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Smoke Factory Launches Tour-Hazer
Friday, 7 September 2001

Smoke Factory of Hannover, Germany, has earned a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of professional fog-generators. The list of Smoke Factory innovations introduced over the years includes: 0-10 V control of output and output volume; DMX control of output and output volume; XLR standard connection for fog-generators; Radio remote control; Direct output volume control through lighting desk fader; Continual fogging and electronic temperature control.

The Tour-Hazer, being launched at the PLASA Show, is an addition to this Professional Touring Range. The DMX-controlled Tour-Hazer creates a fine haze instead of big clouds of fog. By filling the air with a perfect ‘designer mist’, the Tour-Hazer creates an ideal environment for beams and moving light shows. Unlike many other hazers, the Tour-Hazer does not need a compressor. It is small, easy to handle and to carry, comes with a flightcase (from Amtpown Cases, Hamburg) and fits in every trailer’s packing list, due to its 19" size. The noise of the unit is very low, and the output can be controlled from very fine low output haze to almost fog-machine-like output (which can be helpful in situations where the room is bigger than expected, the air conditioning stronger or too many doors open). The input required is 230V/1.600W only, a 110V version (1.500W) is also available.

The Smoke Factory can be found on stand H7.

ADA and Renkus Renkus-Heinz Introduce EASE 4.0
Thursday, 6 September 2001

Renkus-Heinz, worldwide distributor of EASE software for ADA, has announced the release of EASE 4.0, a generational change from EASE 3.0 to a more intuitive, easier-to-use format with more accurate calculations and more realistic presentations.

Originated and owned by Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert of ADA (Acoustical Design Ahnert), Berlin, EASE has developed since its introduction in 1990 into a standard for sound system simulation software. EASE 4.0 has an improved look that features icons and better menus, making its use much simpler and more intuitive. Easy-to-use wizards help to create new projects and simplify mapping functions and ray tracing. A new ‘Objects Function’ allows users to select any items in the drawing, including vertices, faces, edges, seats, lights or speakers, group them together and then save them into a separate file as an object. The object can then be imported into the model, duplicated, rotated or moved in any of three axes to allow rapid insertion of complicated details.

Other notable changes to the program include the addition of phase data for loudspeakers and loudspeaker clusters; Caesar, a complex acoustical mapping module; EASEVision, an architectural rendering module; and new Texture and Light Source Editors.

Selecon at PLASASelecon at PLASA
Wednesday, 5 September 2001

New from Selecon at PLASA this year is the mechanical dowser accessory, which completes the Pacific MSR light system. The dowser continues the modular design philosophy of the Pacific: it is a separate accessory that simply drops into the Pacific lamphouse, onto which can be mounted any of the Pacific lens systems. Using graduated optical filters, the dowser provides a visually even fade from full output to blackout. Control is via DMX. The daylight colour temperature (5600K) and high efficiency of the 575W MSR lamp combine to deliver a high output, high impact beam. The Pacific heat management system ensures even energy distribution at the gate allowing for the use of dichroic glass patterns. Hot restrike, standard MSR and MSD lamps can be used with the Pacific. Power supplies include a universal electronic power supply and 220 - 240v magnetic ballasts for architectural applications. The dowser is also suitable for use with Pacific CDM luminaires.

Also new from Selecon is the HiPort, a recessed high output pattern, framing and colour projector. Responding to the demand for a high output projector that is fully recessed within the ceiling cavity, Ardiis, the architectural lighting division of Selecon, has developed the HiPort range, a unique new tool for creative lighting at an affordable cost. The HiPort is the ideal tool for pattern projection or where accurate beam control is required for either long throws and higher ambient light conditions or when a strong architectural lighting statement is desired.Using the 70 or 150W CDM/CMH lamp the HiPort meets the demand for p

UK First for Chameleon at PLASA
Tuesday, 4 September 2001

In what is claimed to be a UK first, high-end touring and installation manufacturer Chameleon Audio is exhibiting its Mac- and PC-compatible digital audio control system at PLASA. Developed over the last 18 months, it utilizes Apple Computers FireWire and Yamaha’s mLAN technologies.

