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hathor-softwareADB debuts new products and software
Monday, 18 June 2018

Europe - ADB launched Lexpert, a new line of white-light LED fixtures for theatre lighting, a Hathor software update and a new remote control surface, Wily!.
The latest update to Hathor features a continually updated fixture library and a special video tutorial and technical assistance service. ADB’s Wily! - a practical smart tool for remote control - is available for iPad or iPhone. It is compatible with the full range of hardware consoles using the software Prego or Hathor. Once connected to the computing unit, Wily! behaves like the front panel of a classic lighting console. Users can connect up to four tablets, which can be joined as an entire interface to provide a larger surface. The software is modular, so it can also be used as an extension of a physical console.
ADB is also posting a series of tutorials in English and French on its new YouTube channel, where an expert operator will explain in detail the use of the Hathor system on ADB lighting control desks.
(Jim Evans)

allenheath-newAllen & Heath wins Best of Show award
Monday, 18 June 2018

USA - Allen & Heath’s SQ-7 digital mixer won the Best of Show award the 2018 InfoComm Show.
The prize was awarded by NewBay Media’s Pro Audio Group, who highlighted the desk’s technical performance, value, versatility and reliability.
Allen & Heath held SQ-7 training sessions at the event and also introduced interactive video displays for its ME Personal Monitoring system, a focused installed-sound #WallOfInstall, and ‘real world’ application touch panels and controllers from Allen & Heath and third-parties such as AMX, Attero Tech, Extron and RDK. The company also highlighted its dLive Digital Mixing System version V1.7 firmware with Shure integration.
In the Allen & Heath training session, Designing Efficient, Cost-Effective Distributed Audio and Integrated Hardware Control, installation product manager Martijn Verkerk presented a wide range of topics from audio networking basics to more advanced system design strategies.
Verkerk comments: “Having the opportunity to share and discuss various approaches to distributed audio and interactive AV was wonderful. As often happens, we learned as much from attendees as they learned from us when it comes to unique ways of designing and configuring highly flexible Allen & Heath installed solutions.”
Jeff Hawley, marketing manager, Allen & Heath USA, adds: “The Allen & Heath booth was hopping through the entire show, with queues forming around the SQ-7 and our other interactive displays. For SQ, fans spoke and we listened by bringing out this new

winnerMartin MAC Encore Wash wins ABTT award
Friday, 15 June 2018

UK - The Martin by Harman MAC Encore Wash was awarded the Lighting Product of the Year 2018 at the recent ABTT Theatre Show in London. It was described by the Association of British Theatre Technicians adjudicating committee as “a suitable and long overdue alternative to a discontinued tungsten moving head favourite”.
MAC Encore is a new family of full-featured, low weight, LED moving heads that deliver levels of light quality and consistent performance. Featuring whisper-quiet performance, both the MAC Encore Performance and MAC Encore Wash are available in two dedicated colour temperature variants (WRM and CLD) for a wide variety of applications where critical lighting is required.
MAC Encore Wash WRM is an LED-based, replacement for the much-loved, discontinued MAC TW1, offering 3000 K warm tungsten emulation that challenges the output quality of a real incandescent light source, and doubles as a modern replacement for generic fixtures.
MAC Encore Wash CLD is an LED-based alternative to the MAC Viper Wash DX. The soft edge moving head offers 6000 K crisp, neutral daylight, and doubles as a modern replacement for generic fixtures like HMI-based Fresnel fixtures.
On hand to pick up the award were Ian Cullen, Rob Beamer and Lauren Drinkwater from Sound Technology., the UK distributors for Martin by Harman.
(Jim Evans)

infocomm-2018-stand-raw-edited-cmykCurrent RMS enjoys successful InfoComm
Friday, 15 June 2018

