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rode-wigo2-product-front-3-quarter-jan-2021-1000x1000-rgbRØDE releases Wireless GO II system
Thursday, 25 February 2021

Europe - The RØDE Wireless GO II is an ultra-compact and versatile dual channel wireless microphone system. The system offers ‘the same pocket-sized form factor and sound quality as the Wireless GO, with a host of incredible new features making it even more powerful and flexible’.
“The original Wireless GO was a gamechanger,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “It truly revolutionised sound capture for everyone from vloggers to business professionals producing content while working from home. The form factor and feature set had never been seen before and many have attempted – and failed ­– to replicate it since.
“The Wireless GO II is a huge leap forward in terms of useability and versatility, while retaining all the elements that made the first edition such a success. It represents RØDE’s mission to innovate and continue evolving our product lines, always with creators in mind. The Wireless GO II is once again going to change the way people record audio for their content.”
Each Wireless GO II kit contains two transmitters and a single receiver, allowing users to capture two sound sources simultaneously – suitable for a wide range of filmmaking scenarios, from recording interviews to two-person vlogs. It can also be used as a single channel wireless microphone for recording just one sound source.
The Wireless GO II features a 3.5mm analog TRS output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets and even computers. This universal compatibility with any device makes th

audio-technicaes945ofm5Audio-Technica unveils boundary variations
Wednesday, 24 February 2021

UK - Audio-Technica has announced several new variations of its ES945 Omnidirectional Condenser Boundary Microphone and ES947 Cardioid Condenser Boundary Microphone, developed as a direct response to market feedback. All models are intended for surface flush-mount installation and include Audio-Technica's UniGuard RFI-shielding innovations for unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference.
The existing standard ES945 and ES947 models are being replaced and enhanced by the new ES945O/XLR (omnidirectional) and ES947C/XLR (cardioid), which feature upgraded functionality including IPX4 water resistance. These mics are designed for surface-mount applications such as conferencing, recording, monitoring and other demanding sound pickup applications.
Audio-Technica is also introducing new miniature, space saving variations, known as ES945O/TB3 and ES947C/TB3. These mics are suitable for the same applications as the ES945O/XLR and ES947C/XLR, but the ultra-compact design enables extra-inconspicuous tabletop, ceiling and wall mounting.
The existing ES945/LED and ES947/LED (models intended specifically for conferencing) are being upgraded/replaced by the new ES945O/FM3 and ES947C/FM3. These mics feature a highly visible two-state RGB LED ring (seven selectable colours + OFF) to indicate mute status and a touch-sensitive capacitive user switch that enables local muting, making them ideal for conferencing applications.
Finally, new to the line are the ES945O/FM5 and ES947C/FM5, which are similar to the FM3 models but feature a 5-pin XLR output

wharfedaleWharfedale Pro debuts three-way Reason-X
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

UK - Wharfedale Pro has announced the release of the Reason-X series, a three-way passive series with matching subs.
The three-way configuration delivers a response which is almost impossible to achieve from a standard 2-way system, says the company. Wharfedale Pro has used new concepts and new components to make Reason-X the premium loudspeaker series in their passive, point-source portfolio.
The full range models (Reason-X12 and X15) feature a new Z38 HF compression driver which has enormous cooling fins to disperse generated heat and a 1.5 inch ring-shaped polyethylene flat diaphragm to bring a precious feeling of space and air to high frequencies.
The 100° x 70° waveguide is also rotatable, making Reason-X suitable for vertical or horizontal applications.
The mid-range of the three-way comes from a custom Wharfedale Pro 8” driver with an aluminium basket and ferrite magnet. The LF driver boasts a 3.0” voice coil and large φ190mm ferrite magnet.
The series is completed by two substantial subwoofers - single 18” and a "floor destroying" 2000 watts AES, 148 dB Max SPL dual 18”. New LF drivers have been manufactured which feature NOMEX spiders for extreme suspension and durability.
All models are constructed of premium Baltic birch and use thick steel front grilles for extreme durability.

