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prodigy-updateDirectOut expands the Prodigy series
Thursday, 4 November 2021

Germany - With the current system update for the Prodigy series, DirectOut has introduced more new features. Prodigy.MP now features AutoMix, MirrorMode and the TruePeak Levelmeter.
With AutoMix, Prodigy.MP now supports the fully automatic mixing of different input signals – perfect for panel discussions or multi-language feeds at sport events. Tweaking of the control parameters helps to meet even complex requirements, e.g. particularly reverberant event rooms.
With the newly implemented TruePeak Levelmeter, Prodigy.MP now fulfills the requirements of EBU R 128. The TruePeak measurement allows reliable detection and display of inter-sample peaks.
In DirectOut's own MirrorMode, selected parameters of a Mirror Unit are automatically aligned with the Main Unit. Alignment allows immediate switch-over for seamless operation with the matching device configuration in the event of a failure of the Main Unit. MirrorMode is available for both devices of the Prodigy Series.
Prodigy.MC is enhanced with Summing Busses, to sum several channels in a simple matrix with adjustable output level.
“AutoMix, MirrorMode, TruePeak Levelmeter and Summing Busses are the results of our continuous development for the Prodigy Series since its launch a couple of years ago” comments Luca Giaroli, product manager at DirectOut. “And we are constantly extending the capabilities of these devices by addressing the feedbacks of our clients and making the series even more capable to face any kind of audio challenge.”

plus-audio-hero4Stage Audio Works debuts Plus Audio range
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

South Africa - Stage Audio Works has announced the launch of Plus Audio, billed as a new range of loudspeaker systems for all applications requiring professional grade performance at an affordable price point.
Targeted at regional rental companies and worship applications, Plus Audio offers products ranging from powerful, large format line array systems for touring or fixed installation use, compact line arrays for smaller venues right through to a range of versatile point source cabinets that can be used as a distributed system, or as in-fill for larger systems or indeed as a stand-alone PA coupled with the appropriate subwoofers. A range of subwoofers and a dedicated stage monitor as well as amplifiers and a DSP complete the line-up.
“We’re delighted to integrate the Plus Audio brand into our portfolio,” says Stage Audio Works CTO Nathan Ihlenfeldt. “We now offer loudspeaker systems for all applications and all budgets – there is something for everyone, whatever your situation and requirements.
“Plus Audio offers a range of solutions for those looking for a more economical solution,” continues Ihlenfeldt. “What makes the difference is the level of service and implementation expertise that comes with it – and that’s the same whatever system you choose. Our expert teams will accompany and advise you every step of the way; we will design your system, install it, commission it and maintain it so you can be assured of the best possible results.
“We will also advise on issues such as acoustic treatment if we feel it will impr

bp89801Audio-Technica launches lavaliers
Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Europe - Audio-Technica has introduced the low-profile BP898 Subminiature Cardioid Condenser Lavalier Microphone and BP899 Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone.
Direct replacements and upgrades to the existing AT898 and AT899, the new BP898 and BP899 are available in a number of different terminations (for wired or wireless use) that suit them to the entire range of lavalier mic applications.
The BP898 is available in five black-finished models, all with permanently attached cables and varying termination and power configurations. Available in a variety of different variations, each of the BP899 options features permanently attached cables, varying termination and power configurations and black or theatre beige finishes.
Both microphones’ wide dynamic range and tolerance for high sound pressure levels ensures intelligible, natural-sounding audio that’s ideal for use by stage and television talent, lecturers, and worship leaders, and the low-profile design (a mere 5.3 mm in diameter) is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility, says the company.
If up-close, directional miking is needed, the BP898 with cardioid capsule is recommended. The directionality of the BP898 cardioid element has a pronounced proximity effect when used at close range, enhancing the user’s voice. If the mic needs to be used at a greater distance or a less focused pickup is desired, the BP899 with an omnidirectional capsule is recommended.
The BP899 features an open-diaphragm design for maximum frequency response with protective

