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SGM expands range of moving head fixtures
Wednesday, 6 March 2002

SGM has launched a new range of professional moving head fixtures. The new Giotto Spot 400, Wash 400 and Profile 400 are professional moving head fixtures designed for use in high profile entertainment applications including concerts, theatres and television studios. All three fixtures are compact and lightweight and have a range of features including 400W hot re-strike MSR lamp, 9°-24° motorized zoom, electronic ballast (90-245V).

(Ruth Rossington)

Lightning 25sx Projector
Monday, 4 March 2002

Digital Projection International has released the Lightning 25sx projector. At 14000 ANSI lumens and SXGA resolution, the Lightning 25sx is one the world’s brightest projectors. It is complemented by a palette of more than 1 billion colours, absolute greyscale tracking and luminance uniformity greater than 90%. It is suited to a wide range of applications and the on-screen results are engaging video, HDTV and computer imagery with an inherent ‘Film Look’ appeal.

(Ruth Rossington)

Rolec launches new Music Store hard disk playerRolec launches new Music Store hard disk player
Friday, 1 March 2002

Rolec has launched its new PHD-1 Music Store. The product is ideal for pubs, bars and cafes looking for a dynamic choice of music and a quick, simple and fuss-free device from which to play it. The unit can store up to 2500 tracks and the latest chart hits can be added thanks to a monthly update CD supplied by Rolec. Pre-programmed timed announcements, adverts, tag lines and promotional offers can also be stored. The machine’s internal clock is date-sensitive, offering the facility to recognize specific seasons and programme appropriate music up to a year in advance. It can also play standard audio CDs.

The Music Store offers all the flexibility of a computer-based system, operated through just four buttons on the front, but because it’s a dedicated player, it doesn’t hang up, like computer-based music systems can do, when the power is switched on and off. For playback, it can either be left to play specific time of day profiles (pre-loaded by Rolec), or the music can be changed ‘live’ to suit the mood of the moment via a simple menu system. All tracks stored on the machine are selected by genre, era and BPM, thus allowing exact control of the atmosphere.

(Ruth Rossington)

Carlsbro launches monster sound system
Friday, 1 March 2002

Carlsbro has launched what it claims to be one of the first efficient mobile or static monster speaker systems available in Europe. Following extensive trials in venues across the UK, at a recent rave in London, a sound check revealed that the system delivered a record 165db with no audible distortion. A pneumatic drill delivers 110db. This prompted one of the driver manufacturers to fly two engineers over from America to determine how this was achieved. Radio one DJ Dave Pearce listened to the system last week and is quoted as saying: "It is the best speaker system I have ever heard. It makes the Dance music I play come to life and the bass thump is wicked."

Meanwhile, a group of gospel singers from America flew into West Yorkshire to sing at Huddersfield Christian Fellowship where a multiple system delivered 22,000W of music to the 1,000 strong congregation. The choir, which has previously performed with artists such as Whitney Houston to Luther Vandross, were reported to be overwhelmed by the richness and power of these speakers.

(Lee Baldock)

Artistic Licence launch new LED colour mixing fixture
Friday, 1 March 2002

The new Colour-Fresnel CFN-60, which will find many applications in architectural mood lighting, is the latest addition to the Artistic Licence range of digital lighting solutions. The product is based on additive colour mixing of red, green and blue high power light emitting diodes with the resultant light providing in excess of 16 million colour combinations.

Colour-Fresnel is housed in a Reggiani recessed fixture that provides rotation in two axes and a variable focus fresnel lens. The product, which is available in both a white and a silver finish, operates on a 24V, four wire control signal. It can be controlled and powered by either Power-Pipe or LVD-12, and can also be mixed with other Digital Lighting fixtures, providing further flexibility.

(Ruth Rossington)

Barco Events adds three projectors to range
Thursday, 28 February 2002

Barco Events, a division of BarcoProjection, has announced a new range of display and projection products. With the announcement of the new ELM R18 Director and SLM R8/G8 Performer projection platforms, Barco adds three state-of-the-art projectors to its product range.

