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music--lightsPL+S: Music & Lights prepares for take-off
Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Germany - Music & Lights, along with its lighting brands Prolights, Tribe and ArchWork, will be exhibiting at the upcoming Prolight + Sound 2019 trade show in Frankfurt (Hall 12.1 stand D40).
The company will utilise 400sq.m of demonstration, meeting and display space and will launch a number of new products.
Panoramaipspot is a 420W compact IP-rated moving LED spot delivering high brightness levels.
RA2000 is a moving profile/spot light with a proprietary LED engine suitable for both touring and broadcast applications.
PixiewashXB combines cutting-edge LED technology and traditional single lens styling to deliver superior light quality without the multi-cell appearance.
The annual Music & Lights Aperitivo held on Wednesday 3 April gives invited guests the chance to network, chat and unwind with the team and enjoy Italian food and drinks. To get your exclusive Access All Areas pass to the Aperitivo, please register at the stand and collect your pass from your dedicated Music & Lights team member.
(Jim Evans)

absenPL+S: Absen highlights rental LED displays
Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Germany - As part of its Fine Pixel Generation campaign, Absen will give centre stage to its headline touring product - the Aries Series - at Prolight + Sound 2019.
The tradeshow will also allow the company to exhibit the capabilities of its award-winning Polaris Series. These products, and more, can be found on Absen’s stand in Hall 4.0, E35.
Absen recently celebrated its 10th straight year as the #1 Chinese export brand for LED displays - a feat that was thanks in no small part to the strength of its rental products - and intends to retain this title with the help of the Fine Pixel Generation’s newest members.
Absen’s new Aries Series is the company’s first NPP range that has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for sub-2mm fine pitch LED in rental staging applications such as auto shows, high-end conferences and live broadcasts. Supporting HDR10 (high-dynamic-range) standard, the new AX1.5 model allows for a much broader range of colours, while being road-rugged thanks to its corner edge protection.
Featuring the latest in Integrated Matrix Device (IMD) and Common Cathode (CC) technologies, the new Aries Series (featuring the 1.5mm pixel pitch AX1.5) provides over three times the strength as traditional LED screens whilst consuming 20% less power. CC technology in particular allows improved contrast ratio and brightness, as well as helping to reduce heat generation, thus ensuring a longer lifespan.
As well as the Aries Series, Absen will also use Prolight+Sound to demonstrate the staying power of its Polaris S

sennheiserSennheiser launches premium headset
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

USA - Sennheiser unveiled its new Century ANC headset at Enterprise Connect, Orlando (18-20 March).
The new variant, Century SC 660 ANC USB, is designed for customer-centric workers who need a durable wired headset with “outstanding sound quality, effective call handling and excellent comfort”.
The ANC can be switched on and off via the in-line call control and the proximity sensor technology makes it possible to answer a call, put it on hold and resume the call simply by taking the headset on and off. The headset features thick leatherette ear pads which not only ensure a high level of comfort and passive noise damping but also improve the audio music performance. Sennheiser Voice Clarity and the ultra noise-cancelling microphone provide a natural listening experience. The Century ANC variant is UC optimized and Skype for Business Certified.
“It is crucial to businesses that employees can focus and work efficiently even in busy and noisy office environments,” says Theis Moerk, vice president of product management enterprise solutions at Sennheiser. “When using a headset for calls all day, high quality is the keyword. Our new Century ANC headset lives up to a high standard of quality when it comes to both sound, craftmanship and user experience. With this headset, people can stay focused on calls and ensure effective conversations with customers,” explains Theis Moerk.
At Enterprise Connect, Sennheiser also releases two additional wired Century Mobile headset variants: SC 635 USB-C (single-sided) & SC 665 USB-C (double-sided)

