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RZI Lighting expands Stagemaker inventory
Tuesday, 1 February 2022

USA - Lighting and rigging company RZI Lighting has added a significant number of Stagemaker products to its rental inventory. Acquisitions include a large quantity of Stagemaker award-winning SR10 D8+ compliant chain hoist as well as Motion Labs Hoist controllers.
“Stagemaker continues to impress us with consistent quality and a robust feature set of their products,” says RZI president, Ray Ziegler. “The SR10 series will be a workhorse for our clients. The hoists are a natural fit with our continued growth in the rigging market. The sales and technical support we receive from Stagemaker is fantastic.”
RZI Lighting has remained open throughout the pandemic. Once events started happening again RZI worked quickly in procuring new gear their team had been evaluating during the downtime. Additions to RZI inventory include a full hoist certification centre from ProofCert, which allows the load testing & annual inspections of any sized hoist.
Stagemaker business development manager, Jay Cid, comments: “We are very excited to work with RZI in building their rigging and hoist inventory in the New Orleans market. Our products will be a great addition to the company’s growing inventory”.

ise-2022Powersoft to show DMD and Mover at ISE
Monday, 31 January 2022

Europe - Powersoft has confirmed that it will be attending the rescheduled ISE show in Barcelona to showcase Dynamic Music Distribution and Mover as a solution for haptic applications.
“It must have been a difficult decision to make but we are in agreement that the show postponement was in the best interests for everybody’s safety and wellbeing,” says Francesco Fanicchi, Powersoft’s corporate and marketing communication manager. “We now have more time to contribute towards our two booths, showcasing the latest in Powersoft technologies - and the whole team is looking forward to meeting with the industry again at a more favourable time.”
Taking centre stage on its main stand will be Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution, where experts will be on hand to guide visitors through the functionalities that DMD has to offer system integrators.
Dynamic Music Distribution presents SIs with the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its amplifier platforms. This makes it simple to dynamically route music and other signal sources along with control signals between different zones and across multiple amplifiers - all independently of source location and without the need for a centralised DSP.
To demonstrate the capabilities of Powersoft’s Mezzo amplifiers, ArmoníaPlus and WM Touch, interactive panels representing three different DMD application examples will allow visitors to physically explore the various combinations achievable with these applications from start to f

dbx-cx-group-front-angle-right-pngdbx debuts control systems for China market
Monday, 31 January 2022

China - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced dbx CX Series loudspeaker control systems for the China market.
Designed for rental companies, hospitality venues, houses of worship, touring artists and corporate A/V and education markets, the CX Series provides ‘all of the processing necessary to get the most out of sound systems while ensuring safe, stable operation’.
Full-featured, multichannel systems offer a comprehensive suite of digital tools: Each input and output channel features dedicated six-band parametric EQ; limiter; compressor; delays; and Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley and 12/18/24/36 dB/octave filters. Internal 96kHz/24-bit resolution with 32-bit floating-point processing ensures pristine audio quality.
Front-panel features include a bright, backlit LCD screen with intuitive editing controls for fast, easy deployment. Input and output channel LED indicators display system status at a glance; each channel includes level indicators and a dedicated mute button. A USB port connects to a PC to provide access to a full-featured GUI for comprehensive control of all hardware parameters. Units are designed for fast deployment and simple operation, with 30 built-in presets and access to downloadable JBL loudspeaker presets.
“Touring artists and rental companies customize sound systems for a range of venues and spaces; they need a loudspeaker-management solution that meets diverse acoustic requirements. Meanwhile, commercial facilities often share common system configurations in many spaces,” says Daryl Wong, Harman dir

