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x-laser-may-2018-new-releasesX-Laser releases three new affordable systems
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

USA - X-Laser USA began with the goal of making high-powered laser systems accessible and affordable for anyone who wanted to add dynamic laser effects to their lighting rig.
With the 2017 release of their Mercury laser control system, X-Laser continues to make lasers accessible and easy to integrate for all sorts of lighting professionals. To coincide with celebrating their tenth year in operation, X-Laser has released three new laser systems that will add to the brand’s legacy as a democratizer of high-powered laser fixtures.
“We’re kind of going back to our roots with these new fixtures,” Adam Raugh, president of X-Laser, said. “The Mobile Beat Mercury adds our Mercury laser control system to our most popular model line, the Mobile Beat, the model that really helped us make a name for ourselves. And while our Skywriter series is a bit newer, the Skywriter HPX M-2 is the most affordable way to get Mercury control in a fixture that is truly road ready. Finally, the Aurora Mojito brings a fresh look to the entry-level laser market, and we’re really excited to see the response.”
The Mobile Beat Mercury (500mW) and Skywriter HPX M-2 (2000mW) are the two newest Mercury-enabled fixtures. They combine full-RGB colour and 30K scanners with the full Mercury laser control feature suite that includes 400+ pre-installed gobos, 11 digital prisms with variable spacing, fully customizable gradient effects, a 0.08º to 45º zoom range, and DMX512, RDM, and Art-Net control. As with all Mercury-equipped fixtures, they are plug-and-play compatible wi

studervista5beStuder debuts cost effective Vista 5 Black Edition
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

USA/Europe - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the immediate availability of the Studer Vista 5 Black Edition console. Built upon the tradition of the successful Studer Vista 5 M3 mixing console, the new Vista 5 Black Edition brings even more advanced capabilities to the platform with the addition of the industry-leading Studer Infinity Core processor.
Studer Vista Black Edition consoles were designed to deliver the flexibility and advanced features of Vista mixing surfaces to a more cost-conscious market, bringing Studer’s legendary sound quality to even more applications, including radio and TV broadcast, OB trucks, houses of worship, performing arts, and more.
“The response to the Studer Vista 1 Black Edition has been very strong,” says Mark Hosking, director, broadcast sales at Harman Professional Solutions. “The larger Vista 5 Black Edition opens up more potential applications offering the same sleek look but in a scalable mixing system. And because it is built upon the Infinity Core processing engine, it can deliver full processing redundancy in a very cost effective, yet full featured console with the sound quality our customers expect from Studer products.”
The Studer Vista 5 Black Edition is available in 22, 32 and 44 fader sizes, and supports an optional TFT meter bridge. The console’s features include Studer’s Vistronics interface and FaderGlow technology, as well as the Infinity Core’s advanced capabilities such as Dynamic EQ plug-ins and full Core redundancy with up to 1000 MEQs (Mono Equivalent Channels).

timaxTiMax Immersion Zone lands at infoComm2018
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

USA - The TiMax Immersion Zone spatial reinforcement and immersive audio experience lands at Infocomm 2018 in Las Vegas, in conjunction with Renkus-Heinz in Demo Room N101. A selection of static and dynamic spatial 3D audio segments rendered by TiMax onto a multi-channel immersive audio system will feature as part of the Renkus-Heinz hourly loudspeaker demonstrations. Presenters will also be localised by TiMax object-based spatial reinforcement.
In use will be the TiMax SoundHub 500Series software featuring StageSpace, the latest release for the globally renowned and evolutionary TiMax SoundHub suite of immersive audio processors.
TiMax StageSpace groundbreaking AutoCalc tools provide automatic rendering of adaptive spatial audio objects for the product’s varied applications in professional audio Performance, Presentation and Experience sectors.
AutoCalc adapts to a wide range of room and loudspeaker topologies, and automatically compensates for relative audience distance and position. The resulting TiMax spatial audio Image Definition objects are fully user-editable for essential fine-tuning and creative control, delivering unparalleled precision and flexibility.
Duncan Crundwell from TiMax US distributor 1602Group and Dave Haydon from TiMax UK will be on hand in Room N101 for TiMax software demos and discussion.
(Jim Evans)

