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arkaos-vs1-media-server-launch-vs1-22PL+S 2022: ArKaos launches VS1 media server
Thursday, 21 April 2022

Germany - ArKaos will launch its new VS1 media server in Frankfurt. The VS1 is billed as ‘the first in a next gen of creative visual control products from ArKaos, and is a feature-packed, intuitive, fun to use and cost-efficient solution’.
VS1 runs 4K video sources - with 2x HDMI and USB-C outs on the back of the device - giving vibrant results in a flexible and user-friendly control package.
Its compact dimensions of 143.2mm x 195mm x 43mm and triple unit in a 1U footprint means that several VS1 devices can be rigged in the same rack housing if desired, and the light weight of just 1.2kg plus its robust, quality-engineering make it suitable for touring lighting operators, VJs and DJs.
It is a low noise product, designed for potentially acoustically sensitive environments like churches, museums and heritage sites and visitor centres and concert halls as well as for digital signage applications.
The VS1 provides a 2.5Gb/s network connection for lighting fast file transfer and updates.

ag03mk2-lspk-wh-tiltYamaha updates AG streaming series
Thursday, 21 April 2022

Europe - Yamaha has improved and expanded its AG series of live streaming mixers, not only updating the AG06 and AG03 with new features, but adding the AG01, a combined studio quality condenser microphone with a high performance mixer, the standalone YCM01 microphone and an all-in-one live streaming package.
As remote communication of all kinds continues to grow in importance, personal live streaming has become a major form of online entertainment. With platforms such as YouTube Live, Twitch and podcasting offering a diverse range of content and streaming styles - from simple, single-person productions to those which involve multiple voices - live streaming has also seen rapid growth in business and education. Here, an ever-growing number of classes, seminars, meetings and business transactions are being carried out via live streaming.
Foreseeing such demand, in 2015 Yamaha released its AG series of live streaming mixers, which became an industry standard for a wide range of online audio applications. Even users with no experience could achieve their streaming aspirations, thanks to the flexible input capability, simple intuitive interface, onboard DSP effects and Loopback function, which allowed users to integrate USB-connected audio signals into their broadcasts.
The second generation of the AG series expands on these features with the updated AG06MK2 and AG03MK2, plus the new AG01 and YCM01. All have been developed to satisfy a more diverse range of uses and are available in either black or white to easily adapt to any streaming environment.

obsidian--pls-2022PL+S 2022: Obsidian highlights portability
Thursday, 21 April 2022

Germany - Obsidian Control Systems is returning to the Prolight + Sound show and invites designers, programmers and operators to Hall 12.1, Stand C49 to sample a host of new releases that includes several new lighting control products under the Onyx lighting control platform.
Visitors will have a chance to demo the new NX1, a portable yet full-featured lighting console that offers the complete Onyx experience in an ultra-compact package. The NX1 offers a slate of professional features and is built from the latest in industrial components. A compact, motorized fader wing, the NX P, as well as a small USB-powered control surface for Onyx, the NX K will also be on display.
The latest developments in the Onyx platform will make their debut at the show, from powerful NDI video input connectivity to new fixture parameter configuration options.
New devices in Obsidian’s Netron data distribution line will also be on hand for detailed inspection.

tait-x-kinesys-prolight-2022-preview-tait-epiq-console-rendering-0002PL+S 2022: Kinesys & Tait offer hands-on
Thursday, 21 April 2022

Germany - Kinesys product engineering and Tait Navigator control technology will introduce new products at Frankfurt in Hall 12.0, stand C96.
Tait will reveal three adaptable winches: suitable for scenic movement, and with the requisite SIL3-rated safety features now mandated for performer flying. The team will also introduce new drives optimised for installation requirements and providing an impressive powerhouse for precision position control.
Visitors to the stand can enjoy a hands-on experience with Tait’s latest automation console, epiQ.
Joining the new machines on the stand will be the tour-proven Kinesys Apex hoist system, the Kinesys Vector control console, and the Kinesys Libra range of load monitoring safety tools that ensure all static and dynamic loads are continually and precisely measured in real-time.
The Kinesys DigiHoist fixed speed chain motor controller and the Kinesys Elevation drive for hoists and trollies will also be featured on the stand.

