signal again, thus eliminating a possibility of an unexpected explosion. Currently the PDS range consists of two channel, four channel, plus 12 and 24-channel systems. Plans are in place to manufacture all but the two channel as ready flightcased packages, with space in the case for pods and cables.

Baffle-Only Speakers from Scar Audio
Monday, 30 October 2000

Scar Audio - part of Audio Industries Research - has introduced a range of baffle-only speakers available direct from the factory, which enable the user to create state-of-the-art sound systems at a fraction of the normal cost. These 'ready to play' baffles range from 2-way 12" systems, to 2 x 18" sub-bass bins, surround speakers and studio monitors, are fully wired and tested with drivers, horns, crossovers and tuning ports. All that is needed is a simple box (or flightcase). Alternatively, they can be built into the room/stage structure, under stage or seating for even better performance. The range is aimed at contractors, system installers, hire companies or overseas customers wishing to reduce the cost of UK products.

Free Software Upgrade for Masterpiece Users
Friday, 27 October 2000

Continuing its free upgrade philosophy, Pulsar is offering all users of its Masterpiece control desk the latest 'Chase Generator' software free of charge. The 'Chase Generator' allows the creation of complex chase sequences from just a single scene memory, making programming quick and easy. The upgrade is supplied as an EPROM and is simple to install. To obtain the free upgrade software, contact Pulsar on 01223 366798 or your nearest Pulsar Reseller.

Vari-Lite Introduces Virtuoso DX
Friday, 27 October 2000

At the LDI 2000 exhibition in Las Vegas last weekend, Vari-Lite introduced the Virtuoso DX console, the latest addition to the Virtuoso system, intended for those who wish to purchase their control system. The Virtuoso DX, which uses the same operating system as the Virtuoso, supports up to 2,000 luminaires and contains eight built-in DMX universes in a smaller, more compact package. A 3D graphical interface provides real-time status from all Vari*Lite luminaires and simulated feedback from all other devices. The console provides easy and consistent programming of Vari*Lite luminaires, DMX moving lights and conventional lights. The console supports up to 26 DMX universes and is equipped with an off-line editing program that allows 2D and 3D programming of all show data. The Virtuoso DX provides manual control functions including three hard encoders dedicated to intensity, pan and tilt controls, and six soft encoders for all other parameter functions. Vari-Lite say the console will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2001.

Rolec Hard Drives in Action
Thursday, 26 October 2000

Hayden Laboratories Ltd, UK distributors for Rolec hard drive background and foreground music systems continue to supply these machines for a massive variety of venues and installations. Le Petit Blanc in Oxford, a lively restaurant now has a Rolec DHD-200C onboard, supplied by Installation Technology. Recent retail environments with Rolec systems include Boots stores in Milton Keynes and Kensington, both via Reflex Systems and fashion store Envy at the Bluewater shopping experience in Kent, via Music Marketing Services. Birmingham-based Hocken Sound and London-based Music Marketing Services are installing Rolec hard drives into Litten Tree pub venues for Surrey Free Inns. Jim Thompson's Oriental Bar, Restaurant Bazaar is a Chinese restaurant roll-out, expanding rapidly in the Greater London area, owned by Taipan Taverns. All sites are benefiting from Rolec hard drives for music, installed by HTL from Blackpool.

Yamaha All in One
Thursday, 26 October 2000

Yamaha has introduced the UW500 'Personal Studio System' - an all-in-one solution for audio and MIDI recording. The UW500 system provides everything for the computer musician including comprehensive analogue inputs, digital in/outs and multi-port MIDI capability. A comprehensive software package for sequencing, editing and tone generation is also included. Connecting via a single high-speed USB cable, the UW500 system will transform a computer into a fully equipped, easy to use home recording and music production studio.

LCS Unveil the Cue Console
Tuesday, 24 October 2000

LCS will introduce, through its newly-appointed UK distributors Sound Dept, the CueConsole - a modular control surface which replaces the conventional front-of-house sound mixer. CueConsole's new approach to digital control surfaces is its adaptable modularity. Four types of control modules interface with the core of the system - the SuperNova or new Matrix3 audio engines. (The foundation of Matrix3 is the 3U LX-300 frame. Up to 32 of these frames can be linked in a fault-tolerant network, supporting a maximum of 400 audio inputs and 512 audio outputs.) The modules are flexible in that they can be configured in whatever way is most convenient for the sound designer/engineer. Because CueConsole is merely a control surface, with no audio passing through it, the interface back to the audio engine is standard network interface cable. As a result, the modules can be set up in the conventional front-of-house position, or alternatively different modules can be sited in different locations.

Strand's new SLD Series
Friday, 20 October 2000

In a radical overhaul of their dimmer portfolio, Strand Lighting has announced the first models in an advance new programmed known as the SLD Series. The range has been ruggedly designed from the ground up - creating an architecture based on optimum usability and built with state-of-the art, entertainment specific components. Designed to interface fully with Strand's proprietary ShowNet Ethernet system, the SLD dimming system provides a wide range of inputs as well as presets for its Outlook architectural system, along with 99 system wide control back-up presets with individual fade times.

MTFX New Effects
Thursday, 19 October 2000

MTFX now manufactures both 'Poly Packman' snow and 'Paper Packman' snow. These are fully flame retardant, does not clog the machine and can be used for dressing a set. The company has also added to its sales inventory a complete range of CO2 fired confetti cannons which includes a basic Kanji kit.

UHI Chooses beyerdynamic
Wednesday, 18 October 2000

The University of the Highlands and Islands Project (UHI), which runs one of Europe's largest teaching and learning videoconferencing networks, has further enhanced its provision by adding beyerdynamic's MCW wireless conference system. Known as the 'Mediawall', the system incorporates the very latest in presentation technology and was supplied and installed by McMillan Aberdeen under the guidance of Graham Stellard who coordinated the project. The beyerdynamic MCW system was integrated to expand the operational facilities by allowing groups of people to exchange information emulating a lecture theatre situation as well as being used for management meeting by the University's governing principles.


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