minipanel-fxAyrton MiniPanel-FX makes European debut
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Europe - Ayrton’s ultra-compact MiniPanelFX unit was exhibited for the first time in mainland Europe at Prolight+Sound 2018 last month.
First launched at PLASA 2017 in London, MiniPanel-FX is a diminutive version of the MagicPanel-FX, and the first Ayrton product to undergo a miniaturisation process. This multi-function luminaire may be small in dimensions but it is mighty in output, with a zoom spread of 3.6° to 53°.
MiniPanel-FX is fitted with four of Ayrton’s 65mm square lenses arranged in a neat 2 x 2 configuration to form an extremely powerful beam and wash light with immense creative possibilities. Its four 35W RGBW multi-chip LED emitters are paired with a high-efficiency optical system to deliver up to 2,400 lumens from only 200W power consumption. Sophisticated 4-colour mixing and high CRI readings gives “an incredible range of colours from pastels and saturated colours to most white colour temperatures”.
“MiniPanel-FX is small enough to form custom arrays as well as populate standard rig positions,” says Ayrton’s global sales director, Michael Althaus. “This lends a totally new dynamic to the lighting designers’ palette who can add this physical advantage to the aesthetics lent by MiniPanel-FX smooth colour blending capabilities and pin-sharp movement. MiniPanel-FX made an instant impact on its release in September and been in increasing demand ever since as designers discover new ways to use it.”
(Jim Evans)

neutriklogo-topNew Neutrik range offers outdoor protection
Monday, 14 May 2018

Europe - In the field of outdoor event and broadcast production, adverse climate and other environmental conditions can impact negatively on the performance of equipment and the ultimate quality of production work.
Environmentally sealed connectors are in great demand for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications with entertainment equipment like PA systems, lighting, signage and LED screens. So, for critical production applications, in the most challenging conditions, there is now a range of resilient and reliable solutions, in the shape of Neutrik’s new TOP product range.
The new series includes the powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR products, which have been certified in accordance with IEC 61076-2-103, IEC 60320, UL 1977 and UL 498, and which now also meet the requirements for outdoor use and UV resistance as laid out in UL50E.
“It is now possible to find products on the market that provide protection only against moisture and precipitation. The sun and ultraviolet rays are, in our view, also an important factor because they too influence the material and product quality over time,” says Norbert Nachbauer, product manager at Neutrik AG.
(Jim Evans)

sixty82Sixty82 hits right note at PLASA Focus Leeds
Monday, 14 May 2018

UK - PLASA Focus Leeds provided the perfect showcase for new brand, Sixty82 to unveil its trussing and staging systems to the UK rigging industry - receiving an overwhelmingly positive reception and much interest from visitors.
Matthew Millward, rigging sales manager for Sixty82's UK distributor, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET), which featured the brand on its stand commented: "It's fantastic to be working with Sixty82, whose team needs no introduction to the industry. There was a huge amount of goodwill and interest from the rental companies, technicians and venues we spoke to. We expect to receive lots of enquiries in the coming months - it's exciting times."
AC-ET's specialist rigging product division, which is based in the company's Leeds Northern sales office and warehouse, will handle Sixty82 enquiries and hold stock there.
Sixty82 Co-founder, Lee Brooks added: "We had a very enjoyable PLASA show, and having worked in secret over the past months on the creation of Sixty82, it is gratifying to see such an overwhelmingly positive response from many past and prospective customers.
"In partnering with AC-ET, we have what in our opinion is the UK’s leading entertainment technologies distributor fully focused on the availability of our industry standard product lines. We look forward to fully supporting the UK market together with them."
The Sixty82 alliance, which features innovators from three countries with over 100 years of entertainment industry leadership between them, came together to bring a fresh view into the m

asl-vipedia-pro-danteASL provides EN54 compliant Dante solution
Friday, 11 May 2018