dante-studio-prAudinate debuts Dante Studio platform
Thursday, 21 April 2022

USA - Audinate has introduced Dante Studio, a platform solution for advancing AV production capabilities and streamlining workflows. Resident on this platform, apps from Audinate will provide integrators and end-users with professional-grade tools for better, specialized video networks. The first tool on Dante Studio, Dante Video RX, enables Windows PCs to receive video simply and seamlessly from any Dante AV-enabled source.
According to Joshua Rush, Audinate chief marketing officer, this introduction is a critical phase of building out the Dante AV ecosystem. “Dante Video RX completes the end-to-end video workflow - It complements the growing ecosystem of Dante AV hardware products including cameras, encoders and decoders and allows Dante AV signals to be easily ingested into PC platforms and software applications. Dante Video RX facilitates a wide variety of networked video use cases ranging from the video production and broadcast markets to corporate and higher education.”
Dante Studio comprises an array of software solutions that bring Dante video features to PCs. With Dante Video RX, computers can receive a video signal from Dante AV transmitters or Dante AV cameras on their network. Dante Video RX supports 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and system timing and synchronization along with separate routing of video and audio elements. Dante Video RX will soon support 4K video. It fits easily into Dante-based environments operating on standard 1 Gb Ethernet infrastructures.
Users simply download the Dante Studio installer, activate Dant

armoniaplus2Powersoft refreshes ArmoniaPlus
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Italy - Powersoft has announced that version 2.3 of ArmoníaPlus - a major update which enables system designers and integrators to have a more granular control of the company’s Dynamic Music Distribution solution - is now available to download from its website.
Dynamic Music Distribution offers system integrators the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its amplifier platforms. This makes it simple to dynamically route music and other signal sources along with control signals between different zones and across multiple amplifiers - all independently of source location and without the need for a centralised DSP.
The latest update to ArmoníaPlus software will provide integrators with the tools to easily select groups of loudspeakers within a zone to create sub-zones with their own audio level controls, says Powersoft. While the audio source is common for all, the audio level of each sub-zone can be individually adjusted by the user via any of the Powersoft control interfaces, such as the WM Touch and Sys Control App.
“We are really excited to announce a complete revamp of the Sys Control App. It packs powerful new features to fine tune a running system and an improved interface for a better overall experience,” says Luigi Chelli, Powersoft’s UX design specialist. “Instead of simply adding more buttons, we fulfilled the requests of our users by creating something more enjoyable, with a slick touch-friendly approach.”

astera-prolight-2022-pixelbrick-circlePL+S 2022: Astera highlights latest innovations
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - Wireless LED lighting specialist Astera’s product focus will be on the new Astera technology launched last year - the award-winning PixelBrick, the AX9 PowerPAR and AX2 PixelBar - plus the NYX Bulb which is suitable for shows, sets and installations. The massively popular and omnipresent flagship Titan Tube family of products will also be on the stand.
Additionally, the new Astera HydraPanel will be previewed. Under wraps until the show, this ‘pixel panel’ product offers an extensive range of features not found elsewhere in its small, powerful package, complete with wireless and wired DMX options, plus many beam-shaping modifiers.
PixelBrick offers flexibility and multi-functional light source with the power of Astera’s Titan LED engine coupled with the practicality of its popular AX3 LightDrop product, all in a completely new and fully adaptable housing.
Suitable for concerts, events, filming, or broadcast scenarios, PixelBrick is compact, light (1.1kg) and handy as an uplighter - like an AX3 - or it can be hung anywhere and become a universal light for accenting and texturing buildings or facades. For exterior use, it is IP65 rated and therefore resistant to rain and other elements.
The AX9 PowerPAR is the ‘big brother’ of Astera’s AX5 TriplePAR which became an industry-standard LED PAR. AX9 is bigger, brighter and benefits from all Astera’s latest innovations, including the Titan LED engine and direct control via the versatile AsteraApp.
The AX2 PixelBar is a linear wash fixture with wireless control, onb