USA - Celebrating its third year of exhibiting at InfoComm, Current RMS demonstrated its rental management software to all that came by stand C1510 over the three days.
Since last year’s show, Current RMS has released a number of new features, showing that it’s expanding as per the changing needs of the industry the cloud-based software was built for.
Do a Deal, the most recent feature update, was well received by booth visitors, providing users with the ability to set a round figure on quotes and orders they create for their clients. For example, if a job comes out at £6,453, it can be rounded up or down to create a neater price and much friendlier quotations. Deal prices are flexible, and can be set on product groups, or the entire job, distributing the change in revenue accordingly and allowing users to keep track of the profitability for each job.
Alongside this update, Current has introduced other features for the AV, lighting & staging industry, including Global Check-in. This additional feature makes it easy to get all kit returning from multiple jobs, checked in and back on the shelves as quickly as possible, simply by scanning or manually entering your way through the assets.
Current thrives off feedback from customers, with all updates to the system built with feedback from its open Customer Wishlist in mind. Users simply pitch their own ideas or add votes onto others with what they’d like to see in the system.
(Jim Evans)

fw15Fulcrum unveils cardioid coaxial stage monitor
Friday, 15 June 2018

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has launched the FW15, a 15-inch coaxial cardioid stage monitor.
The FW15 incorporates Fulcrum Acoustic's patented passive cardioid technology, which enables attenuation of rear low frequency radiation that interferes with the audience, stage microphones and front-fills.
The FW15's coaxial transducer and 75° x 75° horn provides optimal coverage for monitoring applications, and its 3" compression driver and 3.5" voice coil 15" woofer assures robust headroom.
The monitor's pattern control, coupled with Fulcrum's TQ DSP processing allows superior consistency and gain-before-feedback both on- and off-axis. The clarity and source separation of the FW15 allows performers to clearly distinguish their own voice among others. This capability benefits mix engineers as well as performers.
The FW15's multi-faceted enclosure includes 40° and 55° angles for downstage and upstage distances respectively. Its road-ready, ergonomic design includes stout double grille construction and four input options positioned close to the stage to reduce the visual impact of connected cables. The powerful yet very portable FW15 coaxial cardioid stage monitor features integrated handles to facilitate carrying.
The FW15 stage monitor's cardioid behaviour is produced by an acoustical circuit that balances the position of the coaxial driver/horn assembly, the enclosure depth and volume, and specially constructed side ports toward the back of the cabinet which include a calibrated resistive element. The FW15's subcardioid low-frequency control p

BSS and Crown support Dante Domain Manager
Friday, 15 June 2018

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the availability of Dante firmware version 4.0 for all Dante-enabled BSS and Crown devices. This firmware adds support for Dante Domain Manager, allowing BSS and Crown users to leverage its many benefits.
While Dante Domain Manager itself is a paid software application sold through Audinate, the Dante 4.0 firmware upgrade for BSS and Crown devices is free.
Iain Gregory, director large venue solutions and marketing at Harman Professional Solutions, comments: “We are proud to be among the first Dante licensees to offer signal processors and amplifiers which are fully supported within Dante Domain Manager. This free firmware upgrade demonstrates Harman’s commitment to providing our customers with the valuable, cutting-edge IT tools they demand.”
“Our Dante-enabled BSS and Crown devices are perfect solutions for installed sound systems of any size. And with the power of Dante Domain Manager, administering these devices - especially on large scale enterprise networks - just become even easier.”
(Jim Evans)

sq4u-pressAllen & Heath gets personal with SQ4YOU
Thursday, 14 June 2018

UK - Allen & Heath puts performers in control of their monitors with a new personal mixing app for its SQ mixers.
The SQ4You app is available for both Android and iOS and up to eight phones or tablets can be connected at the same time, making it a time-saver for the busy audio engineer who is mixing the whole show single-handed.
SQ4You’s main ‘Four Wheel Drive’ view is designed to be big and easy to use, providing straightforward level controls over four groups, a master level and mute. Double tapping on a group gives access to more granular controls, including individual channel metering, send levels and stereo pan. Groups can be custom named for quick recognition and channels can be assigned to groups via simple checkboxes, allowing the user to create their ideal custom mix.
Keith Johnson, SQ product manager, comments: “Most performers will tell you how off-putting bad monitors can be, but in the real world there isn’t always a dedicated monitor engineer on hand to craft that perfect mix. SQ4You is free, unobtrusive and incredibly easy to teach and learn - most performers will be up and running in a few minutes.”
(Jim Evans)