5yr-warrantyPowersoft extends free warranty
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Italy - Powersoft has announced a further 12-month warranty on their rack amplifiers for all customers who register their product for free to MyPowersoft, the company’s online portal. This free extension brings the total warranty length, including the four years standard warranty, to five years.
As of the Monday 22 February 2021, all customers buying Powersoft amplifiers on or after this date will need to register their product on MyPowersoft within 30 days of purchase to benefit from the extended extra year warranty.
All customers who have previously purchased a rack amplifier prior to this date, that is still covered by the standard four years warranty, can extend their warranty by a year by registering their product into MyPowersoft by the 23 April 2021.
Iacopo Vannucchi, Powersoft’s customer care and service centre manager, commented, “In the last year, we’ve all seen and experienced unprecedented struggle within our industry. This is our way of offering a helping hand during these trying times.”
By registering a product to MyPowersoft, users can check their product’s history and current warranty status. Users also benefit from direct technical and commercial support from the team, as they can request and track their product repairs. Other benefits include access to the Power-Sharing and Comparison tools, examples of Powersoft designs, and webinar session access with Powersoft’s audio experts.
“We want to provide our customers peace of mind that we have their products covered for years from the first day of purchase,

opto-m08m12Optocore upgrades MADI interfaces for DiGiCo
Monday, 22 February 2021

Europe - Optocore has announced that it has further upgraded its M-series MADI interfaces, making it compatible with DiGiCo premium consoles, and providing additional functionality.
Additionally, the new, advanced versions have all the advantages of Optocore’s popular DD-series, and much more, at exactly the same price point. M-series devices are now the principal means of plugging MADI streams directly into the DiGiCo loop to enable MADI streams to be input and output (other than DD-series and DiGiCo’s own devices).
This includes the channel count recognised by the DiGiCo devices, which is identical to the channel count provided by the DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX.
This upgrade applies equally to the entire M-series, as all available channels can also be freely distributed through all MADI ports on any of the five M8 and M12 devices. For example, one show could use an M12-BNC/OPT, and provide one (1) 64/64 MADI fibre port and two (2) 32/32 MADI BNC ports, while for another show it could be two (2) 64/64 fibre MADI.
States Optocore applications engineering manager, Maciek Janiszewski, “The compatibility of the M-series, along with the ability to control Optocore preamps from the console, makes DiGiCo/Optocore systems by far the most effective solutions for essentially all installations.
“Furthermore, when not incorporated within the DiGiCo loop, M-series functions as standalone, full-capacity MADI routers; for example the M12 allows for routing of 512/512 channels @48K.”

g7amatemesa-de-trabajo-5loresAmate offers instant conversion for T-G7
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Spain - Amate Audio has announced the availability of the T-G7, a design solution to enable instant conversion of the all-new G7 commercial audio loudspeaker from low impedance to 100V line level operation.
The easily swappable connector plates enable changeable low impedance / 100 V line operation with the same stock unit. The T-G7 is the optional plate incorporating high performance transformer circuitry and a facia mounted selector switch for 5W, 10W, 20W or 40W 100V line power settings, or a switch back to ‘Direct’ 16 ohm operation, and can be fitted in the field in just a matter of minutes.
This design feature reduces potential waste, eliminating the need for redundant circuitry and associated additional weight in facilitating optional 100 V line operation. Additionally, it offers contractors efficiencies in providing all modes of installation from a single stock holding. The design also contributes significant economies of scale in production.
Affirming the significance of the G7 in offering the market a distinct alternative to the mass market commercial audio product, head of sales Jordi Amate says: “We could not come to this market with a similar looking equivalent product, to that already in considerable over supply from far eastern manufacturers. In G7 we have something else, something more. Something that ultimately allows installers to offer a better customer experience. And that, for sure, represents the highest quality and performance to price ratio achieved with a plastic cabinet.”

