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powersoftPowersoft strengthens after-sales offering
Monday, 23 November 2020

Italy - Powersoft, has introduced a new care plan for its rack amplifier customers, which will be available via the company’s MyPowersoft portal as of 20 November 2020.
The plan – which has been introduced so Powersoft customers can have increased certainty over their investments in these uncertain times – includes two distinct services; Warranty Extension and Service Shield, both of which can be purchased separately.
Powersoft has always ensured that it builds products to the highest quality standards, and this no-compromise approach is what has consolidated the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, durable, and dependable machines, used by the world’s top live sound crews and system integrators.
Despite this strength, the company has come to acknowledge that, in certain cases, products might be subject to strenuous conditions that could result in the customer requiring assistance or a replacement product. With this in mind, Powersoft’s new Warranty Extension and Service Shield plans have been designed to bolster the company’s already celebrated after-sales offering.
The new Warranty Extension will cover the relevant amplifier platform with up to three-year extension on Powersoft’s standard warranty. This service is available from MyPowersoft and can be activated during the first year of the product’s life.
The Service Shield includes an option to protect a purchaser’s investment from accidental damage during the first year of its life. This grants users swift assistance from Customer Care Services

city-theatricalCity Theatrical Multiverse addresses film & video
Monday, 23 November 2020

USA - City Theatrical’s Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology is now available for film and video projects with a new line of Multiverse Studio products, including the Multiverse Studio Receiver, Multiverse Studio Kit, and Multiverse Studio Add On Kit, now available in dual band 900MHz/2.4GHz functionality for North America, and 2.4GHz band usage worldwide.
As the newest hardware building block to the Multiverse product line, the Multiverse Studio Receiver brings the advanced features of the Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM system to the film and video world with fast setup and reliability. It contains a long-life lithium-ion polymer battery giving 20 hours of use, and its full four button user interface with a backlit LED display makes setup easy and gives feedback on system performance. Each Multiverse Studio Receiver includes a DMX corded connector, which allows the external antenna to hang below the lighting fixture, giving improved data fidelity.
Two Multiverse Studio Receiver models are now available and shipping through City Theatrical dealers worldwide. The Multiverse Studio Receiver 900MHz/2.4GHz (P/N 5904) has two built-in radios, 2.4GHz (for worldwide use) and 900MHz (for use in the Americas only), which allow the user to select which single universe to receive, and which radio band to use via the Multiverse SHoW ID. The Multiverse Studio Receiver 2.4GHz (P/N 5905) can be used worldwide on the 2.4GHz band. Learn more at:
Designed as a turnkey wireless DMX solution for film & video

vista-3-by-chroma-q-software-release-3-is-now-liveVista 3 by Chroma-Q Release 3 is now live
Friday, 20 November 2020

USA - Vista by Chroma-Q has announced Release 3 (R3) of the Vista 3 lighting and media control software.
Vista 3’s intuitive yet powerful approach to lighting and media control has been embraced by major rental companies, production houses and lighting designers around the world.
As part of Chroma-Q ‘s ongoing commitment to increased functionality and enhanced capability, Vista 3 R3 contains over 150 improvements and new features. Highlights include:
A user configurable, main application, workspace that allow users to customise their playback and programming operational style to suit user preference, further smoothing workflow and providing additional flexibility.
A new FX engine feature allows the number of FX cycles to be defined, which delivers a fantastic tool for quickly creating complex “accents” or “bumps”.
A feature that allows Ethernet based data output to be toggled on/off per protocol - a great feature for Festival use where there is a requirement to connect and configure the lighting network but not output data until the appropriate moment.
Other additions include; new inserted cuelist commands, custom lock screens, cuelist flash attack and decay times, multiple GUI improvements, and an updated factory library.
“R3 has been designed to provide new and existing users with an even more intuitive user experience for creating and delivering fantastic looking shows,” says the company.

audio-precision-apx517b-acoustic-analyzer-loudspeaker-test-2Audio Precision adds acoustic analyser
Friday, 20 November 2020

