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amx-jetpackAMX by Harman introduces Jetpack
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced AMX Jetpack, a 3x1 switching, transport, and control solution that’s ‘highly affordable for K12 classrooms and meeting spaces’. The kit features simple to operate room controls, multiple 4K60 video inputs, and enables voice lift for clear communication with everyone in the space.
Jetpack combines 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI and USB-C video switching and distance transport, room control, wallplate accessibility, and audio amplification in a kit that requires zero programming and provides security and reliability. The kit is fully loaded to support a wide range of classroom and meeting space applications and can be controlled through panel buttons, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, a REST API, a Web GUI, and the Jetpack Management PC tool.
“We are really excited to finally be able to bring Jetpack to the market,” said Jeff Burch, Harman Professional Solutions, director of video and control. “There has been an incredible need in K12 and small meeting spaces for a kit that is both truly cost effective and that bundles all the features that these spaces can typically benefit from and will actually use. We designed Jetpack to present all kinds of possibilities for spaces and users and we built it to be really versatile to serve a wide range of needs.”

tna-2120sa--tna-2051HH Electronics launches TNA line array system
Tuesday, 8 November 2022

UK - HH Electronics has announced the launch of its TNA active line array system, designed for small to medium sized applications, including live sound reinforcement, bars, clubs, houses of worship, education settings, conferencing, and corporate events.
At the heart of the system are the TNA-2120SA, a multi-channel active subwoofer with integrated Class D amplifier which features two high power 12” low frequency woofers with high output, and the TNA-1800SA, a powerful single 18” active low frequency subwoofer.
As well as three channels of amplification, the TNA-2120SA unit houses six built-in DSP pre-sets and as part of a modular system, is capable of powering up to six satellite TNA-2051 passive two-way compact line array loudspeakers, offering an installation solution without the extra expense of rack amplifiers and processors.
The TNA-2051 features dual HH-designed 5” LF drivers and 1.33” Celestion HF compression driver. Its outer enclosure features integrated rigging hardware, enabling the unit to be easily installed by a single engineer. Flexible, the TNA-2051 can be used in traditional line array systems for long throw applications, or as a standalone full range point source system.
The optimally voiced DSP pre-sets within the TNA-2120SA allow a complete system to be used in flown or ground-stacked configurations, whilst its integrated rigging hardware and optional suspension bracket and dolly board allow for straightforward installation.

clp2dCameo debuts P-Series LED profile spotlights
Friday, 4 November 2022

Germany - Cameo has introduced the P-Series. These LED profile spotlights are aimed at professional users from the theatre, TV and event sectors and are available in Tungsten, Daylight and Full-Colour versions. In addition to its light output and flexible handling, the P-series also features high CRI and TLCI values as well as a lifelike white light and colour rendering.
The P series includes the P2 T (Tungsten, 3,200 K), P2 D (Daylight, 5,900 K) and P2 FC (Full-Colour, RGBAL) models. With a light output of up to 17,000 lm (P2 FC), the P2 profilers are the perfect replacement for conventional 1kW profiled spotlights. The units can be flexibly adapted to different stage requirements via a variety of optional interchangeable lenses. There is a choice of interchangeable lenses with fixed beam angles (19°, 26°, 36° and 50°) as well as zoom lenses for the ranges 15°-30° and 25°-50°.
They can be used in combination with the optionally available Cameo iDMX Stick to control the LED profile spotlights not only via DMX and RDM, but also wirelessly via W-DMX.

pliant-ccu-08-frontPliant debuts Crew-Com control unit at LDI
Thursday, 3 November 2022

