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clf-odinperspectiveCLF Lighting introduces Odin
Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Europe - CLF Lighting has launched the Odin outdoor LED luminaire to the market.
Designed for high-demanding applications, it comes with an optical system that provides even light and colour projection; a fast and accurate zoom function that ranges from 11° to 50°; and an IP65-rating that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
The RGB+Lime LED engine generates a rich colour set, from vivid and saturated colours to subtle pastels. Adding lime fills the gaps between red, green, blue and enhances the colour spectrum of the fixture. It also adds beautiful white tones to the feature set. High performance LEDs deliver high CRI and R9 values.
Packed in a signature CLF housing, the Odin combines convection cooling with an ultra-quiet intelligent fan. The fixture can be aimed easily by using the one button test function. The fixture can also be configured for exhibition applications by using the definable user modes.

multiverse-receiver-card-bottomCity Theatrical ships Multiverse Receiver Cards
Wednesday, 26 February 2020

USA - City Theatrical has announced that its Multiverse Receiver Cards are now available in either the 2.4GHz or 900MHz band through City Theatrical distributors worldwide.
Multiverse Receiver Cards can be used to implement wireless DMX/RDM into entertainment projects or lighting equipment in a simple way. They act like full Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM receivers without the housing, XLR connectors, and user interface as used in wireless DMX receiving products like the Multiverse Node and Multiverse SHoW Baby. Multiverse Receiver Cards include an internal antenna and a connection to an optional external antenna.
Configuration for Multiverse Receiver Cards is done via RDM with DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, or with City Theatrical’s USB Configuration Programme for PC/Mac.
In addition to receiving wireless DMX and outputting wired DMX, the Multiverse Receiver Card can output 0-10V, and has four PWM control outputs.
While Multiverse Modules require a full circuit board level implementation by professional lighting manufacturers, Multiverse Receiver Cards can be used by any lighting user to implement wireless DMX/RDM into their lighting equipment, whether props, costumes, or lighting fixtures.
The Cards can be used as part of a full Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to connect up to 10 universes of wireless DMX/RDM to a single Multiverse Transmitter.
Lighting manufacturers can use the 0-10V and PWM output capabilities to quickly add wireless DMX control to their products.

workproarion5frontpersWork Pro extends Arion line array range
Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Spain - Equipson announced at ISE a new and expanded Work Pro Arion line array range.
The Work Pro Arion Series is a DSP-powered Line Array ecosystem that already includes the popular Arion 21A system and double 10” format SL210A satellites. This system can be configured to suit a wide variety of applications, from medium to large venues where power, quality, and controlled directivity are required through to theatres and concert halls.
At ISE, Equipson also launched the Arion 10A and the Arion 5A, which are ‘significant redesigns’ of previous products.
Arion 10A is a single 10" version of the Arion 21A that incorporates Work Pro’s internal DSP technology and high-quality amplifiers from Danish brand Pascal. In keeping with the Arion 21A, the new Arion 10A uses top of the range transducers that were designed and manufactured in Europe. Its amplifier and DSP technology is concentrated in one box, which in turn supplies the powered audio signal to the following box. This means that only one dual channel amplifier is need for every two boxes. At the low frequency end of the spectrum, Arion 10A uses an affordable SL218A subwoofer.
Equipson’s second new product in the series is the Arion 5A - a fully redesigned compact size line array system that offers an impressive power ratio of 1600W peak through its sub and 2400W peak through its tops.
Arion 5A tops consist of two 5" woofers, one 1.75" voice coil, a 2.2" ring radiator and a 15" sub that can be combined with 4, 6 (1 sub) and 8 or 12 (2 subs) top boxes. The sub used for this sys