portableDAP unveils portable PA/monitor speaker
Monday, 31 January 2022

The Netherlands - DAP has added a new battery-powered portable sound system loudspeaker to their portfolio, the PSS-106. With its 6.5” woofer and 1” neodymium tweeter, it is intended as a compact, multi-orientation monitor or PA loudspeaker for personal entertainment, teaching systems and DJ use. It has a Bluetooth receiver, a USB/SD card media player, and inputs for mic, instrument, and line. The PSS-106 is available with or without a built-in wireless receiver and matching wireless handheld microphone.
The battery-powered DAP PSS-106 is designed to be a compact and versatile loudspeaker. It comes in two versions: with or without a built-in wireless microphone module. The version without wireless module can, however, easily be upgraded afterwards with the DAP WR-10 wireless receiver for PSS-106 and the DAP WM-10 handheld microphone for PSS-106.
The PSS-106 accepts a microphone or line signal on channel 1. Channel 2 can be switched from line to Hi-Z for direct instrument input. Both channels have gain, bass, and treble control. A reverb effect can be dialled in on both channels simultaneously. The auxiliary channel has a separate volume control and combines a mini-jack input with the Bluetooth receiver/media player module, which offers a USB-A connection, an SD card slot, and an additional mini jack input. The wireless microphone signal can be individually set using its independent volume pot. The master volume sets the overall output level.
The PSS-106 is equipped with a Li-ion battery that charges in five hours and lasts for an equal amount of

route-plannerHireHop adds route planner plugin
Friday, 28 January 2022

UK - HireHop Equipment Rental Software has released its route planner plug-in, which allows users to plan vehicle schedules and optimise routes for deliveries, collections and services call-outs.
Via the plug-in, routes, destinations and depots are visually displayed on a map, with the ability to easily allocate single or multiple jobs to vehicles. You can also include additional hired in or temporary vehicles into your fleet on a daily basis when needed, with an unlimited number of deliveries, collections and services per job. Journeys can also be assigned to purchase orders, enabling you to incorporate collections and returns into the driver schedule of items you have rented or bought.
The new route planner is also able to link with many vehicle tracking units, so you can see the locations of your vehicles on the map within the HireHop route planner.
HireHop has also released other new features, like refundable deposits that can optionally upload the deposit details to your accounting software. They have also released more API features to enable you to further customise HireHop and integrate it with other software products.

dxloudspeakersBiamp debuts Desono DX loudspeakers
Thursday, 27 January 2022

USA - Biamp has introduced Desono DX, a line of high-performance, high-output ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers that will replace Biamp's Desono D Series loudspeakers.
Desono DX loudspeakers integrate the most notable features from the D Series with a sleek, edgeless magnetic grille design, uniform voicing across all models, and time-saving installation features. An additional line of Desono loudspeaker accessories offers even more options to address ‘any installation challenge’.
"For over a decade, the D Series has been one of our most popular loudspeaker product lines. It's a platform that offers both extraordinary acoustic performance and unparalleled versatility, making it a go-to solution for our customers time and time again. The new Desono DX line of loudspeakers builds upon the legacy of the D Series and carries it forward with enhancements that offer even more flexibility and ease of use," says Joe Andrulis, executive vice-president of corporate development at Biamp.
"Desono DX is a comprehensive offering of easy-to-use specify and install loudspeakers that further establish our Desono Business Audio solutions as an industry-leading line up. With a consistent aesthetic, feature set, and user experience across both ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers, the Desono DX line gives customers the freedom to select the best loudspeaker for a range of applications, while maintaining a consistent look and feel, and offering exceptional ease of installation."
DX ceiling loudspeakers have a CCEA compliant design in accordance with loca

auralidpr1600x400pxGenelec Aural ID plug-in now available
Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Finland - Genelec has made its Aural ID software technology available in an easy-to-use DAW plug-in format.
Using simple video footage supplied by the user via the free Aural ID Creator mobile app, Genelec will then analyse the way the user’s head, external ear and upper body affect and colour the audio arriving from all directions. This effect is unique to every individual and is called the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF). Aural ID’s cloud-based calculation engine then models the user’s own head and upper torso features to calculate their personal HRTF, and this information enables precise rendering of audio in any direction within the Aural ID plug-in, which is available in VST, AAX and AU formats for easy integration into any DAW.
Aimed primarily at audio professionals working in music, film, broadcast, game audio design and academic research, Aural ID is unique in its ability to offer a comprehensive and personalised headphone experience unlike those relying on generic HRTFs, says Genelec.
New to the plug-in version of Aural ID is the ability to compensate for the sound colouration that any headphones will introduce. There are two modes for achieving this, the first and most accurate being a corrective EQ individually tailored for a library of specific headphone models within the plug-in, while a second mode offers a more generalised response that supports any professional headphone model.
The Aural ID plug-in is available directly from the Genelec Cloud platform via a cloud-based subscription service, giving continuous access

dbsm-dbsmd-blue-bg-sq-tec-finalistLectrosonics DBSM/DBSMD up for NAMM TEC Award
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