USA - Pliant Technologies will showcase its CCU-08 CrewCom Control Unit at LDI 2022 (Booth 406). The CCU-08 is the latest addition to the CrewCom system and gives users the ability to use up to eight 4-Wire ports while retaining all the same features of the current companion CCU-22 and CCU-44 products.
Like the current Control Units, the CCU-08 Control Unit contains no radio and is frequency agnostic and can therefore control and monitor any device across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilised. With the combination of CrewCom Radio Transceivers, the new CCU-08 supports up to 82 Radio Packs, 18 in Normal mode and 64 in the recently released High Density mode, across all RF bands. Up to four CCU Control Units can be used in one system for larger user counts.
“The new CCU-08 is designed for applications that need additional I/O but do not require 2-wire connectivity,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “LDI is the perfect avenue to showcase our newest hardware and put a spotlight on our new high-density mode feature. As holiday productions are ramping up, there is a need to communicate with additional personnel. With our new high-density mode, which is a selectable mode of operation that greatly increases user densities, productions can easily add additional wireless personnel as needed.”
The CCU-08 is designed for larger production/events, rental houses, large theatre productions, and house of worship applications. The latest CrewCom firmware update includes the recently released High D

orbit-front-lightUnion Audio launches Orbit.6 rotary mixer
Monday, 31 October 2022

UK - Four years in development, Orbit.6 has been unveiled by mixer designer, Andy Rigby-Jones, and his new venture, Union Audio. The six-channel rack-mounted analogue rotary mixer has been engineered “to meet the aspirations of audiophile DJ and vinyl lovers.”
Since forming in 2014, Union Audio has been collaborating with leading names in the DJ and sound reproduction field, including Ritchie Hawtin’s Play differently, MasterSounds Audio and TPI, so the release of the first own brand product is a major milestone in the company’s journey from garden shed to manufacturing stronghold.
“It has long been my dream to launch Union Audio’s own product line, and we’ve been working on orbit.6 for the last four years, so it’s incredibly exciting to see all this effort finally come to fruition,” said Rigby-Jones. “What better way to start a new product range than with a flagship mixer. I am very proud of my team, who have worked so hard to make this happen.”
Orbit.6 features a per-channel valve stage, and a fully discrete internal signal path from channel input to mix-out. Equipped with four RIAA and eight Line inputs, each channel also incorporates an aux send, high-pass filter and a heavily damped rotary fader, using Union Audio’s bespoke ‘dampR’ system. The master section features an EQ/isolator and custom VU meters.

steve-n-steveMetaFests and Vatom release Digital Lanyard
Monday, 31 October 2022

UK/USA - MetaFests, the UK-based Web3 specialist for festivals, has partnered with US-based Web3 technology platform Vatom, to launch Digital Lanyard. The collaboration gives organisers “instant, year-long fan engagement and enhanced monetisation powers.”
Digital Lanyard is a blockchain-powered toolkit, fast-tracking festivals’ access to the multiple benefits of Web3, via Vatom’s powerful digital platform. The web3 technology has been proven at scale for global events, such as elrow events across Europe, including their summer season in Ibiza, Monegros Desert Festival in Spain, and iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. The first UK festival confirmed to be using Digital Lanyard is Lakefest, previously announced to be the UK’s first music festival to position NFT technology at the heart of the experience for all 20,000 visitors in 2023.
Based on the Vatom Universal Wallet technology, Digital Lanyard offers a familiar app-style experience that makes it simple for fans to receive essential event information and pre-event branded activities, earn on-site rewards, and post event communications
Steve Machin, Vatom’s global director of entertainment comments: “The power of Web3 applied to live events means that the types of authentic audience connections we have been wanting to deliver are possible in a fun and fan-friendly way. We are thrilled to be working with MetaFests, who are bringing all their festival expertise to this ground-breaking product. We’re already excited to see the reaction to the Digital Lanyard on the event side, a

