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Soundcraft launches 328XD Digital ConsoleSoundcraft launches 328XD Digital Console
Tuesday, 29 January 2002

Soundcraft has introduced the 328XD digital mixing console, the next generation of the popular Digital 328 production mixer, now offering dynamics processing on every channel, group and mix path. With the 328XD, Soundcraft has further broadened the desk’s functionality from straight sound mixing to production and control of sequencers and desktop synths. This will enable it to be the production control center for computers, DAWs and dedicated hard disk recorders, including dynamic automation and moving faders.

Designed for use straight out of the box, the 328XD control surface needs little explanation, and virtually all functions are easily accessible through the mixer’s unique ‘E-Strip’. This can act as a horizontal channel strip, controlling EQ and aux sends, or a dynamics control panel, or as level controls for the tape returns.

The 328XD also boasts a new dynamics feature set, including: a Gate and Compressor/Limiter on every channel; configurable direct outputs that provide more opportunities for recording feeds; two high-resolution Lexicon effects processors; the ability to route effects to groups for recording; total status recall at power-up; and improved connectivity. For instance, the S/PDIF output can be available on Optical port as well as RCA/Phono. Wordclock termination is available for systems using multiple clock connections, and the console may be synchronized to embedded ADAT wordclock as well as numerous clock sources.

(Lee Baldock)

Autograph Launches Meyer MM4 Cube
Thursday, 24 January 2002

Autograph Sales Ltd, the UK distributors for Meyer Sound Laboratories, have begun the year with the launch of the latest Meyer Sound product - the MM4. Unlike Meyer Sound's more recent larger developments, the MM4 is a compact, wide-range loudspeaker, measuring only 102mm square.

This particular loudspeaker product is ideal when a high quality distributed sound system is required - in delay and fill applications in theatre-style venues, for example. The product has already found a home in France, on the much-talked about and newly-built Lyon Tramway. This latter is a sound art installation and the 88 MM4s can be found distributed along the 18 stations of the Tramway, transmitting ambient sounds and announcements when required.

Back in the UK, the product is being taken very seriously by several sound design consultants and installation companies and has been specified for a number of forthcoming fixed installations and theatre shows. The MM4 makes its UK debut at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, on a new musical production ‘My One and Only’, which opens early next month where eight MM4s have been installed under the balcony, as second row delays.

(Ruth Rossington)

Wybron's Eclipse II Scoops Another Award
Thursday, 24 January 2002

Wybron’s Eclipse II was honoured with an EDDY Award at the close of last year. This marks the second award for the product in 2001, which also collected an LDI Product of the Year Award earlier in the year.

The Eclipse II is a variable speed DMX controlled iris douser with linear control using a single motor. It can realistically fade fixtures that use non-dimmable arc and metal halide sources, products which are becoming more and more prevalent in lighting design today. One of three lighting accessories awarded the EDDY 2001, it was the smooth and seamless fades of Eclipse II which impressed the panel.

Keny Whitright of Wybron and theatre legend George Izenour collected the award at the 10th annual EDDY Awards at John Jay College Theatre in New York City. The EDDY Awards are presented annually to honour excellence in entertainment design and technology, as well as innovation in product development in the professional audio and lighting arenas.

Designers Jules Fisher (lighting) and Abe Jacob (sound) were keynote speakers at the ceremony, which included a tribute to all past winners and a special eulogy to a group of young talented designers.

(Ruth Rossington)

Corporate Connections for Kelsey with PMI
Wednesday, 23 January 2002

Kelsey Acoustics has recently manufactured and supplied a substantial number of custom-built multicore systems with Litton Veam connectors to Surrey-based rental company Peter Maciuk Installations Ltd (PMI).

PMI specializes in the hire of sound systems to event companies who design and manage large corporate events all over the world. "It’s an exceedingly demanding and competitive environment," explained PMI's Peter Maciuk, "and as events get more and more complex, so the requirement for more diverse multicore systems increases. What we now have is a fully modular multicore system which ranges from 50m 8-pair up to 100m 48-pair with 16-pair return and monitor break-outs. We can also offer a complete stage satellite system comprising three 25m 16-pair dual sex stage boxes to a 48-way dual sex patch panel. In simple terms it gives us the flexibility and the ability to cater for any situation that the event industry demands from its suppliers."