em-acousticsEM Acoustics wins ABTT Sound Product award
Thursday, 14 June 2018

UK - EM Acoustics claimed the ABTT Sound Product of the Year award for the EMS-4, a new compact two-way passive speaker part of its EMS Series.
The product received praise from the judges, who said: “Following on from the success of the EMS-51, EM Acoustics have downsized with the EMS-41. This speaker features a compact design with a four inch driver and coaxial compression driver, producing a similar output to the larger EMS-51 but at half the size and below half the weight. This compact unit is ideal for placing discretely in positions where visual impact needs to be minimal, and the multiple connection options to the rear of the unit means it will integrate efficiently with existing infrastructure.”
EM Acoustics’ Mike Wheeler comments: “We were already bowled over by the reaction to the EMS-41 at PLASA Focus Leeds, “but this is just fantastic, especially as we were up against some pretty tough competition from very well-known brands, so it’s doubly gratifying.
“We developed the EMS-41 specifically in response to customer requests asking for an ultra-compact extension to the EMS Series to give them more options when space is tight or visual impact needs to be minimal. To have that decision - and the resulting product - rubber-stamped by such a prestigious jury makes us very proud.”
(Jim Evans)

ayrton-ghibli-fullAyrton Ghibli continues to gather momentum
Wednesday, 13 June 2018

UK - Since its launch at PLASA 2017, Ghibli, Ayrton’s first LED spotlight, has taken the industry by storm.
Compact and lightweight, Ghibli is factory-equipped with a framing system and delivers 23,000lm output from a 600W source with an 80% efficiency, which makes it powerful enough for large scale arenas. An optional High TM30/CRI Mode can be implemented for situations demanding even higher quality light output. Its output offers a crisp, clean and uniform beam with no hotspot, and fantastic centre-to-edge uniformity across its whole field and delivers a fat, even beam, meaning Ghibli is at home as much in theatre as on the touring circuit.
Ghibli also boasts an 8:1 zoom from 7° to 56° and offers wealth of features, including CMY colour mixing, variable CTO, and a complete effect section including two gobo wheels, a prism, an animation wheel, two frosts, and a rotating framing system that allows a full wipe, all housed in a compact, competitively-priced, package with a classy, sleek, industrial design.
Ghibli is the smallest and lightest, yet extremely powerful, fixture in its class compared with both LED and metal halide products, and gives the best performance to size and weight ratio of any available LED hard edge fixture - and metal halide product - in its class.
“Ayrton’s new line of wash and spot fixtures has attracted immense interest, and Ghibli in particular has taken customers by storm as they truly start to engage with the unique potential of this multi-purpose, multi-talented fixture,” says Michael Althaus, Ay

pws4x4-quadantennadistroPWS debuts Quad Distro for Shure Axient
Wednesday, 13 June 2018

USA - Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) has announced the availability of the PWS 4 x 4 Quad Antenna Distro, designed to provide distribution for the Shure Axient Digital Quadversity wireless microphone system.
The unit handles up to four receivers and features 470-616 MHz filtering, bias power control/status LEDs for each input, rotary attenuators, and dual power inputs that allow for redundant power.
“The 4 X 4 Quad Distro is a must have for anyone using multiple Shure AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode,” explains Justin Van Winkle, production manager, Professional Wireless. “Our unit simplifies setup and ensures a hassle-free wireless experience while making antenna setup for the Axient system a breeze.”
Housed in a rugged 1RU all-metal chassis with reinforced rack ears, the PWS 4 x 4 Quad Distro is designed and assembled by hand in Orlando, FL.
(Jim Evans)

adjADJ’s expands HEX series with triple launch
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

USA - ADJ has announced the expansion of its popular HEX series of LED pars with the introduction of three durable new fixtures that all feature a tough weatherproof casing design. The 7P HEX IP, 12P HEX IP and 18P HEX IP combine the wide colour palette of HEX LEDs with the flexibility of a robust all-weather IP65 rated casing to create truly versatile professional wash fixtures.
Each of the new pars feature powerful 12-Watt hex colour RGBAW+UV (red, green, blue, amber, white + UV) LEDs which allow for a huge gamut of colours to be created. These include both cool and warm white, for stage illumination, as well as UV-infused hot pink, lime green and electric blue. The inclusion of the UV element also means that the fixture can create the classic ‘black light’ effect that causes white and neon-coloured surfaces to glow brightly. The LEDs are flicker-free, therefore suitable for filming applications, and offer an impressive operational life of approximately 50,000 hours.
All three fixtures have a 30-degree beam angle, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of duties including stage washing, dancefloor illumination and architectural up-lighting and down-lighting. The 7P HEX IP incorporates seven LEDs, for a total output of 84W, and has a compact casing design that makes it ideal for situations where space is at a premium. The slightly larger 12P HEX IP features twelve LEDs, giving it a total power rating of 144W, meaning that it is suitable for situations were increased brightness is required but a relatively compact casing is also desirable. Final

xoneAllen & Heath launches flagship DJ mixer
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