06-alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-brings-great-taste-in-sound-to-40th-fall-for-greenville-festival-main-stageAlcons reinforces 40th Greenville Festival
Friday, 29 October 2021

USA - Fall for Greenville is an annual festival of music, food and drinks which takes place in Greenville, South Carolina. After last year’s festival had to be staged ‘virtually’, artists, public, vendors and production teams alike were all happy to return to the city’s streets in early October for the event’s 40th anniversary. Alcons Audio pro-ribbon loudspeaker systems were used on five of the six stages.
Described as ‘a weekend full of flavour’, Greenville’s Main Street welcomed the sound of 78 live acts across the six stages, alongside many tempting tastes and taps, enjoyed by an estimated 150,000 people.
AVL Solutions has been the festival’s main sound and lighting provider for over 20 years. With the company being The Ribbon Network member, owner Alan Simonton has previously used Alcons pro-ribbon systems at Fall for Greenville and was very pleased to present a tasty treat for audience ears on five stages. The Main Stage featured the double 12” LR24 mid-size line array, being used for the first time at the festival, with 16 LR24 plus six BC543 triple 18” very high-output cardioid subwoofers.
On the other stages, 18 LR18 double 8” compact line-array modules and six double 15” BF362 high-output subwoofers were deployed on the QuickTrip Stage.
The Berkshire Hathaway stage featured 12 more LR18s, with two single 18” LR18B compact line-array bass and four BQ211 single 21” compact high-output subwoofers.
Eighteen LR7 6,5” micro line-array modules, two single 12” LR7B micro line-array bass and four m

astrawash7pixipProlights releases Astra Wash7PixIP
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Europe - Prolights has introduced the Astra Wash7Pix IP, a new IP-rated moving-wash with the same features and characteristics as the newly released Astra Wash7Pix.
The Astra Wash7Pix IP contains seven RGBW 40-Watt LED emitters, outputting upwards of 4,000 lumens,with a default 8,000K cool-white beam or 6,000K in studio mode. The fixture includes the same proprietary front lens and glass lighting rods as the indoor version and protected with a coating technology that helps increase the brightness, protecting lenses from surface scratches and adding anti-static properties to avoid dust deposits.
The Astra Wash7Pix IP has a rugged and completely sealed chassis made of aluminium alloy, with internal components treated with an IP coating, guaranteeing an IP65 water and dust-tight design for lasting outdoor applications. Since it is completely sealed, the fixture doesn't require regular internal cleaning or service. However, users have access to the modular and easily accessible internal parts and whereupon assembled, its sealing can be easily checked with the Prolights IP tester.
This fixture also includes a zoom range from 4º to 56º, enabling designers to create very narrow beam effects and wide wash spreads. Its augmented pixel performance supports individual pixel control through DMX or ethernet-based protocols, or with the built-in pixel macros, personalized by the user
Dimmer and colour parameters are integrated with 16-bit resolution, and CCT channels can be set to any precise white point and deviated by the tint channel on a +/- green ch

audio-technicaA-T adds Dante-enabled wireless system
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Europe - Audio-Technica has announced the release of its new 3000 Digital Series wireless system, which joins the original UHF-based 3000 Series in the company’s wireless offering.
The new system features 24-bit/48kHz processing, a wide dynamic range of 120dB and 60MHz tuning range to ensure both exceptional audio performance and flexibility, with analogue-balanced audio outputs achieving a latency of just 2.5msec.
With audio networking a key requirement for many users, the 3000 Digital Series receiver is Dante-enabled and ready to slot into any Dante network. Up to five ATW-DR3120DAN dual-channel receivers can be connected to allow a single pair of antennas to feed up to 10 channels of wireless, reducing the rack space required and minimising cost. Control of the system is made straightforward via software monitoring that gives access to frequency co-ordination, charging status and log display information.
Further networking and scalability options are enabled by the 3000 Digital Series’ support of IP touch panel interfaces from the likes of AMX and Crestron, allowing tight integration to existing AV systems.
The 3000 Digital Series also offers security features. By using a four-digit code as a common encryption key for the PIN code, only the set microphone and receiver are able to communicate, while an AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) setting protects audio signals from eavesdropping and leakage.
In terms of transmitters, the ATW-DT3102 handheld transmitter is equipped with an industry-standard thread to allow use with Audio-

venu-208-1Void Acoustics adds to Venu V2 series
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