UK - AV professionals and end-users now have access to EN54 compliant Dante solutions for AV and life safety with the availability of the new ASL VIPEDIA-12-PRO EN54 certified Dante enabled router.
Operating at the core of ASL’s rack-based public address, voice alarm and commercial audio system, the scalable and versatile ASL VIPEDIA-12 router enables AV and life safety professionals to deliver safe and reliable systems for both centralised and decentralised configuration in a diverse array of applications, including stadia, education, transportation, hospitality and corporate.
With the new, Dante-enabled VIPEDIA-12-PRO, emergency messages can be loaded into monitored on-board audio storage. The unit can interface with third-party fire and life safety systems and enables system-wide monitoring from microphone to loudspeaker.
“Audinate is committed to equipping integrators with technologies that address the systems and compliance requirements of every application and every territory,” Joshua Rush, senior vice president of marketing and product, Audinate said. “We’re very pleased to work with the team at ASL to advance this mission and to provide the integration community with such a compelling EN54 solution.”
Neil Voce, head of business development, ASL echoed this sentiment. “We seek to do more than simply offer EN54 compliant solutions, but to present the very best professional-grade audio and life safety solutions that are also EN54 compliant. That’s why we made certain that the new ASL VIPEDIA-12-PRO was Dante enabled. We th

second-warehouse-is-now-available-on-mobile-devicesSecond Warehouse goes mobile
Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Europe - Second Warehouse is again simplifying pro AV cross rental as the service debuts on mobile and tablet. Based on a Progressive Web Application, Second Warehouse for mobile can be installed on your Apple or Android device with a single tap - no App store visit required. Now, even when you’re out on a job, Second Warehouse allows you to find and hire vital equipment within minutes while keeping your own inventory busy earning you money.
Dedicated to simplifying and speeding up the essential but previously time-consuming and costly activity of equipment cross-rental between pro AV rental companies, Second Warehouse allows rental companies of all sizes to trade with one another in a safe, fast, monitored and extremely cost-effective environment. A rental company searching Second Warehouse for AV equipment will find what they need in a matter of seconds, while every item returned in their search will be from a fellow rental company whose gear would otherwise remain unused.
Further, Second Warehouse only costs you money when it makes you money. For the supplier, the only cost is a small percentage commission, while for the hirer, the process is free. Companies are also able to select up to two ‘Preferred Users’, with whom they can trade on Second Warehouse as much as they like without any commission to pay. There are no sign-up or subscription fees. Since its launch in late February, the number of companies registering for the web-based service has surged beyond expectations.
Now, the same functionality is available in the palm of your hand.<

ltmLTM extends Entertainment LP hoist series
Tuesday, 8 May 2018

UK - Lift Turn Move (LTM) has extended its Entertainment LP electric chain hoist series with the addition of the LP1000 Hoist. The LP1000 has up to 60% greater lifting capacity with a weather resistant IP65 rating as standard - a key feature for the theatre and live events marketplace.
With the D8 standard motor, the lifting capacity of the LP1000 is 1600kg in one fall operation, with an equivalent smaller weight chain for the same capacity in previous versions of the hoists.
The specific requirements of the entertainment industry, such as increased capacity in one fall operation, low dead weight, low noise emission and suitability for outdoor use, have been given priority throughout the design and manufacture of the LP1000 concept.
LP1000 has a robust construction, is simple in its assembly and does not contain any sensitive electronics. All shaft-hub connections are built in a self-centring polygonal design, meaning disassembly and assembly is faster with no special tools required. Wearing parts, such as the chain or chain wheel, can be replaced within a few steps and without disassembly of the entire chain hoist. Perfect for a happy life on the road!
Available with D8, D8+ or C1 specifications, three- and single-phase designs (except C1) are available. As per C1 design criteria, LP1000 has interfaces for path and load measurement.
The entire chain fall is designed with a static safety factor of at least 8:1 (ISO M5, FEM 2m), meaning wear of the components is decreased and the life cycle is extended four times, to 16,000 hours (ISO M5,