USA - Audio Precision has announced the APx517B acoustic analyser, specifically designed, configured and built for the production-line testing of speakers, microphones, headphones, headsets and the wide range of consumer electronics incorporating speakers and microphones.
With the introduction of the APx517B acoustic analyser, manufacturers can deploy an integrated acoustic test system that brings the renowned quality, reliability and robustness of Audio Precision’s lab-oriented analysers to their production lines, says the company.
On a production line, any time spent setting up a new test system, calibrating a system for a new shift, or reconfiguring a system for a change in DUT (device under test), is effectively a ‘line down’ situation. As an integrated system combining audio analyser (signal generation and acquisition), power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with any required digital interface such as Bluetooth, the APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time by eliminating multiple individual components (from a variety of vendors) and their associated cabling. Additionally, and unlike those individual components, the APx517B is delivered with an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration.
"Production, or manufacturing, test is an application with its own unique challenges that, simply put, are time, reliability and cost," stated Daniel Knighten, Audio Precision general manager. "The APx517B acoustic analyser, is purpose-built to address those challenges - drastically reducing s

etcETC expands LED driver family with ArcSystem
Thursday, 19 November 2020

USA - ETC has announced a new addition to its ArcSystem Pro luminaire platform, the D4 CV driver family. This new line of drivers is designed for use with 24 VDC constant voltage LED loads, such as linear tape applications.
The D4 CV driver line complements the recently introduced F-Drive system, creating a range of LED driving solutions for a variety of installations. The new D4 CV driver line includes both wall-mount and rack-mount options, with four channels per driver, and the ability to reach maximum load capabilities of 528 W across four channels.
The D4 CV Drivers are available in the following three sizes: D4 CV 150: Wall-mountable, with four outputs of up to 50 W per output or 150W with all outputs combined; D4 CV 350: Wall- or rack-mountable, with over 72W on a single output or 264W with all outputs combined, and D4 CV 700: Wall- or rack-mountable, with 146W per output or up to 528 W with all outputs combined.

akgcs300seriesprbanner1140x400AKG addresses China conference sector
Thursday, 19 November 2020

China - Harman Professional Solutions has announced the new AKG CS300 Digital Conference System Series, offering highly scalable configurations and features to support the specific needs of a variety of customers in the China market.
The AKG CS300 Digital Conference System Series is a hand-in-hand, wired premium digital conference system that is designed for convention centres, conference centres, hotel meeting rooms, corporate enterprises and government buildings. The system includes three components: the CS300MU Main Control Unit, CS300CU Chairman Unit with Redundancy and CS300DU Delegate Unit with Redundancy.
“Modern conference rooms require state-of-the-art communication systems that deliver rock-solid reliability, pristine audio quality and superior flexibility,” said Daryl Wong, Harman Professional Solutions director, China product development. “The CS300 Digital Conference System Series provides a dependable, high-quality communications platform for meetings and conferences at any scale.”
With advanced testing and redundancy features, the AKG CS300 Digital Conference System Series provides maximum reliability for critical communications. Dual redundant microphone outputs on the CS300CU and CS300DU automatically prevent dropped connections. Both units can be connected or disconnected freely, without requiring extra downtime to boot up. And to ensure error-free operation, the entire system features self-testing capability with fault lists and locations of every microphone, speaker, button, screen and LED.
To capture and distribut

md435productmoodshot01Sennheiser adds MD 9235 capsule wired mic
Thursday, 19 November 2020

Europe - Sennheiser is bringing the sound of its MD 9235 capsule to a wired vocal microphone.
“With the MD 435 cardioid high-end microphone, even soft voices will effortlessly assert themselves,” says Kai Lange, senior product manager with Sennheiser. “Singers will not only cut through the mix, their voices will also retain that natural quality and detail that the MD 9235 is so famous for.”
The MD 435’s lightweight aluminium-copper voice coil ensures fast transient response, resulting in a very detailed, nuanced and transparent sound, especially in the treble. The large-diaphragm microphone features very wide dynamics of 146 dB(A) and can handle sound pressure levels of up to 163 dB/1 kHz. The acoustics come with a mechanical design created to take on the rigors of life on tour: The MD 435 features a metal casing and has a shock-mounted capsule to protect it from structure-borne noise. A hum-compensating coil protects the microphone against electromagnetic interference.
The cardioid MD 435 is very tolerant of sound hitting the capsule at different angles. It reproduces vocals clearly and confidently even in loud live settings.
For use with Sennheiser’s wireless transmitters, the capsule of the MD 435 is also available as the MM 435 microphone head. Benefitting from an improved production process, it will soon replace the existing MD 9235 capsule. The MM 435 features Sennheiser’s standard capsule interface, ready for use with Sennheiser wireless series ranging from the evolution wireless G4 and 2000 series to Digital 6000 and Dig