UK - Void Acoustics has announced the latest addition to its popular Venu V2 loudspeaker series.
The Venu 208 subwoofer incorporates all the key elements of the Venu V2 range in a compact and stylish, loudspeaker enclosure. It is suitable for multiple applications including bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and lounges, as well as high-end domestic installs.
Void says there had been a growing demand for a versatile, low frequency compact speaker solution that utilises all the specifications of the larger Venu speakers but contained within a flexible, smaller unit.
This addition to the series has already received high levels of interest, and pre-orders have resulted in initial production runs being increased by over 50% to meet initial demand.
The product inspiration was driven by the North American team who utilised previous design knowledge to drive the sonic characteristics and the design aspects of the product from the start of the R&D process.
“We knew there was a market demand for this type of enclosure - smaller and more compact, but with the recognisable and exceptional audio quality of a Void product” explains Mike Newman, Void Acoustics’ head of sales. “We designed the product specifically with low SPL applications such as restaurants or relaxed bar settings in mind. It needed to be inconspicuous but still pack a punch in terms of the audio delivery.”
The Venu 208 offers flexibility for smaller and more intimate venues and even domestic settings. It is designed to offer ease of installation in a wider varie

adjADJ debuts wireless up-lighting system
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - ADJ has announced the launch of its Mirage Q6 PAK wireless up-lighting system. Designed to cover all the requirements of lighting and event professionals, this all-in-one package features six IP65-rated, battery-powered and wirelessly controllable LED par fixtures along with a purpose-built charging road case. Together with long-life batteries and long-range wireless receivers, the fixtures offer a variety of features including an in-built anti-theft alarm system.
Each individual Mirage Q IP fixture incorporates four 10W 4-in-1 RGBA colouring mixing LEDs, which combine to create a potent wash of coloured light with a concise 11-degree beam angle. By varying the intensity of the independent red, green, blue, and amber elements within each LED, the fixture is able to generate a wide variety of richly saturated colours. In addition to full colour mixing control, the unit also features 64 built-in colour macros to aid with quick programming as well as 13 pre-programmed chase patterns to allow for easy setup when required.
A high-capacity internal Lithium-Ion battery with a 11,000mAh capacity (typical) allows for up to 40 hours of operation (single colour) from a single charge. Even with changing colours, the battery life is 20 hours and therefore more than enough for even the longest of events.
Between use, it takes just seven hours to return the battery to full capacity. Meanwhile, the fixture is also equipped with a built-in ADJ WiFLY EXR wireless DMX transceiver which has a range of up to 2,500 feet (760M). The device is also equipped with an i

fulcrum-acoustic-ahs-seriesFulcrum introduces modular AHS Series
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has released the AHS Series, a modular scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. This new series of products represents “a leap forward in achieving digitally configurable coverage for long-throw applications, all within a surprisingly compact envelope” says Fulcrum.
"We've had ongoing requests from system designers for even higher output versions of our existing AH and AH4 products," says Rich Frembes, Fulcrum Acoustic's product manager. "The AHS' configurable vertical pattern allows dispersion to be tailored to a venue's needs. Its modularity allows it to scale as needed to tackle very long-throw applications, such as those encountered in stadium end-zone/scoreboard deployments."
The AHS440 (45° horizontal beamwidth) utilizes 4 high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxial compression driver. The AHS460 (60° horizontal beamwidth) uses three high-frequency horns. Both models incorporate four high-power 10" woofers loaded by Oculus phase plugs. The compression head extends the low frequency horn length, allowing for low frequency extension to 60Hz in a modest 28" of depth. Frontal dimensions are a compact 36" wide x 31" tall.
Fulcrum Acoustic's TQ Processing combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue's specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple high frequency horns combine coherently to provide the output necessary to combat high frequency air loss which can be substantial in stadium-scale applicati