(Lee Baldock)

New Mounts and Guidance from RycoteNew Mounts and Guidance from Rycote
Wednesday, 23 January 2002

Sennheiser UK - exclusive distributor for Rycote microphone windshields and suspension systems - has introduced two new microphone mounts and a useful directory from the company. The Utility Mount is a rugged, lightweight, machined aluminium mount with an integral cable clamping system, purpose-built bands positioned at four staggered points and a bracket with pistol-grip handle. The mount can be stand- or pole-mounted via the 3/8" female thread in the base of the handle. Designed to complement the Rycote microphone suspension range, the Utility Mount is positioned between the company’s Softie Mount and its high performance Modular Suspension. The Utility Mount can be used alone or alternatively can slide into a Rycote Windshield for exterior use. The design of the bands supports a broad range of microphones and allows for quick and easy changes.

The Multi-Mount is a modified Softie mount and bracket with a female 3/8" Whitworth threaded brass insert, suitable for stand and pole mounting. An integral accessory shoe allows for camera hot-shoe mounting. The Multi-Mount isolates camera-mounted microphones from vibration and movement, greatly improving performance. It is available in three sizes to fit 19/20mm, 21/22mm and 25mm diameter microphones.

Rycote has also produced The Microphone Data Book. Over 1000 pages in length, this comprehensive volume documents the essential technical details of each device (with picture) in a standardized format which allows direct comparisons of specifications.

Rycote is the only company in the world specializing in win

Hevacomp Adds iLightHevacomp Adds iLight
Tuesday, 22 January 2002

Hevacomp, a portfolio of building services design software, has added iLight’s range of lighting control products to its database. The move will enable lighting control to be designed in with the other electrical services, allowing the designer to build the lighting, lighting control and electrical design straight into his system drawing.

Electrical CAD enables electrical systems to be designed on the building drawing using a DXF file or directly with AutoCAD. It comes with a comprehensive and easy to use BS symbol library: as symbols are entered onto the drawing, they automatically snap to wall orientations. Using extensive manufacturer’s databases of boards, protective devices, busbars, cable and luminaires, the designer can build the lighting and electrical design straight onto the drawing.

(Ruth Rossington)

All-Digital Praesideo System from Philips CSIAll-Digital Praesideo System from Philips CSI
Tuesday, 22 January 2002

Philips CSI has launched the Praesideo public address and emergency sound system. The company believe it to be the world’s first fully digital PA system of its kind: it meets virtually all today’s public address and emergency sound system needs and is fully compliant with the latest Evac standards for emergency sound systems.

By handling all audio processing, communication and control functions entirely digitally, Praesideo achieves hihg levels of flexibility and ease of installation. Initial system configuration is carried out quickly and easily from a PC with user-friendly configuration software, eliminating the need for programming at the equipment end or complex, time-consuming changes in the system cabling when upgrading or expanding. The configuration software uses web-based technology, and allows authorized users to access and monitor the system from any location. After the system configuration the PC can be disconnected and Praesideo can work without a PC.

Praesideo’s digital technology also provides virtually unlimited zones, call stations, audio inputs and outputs, control inputs and outputs and much more. Built-in TCP/IP protocol as well as a standard RS232 interface makes the system open for interconnection with other systems and peripherals. As well as the system’s own call stations and storage functions for pre-recorded announcements, audio inputs can be accepted from virtually all other sources.

Praesideo uses a ‘daisy-chain’ network topology that allows units to be located at any point on the network. External inte

Outline H.A.R.D. 212 monitors at the VaticanOutline H.A.R.D. 212 monitors at the Vatican
Monday, 21 January 2002

The new H.A.R.D. 212 monitors from Italian manufacturere Outline have been used for the very first time at the Christmas Concert in The Vatican, a high profile event held in the Paul VI hall, presented by Cristina Parodi and broadcast across Italy at Christmas by Canale 5. Since the first edition in 1993, this show has brought together hundreds of foreign and Italian artists, who accept the invitation of the Church of Rome. Different cultures, origins, races, ages and colours, but united to perform in the name of a very meaningful cause.