sundial-with-lampsArtistic Licence gears up for Frankfurt shows
Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Germany Artistic Licence will be showing sunDial quad, winner of the 2019 PLASA Gold Award for Innovation, at both Light+building (8-13 March) and Prolight + Sound (31 March - 3 April) in Frankfurt.
The product - a DMX/RDM/Xicato controlled trailing edge mains dimmer - offers ‘outstanding dimming performance and advanced safety features’. It works 'out of the box' with all dimmable replacement LED bulbs (also halogen and CFL). Performance is further optimized through the selection (via RDM) of one of four editable dimming curves on a per-channel basis.
Also new for 2020, Commissioner dali is a hand-held, battery powered tool for commissioning, testing and configuring DALI installations. The bright, 40 character LCD is easy to read and provides a wealth of information. Commissioner dali has numerous intensity control functions including direct control over DT8 colour changers. A DMX/RDM version of Commissioner is scheduled for launch later this year.
For data distribution, rackSplit octo (an 8-way DMX/RDM optosplitter) and rackLynx octo (an 8-universe Art-Net/sACN gateway) pack many features into an impressively compact form factor. Heralding the new, budget conscious ‘skinny rack’ range, the products are only 50mm deep, allowing them to be doubled up in a standard 19” rack or installed in tight spaces.
(Jim Evans)

obsidian-control-systemsdylosObsidian Control Systems launches Onyx 4.4
Monday, 24 February 2020

USA - Obsidian Control Systems has released v4.4 of its Onyx lighting control software, now with integrated DyLOS pixel composer.
Based on a full 3D environment and DirectX graphics processing, the DyLOS engine has been designed to manage tens of thousands of fixtures and parameters with ease.
As part of this launch, Obsidian Control Systems is offering all DyLOS users a package with over 1,100 media files in many categories. Optimised for the Dylos engine, it allows users to immerse themselves in the system for immediate results. In addition to this media collection, any custom user content can be imported at any time in almost any codec and size.
An unrestricted trial version of two DyLOS Zones and up to four DMX universes is enabled automatically for any Onyx PC installation.
Onyx 4.4 is compatible with all Onyx NX4 and NX2 consoles, Onyx PC systems, and the M1HD and M2GOHD M-Series controllers.

dante-avISE: Audinate Dante AV PDS set for release
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Netherlands - Audinate announced that the new Dante AV Product Design Suite (Dante AV PDS) will be shipping in Q1 2020 to manufacturers who have ordered it to develop AV-over-IP products that employ Dante AV technology.
The Dante AV Product Design Suite is a complete turnkey recipe allowing OEMs to build a high-quality AV over IP endpoint for visually lossless results with low latency over a 1Gbps network. It provides complete interoperability for audio distribution and control with the more than 2,500 existing Dante products from more than 450 different manufacturers, delivering independent, fully synchronized audio and video streams. Based around the Dante AV module, the Dante AV PDS may be modified, branded and differentiated by OEMs via software, control, and integration with other members of their product lines.
The Dante AV PDS is designed to be a feature-complete AV-over-IP solution for the Professional AV market, implementing a codec, local HDMI and HDCP, ancillary data channels, and control. The on-board Dante AV Module provides Dante clock synchronization, control, discovery, transport, messaging, management, updates and more. A comprehensive set of hardware documents, design files, and a complete software SDK allows OEMs to create complete, fully interoperable Dante AV products quickly and reliably with end-to-end HDCP support.
The Dante AV PDS includes a complete implementation of the intoPIX JPEG2000 codec supporting UHD and Cinematic 4K resolution, up to 60fps, up to 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, up to 10bit color depth, up and down sc

sb8f5set2frontISE: Funktion-One launches smallest models
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Netherlands - Funktion-One has launched two compact loudspeaker models – the F5 speaker and the SB8 bass unit.
The Funktion-One F5 offers a balanced and natural sound quality that’s not often found in loudspeakers of its size, says the company. The F5’s ultra compact dimensions and high output mean it is suited to a wide range of applications, including distributed public address systems, bars and restaurants, as well as domestic applications, such as home cinemas, desktop monitoring and home music systems.
The F5 features a Funktion-One bespoke wide-range, high-sensitivity 5” driver, an integrated high pass filter for low frequency protection, angled cabinet design for desktop use and a 3/8” microphone stand mount.
The Funktion-One SB8 is a compact, yet powerful and convincing bass unit. It is suitable for applications where a conventionally sized subwoofer is too large or obtrusive, such as in bars, restaurants, retail and galleries, as well as domestic applications.
The dynamic and musical SB8 features a high-sensitivity 8” bass driver and requires no EQ or controller, only crossover filters. A self-powered version will be available soon.
Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews said: “We’re very happy to introduce the F5 and SB8 at ISE 2020. Though they are small in size, they are capable of the high-performance standards that we demand from all of our loudspeaker innovations.”