leyardLeyard Europe debuts Luminate Ultra Series
Monday, 31 October 2022

Slovakia - Leyard has announced a new addition to the company’s portfolio of outdoor fine pitch LED display solutions with the release of a fine pitch, high bright outdoor LED video wall designed for up close viewing. The Leyard Luminate Ultra Series LED video wall display features coated LEDs to deliver ruggedness and exceptional image detail for high-ambient light environments.
Designed to enhance viewing angles, the Leyard Luminate Ultra Series provides nearly 140-degree visibility with limited interference, even in direct sunlight. Featuring models in 1.5 and 1.9mm pixel pitches and up to 3,500-nits of brightness, the Leyard Luminate Ultra Series supports comfortable viewing from as close as 1.8m for applications spanning transportation signage, retail exteriors, poolside cinema, entertainment, hospitality, and other large venue facilities.
“We are increasingly receiving requests for high-resolution outdoor LED displays that are also bright enough to be installed in direct sunlight,” says Cris Tanghe, vice president of product marketing at Leyard Europe. “The Leyard Luminate Ultra Series brings together fine pitch, high brightness and a coating technology that protects, while delivering beautiful outdoor viewing. It’s a unique combination we are excited to bring to our customers.”
In addition to supporting wall-mounted, corner, convex and concave installations, the solution offers customers the flexibility to create a video wall of nearly any size. With full front and rear installation and service, Leyard Luminate Ultra Series custom

proteus-excaliburElation’s Sky Motion lights up the skies
Friday, 28 October 2022

USA/Europe - Elation’s Proteus Excalibur includes the innovative Sky Motion system that enables operation of the fixture as an impactful searchlight effect without the need for a dedicated lighting controller.
“During development of the Proteus Excalibur, we made comparisons with legacy Xenon fixtures in order to get a sense of how the aerial beams compare to each other,” explains Elation product manager Matthias Hinrichs. “We quickly realised that in many respects, the Excalibur outperforms these fixtures. It became clear that there was a unique opportunity for the fixture to replaces expensive and power-hungry Xenon searchlights for special events, theme parks and other applications.”
Built into the latest firmware of the Proteus Excalibur and accessible via a simple menu display, Sky Motion searchlight mode allows an Excalibur unit or group of Excaliburs to create the famous sky tracker effect. The Sky Motion system operates autonomously and is quick and easy to set up directly from the fixture display.
With the simple assignment of IDs, a variety of searchlight patterns can easily be adjusted for size, speed, and color. Choose from a variety of attractive movement designs like Hollywood, Sky Tracer, Searchlight, Diagonal, Sweep and more, and even customise the look live right from the fixture.
With 7500 lux at a distance of 100m, the Proteus Excalibur houses an ultra-efficient 550W Flex discharge lamp and projects an ultra-narrow 0.8-degree beam that cuts effortlessly through the sky and is visible at great distances. The inte

funktion-oneFunktion-One launches wide dispersion loudspeaker Evo X
Thursday, 27 October 2022

UK - Funktion-One has introduced what many will view as its most versatile loudspeaker to date. Evo X is a significant development of the full range, completely horn-loaded loudspeaker. Utilising the latest Funktion-One waveguide technology, it provides 90° horizontal dispersion and high SPL.
Evo X's advanced driver technology delivers outstanding clarity, resolution and detail across 90° horizontal dispersion, making it an excellent choice for live venues, small clubs and theatres. It is capable of high SPL from a relatively compact speaker and can be deployed as a one per side or four-point system. While Evo X’s horizontal dispersion delivers even coverage across a wide area, its focused 15° vertical dispersion ensures the sound is concentrated on the audience, minimising reflections and room excitement. The result is clear and involving sound.
Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews comments: “We’ve had a 90° full range loudspeaker on our radar for a while now, but it was the development of Vero VX that paved the way for Evo X. It’s an impressive piece of loudspeaker technology, which can be deployed in all kinds of environments. As part of its field testing, we’ve had a pair in Esher Theatre. I’ve heard a 16-piece big band through that system; the level of detail, separation and the stereo image were remarkable considering the complexity of the signal.”
Esher Theatre's Charlie Swift adds: “For us, the key point is the live experience you can’t get anywhere else. The Funktion-One sound leaves a lasting impression with the

core151-top-left-angle-crop-loresStudiomaster’s Core offers portable versatility
Thursday, 27 October 2022