The ELM R18 Director, based on the ELM platform, now becomes the first projector to reach brightness levels of 18,000 lumen, while also offering the added features of seamless switching and high contrast mode. It is equipped with an innovative Digital Light Processing (DLP) sub-system, including high-resolution Digital Mirror Devices (DMD) and a state-of-the-art optical system.

The SLM R8/G8 Performer platform now offers the market the first projector of this size with brightness levels of 8,000 lumen, as well as features geared specifically at the rental and staging markets. Barco also adds a new ultra-high resolution daylight display product to its range of events solutions, which already includes the Ilite and Dlite display product ranges.

(Lee Baldock)

Sony introduces new 112-channel digital console configurationSony introduces new 112-channel digital console configuration
Thursday, 28 February 2002

Sony Broadcast and Professional UK has announced a significant enhancement to the triple award-winning DMX-R100 digital console, with the introduction of its DMBK-R109 MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) card. The interface expands to 108 the number of audio inputs that can be configured in a single DMX-R100 and supports the dual console cascade mode, providing an integrated 168-input, 112-channel, 48 fader digital mix system. Uniquely, the internal 32-bit fixed point Bus resolution is maintained between cascaded consoles, ensuring no compromise to the DMX-R100’s sound quality.

The powerful new DMBK-R109 utilizes the established AES 10 24-bit MADI I/O ‘bit-slip’ free standard and provides 48-channel digital I/O expansion compatible with other MADI devices such as the Sony PCM-3348HR DASH recorder. Compatibility with the expanding array of MADI stageboxes, audio routers and multi-track recorders also enables greatly enhanced functionality for multi-format film and surround mixing, music production, audio post, broadcast, radio production, live and theatre applications, via either low cost standard 75 Ohm BNC or long distance Optical connections.

The 48-channel MADI I/O expansion provides for 24-channel high-sampling-frequency operation at 88.2/96 kHz and the card takes up only one of the four available DMX-R100 expansion slots; the remainder remaining free for the full range of pre-existing expansion I/O options to cater for a considerable number of operational configurations. Recently released Version 2.1 software, includes new GUI touch-screen

Powerhouse first with new EAW Wedges
Wednesday, 27 February 2002

North London-based Powerhouse Audio were the first production company in Europe to stock the new EAW SM84 wedge monitors. Powerhouse, who handle a great deal of the high profile corporate production work in and around London, count some of the capital’s major names among their clients. These include companies such as Virgin Records, Channel 4 Television, BBC Radio 2, The BAFTAs and The Financial Times - to name just few.

Nigel Winer explains: "We worked on a TV dance programme, 'Flava' for Channel 4. We were responsible for the production of the studio sound for guest live acts. TV producers try to keep wedge monitors out of shot where possible. One of the advantages of the SM84s is the fact that they are so low profile. We had one in shot and the rest at the other end of the studio. The beauty of the EAW wedges is that the sound is there when you need it. Hence none of the artists we worked with had any complaints."

Powerhouse also worked with one of Virgin's artists, Nikka Costa from the States. Winer says: "When the American engineers walked into the venue, they immediately saw we were using EAW monitors, they said 'Hey man that's great'. Needless to say, the rest of the kit, including a Midas desk, was OK with them too."

(Lee Baldock)

Marantz announces Mordaunt-Short distribution deal
Wednesday, 27 February 2002

Marantz Professional Europe has announced a distribution deal with acclaimed UK manufacturer Mordaunt-Short for loudspeaker products suitable for use in professional surround sound and installation applications. Following careful evaluation of the newly-acquired Mordaunt-Short (MS) range, the Marantz team has introduced the Declaration THX Select System, Premiere System 300 and MS302 2-way cabinet to its professional collection.