etc-prolight-colorsourcePL+S: ETC and HES on four fronts
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Germany - At Prolight + Sound 2019, ETC and High End Systems (HES) will be joining together to showcase the latest line up of product innovations across four stands in Hall 12.1: Stands B40, B41, B46, B47. This includes the debut of a new product which will be revealed at the show.
Visitors to the stands will see ETC’s first automated fixture in over a decade, the award-winning Relevé Spot. Specifically designed for theatre, this moving light boasts a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and an Ani-gobo wheel.
HES will showcase a selection of pioneering automated lighting technology, including the SolaFrame 3000, SolaFrame Theatre and the new SolaFrame 1000 and SolaSpot 3000. The recently launched SolaFrame 1000 offers a diverse feature set and is available in Ultra-Bright and High CRI versions. SolaSpot 3000 boasts more than 37,000 lumen output with a Bright White LED engine. The flagship fixture offers an unprecedented amount of effect combinations – three gobo wheels for a total of 21 patterns, two animation wheels, two prisms, aerial effects and more.
The TurboRay by High End Systems will also be at the show. This new fixture in the company’s FX range offers a classic retro look with its radial diffusers, and can be used as a narrow-angle wash light or as a powerful hard edge beam that produces beautiful aerial effects and more.
There will be three product lines of control on display at this year’s Prolight + Sound: Hog, Eos and ColorSource. Visitors to the stand should look out for “something new and exciting in the wo

mawebsiteps-20191170x695PL+S: MA Lighting previews new software
Monday, 18 March 2019

Germany - MA Lighting will highlight the latest features and functionality of its grandMA3 and dot2 lighting control solutions at Prlight+Sound, taking place 2-5 April in Frankfurt.
Visitors will experience the latest preview version of the grandMA3 software as it progresses towards the V1.0 launch later this year. All grandMA3 models will be available for hands-on demo in Mode2 and Mode3. Recent developments including new ways of colour control, visual ways of Phaser control, enhanced 3D visualisation or networking protocol implementations and much more are on display. MA’s product experts will be on hand to answer all of your questions.
Visitors will also find a detailed overview of MA’s networking solutions illustrating different user scenarios for events and fixed installations. At the same time MA will premier its new grandMA3 xPort Node DIN Rail versions.
In parallel, the new open protocol GDTF (General Device Type Format) - jointly developed by Vectorworks, Robe lighting and MA Lighting to replicate the real-world physical components of the most complex fixtures - will be shown and explained by MA’s experts.
Also, the MVR (My Virtual Rig) file format will be on display. MVR is a file format used to share data for a scene between a lighting console, a visualiser, a CAD program or similar tools, and is based on GDTF.
(Jim Evans)

litec-flyintower-10-1600Litec launches latest in Flyintower series
Monday, 18 March 2019

Europe - The new Litec Flyintower 10-1,600, provides safety, stability and rigidity for flying up to 1,600kg of audio equipment at heights up to 10m. Designed to bridge the gap in the Litec Flyintower range, which includes solutions with load capacities from 300 to 2000kg, the Flyintower 10-1,600 features a 15° inclined mast.
The Litec Flyintower 10-1,600 uses standard truss in its construction, instead of custom-made truss, making potential replacement of truss sections quick and convenient. The main vertical tower is constructed with QL40A truss, while QH30SA truss is used for the stabilizing legs. Sturdy fork connectors ensure all truss connection points are strong and rigid.
An electric chain hoist or manual winch can be used to lift a line array speaker system. Dedicated accessories are also available, while custom versions are possible on request.
(Jim Evans)

dasDASlink Group Manager unveiled
Monday, 18 March 2019

Europe - A new DAS Audio app, which creates and manages groups of VANTEC and ALTEA 700 systems, was launched at ISE 2019. The new DASlink GM application is designed to monitor and control these systems both in groups and individually. The app, compatible with Android and Apple iOS, eases the configuration of cabinet parameters from a mobile device, says the company.
The main functionality of DASlink GM is to create groups of systems with different configurations where not only can the group parameters be modified individually but also the control of the gain of the cabinets within a group.
By simply tapping on the screen, DASlink GM accesses the parameters of the systems grouped by ‘zones’, so the user can adjust them quickly and effortlessly while checking and monitoring the signal that reaches the systems in real time. As a result, the user can prevent clipping in the input and output channels; the app allows to monitor the VU of each system, so verifying their performance is a straightforward step.
Another advantage of DASlink GM is its graphical content. It offers an attractive interface and ease-of-use, consequently accessing the systems is faster and more intuitive than using a conventional physical control.
(Jim Evans)