Chameleon Audio managing director, Paul Houlden, decided to develop the system for several reasons. "Firstly, I feel remote control of audio equipment is the way forward and, secondly, there is an increasing demand from live sound companies for this type of technology. When substantial numbers of amplifiers and speakers are operated or flown in remote locations in large concert venues and stadia, should a fault occur, immediate detection of what piece of equipment has malfunctioned is virtually impossible without a sophisticated control system. Chameleon’s digital audio control system addresses these potential problems in a constructive manner by monitoring the performance, so any aural glitches can be instantly pinpointed. Anything that speeds up this analysis has got to be beneficial," adds Houlden.

One of the first to express an interest in the digital audio control system was Britannia Row Productions, who, following a series of trials at a variety of indoor and outdoor concerts throughout the summer, have purchased a range of Chameleon amplifiers. Other applications which Houlden envisages include the potential of FireWire (IEEE 1394) in remote control and audio crossover instructions, allowing further speedy development of this system and, hopefully, a standard ac

AC to Display MA Consoles and Dimmers at PLASA
Tuesday, 4 September 2001

Announcing a UK exclusive distribution agreement, AC Lighting will use its presence at the PLASA exhibition to display the product range of leading German manufacturer, MA Lighting Technology Gmbh. MA Lighting will also be present at the show (J12) and in addition a private suite has been booked to provide facilities for in-depth product demonstrations away from the noise of the show floor.

Taking pride of place at PLASA will be the grandMA lighting console and the release of Version 3.00 software. This release facilitates advanced networking capabilities, including the ability for multiple operators to programme complex shows on the console and for full tracking back-up between consoles and replay units. The grandMA is the largest console in the range and harnesses the benefits of the latest technologies: a distinguishing feature is the three colour TFT touch displays with brilliant contrast and adjustable viewing angle. All output displays are interactive offering direct access for modification following the philosophy of 'see something - touch it - modify it'. In addition the console will support two optional external monitors. The console is equipped with 20 motorised faders that can be assigned to a host of functions, including controlling single channels just like a preset board, varying the intensity of scenes like a memory board, manually making cross fades to the next scene and many other tasks. The console is also equipped with keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, trackball, 4 parameter encoders, in-built 2 GByte hard-drive, 3½" disk-drive and UPS (Uninterruptable

LiSA Line Array
Sunday, 2 September 2001

The new LiSA (Line-Source Array System) is the first Italian-manufactured line array system. Since it was designed for one of the country’s leading rental firms, Laboratorio Musica, Mike Clark talks to owner Vanis Dondi about the system.

Designed by a workgroup of three Italian acoustic researchers (Mario Di Cola, Davide Doldi and Davide Saronni), the system consists of three-way full-range high directivity line array elements for long-throw applications. Laboratorio Musicale’s Vanis Dondi, explains: "Two direct radiation 18" woofers reproduce the full bandwidth down to 32Hz, virtually eliminating the need for additional sub-woofers in many applications but, if necessary, there are also optional sub-woofers with three long excursion 18" for extra VLF power."

Three Stage Accompany neodymium ribbon compact drivers are the system’s cylindrical HF source for true line source array radiation at HF and Italian 18 Sound cone speakers (used throughout) incorporate features such as Double Demodulating Ring, Double Silicon Spider, Interleaved Sandwich Voice-Coil and custom weather-proof protection. Two horn-loaded 10" mid range speakers ensure improved vertical control in the mid band.

Dondi continues: "Arrays are configured to give required vertical coverage, while horizontal coverage remains the nominal 90 degrees of a single element, resulting in full vertical coverage predictability of the entire cluster, uniform SPL and frequency response over the area covered, minimizing problems associated with traditional arrays, such as c

Swansgate Voice Alarm
Saturday, 1 September 2001

West London-based Ampekko was recently contracted by Lasalle Investment Management to supply a sophisticated voice alarm and public address system for the Swansgate Shopping Centre, situated in the heart of Wellingborough.

Ampekko worked closely with project manager Neil Horswood of Neil R Horswood Services, after winning the tender to design a dual-purpose system to be integrated into Swansgate’s four spacious shopping malls.

Before finalising the system, the company’s design team performed a number of acoustic modelling tests on-site, including a full RASTI test, required because of the harsh nature of surfaces throughout the centre. They then decided on an integrated PA and voice alarm system, based around Bouyer’s digital GD 2299 - a specialist spot-messaging hard disk recorder and player that allows for up to 100 voice messages to be stored and accessed when needed. Bouyer PGM 5008 microphones were used to offer built-in monitoring and intercom facilities. RB 39 Bouyer projector loudspeaker cabinets were specified in white to blend unobtrusively into the shopping mall. These are powered by eight amplifiers and use the Ampekko SPM10 line monitor.