UK - Allen & Heath (DJ) has responded to customer demand with the launch of its new flagship analogue DJ mixer - Xone:96.
Xone:96 takes the analogue soul of the Xone:92 and re-delivers it, enhanced and with state-of-the-art digital connectivity, says the company.
Senior product manager David Morbey comments, “Xone:96 has it all. The huge, detailed, space-shaking Xone analogue sound, a refined, precision 4-band EQ with Xone:VCF filters and CRUNCH harmonic distortion, plus a dual 32-bit USB soundcard (24 channels @ 96kHz) with Traktor Scratch certification straight out of the box.”
With a familiar layout of tactile controls and audio tools that allow the development of an individual’s signature sound, Xone:96 enables users to easily connect their entire rig, from laptops and turntables, to pedals, synths and drum machines. There are two dedicated FX sends, four stereo input channels with 4-band EQ, two stereo inputs with all-new 3-band parametric EQ, two auxiliary stereo return channels and a separate master insert for outboard FX hardware.
Underlining the professional club credentials of Xone:96 is a new, second and completely independent headphone cueing system, which taken alongside the dual soundcard, allows for smoother set transitions and back-to-back performances.
David Morbey concludes: “The launch of Xone:96 marks a highly significant moment for us, stemming as it does from our determination to take account of and act on feedback from the DJ community. The status of Xone:92 as an undisputed classic was something we t

abtt-chairwoman-louise-jeffreys-mdg-uk-matt-wiseman-abtt-show-director-roger-fox-photo-courtesy-of-abtt-smlMDG wins ABTT engineering award
Tuesday, 12 June 2018

UK - MDG received the ABTT Award for Engineering Product of the Year 2018 for its RFP Round Floor Pocket at this week’s ABTT Show at London’s Alexandra Palace.
MDG’s RFP Round Floor Pocket is a DMX/RDM-operated pneumatic Round Floor Pocket of rugged construction which can be embedded in the stage floor or set wall to conceal a fog output. It is intended to operate under pneumatic pressure as part of an existing fog system, delivering low fog or fog to precise locations.
The ABTT judges awarding the honour, who were made up of an experienced jury of working practitioners and industry peers, stated: “Solving the problem of how to get your low fog into those hard to reach places, the MDG DMX-controlled Round Floor Pocket works as a reversed trap, lifting a lid to allow ducted low fog and haze onto the stage.
“Suitable for integration into large touring stages, or those shows with longer runs that can accommodate routes sub-stage for fog and haze ducting, the steel lid means that it is still suitable to stand on safely, and the DMX control easily integrates into haze and fog cues.”
RFP Round Floor Pocket is one of the latest in a range of accessories that complements the MDG range of fog, low fog and haze generators, and is designed to provide years of quality service.
The Award was accepted by MDG UK’s Matt Wiseman who said, “I’m delighted to accept the ABTT award on behalf of MDG. The RFP Round Floor Pocket has drawn much attention in a very short time due to it being a simple, effective and well-engineered product. The

citytheatr34324City Theatrical introduces neon alternative
Monday, 11 June 2018

USA - City Theatrical has expanded its QolorFLEX brand of professional LED lighting to include QolorFLEX NuNeon, a flexible and bright sealed LED linear lighting product that can be used to replace traditional neon lighting in entertainment and architectural projects.
QolorFLEX NuNeon was developed to provide lighting and scenic designers with ‘bold and bright’ accents for their designs. Each tape has a 12mm (1/2”) minimum bending radius, making QolorFLEX NuNeon up to 80% more flexible than similar products.
Like all QolorFLEX products, QolorFLEX NuNeon is designed to be easy for lighting and scenic professionals to work with, and exceeds industry standards for service life. It can be cut to length in 50mm (2”) increments, and includes 200mm (8”) flat cables on both ends for easy connections. QolorFLEX NuNeon operates on 24VDC and can be powered and controlled by variety of QolorFLEX Dimmers and power supplies.
QolorFLEX NuNeon tape is available in eight colours, including RGB, three types of white, and solid colours. Each tape is encased in a silicone extrusion with a white finish backing, and is IP67 rated for indoor or outdoor use. QolorFLEX NuNeon can be seen in many new productions and environments internationally, including The Break starring Michelle Wolf on Netflix and at Hudson New York, a Morgans Original hotel.
(Jim Evans)