bosepowershareBose PowerShare amps support Dante
Monday, 18 March 2019

USA - Bose Professional is now shipping the two latest models in its PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers - the PS604D (600W divisible into four channels) and PS404D (400W divisible into four channels) featuring Dante networking capability.
Both new amplifiers support four audio input channels from a Dante network, have the ability to mix onboard analogue inputs with digital Dante inputs, and give installers the freedom to place the amplifier away from the source location.
With the initial introduction of PowerShare adaptable power amplifiers in 2016, Bose Professional armed installers with a powerful new advantage - the freedom to put amplifier power where it’s needed and waste less of an amplifier’s drive potential where it’s not.
“The notion of a multi-channel amplifier that breaks free from the fixed-power-per-channel architecture has been well received,” reports Bose amplifier product line manager Ashraf Elghamrawi. “Integrators told us that ‘power-sharing’ makes their projects more responsive, and they asked for digital input options for even more flexibility.” The new models are now available.
(Jim Evans)

relevespot-etc-1ETC Relevé Spot now shipping
Monday, 18 March 2019

USA/Europe - ETC’s 2018 PLASA Award for Innovation-winning automated fixture is now shipping.
The LED fixture, launched at the PLASA Show last September, boasts an additive colour mixing system that “creates colours so bright you’ll be blown away”. The custom Ani-gobo wheel features a seamless pattern that flows from one graphical element to the next. Using this in combination with the customisable, five-position gobo wheel gives “infinite texturing and theatre-ready effects”.
An additional feature is the Whisper Home technology. Relevé Spot enables you set the physical movement limits of each fixture, keeping it from ever having to spin a full rotation at start-up or re-homing. Because Relevé Spot never has to move more than 1° to find its home position, it can be installed in tight rail positions, narrow box booms, and other space-restricting locations.
(Jim Evans)

db-audiotechnikPL+S: d&b talks lineage and lifetime value
Friday, 15 March 2019

Germany - d&b audiotechnik heads full steam to this year’s Prolight +Sound in Frankfurt featuring both their SL Series - GSL and KSL Systems - and the d&b Soundscape. d&b is also bringing with them “new products and enabling technologies, proving it’s not just the big things that matter”.
PL+S is a first for the small B8-SUB/ Bi8-SUB. At a mere 170mm tall the subwoofer’s low profile belies a high performance to size ratio. It’s designed for tight spaces, be they fixed installation or mobile production environments, reproducing frequencies from 43 Hz to 170 Hz. It’s a little wonder.
Supporting system designers in mobile and fixed applications the d&b ArrayCalc Exchange SketchUp plugin enables users to generate an ArrayCalc compatible venue file (*.dbacv) and load it into ArrayCalc. Prolight + Sound also provides a chance to learn more about the Milan protocol and DS20 audio network bridge, the first d&b Milan enabled product.
The d&b Soundscape demonstrations will occur daily in the Panorama hall at Messe Forum. Visitors are invited to sessions covering an all-encompassing presentation touching on the concept, system design, the creative experience and application examples. There will also be some distinguished names from the world of creative audio in special presentations and Q+A sessions.
Dedicated workstations at the d&b booth will offer practical insight and guided discussion on d&b’s ever-expanding offering of system integration solutions, the d&b Workflow, and DS family of signal drive