USA - Lectrosonics has revealed that its DBSM single-battery/DBSMD dual-battery bodypack transmitters have been nominated as a finalist for the 37th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards for Technical Achievement in the category of Wireless Technology. The NAMM TEC awards recognize innovative product design and excellence in audio and sound production, with outstanding technical achievement including 21 categories which span across the professional audio product spectrum. A panel of respected industry voters from pro audio publications as well as members of professional music, technical and creative organizations, along with select NAMM members evaluate each entry before selecting the finalists.
The DBSM/DBSMD transmitters are compatible with Lectrosonics DSQD digital receiver, DCHR digital portable receiver, and DCR822 compact dual channel digital receiver and feature a tuning range covering both the A1 and B1 bands from 470 to 608 MHz (470 to 614 MHz for the E01 international versions). Both include specially developed, high efficiency circuitry for extended operating time on AA batteries, and offer RF power selections at 10, 25 and 50mW. In addition, a new, selectable high-density transmission mode (HDM) allows for much tighter channel spacing, yielding more than double the operating frequencies per available spectrum. With an audio frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz in standard transmission mode, a dynamic range of 112 dB, and a flat in-band phase response, the DBSM and DBSMD provide studio-grade sound, with low noise, for the m

kv2-monitorKV2 debuts large format ESM312 stage monitor
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Europe - The ESM312 is the latest - and most powerful - addition to KV2 Audio’s range of stage monitors. Aimed at large scale stage monitoring applications, the ESM312 is a high output full-range low profile 3-way, passive monitoring solution. Features include two bass reflex-loaded 12” neodymium woofers, a single horn loaded 6” mid-range woofer and a 1” compression driver in a compact, Baltic birch cabinet.
KV2’s most powerful stage monitor yet, the ESM312 delivers 133dB sustained output, and 136dB peak with very high dynamic range. A 1” compression driver with a complex geometry phase plug and a neodymium magnetic structure ensures ‘astonishing output for its size, exceptionally low distortion and extended frequency response’. The ESM312 also features dual 12” woofers with sophisticated voice coil technology and neodymium magnetic motor structure for dramatically increased force, lower distortion and increased frequency response linearity. It’s ability to reproduce vocals is quite simply unmatched by anything else available on the market.
The compact, wedge-shaped design incorporates rear-mounted flip-out stands to allow for 35º or 45º angles as required. A specially designed acoustic fabric covering inside the grille protects against liquid spillage whilst a wear-resistant polymer coating is designed to withstand the rigours of touring and repeated stage use. An ergonomically designed recessed handle on each side panel facilitates handling and transport.

prolights-panelsProlights extends EclPanel range
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Italy - Three years after releasing the successful EclPanel TWC and EclPanel TWC Jr, Prolights has released two new soft light fixtures, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4x1 and the EclPanel TWC Mini 2x1.
The new units have the same features as their bigger brothers, with an RGB+WW source, a CCT range from 2,200K to 15,000K (in film mode), colour modes like HSI, RGBW, gels, source emulation and XY coordinates, and equipped with W-DMX and CRMX. Furthermore, the newly added panels have an Ethernet connection for Art-Net and s/CAN, a 24-36VDC input for connecting to external batteries and an alternative 48VDC input for an external power supply.
In terms of size, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4x1 has the same length as its flagship version, but half the width, making it a suitable fixture for low-ceiling environments, whilst the Mini version is one-quarter of the size of the flagship fixture.
With a 230W source, the EclPanel TWC Jr 4x1 has a total output of nearly 16,000 lumens at 4,000K, and the same high CRI, TCLI and TM30 values as the rest of the range. Despite its small form factor, the Mini has a 115W source, outputting almost 7,000 lumens at the same colour temperature.
The increasing success of Prolights soft lights in major Hollywood productions has contributed to the improvement of several on-board software features, like a wide PWM range up to 40KHz, lower fan noises for silent applications, a high-resolution mode at low dimmer value, and a new dimming curve that offers a 16-bit dimming experience while using an 8-bit dimmer.
The newly released version

pixel-panelShowtec releases six more Pixel products
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

