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medialon-showmaster-goISE: Medialon to debut show control solution
Friday, 7 February 2020

The Netherlands - Medialon, show control solution provider for museums, attractions and theme parks worldwide, will be demonstrating Showmaster Go for the first time at ISE 2020.
Designed specifically for attractions and theme parks, Showmaster Go is designed for ride vehicles and parade floats due to its size. It’s a show control and multi-channel audio playback solution combined into one product, and it comes in a rugged, compact hardware form.
Showmaster Go combines a Pro version Medialon show controller with 16 channels of Dante network audio output.
The new Showmaster Go comes ready loaded with the V6 release of Medialon Manager and will be eligible for free upgrade to the new V7 manager release, coming soon.
Eric Cantrell, VP business operations, Medialon, comments: “Measuring in at 145 mm × 152 mm x 44 mm, and weighing just 1.4kg, the little box packs a lot of punch when it comes to controlling audio, video, lighting, animatronics, special effects, interfacing with PLCs and ride controllers, and synchronizing to multiple time sources. We are excited to be premiering this solution at ISE.”
(Jim Evans)

dante-training-ise-2020-thumb1200pxISE: Audinate offers free Dante training
Friday, 7 February 2020

The Netherlands - Audinate is offering free Dante certification training to ISE 2020 attendees – no matter their familiarity with Dante - through coursework that focuses on valuable and practical insights for using Dante in real-world, AV-over-IP integrations. Beginners will build proficiency of basic Dante audio networking concepts, while intermediate Dante-users will learn specific Dante capabilities such as redundancy, clocking, latency and multicast. Advanced coursework focuses on best practices for simplifying management over the most complex network topographies.
“No matter your familiarity with Dante, we have some exciting tips, tricks, best practices, and key capabilities we can share to make the work you do more effective,” said Joshua Rush, senior vice president of marketing at Audinate. “We cover everything from introductory AV-over-IP concepts to specific approaches and software tools that enable advanced management techniques on today’s modern networks.”
Dante certification training takes place on 10 February at The RAI, Rooms G104 & G105, located at Europaplein 2-22, 1078 AZ, Amsterdam.
While free to all, the training does require ISE 2020 registration - as you will need an ISE badge to enter the venue - and also requires registration through the Audinate website.
Those that sign up for a session will also be invited to a discussion with Audinate CEO Aidan Will

apgISE: APG to launch fixed install series
Thursday, 6 February 2020

The Netherlands - APG will officially launch its iX series at ISE 2020 in Hall 3, stand B120. Comprising a full line of fixed installation speakers, and based on the successful coaxial concept, the new iX range is characterised by “a combination of uncompromising drivers and a non-diffraction acoustic baffling that allows pure point source directivity”. For some of the iX models, APG has created coaxial devices that strike a perfect physical alignment between low and hi transducers.
Scheduled to be shipping from April 2020, the iX Series is made up of five coaxial speaker models: iX5, iX6, iX8, iX12 and iX15; all of which are two acoustic way speakers loaded in bass-reflex for low-frequency extension. APG will also introduce at the show a future extension of the range with two unique models of pseudo-coaxial speakers – the iX2.5 and IX2.6 - optimised for vocal applications.
From an acoustic point of view, the iX range offers “stunning musicality down to low mid and even low frequencies and is characterised by an impressive SPL to size ratio and exceptional sound clarity”.
The speakers are suited to a variety of applications, including main FOH or distributed sound reinforcement (front-fill, out-fill, in-fill, under-balcony, delay lines) in all types of venues (theatres, concert venues, clubs, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, congress centers). It is also possible to combine iX speakers with APG’s popular Uniline and Uniline Compact systems.
All iX models have been ergonomically optimised to make them as compact as possible, wi

fulcrumISE: Fulcrum Acoustic to show full product line
Thursday, 6 February 2020

The Netherlands - Fulcrum Acoustic will be attending ISE 2020 where its proprietary technologies will be represented at their stand, 5-R135, including their recently patented Passive Cardioid Technology.
In addition to a broad range of flexible, coaxial products, Fulcrum will display its CCX coaxial cardioid loudspeaker which combines Fulcrum's coaxial design with Passive Cardioid Technology (PCT). PCT reduces excessive low frequency rear radiation, a common shortcoming of compact loudspeakers and line arrays. Other products at ISE with PCT will be their FL283T line array module, CS-series of cardioid subwoofers as well as their FW15 coaxial cardioid stage monitor.
“Fulcrum Acoustic products are distinguished by their unique combination of compact size, high output and high fidelity,” says Stephen Siegel, president and co-founder of Fulcrum Acoustic. "Our innovations allow us to provide compelling performance in a variety of formats, which makes our products well suited to a broad range of project types. As the popularity of our solutions continues to grow, we are expanding distribution to better serve the international pro-audio community.”
(Jim Evans)