The system allows for coded messages to pre-warn staff in advance of a possible evacuation, thereby helping to minimise a dangerous situation. Working not only as a security voice alarm, the system provides valuable add-on features including up to 100 repeat voice messages. The messaging system can be pre-programmed to deliver a host of messages from vital security information through to promotional mes

Stage Accompany Among Friends
Friday, 31 August 2001

Stage Accompany has launched its new Friend Series, specifically designed for the installation market and smaller rental market. This new series of small speaker systems consists of four models - F1, F5, F7 and F9 - and has a high grade of finish, with double Speakon connectors, steel grille and flush-mounted speakers to prevent baffle-reflection. Their rigid trapezoidal cabinet design, in combination with SA’s Protexture coating and a wide range of mounting options, make the Friends also suitable for mobile applications.

NFT Converts with Roadster X4
Thursday, 30 August 2001

The jewel in the British Film Industry’s crown, the National Film Theatre is generally acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest cinemas, offering the biggest and best choice of films dating back to the origins of the industry (it is the only public cinema that can still show inflammable nitrate film).

With three screens showing over 2,000 films, head of technical services, Richard Boyd knows that while they face a critical audience of purists, technologically times also move forward. The principal auditorium already boasted digital sound and recently the NFT decided to review its projection equipment. The 450-seat NFT1 boasts a 12.5ft high screen, and when it came to researching the market for the new generation of DLP digital video projection Boyd scrutinized the market closely before opting for a fully-featured, three-chip DLP Christie Digital Roadster X4, fitted with a 4-7:1 lens.

The NFT project manager, Ed Mauger and independent software programmer Tony Hay, along with control and display solutions specialists Planet Communications and Christie Digital support teams, designed a complex system that allowed for fast switching, cueing and parameter changing of the X4. This has been achieved via a Crestron CNMSXAV control processor and LC1600L 6" passive matrix colour LCD rackmount touchpanel, which has been integrated into an Ed Mauger-designed custom panel with faders. This takes care of the remote cueing and switching of all the theatre’s playback sources - DVD, VHS, S-VHS, Betacam and U-matic hi- and lo-band - as well as satellite, TV and

Pioneer to Launch New twin-CD Player
Wednesday, 29 August 2001

Pioneer is launching its next generation twin-CD player, the CMX-3000, at PLASA 2001. Stylishly designed, with black rubberized buttons and a carbon finish, the CMX-3000 incorporates ground-breaking features only previously seen on Pioneer’s CDJ-1000, such as Wave display, onboard memory, hot cues and new pitch bend buttons. It also boasts a high-quality scratch mode, which allows scratching, scratch cue and backspin. The CMX-3000 brings the twin-CD player platform not only to the mobile DJ but also to small clubs, music bars and serious bedroom DJs. The Wave Display, patented to Pioneer, is a visual mapping of the landscape of each track. This is graphically represented in the display panel, showing the peaks and lows in the WAVE, and thereby guaranteeing accurate cueing on CD.

A further creative highlight of the CMX-3000 is the Hot Cue/Loop function, which memorizes up to either three cue or loop points per CD. These can be recalled by hitting any of the three buttons, great for remixing or over dubbing. All Cue and Loops can be BPM synced. Additionally, a rescue button is at hand, with the world's first Emergency Loop feature which sets a four-beat seamless loop - an indispensable feature if a track is about to end and the DJ has failed to cue up the next track. The presence of Pitch Bend and rubberized buttons, in particular, are a direct response to consumer feedback, and show the degree to which Pioneer has been prepared to listen, and respond to, the marketplace.

With its new CMX template Pioneer has also re-iterated industry issues of durability head on. C

New Fibre-Optic Material at PLASA
Friday, 24 August 2001

Powerhouse Distribution is to launch a new fibre-optic material at PLASA 2001. Titled ‘Supa Brite’ the new fibre-optic cable is claimed to be the brightest solid-core side-emitting fibre available. It is clad in a special jacket that is UV stabilised so as not to be affected by direct sunlight and contains algaecides that make it particularly useful for underwater applications. It is available on rolls of 20m or 60m and the diameter of the fibre is 14mm. Powerhouse managing director Phil Parsons said: "It is quite simply the brightest fibre I have ever seen, I am delighted by the prospect of being able to introduce this exciting product into the UK market - you really have to see it to believe it!"