wf2021Tracktion upgrades Waveform Free for 2021
Thursday, 18 February 2021

USA - Tracktion Corporation has upgraded its Waveform Free for 2021 with a host of new additional features and a focus on performance.
Waveform Free, the free digital audio workstation based on the essential features of Waveform Pro 11, is known for its efficient workflow, streamlined user interface and its intuitive useability.
New to Waveform Free 2021 is the Welcome Screen allowing users to get up and running with the minimum of fuss. It offers quick set up for audio devices, a range of project templates, training materials and the latest product news. This newest version makes editing quicker, more natural and intuitive with features like Range Selection, Ripple Delete and Heal / Consolidate / Silence. Plus, a Dedicated Step Clip Editor makes clip programming even easier.
The Actions Panel allows users to favorite their most used actions and create custom actions which can be recalled with the click of a button. In addition, MIDI Typing turns a computer keyboard in to a musical one in an instant; perfect when travelling. This function can easily be toggled on and off providing a seamless jump between editing and playing.

vivid-launchDirectOut and Vivivaldy launch ViViD
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Germany - Following the recent announcement of their collaboration, DirectOut and Vivivaldy have introduced ViViD, a customised service that permits audio professionals to easily setup remote productions using standard internet connections.
The increasing demand for remote interaction of artists and sound engineers has led the two companies to offer consultancy and turn-key packages to address these applications.
ViViD packages include Vivivaldy VPN solutions combined with DirectOut products supporting Ravenna, such as PRODIGY.MP and EXBOX.RAV. DirectOut’s Ravenna implementation allows uncompressed real-time audio over IP transmission with ultra-low latency or with buffer times all the way up to 500ms.
PRODIGY.MP is used in ViViD packages equipped with microphone pre-amplifier modules to collect analog audio signals at the artists’ locations while the headphone’s outputs serve for monitoring purposes. The built-in DSP also allows local equalisation and mixing at zero latency. The Vivivaldy infrastructure is capable of connecting distant locations and allows them to communicate at ultra-low latency of less than 15ms to enable live cross-monitoring.
EXBOX.RAV, DirectOut’s new Ravenna to MADI converter, is collecting broadcast feeds. The audio packets are sent through the network at higher latency to grant secure and reliable transmission, assured also by Vivivaldy’s re-transmission mechanism. With the control software globcon the entire setup can be managed remotely at any location on the network.
Luca Giaroli, responsible for V

cl1barloGLP launches wireless battery-powered systems
Thursday, 18 February 2021

Germany - GLP's Creative Light 1 (CL1) and Creative Light 1 Plus (CL1+) are billed as ‘the first battery-powered and completely wireless creative LED systems on the market’. They are designed for ‘maximum flexibility in an almost unlimited range of applications for professional and semi-professional users alike’.
Both feature 24 RGB LEDs and offer many design possibilities with features such as main colour control, colour patterns, a sound-to-light feature via an integrated mic and three dynamic pattern macros.
The Creative Light 1 (CL1), offers the same performance as the Creative Light 1 Plus, but is aimed more at the semi-professional user with its intuitive control options (Manual, IR Remote Control, and Android and iOS app).
The Creative Light 1 Plus (CL1+), also features an integrated LumenRadio CRMX module. This makes it ideal for use in professional event technology and wherever the CL1 system is to be integrated into an existing DMX network. The control options of the basic CL1 are of course also available in the Plus version.
The integrated 10,000 mAh battery offers considerable power, and the selectable power modes ensure an enduring performance of up to 24 hours. Whether garden party, gala event, theatre, cabaret, TV studio or large festival stages the Creative Light 1 delivers enormous flexibility, at the same time requiring minimal space. Thanks to the extremely fast setup, the CL1 system is perfect for bands, event organisers, and venue owners, says the company.
When the CL1 system is controlled via the smartphone

martinaudioMartin Audio launches first constant curvature array
Tuesday, 16 February 2021