Mark Perrins, European general manager, states: "The market is changing and we needed a high quality and visually stunning speaker range to complement our existing AV control and installation products for the boardroom, presentation and SI sectors. The MS systems sound great but they also offer a more relaxed choice of finishes to get away from the normal rugged standard."

Both pre-configured surround sound systems and the MS302 cabinet offer stylish and audiophile-quality cabinets are suited to a wide range of high quality applications, with proprietary aluminium Continuous Profile Cones (CTC) providing high-power, low-distortion performance levels using powerful Y30 magnets. All systems utilise ultra-thin diaphragm, aluminium-dome self-shielding, neodymium HF drivers, housed in separated enclosures for minimum cross-modulation. Over-rated crossover components and 24 carat gold 5-way bi-wireable binding posts underline the professional specification.

The top of the range Declaration THX Select System is certified to the THX standard for 5.1-channel soundtrack replay, guaranteeing 105 dB SPL in up to 2000ft³ commercial surround soun

Artistic Licence Launch Micro-Scope 3a
Monday, 25 February 2002

Artsitic Licence has launched an update to its award-winning Micro-Scope technology. Micro-Scope 3a, which is now shipping, provides a host of new features, many aimed at the forthcoming DMX512-A standard. Terms such as Text Packet, System Information Packet, Alternate Start Code and Network Test will be added to the lighting technician's dictionary when the new standard is launched and Micro-Scope 3a supports them all!

Micro-Scope 3a also provides a range of new features derived from customer feedback. A complete show patch can be downloaded from the new version of Mic-Edit. This allows Micro-Scope 3a to identify each and every channel by both lamp and function. The new version of Mic-Edit also provides a range of new features, including the ability to output DMX via Micro-Scope 3a. This feature alone will greatly speed the task of entering lamp personalities and test patterns. Mic-Edit also features an on-line update facility, allowing automatic download of lamp personalities from the Artistic Licence Web Server. As for the thousands of Micro-Scopes already out there - yes you can upgrade!

(Ruth Rossington)

Fostex launches dedicated DVD website
Thursday, 21 February 2002

Fostex Corporation Japan has announced the launch of a website dedicated to their new family of DVD-RAM professional audio mastering products ( Beginning with the DV40 Master Recorder, the first product of their DVD-RAM family, Fostex is set to revolutionise audio mastering for sound mixers, post production, recording studios, broadcast professionals and more by putting their experience of timecode and portable timecode DAT to the DVD-RAM platform.

"Since DVD-RAM is going to be an important future category for Fostex, we felt that a dedicated website was a sensible communication solution," states Hiroaki Kawahata, international sales and marketing manager at Fostex Japan. "DV40 is certainly a field developed product with much input gained from our existing PD-4 and timecode DAT users in both America and Europe. The web is an ideal way for them to stay informed about the development as well as transmitting user experience and ideas back to our engineering department for future products and fast software updates."

The dedicated website has full product information and technical specifications of the DV40 available, as well as downloadable manuals and software updates. The site offers a technical introduction to the fast developing DVD format. A unique area of the website is dedicated to sound mixer Chris Munro’s experiences with four DV40s as he uses them to record, edit and playback audio for the forthcoming James Bond movie from EON Productions, currently working-titled ‘Bond XX’. Set-out in a diary form, the area

CSE with OPTI DMX Club StrobeflowersCSE with OPTI DMX Club Strobeflowers
Monday, 18 February 2002

One of the most enduring effects in the club scene is the Strobeflower from Luton-based lighting specialists, OPTI. When it was first launched, it proved an instant hit with promoters because it combined laser-like effects without the cost and complexity associated with true lasers. As a result, it has become one of the all-time classic effects for concerts, clubs and events all over the world.