hy-b-eye-k15Claypaky introduces HY B-EYE
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Europe - Claypaky has introduced the HY B-EYE, the latest development in the B-EYE range, with the same successful features, which have been enhanced and further enriched: the HY B-EYE is more powerful, more efficient, more interactive with the media server (Kling-Net protocol included), more versatile and ‘quieter than ever’, says the company.
The HY B-EYE has 40watt Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs. They are twice as powerful as the LEDs found in the original B-EYE. The HY B-EYE is extremely bright thanks to the combined effect of its light source and its special optical unit, which was designed by Claypaky and optimised to make the most of the power of the LEDs.
This is the first Claypaky light to be developed with Kling-Net protocol built-in. Kling-Net is an advanced plug-and-play control protocol developed by the digital media specialists ArKaos. The benefits of using Kling-Net are all aimed at enhancing the lighting designer's creativity, while making the management and synchronization of LED light parameters and functions more simple.
The HY B-EYE K25 has the same dimensions as its predecessor, and weighs only 27.5 kg (60.63 lb). The K15 version, more suitable for small stages, is only 49 cm high (19.29 inches) and weighs only 21 kg (46.3 lb).
(Jim Evans)

dpa-dvotePL+S: DPA Microphones in miniature mode
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Germany - DPA Microphones will use the Prolight + Sound 2019 platform to show artists and performers its new and unobtrusive d:fine CORE 6066 Subminiature Headset Microphone.
Forming part of its recently introduced 6000 Series of tiny, high-end pro audio microphone capsules, the d:fine CORE 6066 is an attractive headset that is comfortable to wear and so easy to fit that even the most inexperienced artist or performer can mount it themselves.
Measuring just three millimetres (0.12 inches) in diameter, 6000 series capsules are 60% smaller than the company’s existing 4000 series, but equally as powerful because they all incorporate CORE by DPA microphone amplification technology that reduces distortion and increases dynamic range. The 6000 Series also includes the d:screet CORE 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Microphones that can be fitted to clothes in the form of a virtually invisible lavalier.
DPA will also be showing other microphones that incorporate its ‘CORE by DPA’ amplifier technology. These include its 4000 Series of d:screet miniature lavalier, d:fine headset and now d:vote 4099 Instrument Microphones.
The award winning d:vote 4099 is known for its discreet size, its versatile mounting/clip options and its usefulness in a wide range of applications, from studio and theatre to live performance and broadcast. The new version also has a more streamlined design that features a foam cover to help decrease vulnerability to wind or movement during a performance.
DPA will complete is Prolight + Sound line up with its d:facto Vocal Mi

lawoPL+S: Lawo presents IP portfolio for live
Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Germany - Lawo’s exhibition setup at this year’s Prolight + Sound booth will focus on IP-based products and solutions for theatre and live applications. In a hands-on environment, visitors can experience Lawo mc²audio consoles and Lawo IP routing systems as well as Lawo’s video processing units and audio-over-IP interfaces, including A - stage, the new members of the A-line family of WAN-capable stageboxes.
On show in Frankfurt will be an IP-based, 48-fader mc²56 audio production console of the third generation. This mixing system is optimized for today’s IP-video production environment, designed from the ground up for networking in complex production infrastructures, with full native support for SMPTE 2110, AES67 / RAVENNA, Dante and MADI audio streams.
Also on display in Frankfurt will be Lawo’s mc²36 all-in-one live mixing desk in a 24-fader frame, with a comprehensive feature set covering broadcast, theatre, houses of worship, live and installed-sound applications. A powerful DSP micro-core with an internal 512x512 port audio matrix and integrated I/O make it suited for permanent installations where space is at a premium. The mc²36 integrates seamlessly into IP infrastructures, thanks to native AES67 / RAVENNA networking technology.
Another highlight in Frankfurt will be Lawo’s VSM Control and Monitoring system, which is in operation in many broadcast, live and install environments, from cruise ships (Quantum class of shipping company Royal Caribbean) to auditoriums and lecture halls. VSM is a brand-agnostic control system that b