The Netherlands - Showtec has introduced six new items within their line of Pixel products. The Pixel Panel 1024 is a 64x16 RGB LED-matrix panel, the Pixeltube 32 and Pixeltube 16 are RGB LED tubes with black frosted covers, and the Pixel Bubble 75 set is an RGB-LED-ball matrix with five strings, which can be extended up to 6 metres each with Pixel Bubble Extension Strings. The Pixel Dot is a single 3-W RGB LED, intended for but not limited to fixed ceiling installation. All of them offer individual pixel control, meaning you can adjust each ‘pixel’ independently – even within the Pixel Panel 1024.
The Pixel Panel 1024 offers an impressive amount of individually controllable RGB LEDs: 1024 in a matrix of 64 by 16. For this, you need 3076 channels of Art-Net. With 30 presets, stand-alone operation is also an option, as are eight-channel control through DMX, Art-Net, and Kling-Net, master/slave control, and manual control through an OLED display on the back. A flexible rigging system and removable black frosted cover are included.
The Pixeltube 32 and Pixeltube 16 house 32 respectively 16 1-watt RGB LEDs, which can be individually controlled by DMX, Art-Net, and Kling-Net through Showtec’s dedicated Pixel Controller, a universal controller capable of driving the Showtec Pixelstrip 20 and 40, the Pixeltube 16 and 32, and the Pixel Dot, by switching between modes.
Up to five metres of Pixeltube can be daisy chained. Pixeltube 16 and 32 can be mixed and used in any configuration, as long as you don’t exceed the five-metre-per-output limit. They

symetrixSymetrix Professional Services launches
Tuesday, 25 January 2022

USA - Symetrix has launched Symetrix Professional Services, fee-based services that “leverage the experience and knowledge of Symetrix applications engineers to provide engineering support for their customers’ projects”.
Symetrix Professional Services include site file programming, custom intelligent module creation, and remote or on-site commissioning.
There is a dedicated in-house team of Symetrix applications engineers who can review the system design to ensure that the selected hardware will work seamlessly in a system. Because it is being reviewed by Symetrix, customers will have the peace of mind that it is approved by the original equipment manufacturer.

ruio16-d-front-tilt-tnYamaha launches VST3 plug-in solution
Monday, 24 January 2022

Europe - Yamaha has launched the RUio16-D/VST Rack Pro solution, which allows users to add VST3 plug-ins to any Dante-based audio system and is ‘small, light and rugged enough to be part of every sound engineer’s toolkit’.
Measuring 180 x 125 x 42mm, the low-latency RUio16-D can be connected to a Windows PC or Apple Mac computer via USB, working seamlessly with VST Rack Pro software (licence included), to easily add VST3 plugin functionality to Dante-based audio systems. It radically expands the range of sound creation options in any live sound situation, for streaming and many other audio applications. As well as digital audio systems, it can also be used with analogue mixing consoles.
The straightforward Mac / PC user interface of VST Rack Pro makes it simple to use VST3 plugins, even in the most pressurized live situations, allowing performers to use the same plug-ins they use when recording. It can also manage custom presets by rack, effect and scene, contributing to shorter setup times.
As well as allowing engineers to use their favourite VST3 plug-ins, VST Rack Pro is bundled with more than 30 plug-ins from Yamaha and Steinberg. These include hardware emulations of classic compressors and equalizers using Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM), as well as the industry-leading REV-X reverbs. Bundled Steinberg plug-ins include versatile sound-shapers like Quadrafuzz v2, the REVerence sampling reverb and VST Amp Rack, problem solvers like Cloner, the MultibandEnvelopeShaper and SuperVision, an unrivalled suite of visual monitoring tools.<

speaker-tunings-connect-series-lea-professionalLEA Professional adds Renkus-Heinz speaker tunings
Thursday, 20 January 2022