renkus-heinzISE: Renkus-Heinz sets sights on integrators
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Netherlands - Renkus-Heinz highlighted the premium quality audio offered by beam steering technology – effectively positioning more integrators and end users for performance in their businesses. Through key offerings in the Renkus-Heinz line, steerable solutions are now feasible integration options in more locations and more types of facilities.
“We’re showcasing the enabling technologies that allow integrators to introduce cutting-edge audio performance into additional locations,” said Matt Czyzewski, president of Renkus-Heinz. “We’ve engineered our offerings to provide effective and efficient installation, as well as intuitive setup and configuration. We aim to make digitally steerable audio accessible to all types of integrations – no matter the size, shape, or location construction.”
With the DC12/2 and ICLive X series – and the supporting technologies and services provided by Renkus-Heinz – office spaces, small-to-medium sized performance spaces, retail and hospitality, athletic facilities, education spaces, houses of worship, and more can now harness the power of beam steering in their facilities.
Key to improving the access to steerable solutions is the DC12/2 ultra-compact, steerable self-powered column array. The DC12/2 brings clarity, intelligibility, and control synonymous with Renkus-Heinz’ legendary digitally steered line arrays to smaller, but equally challenging, spaces.
An impressive supporting technology built for the DC12/2 is the capability to setup the speaker via smartphone or tablet. This allow

ashlyISE: Ashly Audio debuts two speaker lines
Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Netherlands - Ashly Audio is expanding its product line to bring integrators more flexible, scalable, and creative pro audio solutions. Two speaker lines were introduced to ISE 2020 with a focus on enabling more complete solutions that tie together Ashly’s expertise in amplifiers and DSP technologies.
Both the AW Series On-Wall Speakers, IS Series Dual-Impedance Column Speakers, and SP Subwoofer were featured at ISE.
“One request we heard over and over as we reinvented our product line was the need for a more complete solution – a solution including speakers,” said Noel Larson, vice president of marketing and business development at Ashly Audio. “We didn’t take this on lightly. We worked with a focused purpose and intent to ensure our speakers accentuated our amplifier, mixer amp, and processor offerings. The result is something we are incredibly proud of.”
Designed to take full advantage of Protēa and AquaControl DSP, the AW series with a DOC crossover reduces the off-axis deviation in sound pressure levels to In addition, the AW speakers are IP rated– making them suitable options for patios, balconies, and many other under-eave applications. This combination of performance with indoor/outdoor versatility means restaurants, retail, hospitality, house of worship, education, sports clubs, public spaces and more will benefit from more impressive audio integrations, says the company.
Ashly Audio’s IS column speakers provide flexibility for integrators by operating at 8 or 32 Ohms, making them effective for simple applicatio

2020-exe-catalogueEXE Technology releases 2020 catalogue
Monday, 17 February 2020

Europe - EXE Technology has announced the release of its 2020 catalogue that features all of the latest standard EXE RISE D8+ hoists, EXE DRIVE Controllers and EXE DST (Dynamic Stack Tracks) ranges, as well as some new additions.
As live load monitoring is now a key requirement in rigging environments, the EXE Cell range has now been expanded to include both integrated load-cell chain hoist solutions AND separate shackle-based wireless technology components for easy deployment and monitoring. The catalogue is available through

intellimixp300lifestyleISE: Shure adds Dante compatibility
Friday, 14 February 2020

The Netherlands - Shure has announced a firmware update (version 4.1) that provides additional functionality for multiple products in its Networked Systems portfolio. This update includes compatibility with Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager (DDM), compatibility enhancements with leading third-party software and hardware videoconferencing codecs, and AES67 networking compatibility for products utilizing the UltimoX chipset.
The expanded support for additional third-party video codecs includes Cisco, Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams, providing programming-free USB mute sync compatibility with the IntelliMix P300 and ANIUSB-MATRIX.
“This firmware update adds new features and capabilities that the market demands,” says Chad Wiggins, senior director networked systems at Shure.
With Dante Domain Manager compatibility included in firmware release 4.1, Shure products including the Microflex Advance MXA910 and MXA310 Array Microphones, the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and the ANI Audio Network Interfaces are now able to take advantage of Audinate’s network management software made especially for Dante-enabled devices - making audio networking more secure and scalable across an entire campus or enterprise.
(Jim Evans)