Once again this year some of the world’s top artists participated, including Cranberries’ vocalist Dolores O’Riordan, Terence Trent D'Arby, Sasha, Josè Feliciano, Russell Watson, Massimo Ranieri, Edoardo Bennato, Elisa, Tiziano Ferro, the Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino treble voice choir from Belgium, the New Millennium Voices Gospel Choir from New York and the highlight of the evening - a live link-up with Los Angeles and the great Ray Charles.

All the artists’ songs were played and arranged by Maestro Renato Serio’s III Millennio Orchestra. Rome audio-video rental company Immagina decided to use Outline’s new H.A.R.D. 212 monitors and achieved great results. Filippo Rocca, the company’s owner and technical director of the event for seven years, states: "I was looking for monitors which had to be truly compact and very low profile for set production reasons and ensure linear frequency response, but also be able to come up with high SPL without risking feedback. The new Outline enclosures

Tomcat UK Increases Prostar Hoist Range
Friday, 18 January 2002

Tomcat UK has announced that they are now stocking an increased range of Columbus McKinnon Prostar electric theatrical chain hoists. The popular lower capacity hoist range, which already included 136kg and 272kg s.w.l. models are now complemented by 226kg and 452kg s.w.l. units. The new models have the same features as the original versions and also boast the extra capacity without an increase in external size. A variety of different speeds and voltage options are available, including extra fast 10m/min versions. The products are available directly from Tomcat UK or from any of the company’s UK and European distributors.

(Lee Baldock)

ENTTEC launches the EVO at ENTECH
Friday, 18 January 2002

At the forthcoming EnTech show in Sydney (4-6 February), ENTTEC is to release its flagship product - the EVO. This is a new generation of lighting desks based around Ethernet and new technologies. The hardware centres around a large 5'7 blue back lit LCD touch screen and seven motorised faders, whilst communication comes from an Ethernet port, and DMX options come via the desk’s DMXEthergate suite of products or a DMX over Ethernet solution.

The EVO was designed for maximum ease of use. Its user interface gives constant feedback over the current show or programming actions using plain English sentences. Thanks to the motorised faders, the user will be able to program scenes as on an analog desk or run entire cuelists from one submaster. ENTTEC have also included new features such as semi-automatic crossfades and web remote control. The EVO is not built around a PC, but uses an industrial real-time operating system for added reliability. Fixture libraries can be downloaded from the ENTTEC web services website or edited using an easy to use web editor.

After the initial release, the company plans to develop the software to include networking programming, where multiple desks on the same network could be used to program the same show, or remote Ethernet-based processing nodes to upgrade the processing power. A range of add-ons and options are also in the pipeline, including an offline editor, an expansion wing with more faders, buttons and a trackball, low cost playback unit and expansion modules such as sound inputs and a VGA video output.

The Evo can be seen on s

Dynaglide from Hall Stage
Wednesday, 16 January 2002

Hall Stage has announced the launch of the brand new DynaGlide winch range. The range includes a new concept in 'semi-manual' winches, the DGM system, which provides working loads up to 1000kg, can be driven manually or with an electric hand-drill via a secondary gearbox input, saving time and a lot of effort! The DGH curtain winches now come with a variable speed control system as standard. Full data sheets are available for all products in the range now and will also be available in .pdf format on the Harkness Hall website soon.

(Lee Baldock)

Heads Up with American DJ
Wednesday, 16 January 2002

American DJ has launched the XP-3 intelligent moving head - a high performance DMX-compatible fixture with a fully rotating head and an affordable price tag. "In the past, moving head fixtures were beyond the price range of the average club and professional DJ," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ. "The XP-3 offers those who have a smaller budget the excitement of a moving head fixture, without a high price tag."