Now it’s received an important updating which puts it right back into the forefront of dance music theatre. OPTI has introduced a DMX to Analogue converter box that can be used with its Club Strobeflower, Terrastrobe or the Shutter/Dimming option of the K Range projectors to allow easier control from a central lighting desk. Taking advantage of this development, UK lighting hire company Colour Sound Experiment (CSE) based in Park Royal, London, have converted their entire hire stock of OPTI Club Strobeflowers. These have since been featured on tours by dance acts, Orbital and The Bays, as well as at The End’s recent sixth birthday celebrations.

CSE’s Haydn Cruickshank told us: "The Strobeflower effect has remained unique to OPTI since the heyday of the rave scene more than 10 years ago. There’s no other lighting effect, except a laser, that comes anywhere near it. Now OPTI have provided a DMX control option we see a resurgence in its popularity, which is why I chose to convert our stock over. The dedicated analogue controller can still be used with the OPTI Club Strobeflowers, but hooking them into DMX makes them so much simpler to rig and operating

Shure Presents Performance Gear Microphones
Monday, 18 February 2002

Shure unveiled its new Performance Gear Microphones at this year's Winter NAMM. The line, which is due to ship in the first quarter of 2002, is ideal for both the first-time buyer and the musician looking for reasonably-priced, application-specific microphones. Comprising six models designed for vocals and various instruments, all Performance Gear microphones come packaged with cables and mounting accessories to provide plug-and-play simplicity, as well as rugged reliability for onstage performance. As a complement to its individual models, the Performance Gear line additionally includes a pair of drum mic kits, both of which come in their own carrying cases.

Vocal models include the PG48 and PG58. The PG48, created for speech and karaoke, has a cardioid pick-up pattern and a smooth frequency response. For more demanding vocal applications such as lead and back-up vocals, the PG58 offers a more tailored frequency response, an even tighter cardioid pattern, an internal shock mount to further reduce handling noise, and a dent-resistant hardened ball grille.

A versatile microphone designed to be utilized with either amplified or acoustic instruments, the dynamic PG57 is equally at home on guitar amps, brass or saxophones. Also created for instrument use, the highly sensitive PG81 is a condenser mic offering a flat response curve for detailed reproduction of acoustic instruments and overheads. The PG52 and PG56 are built for drums that feature integral swivel mounts. Tuned to capture the low-end punch of kick drums, the PG52 can also be used on bass guitar amps, while the

Laser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laserLaser Studio Launches new Colour DPSS laser
Tuesday, 12 February 2002

Laser Studio - part of the i-Vision Group - has launched the latest addition to its new I-scan Performer range of DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) lasers. Following recent breakthroughs in diode technology, Laser Studio has produced the UK’s first commercially available Colour DPSS laser for under £20,000.

Laser Studio’s new 1W colour unit currently offers eight modulated colour outputs. The aim is to develop the system into a 256 fully modulated colour system in the future. This product, say Laser Studio, heralds a major change in laser technology and is an important step forward in replacing older, inefficient equipment that required complex cooling and hefty electrical supplies.

The ‘Beam in a Box’ concept - and specifically this product - has been designed with the conference, exhibition and club markets in mind, although it will also be suitable for theatrical and live performance applications. The new laser weighs just 31kgs, is approximately the size of a small travel case and plugs into a 13 amp socket. Brightness wise - utilising the high efficiency of the diode lightsource, this DPSS laser has an efficiency of 10:1 over ion technology, and the diode lifetime is expected to be in excess of 10,000 hours.

Laser Studio’s Geoff Jones comments: "This is the first of the new series of DPSS lasers we’re releasing over the next year. Thanks to diode technology, we can banish forever the ‘Here come the plumbers’ syndrome, whilst making available a highly affordable, bright, easy to rig-and-use laser for a huge diver

New EVP-S Series from Wharfedale Pro
Monday, 11 February 2002

The new EVP-S Series from Wharfedale Pro is the second generation of the company’s successful EVP Series. At the heart of the EVP-S series is the all new WP-M44 high performance compression driver. Coupled to this is a sophisticated crossover design with built in dynamic limiter/protection. The addition of two new high performance stage-monitors further enhances the family. The EVP-S series gains additional valuable features in the new waveguide/horn, ergonomic handles, a recessed-protected input plate, metal stand adaptors, plus the new 15SB ST stereo input subwoofer with internal low-pass, high level sub woofer processing giving stereo PA systems cost effective and powerful low end extension in a compact and cost effective package.