arc-ledPL+S: PR Lighting schedules launches
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Germany - PR Lighting will present four new products at Prolight+Sound in a dedicated open demo theatre adjacent to their German distributors, Focon Showtechnic.
Pride of place will go to their most powerful framing module, the XR 1700 Framing. Based around the Osram Lok-it! 1700/PS highly efficient short-arc metal halide lamp, the XR 1700 Framing (PR-2887) represents PR Lighting’s most powerful framing fixture yet, and the flagship in its range, producing unprecedented light output.
Featuring four framing blades, it delivers a range of graphics in different sizes and shapes and a further four framing blades to give a full curtain effect. The whole module offers endless rotation to provide unlimited versatility — a major breakthrough.
PR Lighting will also present the new IP-65 rated TANGO Spot - a powerful outdoor spot, equipped with the Atria 620W bright white LED source. Offering precise 8°-56° wide zoom control and multi dynamic effects, it is ideal for lighting urban building façades, landscapes and other multi-scale locations.
Alongside, will be the new LS PAR 354 fixture, an IP67-rated par light for external use. Equipped with 54 x 3W LEDs, it provides RGBW (with amber and lime options) as well as single colour output to deliver countless mixing effects and combinations.
Finally, the ARC LED 1572 is a new exterior, IP67-rated exterior architectural luminaire, with two independent heads. It features 72 Philips 15W (RGBW 4-in-1) LEDs, linearly adjustable colour temperature, combined with four individual areas of control.

vista-3Latest Vista 3 software goes live
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Europe - Following its successful launch last September, Vista by Chroma-Q has announced ‘Release 2’ (R2) of their Vista 3 lighting and media control software.
Since its launch last year, Vista 3’s approach to lighting and media control has been embraced by major rental companies, production houses and international lighting designers. It has also been used on a number of international tours - notably, for Cliff Richard and Don Broco.
As part of Chroma-Q's ongoing commitment to increased functionality and enhanced capability, Vista 3 R2 highlights include: expanded fixed installation and external trigger capabilities, including an Astronomical clock and new auto show load options. Other additions include a further improved FX engine, expanded Command Line functionality and an updated factory library.
R2 has been designed to provide new and existing users with an even more intuitive user experience for creating and delivering fantastic looking shows.
(Jim Evans)

adamson-sseriesPL+S: Adamson to expand S-Series
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Germany - Adamson Systems Engineering is set to expand its S-Series, a line of sub-compact, tour-proven loudspeakers, with several new solutions at this year’s edition of Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.
The latest additions include the S7 ultra-compact two-way, full-range line array enclosure and complementary S118 subwoofer, plus the S7p and S10p two-way, full-range point source cabinets. Together, they offer a substantial increase in configuration options for standalone S-Series systems in corporate, theatre, worship, and live music applications or, thanks to Adamson’s uniform voicing between product families, deployments supporting the flagship large-format E-Series.
“The S-Series family changed the face of Adamson, transforming it from a manufacturer of performance loudspeakers to a provider of complete system solutions,” shares James Oliver, director of marketing and sales. “Since its debut, we’ve seen huge corporate growth and a universal acceptance from partners and engineers around the world. Even as we expand our sub-compact offerings on either side, with the simplified IS-Series for install applications and the intelligent, Milan-ready CS-Series, the S-Series remains the anchor, and these new offerings expand the number of potential system configurations for even more specifically-tailored solutions.”
The Adamson S7 is a two-way, full-range line array cabinet containing two ND7-LM16 Kevlar Neodymium drivers (2x 16 Ω) and an NH3-8 1.4” exit compression driver (8 Ω).
The S118 is the companion subwoofer to the S7. The e

danteDante debuts at Enterprise Connect
Tuesday, 12 March 2019

USA - Dante will be demonstrating how networked audio can revolutionise conferencing and collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Orlando later this month. The inaugural Dante AV Networking Pavilion will showcase how Dante-enabled products from Bose, Sennheiser and SoundTube can transform enterprise conferencing and collaboration.
In addition, Zoom Video Conferencing will be demonstrating how Dante networking can bring unprecedented flexibility and audio quality to conference spaces with a Dante-enable Zoom Room demonstration in their booth.
In the Dante AV Networking Pavilion, Bose will be showing the new Dante-integrated PowerShare amps and expanded ControlSpace EX line of DSPs. Sennheiser will demonstrate the new Dante-enabled TeamConnect 2 beam forming ceiling microphone, and SoundTube will display their revised lineup of Dante-enabled PoE powered loudspeaker systems.
Audinate will be highlighting Dante Domain Manager and the popular Dante AVIO series of adapters. Visitors may also attend education sessions about Dante AV-over-IP, while experts from Audinate will be on hand to answer questions.
In addition, the sponsors will be holding daily drawings in the booth for a variety of free products, including Sennheiser Momentum Free Headphones, Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, MSE Audio Phase Tech Outdoor Speakers, and Dante AVIO USB adapters.
“This is a great opportunity for people to learn about the benefits of AV-over-IP,” says Joshua Rush, SVP of marketing at Audinate, “Unified communications and conferencing are rapidly bec