miniburstAyrton unveils MiniBurst strobe at PL+S
Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Germany - French lighting manufacturer Ayrton launched its new compact graphic strobe, the MiniBurst, at last month’s Prolight+Sound trade show in Frankfurt.
The fixture is a smaller version of the company’s MagicBurst, which was the first strobe fixture to be produced by Ayrton.
Equal in physical size to MiniPanel-FX (the compact version of Ayrton’s MagicPanel-FX), MiniBurst measures 192mm x 192mm and contains 960 mono-chip, daylight-white LED sources grouped into 16 pixels on a 4 x 4 matrix. Its dimensions makes it extremely easy to integrate into lighting rigs of all sizes, yet it is capable of emitting up to 60,000 lumens, with a flicker-free output that is perfect for all TV and video applications as well as live performance, says the company.
Exhibiting Ayrton’s continuous pan and tilt and accurate positioning, MiniBurst’s graphic capabilities are evident in the individual control of speed, duration and intensity of every pixel. Each unit also comes with built-in pattern effects with speed and fade controls for fast and easy scenic applications.
The luminaire also features DMX512 control, RDM compatibility, and local or stand-alone control, including master/slave modes.
Ayrton’s global sales director, Michael Althaus, says: “The feedback we have received already from lighting designers following the release of MiniBurst at Prolight+Sound is that they really like the small dimensions of the unit which is very easy to integrate into their designs and into their lighting rig. MiniBurst is small enough to be s

mw-with-ems-41EM Acoustics expands EMS series at PLASA Focus Leeds
Thursday, 3 May 2018

UK - EM Acoustics chose PLASA Focus Leeds for the first ever showing of the latest addition to its EMS Series loudspeakers - the ultra-compact EMS-41.
The most bijou EMS Series loudspeaker yet according to the manufacturer, the EMS-41 is designed for a variety of nearfield monitoring and background music applications, particularly where a compact, discreet solution is required for intelligible audio distribution over wide areas. It’s also ideal for theatrical spot effects, fill, delay as well as background sound or indeed corporate and AV use. Thanks to its space-saving coaxial design, high SPL capability, extremely compact dimensions and sober appearance, EMS-41 blends easily into any environment.
“The EMS Series is quite simply our best-selling range ever,” says EM Acoustic operations director Mike Wheeler. “Featuring our signature passive crossover design, it’s a hugely versatile range suitable for both mobile and fixed installation, as a stand-alone system or as a complement to larger systems - the list is endless. The development of the baby of the range came about mainly because it’s what our customers were asking for - they wanted an ultra-compact version to give them even more options and even more flexibility in front of their clients. And, as the customer is always right, we were only too happy to oblige.
“We’re delighted with the reaction we’ve had from customers at PLASA Focus to the launch of the EMS-41,” adds Wheeler. “We see so many customers over the two days here, and in a really friendly, intimate environment

at-hdr-h2h-88msAtlona releases 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher
Wednesday, 2 May 2018