audinateDante AV Product Design Suite due soon
Thursday, 6 February 2020

USA - Audinate has announced that the Dante AV Product Design Suite (Dante AV PDS) will be shipping in Q1 2020 to manufacturers who have ordered it to develop AV-over-IP products that employ Dante AV technology.
The Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete turnkey recipe allowing OEMs to build a high-quality AV over IP endpoint for visually lossless results with low latency over a 1Gbps network. It provides complete interoperability for audio distribution and control with the more than 2,500 existing Dante products from more than 450 different manufacturers, delivering independent, fully synchronized audio and video streams. Based around the Dante AV module, the Dante AV PDS may be modified, branded and differentiated by OEMs via software, control, and integration with other members of their product lines.
The Dante AV PDS is designed to be a feature-complete AV-over-IP solution for the Professional AV market, implementing a codec, local HDMI and HDCP, ancillary data channels, and control. The on-board Dante AV Module provides Dante clock synchronization, control, discovery, transport, messaging, management, updates and more. A comprehensive set of hardware documents, design files, and a complete software SDK allows OEMs to create complete, fully interoperable Dante AV products quickly and reliably with end-to-end HDCP support.
The Dante AV PDS includes a complete implementation of the intoPIX JPEG2000 codec supporting UHD and Cinematic 4K resolution, up to 60fps, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, up to 10-bit colour depth, up and down scaling, and

adjISE: ADJ prepares to impress
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - ADJ will be using the up-coming ISE to host the European debut of a variety the company’s latest professional lighting and LED video products. These will include the next evolution of the popular Vizi Beam moving head series, a new range of LED-powered ellipsoidals, the latest addition to the Hydro Series of IP65-rated moving heads and a complete new range of LED video panels.
ADJ’s new ‘VS’ Vision Series of LED video panels offers a versatile modular solution that has been developed to make life easier for video professionals installing LED walls on either a temporary or permanent basis. Each model in the range features four individual modules, which are both front and rear serviceable, making it suitable for temporary hanging as well as permanent installation.
The Focus Series is ADJ’s range of feature-packed and compact LED-powered moving head fixtures. The new Focus Spot 5Z harnesses the power of a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine to generate potent mid-air beam effects and vibrant surface projections.
Joining the Focus Series as its new flagship, the Focus Spot 6Z boasts a powerful 300W cool white LED engine and pairs it with precision-engineered optics to create an impressively sharp and bright output. While still retaining a compact design, this is ADJ’s most feature rich Focus Series moving head to date.
Bringing a dedicated wash luminaire to the Focus Series for the first time, the new Focus Wash 400 features a 400W HEX LED engine (red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime) that generates an output of

depthq-vr-copyright-lightspeed-design-incISE: Vioso to announce new business structure
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - German projection specialist Vioso will return to ISE with a range of technological and business advancements for ISE attendees. Demonstrations will include a 360° projection dome in partnership with ISE, as well as a high-end Panadome installation for the visitor attractions market.
The company will also take this opportunity to announce its new business structure with two separate departments, Vioso AV and Vioso Simulation.
The double walled, inflatable, 75m² Airdome VR - supplied and manufactured by - will boast 360° x 180° spherical projection surface. Measuring 10m in diameter and 5m in height, the soundproof structure will be located outside the RAI’s Hall 8 entrance. In the dome, Vioso will demonstrate their latest calibration and warping/blending software solutions. Powered by five Barco 4K projectors, the dome will offer a total resolution beyond 6K.
Showcased within ISE’s Innovation Zone Vioso’s Panadome will play an integral part in DepthQ VR, LightSpeed Design’s interactive VR theme park ride, where attendees will be taken on an aquatic ride without the need for a VR headset.
The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved 1.8 x 2.75m Vioso Panadome screen using three E-Vision Laser projectors, courtesy of Digital Projection. With content synced in real time, the rider will be able to touch virtual objects, thanks to mid-air gesture technology, while spectators will be able to also enjoy the experience from their own perspective.
Emanuel Züger, head of Vioso AV, comments:

n-rak12NEXT-proaudio introduces unified N-RAK
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Portugal - NEXT-proaudio has introduced a unified rack solution N-RAK, designed for optimum performance flexibility and setup simplicity. The new rack was configured to interface seamlessly allowing multiple configurations for the entire NEXT-proaudio’s product range. Consisting in a family of two new different models, N-RAK 6 and N-RAK12, all the new N-Raks are equipped with Powersoft T604, featuring Dante audio networking functionality.
These N-RAKs were created as a universal platform developed to facilitate cross-rental between NEXT-proaudios users worldwide and to ensure compatibility with the cabling standard of the systems. The complete N-RAK series comprises N-RAK 6, N-RAK 12, N-RAK 20, N-RAK 40, N-RAK 80.
The new N-RAK 6 and 12 have Dante, AES3 and analogue inputs for multiple connections, making the setup process greatly simplified and much more efficient than the former LA Rack. With the Powersoft amplifiers already built in and no assembly required, it’s an easy-to-configure, all-in-one amplifier solution that eliminates the process of building amp racks.
The N-RAK touring rack offers an advanced rack solution for all NEXT-proaudio’ systems covering signal and power distribution in a plug’n’play touring package.
The new fully equipped N-RAK 6 and 12 module comprises a compact 4U Customized Rack with 2 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK12) or 1 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK6); 2U Audio Distribution Panel in the front; and 2U power distribution panel in the back.
(Jim Evans)

lacsislandprestigenight-webISE: L-Acoustics Creations reveals Island Prestige
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, will reveal Island Prestige, a sound space solution for luxury residential and architectural installations.
Designed for open plan living spaces, unusually shaped media rooms, or as an alternative to in-wall speaker installation, Island Prestige is a modular solution that’s quick and easy to assemble and can operate as a stand-alone personal auditorium, with its own Bubble Deck controls, or be integrated with projector, screen, lighting, blinds and other home technologies.
Island Prestige features 13 front speakers, five rear speakers and two subwoofers, precision manufactured and aligned to deliver accurate, richly detailed audio to listeners relaxing in its central lounge area. Overhead speakers can be added.
The system can reproduce the proprietary BluSpace1 standard, matching human hearing spatial resolution and bringing full, live concert dynamics at all audible frequencies. In total, 20,000W of power creates ample headroom for distortion-free play at high SPL, making Island Prestige suitable for all media playback needs, from conventional stereo to Dolby Atmos cinema to ultra-realistic Bubbles2 music and sound art content in Immersive Hyperreal Sound3.
“Island is unprecedented,” explains Christian Heil, president and founder of L-Acoustics. “This is not just another loudspeaker. We have designed innovative lifestyle packages that enable specification of a remarkable media environment, inviting listeners inside the music. They can share the hyperr

timax-immersive-audio-and-las-vegas-vivavision1ISE: Out Board demos TiMax SoundHub
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Netherlands - UK immersive audio and showcontrol specialists Out Board will demo further workflow enhancements to the TiMax SoundHub software, along with the new TiMax TrackerD4 Precision Stagetracking system for realtime automated spatial mixing control and effects animation.
TiMax SoundHub will be demo’d with its powerful new HARDCore FPGA processing.
With AutoCalc, TiMax spatial objects can be instant auto-calculated in 3D from a map of the venue and readily adapted for all shapes and sizes of presentation and experiential spaces, stages, auditoria and sound system configurations. As well as AutoCalc, also unique to TiMax workflow is the ability to “get under the hood” allowing image definition spatialisation objects to be manually fine-tuned by the user, or even subjectively crafted for special applications.