verticalflightcaseatmeaPL+S 2022: MDG in Vertical Flight mode
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - MDG looks forward to welcoming its friends and customers at Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt in Hall 12.0, Stand D81 after a break of two years.
MDG will be bringing its most popular fog, haze and low-fog products including its ATMe and ATMe WPE haze generators, members of its Me Series fog generators, its ICE FOG Q HP low fog generator and theONE dual-mode haze and fog generator in its touring cradle.
Appearing for the first time at Prolight+Sound will be MDG’s bespoke Vertical Flight Case. Designed to carry MDG’s ATMe haze generator, or either of its Me1 or Me2 fog generators, plus everything needed to operate under production conditions, this flight case not only provides rugged, safe transport for the generators, but allows the entire unit to be rolled onto stage and simply plugged in for instant use.
Each Vertical Flight Case is fully equipped with direct plug-in connections for power and DMX In/Out. Included inside are snug compartment spaces for MDG’s theFAN, two 9kg (20lb) CO2 bottles, a 4l bottle of MDG fluid, and space for a small DMX console. MDG’s new Vertical Flight Cases are the ideal solution for festivals and touring, ensuring your complete touring package can travel and operate from a single, easily transportable unit.
MDG’s ATMe and ATMe WPE haze generators are industry-benchmark generators. The ATMe WPE is a weather-proof and dust-resistant version of the ATMe which has been designed specifically for outdoor use.
MDG’s Me Series of fog generators, will be represented by the units at two opposite ends o

ayrton-cobraPL+S 2022: Ayrton celebrates 20 years
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - Ayrton will celebrate its 20th anniversary at this year’s Prolight+Sound exhibition. Founded in 2001 by Yvan Péard, Ayrton has established itself as one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in the industry.
The company will launch several new products in Frankfurt, including the first long throw IP65-rated fixture in its 9 Series, Domino LT. Domino LT is the first all-terrain LED luminaire in Ayrton’s long-throw range, and is designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications that require high precision. It combines the minimalist design of Domino Profile with the colour mixing capabilities of Huracán Profile and the IP65 weather-proofing of Perseo.
Domino LT’s 225mm diameter frontal lens produces an ultra-intensive beam with a 15:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 3.5° to 53°.
Equipped with an all-new high-efficiency 1,000-watt LED module, Domino LT delivers a record luminous flux of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6700K. Domino LT’s complex colour mixing system offers a double level of CMY saturation that can obtain 281 trillion colours (patent pending) and a triple corrector for variable colour temperature that allows subtle adjustment from 2700K to 15000K and significant CRI improvement.
Fitted with multiple optical tools for shaping light, Domino LT is factory-equipped with a linear progressive frost system, a lightweight frost filter, and two image-multiplying rotating prisms: one is linear with four facets and the other is circular with five facets. The framing section enables precise po

robert-juliat-sully-4c-coloured-ledPL+S 2022: Robert Juliat launches Sully 4C
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - Robert Juliat is celebrating its return to PL+S with the launch of new products and premiere showings on its all-LED stand in the Lightpower Village (Hall 12.0 Stand C60).
Prolight + Sound will see the world launch of Sully 4C, a new range of LED zoom profile and Fresnel spots with colour mixing which marks a major step forward in Robert Juliat product development.
The Sully 4C Series builds a new four-colour LED source (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) into a full package of lighting tools, including a removeable lamp compartment as a quick and easy solution to upgrade RJ 600SX tungsten profiles to coloured LED sources, a Profile series offering the same zoom range as the 600SX Series range (650SX 4C) and a single lens Fresnel luminaire.
Launched in 2020 but not exhibited until now, Sully White is Robert Juliat’s complete family of high-quality 115W white LED lighting fixtures. Profile, single lens and followspot fixtures are available in warm (3000K) or cool (5700K) white, with a guaranteed light output equivalent to, or greater than, that of a 1000W tungsten lamp.
The original inspiration behind Sully is a removeable LED module, housed in a single compartment, that enables a reliable and affordable transition from traditional sources to LED. As venues take gradual steps in changing and updating their lighting equipment to LED, Sully makes it possible to standardise the equipment in venues already equipped with Robert Juliat luminaires. Sully ensures a uniformity and consistency in the quality of light throughout the progressive changes,

elation--pls-2022PL+S 2022: Elation premieres Proteus and Fuze
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - Elation, distributed in Germany through LMP, will launch a number of new products as it returns to European trade show participation.
The Proteus Brutus is a powerful 70,000-lumen LED wash fixture with IP65 rating designed for piercing beam looks and high-intensity washes in any environment. A high efficiency 1200W 6,500K white LED engine works with CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and 6-position color wheel while a complete FX system features rotating gobos, animation, iris, and frost. An optional indexable framing module is also available. With a zoom range from 4° to 45° and an impressive 220mm (8.7”) front lens, the Proteus Brutus cuts through at great distances.
The Proteus Excalibur is a powerful IP65 beam moving head offering extreme power (20,000 lumens), super narrow 0.8° beam (3.5° Expander Lens available), and wide front aperture. It houses a wide array of gobos (25), prism overlays (4- and 8-facet) and more. The Excalibur uses Philips’ Flex lamp technology for long lamp life, lower power consumption and reduced fixture maintenance.
The Proteus Rayzor Blade is a combination of linear wash, high-intensity strobe line and SparkLED FX inside a compact IP65 linear fixture design. Available with six or 12 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, Proteus Rayzor Blade provides well-defined mid-air beams up to 12,500 lumens or exceptionally wide and even wash coverage. Two high-intensity strobe lines of cool white LED dots along with Elation’s exclusive SparkLED effects add depth and visual impact. Wide zoom and dynamic tilt ax