USA - Atlona has once again expanded its range of high dynamic range (HDR) compatible AV integration solutions. Available immediately, the AT-HDR-H2H-88MA matrix switcher provides high-performance switching of 4K/UHD signals including HDR formats in a space-efficient, 1RU design. The new switcher will be showcased at InfoComm, where the company will continue its 15th anniversary celebration in booth C3576.
An 8x8 sibling to Atlona’s AT-HDR-H2H-44M matrix switcher, the HDR-H2H-88MA builds on the proven performance, reliability and integrator-friendly features of the 4x4 model with significantly expanded input and output capacity for larger-scale applications. Support for all video resolutions, audio formats, and color spaces in the HDMI 2.0b specification provides compatibility with state-of-the-art 4K/UHD and HDR sources and displays – as well as future HDR broadcast services – while HDCP 2.2 compliance enables switching of protected content.
“Our 4x4 HDR-H2H-44M has been very popular with systems integrators and end-users, and we’re excited to now offer similar benefits in an 8x8 matrix switcher for those with larger distribution needs,” said Joshua Castro, product manager, Atlona. “The HDR-H2H-88MA’s flexible format support lets users take full advantage of HDR-enhanced content, while its rich integration capabilities allow seamless incorporation into any environment or system design.”
(Jim Evans)

etcirideonwlzNew architectural wash light from ETC
Tuesday, 1 May 2018

USA – The Irideon line of architectural fixtures from ETC features “exceptional light output and a sleek, unassuming industrial design that blends in with any space”. The newest addition to this family, the WLZ or, Wash Light Zoom fixture, is no exception. This feature-rich design is designed for museums, lobbies, and retail environments.
Similar to the other fixtures in the Irideon family, the WLZ is available in a wide variety of colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 5000 K, and three mounting variations - track mount, portable and canopy.
When using a track data distribution system, both 3-circuit EUTRAC fitting for the 230V market and 2-circuit DataTrack fitting for 120V markets are available. Each fixture can be individually addressed for DMX-controlled dimming or adjusted using the trim pot located on the track adapter. In addition to the DMX control option, canopy fixtures can be purchased with either 0-10V or DALI protocol as well. The smooth, bright wash light can be shaped with the optional barn door accessory.
The most innovative feature of the WLZ is the built-in rotating zoom adjustment at the rear of the fixture housing. This enables beam angle adjustment within an impressive range of 9-78 degrees. The zoom position markers on the fixture make fixture-to-fixture referencing quick and easy.
(Jim Evans)

smarty-hybridElation launches compact Smarty Hybrid
Tuesday, 1 May 2018

USA - Elation Professional has announced the launch of the new Smarty Hybrid, a compact yet full-featured CMY colour-mixing Spot/Beam/Wash hybrid moving head with stage smarts thanks to innovative and highly efficient “FLEX” lamp technology.
Building on the success of the company’s Platinum range of moving heads, Elation has worked closely with Philips engineers to further improve Platinum lamp technology. The result is a new long-life Philips Platinum FLEX 200 lamp that sits at the heart of the Smarty Hybrid. The ‘smartly’ designed discharge lamp/ballast package produces an impressively high output for such a compact fixture while performance remains resourcefully economical with a lamp life of 6,000 hours, double that of other fixtures in its class.
The Platinum FLEX 200 lamp is dimmable via the internal ballast, which not only dims the lamp electronically but offers a Hibernation Mode that reduces power to the lamp when not in use, resulting in lower power consumption. The lower internal heat produced extends the life of not only the lamp but all internal components of the fixture.
The Smarty Hybrid has flexible use as a spot, beam, or wash light. Designed for the wide variety of professional stage applications, the fixture’s Platinum FLEX 200 lamp can emit up to 14,000 lumens while only consuming a maximum of 480W.
Outfitted with a motorized zoom with auto-focus, beam angle range differs in Beam and Spot mode with gobo projection focus realized from 2.0° - 20° under Beam mode and 3.0° to 25° in Spot mode. No hotspot is v