Supabrite fibre will be displayed on the stands of Ohm Industries (C28), and Dare Pro Audio (D36).

HES: Final Status Cue Software Release
Friday, 24 August 2001

High End Systems' Status Cue lighting console will have one final software release before the end of the year, adding Studio Beam, Studio Spot CMY and EC-2 to the fixture library. x.Spot will not be added due to the board's technical limitations in running a fixture as complex as x.Spot. There will also not be any other fixtures added from other lighting manufacturers. Status Cue was introduced in 1993 and has been upgraded over the years with new software to operate High End's DMX-512 lighting fixtures and competing products until this year's release of x.Spot. High End officially discontinued manufacturing the lighting console last year, but will continue to support the product through its customer service department. Jeff Pelzl, manager of HES Customer Service, says: "We will continue to provide parts and service to our customers in a variety of markets who have purchased Status Cue and are enjoying using it to run our lighting products."

Status Cue is still a strong lighting controller with a popular cue-list and CD-ROM feature that is currently used for a variety of applications including architectural show control (Capitol of Puerto Rico, FAO Schwarz, Millennium Force Roller Coaster, Shanghai Hungpau Pedestrian Tunnel), 2001 concert tours (such as the Scorpions in Indonesia), TV shows (Miss South Africa Teen 2001) and more. The final release of software will be announced in the next few months on the High End Systems website:

LeMark Introduces Gam FilmFX for Strand SL
Thursday, 23 August 2001

LeMark Group and GAMProducts have co-developed a Strand SL version of the unique GAM FilmFX. A scenic projector designed to fit the drop-in iris slot of ellipsoidal spotlight, the 'FX' machine brings the concept of 'gobos on a roll' to reality. The new version will fit both the Strand SL Coolbeam spotlights in Mk 1 and Mk 2 versions. Exclusively available from Le Mark Group, the new accessory meets current CE requirements and will be officially launched at the PLASA Show in September. A range of standard stainless steel effect loops are available, plus the option of custom designs. This development compliments the original version of the FX designed for the ETC Source Four. Mark Gibbons, responsible for technical sales for Le Mark, comments: "The ability to offer the GAM FX in Strand version is very exciting. It means for the first time, we have a fully compliant Euro version of this clever accessory. Meeting customers’ creative demands swiftly and safely has been my priority. I look forward to introducing the new FilmFX to both Strand dealers and their clients."

Griven Launches GoboclipGriven Launches Goboclip
Wednesday, 22 August 2001

Making its UK debut at PLASA is Griven Italy’s new exterior gobo projector, the Goboclip. Sister product to the Kolorclip exterior colour changer and sharing Kolorclip’s compact IP55 rated main housing and 9000 hour 150W metal halide lamp, Goboclip has selectable 19 or 30 degree projection angles and uses ‘D’ size gobos with static image or three rotation speeds.

Griven can be found on Stand G42

AKG Launches C 900 and Microtools
Wednesday, 22 August 2001

AKG is launching the new Emotion Series Microphone C 900 at PLASA 2001. This is a high quality condenser microphone for vocalists, and provides many unique features at an excellent price/performance ratio. Features include a 24-carat gold-plated transducer case for optimum protection from corrosion and humidity (the entire transducer element is shock-mounted in a special elastic ring). The microphone is also extremely insensitive to handling noise. The supplied Presence Boost Adapter can be installed to boost the 5 - 9kHz range by 2 to 4dB for improved high-frequency sound and better intelligibility.