bluesoundBluesound launches powered subwoofer
Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Canada - Bluesound Professional has announced the launch of the BSW150 network active subwoofer. The BSW150 adds powerful, deep bass to any wired or wireless Bluesound Professional system and features the convenience of precision BluOS app control. The BSW150 will be available in late November in both black or white finishes.
The Bluesound Professional BSW150 is a network active subwoofer with streaming capability designed specifically for use in commercial installations. Designed to fit neatly in boardrooms or small commercial establishments, this compact subwoofer digs deeper and plays louder than its bulkier rivals. With several clever installation options, the BSW150 can be easily positioned to fit perfectly into the location of choice.
The BSW150 is based on the established BluOS platform and can be network paired with other Bluesound Professional speakers or streamers to form a complete system which is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC and internet radio stations or it can be connected to other equipment through its line input.
The subwoofer features a 8” LF driver powered by a high efficiency amplifier including a low power standby mode. The frequency response of the subwoofer is 22Hz - 150Hz. Inbuilt DSP allows for equalization as well as other audio processing. Access to content is via wired ethernet or WiFi for glitch-free streaming.

symetrixincontrolSymetrix In Control offers design freedom
Tuesday, 17 November 2020

USA - Symetrix has announced their expanded control solution, Symetrix In Control. With Symetrix In Control, users have more control from the same processor with the freedom to design, display and deploy tailored user experiences and system control solutions, says the company.
After releasing the T-5 Glass Touchscreen remote and the W Series IP remotes this year, the addition of Lua Scripting in Symetrix Composer 8.0 software completes the Symetrix In Control solution. Everything needed to get started is available on the Symetrix website for instant access to control with no additional fees or licenses.
Whether you’re programming a small restaurant or a 50,000-seat stadium, the Symetrix control solution allows complete system control without complicated programming.
ARC-WEB is an out-of-the-box virtual user interface that can be used on a smartphone, tablet or PC as a standalone primary control system or as an addition to other Symetrix control hardware. ARC-WEB can control pre-sets for volume, mute, and source selection for any application.
The Web-Based Event Scheduler is a free addition to the Control Server allowing access to events and scheduled presets by time and day, providing a way to automate routing, source selection and volume for daily changes, special events, holidays or other automated configuration changes. The Web-Based Event Scheduler is accessible from the Control Server using any web browser on a connected smartphone, tablet or PC.
Symetrix enables you to take full control of your AV systems processing, programm

eawEAW expands MKD installation series
Tuesday, 17 November 2020

USA - Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has unveiled the MKD1200 Series, the newest additions to the MKD Series of full range loudspeakers created for installation applications. The MKD1294 and MKD1264 are three-way designs engineered to produce high output levels and outstanding fidelity while maintaining broadband pattern control for use in applications ranging from stadiums to small music venues.
Both models incorporate dual 12-inch low-frequency transducers with 3-inch vented voice coils, and coaxial 3.5-inch voice coil midrange and 1.75-inch voice coil high-frequency compression drivers. Nominal beamwidth of the MKD1294 is 90º horizontal x 45º vertical, while that of the MKD1264 is 60º horizontal x 45º vertical. The large-format horn utilised in the MKD1294 and MKD1264 may be rotated for increased versatility in pattern control, providing sound system integrators with a wide variety of installation options.
“The MKD Series takes concepts from our highly successful QX and MK Series, and applies them to new dual-woofer designs,” states TJ Smith, president of EAW. “We’ve developed new transducers that can be driven an octave lower than standard drivers through use of our Beamwidth Matched Crossover technology. Using this approach, we’re able to increase low-frequency output by as much as 6 dB while notably improving beamwidth along the axis of the dual woofers.”

virtual-solutionsCalibre addresses webinar and event productions
Monday, 16 November 2020