UK -The new Studiomaster Core is offered as ‘a highly versatile, self-powered hi-mid top and sub stack, suitable for high efficiency portable sound reinforcement applications, including in larger ‘medium size’ size venues where wider constant frequency coverage is required’. To achieve this wider coverage Core employs a constant curve array hi-mid cabinet, together with a powerful self-powered, active sub.
Core is especially purposed for full-scale musical performance, with two variants – Core 121 and Core 151 – respectively having 5” and 8” MF drivers, rather than the 2” or smaller drivers more usually deployed in this product class. In the Core 121 these are matched with 9x 1” dome HF drivers, and 12x 1” dome tweeters in the CORE 151. This gives the two Core curvature arrays a highly accurate response across the full mid and high frequency spectrum (from 200 to 18000 Hz + 5dB), and throughout the 100° (H) x 70° (V) coverage.
All this high resolution, high transparency MF / HF requires substantial low-end support. This is delivered at output levels of up to 128 dB by a lightweight and compact reflex sub; featuring a 12 LF driver on the Core 121 and 15” LF driver on the Core 151.
Studiomaster general manager Patrick Almond says, “Core exploits unique hybrid performance characteristics of a curvature array cabinet in providing extraordinary horizontal coverage, within a design with the necessary signal power and throw for a wide range of performance, playback and presentation applications.”

nm-pm-20222-loadwatch-foto-1N&M launches web-based measuring system
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Europe - Neumann&Müller has developed an IoT-based system for checking and monitoring safety-related suspension points used to bear loads in the event sector.
Loadwatch has been designed to monitor many such suspension points in parallel. This new product underwent its first major acid test at Fira de Barcelona. It provides trade fair companies and venue operators with greater safety in load distribution to load-bearing structures.
Loadwatch can be seamlessly integrated into trade fair and event processes, says N&M. The information needed for assigning parameters to the individual load cells is transmitted digitally and wirelessly. Feedback on the approved load case is given visually by LEDs on the device itself – whereby a traffic light system signals the degree of utilisation. Further information is transferred via an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) interface to a centralised web server, where the acquired data is analysed and visualised in a transparent manner.
This information is available any time, any place via various communication interfaces, for example via a cloud-based web application. The loads can be monitored by N&M in its role of technical services provider for trade fairs and venues as well as by booth builders and exhibitors to check whether the load distribution agreed in the planning phase has indeed been complied with.
“It adds a substantial extra layer of safety,” explains Matthias Rupieper, the head of N&M’s trade fair division. “Planning can be validated with actual measured values, especially

jblprx-familyJBL Professional debuts portable PRX900 Series
Wednesday, 26 October 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL PRX900 Series of loudspeakers and subwoofers, which feature advanced acoustics, comprehensive DSP, power performance and complete BLE control via the JBL Pro Connect app.
The line, which includes three powered two-way loudspeakers and two powered subwoofers, is built from the ground up to leverage JBL’s most advanced acoustic innovations. All-new proprietary driver systems - powered by Class D amplifiers -deliver clarity and definition even at maximum volume, with improved dispersion and beam width and smooth low-frequency extension.
The PRX900 Series’ DSP package, accessible via onboard LCDs and the JBL Pro Connect app, includes 12-band parametric EQ for system tuning and nuanced tonal control, and integrated dbx Drive Rack technology, featuring live and fixed Automatic Feedback Suppression, soft system limiter with Soundcraft Overeasy option and speaker delay settings and presets.
The PRX900 Series is designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Rigid composite loudspeaker cabinets feature computer-modelled ribbing for optimal acoustic performance and durability, while subwoofers are housed in 18 mm birch cabinets with optimized bracing for smooth, accurate low-frequency response. Like with every JBL product, everything is reinforced by test and validation protocols and the series is backed by a seven-year warranty.
“For years, our PRX800 Series loudspeakers have been first-call systems for bands, DJs, installers and houses of worship in large part thanks to their acoustic p