The XP-3 features a fully rotating head, with pan and tilt. It includes four DMX channels and incorporates smooth stepper motors and an easy-to-read digital display. Features include 17 gobos plus spot, six colours plus white and four multi-colours and strobe. The XP-3 can be operated with any standard DMX controller. It can also be used with American DJ’s Utopia/C Controller (sold separately) to control black out, slow scan and strobe at the touch of a button.

Additionally, the XP-3 can be operated in a sound activation mode. It features a sensitivity knob to control the intensity with which effects move to the music’s beat. Multiple XP-3 units can be linked together master-slave via XLR cable.

(Lee Baldock)

CIE-Audio Stand Apart from the RestCIE-Audio Stand Apart from the Rest
Friday, 11 January 2002

CIE-Audio has been appointed exclusive UK distributor for the newly launched ‘Euromet’ range of professional stands, trussing and audio/lighting hardware. The new product range is CIE-Audio’s latest move in its plans to develop a new ‘leisure-based’ music range which will complement CIE-Group’s existing portfolio of integrated product solutions (currently comprising installed sound, data & telecommunications and CCTV & security).

Chris Edwards, CIE-Group marketing manager told us: "These new products will give our existing customers a complete hardware range, from audio and lighting stands, brackets and fittings, to staging and event technology such as trussing and portable staging. Euromet will also form a vital part of our new ‘leisure’ product range, which will see CIE-Audio moving further into the AV, events and lighting markets over the next 12 months."

CIE-Audio’s leisure range already includes a whole host of new amplification and music processing products from Inter-M, the Wharfedale ‘Pro’ loudspeaker range and a number of new NXT-based flat panel speaker products from Amina.

(Ruth Rossington)

American DJ's Gem Upgrades
Wednesday, 9 January 2002

American DJ has introduced the Dual Gem and Super Jewel, upgraded versions of two of its most popular sound-activated moonflower effects. As its name suggests, the Dual Gem is a double version of the Color Gem. The Super Jewel is similar to the American DJ Jewel, but has sharper optics and a bigger beam spread to provide even more impact.

The Dual Gem includes an FX switch, which allows it to be operated in sound active, static or continuous rotation mode. A special sensitivity knob has also been added to control the degree of intensity with which the beams respond to the music. With the sensitivity adjustment, DJs can set the effect for high-energy movement or for calmer effects.

The Super Jewel features a high-power LL-64514 120V, 300W lamp. In addition to its increased brightness, new colours and wider beam spread, the Super Jewel now includes an FX switch for operation in sound active, continuous rotation or static mode. Other user-friendly features include an easy access lamp replacement door and hanging bracket.

(Lee Baldock)

Sony DMX-R100 Scoops the TrebleSony DMX-R100 Scoops the Treble
Tuesday, 8 January 2002

A coveted TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) Award, presented during the AES New York Convention in December, rounded off a record year for the Sony DMX-R100 digital console. With over 1200 worldwide sales and a hat-trick of major pro-audio awards, the console has carved out an enviable reputation for itself.

Notable for being voted for by a large number of magazine subscribers, the Mix Foundation TEC award for best product in the Small Console Format Technology category is regarded internationally as one of the key accolades for technical professionals. The 48 channel DMX-R100 also scooped both the Studio Sound Award in the UK and MIPA (MusikmesseInternational Press ‘High End Digital Mixing Desk’ Award) in Germany earlier in the year.Sony has recently launched a Version 2.0 software upgrade for the desk, and there are plans for a forthcoming MADI implementation and optional GPI expansion for broadcast use.

(Ruth Rossington)

Germany embraces LegendGermany embraces Legend
Monday, 7 January 2002

Midas and Klark Teknik recently welcomed over 40 customers from Germany to their factory in Kidderminster to introduce them to the Midas Legend tri-purpose mixing console which has already won two awards for technological innovation. Customers were also treated to a Klark Teknik presentation on the DN9848 digital loudspeaker processor and a full factory tour as well as plenty of entertainment and sightseeing over the two days of their visit.

According to KTG marketing director, David Webster, the trip was a success for a very simple reason. "It's all about what we do best, which is to offer high quality professional equipment which offer solutions to customers' problems, and to do it in style! And we do our best to try and make it simple. Each distributor has their own DVD presentation on Legend in the language of their territory, as well as any other type of marketing back-up they require. The icing on the cake is to be able to present it in the factory (in this case in German), have customers meet us and also meet the designers so they can get a real feel for who we are and what we do. Then we go out and have some serious fun!"