USA - LEA Professional has announced the immediate availability of Connect Series amplifier speaker tuning data for Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers. LEA Connect Series speaker tunings provide integrators with the DSP settings they need to optimize system performance for speakers that pair with LEA amplifiers.
“We work hard to make sure our products offer the best and easiest amplifier solutions available, and our support doesn't end after the install,” says Bradley Drummond, director of application engineering and consultant relations at LEA Professional. “Integrators and end-users alike need quick ways to customise their systems for optimum performance. Our Connect Series speaker tunings are a big part of that continued service, and we're delighted to bring this feature to Renkus-Heinz CX and TX Series loudspeakers.”
The LEA Professional Connect Series amplifiers use a Web UI to configure speaker tunings on a per-channel basis. This includes all DSP settings for each individual channel, such as input settings, Smart Power Bridge, HiZ and LowZ, Signal Generator settings, crossover settings, EQ settings, limiter information, and load monitoring settings. Once the DSP settings are complete, users can export the data as a speaker tuning file which can be saved and loaded onto any other channel or other Connect Series amplifiers.
“When it comes to industry-leading engineering, product performance and customer service, Renkus-Heinz and LEA Professional have a lot in common,” says Graham Hendry, vice-president of strategic developme

zybrid-edge1Zytronic debuts interactive video wall technology
Wednesday, 19 January 2022

UK - Touch technology specialist Zytronic has introduced the ZyBrid edge touch sensor technology, developed to "create stunning multi-screen interactive video walls and tables".
Designed to mirror the narrowest bezel video wall monitors, the glass sensors feature an ultra-narrow border (anywhere from 3mm to 0mm), creating a sleek appearance by using the maximum display area. The sensors can be innovatively linked when used with the associated all-new ZyBrid edge controller to enable seamless touch transition between screens, with potentially no gap whatsoever between adjacent active areas.
Typically, AV installers fix a huge protective glass over the entire interactive video wall. They then often use a clip-on infra-red or camera-based touch detection system around the outside of the tiled screens. This arrangement creates a large, unsightly, protruding bezel around the edge of the wall, even if interactivity is only required on some displays. Also, these touch detection technologies tend to be susceptible to false and accidental touches.
“The new Zytronic projected capacitive solution eradicates both these issues, enabling ultra-fast, accurate touchscreen responses and providing borders that match the latest near borderless LCDs,” says Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director, Zytronic. Each narrow-border ZyBrid edge sensor is supported by a dedicated ZYX500 based multitouch controller linked via a set of RJ45 data cables. The connected associate controllers then finally connect to a single, leading primary controller. The controllers are fitt

amberAmber Solutions Enabler available in kit form
Tuesday, 18 January 2022

USA - Amber Solutions has announced that its AC Direct DC Enabler is now available as a demo kit for technical evaluation by consumer, commercial and industrial electrical products manufacturers and semiconductor companies, such as Infineon Technologies, who have already announced an alliance around Amber.
This breakthrough Amber AC direct power system enables DC extraction directly from AC Mains without the use of transformers, rectifiers, or filtering. It eliminates many of the old-tech electromechanical components that are still standard today, enabling a dramatically smaller size footprint, while simultaneously delivering a much more dynamic, configurable power delivery capability. The result is an unprecedented opportunity for manufacturers and semiconductor companies to reinvent how electricity is leveraged, designed and feature-scoped in all electrical products, according to Amber Solutions Founder Thar Casey.
“Our success in integrating Amber’s patented technologies into next generation products will change how the world manages electricity and powers daily life,” Casey explains. “We are making our patented AC Direct DC Enabler available for testing by major global manufacturers and product designers who are eager to innovate and launch powerful new electrical devices and products based on our revolutionary architecture. Our efforts across a range of technology demo kits brings the vision of a new standard for silicon-based digital control of electricity a major step closer to market availability.”
The new AC Direct DC Enabler eval

audiofocusinstallationloudspeakersAudiofocus debuts installation loudspeakers
Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Belgium - Audiofocus has released a new range of installation loudspeakers. The Belgian manufacturer has developed dedicated installation versions of its point source, constant curvature, line array, subwoofer and stage monitor designs. As part of the development process, touring features such as grab handles and rigging systems have been removed or simplified to make the new variants cost-efficient without compromise to their audio performance, while aesthetic changes enable the speakers to blend discreetly into installed environments.
Both passive and bi-amplified options are offered for most of the new installation models.
“Audiofocus built its reputation for audio fidelity and high return on investment in the touring world, but we have always enjoyed strong relationships with integrators who wanted to carry those same benefits into their fixed installation projects,” explains managing director, Ann Leroy.
“There are no fewer than 19 new installation loudspeakers in the range, from the super-compact VENU 8ix point source cabinets right through to our powerful S 21i subwoofers. It has been a huge project for the team, but the result is a complete installation loudspeaker solution that is ready for deployment in clubs, theatres, stadiums, houses of worship and any other environment where audio performance and competitiveness take priority.”
Like all Audiofocus loudspeakers, the new installation models are built in Belgium using quality European components and are available for immediate shipment.