l-acousticsL-Acoustics offers Q-SYS interoperability
Friday, 8 June 2018

USA - L-Acoustics has announced integration between the L-Acoustics LA4X and LA12X amplified controllers and the Q-SYS Platform from QSC. This integration allows users to easily control and monitor the LA4X and LA12X through Q-SYS.
“It was only natural that our companies combine forces to make implementation of both QSC and L-Acoustics' market-leading technologies simpler and faster,” comments Jeff Rocha, director of product management for L-Acoustics. “QSC shares our unwavering commitment to easy connectivity and system interoperability. With the control and monitoring integration of our amplified controllers into the Q-SYS Platform, the system designer sandbox just became a lot more fun and creative.”
“By supporting third-party devices integration by companies like L-Acoustics, we are able to showcase the power and versatility of the Q-SYS platform,” adds Greg Mattson, product manager, installed systems, QSC. “Utilising mainstream technologies on an open platform has allowed manufacturers and independent programmers to easily build plug-ins and scripts to make integration with Q-SYS even easier. This is a true testament to the power of a software-based audio, video, and control paradigm.”
(Jim Evans)

vxl-pfamily01InfoComm 2018: Yamaha debuts PoE loudspeakers
Thursday, 7 June 2018

USA - Yamaha has launched the VXL1-16P, a Dante-enabled, Power over Ethernet (PoE) loudspeaker, designed for the corporate installation market.
The PoE functionality allows power to be supplied over a Cat 5e (or higher) Ethernet cable, meaning only one cable is needed for power, control and audio distribution.
Launched at InfoComm2018, the VXL1-16P is a slim (5.4cm/2.1inch wide) line array loudspeaker, optimised to deliver high quality audio into rooms that demand vocal clarity from a stylish design, but where space is limited.
The VXL1-16P receives audio via a Dante network, with power supplied from a PoE compliant L2 switch, such as the new Yamaha SWR2311P-10G, which can supply both PoE and Dante audio/control signals.
The VXL1-16P’s Dante/PoE provision means that an entire speaker system can be constructed as a network, allowing existing IT infrastructure to be effectively used.
“We are confident that the VXL1-16P and SWR2311P-10G will contribute to smoother, more efficient system design and setup, as well as improved operating ease and comfort for increasingly demanding conference system installations,” says Yoshi Tsugawa, Yamaha Pro Audio Division general manager. “At Yamaha we are always open to feedback from the field and ready to respond to the market, so that our users benefit from sound systems that truly satisfy their needs.”
(Jim Evans)

atnetworkmicrophones1Audio-Technica offers AES67 compatibility
Thursday, 7 June 2018

USA - Audio-Technica has upgraded its entire line of network microphones and devices, offering new AES67-compatible versions of all its previous models.
The updated models carry an ‘a’ suffix in their names and include the ATND971a boundary microphone, ATND8677a microphone desk stand, ATND8734a power module, ATND931a gooseneck microphone and ATND933a hanging ceiling-mount microphone.
These new network microphones and devices are designed for audio-over-IP interoperability, connecting directly to any AES67-compliant network, including those that utilise Livewire, Ravenna and Q-LAN AoIP technologies. There’s been no change in functionality.
The latest firmware increases the Dante Domain Manager features, adding role-based security, cross-subnet routing, SNMP alerts and more. With increased connectivity for audio streams and expanded Dante features, these new network microphones and devices give users plug-and-play access to nearly any AoIP system.
Audio-Technica’s new AES67-compatible “a”-designated versions of its network microphones and devices will be available in Europe in August/September 2018.
(Jim Evans)

sq1-pr-image-1-low-resolutionInfoComm2018: Panasonic extends 4K line-up
Thursday, 7 June 2018