moverohPowersoft aims Mover at attractions sector
Tuesday, 25 October 2022

USA - Powersoft has confirmed its first-time attendance at IAAPA Expo, the largest trade show for the attractions industry, which will be held in Orlando, Florida, from 14-18 November 2022.
At booth #465, the Powersoft team will be showcasing Mover, the company’s low-frequency direct-drive/tactile transducer, which is designed to reproduce sound through haptic perception, or the body’s capability to feel low-end frequencies through bone conduction. More accurate, powerful and efficient than other existing products, Mover can be used in moving floors, seats and rides to transfer both audible and inaudible frequencies to the human body – its earth-shaking vibrations adding another dimension to theme and amusement park rides, museum exhibitions, science centres, clubs, and other attractions where an immersive user experience is desired.
Powersoft Mover enables AV professionals who provide solutions for immersive experiences to add ultra-low frequency haptic feedback to their final products.
Its compact nature and power-to-size prowess allow it to be integrated into small spaces, without orientation limits, and to provide a very high ratio between moving mass and total mass, which increases the overall final product efficiency.
Marc Kocks, key account and business development consultant for Powersoft, comments, “Mover allows for an unprecedented and immersive user experience. It can give the audience the sensation of falling, elevation, or being shaken as part of an attraction.”
This technology is already being used to maximum eff

danteDante Brooklyn 3 AV module now shipping  
Tuesday, 25 October 2022

USA - Audinate Group Limited reports that Dante Brooklyn 3 audio networking module is now shipping to customers. Announced in June at InfoComm 22, the new module is a pin-compatible replacement for one of Audinate’s most popular products, Dante Brooklyn 2, which has been redesigned to ensure continuous availability while delivering support for current and future Dante features. 
The Dante Brooklyn module family is the most widely deployed implementation of Dante and is used in hundreds of products including mixing consoles, DSPs, and amplifiers. The new Dante Brooklyn 3 audio module is available in 8x8 to 64x64 channel SKUs, delivering ultra-low latency networked audio in a complete module supporting the complete suite of Dante audio features. 
“With the arrival of Brooklyn 3, we’re delivering a new design that will help original design manufacturers address supply chain constraints and maintain production while delivering a product to customers that will support future Dante features,” said Chris Ware, Audinate’s senior vice president of product development. “Because this new module is a direct replacement for earlier versions, manufacturers can begin using them in production today.”
Dante Brooklyn 3 is compatible with all other Dante devices and can be routed, managed, secured and monitored using Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager.

iclx-w-grille-500px-2Renkus-Heinz showcases sound solution at CFX
Monday, 24 October 2022

USA - Renkus-Heinz, industry-leading loudspeaker manufacturer, will showcase a range of sound solution products fit for the House of Worship market at the Church Facilities Conference & Expo (CFX) at The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre this week in Dallas, Texas.
At CFX, Renkus-Heinz will feature its latest loudspeaker technology including the ICLX of the ICLive X Series, the PCX8 of the all-new PCX Series and two S Series subwoofers. In addition to experiencing Renkus-Heinz products, attendees will have the chance to speak directly with Renkus-Heinz CTO Ralph Heinz, product manager Brandon Heinz and Western regional sales manager Garrison Parkin at Booth F.
"Houses of worship often pose unique acoustic challenges," said Parkin. "Large contemporary houses of worship might require a high-output system that doesn't compromise on sound quality while more traditional spaces may struggle with speech intelligibility.
“Our sound solutions effectively tackle these audio challenges, revamping houses of worship with clear, intelligible audio and consistent sound coverage no matter their shape or size. We look forward to connecting with new and current partners at CFX to showcase our line-up of innovative products.”
Designed to be scaled for the special needs of any space or application, the ICLive X Series brings ‘a new level of flexibility for both traditional and contemporary houses of worship’. With digital beam steering technology, the ICLive X Series keeps sound away from walls, floors and rafters to focus precisely on the congre