UK – Martin Audio has unveiled its first constant curvature array, Torus, alongside new 3D prediction and optimisation software, Display 3. Both were formally showcased for the first time online at a recent ‘virtual’ launch event.
For applications that typically require a throw between 15-30m (50-100ft), a full-blown line array is not always practical, optimal or affordable. Conversely, a point source solution may not be sufficient in coverage and SPL. “Torus is a constant curvature array designed to fill that gap,” says Martin Audio, “combining optimised coverage, SPL profile and cost efficiency.”
However, Dom Harter, managing director, adds: “It is much more than just another constant curvature array. Torus was in development for three years in an exhaustive bid to further the acoustic concept and performance achievable.
“Typically, constant curvature arrays have adjustable horizontal dispersion, but their performance can vary considerably in terms of tonality and effectiveness of coverage when different dispersions are selected. Equally, many lack sufficient sensitivity in the mid-band frequency, critically important for voice projection and clarity. They also can suffer from comb filtering. TORUS fundamentally addresses these areas and more.”
Each Torus cabinet is designed for a flexible horizontal dispersion pattern and this can be manually adjusted between 90°, 60° or 75° (asymmetrical) via the unique Dynamic Horn Flare. This not only moves and locks the waveguide but also adjusts the horn mouth, including the lo

tplinkAudiologic and TP-Link offer plug and play
Tuesday, 16 February 2021

UK - Audiologic and TP-Link have announced a UK technology collaboration that has delivered a turnkey network solution optimised to ‘support the deployment and performance of business-class AV systems, through a range of pre-configured PoE+ switches’. The network solution offers the community a way of making networking plug and play.
The two companies joined forces to optimise a selection of TP-Link UK’s business-class PoE+ switches to power and support the level of AV traffic from professional deployments. Typically, this includes microphones, loudspeakers, processors, computers and cameras. A custom pre-configuration written specifically for professional AV installs was developed by Audiologic and integrated into TP-Link UK’s TL-SG2210MP - JetStream 10-Port Gigabit Smart PoE Switch with 8-Port PoE+ and T2600G-28MPS - JetStream 24-Port Gigabit L2 Managed PoE+ Switch with 4 SFP Slots.
"Partnering with TP-Link UK has enabled us to develop a bespoke, AV-based networking solution. We saw an opportunity to help our customers deploy more solutions, faster, creating an offering that saves AV engineers both time and money. These fully configured switches act as the centre to any AV solution, and continues to develop our portfolio of products,” says Ben Spurgeon, senior application engineer at Audiologic.
“Seamless audio-visual experiences are essential to the productivity and success of many businesses today,” says Will Liu, managing director at TP-Link UK. “By combining our business-class hardware with the AV expertise and knowledge of A

klangkontrollerKLANG has designs on musicians
Monday, 15 February 2021

Europe - With musicians in mind, KLANG has announced the release of its new KLANG:kontroller, a hardware controller that is compatible with all KLANG immersive in-ear mixing processors.
“This is the first hardware product designed specifically for the musicians,” says KLANG founder and CMO, Pascal Dietrich. “While many of our users love the KLANG:app, we had received many requests for a standalone hardware controller that offers the same mixing functionality, combined with a powerful, studio-grade Dante headphone amp.”
KLANG:kontroller does just that. It delivers fast tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing via an intuitive interface. “KLANG:kontroller is really simple to use, even for absolutely non-technical musicians,” adds Dietrich. “The displays provide clear colour coding and channel names which makes handwritten and mostly outdated name tags, as well as dialling though all the channels to find the one you are looking for, obsolete.”
Relative DCA group mixing and full single channel control via eight push rotary encoders provides important, fast access. “The ability to customise the groups is particularly useful for musicians,” Dietrich continues. “With eight rotaries, musicians can quickly balance their in-ear mix. This is fast, safe for the ears and it massively speeds up the mixing workflow during a gig without requiring any profound mixing know-how.”
While KLANG:kontroller is designed to integrate with all existing devices, KLANG is also releasing a new immersive mixing processor. This c

digicoquantum225DiGiCo debuts compact Quantum225 console
Monday, 15 February 2021