outlinewfirtechnology-whiteOutline’s WFIR technology receives patent
Monday, 17 January 2022

Italy - Developed entirely in-house by their engineering team, the design of Outline’s Warped Finite Impulse Response (WFIR) filters is now protected by a domestic patent and will soon enjoy the same status internationally. Italian Patent N. 102018000003311 has been awarded to this innovation. WFIR filters are one of the key features found in Outline’s Newton FPGA processor.
“WFIR filters offer fundamental technical improvements over traditional FIR filters in that they operate on a semi-logarithmic scale, similar to the nature of human hearing. This means that they are able to maintain high filtering resolution over the entire audio range, even in the case of increasingly high sampling frequencies,” says Outline.
“WFIR technology also allows the use of raised cosine filters which provide a greatly enhanced level of accuracy in equalization. They do require up to three times the computing power required for traditional FIR filters (not a problem with Newton’s onboard processing power), but in turn they provide up to 10 times the resolution on mid-low frequencies. They are also not subject to the latency artifacts suffered by FIR filters.”

pliant-crewcom-high-density-modePliant releases CrewCom update
Monday, 17 January 2022

USA - Pliant Technologies has announced the CrewCom v1.10 update. The latest CrewCom firmware and software update, version 1.10, adds two new major features as well as several enhancements to its list of capabilities.
Topping the list is the addition of a new High Density mode, which is a selectable mode of operation that allows user densities to increase by more than five-fold. When implemented, this new software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single Radio Transceiver (RT) while allowing any of the RPs to communicate using four available full-duplex talk paths. In addition, users will have the flexibility to simultaneously deploy “Normal” mode-enabled RPs and RTs along with High Density mode-enabled hardware, providing ultimate adaptability for application-specific setups.
“At Pliant, we pride ourselves on providing advanced communication products to the ever-changing needs of the industry, continuously updating our product offerings to provide cutting-edge communications solutions,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “By offering this new software and firmware update at no charge to our flagship wireless intercom system, all CrewCom users can now access an additional mode of operation and more features than ever before at no additional cost.”
Pliant has also made system setup easier with its new Auto Configuration function. A series of menus walk the user through the setup process by simply plugging in the needed hardware using standard Cat-5e/6 or fibre connections, tur

rain-domeShowgear debuts Rain Domes for moving heads
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

The Netherlands - Showgear is introducing their Rain Domes for moving heads. The Rain Domes allow you to safely deploy your indoor fixture in wet conditions. Two platform sizes and three transparent sleeves are available to accommodate many different moving heads and fixtures.
The Showgear Rain Domes are designed to withstand ‘copious amounts of rain and keep your fixtures safe’. Two types of platforms and three types of sleeves, which are available separately, accommodate all but the biggest moving heads. The smaller 40-cm platform can be combined with a sleeve 40 cm in diameter and 52 cm high. For the bigger 60-cm platform there are two types of sleeves available: a cylindrical one with a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 62 cm, and a bulb-shaped one with a base diameter of 60 cm, a wider top, and a height of 85 cm.
A conveniently placed power inlet and multiple outlets provide an easy way to power your fixture underneath the sleeve. The Pro Power True input is daisy-chained to a Pro Power True output on the back, and Pro Power True, Schuko, and Pro Power outputs on top of the platform. A waterproof opening (flap) in the sleeves allows easy access to all cabling of your moving head, without the need to remove the whole sleeve. On the bottom four M12 threaded holes can be used to install spigots for mounting the platform on a truss totem.
The Rain Dome has a built-in pressure switch to prevent unwanted damage. The switch will automatically shut down all power when inside pressure diminishes. This can be temporarily overruled by an included bypa

5-starjustin-locksinguslasinskis5 Star launches customised packing crate range
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