UK - Calibre UK has announced several new features in its flagship HQPro1000 for Live Virtual Solutions.
“The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating how businesses use technology to operate and is transforming the way that people work, interact and even how they live,” said Willy Tsai, managing director at Calibre UK. “Calibre’s Live Virtual Solution (LVS) meets the evolving needs of people working in virtual classrooms, conferences, webinars, event and studios enabling them to reach their audiences in an immersive and augmented way.”
Calibre’s LVS includes the HQPro1000 processor with modular architecture and 4K60 4:4:4 image processing. It offers support for multiple sources and layers, plus a confidence monitor output. Scaling is provided by Calibre's best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology for true seamless, fast and transitional switching between scenes.
Virtual presentations can be fully customised using The Calibre LVS. For event virtualisation, it is possible to insert a virtual background transporting the presenter into any location or space.
New features of HQPro1000 for Live Virtual Solution includes high-quality chroma-keying and luma-keying with no requirement for any additional hardware or software preserving the latency for live presentation, objects or presenter where the background can easily be inserted. Advanced area of interest allows for versatile adjustments per layer to show what the users want to concentrate on, whether the source is a camera on a lecturer or something pre-recorded.
Up-to 1

laptopSAE launches Audient console simulator
Monday, 16 November 2020

Australia - An Audient mixing desk was chosen to be at the heart of the SAE Audient ASP4816 Simulator launched this month. The brainchild of Dr Mark Bassett, director of academic quality assurance for licensed territories at SAE Creative Media Institute, this digital tool provides students with remote access to a fully-functional, audio capable, photo-realistic simulation of the small format Audient ASP4816 console - and is publicly and freely available.
“I designed the software as a teaching tool to allow students to learn the signal flow of the ASP4816 and practice using the console while off-campus,” explains Mark, highlighting the advantage of giving students the chance to download the software at home and really get to know the desk before they tackle it in a school setting.
“The simulator was created by taking a high-resolution photo of the console and programming it to function from a UI perspective, so the interaction is as authentic as possible to the physical console; all the dials, switches, lights, and faders are visually and functionally identical to the real thing. Once the console is ‘visually functional’, it is then programmed to function from an audio signal processing perspective so that it replicates the audio functions of the physical console. Learning and teaching assets and modes of operation are then added.”
Mark continues, “As it is a digital simulation, students cannot connect microphones to the console, so I created the Audio Inputs feature to allow students load audio files to function as microphone inputs or

danleysm90wallbracketDanley extends full-range SM Series
Friday, 13 November 2020

USA - Danley Sound Labs has introduced the SM90, the latest addition to its SM Series of full-range loudspeakers. Like other members of the series, the SM90 uses the patented, Synergy Horn technology from acoustician Tom Danley to deliver musicality, intelligibility and impact.
The SM90 delivers a 90° conical coverage pattern and accommodates multiple mounting options from wall-mount, to ceiling or suspension mounting to pan/tilt via threaded inserts, on the rear of the cabinet, when using the Adaptive Technologies MM-060 bracket.
It delivers flat output from 63Hz to 24kHz (-3dB) and a frequency range of 40Hz to 30kHz (-10dB) with a coaxial twelve-inch and one-inch driver allowing it to deliver 120dB continuous and 126dB peak output while handling 300W continuous and 1,200W peak. Another Danley feature is the built-in Sentinel high-frequency protection circuitry.
“The SM90 is an extremely flexible solution that is an excellent main PA for smaller houses of worship, auditoriums or theatres, or can be used as delay- or fill-speakers in larger venues,” said Skip Welch, director of sales and marketing with Danley Sound Labs. “Designers have always noted that our extensive product offerings, which span a complete range of output needs and coverage patterns, make it possible to design almost any space with Danley products. The SM90 is yet another useful tool in that collection.”
At 55 lbs., the Danley SM90 is built from Baltic birch with a polyurea coating and is available in standard black or white, with custom colours available.

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-continues-expanding-crms-series-by-slimming-downAlcons Audio expands CRMS Series
Friday, 13 November 2020

The Netherlands - The CRMS-SRIW/120 has been developed as an ultra-compact reference main / screen system - or compact surround system in immersive sound-for-picture applications. It can also be used as full-range sound system in any installed audio application, where a very high quality sound reproduction with inconspicuous in-wall or on-wall mounting is required.
As such, typical applications include sound system for auditoria, performing arts theaters, screening rooms, post-production facilities and dubbing stages, premium home cinemas and quality-conscious cinemas.
The CRMSC-SRIW/120 is part of the CRMSC system series. By utilising identical MHF components, a voicing matching between screen- and surround system is realised, resulting in a wide and uniform sound stage throughout the entire listening area.
Featuring the patented Alcons pro-ribbon transducer technology, the CRMSC-SRIW/120 surround combines clarity and intelligibility with an unusually high dynamic range.
The two-way passive-filtered CRMSC-SRIW/120 system consists of the RBN202 pro-ribbon driver for HF and a vented 6.5” mid-bass for LF reproduction; the HF section has a 500 W peak power input, enabling a 1:16 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion from 1 kHz to beyond 20 kHz.
Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D, comments, “One of the strongest and continuously returning requests we have been receiving from the customers and installers on the CRMS series, has been minimal cabinet depth. The new patent-pending waveguide we’ve developed, enables us to

modulopi-xreventsModulo Pi adds Extended Reality capabilities
Thursday, 12 November 2020