UK - In January, DiGiCo announced New Year New Hope, giving three lucky winners three great gifts - a DiGiGrid MGB MADI to SoundGrid Interface; the first of the newly launched KLANG:kontrollers - Serial Number 1; and a DiGiCo Quantum Range console.
What those entering did not know at the time was that this was an opportunity to own one of the first Quantum225 consoles, designed to ‘bring the Quantum Processing power and features in a compact and robust worksurface’.
Sensitive to the hiatus in the large-scale, live touring market, DiGiCo has designed the Quantum225 to be agile and flexible allowing the system to adapt to the demands of our changing world. Specified with the new DQ-Rack with integrated Dante and you have a system for AV installation and the demands of an AoIP networking environment. Alternatively specify with the MQ-Rack and get the familiar MADI connectivity for your touring infrastructure allowing Quantum225 to integrate with your existing infrastructure.
The Quantum225 includes 72 inputs channels with 36 busses + Master Buss and a 12x12 Matrix. There are four MADI ports and dual DMI ports for added connectivity, 8 x 8 analogue and four AES channels for local I/O, built-in UB MADI, optional optics and Waves SoundGrid, plus dual PSU.
The Quantum225 also incorporates now familiar features from the existing Quantum Range including Mustard Processing channel strips, Spice Rack plugin style native FPGA processing options, Nodal Processing and True Solo.
There is a 17-inch, full colour, daylight bright, TFT multitouch scre

mini-aes70-control-solutionOCA Alliance offers overhead control solution
Friday, 12 February 2021

Europe - OCA Alliance member, DeusO GmbH, has created a control implementation that requires minimal processing and can be implemented in as little as a 1kB solution. This is significant development as it puts AES70 control solutions within the reach of any and all who wish to implement it, says the alliance.
AES70 is a device control standard that offers a flexible, cost-effective approach to system control. It offers interoperable, standards-based control that is not tied to any particular control system or user interface and works alongside any audio and video networking control protocol.
“One of the fundamental design goals of AES70 and OCA (Open Control Architecture) was to allow scalability, both upwards and downwards. The initial implementations and systems using the standard tended towards larger and more complex systems, so the standard was perceived in some corners as only being able to scale upwards, and thus was best suited for applications where more heavyweight hardware with multitudes of processing resources were in place,” says Ethan Wetzell, marketing committee chair for the OCA Alliance.
“However, I’m delighted to say that our friends at DeusO have put an end to that with a real-world demonstration of an implementation within a static device – in this instance, the Arduino UNO microcontroller board as it was the smallest development device available with built-in Ethernet capacity - which required just 1 kB of RAM on the microcontroller system.”
With this (very) slow microcontroller, limited RAM and 100Mbit ethern

xviveXvive adds power supply and Bluetooth adapter
Friday, 12 February 2021

UK - Xvive has added two new items to its range, the battery driven, 12/48 volt P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply and MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter.
The battery-driven Xvive P1 delivers a full 12V or 48V of clean phantom power for perfect sound and noise-free performance. Xvive P1 can be used with any condenser microphone, between audio mixers, processors or recording units that do not host phantom power, or as a stand-alone power source – making it suitable for studio applications, live performances, video shoots and podcasts.
Compact and weighing a mere 145g, the Xvive P1 is totally portable, with enough power from its internal lithium battery to run any high-current condenser microphone for up to 40 hours, from a three-hour charge from any 5 volt USB power source.
Also new from Xvive is the MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter which allows ‘fast and stable, point-to-point wireless connections between any two MIDI devices’.
Featuring Bluetooth 5 technology for the interconnection of any 5-pin DIN-socket MIDI device, the MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter does not require special software, or extra hardware for secured connections, with twice the speed and with a range of up to 20m without obstruction.