mistral-tcAyrton introduces Mistral TC spotlight
Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Europe - Mistral TC, is a new 14,000 lumen white LED spot fixture from Ayrton, and just one of the new developments in Ayrton’s Automated Luminaires range.
Launched at Prolight+Sound 2018, Mistral-TC is the latest in Ayrton’s range of fixtures, named both in honour of North African desert winds and some of the hottest performance cars on the planet, which “signifies a new era in the company’s development as it focuses on a sensational new range of LED spot and wash light fixtures”.
Sharing a form factor with its compact sibling, Merak, Mistral-TC is a versatile, feature-rich, white LED source spot in a small package and a weight of less than 19 kg. Designed for applications requiring perfect colour reproduction, Mistral-TC features an entirely new white LED module, calibrated at 7000K, with a native CRI greater than 90 and high TM30 readings, making it suitable for applications such as fashion shows or car shows.
Mistral-TC delivers an output of over 14,000 lumens, and has a 7° - 53° beam spread with perfect image resolution at all beam angles.
Michael Althaus, Ayrton’s global sales director states: “The new line of wash and spot fixtures has been developed in response to our customers’ demand for a full range of lighting solutions from Ayrton that cover every aspect of lighting and size of venue, with enough flexibility and stamina to meet the demand of any performance space or tour. The arrival of Mistral-TC as a complement to our Merak LED wash fixture really sees the range taking shape, and our customers are extremely e

chroma-q-studio-force-iiPLASA Focus Leeds: Chroma-Q Studio Force II makes UK debut
Tuesday, 1 May 2018

UK - After being well received upon its recent European launch at Prolight+Sound 2018, the Chroma-Q Studio Force II, a high-intensity tuneable white wash light will make its UK show debut at PLASA Focus Leeds today.
Using a homogenised LED source capable of delivering variable colour temperature, plus/minus green shift control and the ability to produce deep saturated colours when needed, the Studio Force II is specifically designed for TV broadcast and film applications but also performs particularly well in other situations demanding high quality tuneable white light such as touring key lights, exhibitions, corporate events and theatre lighting. The Studio Force II uses the same ColorSure technologies found in other innovative Chroma-Q fixtures to deliver consistent colour across fixtures.
The Chroma-Q stand will also display award-winning products such as the Color Force II RGBA LED cyclorama, wash & effects light, the Inspire RGBW colour-mixing house lighting range and the Space Force tuneable white LED soft light. Also featured is Color One 100X, the brand's latest generation RGBA LED PAR.
Visit the stand of Chroma-Q UK dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (N-E02), to get your demonstration.
(Jim Evans)

avolites-plasaPLASA Focus Leeds: Avolites debuts new products
Tuesday, 1 May 2018

UK - Fresh from Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, Avolites is ready for the UK debut of its range of next-level control products and integrative system developments at the PLASA Focus expo in Leeds this week.
Visitors can catch up with the British brand on stand N-D01 where the team will be demonstrating the new Avolites Q3 media server, the latest updates in the Titan and Ai software and Synergy, the brand's pioneering light and video integration system.
"At Prolight we were inundated with people asking us for more information about Synergy and we are looking forward to the same high-level interest at PLASA Focus," says Stephen Baird-Smith, sales manager at Avolites. "With Synergy, users will be able to control light and video from a single user interface (UI) across one networked Avolites system."
Among the system's integrative features is Light Map, an update that allows users the option of streaming Ai video colour data through any fixture group, including both RGB and CMY fixtures, to instantly integrate them into a larger video canvas - meaning that everything from high-res LED screens to LED fixture groups can be controlled from one UI.
Alongside Synergy, the team will be demonstrating the Q3 media server, a compact server designed for use in shows, installations and corporate events. The Q3 unlocks 4k playback through a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection, with 2 x DVI outputs for HD displays. The server supports EDID for all three outputs, configurable via a dedicated front-end UI. The server allows for visually lossless playback with Avolit

mdg-ceo-martin-michaudMDG Me1g fog generator launched at PL+S 2018
Monday, 30 April 2018