(Ruth Rossington)

LiX-C Series from Wharfedale Pro
Friday, 8 February 2002

Wharfedale Pro has launched the LiX-C Series. Based on the successful LiX range, the new series offers several new models, as well as cosmetic improvements to existing models.

The LiX-C12x has been designed for enhanced low frequency performance at high output levels. This model, as well as the LiX-C15 and 15M (monitor), feature a purpose-built high frequency compression driver using a specially formed titanium diaphragm with a 50mm voice coil. Also new to the LiX family is the LiX-C18MB (Modular Bass) which is available in two versions for optimum coupling to amplifier types and installation requirements. The LiX-C range also offers a 15" sub and 18" sub with massive motor structures designed to sustain high output over long periods. Understanding that sound systems are often asked to perform beyond their original design parameters, the LiX-C range features Wharfedale’s integral Pro-Tech driver protection system.

(Ruth Rossington)

Rental Management Systems introduces RMS22
Friday, 8 February 2002

New features of the latest version of the rental management software package include a whole set of new clear icons, built-in support for backup and restore of data and reports, saving of the last used sort-order and sorted column in all List-tabs and Finder-windows, a new facility for multiple contacts per company, default country and telephone settings and much more.

For a full run-down of all the latest features from RMS22, visit the company website at the address below.

(Lee Baldock)

Genelec Launches 7000 Series Subwoofers
Wednesday, 6 February 2002

Genelec has come up with a new range of active subwoofers for multi-channel, professional surround-sound studios - the 7000 Series. The Finnish company's award-winning R&D team, have made full use of Genelec's proprietary LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) technology to create a range of four models (200mm/8", 250mm/10", 305mm/12" and dual-driver 305mm/12") that are dynamic, efficient and highly configurable.

Three of the models in the 7000 Series are incorporated with Genelec's latest 6.1 bass management technology. This new system has six signal input and output channels, a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output for flexibility and easy connection.

Designed for stereo or multi-channel applications, the 7071A is intended to complement Genelec’s 1032A, S30D or 1037B active monitors. Boasting a frequency response of 19Hz-85Hz (120Hz) +/- 3dB from two 305mm/12" proprietary drivers, the 7071A is designed to deliver high power and clarity in a wide range of sub-frequency monitoring applications. The 7070A employs a single 305mm/12" proprietary driver and features a 250W amplifier. The 7060A features a single 250mm/10" proprietary driver with 120W power amplifier. The 7050A is recommended for multi-media and digital audio workstation environments. It features a single 200mm/8" proprietary driver with 70W power amplifier.

(Ruth Rossington)

New VS Series from Wharfedale Pro
Tuesday, 5 February 2002

Based on the already successful VS range, the new VS Series from Wharfedale Pro has been the subject of both sonic and cosmetic improvements. The new trapezoidal enclosures feature a Dual Electro-Dynamic Driver - Elliptical Wave Guide/Horn high frequency section. This innovation gives high quality sound and musicality using bespoke drivers unique to Wharfedale.

The range includes the VS-10, VS-12 and VS-12M monitors, the popular VS-15 and the VS-153 three way system and the VS-15B and VS-18B sub woofer systems with their internal low pass crossovers and high output, high power handling purpose-built woofers.

(Lee Baldock)

Court Powers Up with RAMJET 3000
Tuesday, 5 February 2002

Court Acoustics has launched its most powerful unit yet, the new RAMJET 3000 concert, touring and installation system. The two-bin system comprises a trapezoid high bin with a horn loaded 12" (304mm) 400W 4" voice coil driver, whose phasing plug combines with a 2" titanium compression driver. This is loaded by a conical horn which, according to Court, provides substantially reduced distortion, compared with conventional horn flares.

