Canada - Adamson has released the latest version of its loudspeaker design and deploy software - ArrayIntelligence V1.1. The update reflects the Adamson development team’s focus on encouraging user-generated feedback and quickly including it in the available software.
Brian Fraser, head of product and technology says: “We sincerely appreciate the feedback generously shared by the dedicated our user community. It plays a pivotal role in refining our software.”
ArrayIntelligence V1.1 revolves around an overarching goal: enhancing the user experience and optimising software performance.
The new Header Bar graphical layout brings clarity to the user interface, indicating which pages are available online, simplifying navigation and enhancing workflow.
The Gl

UK - GLP has reported its best PLASA Show footfall for a number of years. According to the head of GLP UK, Simon Barrett, this was partly because of its unmissable stand - immediately inside the entrance - but also because it placed a clear focus on promoting the new impression X5 product family integration - and the quality and integrity of light emanating from its new colour engine. But equal focus was placed on GLP’s highly professional, and ever-expanding, technical and customer support team.
The sophistication was manifest in Andrew ‘Twiggy’ King’s choreographed light

Germany - HK Audio has announced that simulation files in GLL data format are now available for Ease and Ease Focus 3 for the loudspeakers in the Linear 5 MK II series.
AFMG's Ease software is the globally established standard for electrical and room acoustics simulation. Acousticians, planners and installers can use Ease to create highly accurate simulations of any rooms.
Available free of charge on the AFMG homepage, Ease FOCUS 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modelling of line arrays, sub-arrays, digitally controlled columns and conventional loudspeakers and is

USA - Avid has announced Pro Tools Sketch, a new non-linear, clip-based creation tool in Pro Tools software that is also available as a free iPad app. Pro Tools Sketch enables musicians to quickly capture new ideas and freely experiment with concepts and songs and find inspiration with a massive library of free loops, virtual instruments and effects.
With Pro Tools Sketch, Avid addresses the growing needs of modern creators, no matter their preferred music creation style. While the Pro Tools Sketch iPad app is available for free to anyone via the Apple App Store, the Pro Tools 20

Europe - Showgear, an all-round supplier of stage essentials, expendables and accessories, has introduced its biodegradable confetti, ‘transforming celebrations into eco-conscious experiences’.
In a world where sustainability is paramount, Showgear’s new biodegradable confetti allows revellers to celebrate with a clear conscience and to elevate their events while minimising their environmental footprint.
The new biodegradable confetti proudly carries the respected TÜV OK-biodegradable SOIL certification, assuring users that it will completely decompose in the soil,

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