robe-prolight-2022-preview-fortePL+S 2022: Robe launches five
Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Germany - At the upcoming Prolight+Sound tradeshow, Robe is set to launch five new products - Painte, TetraX, iBeam 250, Spikie+ and the Anolis Calumma. The company will also showcase five products launched in 2021 - the Forte, Cuete, LEDBeam 350, T2 and T11, all of them presented physically following their digital launches last year.
Robe also has a further surprise up its sleeve that will be located outside the exhibition hall and will be related to its Robe on the Road activities.
Painte is a compact moving light that delivers a quiet, quality profile solution for short to medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate settings. The impressive 12,000-lumen fixture output has a sparkling, clear white light, with boundless colours via the advanced CMY colour mixing system.
The iBeam 250 is the latest in Robe’s constantly growing iSeries which are fully IP65 rated. This offers speed, colour and zoom range in a package to handle all the challenges of outdoor use and work.
Suitable for festivals, concerts, theatre, and any outdoor events or unpredictable weather scenarios, the iBeam 250 also has all the favourite features of its popular indoor relative, the LEDBeam 150.
TetraX features a dynamic pan movement with ‘extremely high-speed continuous rotation’, dramatically increasing the sweep-effect possibilities of the fixture.
The new Spikie+ generates 25% more lumens from its single 60W RGBW source. The fixture has a specifically designed 110mm front lens, and a rapidly moving zoom that pr

hof-post-dollymounted-examplePL+S 2022 : HOF debuts versatile Post Dolly
Thursday, 14 April 2022

Germany - HOF will launch its new Post Dolly at Prolight+Sound 2022. The Post Dolly offers a variety of possibilities to create different structures and layouts on stage. It can be used for single lamps, but also as a stacked dolly with, for example, 1m standard conical tubes between the dollies to create different levels.
The components can be mounted standing or hanging on the 15mm plate. Further, the user can mount 2-point, 3-point or 4-point trusses in sizes 290mm or 400mm on the dolly in different positions, using the optional adapter plate.
Likewise, the MLT trusses can be positioned upright in centre or off-centre positions. Multiple Post dollies can be combined to create various constructions. The components remain in place during the show and during transport, saving a lot of time. The wheels are black & grey and therefore almost invisible on stage.
The stacking connector is included and fits many standard conical tubes. The dimensions of the dolly are 1200mm x 600mm. Customised versions are available on request.

stumpflPL+S 2022: AV Stumpfl unveils AnyShape
Thursday, 14 April 2022

Germany - AV Stumpfl will present its new projection screen system, AnyShape, and the new Pixera four media server at Prolight+Sound 2022 in Frankfurt.
AnyShape allows for the custom production of mobile projection screens with non-standard frame shapes such as circles, rounded edges and semi-circles.
AV Stumpfl’s global business development manager for screens, Jan Walter, explains, “Until now, if one wanted to only use a particular part of a rectangular projection screen’s surface, some kind of masking approach was needed to create the shape one had in mind. AnyShape now offers an ingenious way of ordering a custom-built projection screen with a great variety of different frame shapes, straight from the factory.”
Pixera four, the latest addition to the Pixera product portfolio, will be officially launched on 26 April.
The new Pixera four is a powerful media server, designed for highly demanding live event real-time graphics applications and XR/AR broadcast setups.
Flexible and reliable playback options for real-time compositing. 12G-SDI I/O support, a 10 GB/s default data read rate, and five PCI 4.0 slots are some of the key system features of AV Stumpfl’s new heavy hitter.
AV Stumpfl executive director Harry Gladow comments: “The recent integration of important real-time tools like Unreal and Notch on the Pixera software side made it necessary for us to offer our customers even more powerful and flexible hardware to deal with 4K and 8K content. Pixera four completes our product portfolio at the top end, so that we ca

roswellminik67horizontalRoswell Pro Audio extends Mini K collection
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