kv2-subKV2 enhances SL Series with subwoofer
Monday, 24 October 2022

Europe - The SL Series from KV2 was designed to respond to a specific requirement from architects for a powerful, slimline speaker that could either be integrated directly into walls or other surfaces, or simply present an extremely discreet profile when mounted directly on the wall, or even flown.
The SL412 is much beloved of clubs, theatres and live events the world over and is the loudspeaker of choice for the Ibiza club, Amnesia as well as several West End and Broadway theatre shows, along with the Vienna Volksoper opera house in Austria. KV2 has recently enhanced this range with the addition of a new SL6.10 subwoofer which replaces the SL2.15.
Measuring just 350mm (13.78”) deep and designed to integrate aesthetically with the SL412, the SL6.10 produces powerful, accurate bass from its ultra-slim cabinet design. Bass response is further enhanced by doubling, or even tripling the cabinets, particularly when the SL6.10 is used against or within a wall, providing optimum output for its compact footprint. It also combines acoustically with the ultra-low frequency VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers as part of an active five-way system if required.
The 6 x 10-inch front loaded bass drivers, with a 2-inch voice coil assembly and a ferrite magnetic motor structure, deliver very high dynamic range and a quality of articulation not normally achievable through larger mass, conventionally sized subwoofer cones, says KV2. Up to three SL6.10 subwoofers can be powered from just one channel of a VHD3200/3200D amplifier.
SL6.10 offers a range of simple wall-mou

digico-aesDiGiCo unveils theatre-specific Quantum console
Monday, 24 October 2022

USA - AES 2022 saw DiGiCo reveal the latest in its range of theatre targeted Quantum consoles, the all-new Quantum338T. With ‘in the box’ mixing reducing the need for outboard equipment and a lightweight control surface, the addition of the most recent theatre specific software features makes the Quantum338T suitable for regional and touring theatre productions.
Building on the outstanding audio performance of the Quantum338, the Quantum338T offers theatre sound designers and mixers a programming and operating workflow that enhances the cue system with DiGiCo’s renowned Auto Update and cue data management tools.
Auto Update allows designers to establish intricate inter-cue relationships, with changes made to channel settings automatically propagating to other related cues. Character variations, often a result of costume and prop changes, are handled with the Alias function, and cast changes are easily managed through the Players function.
Quantum338T’s channel processing and mixing functions are identical to its live focused Quantum338 counterpart, but the crosspoint matrix gains individual nodal delays and matrix aliases. This enhanced matrixing system plays a hugely important role within complex theatre output processing and this is all achieved without compromising any of the Quantum338T’s general processing capabilities.
Quantum338 is based on seventh generation FPGAs and includes 128 input channels with 64 busses and a 24 x 24 matrix, all with full channel processing. There is a new look and feel dark mode application and three