Germany - MDG launched its new Me1g glycol-based fog generator at Prolight + Sound 2018. Me1g is the first full-scale glycol-based fog generator to be produced by the company and has been created to deliver fast-dissipating fog effects on demand.
“For a company that is renowned for having the longest hang-time for its haze effects, we find it rather amusing that we are now producing a complete alternative with a fast-dissipating fog generator,” says CEO Martin Michaud.
Part of MDG’s Me Series, Me1g is a glycol-based version of the highly successful Me1 fog generator. Sharing its size and form factor with its oil-based sibling, Me1g has a single nozzle and 0-100% DMX/RDM control for powerful output, but with the benefit of using any of MDG’s glycol-based fluids.
The new Me1g has been developed in response to demand from clients who wanted a fog that would disappear in approximately 30 seconds - for example, for dramatic or special effects such as the sudden appearance or disappearance of a performer on stage - yet still be able to use a product with the quality and reliability of MDG.
“This is the first time this kind of effect has been possible with MDG products,” says Michaud. “Our customers - and not only those who already specify MDG - wanted a new effect in the same range and quality as MDG. Now we have created that for them and the feedback we have is very good.”
Also on display was the award-winning theONE atmosphere generator. “Time and again theONE proves to be a crowd-pleasing product,” says Michaud. “Des

acet-at-plasa-focus-leedsAC-ET debuts innovations at PLASA Focus Leeds
Monday, 30 April 2018

UK - The stand of A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET) will provide the UK show debuts of leading innovations across its product sales divisions, at PLASA Focus Leeds.
Chroma-Q''s new Studio Force II is a powerful homogenised LED source for applications requiring high quality variable white light - complementing the multi-award-winning Color Force II RGBA LED cyclorama, wash & effects light. Also featured is the Inspire XT colour-mixing house light and Space Force variable white LED soft light.
ProLights' new Panorama IP WBX LED moving light delivers a massive output and pixel ring "eye candy" effects in an IP65-rated fixture ideal for temporary outdoor events. The brand's other show debuts include the JetSpot4 powerful, fully-featured LED Spot in a compact design, and the RA3000 high precision LED Profile. Other models will be featured.
Follow-Me's remote follow spot control is a network based software package that allows the user to harness multiple moving lights from any manufacturer in any orientation to follow multiple targets or performers. Independent and flexible, it requires no sensors, belt-packs or proprietary hardware, and provides seamless fixture takeover with any lighting console.
BroadWeigh's new BW-BSd wireless USB dongle enables users to connect to BroadWeigh shackles at a line of sight range of up to 500m. The portable, wireless solution is ideally suited for laptops and tablets running the full version of Microsoft Windows.
ProLights' OmegaPIX LED video screen range includes an IP65-rated 3.9mm pitch ve

laserworlddiode-series-2018New Laserworld Diode Series released
Friday, 27 April 2018

Germany - Laserworld has released a new edition of the Laserworld Diode Series with improved beam specifications in a completely redesigned housing.
The Diode Series units are available in 1W, 2W and 3W RGB power, as well as 1,8W single green and 1,6W or 5,5W single blue power. The laser systems have graphics capable scanners at 30kpps 8° ILDA, which makes them suitable for a large number of laser show applications. The optics section of the laser system has no air circulation, which significantly reduces maintenance efforts for the Diode systems.
The Laserworld DS-1000RGB is designed as a fanless system, so it operates without any noise from fans, which makes it a perfectly suitable laser system for installations, in bars or in quiet places.
The Laserworld Diode Series has been designed as versatile low-cost solution for beginners and professionals. They are particularly suitable for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and smaller festivals.
(Jim Evans)

exewebEXE Technology gets dynamic at PL+S
Friday, 27 April 2018

Germany - This year’s Prolight + Sound show saw the worldwide debut of EXE Technology’s new dynamic stack tracks rail and trolley system – the EXE-DST66 – which draws on the success of its DST52 system.
To answer the call by live production professionals across the globe for a heavy-duty rail and trolley system for their demanding live productions, EXE Technology developed the DST66 system that draws on a total of 63 Nm of power (additional 38 Nm compared to the DST52 system) and achieves speeds up to 60 m/min at 50 Hz (an additional 36 m/min compared to the DST52).
Response to this system at the EXE Technology stand during the exhibition was absolute proof that they hit the bullseye, says the company.
(Jim Evans)