USA - Roswell Pro Audio has announced a new addition to their Mini K microphone collection with the Mini K67x. The first in the line with a transformer-coupled circuit, the Mini K67x is designed to ‘infuse colour, character and mojo into vocal and instrument tracks’. The mic retains the “point and shoot” simplicity of the Mini K line-up, as well as the familiar compact form factor that makes it simple to position where many larger mics struggle to fit.
“If all of your microphones sound the same, you'll be in for some rough sessions,” says Roswell Pro Audio founder, Matt McGlynn. “Painters have many different colours. Recording artists and engineers should, too. We call this idea 'sonic diversity' and we design microphones to deliver that promise. Each of the Roswell microphones has a unique sonic signature. The Mini K67x expands the aural landscape of the Mini K product line with a harmonically rich circuit and a unique new capsule design.”
The mic's name, K67x, refers both to the capsule design and circuit topology. The capsule is dimensionally based on the K67, although Roswell has created a proprietary voicing, which gives the mics its characteristic extended frequency response. The ‘x’ refers to the transformer-coupled circuit, designed to complement the source with rich harmonics, says the company.

apexconsolegroup51020ETC brings Eos Apex to Prolight + Sound 2022
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Germany - ETC will be attending the 2022 edition of Prolight + Sound later this month. The company will showcase a mixture of its latest products on stands C53 and C45 in Hall 12.0, including the newest entertainment fixtures and controls.
ETC is attending the tradeshow to connect with its customers and visitors whilst also presenting the latest additions to its product range. Visitors to the stands will have the opportunity to see many new products including the Eos Apex. The recently launched line of flagship consoles deliver new features, and a powerful programming surface.
Attendees can also get a glimpse of the new High End Systems Cyberlight LED moving mirror, and they can explore the X8 array as featured in products like the Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel.
In addition to this, ETC will also present seminars during the tradeshow. Senior technical product manager Michael Lichter will speak at a session on Getting the most out of Stage Machinery with changing regulations.
ETC European marketing manager Rosi Marx comments: “After a long pause in tradeshows taking place, we appreciate these gatherings even more now and certainly don't take them for granted. We are especially looking forward to welcoming as many of our business friends, colleagues and media partners as possible to our stands at Prolight + Sound.”

zonda-9-washAyrton launches Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Europe - Ayrton is launching Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX, the first luminaires in a new family of products for stage lighting. Equipped with a 40W LED source with RGB+W additive colour system, these new products are part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources 9 Series category.
For Zonda 9 Wash, Ayrton has developed a silent ventilation mode, to accommodate the quieter environment often required by stage lighting. Meanwhile, each concentric circle of the colour mixing system can be controlled independently to adjust the size of the emitting surface and the luminaire’s power. A complete library of pre-programmed colours - created in collaboration with lighting designers - is instantly accessible.
Zonda 9 FX is a versatile luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features of the Wash version and offers infinite continuous rotation on the pan and tilt axes. Individual control of each LED allows you to achieve 3D volumetric effects. Zonda 9 FX can produce a high-definition liquid effect from between its main lenses to create complex graphic effects, known as LiquidEffect. This effect can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix.
Zonda 9 Wash and Zonda 9 FX share the same proprietary optical system which consists of a 384mm-diameter dial of 37 lenses in PMMA, combined with 37 glass light guides with an output surface made of an optical micro-structure. This LED/optical system combination can produce powerful light output of 25,000 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours, regar

footlightsLegacy adds Robert Juliat Dalis 862 footlights
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

USA - Legacy Production Group, a Minneapolis based corporate event production company and AV equipment supplier, has taken delivery of 12 Robert Juliat Dalis 862 variable white footlights.
“Minneapolis is a unique market: there’s no single, big lighting house here,” notes Legacy president, Tom Gorman. “We try to keep an inventory of what we can use for our primary corporate event clients as well as what other people in town want for music, touring and theatre. I’ve been hoping to stock the Dalis 862 footlights since I first saw them - they’re an amazing, cool and unique piece of equipment. When we did our first social media post announcing that we had the Dalis 862s we heard from a lot of people who told us they were very glad they were now available in Minneapolis.”
Robert Juliat’s Dalis 862 footlight incorporates 48 patented asymmetric reflectors arranged in a double row. Each row can be controlled independently offering long or short throw capacities and creating upstage or downstage lighting.
Gorman points out that with the coronavirus pandemic accelerating virtual and hybrid production, many corporate clients are now using cameras to record events for streaming or online access. So the need to light for broadcast has increased.
“The Dalis footlights are very good for that,” he says. “The footlights can add dimensionality to a set without washing out LED videowall backdrops or projection. They’re great for chin lights instead of the old conventional strip lights. And when you put on live high-end corporate shows t