acmeISE: ACME to show hybrid moving head
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Netherlands - The latest fixtures from Chinese professional stage lighting manufacturer ACME Lighting are being showcased at ISE 2020 on booth 5-S140.
It will mark the third time that the ACME team has taken a stand at the Amsterdam show. At the helm of ACME’s European operations is Marco Galli, EMEA sales director, who is spearheading the company’s growth in Europe and North America.
“We’re thrilled to be demonstrating our latest product developments at ISE, including our breakthrough Solar Impulse - a powerful, high-performing, CMY colour mixing, hybrid LED moving head with a 1000W LED engine producing an impressive 35,000 lumens,” comments Galli. “We’re very proud of this versatile and reliable unit, which can be used as a beam, spot and wash solution, with a four-blade framing shutter, and we can’t wait to showcase what it can do.”
Of ISE, Galli says: “ISE provides a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with a broad cross-section of the European industry in one place - we are always happy to not only demonstrate the creations of our 100-strong R&D team, but also to dispel some those negative myths about Chinese product which still linger in the West.”
Making its ISE debut will be the Thunder-Roar BL-200 CS, part of ACME’s BL-200 range of stackable LED blinder units, which offer multi-source RGBW LEDs for complete pixel control. Multiple units of the BL-200 series can be stacked together in both a horizontal and vertical arrangement to create dazzling designs.
Other products ready for hands-on demo at I

adorn-complete-range-hero-shotISE: Martin Audio targets installation sector
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Netherlands - Martin Audio has announced a further five new products targeting commercial installation sector with in-ceiling and pendant loudspeakers joining the Adorn series.
The Adorn commercial series of on-wall loudspeakers was first introduced in 2019. It has now been expanded by three in-ceiling loudspeakers and the company’s first ever pendant speaker, available in white or black as standard.
All the new ceiling models have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The new ceiling additions are also fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.
Comprising a 4” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-40TS in-ceiling speaker produces 108dB peak output at 1m and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 73Hz.
Featuring a 5.25” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-55TS in-ceiling speaker produces 113dB peak output at 1 metre and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 79Hz.
The in-ceiling ACS-55T comprises a 5.25” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, produces 113dB peak output at 1 metre and its ported bass reflex design and backcan with generous internal volume maximises low frequency output and d

neutrik3dlogo4c1-860x230Neutrik prepares Milan-ready audio module
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Europe - Neutrik AG has announced it is developing a Milan-ready audio module in a bid to offer OEM customers a time- and cost-saving path towards developing and producing audio network solutions built on the protocol.
The manufacturer intends to have the modules tested and certified by the Avnu Alliance in the coming months, whilst release dates, pricing and specifications will be announced at a later date.
“The Milan audio modules from Neutrik will allow manufacturers in the pro audio market to quickly and easily build a wide range of Milan audio products, from single loudspeakers and microphones to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems,” said Richard Bugg, Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair. “Neutrik is making it easier for professional audio networking manufacturers to add Milan to product lines, which will in turn expand the Milan-certified ecosystem of devices.“
(Jim Evans)

brad-nelms-with-esta-award-for-ayrton-diabloAyrton Diablo wins ESTA Award
Monday, 3 February 2020

USA - Ayrton’s Diablo LED profile fixture was awarded the ESTA Members' Choice Award 2020 in the Equipment Category at this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim.
Diablo weighs just over 20kg, with a record output of 19,000 lumens from its 300W source. Diablo, like its sister fixtures, Levante wash light and Mistral spot, is available in two versions:
Diablo-S is specially designed for stage applications and utilises a monochromatic LED light source that can generate an ultra-high output and metallic white light calibrated at 6500K.
Diablo-TC is geared for applications requiring perfect colour rendition, and uses a monochromatic LED source with a native CRI greater than 90, high TM30 readings and a 5700K colour temperature.
The Award was collected by Brad Nelms, Western regional sales manager for ACT Lighting, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for North America, who said: “As a distributor, you can’t ask for anything more than the opportunity to represent great products. Ayrton’s fixture portfolio really hits the mark in all categories. The Diablo, in particular, has been a huge hit in the US market and continues to reach new customers who see its value. Congratulations to the whole Ayrton team, and thank you for being great at what you do.”
Jerad Garza, international sales for Ayrton, commented, “For Diablo to win the Members Choice Award is the icing on the cake. Diablo has been an instant hit since the moment it was released because it is such a powerful tool in such a small package. This fixture from the beginning has been revell