France - Modulo Pi has announced the addition of new Extended Reality (XR) capabilities to Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server solution. Designed with the needs of Pro AV players in mind, the new version of Modulo Kinetic upgraded with XR features will make production of virtual and hybrid events significantly simplified and accessible, says the company.
Modulo Kinetic is a comprehensive media server solution successfully deployed in large immersive installations such as the Atelier des Lumières in France, also used on corporate events, and live performances like the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Over recent months, Modulo Pi has developed new XR features in Modulo Kinetic to address the need for virtual and hybrid events in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and physical distancing guidelines. The new capabilities include an enhanced chroma keyer, improved embedded 3D engine, as well as the support of camera tracking for the Panasonic AW-UE150, Stype, and Vive systems.
Based on these new capabilities, Pro AV players will be able to produce virtual events featuring background replacement, extended reality, augmented reality, and scenic extension. These technologies help enrich the elements usually met in physical events with immersive 3D environments, 3D objects, animations, and the ability to switch scenes, contents, and cameras in an instant.
Virtual events produced with Modulo Kinetic are compatible with LED screen configurations, but also with green screen setups to adapt to projects on a budget.
The Modu

strandStrand debuts smaller NEO console series
Wednesday, 11 November 2020

USA - Strand has announced the new NEO Compact 10 lighting console. This new, more compact version of the popular NEO console is now available globally and brings the power of NEO software in a 10-fader lighting control console suitable for education, theatre or house of worship applications.
“The combination of sophisticated features, quality-built hardware and small form factor makes the new NEO Compact 10 Console the most powerful lighting console in its class,” says Fernand Pereira, global head of marketing and product management, Vari-Lite and Strand at Signify. “The NEO Compact 10 offers the full capabilities of Strand NEO software optimized for a smaller footprint, with seven different onboard effects engines as well as user-configurable buttons, faders and palettes that let you adapt NEO to the way you work.”
To further simplify operation, the NEO Compact 10 includes an internal 7” touchscreen that makes it easy to program a complete light show at your fingertips, while the ability to add an external touch monitor brings the full programming capabilities of the NEO software for more complex productions. Thanks to the integrated 10-button numeric keypad and command line support, the NEO Compact 10 offers fast programming of its advanced effects capabilities.
“With a feature set that’s unrivalled at its size and price point, the NEO Compact 10 can be used anywhere, whether that’s at front of house, in a rack as a backup show control interface or on the go as a portable desk,” explains Pereira. “With four DMX universes (up t

visual-displays-492Visual Displays releases XL CLD bundles
Tuesday, 10 November 2020

UK - The Complete Laser Display (CLD) bundles, newly announced by Visual Displays last month, have received such positive market feedback that the company has decided to take the concept of all-in-one macro displays a step further. The result is the new ‘XL’ version of the bundles.
Explaining the rationale, company director Greg Jeffreys states: “When we originally announced the CLD concept, the intention was to go head to head with flat panel displays starting from 100in. But the feedback we received suggested that we could supersize this, starting from 130in, as an alternative to dvLED.” The resulting CLD-XL bundles are as easy to use and maintain as dvLED, he maintains, “and at a fraction of the cost.”
Foreseeing possible outcomes in the educational segment as a result of COVID-19, Greg’s company has been quick out of the blocks. In the new world of blended learning and socially distanced classroom teaching, visual acuity from anywhere in the room, both on- and off-axis, becomes essential.
“With every inch of the teaching space now in use with these reduced classroom sizes, it is vital that we deliver optimum readability, and thereby ensuring students remain engaged with the media, without suffering fatigue or sheer boredom,” he continues. At the same time VDL knew the set-up needed to be both optimisable and operable by deskilled staff, be reliable, easy-to-use, lightweight (for simple wall mounting) and virtually maintenance free.
CLD-XL has been tailor-made for the higher education sector, where large-format and flat p