cls4ip3Cameo debuts S Series panels for outdoor use
Thursday, 20 October 2022

Germany - With the new S Series, Cameo is expanding its product portfolio with IP65-certified LED soft panels for outdoor use in the areas of TV/film, events, livestreams, and more. The starting point is the S4 IP model which, thanks to its colour rendering, puts people and objects in the limelight with a natural, diffuse light. In combination with the wide range of accessories available from the market launch, the Cameo S Series is aimed at lighting technicians, illuminators and content producers looking for versatile professional softlights with sophisticated handling and control options.
The compact S4 IP is based on 544 single SMD LEDs per colour (RGBWW) arranged in a cluster of four. In combination with the integrated calibration chip, the S4 IP has extremely natural colour rendering (CRI 95, TLCI 91) as well as exceptional coverage of the extended Rec. 2020 colour space of 85%. In addition, the adjustable colour temperature, with its wide range of 1,800 to 10,000 Kelvin, enables use in all environments.
When developing the new S Series, Cameo placed the highest value on the housing concept, and handling. The fixed handles on the sides ensure safe and comfortable transport and allow the panels to be quickly aligned with people and objects on set. In accordance with the IP65 certification of the S4 IP, the soft panel has waterproof and lockable powerCON TRUE1 device connectors. It can be controlled via DMX, W-DMX, ArtNet, sACN or RDM. Operation is either on the unit itself, or via EZRemote using the optional UNICON DMX/RDM controller.
As lightin

ad6003qtrleftShure launches Axient Digital Spectrum Manager
Thursday, 20 October 2022

UK - Shure has unveiled the successor to its AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager, the new AD600 Axient Digital Spectrum Manager. The AD600 Axient Digital Spectrum Manager is a powerful tool for planning and managing frequency coordination in professional audio applications, including touring, broadcast, location sound, theatre, and houses of worship.
Shure designed the AD600’s tuning range to support frequency bands from 174 MHz to 2 GHz, which includes and expands on the frequencies where AXT600 is operable.
Compared to AXT600, AD600 boasts faster scanning that finds available frequencies and analyses RF spectrum in real-time, streamlining site surveys and spectrum management.
AD600 delivers six antenna inputs to support coverage for multiple antennas and locations. AD600 also provides the ability to listen to analogue signals as well as Axient Digital standard and HD Modes, a new DC power option for remote production, USB connections for external data storage of scans, event logs and other data, as well as Dante Connectivity for advanced audio monitoring.
The AD600 is outfitted with a large, full-colour, 6.6-inch front panel screen, which makes viewing information easy, while the real-time scanning and monitoring of RF activities keeps live information available when needed most. AD600 is also compatible with Shure Wireless Workbench, extending control and monitoring options for users.
Paired with additional Axient Digital solutions, AD600 users benefit from interference avoidance features available with ShowLink, a feature unique to t

martinexteriorlinearproMartin by Harman debuts Exterior Linear series
Wednesday, 19 October 2022

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the Martin Exterior Linear Pro series. This range of permanent, compact, LED-based outdoor and indoor architectural fixtures ‘harnesses the latest linear technologies, enabling dramatically low power consumption while delivering powerfully robust lumen output’.
The new models are designed for architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals, needing striking direct and indirect illumination of walls, ceilings, textured and decorative surfaces in stadiums and arenas, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, bridges, tunnels, or similar applications.
“In developing the Martin Exterior Linear Pro Series, we have created a range that offers truly superior architectural integration capabilities, putting intense focus on energy consumption and efficacy,” said Robert Svensson, product manager architectural lighting, Harman Professional Solutions. “They’re packed with intelligent features to offer near limitless versatility, making install, management and onsite design changes really simple.”
To meet a wide range of needs and requirements, the series is available in Cove, Graze and Direct View (DV) models in QUAD colour and tuneable white (CTC) light engines and in 1ft and 4ft lengths. The slim design and low weight also make them easier to integrate into architectural elements discreetly and with less structural requirements. And with a high focus on sustainability, all models are shipped in FSC certified packaging.
Flexible change-of-beam angles are