exbox-rav-greenDirectOut celebrates with limited edition
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - Connectivity specialists DirectOut is celebrating a decade as a Ravenna partner with the launch of a limited edition of their EXBOX.RAV AoIP-to-MADI converter. Only 50 units of the anniversary edition will be made, distinctive by its striking Ravenna green livery.
EXBOX.RAV, a popular edition to the well-established EXBOX converter range, was launched in late 2020 based on DirectOut’s proven RAV2 board, also available as OEM product and already adopted by other manufacturers.
Four gigabit ports with an internal switch and PoE, plus three MADI ports in BNC, SC and SFP format offer bidirectional conversion and routing of up to 64 audio channels, with built-in SRC functions (FastSRC™) and automatic redundancy switching (EARS™). In addition to fully supporting RAVENNA with a wide range of configuration options, it also supports NMOS for stream and device discovery and connection management.
“We’ve been a Ravenna partner since day one,” says DirectOut CEO/CTO Claudio-Becker-Foss. “We were totally convinced by Ravenna’s open approach and its use of existing and publicly available standards. Our congratulations go to the fantastic team at ALC NetworX, the company behind Ravenna technology, who had a vision of next-generation broadcast technology and brought it to life. Even now, 10 years later, Ravenna remains the cutting-edge solution of the market, both in terms of performance and reliability.”
Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna evangelist at ALC NetworX is equally pleased to mark the anniversary. “Ten years with Ravenna should

huracan-lt-background-colorAyrton launches long-throw Huracán LT
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Europe - Ayrton has announced the arrival of Huracán LT, the latest in its range of long-throw fixtures designed specifically for stadium and arena use.
Huracán LT generates an ultra-intense beam with the utmost precision and is ideal for creating the kind of choreography that is as graphic as it is breath-taking.
Huracán LT can project over extreme distances, targeting a far-off subject with ‘nuance, finesse, power, and true precision’. A 225mm front lens forms part of the proprietary optical system of 13 lenses delivering a 15:1 zoom ratio and an impressive zoom range of 3.5 to 53°. A new, high-efficiency 1000W LED module delivers a record light output of 51,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 6700K, with a CRI greater than 70, and a factory-equipped, removable high-transmission diffusion filter erases the edge of the beam without changing its angle, ensuring precision and accuracy even over the longest throw distances.
Huracán LT uses the same patent-pending, revolutionary complex colour mixing system as Huracán Profile (launched in 2019) offering a double saturation level that can obtain over a billion colours. A triple variable colour temperature corrector (CTB, CTO and CTP) allows subtle adjustment from 2700K to 15,000K and offers noticeable CRI improvement in excess of 70. There is also a fixed colour wheel with six complementary colours.
Huracán LT features an advanced framing section, which enables accurate positioning of four shutter blades on a 100% surface area in all positions, for precise framing of any object regar

alcons-audio-qrp20-launch-pressreleaseAlcons adds Pro-Ribbon point source column
Friday, 22 October 2021

The Netherlands - Alcons has introduced the QRP20, a two-way column array system with high-Q directivity for increased projection control to be used as vertical sound system, for both permanent and portable applications.
It is specifically designed for applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and narrow vertical coverage, ideal in acoustically challenging environments, or applications where intelligibility-over-distance is required.
Loaded with the RBN401 4” pro-ribbon driver on a ‘Morpher’ lens, the system offers a very high throw-efficiency and projection control, due to the pro-ribbon’s all-natural cylindrical wavefront.
The QRP’s are powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; Through the integrated VHIR processing, audiophile amplifier stages and Signal Integrity Sensing feedback circuit, the ALC offers QRP20-specific drive processing, delivering absolute maximum sound quality with increased headroom and utmost operation reliability and flexibility.
Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D: “The essence of the Q-series is the isophasic wavefront of our pro-ribbon mid/high frequency transducer technology, delivering the razor-sharp, side-lobe free projection control in the vertical plane and throw, the Q-series is known for.”
Philip concludes: “We’ve seen in many, typically acoustically challenging applications, that the necessity for controlling the sound projection in order to get a satisfactory intelligibility lead to severe sacrifices