AKG has also added to its best-selling WMS 40 system, a series of miniature devices that offer perfect solutions to various wireless miking problems. The new products are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and have been named ‘microtools’. Microtools provide maximum flexibility for a number of sound reinforcement situations. The microtools Series currently comprises the following products: SO 40 snapon - a miniature plug-on transmitter, GB 40 guitar bug - a miniature transmitter; MP 40 micropen - a miniature bodypack transmitter; CU 40 - a universal charger for all microtools.

maXimising PLASA
Tuesday, 21 August 2001

Among the new product releases at this year’s PLASA event will be the range of maXim lighting desks from Australian lighting control systems manufacturer LSC Lighting Systems. Available in five model sizes, the maXim boasts extensive memory capacity, easy-to-use functionality, live sub-masters and a plug-in moving light (PATPAD) module on the larger consoles. The range extends from 24 to 120 channel faders, 108-810 sub-masters, up to 1024 DMX channels, with a well-appointed mastering section. Also on stand is the improved e24 dimming system. The e24 provides 24 channels of 13 amps with full integral hot-patching, with a choice of input power connectors and output load connectors to suit most configurations.

Visit LSC at PLASA on Stand D2

AEI Music Launches New XtraMusic Service
Monday, 20 August 2001

August 2001 sees the launch of the new XtraMusic service from AEI Music. The new satellite service offers instant access to 47 channels of professionally programmed music for every genre, without the need for complex and expensive hardware or software. XtraMusic offers 47 channels of programmed music of every genre, from current chart hits and dance music to jazz, blues and the independent scene. Special events present no problem for XtraMusic with a range of channels, such as Salsa, 70s, 80s etc, perfect for theme nights. Using the latest digital technology XtraMusic is broadcast via satellite 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With no adverts and no CDs or tapes to change or replace the music is completely uninterrupted. No complex hardware or software is needed just a 60cm satellite dish, an XtraMusic listening card and a satellite receiver - all easily connected to an existing sound system. An unlimited number of zones can be run off just one satellite dish.

Stagecraft Has It Covered
Monday, 20 August 2001

Salisbury-based Stagecraft unveiled its new Prolyte Arc Roof at this year's Salisbury Festival. Stagecraft is the first company within the UK to offer this unique staging system for hire. The Arc Roof can be adapted to suit individual events and will be seen in action throughout the summer at The Big Chill festivals, West Green House and Brockstock, a fundraising event for local charities. Stagecraft's involvement in this year's Salisbury Festival ranged from the hiring of stage equipment to the full installation and supervision of projects such as Prolyte Arc Roof's use in both the opening ceremony and fireworks finale in the Cathedral Close. Stagecraft also constructed a giant outdoor cinema screen in front of The Cathedral School to show silent movies, supported by the French band, Art Zoyd, as well as constructing a two storey front-of-house position, split level stages and PA wings, all fully weather proofed.

TMB’s PLASA Launches
Monday, 20 August 2001

At PLASA 2001, TMB will be showing a number of new products. The Cam-Lok E2000 series power connectors are high-quality, single-pole locking connectors conforming to 2002 European safety standards and specifications. Available in current ratings to 400 Amps, and cable sizes to 150mm2.

New additions to TMB’s PowerPAR daylight fixture range include a hot restrike version, a remote ballast unit for an even lighter-weight and lower profile; an HID150 unit, using a high-output 10,000 hour lamp for architectural use, and multiple colours for company identification and corporate shows. Additionally, the original best-selling version now has reduced fan noise for quiet operation in Theatre and TV applications and an improved ballast with hot restrike capability.

Other new products inlcude the ProPlex Ethernet Cable - now available with two choices of extremely durable and innovative RJ45 Connectors (RJ-Lnxx or Neutrik EtherCon); RJ Lnxx RJ45 Connectors - standard RJ45 over-moulded in a robust durable housing, with an IP67-rated connection; Neutrik EtherCon RJ45 connectors - standard RJ45 enclosed in an XLR-style die-cast shell; Dataplex cables - for applications where an economical data cable is preferred. ProCable Head to Ballast Cables - a full selection of premium-grade HMI Head to Ballast cables; available assembled with Link or Spacecraft HMI connectors. ProCan - a mains voltage Birdie, now available for use with 240V GZ16 lamp, for 240V mains-voltage applications; Sassonics 19-pin cable tester - the first multi-cable tester that really does it all and the ProXS - TM

NXT-based PA Speakers Launched
Monday, 20 August 2001

NXT, the developer of flat-panel loudspeaker technologies, has launched a new PA speaker system, featuring its SurfaceSound technology, in Europe and Asia. The system will be marketed in Europe by Carlsbro, a leading PA and music instrument amplification manufacturer based in the UK as the 'nlightn' and has been exhibited in prototype in Asia at PALA by Architectural Audio, part of the Singapore-based Swee Lee Group.