vls2187Vari-Lite launches versatile X-Series console
Wednesday, 19 October 2022

USA - Vari-Lite has announced the Neo X15 and Neo X5, a family of high-performance lighting consoles designed for mixed-use facilities such as performing arts centres, stadiums and arenas, houses of worship, studios, schools; and more.
“Large format entertainment lighting consoles are typically either focused on theatrical lighting or live event lighting, but traditionally not both,” explains Jon Hole, global product manager, Vari-Lite Controls at Signify. “However, many facilities are multifunctional and need the capabilities of a premium console that works for all the different types of events and user experience levels in the space. X Series consoles offer a feature-rich, customisable platform that is perfect for both theatrical and live event lighting - at a price point that won’t take up the entire upgrade budget.”
The new X15 is Vari-Lite’s flagship, high-performance lighting console, offering 15 multifunctional motorised playbacks and backlit encoders, and can output over 50,000 channels out of the box. The intuitive hardware layout includes two built-in monitors, a soft touch control screen, and built-in audio I/O connectivity that makes it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects, videos, and more. A smaller five-fader X5 console is expected out early next year, with the same processor, build quality, and 100 universes of DMX as the X15.
“Designers want consoles that are made to last, with stable, mature software and a ruggedized, hardwearing build design,” adds Hole. “Even if the consoles aren’t being used on

m-750dleftHH launches M-Series amplifiers
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

UK - HH Electronics has announced the launch of its M-Series high power, 2U rack amplifiers. The series is designed to provide maximum performance for demanding applications everywhere from bars, restaurants and clubs, to houses of worship, live music and education settings.
There are three models available. The M-750D, M-1500D and M-2600D all draw on HH’s five decades of pioneering heritage in the field of amplifier design and development. Designed and engineered in the UK the series boasts high quality, heavy duty toroidal power supply, robust chassis, reliable linear power stage, and comprehensive protection system.

claypakyxtylosaquaaward01Claypaky Xtylos Aqua wins LLB Innovation Award
Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Sweden - Claypaky reports that its Xtylos Aqua fixture was honoured with the Innovation Award at LLB Expo 2022 in Stockholm. LLB Expo is the largest Nordic meeting place for professionals in audio, lighting, video and AV technology. The fair is held every other year and attracts more than 3,000 visitors; this year it took place at the Stockholm International Fairs exhibition centre.
The coveted Prize for Innovation was awarded to Xtylos Aqua, a small form factor, IP66-rated fixture powered by Claypaky’s proprietary RGB laser source. It offers the same effects and features as the popular original Xtylos while being able to withstand harsh conditions and the elements thanks to its marine-grade C5-M protection.
Since the introduction of the Xtylos fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach farther to inspire audiences. With the Xtylos Aqua this can now be done outdoors, with confidence, for television, theatre, touring, sporting events and much more.
In awarding the prize, the jury citation remarked upon Claypaky’s ability to “drive innovation to new levels in stage and event lighting”. It said, “laser technology is in its infancy, but Claypaky has shown that it is involved in pushing innovative development forward to new levels…[Xtylos Aqua] is patented and world-unique with its Additive RGB. In addition to this, Claypaky has created a product that is water- and dustproof, which means it can be used indoors and outdoors without significantly increasing the we

fiberfox-rotary-joint-loresNeutrik reveals new Fiberfox products
Monday, 17 October 2022

UK - The Neutrik Group exhibited at this year’s Engineering Design Show at the Coventry Building Society Arena, where it showed two new additions to its Fiberfox connector series.
During the two-day event – which took place on 12 and 13 October and is dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design – Neutrik unveiled the Fiberfox foxBRID and Fiberfox Rotary Joint.
The foxBRID is an expanded beam multimode hermaphroditic connector module, suited to a vast array of industrial applications, including in automation, robotics and rail transportation. The innovative design – available in two-and four-channel variants – ensures its ability for deployment in the toughest environments where constant performance and total reliability are critical. The module is designed according to the MIL-DTL-83526 standard and fits to other Fiberfox solutions.
The Rotary Joint is an expanded beam multimode solution with fits to standard optical ST connections. Offering IP56 protection, with two hermetically dust-tight chambers sealed by shaft seals, it is suitable for a wide range of engineering applications where rotation is a challenge, such as in robotics, renewable energy (e.g. wind turbines) and government (e.g. radar). The innovative design ensures maximal flexibility and high data rates in rotating systems.


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