intellimixmxa910lifestyleISE: Shure products certified for Microsoft Teams
Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Netherlands - A select portfolio of Shure networked systems products - Shure’s Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array, MXA310 Table Array Microphone, and the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor - are now certified for Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams provides a complete online meeting solution that includes online meetings, live broadcasts, Microsoft Team Rooms, cloud video interoperability and audio conferencing. Whether it’s a corporate conference room, special event venue or higher education campus, sourcing a dependable audio solution that provides clear audio while also integrating with leading collaboration technologies is important for successful communication.
Designed for such demanding environments, Shure microphones and digital signal processing products enable “easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, premium audio suitable for a variety of rooms and applications”.
“The Microsoft Teams certification is a clear indicator of our intention to provide best-in-class experience, compatibility and reliability in the unified communications market,” said Chris Merrick, director of global systems marketing at Shure.

team-calibreISE: Calibre display makes worldwide debut
Thursday, 13 February 2020

The Netherlands - Making its worldwide debut on the stand of Calibre business partner MediaScreen (15-R295) at ISE 2020 is the Calibre LEDFusion A160, a 163-inch AiO (All-in-One) LED display.
The LEDFusion A160 provides a complete, integrated solution that can be installed by two people in an hour or less – largely eliminating the time, effort and expense typically associated with deploying screens of such a size, says Calibre.
“There is a significant trend in the industry towards larger and larger displays as users compete for attention in an environment in which screens are everywhere,” said Willy Tsai, managing director, Calibre UK. “The problem with those large displays, of course, is the challenge of getting them to their location – and then getting them operational in the shortest amount of time. The LEDFusion A160 was designed to overcome those challenges – and, of course, it does so with the outstanding image quality for which Calibre is known. It’s exactly the product our customers asked us to create.”
The LEDFusion A160 is designed for the most demanding applications including proAV, rental/staging, broadcast, houses of worship, medical, corporate AV and education. Packed in a single flight case – which contains everything needed for installation, including simple tools – the 163-inch LEDFusion A160 can be simply manoeuvred into position and be operational in less than 60 minutes.
“At ISE, we’re showing our Mobile LED 165 - an innovative solution that further enhances the ease with which this remarkable scre

n-rayISE: Coda Audio launches N-RAY array
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands - Coda Audio has introduced a new ultra-compact three-way line array. N-RAY places the benefits of Coda’s flagship AiRAY technology into a shallow, lightweight cabinet perfect for theatres, performing-arts centres and corporate events. N-RAY is part of Coda’s latest N-Series, a range of lightweight, compact systems with the efficiency and power to rival much larger and heavier loudspeaker systems.
N-RAY incorporates the latest in driver and system design technology, delivering twice the power handling and SPL, as well as significantly more low-frequency output, when compared to other systems. It delivers high-fidelity sound with a large dynamic range and extended low- frequency with unlimited flexibility, thanks to its variable horizontal dispersion.
Key to N-RAY’s efficiency is the incorporation of a unique six-inch double diaphragm planar wave driver (DDP), dual 6.5” neodymium ultra-low distortion low-frequency cone drivers, N-RAY insta-fit magnetic coupler sums and unique Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) technology, ensuring exceptionally high sound pressure and low power compression.
Offering a phase linearity similar to AiRAY, a 60Hz-22 kHz (-6dB) frequency range and high power handling of 1,000W, N-RAY outputs a power, weight and frequency response that belies its small size.
N-RAY has a variable horizontal coverage of 90°, 120° or asymmetric105°, a linear phase response for superior fidelity, variable vertical curving 0°, 1°, 2°, 3° to 12° in 1°steps and features an integrated three-point rigging system fo