USA - Panasonic Business is set to introduce the SQ1 series, new large-format 4K professional displays at InfoComm 2018.
Available in 86 and 98-inch models and boast 500cd/m2 brightness, along with Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) for improved processing and integration capability, the displays are built for self-contained or networked signage and ideal for use in corporate, education and retail environments.
“At Panasonic, we are committed to continually improving our display line up in terms of its performance, versatility and efficiency, no matter what the intended application or venue is,” says Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic. “Incorporating the Intel Smart Display Module allows Panasonic to offer a sleek, slim and scalable display solution which simplifies interface integration, signage installations and platform management.”
“We are pleased Panasonic has adopted the Intel Smart Display Module specification in its new SQ1 series of 4K displays. Our collaboration offers a flexible, integrated and scalable solution to help businesses interact and work together more easily and efficiently,” says Jose Alvaro Avalos, vice president, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation.
The SQ1 series complements the EQ1 range of six entry class, 4K professional displays, ranging from 43 to 86 inches, that was introduced at ISE 2018. The EQ1 series offers 4K resolution for high-impact images with 350 cd/m2 brightness, making it a cost-efficient solution for public spaces, retail venues, corporate meeting rooms and

sq-7-press-imageAllen & Heath goes large with SQ-7
Thursday, 7 June 2018

UK - Allen & Heath has launched SQ-7, a new flagship console in its 96kHz SQ series.
Hot on the heels of the successful launch of SQ-5 and SQ-6, the new SQ-7 takes the XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine and adds extended control and I/O in a larger format, boasting 33 faders, 32 on-board preamps, 16 custom soft keys and 8 user-definable soft rotary controls.
SQ-7 is a 48-channel console, compatible with a range of remote I/O expanders, including the portable DX168 96kHz stage boxes. Inputs and mixes can be individually assigned to 192 fader strips across 6 layers, while 16 softkeys and 8 user-assignable soft rotary controls allow the mixer’s workflow to be customised to the needs of each show and operator.
Forthcoming Dante, Waves and SLink audio networking cards further extend the scope for expansion, system integration, FOH / monitor splits and recording.
Optional DEEP processing plugins give SQ-7 users access to boutique compressor and preamp emulations which can be embedded directly into all input and mix channels, without adding system latency or setup hassles.
Allen & Heath product manager, Keith Johnson says, “SQ-7 embodies everything that’s so exciting about SQ – the power, the speed, the ergonomics – in a more imposing format that lets us push the capabilities of the console even further. As soon as we unleashed the SQ phenomenon, we were inundated by people who loved the concept and the features, and who wanted to take SQ into scenarios that called for more built-in I/O and more hands-on control. This one is for them!”

ssl-live-l100anglearmprSSL launches new Live console
Thursday, 7 June 2018

UK - Solid State Logic (SSL) has unveiled the L100, a new console part of the Live range and suitable for space-restricted installations, sub-mix positions or corporate productions.
The L100 has a compact 12 + 2 fader configuration frame and sports the same high headroom, low latency SSL Tempest Audio Engine as the other SSL Live consoles.
Other features include showfile compatibility and all of the same I/O options, including SSL SuperAnalogue stageboxes (over MADI or Dante), local analogue and digital I/O, and Blacklight.
Antony David, SSL managing director, comments: "The launch of the L100 will deliver the SSL Live audio performance and technology to a whole new range of users that previously might not have been able to specify SSL Live.”
(Jim Evans)

d3900Odin Audio Systems tours UK
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

UK - For the first time, the Odin Demo-tour will visit the UK this summer. In June and July, the Odin line array system will feature at various festivals and events, from Ipswich to Cornwall, and from Kent to Essex.
The Odin team will be there explain all the possibilities of the T-8A satellites and the S-18A subwoofers and you can experience the Odin loudspeakers hands-on.
The dates are: Woodlands Festival, Kent, 8-10 June; Demo Day, Kesgrave, Ipswich, 20 June; Elements, Hornchurch, 4-8 July; Karis May Darling Foundation Family Variety Day, Corringham, 12-14 July; Vicars Picnic, Maidstone, 20-21 July; Leopallooza Festival, Bude, 27-29 July.
(Jim Evans)

workprosoundnutsn8InfoComm 2018: Work Pro debuts Soundnut range
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