onair-panel-2wbarn-door-leftChauvet debuts onAir all-weather panels
Friday, 22 October 2021

USA - Chauvet Professional’s new onAir IP series is designed to deliver on location ‘regardless of rain, dust, heat, or snow’. The first of the company's fully IP65-rated series of soft light LED panels, these all-weather fixtures are suited to move from indoor to outdoor projects, including music videos, red carpet events and on location remotes, says Chauvet.
Available in three sizes, the onAir IP offers an effective broadcast lighting solution for a variety of setups, including close ups, as well as projects filmed in small to medium quarters.
All three models in the onAir IP family have a 90+ CRI and equally impressive TM-30 score, as well as +/- Green adjustment, and onboard emulated red-shift control via CRMX wireless control and DMX.
The largest of the three, the onAir IP Panel 2, is a 2x1 format 372W panel that delivers 23,000 peak lumens. Next in size is the 200W onAir IP Panel 1, which is a 1x1 format panel that provides over 12,000 peak lumens, while the smallest fixture in the family, the 49W onAir IP Panel Min, produces over 2,500 peak lumens and has a removable PSU.
Once an on-location shoot is completed, onAir IP fixtures can be taken down easily. The onAir IP Panel 2 and IP Panel 1 also have integrated handles for added convenience.
The onAir IP panels have precise colour temperature replication. Presets make it fast and simple to adjust colours, and the panels fade rather than step between colours. The onAir IP Panel 2 and IP Panel 1 include physical pre-set buttons which are set to specific colour temperatures,

presonus-r80v2PreSonus unveils updated R-Series monitors
Thursday, 21 October 2021

USA - PreSonus is now shipping its R65 V2 and R80 V2 active AMT studio monitors. The new monitor speakers feature more extensive control than the original R-series, incorporating the analogue Acoustic Tuning controls from PreSonus’ Eris line.
Included are Low Cutoff, Mid Frequency, and High Frequency controls, as well as a three-position Acoustic Space switch that allows you to compensate for the acoustic results of speaker placement against a wall or in a corner. An upgraded 140W (75W LF + 65W HF) Class A/B power amplifier provides ample headroom and even warmer, smoother overall frequency response for distortion-free, non-fatiguing performance, even at higher volumes.
As with the original R-series, the new R65 V2 and R80 V2 monitors feature a custom-designed, 6.8-square-inch Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter that responds to the subtlest waveforms and high frequencies, making them a suitable choice for hearing ultra-highs that add “air” and a sense of space and dimension. The AMT’s thin (< 0.01 mm) folded Kapton membrane provides wave-cycle-accurate transient reproduction, says Presonus.
The R80 V2 features an eight-inch, custom-woven, composite woofer that offers consistent low-end dispersion across its frequency range. The R65 V2 has a 6.5-inch woofer of the same design. The R80 V2’s overall frequency response is rated at 40 Hz to 22 kHz, while the R65 V2 delivers 45 Hz to 22 kHz.

dts-2020-1920x1080DTS Lighting returns to LDI after five years
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