commissionerArtistic Licence launches Commissioner rdmx
Monday, 11 April 2022

UK - Artistic Licence has launched Commissioner rdmx, which is now in stock for immediate shipping. Commissioner rdmx is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring lighting installations or fixtures. It supports DMX512 and RDM. Handy features include a dual colour backlit display, DIP switch calculator and cable test mode.
Commissioner rdmx is a multi-featured DMX512/RDM tool that has been designed to ‘address the lighting technician's every need’.
Housed in a robust plastic case with a backlit LCD display and tactile button keypad, Commissioner rdmx is a practical and self-contained piece of equipment that is suitable for site use.
The product includes two AA (NiMH) rechargeable batteries that can be topped up via the micro-USB port (this is also capable of powering the unit directly). A hardshell zip-case is included, with plenty of room for essential cables and adapters.
Commissioner rdmx offers a comprehensive range of functions. The various modes are accessed by navigating through the intuitive hierarchy of menus. Favourite functions (for example, setting DMX start addresses) can be added to a shortcut menu for quick access. The backlight uses green or red colour coding in certain modes to enhance the feedback for the user.
The testing tool includes all the usual sort of functions required in a DMX/RDM tester, but also has some extra tricks up its sleeve. For example, both DMX input and DMX output can function at same time, allowing data fixing and network testing.
The product's receive operation enable

productGoogle Meet Series One debuts at ISE
Friday, 8 April 2022

Europe - Avocor is exhibiting several new innovations at ISE 2022 including the full Google Meet Series One product portfolio. ISE will be the first time, since the strategic partnership with Google was announced in August 2021, that both products will be showcased side-by-side.
“We can’t wait to debut Google Meet Series One at ISE 2022 in Barcelona,” says Scott Hix, CEO, Avocor. “With Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Board 65, we’re now able to offer everyone meeting equity through shared devices for team meeting spaces and a personal device for your desktop - elevating the ability to see, hear and participate from anywhere - helping customers to connect and succeed in the evolved modern workplace.” Series One products will also be on show at the Google booth 2G220.
Visitors to the Avocor booth will also see its recently launched E Series and the Teams-certified W Series. Available in four sizes, ranging from 55” to 86”, the E Series features optically bonded glass in a 4K IR interactive display format. This combination offers a smooth display solution suitable for all sizes of office, classroom, meeting room and huddle space applications.
The W Series is designed for focus and small meeting rooms, corporate and home offices. Both the Teams-certified 65" WCD AVW-6555 and the all-in-one AVW-5555 interactive touch screens offer an integrated conference camera with a microphone array and audio optimised for use with UC platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

dpaDPA brings headsets and shotguns to NAB
Thursday, 7 April 2022

USA - DPA Microphones will highlight its latest microphone solutions, designed to meet the growing live production needs of the broadcast and AV markets, at the 2022 NAB Show (Booth C8609).
As the rapid adoption of live streaming continues to grow in broadcast applications, speech intelligibility remains at the forefront of all productions. In recognition of the changes in the media landscape, DPA recently released the 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone and Interview Kit, along with two other important broadcast mic solutions, the 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones.
“The pandemic has shown us the true importance of being quickly and easily adaptable to a rapidly changing media landscape,” says Christopher Spahr, vice president of sales and marketing, DPA Microphones, Inc. “These new offerings are a direct result of the innovation and forward-thinking response to the industry, and we are excited to finally present them in-person at the NAB Show.”
Based on the design of the company’s 6066 Subminiature Headsets, the new 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones feature the brand’s popular 5mm round microphone capsule. These latest offerings provide the security, durability and flexibility necessary for use in broadcast, worship, theatre and corporate conferencing, says DPA.
In addition, the new headsets share the same interchangeable cable and boom options as the 6066 Subminiature Headsets. This includes the 90-degree cable management guide at the neck.
The 4097 CO

powercon-true1Neutrik extendsTrue Outdoor Protection series
Thursday, 7 April 2022