Uwe Wittman, Midas sales manager for Germany, said: "Most of the customers we invited were from mid-sized rental and installation companies which is where I think we will sell a lot of Legends . . . It was also very useful to give our customers greater insight into the Klark Teknik range. On a professional level they were certainly impressed with what they saw, and they definitely had fun! I have ordered 20 consoles as a result,

Diversitronics Mark 3000 StrobeDiversitronics Mark 3000 Strobe
Friday, 4 January 2002

Following its first public showing at the PLASA exhibition in September 2001, the new Diversitronics Mark 3000 Super High Intensity DMX Strobe is now being shipped by AC Lighting Ltd. The strobe features a long life high power quartz xenon lamp and delivers 24,000W peak flash intensity. Built into a streamlined housing with extensive aluminium heat sinking and automatic fan cooling, the unit is rated for continuous duty.

A major feature of the Mark 3000 is the ability of the strobe to accept both DMX and analogue remote control, as well as operating in stand-alone mode with integral speed control. To facilitate ease of connection, the strobe is fitted as standard with DMX input and through 5-pin XLR connectors and analogue (0 -10V) input and through 4-pin XLR connectors.

The Mark 3000 operates over a speed range from 15 flashes per minute to 15 flashes per second and features a Hyper Flash mode of 60 flashes per second. The microprocessor control provides nine in-built ultra bright Hyper Strobe special effects including Solidlight, Auto-Lightning, Fixed Lightning, Crossfade, Fade-Down, Arcweld, Emergency Vehicle, Rapid Fire and Hyperflash (single emission). Standard features provided by the Mark 3000 include a yoke-mount bracket, self re-setting safety thermal switch, plus LEDs for power-on, DMX present and status.

(Lee Baldock)

4.3.1 Software for MA Scancommander
Wednesday, 2 January 2002

MA Lighting has announced the latest software release for its Scancommander lighting desk. In the new version 4.3.1 further 36 moving heads were integrated in the products' library.Accordingly this list includes now also the following types: Clay Paky Golden Spot 1200, Coemer CF7 Zoom Wash, High End Studio Spot CMY, Martin MAC2000 Profile, Vari*Lite 2402 and 2406 and many more.

All customers who use a Scancommander with a 4.xx software version will get the new release free of charge.

(Lee Baldock)

HK Audio Introduces VT115X Bi-amp Module
Wednesday, 2 January 2002

For bi-amped monitor applications utilizing HK Audio's VT115X multi-function 15"/2" cabinets, HK Audio has now introduced a dedicated VT115X Monitor Application Module. This is run in conjunction with HK's AC 22 Controller and VX2400 power amps. When run in bi-amp mode, the VT115X delivers more headroom and 'cut through', often needed on larger stages in particular. The AC 22 stereo controller with the VT115X Monitor Module provides two channels of two-way frequency crossover with +24dB/octave system frequency correction, with circuit protection offered by HK Audio's onboard dynamic limiters.

(Lee Baldock)

The Wife - New DMX Tester from Martin Professional
Friday, 21 December 2001

The Wife, a new DMX tester from Martin Professional, is a sophisticated, battery-powered DMX 512 and MIDI analyzer with simple to operate characteristics that will find any fault in a lighting rig of intelligent lights. This new DMX tester receives, generates and/or re-transmits DMX 512 or MIDI data streams and includes automatic moving light test facilities. An auto-backup tool features a double and single-ended cable test procedure and displays both update rates and the number of channels. The Wife also houses 15 preset memories.

And why is it named The Wife? Well, if there’s a fault, she’ll find it!

High End Catalyst Receives EDDY Award
Friday, 21 December 2001

High End Systems' Catalyst recently received a top honour for lighting products at the 10th Anniversary of the EDDY Awards in New York, hosted by Entertainment Design magazine. High End's Al Ridella and Brad Schiller accepted the award during the ceremony, which took place on December 7, at John Jay College Theatre.