The 60°x 60° dispersion and square mouth, means that the RH1 can be used in either plane for wide dispersion arrays, vertical line arrays, stacking or conventional bracket mounting. The RL1 3kW bass bin is a unique design with 4 x 15" (380mm) 750W bass units in the mouth of an 8 square foot horn. The large back chamber is also vented into the horn mouth, combining bass and sub bass down to 25Hz. The RL2 half-size bass bin is also available, which stacks to form the 4 x 15" bin, and is easier for transportation.

(Ruth Rossington)

SB210 from JBL is Now Shipping
Tuesday, 5 February 2002

Introduced in December 2001 at the AES show in New York, the SB210 indoor/outdoor subwoofer, the latest addition to JBL’s extensive line of Control Contractor products, is now shipping. Just fourteen inches tall, the dual ten-inch powerhouse adds low frequencies to fixed installation sound systems in virtually any business application, including restaurants, retail, theme parks, exhibits and displays, even small church and performing spaces.

The SB210 has two ten-inch (254mm) aluminium/ceramic composite cone woofers, for a total power handling capability of 400W continuous (1600W peak). Intended for use indoor or outdoor, the SB210 features a high impact polystyrene cabinet and multilayer thermoset composite-covered grille for full weatherproofing.

The frequency range of the SB210 is 42Hz-200Hz. When used with the optional JBL MTC-210-SAT network, a single amplifier may be used to drive an entire crossed-over subwoofer/satellite system. An optional transformer is also available for use on 70V or 100V distributed speaker systems.

(Ruth Rossington)

AEQ's Caddy now shippingAEQ's Caddy now shipping
Friday, 1 February 2002

AEQ UK, the UK representative of the Madrid-based manufacturer of professional broadcast and audio systems, is now shipping the Caddy A/D and D/A convertor, launched last year as part of the company's E@sy range of products. Although designed as the ideal partner for AEQ's Impact summing/distributing digital audio matrix, the Caddy is well suited to stand alone use.

The Caddy offers 24 electronically balanced analogue inputs and outputs with conversion to and from 12 AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, all in a compact 1U rack space. Sample rate conversion is available from 32kHz to 96kHz, with 24 bits per sample, and the sampling rate follows that of the AES.11 sync input; the default being 48kHz.

The first customer for the Caddy is the European Broadcasting Union, who have taken 20 units as part of a 400 x 400 digital matrix for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. The EBU system also contains 25 AEQ Impact Digital Audio Matrixes; each Impact offers 12 x 12 AES/EBU channels in a summing and distribution matrix.

(Lee Baldock)

OHM announces plans for new PA range
Thursday, 31 January 2002

Pro audio manufacturer OHM has announced preliminary details for a forthcoming range of PA products. The LM series of enclosures will be built in the OHM tradition, with painted birch ply cabinets, and high quality driver and crossover components. A special high efficiency HF compression driver has been used in the 12" and 15", two-way designs, protected by OHM’s proven HF protection system - a money saving device in itself. The portable LM-S sub adds full-on LF extension to the system as required.

The range is complemented by the powerful HQ 2002S 1000W stereo switch mode power amp, and heavy duty tripod speaker stands. Full product specification and details will be available shortly and the product proper should be available from March.

(James Eade)

Pulsar adds ChromaPanel to Chroma RangePulsar adds ChromaPanel to Chroma Range
Wednesday, 30 January 2002

Pulsar has announced the latest introduction to the ChromaRange family - the ChromaPanel. The ChromaPanels are 590mm square panels which utilize 132 LEDs to create a vivid panel of colour making it ideal for 600mm grid suspended ceilings or decorative wall displays. For more information on the ChromaPanel and to download the new edition of the ChromaRange brochure please visit the Pulsar website at the address below.

(Lee Baldock)


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