UK - Neutrik has announced the addition of the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L to its powerCON TRUE1 TOP range of heavy-duty sealed power connectors for outdoor use.
powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L provides a connector compatible with the largest diameter power cables required for outdoor event and production applications, capable of accepting cable from 10 to 16 mm (0.39” – 0.63”) in diameter, making them ideal for extra heavy duty type cables.
The connectors are certified to EN 60320-1, IEC 60320-1, and UL 60320-1 when applied to appropriate cables (H07RN-F3G2.5 and SOOW 12/3, SJOOW 12/3). This allows mains cables to be assembled in accordance with UL 817, CSA C22.2 No. 21, and IEC/EN 60799. Conforming to Neutrik’s TOP standard, UL V0 and UL-F1-rated UV resistant materials, exceptional component quality and rugged construction are standard.
Features include breaking capability – CBC @ 16A 250VAC VDE (20 A 250 VAC) – and a patent-pending design that meets requirements preventing disassembly by hand. New HTLACA and HTLACB assembly and disassembly tools are designed for use with these connectors and facilitate faster disassembly for periodic safety testing.
Neutrik UK product specialist Charlie Cook says, “As with our recent NSSC self-closing caps, the new -L variant further extends the powerCON TRUE1 TOP series, making it the most versatile power connector with the widest ranging cable diameter compatibility; and the only power connector series with a product certified for 2.5mm2 H07RN-F and AGE 12/3 SOOW and SJOOW cables.”

pacalculateRCF sponsors PAcalculate app update
Thursday, 7 April 2022

Europe - RCF has introduced PAcalculate version 1.3.2, an Android and iOS app for mobile phone or tablet with over 30 calculators, reference info, and utilities for sound reinforcement and lighting professionals.
The new version boasts in-line and broadside subwoofer array calculators. The former allows for simulation of end-fire and gradient arrays, including an obscure 4-element topology originally proposed by the very Harry Olson. The broadside section features independent mechanical and electronic arcing and steering, with the possibility of adding a gradient line, or several end-fire lines, a type of subwoofer configuration that has become widespread to achieve wide uniform subwoofer coverage with reduced stage leakage.
Frequency response graphs (front-to-back ratio as well as multi-angle responses), an isobar display, polar plots and coverage maps provide a comprehensive set of graphics for an insightful analysis of design alternatives. Up to 96 elements (sound sources) can be simulated, 48+48 in L/R mode. A table is displayed with coordinates and settings (delay, polarity) that can be emailed for reference. A footer alerts the user if the specific configuration requires delay tuning on top of the results calculated (such as for gradient arrays).
The dedicated tool reportedly helps getting results quickly and easily. As an example, comparing between electronic and mechanical steering just requires entering the angle in the rotation input field of the broadside array calculator to get results for the former, and then clicking on a radio button

frq60imagelecturePanasonic projector delivers detailed 4K images
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

UK - Panasonic has announced availability of its new PT-FRQ60 1-Chip DLP projector with 6,000lm brightness designed to deliver detail, colour and smooth motion for a wide variety of sectors, including offices, STEM classrooms, digital museums, and eSports entertainment attractions.
Panasonic has added Quad Pixel Drive to its proven 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser technology to produce smooth, sharp and detailed 4K images for deeper content engagement. Smooth 240Hz image processing increases the sense of realism with fine textures resolved in grid-less images. Rich Colour Enhancer delivers accurate colours, faithfully reproducing content as the creator intended. Fast-paced action is clearly rendered at frame rates up to 240Hz/1080p with below 8ms latency.
In addition, the PT-FRQ60 is compatible with Panasonic’s ET-SWR10 Real-Time Tracking Projection Mapping System, a ready-to-use Software Developers Kit that enables projection onto fast-moving objects at up to 240 frames per second, expanding creative possibilities at theme parks, interactive museum exhibitions and more.
For convenient integration into 4K infrastructures, the PT-FRQ60 includes two CEC command compatible HDMI inputs enabling projector ON/OFF from the source device, while the single-cable DIGITAL LINK solution supports video and control-signal transmission over long distances. Flexible 2.0x optical zoom, V/H Lens-Shift, and Geometric Adjustment featuring Free Grid enable image position adjustment and remove distortion without a PC. The PT-FRQ60 also ships with preactivated upgrade kit


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