marshallMarshall monitor offers Dante capabilities
Friday, 12 February 2021

USA - Marshall Electronics has reintroduced its AR-DM61-BT multichannel digital audio monitor, now available with Dante capabilities. The AR-DM61-BT-64DT also includes built-in live video monitoring and can operate as an audio/video QC solution for a range of applications including TV stations, broadcast trucks, transfer stations and house of worship facilities.
The AR-DM61-BT-64DT provides versatile audio analysis functions, and professional QC monitoring of analogue, digital and networked audio sources. As the first audio rack unit with an intuitive 10-inch-wide LCD touchscreen, the AR-DM61-BT-64DT can display up to 64 audio channels or isolate any pair for detailed, 96-step analysis. Its slim 1RU design includes powerful stereo speakers with volume control so they can be adjusted in quiet and loud environments along with multiple convenient display modes.
“The AR-DM61-BT-64DT is the only audio monitor that is equally at home with your existing formats (SDI, AES, analogue, Dolby and MADI) and modern networked digital formats, including Dante networked audio,” says Greg Boren, product marketing engineer at Marshall Electronics. “Additionally, the AR-DM61-BT-64DT includes a built-in web server for saved channel mixes, system settings and updates. Its speakers are able to be turned up pretty loud, which is especially useful in some environments.”
The AR-DM61 Series is the sixth generation of digital audio rack-mount monitors from Marshall Electronics, featuring improved audio quality and redesigned chassis. Each monitor has re-engineered spea

bluetoothAudinate adds Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter
Thursday, 11 February 2021

USA - Audinate has announced the immediate availability of the Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter. This addition to the popular Dante AVIO family allows mobile devices and computers to wirelessly connect to any Dante audio network for playout or recording.
The Dante AVIO family of adapters allow users to easily use non-networked audio equipment on a Dante audio networkDante AVIO is available in 1- or 2-channel analogue input or output configurations as well as AES3/EBU, USB and now Bluetooth versions.
The Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter brings Bluetooth 5.0 performance, delivering high-quality audio from phones, tablets and computers to any audio devices on a Dante network, says the company. Pairing devices is simple and straightforward, allowing for automatic connections to paired devices when in range. Dante AVIO Bluetooth is ideal for playback to larger sound systems, and for connecting networked speakers and microphones to mobile conferencing software running on tablets and smartphones.
“The new Dante AVIO Bluetooth adapter provides a cost-effective way for audio professionals to get the benefits of networking while using the familiar devices they already own,” says Mark Gerrard, senior product manager at Audinate. "Bluetooth connectivity brings Dante audio networking to the world of wireless devices."
In addition to Bluetooth, a USB-C compatible version of the popular Dante AVIO USB adapter is slated for release soon.

powersoftPowersoft launches BIM models
Thursday, 11 February 2021

Italy - Powersoft is set to release BIM models for each of its rack mount amplifier platforms, as well as Mover and Deva HD.
The BIM files can be inserted into building information modelling software to inform other specialists involved in a project of each product’s particular characteristics. Common examples of existing products that already have BIM are lighting fixtures, fire alarms, and even some furniture and telecommunications equipment.
These new models have been created to help a prospective architect and / or consultant to specify Powersoft products in their BIM project and to keep all parties informed of their operational characteristics. Associated data parameters - such as its physical dimensions, connections, thermal dissipation, current draw, wattage, and nominal AC voltage - will be embedded within each Powersoft product’s BIM file, along with a detailed 3D drawing.
The models will be available for use across a broad range of software platforms including Revit, AutoCAD, Procore, BIM 360, InEight, Archibus, ISETIA BIM, and ProjectWise.
Multiple BIM files have been created for some Powersoft products. Mover, for example, has separate models to accommodate for the differences between its Direct Drive and Inertial Drive models, while separate BIM have also been created for the wall-mount and rack-mount Mezzo configurations. Within the rack-mount BIM for Mezzo, the user has the option to mount the Mezzo as a single unit, or together with another Mezzo in a dual rack-mount configuration.
“Given that more and more AV pro