USA - Italian professional lighting brand DTS will attend LDI for the first time since 2016 when the show returns to Las Vegas in November.
DTS had announced an exclusive partnership with American distribution company Apex technologies in July 2021, marking its official return to the American market. Members of both companies will be attending the event.
DTS will be stationed at booth 2748 and will showcase its latest wash moving head Alchemy 7, designed to meet the everchanging needs of theatre and television. A range of projectors from DTS’s entertainment line will also be at the exhibition like Synergy 7, profile moving head whose output reaches up to 55,000 lumen.
Carmen Savarese, international sales manager at DTS comments, “We’re very glad to be able to attend this year as our company’s return to the United States marks the start of a new chapter for us. LDi gives us the chance to show what we’ve been focusing on last year, which is expanding our entertainment line and providing the industry with a range of projectors that would fit into the most prestigious venues.”
Raffaella Scaccia, sales director at DTS has previously stated that the company is committed to expanding its entertainment line, as the industry has been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is only now starting to recover.
“Even though the past two years have been hard on the entertainment industry, we decided to research and design new products that would have been available when shows would be back at full capacity.”

l-isaprocessoriiperspective-croppedL-Acoustics unveils L-ISA Processor II
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

France - Extending spatial processing to a wider range of productions and venues, L-Acoustics has introduced the next generation of its 3D audio processing engine, L-ISA Processor II. The new processor offers users more power, performance and flexibility, and is available in four different output configurations through a one-time, tiered license fee.
Similar to its predecessor, L-ISA Processor II is a hardware solution that provides advanced object-based mixing for the most demanding immersive audio productions. While both units offer control of spatial audio processing and virtual acoustics for up to 96 audio objects based on speaker positioning information and mixing parameters - including pan, width, distance, elevation, and aux send - the new L-ISA Processor II doubles the original unit’s potential output count of 64 up to 128 outputs for greater power and versatility on larger, more complex events.
Seeing that most productions are unlikely to utilise 100-plus outputs, L-Acoustics is offering L-ISA Processor II in a choice of four output counts - 16, 32, 64 or 128 - from the same device, with various capacities accessible via different lifetime licenses at tiered pricing levels. For example, a small club or theatre may need no more than 16 outputs, while a mid-sized house of worship or performing arts centre might require as many as 32.
With L-ISA Processor II, those customers now have access to all of the very same immersive tools, 128 inputs and premium-quality 96 kHz sampling as large-scale musicals or massive tours running triple-digit out

snowcapefinlandpavilionGenelec showcases Smart IP at Dubai Expo
Monday, 18 October 2021

UAE - Genelec is joining forces with Business Finland to showcase its Smart IP networked loudspeaker technology at Expo 2020 Dubai, running now until 31 March 2022. A total of eighty-four 4430 Smart IP installation loudspeakers are incorporated into Finland’s Snow Cape Pavilion, including a 10-channel immersive loudspeaker array that will reproduce specially commissioned sound art by Finnish composer Emilia Takayama, entitled The Land of Snow.
With the theme of Connecting Minds and Creating the Future, Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, and creates an opportunity for attendees from all over the world to come together and connect with each other, share ideas, learn and innovate. Postponed to 2021 due to the global pandemic, the Expo features participants from 192 countries.
Within the Snow Cape Pavilion, over 100 Finnish companies will be presenting solutions in areas such as natural resources and energy, ICT and digitalisation, smart cities, technology, education, health, design and tourism.
Powered by PoE and compatible with Dante and AES67 IP audio streams, installers can deploy Genelec’s Smart IP Manager software to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers, and audio channels, and provides device discovery, individual equalisation of each loudspeaker, system organisation and status monitoring.
In the Snow Cape Pavilion, seventy-four 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers are located in the exhibition area, configured as a custom immers