UK - For the past 40 years, 5 Star Cases has been manufacturing flight cases that are already trusted by a vast range of industries, ensuring the safe transport of vital equipment around the world, even in the most challenging of environments, safely and securely.
Taking its four decades of experience and expertise, 5 Star is now producing a new range of custom-designed packing crates, which can be used as a cost-effective alternative when flight cases are not required, or as an added level of protection when they are.
Using the same advanced production techniques and extensive infrastructure at its dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of the Cambridgeshire Fens, 5 Star packing crates are constructed with strength and durability in mind. They can be used for storing and transporting products across different industries and applications, from AV, entertainment, engineering and motor racing to medical and catering equipment. In fact, with an optional foam lining for additional equipment protection, 5 Star’s packing crates can be used to transport almost anything, anywhere, says the manufacturer.
“As with our flight cases, our packing crates are custom-designed to the specific requirements of our customers’ products,” says 5 Star’s operations director, Ingus Lasinskis. “Like all our products, they’re designed and built quickly and efficiently, but if you want something off the shelf, we also have a range of standard sizes you can choose from.”
5 Star’s packing crates are constructed from high quality 18mm durable Orient

clfposeidonwashxldetail1CLF expands Poseidon series with Wash XL
Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Europe - CLF has expanded the Poseidon series, designed specifically for outdoor use, with a wash luminaire. The Wash XL joins the Hybrid and Beam and is in line with CLF Lighting's focus on IP65.
The Poseidon Wash XL is a powerful and versatile IP65 rated wash fixture, offering smooth projections, intense beams and eye-candy effects. Powered by 19 individually controllable RGBW LEDs, the fixture comes with a wide zoom, ranging from 4.5° to 60°. Protected against moisture and dirt, Poseidon Wash XL is suitable for most indoor or outdoor applications.
Some innovative features have been implemented to complement the existing wash characteristics. The rotatable front lens provides kaleidoscopic effects and an extra RGB LED ring can be used for stunning visual effects. All LEDs can be controlled manually, but the on-board macro engine can also be used to create complex effects easily. Use the beam mode for razor-sharp, pixelated beam effects.
The elegantly shaped housing is equipped with special motors that enable fast and precise pan and tilt movements. Additionally, the sophisticated body eliminates dust in the optical path and is easy to service. A bright LCD display provides easy access to on-board settings, even in sunny environments.

ahs4Fulcrum hosts AHS Series webinar
Monday, 10 January 2022

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic will host a webinar led by company president Stephen Siegel and product developer Rich Frembes on Fulcrum's new AHS Series of steerable large format array modules.
The webinar will take place on YouTube Live on Wednesday, 12 January at 10:00 AM EST/15:00 UTC and will be available on Fulcrum Acoustic's YouTube channel afterwards. Siegel and Frembes will be discussing the attributes, technologies, and applications of the AHS Series.
The AHS Series is a modular, scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. Fulcrum Acoustic's TQ Processing combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue's specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple HF horns combine coherently to provide the output necessary to combat HF air loss which can be substantial in stadium-scale applications. AHS modules are designed to be stacked as needed to increase projection and control.
Those who are able to tune in live will be able to ask questions and engage in discussion around the AHS Series.

neumann-miniature-clip-mic-systemNeumann debuts close miking system
Friday, 7 January 2022

Europe - Neumann.Berlin has announced their first product range designed especially for close miking instruments. To create their new Miniature Clip Mic System, the engineers in Berlin ‘elevated electret technology and its production process to a whole new level’.
The new KK 14 capsule system’s modular construction has been designed to ensure stability and long service life for live and stage performances. The system includes nine mounting solutions that make it possible to find the optimum positioning for acoustics while simultaneously protecting the instrument. The Miniature Clip Mic System will be available in spring 2022. The system can already be pre-ordered by dealers and major clients.
Portfolio manager Stephan Mauer says, “We had been dissatisfied with the sound delivered by electret solutions for quite some time. Technicians and artists alike want greater substance, higher precision for low and medium frequencies and more openness. At the same time, we wanted to finally be able to create electret microphones that offered constant performance, so that sound engineers would not have to continuously deal with production tolerances impacting sound level and frequency response.”
Neumann’s developers spent six years researching the capsules and the production processes that would be necessary to make this a reality. Mauer: “All that work paid off. This capsule is unlike anything that came before.” With minimised self-noise and a high maximum sound level of 152 dB, the KK 14 delivers results for both very quiet and very loud instr


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