tesseraBrompton debuts updated Tessera software
Monday, 8 February 2021

UK - Brompton Technology has announced the release of its new Tessera V3.1 software, providing users of Tessera SX40 and S8 LED processors with features including HFR+ and Frame Remapping that deliver “key benefits for creatives working in virtual production and cinematography, as well as for markets such as sports broadcast, simulation and virtual reality”.
Tessera’s High Frame Rate (HFR) function already gives the power to display the video content on an LED screen at up to 144 fps (frames per second). The latest Tessera update extends this with HFR+, allowing the Tessera SX40 and S8 to support up to a massive 250 fps. This gives smoother visuals in eSports and simulator applications using high-framerate content.
“The maximum framerate available will depend on the panel type(s) in use and may range from 60fps to a maximum of 250fps,” explains Chris Deighton, Brompton’s CTO. “The maximum framerate for each panel type can be viewed in the processor's Fixture Library screen, or by using Tessera Remote in Offline Editor mode if no hardware is available. Combining the maximum framerate of 250fps with our existing Ultra Low Latency mode delivers an incredible end-to-end system latency of just 4ms.”
Frame Rate Multiplication is another pre-existing feature in Tessera software which gives the ability to output each input frame multiple times to create a higher output framerate on the LED screen, and is a useful tool to ensure a camera will see a complete image every time its shutter opens.
This is augmented in Tessera V3.1 with a new

sslSolid State Logic debuts UF8 DAW controller
Friday, 5 February 2021

UK - The new Solid State Logic UF8 controller delivers ‘a new level of user focused design; insightful displays, intelligent fader and control access and function, multiple stand angles for user defined placement, and a production workflow enhancing control layout’. The high-spec touch sensitive faders, encoders, and high-resolution colour displays, compliment the premium build quality that belie this new price point for an SSL controller, says the company.
Expandable to a 32 channel control surface with integration for all major DAW platforms, UF8 is suited to music creation, production and mixing, post production and webcasting. The new SSL 360° control software manages multi-controller configurations, customised user keys, and DAW switching across multiple layers, allowing for seamless switching between numerous sessions.
Andy Jackson, SSL studio product manager, comments, “UF8 is an obvious next step in SSL’s development in ergonomically designed studio tools for todays’ mixers, producers and creators. The layout and build quality are all about our fixation with ‘human engineering’; creating products that keep you in the creative zone with high-speed access to every fader or control, without operator fatigue or discomfort.”

sxc115Martin Audio SXC subwoofers now shipping
Thursday, 4 February 2021

UK - Martin Audio reports that the previously announced SXCF118 and SXC115 compact, high performance cardioid subwoofers are now shipping.
Purpose designed to partner the WPS and WPM line arrays respectively, these additions to the product portfolio are suitable for both live sound reinforcement and fixed installations, says the company.
The SXCF118, a flyable version of the SXC118, has been engineered to match the WPS optimised line array system, while the ground stack SXC115 will add low frequency extension to the WPM.
The SXCF118 combines maximum low frequency output with exceptional pattern control. It features an 18” (460mm) forward facing driver and a 14” (356mm) rear facing driver, each driven independently by separate amplifier channels and DSP. Each driver has its own chamber with optimised bass reflex porting. This arrangement produces a cardioid dispersion pattern which maximises the front radiation, while reducing unwanted radiation behind the subwoofer.
The SXC115 follows similar principles and contains a 15” (380mm) front facing driver and 12” (300mm) rear facing driver, each driven, again, independently by separate amplifier channels and DSP. Each driver, similarly, has its own chamber with optimised bass reflex porting. It is the perfect accompaniment to WPM or alternatively can be used with a pole mount for Martin Audio point source loudspeakers.
Martin Audio MD Dom Harter says: “We are delighted to actually start shipping these innovative cardioid subwoofers to customers. Demand has been strong and our init