adx5dShure rolls out ADX5D third party integration
Friday, 15 October 2021

UK - In June, Shure launched the ADX5D – Axient Digital Dual-Channel Portable Wireless Receiver. Now, users can enhance their workflow experience with ADX5D’s latest firmware update (1.3.26), including third-party integration and control with select portable mixers and recorders from Sound Devices and Aaton Digital.
The new third-party integration and feature set lets sound mixers control and monitor the ADX5D from their mix position for functions like scanning and deploying frequencies to receiver channels, adjusting receiver output gain, monitoring transmitter battery life, and more.
Shure will be joined by Sound Devices and Aaton Digital for two individual webinars demonstrating third-party integration and the additional features included in Axient Digital ADX5D’s latest firmware update at these dates/times: Shure/Sound Devices – Monday, Oct. 18, 11:00 A.M. (CST), Shure/Aaton Digital – Tuesday, Oct. 19, 11:00 A.M. (CST).
“We’re proud to offer our ADX5D customers a reliable means of integrating their portable, wireless solutions with the cutting-edge mixers and recorders from Aaton and Sound Devices,” shared Adi Neves, associate product manager at Shure. “With the introduction of third-party integration and control, our goal is to bring the superior RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality of Axient Digital to more audio professionals who are pushing boundaries in the film and broadcast industry.”
“We were very happy to collaborate with Shure, both in Chicago and in Europe, on integration be

pixera-control-isaacAV Stumpfl presents Pixera at InfoComm
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - Austrian AV technology manufacturer AV Stumpfl will present their award-winning projection screen systems and new Pixera v1.8 media server software at this year's InfoComm in Orlando later this month.
In addition to informing booth visitors of their latest product developments in the area of ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen systems, AV Stumpfl will also present their AT64-SHIFT screen system legs. These are compatible with all mobile AV Stumpfl screen systems.
AV Stumpfl’s popular screen design product, Fullwhite will also be shown at InfoComm. Fullwhite is a favourite with international designers, due to its’ depthless and borderless appearance that makes projected images appear to float in mid-air.
Another highlight of the AV Stumpfl booth will be the new Pixera media server system version 1.8, which will be shown to a wider audience for the first time at InfoComm. One of the key additions to the popular media server system is the introduction of a new show control solution called Pixera control.
This distributed integration and control framework empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within Pixera and to control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything a user creates and integrates can be distributed across the connected systems and shares itself.
Third party systems can communicate directly with the Pixera API via dedicated ‘modules’, like in the case of Beckhoff automation technologies.
The Pixera control integration with Smart Monkey’s ISAAC Workspace, which provides a unifie

conn58u01PCE H-Connect simplifies power distribution
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Europe - Prolight Concepts is the first distributor to receive stock of the new all black H-Connect from PCE Austria. Working closely with the manufacturer, Prolight have been able to secure bulk stock of the splitters ready for the busy period of events as customers begin to rig light trails, Halloween specials and soon, onwards events for the festive period.
This H-Connect splitter provides one power inlet and three power outputs simplifying power distribution. The narrow design allows the splitter to sit within the width of standard 290mm type truss, and also features a receiver slot for a cable tie or Velcro strap allowing the splitter to be secured to truss, lighting bars or scaffold.
Manufactured from Polyamide 6, the splitters chassis offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance, IP44 rating and receiver slot for a cable tie or Velcro strap.

innovationspreis-hof-mlt202HOF MLT² truss wins innovation award
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Germany - A HOF moving light truss has won the Innovation Award for Crafts of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The prize was awarded on the 4 October in a ceremony at the K21 Ständehaus in Düsseldorf by NRW Minister of Economic Affairs Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart.
The MLT² Pre Rig Truss from HOF was awarded the prize because it enables shorter set-up and dismantling times and, thanks to the dolly with its telescopic legs, requires less manpower than its predecessor, the MLT. Likewise, the rotatable steel fork connectors allow vertical and horizontal circles to be created, offering new possibilities for stage design and light shows.
The dolly is foldable and can be stacked, which in turn saves an enormous amount of space at the event storage location. In addition to this, compared to its predecessor, the MLT² has received further features such as a forklift adapter, a toolbox, a rain cover, a spacer and a measuring tool for easy and precise adjustment of the circles, which make the users' work extremely easy.
The development of the MLT² took place in close cooperation with customers and partner companies, and at the end of the development process, 90% of the customer's wishes were put into practice. The award is also a signal to the event industry that things are looking up again after a long period of standstill due to the pandemic and that our industry is being heard and seen in a certain wa, says HOF.