The new NXT-based PA speakers represent a departure from existing technology. Features of SurfaceSound include the fact that the dispersion characteristics from each of the PA speakers cover a 180° arc across all frequencies within their bandwidth so that there is no change in clarity, irrespective of the listening angle. Aside from the acoustic qualities of the flat panel speakers, NXT also offers a lightweight and compact design. Free of the heavy magnets of other speakers, NXT PA speakers can be easily transported. Additionally NXT speakers are capable of carrying images and pictures and can be adapted to carry the logo of a performing band in much the same way, for instance, as a drum kit does today.

Virtual Way Forward . . .
Sunday, 19 August 2001

With the development of CAD drawing packages over recent years, it’s now possible for professional lighting designers to make a living designing in the virtual world.

Using WYSIWYG by Cast Lighting of Canada or the Martin Show Designer from Denmark, designers can create artistic lighting images and present them either as stills or as an animated movie providing an accurate photo-realistic rendition of environmental and show designs. Since he’s been one if its higher profile users, we invited LD Durham Marenghi, to explain why he’s so keen on the virtual route . . .

Over the past month I’ve been commissioned to create virtual designs with WYSIWYG for a temporary exhibition and event environment and a major car launch reveal, the intention in each case to provide a graphic presentation of what will eventually become reality.

Historically, artistic impressions have been used to provide the client with a pictorial representation of a concept, in some cases this led to disappointment or even refusal of payment when they realised the event looked nothing like the art work originally sold. Recent technology has seen CAD draughtsmen using architectural lighting programmes to illuminate their 3D models which provide reasonably realistic lighting treatments, but no knowledge of how to physically achieve them.

It is now possible for lighting professionals to illuminate these CAD models with accurate ‘virtual’ luminaires which behave realistically in terms of photometrics, colour and shadow. Aside from the realism of images rendered using thi

Rubber Box Duo
Thursday, 16 August 2001

The Rubber Box Co is launching two new products at PLASA - a stage box designed for mounting on trussing and a 16A Y-Cord splitter. The stage box is fitted with 19-pin male and female connectors and six 16A sockets. By using two lightweight half couplers, the box can be quickly and securely clamped to trussing in seconds. The Y-Cord splitter removes the problem of trying to connect two cables into a plug. Manufactured from 2.5 HO7RNF rubber cable, it can be supplied as a cable or fitted with plug and couplers.

Rubber Box can be found on Stand E13.

Experience Mach at PLASA
Thursday, 16 August 2001

The Mach brand has experienced increasing success worldwide over the past years. In order to meet increasing demands from customers, engineers working with professional sound reinforcement today, even more products have been added to the comprehensive line of Mach loudspeaker systems. At PLASA 2001 Mach will present no less than four new products. The M20.06 digital loudspeaker management system, the Ballista subwoofer for demanding long-throw touring applications, a new line of nearly invisible Mach ceiling speakers for the architectural segment and a complete range of white products for versatile installation purposes will all be launched at the Show.

Also new is the Mach M20.06 - a one unit, state-of-the-art, loudspeaker management system capable of operating all speakers in the Mach product range. This digital circuitry is based on BSS Omnidrive DSP technology and comes equipped with the latest 24-bit A-D and D-A converters. Fast and easy set-up of Mach speaker systems is ensured by 50 preset programs with settings for all Mach speaker models. Each preset offers carefully optimized crossover points and slopes, polarity, delay and EQ settings to exactly fit the individual characteristics of each Mach loudspeaker. "To show our customers the versatility within the Mach product range, we will present Mach in an interesting interactive environment under the title: Mach Experience," states Danny Cross, Mach product manager in the UK.

Mach can be found on Stand E56.

MC2 Takes T
Thursday, 16 August 2001

MC2 Audio is launching the latest addition to its T Series - the T1500 (750W per channel). This model joins the highly successful T1000 (500W per channel) and T500 (250W per channel), which were launched at PLASA last year and have been enjoying buoyant worldwide sales throughout 2001. As with all other amplifiers in both the MC range and T Series, the T1500 will be covered by a full five-year warranty. It is anticipated that it will be available for shipping from the end of September.

MC2 can be found on stand S28.


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