USA - AV equipment manufacturer Work pro Audio is unveiling the SoundNut range, a new series of stylish, high-powered pendant loudspeakers for installation applications at InfoComm 2018. The first product in the range, the SN8, a two-way 400W coaxial pendant speaker with an 8-inch bass driver, will be on display at the show.
Like all forthcoming members of the SoundNut range, the SN8 is a high-resistance, high-powered installation speaker (8Ω, 400W, 125dB maximum SPL) designed to faithfully reproduce audio with a flat frequency response from 98 to 19kHz and uniform acoustic coverage across a wide, 90-degree area.
The speaker itself features an innovative, frameless and screwless magnetic grille which can be detached in seconds for easy access to the drivers. The housing can also be custom-coloured to blend into its install environment as required, with a choice of colours available for its top section.
“Everyone wants powerful installation speakers, but they have to be as unobtrusive as possible - and, of course, deliver great sound too,” explains Juan Jose Vila, chief sales officer at Work Pro Audio. “Our design team has been working hard to produce the optimum combination, and the result is the new SoundNut range. Speakers that are small and discreet enough to pass for light fittings, especially with the custom-coloured housings — but sufficiently large to deliver the power, dispersion, frequency range and clarity required.
“The SN8 will be on display at InfoComm, but of course this is just the first product in the SoundNut range.

dpa-microphonesInfoComm 2018: DPA targets conference markets
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

USA - DPA Microphones will showcase its new d:sign Installation Solutions Series at InfoComm 2018. Targeted specifically at the installation and conference markets, the d:sign product line includes an array of products ideally suited for conference and AV applications, including floor stand, ceiling and tabletop microphones. Also at InfoComm, DPA will introduce its spec-swap and protect program as well as its on-site commissioning initiative.
“The d:sign series is an excellent microphone choice for functional yet aesthetically-pleasing meeting or conference spaces, and we are excited to display the complete line at InfoComm 2018,” says René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones. “This line of unobtrusive tabletop, ceiling and floor stand microphones ensures outstanding sound even in acoustically-challenging spaces.”
All products in the d:sign range “deliver neutral and accurate sound to the smallest detail, even in the most difficult surroundings”.
DPA is also debuting a spec-swap and protect programme, and will provide a discount on any order if a competitive microphone system specification is converted to a DPA product or if a system design specifies and includes DPA products on the final request for proposal (RFP). DPA will be the sole determination if a product meets the specification conversion criteria. For more information, please contact your DPA area sales manager or to start the pre-approval process.
Also, DPA is now providing a Global Sales Support Team member (GSST) to assist with on-

ac-et-at-abtt-2018ABTT 2018: AC-ET shows extensive portfolio
Wednesday, 6 June 2018

UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) will demonstrate its extensive portfolio of leading theatrical technologies - including new lighting, rigging, audio and video products from Chroma-Q, Spotlight, Follow-Me, Sixty82, BroadWeigh, Tourmate, Sennheiser, Shure and Green Hippo - at the ABTT Theatre Show 2018 this week. Highlights include:
Lighting: Chroma-Q's premium performance Color Force II LED cyclorama & effects light, and Inspire XT RGBW LED house light - both multi award-winners - and new Studio Force II high output variable white fixture; ProLights' Eclipse LED Fresnel in a choice of white colour temperatures, plus various effects lighting models; a preview of Spotlight's Hyperion 6-colour LED Profile and Fresnel, alongside many other theatrical LED fixtures; Follow-Me's remote follow spot control system for harnessing multiple moving lights from any brand in any orientation, to replace old-school follow spots; LSC's Mantra Lite console; Luminex's range of high performance lighting networking solutions; and LumenRadio's wireless DMX and RDM lighting control products.
Rigging: The new original, Sixty82 brings a fresh innovative approach to trussing and staging systems through years of experience from the industry innovators who are behind the new brand; BroadWeigh's new BW-BSd wireless USB dongle for laptops and tablets, enabling users to connect to BroadWeigh shackles at a line of sight range of up to 500m; Columbus McKinnon Entertainment's Prostar electric chain hoists designed for smaller venues; and Tourmate's new Multilock Hoist, a n


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