artiste-rembrandtISE: Elation to present Artiste series
Monday, 3 February 2020

The Netherlands - Elation Professional will present its expanded line of award-winning Artiste series of theatrical-grade moving heads, as well as its Fuze line, during ISE in Amsterdam (11-14 February). Lighting professionals can see both at stand 7-S209.
Meanwhile, Obsidian Control Systems invites designers, programmers and operators are invited to check out Dylos, a new pixel composer that offers all-new creative possibilities in pixel-mapping.
The Artiste Mondrian is the brightest full-featured LED Profile FX fixture Elation has produced to date. It offers extreme output with high centre intensity and narrow-beam angles, a comprehensive FX package with endless framing, and a wide colour-mixing gamut through its variable SpectraColor colour mixing system. Providing over 50,000 lumens from an efficient 950W LED engine, the Mondrian features a large 226mm (8 7/8”) front lens and has the power to cut through at great distances.
The Artiste Rembrandt is a bright, full-featured LED wash fixture with endless framing that offers outstanding output, optimized wash field and a wide colour-mixing gamut through its variable SpectraColor engine. Providing up to 51,000 lumens from an efficient 950W LED engine, the Rembrandt is suitable for “any application requiring superior wash output, bright and powerful beams, and quiet operation, as well as stunning colours”.
Used in top venues such as The Metropolitan Opera in New York City, the Artiste Monet is a 45,000-lumen LED Profile luminaire with innovative CMYRGB SpectraColor system.

stadia28constantcurvaturearrayISE: Outline schedules double launch
Monday, 3 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Outline will launch two new products - the Stadia 28 line array module and the L3000 amplifier.
Stadia 28 is an addition to the company’s Stadia family of loudspeaker systems for large sports venues and arenas. The new module is a medium-throw, constant curvature array enclosure weighing just 21kg yet capable of a peak SPL of 139dB. It features the same weather protection and audio quality as the rest of the range but is designed specifically for smaller venues, providing a cost-effective solution for locations that don’t need the power of its larger stablemates.
Its usefulness is extended by its ability to be arrayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation, with just six cabinets providing a full 150° coverage in both deployments.
Also making its debut at ISE 2020 will be the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier. Designed principally for applications where it is not possible or practical to use 19” racks, L3000 is a freestanding, high-powered multi-mode power amplifier presented in the same durable wood finish as Outline’s touring loudspeakers. If rack mounting is required however, two L3000s can be mounted using a dedicated Outline kit.
The L3000’s Class D design includes two inputs and four outputs, able to operate in single channel mode (4 x 750w @ 4ohm) and bridge mode (either 2 x 1500w @ 8 ohms or 1 x 1500w @ 8 ohms and 2 x 750w at 4 ohms). Onboard DSP provides a range of essential amplifier controls and its universal regulated switch mode power supply allows it to function on various input voltag

dzr-w-family-012560cropISE: Yamaha supports entertainment and enterprise
Friday, 31 January 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Yamaha will be highlighting its support for both the entertainment and enterprise markets with its range of high end, integrated solutions.
Yamaha’s digital mixing systems will be on show, including Rivage PM and the latest V5.5 firmware for CL/QL series digital mixers, which supports ProVisionaire Control/Touch, the latest version 3.6.0 enabling complete control over the entire network chain, from mixers through to amplifiers (including Yamaha’s PC Series and the Nexo NXAMP4X4MK2), processors and speakers.
The new white models of the flagship DZR/CZR series loudspeakers and DXS XLF/CXS XLF subwoofers will also be shown in Europe for the first time, following their launch at the NAMM Show in January. The powered DZR range comprises eight full-range models and four DXS XLF subwoofers, including ‘D’ versions that feature onboard Dante IN/OUT capability. Sharing the same cabinet and speaker components as the DZR/DXS XLF models, the passive CZR/CXS XLF models are perfectly matched with Yamaha’s all new PC-D range of amplifiers to deliver very high power-handling and focused, professional sound.
All DZR/CZR and DXS XLF/CXS XLF models will be available in white as well as the existing black finish, providing more options for a greater variety of uses, such as hotel banquets, houses of worship and auditoriums, where a high quality audio system needs to blend into the design of the space.
Yamaha will also be highlighting its wide-ranging Audioversity education content at ISE, with a variety of training sessions

castISE: CAST Group unveils broadcast solutions
Friday, 31 January 2020

The Netherlands - CAST Group will offer an interactive and informative new demo, including the launch of a new augmented reality product designed for broadcast.
The daily demos presented by CAST Group will showcase various BlackTrax applications for live entertainment and broadcast. These include lighting, media and virtual lighting, spatial audio, interactive games, talent-tracking and augmented reality powered by CONVRG, BlackTrax’s broadcast-control environment, and Helios, a new camera-tracking beacon. Mounted directly on the camera, Helios tracks and provides a synchronised data stream to broadcast systems and media servers, enabling real-time virtual and augmented reality graphics in any production.
For ISE 2020, CAST has joined forces with partners for a live entertainment show designed by MEPTIK, as well as a broadcast & XR demo programmed and supported by White Light.
Integrations at ISE will feature technologies from various partners, including Luminex for lighting applications, interactive media supported by disguise and Notch, virtual lighting by disguise and Panasonic, and Spatial Audio with SPAT Revolution and Adamson Systems.
For the broadcast and XR demo, BlackTrax and CONVRG will be powering the new Panasonic 8K ROI camera, capable of simultaneously streaming four HD crops from one 8K footage source. disguise and Notch will be running XR content for the SmartStage demo in conjunction with White Light.
(Jim Evans)