absenISE: Absen launches Venus LED Series
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands - LED manufacturer Absen has announced the launch of a new super-lightweight touring solution for rental stagers.
The Venus (VN) Series is an LED display that has been specifically designed for concerts and festivals due to its ability to create super-sized screens at speed. The product features an integrated ‘module-on-frame’ design. By removing the sub-frame (cabinet frame), Venus allows creative teams to cut back on weight, save cost and build even bigger LED walls than before – up to 20m in height.
The VN Series has also been designed to save crews precious time. In an industry where there is increasing pressure put on rental stagers for set up times, Venus makes it far quicker to install thanks to its big cabinet size (1500 x 1000) and fast locking system. It is also easier to maintain and upgrade as the modules can be swiftly switched out without the need to take apart the frame structure.
The VN Series will be available in two standard sizes: 1,500mm (W) x 1,000mm (H) and 500mm x 1,000mm, in order to allow for fully customised options. It will be available in 3.9mm, 4.8mm and 8.3mm pixel pitch versions, boasting up to 5000 nits brightness and black face LED. The VN Series also allows for concave and convex curving options for highly creative video wall designs; with horizontal free-adjustable variances of -10 to +10 degrees, allowing fixed positioning at -10°, -5°, 0°, +5° and +10°.
Amy Tang, VP of product at Absen, comments: “The VN has been designed with the customer in mind at every step of the way. Not

lala2xifrontISE: L-Acoustics debuts install controller
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands – L-Acoustics has launched its first install-specific amplified controller at ISE. Primarily designed to power L-Acoustics compact loudspeakers, the bridgeable 4 x 4 channel LA2Xi offers anywhere from one to four outputs, allowing it to also drive medium and large format loudspeakers, in full or reduced SPL, for various types of applications. LA2Xi is the ideal choice to power background music in leisure installations, distributed fill systems in performing arts centres, studio monitors, private auditoriums and more.
LA2Xi adapts to the needs of various applications, allowing the choice of a four-, three-, two- or one-output channel configuration. In 4 x 4 single-ended mode, it can drive up to 16 X4i or 5XT compact coaxial loudspeakers. In residential applications where maximum SPL is not required, LA2Xi powers a stereo pair of elegant Syva and Syva Low colinear source loudspeakers. Bridge LA2Xi to 4 x 2 mode and it handily powers A10i and A15i medium-throw line sources or KS21i subwoofers with a robust 1260 W per channel. In 4 x 3 configurations, it can drive a pair of X8 reference monitors with a SB15m subwoofer. Bridging all channels in 4 x 1 mode powers one KS28 reference subwoofer with an impressive 2550 W.
Packaged in a 1U chassis for optimized rack space, LA2Xi was tailor-made for integration applications. Underneath the streamlined front panel lies the same DSP engine as the flagship touring LA12X amplified controller, including features for loudspeaker management, protection and monitoring as well as a comprehensive set of tools

imxroomISE: Shure unveils ‘game-changing’ software
Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Shure introduced IntelliMix Room, billed as the first audio processing software for Windows 10 PCs that is fully optimised for use with Shure networked system microphones.
IntelliMix Room is a software-based DSP that requires minimal customer setup or additional special hardware, which reduces the costs and footprint required to deploy premium AV conferencing. It can be deployed to in-room Windows 10 PCs and meeting control devices that are already in-place to run popular software-based AV conferencing services, bringing premium audio to video conference calls.
This new software-based approach also allows systems integrators to install more rooms, more easily, more consistently and more cost-effectively than traditional hardware-based DSP solutions. Providing up to 16 channels of audio processing, IntelliMix Room deploys the same algorithms as Shure’s P300 IntelliMix Audio Conferencing Processor, but is installed on the same in-room PC as the conferencing soft codec.
IntelliMix algorithms are specifically designed to optimise the performance of Shure’s range of premium conferencing microphones such as the MXA910 ceiling array, MXA310 table array and Microflex Wireless. IntelliMix Room aggregates and optimizes the audio output of multiple microphone sources and thus scales-up to support even more complex boardroom deployments. With echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic Mixing, automatic gain control, and secure Dante routing, IntelliMix Room automatically produces a single channel of conference-ready audio.