jbleononemk2lifestylephotobusker2JBL launches battery-powered column PA
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL Eon One MK2 battery-powered column PA.
The JBL Eon One MK2 features a five-channel digital mixer, comprehensive Lexicon and dbx DSP, Bluetooth 5.0 functions and full app control into a lightweight, rechargeable battery system that weighs just 42.5 pounds.
“We designed the Eon Oone MK2 to meet the needs of a huge range of users,” says Brandon Knudsen, loudspeaker product manager, Harman Professional Solutions. “It’s ideal for anyone from buskers seeking pro-grade sound without AC power, to educators and hospitality providers who want fast setup and ease of use, to houses of worship and rental companies who need portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. You get all of this fidelity and functionality in a system that won’t break the bank - or your back.”
The C-shaped array of eight 2-inch tweeters works in combination with a 10-inch woofer to deliver smooth, even response down to 37Hz. This C-shaped array provides wide horizontal dispersion and deep vertical throw that ensure loud, clear sound anywhere in the room, says JBL.
Driving the speaker’s acoustics is a robust 1,500W (peak) amplifier that ensures clean, distortion-free sound at any volume level. Variable Power Performance technology automatically optimizes performance for either AC or battery power, providing 4 dB of extra headroom when connected to AC power.
The system features Lexicon effects like reverb, chorus and delay, in addition to a full suite of dbx DriveRack technology, including AFS (

harrikoskinenand6040rprsizeGenelec unveils first in Signature Series
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Finland - Genelec has unveiled the first model in its new Signature Series with the introduction of the two-way 6040R Smart Active Loudspeaker, created in conjunction with Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen.
Koskinen’s long association with Genelec began 20 years ago with the introduction of the timeless 6040A model, the first Genelec loudspeaker to feature the distinctive minimalist curves of the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) - a cabinet design by Koskinen that now forms the core of much of Genelec’s current loudspeaker range.
The 20th anniversary of the 6040 launch has given Genelec the opportunity to re-imagine the technology within the 6040 as part of a new Signature Series.
The re-engineered 6040R now features the same LF driver design and proprietary bi-amplified Class D power amplifier technology as Genelec’s professional loudspeaker models. Other refinements include both analogue and digital inputs (supporting AES/EBU and SPDIF formats), a digital output, universal mains voltage and sophisticated onboard DSP to allow each 6040R loudspeaker to be intelligently tuned for any acoustic environment via GLM room calibration software.
“I’m thrilled to be involved in the rebirth of the 6040,” comments designer Harri Koskinen. “When I first met Genelec founder Ilpo Martikainen in 1999, he had a clear vision for creating a unique look that would set Genelec apart aesthetically - and with the 6040A, we designed a loudspeaker that was truly ahead of its time both visually and technically. With the huge advances in tec

eaw-ac6-bottom-upEAW debuts ADAPTive column speaker
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

USA - Following the success of its ADAPTive Line, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced its latest addition, the AC6 2-Way Full Range ADAPTive Column. Capable of generating a max SPL of 143db and 120° of horizontal nominal beamwidth, it’s targeted at installations, houses of worship and small performing arts centers.
Although slightly smaller than its predecessors, the AC6 includes just as many features. Managed via EAW’s Resolution 2 software, the AC6 can compensate for coverage and directivity with its Adaptive Performance technology. By integrating all factors and aspects of the loudspeaker, the AC6 can produce three-dimensional coverage in any venue, says EAW.
“With the ongoing success of our ADAPTive line arrays, we are excited to introduce a loudspeaker equipped with the same powerful DSP toolkit that EAW is known for, but inside a small-format column enclosure,” says TJ Smith, president of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “With the release of the AC6, we affirm our mission in being a driving force of innovation and reliability in the world of live sound.”


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