surroundscapesBluesound launches Surroundscapes Series 2
Monday, 9 November 2020

Canada - Bluesound Professional has announced the launch of the second instalment of its podcast and video content series called Surroundscapes, featuring ‘new and thought-provoking ideas from invited expert guests from around the world who are working to redefine the workplace as we know it in the post-pandemic world’.
This series is targeted at commercial A/V integrators, consultants, as well as business owners, interested in the idea of using A/V technology to create memorable immersive experiences in commercial spaces to help accommodate our new normal.
Hosted by Graeme Harrison, VP and GM of Bluesound Professional, Surroundscapes Series 2 is focused on the Future of the Workplace theme, exploring current trends, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected things and what the workplace might be like as we look to the future.
“The workplace has been changing markedly over the last few years to take advantage of new technology which facilitates new ways of working – both in and outside the office,” said Harrison. “The COVID-19 pandemic has in many ways accelerated these changes. This series of Surroundscapes explores both of these themes as well as imagining what the workplace will look, feel and sound like after this pandemic is over.”
Surroundscapes is presented in quarterly series, with each comprised of five to eight episodes of audio podcasts and sometimes video presentations focused on a specific topic within the central theme of the ‘future of business’. Created for mobile consumption, the Surroundscapes Podcast i

dawessentialscollectionreflectionTracktion’s Essentials offered separately
Friday, 6 November 2020

USA - Four units from Tracktion’s DAW Essentials Collection of DSP Effects are now available separately - the simple Equaliser, the full featured Compressor, the Reverber8 and the Delay Studio.
The Equaliser delivers all the key functions needed to sculpt and mix frequencies making it suitable for even the most demanding of mix engineers. Its ample capabilities include an integrated analyser for rapid identification of frequency ranges, configurable eight bands for precision adjustments and a scalable interface to take advantage of modern hi-res displays and aid visualisation.
Designed to be transparent ‘even under the most demanding, dynamic, crushing scenarios’, the clear controls of the mono / stereo chain Compressor allow users to swiftly dial in their desired effects. The expander mode offers further versatility, the central display gives visual feedback on all settings and the side chain with dedicated filter and soft clip function provides effortless dynamics control.
Efficient enough to be used throughout the whole of the mix, the Reverber8 produces highly configurable solutions ‘to challenge the finest convolution reverbs’.
With the Delay Studio, users can build complex, multi tap delay lines, classic dub style FX or go further into the full sound design mode to craft ‘inventive, evolving and expressive soundscapes’. The large central display encourages more advanced sound exploration by allowing users to envision complex delay parameters.

danleybc215configurationsDanley debuts directional subwoofer
Friday, 6 November 2020

USA - Danley Sound Labs has presented the BC215, the newest member of the BC family of subwoofers.
The BC subwoofer class was developed out of what was a military project with Danley. The design criteria was to have an extremely high-output, low-frequency device fitted between the skids of a helicopter. From that project the BC412 was born and subsequently the BC215 and BC218.
The BC215 offers the same low-frequency directivity as its predecessors by utilising the same horn design philosophy, but this version also features multiple horn exit options, which allows for numerous possible configurations. The dimensions (45” x 45” x 24”) of the BC215 allow for it to “stand-up” and fit below a standard 48-inch stage deck or can be configured to “lay-down” and have a 24-inch profile when the horn exit is changed. The “stand-up” configuration allows for the BC215 to offer the most directivity and can be coupled in a pair or a quad configuration for maximum low-frequency directivity without the need for any digital signal processing.
“The unique nature of having multiple horn exits is something we have done before on our TH212 so, when we had the request to have a BC subwoofer that was as flexible as that, we went to work,” stated Skip Welch director of sales and marketing for Danley Sound Labs. “The BC215 is just another ingenious design of Tom Danley’s and we couldn’t be more excited to be launching this product.”
By itself, a Danley BC215 will reproduce output from 33Hz to 180Hz at 137dB continuous and 143dB peak. It ca