swr2310-series02ISE: Yamaha’s entertainment and enterprise solutions
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE, Yamaha is highlighting its entertainment and enterprise solutions, including new products from both the pro audio and Unified Communications ranges.
Exhibiting at stand 3-C95, Yamaha is launching the new, three-model SWR2310 series of switches, designed to provide additional high quality options for Dante systems at larger events and venues. Also new are the Unified Communications YVC-330 conference phone and CS-700 video sound bar, which make enterprise communication faster and more reliable, thanks to design and technology which delivers exceptional voice quality and ease of use.
Yamaha’s digital mixing systems are also on show at ISE, including Rivage PM and the latest V5.5 firmware for CL/QL series digital mixers, which supports ProVisionaire Control/Touch. The latest Version 3.6.0 enables complete control over the entire network chain, from mixers through to amplifiers (including Yamaha’s PC Series and the Nexo NXAMP4X4MK2), processors and speakers.
The new white models of the flagship DZR/CZR series loudspeakers and DXS XLF/CXS XLF subwoofers are also on show. All powered DZR/DXS XLF and passive CZR/CXS XLF models are available in the new finish, the passive models perfectly matched with Yamaha’s all-new PC series amplifiers to deliver very high power-handling and focused, professional sound.
In addition, Yamaha will be highlighting education at ISE, with a variety of training sessions from its wide-ranging Audioversity programme available on the stand. These will cover a variety of topics, includi

r10conceptISE: EM Acoustics unveils new Reference Series
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Netherlands - British loudspeaker manufacturer EM Acoustics is to preview the flagship model of its new Reference Series of loudspeakers at ISE 2020.
The new series features low-profile point source loudspeakers with flat frequency and phase responses. Coupled with EM Acoustics’ DQ Series amplifiers, the Reference Series offers a range of tools for audio professionals seeking high performance in a compact form factor.
Seen for the first time anywhere at ISE 2020 is the first in the series, the R10. Suited to any performance environment requiring ultra-high quality sound reinforcement in a versatile, low-profile package, the R10 is a three-way passive system featuring dual 10”LF drivers and a 4”/2.5” mid-hi coaxial unit.
The R10 is unique in that it is supplied with two different, easily interchangeable dispersion waveguide options - a wide 110° x 50° guide for shorter throw applications and a narrower 80° x 50° option for controlled coverage over longer distances. Both are rotatable for maximum versatility and offer extensive pattern control to below 800Hz. To ensure full compatibility with the rest of the EM Acoustics portfolio, the R10 - along with the rest of the Reference Series loudspeakers - is voiced with natural, flat characteristics.
A sleek, weather-protected polyurethane finish and tour-optimised handling and rigging systems complete the package. The architecture and construction of the R10 combined with EM Acoustics’ FIR processing liberates each component to achieve levels of sonic performance never yet achieved

wxuscontrollers-1-1000x365ISE: Symetrix debuts networked wall controllers
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

USA - Symetrix has announced the latest addition to its new product line-up with IP and PoE based WX wall controllers which employ user-programmable displays for labelling and feedback.
The WX wall controllers dramatically increase the number of control devices that can be added to a Symetrix based system. With an OLED display and dedicated knobs and buttons, the new WX controllers provide standard IP communication over Ethernet creating a single standardized infrastructure.
Available in three configurations, the controls of the WX series may be used for source selection, volume, mute, and preset recalls for any ComposerTM based Symetrix DSP. The W1 wall controller features a push button encoder and display panel while the W2 controller features four momentary buttons along with its display. The W3 combines the hardware features of the W1 and W2 into a single panel.
“I’m very proud of the sophisticated engineering that the Symetrix team has invested in the WX series of controllers. They have set a new standard for IP wall controllers in terms of both functionality and overall construction quality,” says Symetrix owner and CEO, Mark Graham.
Providing simple and easy end-user control of the business audio system, the WX wall controllers are designed for houses of worship, hospitality, education, performance/live sound, and conferencing spaces. The WX controllers are available for both standard US and EU electrical boxes, utilizing Decora-style wall plates in the US.
(Jim Evans)

jbldda5ISE: JBL releases DDA software update
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Netherlands - Harman Professional Solutions has announced a JBL Digital Directivity Analysis (DDA) 5.1 software update.
Designed to work with JBL Intellivox products along with any point source speakers in the JBL portfolio using common loudspeaker format (CLF) data, DDA software is a powerful simulation tool for electro-acoustic design. DDA enables sound designers to visualize and statistically predict direct SPL, total SPL, D/R ratio, STI and delay spread.
Designed to offer improved workflow, the free 5.1 update adds two significant new features. DDA 5.1 streamlines the registration process and removes the need for repeated license renewal found in earlier versions of the software. DDA 5.1 also includes the new SketchUp plug-in, which enables users to easily import 3D geometry from SketchUp software.
“With DDA 5.1 we’re continuing our mission to help users streamline the modelling process to achieve more effective results with JBL loudspeakers,” comments Nat Hecht, product manager, commercial sound, Harman Professional Solutions. “With DDA 5.1, users can instantly start using the program after registration. And with integrated support for third party software like SketchUp, engineers and acousticians are able to streamline their workflow.”
(Jim Evans)