jtewithsmall4webJames Thomas Engineering steps up at PL+S
Friday, 27 April 2018

Germany - James Thomas Engineering came to the Prolight + Sound show to officially debut its safety block system for its Thomas Tower TT4 that protects mother grids from both drop and lift.
The recently-launched conical truss series for the EMEA region was also on display, which builds on its pedigree and extensive knowledge in truss manufacturing. James Thomas Engineering now offers a total of three connection systems – conical, fork and plated – for a range of structures and projects.
Their conical range includes the JT22 light-duty display system in a compact format, JT30 / JT30H mid-sized system for multi-purpose use, multi-purpose JT40H / JT40HR / JT36 truss for mid-sized heavy-duty applications, JT52 high-capacity truss with super-sized conical connectors for higher loading capacities, and the extra heavy-duty JT100 truss for extra high-capacity loads.
(Jim Evans)

kinesys-prolightsound-2018-pro101249407Kinesys catches the buzz at Prolight+Sound
Friday, 27 April 2018

Germany - Automation specialist and manufacturer Kinesys enjoyed one of its busiest and most successful Prolight+Sound exhibitions in Frankfurt to date.
The UK-based company highlighted its new Apex chain hoist system, launched at Prolight 2017, which incorporates Kinesys’ extensive knowledge, practical experience and history as a pioneer in the world of variable speed chain hoist control technology.
Kinesys also launched a new product - the LibraNODE - which can enable the EXE RISE loadcell hook as well as other third party loadcells to be integrated directly into a Libra monitoring network or a DigiHoist.
Kinesys MD Dave Weatherhead commented, “The show was excellent and we saw lots of quality visitors throughout, from the first moment of day one to the very end. It was without a doubt the most positive Prolight we have experienced to date! We were very happy.”
As well as seeing plenty of key European customers, end-users from rental companies and venues, plus a host of freelance riggers and show designers all with a vested interest in the advantages of automation, Dave noted a substantial international contingent.
This was especially noticeable with visitors from Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the Pan Pacific regions. “The show seems to be expanding as a meeting place and international hub for these areas, which is great news”.
Kinesys has increased its business in Asia dramatically over the past few years.
Apex was the focus of attention and received lots of interest. The system comprises a range of safe,

strike-p38Chauvet Professional Introduces STRIKE P38
Friday, 27 April 2018

USA - CHAUVET Professional has introduced the STRIKE P38, an IP65-rated single pod LED fixture that offers the intense output that’s become synonymous with the series, but thanks to its more compact size, it can be used in a wider variety of configurations than its predecessors.
“The response to the STRIKE 4 and STRIKE 1 has always been very enthusiastic,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “LDs have come to value them as audience lights, washes and blinders because of their intense warm white output. The STRIKE P38 offers the same benefits, but it can be used in more applications and arranged in a greater variety of patterns because of its more compact size.”
Its smaller dimensions notwithstanding, the STRIKE P38 packs a powerful punch, thanks to its 90W warm white light source. The intensely bright fixture weighs in at a mere 3.8kg (8.4lbs) and measures 303 x 261 x 184 mm (11.93 x 10.27 x 7.25 in). Aside from enhancing the fixture’s versatility, its more compact size will also make it easier to rig.
With its warm white output and IP65 rating, the STRIKE P38 can be used to create a welcoming immersive atmosphere at outdoor festivals as well as at arena concerts. The fixture’s emulated “amber shift” warms the colour temperature of the light as it dims to perfectly mimic incandescent lights.
The fixture’s 16-bit dimming control results in smooth seamless fades, and its adjustable Pulse Width Modulation makes the unit camera friendly for videoed performances. Featuring a Strobe Rate of 0 to 29 Hz and four Dim Modes, the S


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