pixeraISE: AV Stumpfl to preview Pixera v1.6
Friday, 31 January 2020

The Netherlands - AV Stumpfl will present their latest projection screen products and a v1.6 preview of their media server system Pixera, at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam.
Pixera is a multi-award winning 64-bit system for real-time media processing, compositing and management, built around the key theme of usability. A radical new interface enables even first-time users to intuitively understand the main software mechanics. AV Stumpfl's Pixera combines a powerful render engine with “a revolutionary GUI approach”.
AV Stumpfl’s GmbH CEO Tobias Stumpfl comments on the system's successful introduction: "It's wonderful when old industry friends enjoy and support our new products, but to see the amazing enthusiasm of completely new users we only just met in the last twelve months is a uniquely gratifying experience. Pixera may be a comparatively new system, but the high speed with which we implement user feedback makes me really proud to have such a great team."
ISE visitors will be able to enjoy a short video design and projection mapping show at the AV Stumpfl stand, courtesy of the award winning Portuguese creative studio OCUBO, who created the content especially for the ISE 2020. Pixera will be used as the stand's mapping and playout system.
AV Stumpfl will also show a variety of their projection screen systems for displaying high resolution content, including 4K and 8K projection setups.
(Jim Evans)

mxlISE: MXL extends web conferencing range
Thursday, 30 January 2020

The Netherlands - MXL Microphones will showcase a selection of new web conferencing microphones and systems at ISE.
Products making their debut include the AC-44 USB Web Conferencing Mic and the MXL AC-44 LCR multi-microphone system for use with a Zoom Room Speaker Switch. MXL is also expanding on its AC-360 conferencing line with a new ceiling mount, giving integrators and end users even more flexibility for installation in a range of meeting rooms. The AC-360 will be mounted into the ceiling of MXL’s ISE booth throughout the show in order to showcase the mic’s versatile placement capability.
MXL will introduce the latest addition to its popular line of USB conferencing microphones, the MXL AC-44. With a compact footprint measuring only 2.5x3-inches, and 1-inch tall, the AC-44 is a solution for any limited space application including huddle and conference rooms. The AC-44 can also be easily affixed to medical carts for telemedicine, placed in robotics for receiving voice commands and incorporated into OEM applications.
Also at ISE 2020, MXL will demonstrate its latest web conferencing collaborative solution with its MXL AC-44 LCR, a new and advanced “audio tracking” microphone system that will integrate with software and cameras. This three-microphone array will interface with Zoom Video Communications’ new Zoom Room Feature, Zoom Speaker Switch. MXL and Jabra, maker of the PanaCast camera, have created products that work together to ‘provide a seamless speaker switching conferencing solution’.
(Jim Evans)

cloudpower-frontISE: Apex debuts CloudPower Series amplifiers
Thursday, 30 January 2020

The Netherlands - The Apex CloudPower Series will debut at ISE 2020. The proprietary Class-D amplifier control loop features DirectDrive technology and low intermodulation figures resulting in wide stereo imaging.
Web-based control is easily available via the WebUI accessible from any HTML5-capable browser (MAC, PC, IOS, Android) thanks to the amplifier’s built-in WiFi hotspot, or via a standard CAT5 cable connection to a local area network. Multiple amplifiers can be controlled through the same webUI using the trusted and comprehensive workflow of Apex’s intuitive Intelli-Ware software package. By logging into the Apex Cloud, amplifiers can be remotely controlled and monitored from anywhere, thus saving integrators time and money by eliminating the need for a site visit to monitor performance or adjust settings.
Four models with power ratings ranging from 350W to 3000W per channel fit all applications from small commercial spaces to the largest theatre, and all at extremely attractive price points. Whether the application requires a standalone system amplifier, or a comprehensive networked system with multiple amplifiers, the Apex CloudPower Series offers a powerful, scalable solution. With comprehensive loudspeaker preset capability, and optional Dante networking capabilities, implementing CloudPower into your system couldn’t be easier.
According to Apex managing director, Paul Van Hees, the CloudPower Series offers both integrators and rental companies an extremely high quality, cost-effective alternative for powered system management solu

vmo16-frontISE: NST to launch audio installation processor
Wednesday, 29 January 2020