byte-controllersLED Creative updates Byte Controller
Thursday, 5 November 2020

UK - LED Creative’s Byte Controller has entered its fourth year of providing some of television’s largest shows with maximum control and small channel footprint.
The Byte Controller gives production companies and LD’s the ability to create a pixel map look without the cost of extra processing. This is done by the controller offering multiple FX layers and a background colour layer including adjustable speed, size and copies of the effects, this is all controlled from a maximum of 32 DMX channels driven from a lighting console.
Other control options are available to reduce the amount of DMX channels required while still giving the operator the utmost control.
New Features include: Virtual Canvas - allowing grouping over multiple controllers, meaning up to 140m of LED can be controlled as if it was one piece; Colour Wipe Effects, and New Channel Mode (32 channels) that allows 16 fixtures to a fit on a single DMX Universe.
Console Offset is increased to 16-bit allowing pixel by pixel control of linear effects even up to the maximum 140m of LED Grouped. FX speeds have been refined for even more control, while Setup Menus have been made more user friendly and faster to navigate. FX Stop allows the operator to stop or pause any effect at the desired point for any length of time.
Commenting on the software update LED Creatives owner Ges Smith says: “Here at LC HQ we keep striving to improve our already very versatile Byte Controllers, by listening to operators and technicians alike. Although most of the time these updates go without a

arx-pr-usb-q-front--rear-angledARX Systems launches courtroom interface
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Australia - ARX Systems has announced the global launch of the USB DI-Q USB-Analogue interface. Designed by ARX in response to a specific request from the Australian Court System, the USB DI-Q provides a solution for interfacing and monitoring the playback of audio evidence files in a courtroom or similar environment.
The USB DI-Q allows the user to monitor and cue audio files in a closed headphone environment and switch/ enable the audio output to a Public address / sound system as required. The simplicity of the setup of the USB DI-Q means that this product can be integrated easily into the existing AV infrastructure of a building. Once in place, the USB - DI-Q only requires touch button operation and the simple user interface means that it is easy to use by non-technical operators.
The USB DI-Q is suitable for interfacing any USB equipped computer (especially notebook computers) with the balanced inputs of professional sound systems. The USB DI-Q installs as a fully compatible plug’n’play generic USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation on Mac OSX, Windows XP, 7/8/10 and includes a premium quality USB-A to USB-B cable.

adorn-complete-rangeMartin Audio Adorn now shipping
Tuesday, 3 November 2020

UK - Martin Audio has announced that it has now started shipping the Adorn series ceiling loudspeakers to Europe and North America (following the first shipments to the APAC territories in September). The extension to the installation series was first announced back in February this year.
Along with the ceiling speakers is the availability of the company’s first ever pendant speaker, which comes in black or white as standard.
All the new ceiling models have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The new ceiling additions are also fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.
Comprising a 4” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-40TS in-ceiling speaker produces 108dB peak output at 1m and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 73Hz. The very wide 180° conical coverage of the ACS-40TS makes it particularly suitable for low ceilings and reduces the number of speakers required for even coverage - leading to a reduction in installation cost. It features a shallow backcan for installation in ceilings with a minimum cavity depth.
Martin Audio MD, Dom Harter, says: “We’re excited to be continuing shipment of these additions to the ADORN range, which is already becoming a firm fav

b-stationVisual Productions launches B-Station2
Monday, 2 November 2020

The Netherlands - Visual Productions has launched B-Station2, a successor to the popular B-Station.
The B-Station2 is designed to offer a user-interface to lighting projects, it is a wall-mount panel with six push-buttons. The buttons can be configured to send out a multitude of control messages via DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN.
The B-Station2 is designed for triggering lighting scenes stored in a CueCore2 or LPU-2 controller. The push-buttons are fitted with RGB LED rings. The LEDs can be freely programmed to create an intuitive user experience, for example by indicating which button or lighting scene is active, or representing the real-time colour of the fixture.
Messages from protocols such as DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN can be used to control the feedback to the LED rings. For small lighting projects, the B-Station2 is a compact and complete stand-alone solution.
Fitted with a DMX port, the B-Station2 can be programmed via the web-interface. It features a patch for 32 fixtures, six playbacks, many cues and even a basic FX-engine.
The bi-directional DMX port is RDM capable. This enables the BStation2 to discover and commission RDM fixtures.
The B-Station2 ‘speaks many protocols that are popular amongst AV equipment and systems integration’. This makes the B-Station compatible with a wide range of third-party equipment like audio players, media servers and show controllers. The B-Station2 seamlessly integrates with other devices from the Visual Productions family of control products including CueCore2, QuadCore, DaliCore


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