This is the fourth award for Catalyst. It won two top awards at PLASA in September for Design Excellence and Technical Innovation, and Product of the Year for Lighting/Entertainment at LDI 2001 in November. Catalyst is currently making its splashy debut at New York's Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers games.

Orbital Rolls and Rocks the Face of Sound
Friday, 21 December 2001

Orbital Sound has recently added a range of outdoor Rock speakers from US-based manufacturer Rockustics to its extensive hire portfolio. For intrepid outdoor sound engineers, the company can supply a variety of Rocks to suit every outdoor application. Products include Punk Rocks, Octa Rocks, Econa Rocks, Rocky Too, Rocky Junior and even a Sub Rock! Designed to withstand both wind and water erosion, the Rocks can exist in sub-zero temperatures beneath snow and ice for months at a time.

Daniel Parton of Orbital¹s hire department, commented: "The Rocks blend seamlessly into any outdoor environment and offer innovative alternatives for a variety leisure-build installations. Their their unique aesthetics offer huge potential for any themed environment and have been used successfully for a number of exhibition stands and special events."

Sennheiser Adds to Headset RangeSennheiser Adds to Headset Range
Wednesday, 19 December 2001

Sennheiser has added three new professional models to its range of professional headphones and headsets. All three models are closed back, circumaural designs. Two new broadcast/location sound recording headsets, the HMD 280 pro and HMD 281 pro, combine neodymium-equipped drivers, providing an 8Hz - 25kHz, virtually linear frequency response for critical monitoring, with a high quality noise compensating microphone system. Designed for live presentation, reporting, talkback and intercom applications, the HMD 280 combines an excellent quality and comfortable 102dB SPL headphone monitoring system, with 32dB ambient noise rejection and a super-cardioid boom mic. Mounted on a flexible either-side boom with especially low structure-borne noise, the high directivity microphone capsule ensures clarity of speech, even in the most noisy production environments.

The similarly specified, single-sided HMD 281, specially developed for talkback applications in combination with film and TV cameras, features the same premium components and performance. Both headsets are available in alternative belt pack compatible configurations for Clearcom (4-pin female XLR - HMD28X/CC) and RTS (5-pin male XLR - HMD28X/RTS) intercom systems.

The HD 280 pro monitoring headphone is also now available, intended for broadcast, ENG and all sound production applications. Capable of up to 32dB ambient noise rejection, this ultra-sensitive, neodymium equipped headphone, delivers a precise, linear, extended frequency response and 102 dB SPL for critical monitoring. Comfortable and firm fitting, and easily ad

Outline Presents H.A.R.D. 212
Monday, 17 December 2001

Outline has launched the new H.A.R.D. 212 'low-profile' stage monitor, ideal for no-nonsense television studio and live band applications. Its unique acoustic architecture, with a folded waveguide (patent pending) for reproducing mid/high frequencies, has enabled the cabinet's maximum height from the floor to be limited to just 33cm, combining compactness with high quality performance.

Fitted with three neodymium loudspeakers - 2 x 12" woofers and a 3" compression driver loaded with the waveguide, the H.A.R.D. 212 can produce a maximum SPL of 135dB (AES), 141 peak, from 60Hz to 17kHz, with an almost constant polar response over a listening distance of between 0 and 3 metres. Another interesting feature of the enclosure is its lack of susceptibility to feedback, even at high SPLs, say Outline. The use of speakers with neodymium magnets has allowed the system's weight to be reduced by 50% compared with those fitted with traditional ferrite magnets, and the H.A.R.D. 212 weighs in at just 26kg.

The manufacturer states that for best results, the unit should be bi-amped, using Outline T2.5 and T4.5 digital power amps for the top and bottom end respectively. The system's parameters are controlled by a Genius 6 24-bit digital processor which, thanks to its 60 storable presets, enables timbre to be personalized and recalled precisely when required by performers. The control/power rack can drive up to four H.A.R.D. 212 units in parallel. The cabinet is also available in a semi-finished version, which can be given a custom paint job to match TV studio or stage sets, and


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