The Netherlands - UK-based NST Audio will launch its new VMO16 16-in 16-out audio installation processor at ISE. Designed using NST second-generation DSP designs, the VMO16 brings no-compromise audio performance and system control to Dante networked audio installations, says the company.
“Our D-Net control software for PC, Mac and iPad gives complete control over ethernet and wi-fi,” comments NST managing director Dan Cartman. “The VMO16 is also fully compatible with our VR1 PoE (Power over Ethernet) remote control panel for simple, flexible user control, while control via third party systems such as Crestron is available via our simple ethernet control protocol.”
The VMO16 provides a total of 16 discrete inputs, and a full 16 x 16 matrix which allows any Dante network inputs to be routed to any of the 16 analogue outputs. All outputs are equipped with 16 bands of parametric EQ, 48dB/octave high pass and low pass filters, and up to 1.3 seconds of delay. In addition, high performance two-stage PXL limiters are incorporated to give high performance loudspeaker protection.
The VMO16 is robustly housed in a 1U 19” lightweight rack mount chassis using a smoothly radiused, machined aluminium front panel, providing sectioned windows distinctively grouped into four banks of channel status indicators, and a master section containing Dante connectivity status and power indicator.
Industry-standard Phoenix-type 3-pin 5.08mm pitch connectors are provided on the VMO16 rear panel for all analogue connections, while the four GPI connections allow c

genelecsmartippressimage01ISE: Genelec to showcase Smart IP loudspeakers
Wednesday, 29 January 2020

The Netherlands - Genelec will be showcasing two Smart IP loudspeaker models at the forthcoming ISE tradeshow in Amsterdam. The 4420 and 4430 loudspeakers combine “exceptional sound quality with single cable convenience, and their onboard Smart IP technology provides scalable power, audio and loudspeaker configuration, supervision and calibration features via a standard CAT cable”. Smart IP offers system designers, integrators and installers “an easy, powerful and cost-effective solution for guaranteeing enjoyable, high-quality audio across entire installations”.
Having been unveiled before a select audience of specially invited Nordic integrators in Helsinki in December, the 4430 will be making its ISE debut alongside its new and even more compact 4420 sibling – with yet more Smart IP models expected to be added to the family in the future.
Producing the clarity and intelligibility, the 4420 and 4430 are compatible with both Dante and open IP standards including AES67 and ST2110-30, and derive power via PoE and PoE+ Power-over-Ethernet formats. Both models feature a single rear panel CAT connector which also allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager - a software tool that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, a versatile room equalisation tool set, system organisation and status monitoring. This enables installers to deploy Smart IP loudspeakers even on highly complex, acoustically challenging projects.
Manufactured sustainably to o

magtape-ultra-matt-range-imageLe Mark launches environment-friendly tape
Wednesday, 29 January 2020

UK - Le Mark has launched MagTape Ultra-Matt, an environment-focused gaffer tape.
For many years, the company had sought to find ways of reducing its impact on the environment, working to provide its customers a choice when it comes to the use of tapes and consideration for the world.
“The ultimate aim was to produce a biodegradable or recyclable gaffer tape,” explains Le Mark’s managing director, Stuart Gibbons. “But like many industries trying to go green, we found the technology to make it affordable just wasn’t there for us yet. But, there must be something we could do.”
Determined not to give up, the team began to re-think how gaffer tape could be made. Going back to basics, they reviewed everything that went into the make-up of a traditional gaffer tape and the processes in its production.
After years of testing and collaboration between Le Mark and one of its primary manufacturing plants, they made “a huge leap forward”.
By stripping back chemicals and streamlining its manufacturing process, Le Mark has introduced MagTape Ultra Matt, a 100% toluene free, low VOC gaffer tape that’s been produced with reduced chemical release agents, using an energy efficient manufacturing process. It is completed with a natural rubber based, residue resistant adhesive and supplied with widely recyclable packaging.
(Jim Evans)


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