ahm64-front-closeup-2ISE: Allen & Heath launches matrix processor
Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Allen & Heath has revealed AHM-64, a new 64x64 audio matrix processor supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of scalable I/O, control and Dante solutions. Targeted at corporate, retail, leisure and education environments, AHM-64 allows integrators to quickly create systems that build from a single boardroom to a complete campus.
“We asked integrators and consultants what they looked for in a next-generation matrix processor. Scalable I/O and remote control, rapid setup and Dante integration topped the wish list,” says managing director, Rob Clark. “AHM-64 ticks all the boxes, and being built around a 96kHz FPGA engine, it delivers exceptional audio quality and low latency.”
AHM-64 has 12 local inputs and 12 outputs, plus an SLink expansion port allowing plug ‘n play connection to up to 8 remote expanders from Allen & Heath’s Everything I/O family. An I/O port enables a 96kHz, 64x64 Dante option card to be added for connection to equipment on a Dante network, including the wall-mount DT164-W and portable DT168 Dante expanders.
An extensive range of ready-made remote-control options supports AHM-64, including an array of PoE remote controllers and the BYOD-friendly Custom Control app, enabling tailored user interfaces for multiple user and device types.
Intuitive AHM System Manager software and AHM-64’s flexible architecture allow rapid configuration, as Head of Product, Nic Beretta explains, “AHM-64 strikes a balance between the simplicity and set latency of fixed architecture, and the flex

ray-onISE: Active Audio debuts column arrays
Monday, 10 February 2020

The Netherlands - Active Audio will launch the RAY-ON PoE powered loudspeaker column arrays at ISE 2020.
The RAY-ON PoE Series integrates a comprehensive PoE+ interface (IEEE 802.3at), a 60W internal power amplifier, and a Dante RJ45 digital input into a self-powered column loudspeaker. Internal signal processing and optimisation utilising Active Audio’s patented DGRC steering technology creates well defined coverage patterns with a smart mix of acoustics geometry and filtering.
The new series includes the R70-PoE and R110-PoE vertical column arrays as well as the B70-PoE which provides optimized horizontal directivity. The addition of PoE technology allows users to easily equip any wired building with the quality, consistency of coverage, true ease of use, and simple setup, that Active Audio are known for.

adamsonise2020isbrandhrISE: Adamson showcases IS-Series
Monday, 10 February 2020

The Netherlands - Adamson Systems Engineering will highlight its premium install-focused IS-Series loudspeakers, including the new IS219 high-powered subwoofer at ISE 2020. Additionally, Adamson has partnered with CAST Software for a series of daily immersive audio demos showcasing its BlackTrax real-time tracking technology and Adamson’s intelligent, Milan-ready CS7p and CS118 loudspeakers.
“As the world’s biggest pro AV show, ISE is the perfect platform to highlight our IS-Series solutions, which pack the technology and performance of our revered touring products into sleek enclosures developed specifically for the architectural market,” comments Adamson CEO Marc Bertrand. “Like the entire series, the new IS219 subwoofer offers outstanding audio performance and rider acceptance in a discreet package that keeps the focus on the venue’s aesthetics.”
The Adamson IS219 is a high-powered dual 19” front-loaded subwoofer with a maximum SPL of 143dB. Designed to fit under standard 60 cm stages without sacrificing performance, the IS219 also has front and back grilles for cardioid applications with no visual indicator to the audience. Weighing in at a slim 90kg with removable handles for maneuverability and fit, the sub is optimized for a wide range of install projects.
Additionally, Adamson representatives will be sharing details about its new suite of education initiatives first introduced at The 2020 NAMM Show, including: increased delivery of the company’s globally-standardized Applied and Advanced Certification training programs with


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