yamahacl3Neutrik control added to Yamaha CL/QL series
Wednesday, 3 February 2021

UK - Neutrik has announced that with the recent version 5.6 firmware update for its CL/QL digital mixing console series, Yamaha has added preamp remote control options for Neutrik’s new NA2-IO-DPRO Dante audio network device.
“There’s no doubt that the future within the Pro AV market is based on interoperability between different devices within an application. We have found the perfect partner with Yamaha to enable this feature for better ease of use and enhanced customer experience,” says Florian Frick, product manager for Neutrik.
With the CL/QL firmware update Yamaha added this specific support for Neutrik’s small but powerful I/O solution, adding more flexibility in a network setup for Line, MIC and AES signals.
“Yamaha is delighted to have been able to integrate control of the NA2-IO-DPRO into the CL/QL series with the release of our V5.6 firmware,“ says Motome Tanaka, Yamaha manager, marketing and sales group. “This collaboration further extends the options for CL/QL systems. In combination with the R series, customers can make their systems even more flexible.”

teamconnectceilingapplicationconference-roomSennheiser introduces TeamConnect update
Monday, 1 February 2021

UAE - Sennheiser has introduced a free firmware update for its Team Connect Ceiling 2 microphone solution for conferencing audio in business and distance learning applications
“We have many happy TeamConnect Ceiling 2 users across the globe, and we asked ourselves: What if they could use their existing tech for even more?” says Jens Werner, portfolio manager in Sennheiser’s Business Communication division. “This was the starting point for designing the latest software update which adds the TruVoicelift functionality to TeamConnect Ceiling 2. It endows the mic array with many innovative features for perfect audio all the way to the back row.”
For existing TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) implementations, users can now add the TruVoicelift functionality simply by installing the free firmware update (1.6.4) via the new version of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit app (4.3.0).
Depending on the size and configuration of the room, additional TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphones can now be installed as audience mics, thus creating a completely touchless microphone solution that reduces potential hygiene risks.
TruVoicelift is powered by an advanced frequency shift algorithm that delivers a few crucial extra dB of gain – an enhancement that could make all the difference to clarity. At the same time, TruVoicelift also includes a “feedback prevention mute” function – if levels should get too loud, TCC 2 briefly mutes to prevent any feedback. Speakers can therefore relax and focus on their presentation, knowing that TeamConnect Ceiling 2 will p

maverick-force-1-spotChauvet Professional extends Force series
Monday, 1 February 2021

USA - Chauvet Professional has introduced the Maverick Force 2 Profile and Maverick Force 1 Spot.
“We developed the new Maverick Force series to address the demand for compact, but powerful fixtures that our touring and broadcast customers have been asking for,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “Smaller framed, easier-to-handle fixtures are especially well-suited to today’s social distancing environment where limited set-up crews are expected to do the jobs that were once performed by more people.”
The units are not only designed to be lightweight and compact, their output also has force from power-packed advanced LED engines. Weighing in under 60lbs (27.2kg), the Maverick Force 2 Profile is powered by a 580-watt LED engine that produces an intensely bright 21,000 lumen output. Tipping the scales even less than its stable mate, the under 50-lb (22.7 kg) Maverick Force 1 Spot features a 470-watt LED engine capable of blasting out 20,000 lumens of brightness. Both high-output fixtures produce an array of hues from brilliant reds to soft pastels with CMY+CTO color mixing and an added color wheel with CTB and CRI filters for design flexibility.
Maverick Force 2 Profile features a quick four-blade framing shutter system with 120-degree rotation for precise control, a 7° to 55° zoom to cover a wide range of areas, and 16-bit dimming for smoother fades. Added versatility is provided by its five-facet prism with frost, motorized iris, two rotating gobo wheels, and animation wheel. Maverick Force 1 Spot’s effect wheelhouse has one rotating


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