ovation-parsChauvet introduces Ovation PAR fixtures
Monday, 11 March 2019

USA - Chauvet Professional has added a collection of PAR fixtures to its Ovation line, which already features LED ellipsoidal, Fresnel and batten fixtures.
Available in RGBA-Lime, warm white, variable white and UV models, the new PAR fixtures have 16-bit dimming, a single-source homogenous light, RDM and Variable Pulse Width Modulation. All of the new PARs come with interchangeable lens plates for medium and wide beam angles, and they accept standard 7.5” beam shaping accessories.
The three non-UV PAR fixtures also feature a high CRI, which results in more realistic lighting for stage and broadcast applications. Virtually silent in their operation, the new PARs have the bright output that designers have come to expect from the Ovation series.
“We’re very excited to be able to offer designers Ovation level performance in LED PAR fixtures,” says Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The introduction of the Ovation PARs rounds out the series and allows us to offer a complete lighting solution.
“Our goal is to broaden the designer’s creative options. This is what our design philosophy is based on, and our PAR fixtures reflect this commitment.”
(Jim Evans)

l-acousticsPL+S: L-Acoustics to unveil touring product
Monday, 11 March 2019

Germany - L-Acoustics is returning to Prolight+Sound with an exhibition space in a new area and a host of product-related announcements, demonstrations, and contributions to events throughout the show.
Following the introduction of the small and highly weatherized X4i enclosure for installation markets at ISE 2019, the manufacturer has announced plans to unveil a new range of scalable solutions for the rental market at the Frankfurt-based trade show.
Jochen Frohn, director of business development, L-Acoustics, comments: “We always look forward to welcoming visitors, customers, and partners to this important annual gathering in Frankfurt. This year, we are especially looking forward to revealing new enclosures for our touring range that offer accessible, scalable solutions to any application.”
L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound demonstrations, which filled to standing-room-only capacity at last year’s show and earlier this year at NAMM and ISE, will be offered several times daily on a first come, first seated basis. The demos feature refreshed content in a presentation specially updated for PL+S.
Additionally, the Milan member companies will share their latest news. L-Acoustics will host a Thursday evening Milan event explaining the new network initiative and its technical features.
(Jim Evans)

eostimacro4ETC returns to CABSAT
Wednesday, 6 March 2019

UAE - ETC and its regional partner Oasis Enterprises are heading to CABSAT, held on 12-14 March at Dubai World Trade Centre.
Visitors to the trade show will have the opportunity to see ETC’s latest lighting and broadcast-friendly product range as well as demonstrations in a studio-style set up in room Hatta-G. This will include ETC’s flagship lighting control desk, Eos Ti, Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr array and ColorSource Pearl lighting fixtures.
The Eos Ti’s operating system hosts powerful magic sheets, easy-to-navigate software and the large-format multi-touch displays with a substantial programming surface. Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight HD and Tungsten HD luminaires will also be on display at the event.
In Hall 2 (C2-10) alongside Oasis Enterprises, ETC will showcase further products including an EchoTouch controller, Gio @5 console and Irideon FPZ and ColorSource CYC lighting fixtures.
High End Systems’ Road Hog 4 and the SolaFrame 750 will also be on display at CABSAT this year.
(Jim Evans)

das-audioDAS Audio to launch Action 500 series
Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Europe - DAS Audio will present the Action 500 series at Afial Ibérico 2019 in March and at the Prolight+Sound in April.
The new Action 500 series consists of eight active and seven passive loudspeaker models, including a 12" monitor, full-range systems of 8", 12", 15" and 2x 15", and three subwoofers in different configurations.
This family revamps the design and components of one of the most recognized series of the brand, offering greater performance, more homogeneous frequency response, exceptional coverage and clarity, as well as multiple configuration options for the user, says the company.
Also on display will be the Quantum systems, which were presented at ISE and attracted the visitors’ attention for their “high intelligibility and quality of sound, as well as for their attractive design in a variety of models and colours”.
Afial Ibérico is held on 6-7 March at the Altice Arena in Lisbon, while Prolight+Sound is returning to Messe Frankfurt from 2-5 April.
(Jim Evans)

nugen-audiohalo-downmix-guiNugen Audio shows Halo Downmix at BVE
Wednesday, 27 February 2019

UK - Nugen Audio showcased its new update to Halo Downmix at BVE 2019. The updated version of Halo Downmix (available now) features new ranges for downmix coefficients and a Netflix preset.
The new version of Halo Downmix also adds a new LFE enable control and LFE filter cutoff control. Halo Downmix is a highly creative solution for precise downmixing of feature film and 5.1 mixes to stereo, delivering accurate downmixes that are no longer limited to typical in-the-box processes.
Nugen Audio is also highlighting its new audio management batch processor extension (AMB) and Loudness Toolkit 2.8 throughout the show. The AMB Enterprise extension expands the features required for larger businesses with automated networked systems, and helps customers integrate the solution more deeply into automated production workflows.
(Jim Evans)

doughtypole-op-1Doughty unveils new kit at BVE
Tuesday, 26 February 2019

UK - Doughty Engineering is bringing its new Fifty Clamp to BVE in London. The clamp will make its show debut on stand E30.
Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty, comments: "We hope our customers in the broadcast industry will see the Fifty Clamp as a welcome addition to our existing range. Our Twenty Clamp is one of our best sellers and we realised that a clamp that could take an additional 30kg would be a bit of a game changer.”
The Fifty Clamp which is available to order has TUV approval, a SWL of 50kg and has been designed to fit tube diameter 38mm - 51mm. It is made from pressure die cast aluminium which prevents damage to thin wall truss. It is captive with M10 or M12 bolts and comes supplied with an M10 fixing kit.
Doughty will also bring its Lightweight Lighting stand to the show. This piece of kit which made its debut at BVE 2018 takes all the principles of a Tank Trap but packages them into a neater, more aesthetically pleasing model. It comprises a flat, round plate and slim tube, slotted at each end to allow cables to run unseen inside it.
Also making a return appearance is Doughty's popular Pole Operated Yoke. "When we launched the Pole Operated Yoke at BVE two years ago, little did we know that it would go on to become such a sought-after piece of kit,", says Julian Chiverton, sales director at Doughty.
(Jim Evans)

arkaos-mediamaster-54-releaseArKaos releases MediaMaster 5 upgrade
Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Europe - ArKaos has released a performance boost to its flagship MediaMaster 5 realtime video control software platform.
The new software version (v5.4) will boost rendering and performance of this powerful and flexible control system by 33% utilising the same hardware. This had been extensively tested on ArKaos’ current media server range.
Part of this boost will be delivered by the utilisation of a GPU accelerated codec, HAP, which dramatically speeds up the decoding elements of the process.
This technology is in line with the latest existing 4K media servers, including those coming to the market.
The new MediaMaster 5 with optimised decoding also offers enhanced surface control and superior rendering, which was recently demonstrated working in conjunction with nine ArKaos 4K media servers on the latest series of Dancing on Ice in Germany.
ArKaos CEO Marco Hinic states: “At ArKaos, we are focused on further blurring the boundaries between lighting and video control and giving live visual designers more opportunities to be creative and imaginative using one control platform, allowing them to program any number of diverse lightsources that they might have in a show.”
This opens up the use of the lighting console’s effects engine to drive video sources. Whatever the size and scale of the show – from the smallest and most intricate to the largest and most complex – the principle is the same. The person operating the lighting console can have the capacity to run all visual elements together.
The MediaMaster


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