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lea-proLEA Professional strengthens network security
Wednesday, 21 July 2021

USA - LEA Professional has announced new 802.1X security protocol for the company’s range of Connect Series amplifiers.
802.1X is an IEEE Standard for Port-Based Network Access Control that provides protected authentication for devices on the network and provides secure network access. 802.1X is the gold standard of network authentication security and defines authentication controls for any user or device trying to access a LAN or WLAN.
This new feature further protects data and equipment from a cyberattack, while also preventing rogue devices from connecting to the local network and releasing viruses, malware, or allowing man-in-the-middle attacks.
According to Bradley Drummond, director of application engineering & consultant relations at LEA Professional, the new protocol ensures that the Connect Series amplifiers are more secure than ever.
“Security has been central to our work at LEA from the beginning,” said Drummond. “We have always set out to design and produce products that are built with reliability and certainty in mind. 802.1X takes our product security to the next level which, is particularly important for financial institutions, tech companies, governments and other organizations with stringent network security policies.
“Now, when our customers win jobs that require 802.1X authentication, they can continue to depend on LEA products for amplification and they won’t have to look for alternative products.”

arcadia-graphic1200x630r1Clear-Com debuts Arcadia Central Station
Wednesday, 21 July 2021

USA - Clear-Com has announced the Arcadia Central Station, a scalable IP platform which integrates all wired and wireless partyline systems, including the FreeSpeak family of digital wireless solutions and HelixNet Digital Partyline. The system can license up to 96 IP ports in a single RU device, with further licensing add-ons anticipated in the future, making Arcadia the intercom centre-piece for a wide range of applications best served by partyline workflows.
Designed with input from Clear-Com’s extensive global live sound user base, Arcadia represents the next evolution in partyline workflows, combining digital, analogue and AoIP intercom technologies into a single integrated system. From the Broadway stage to a growing community congregation to the largest and most complex live events, Arcadia is suited for a wide variety of applications, in part due to its flexible licensing-based model that allows future expansion, says Clear-Com.
Arcadia provides general connectivity to a wide range of Clear-Com endpoints through a mixture of 2-wire and 4-wire audio ports, together with third-party Dante and AES67 AoIP devices. Additionally, it supports the full range of FreeSpeak digital wireless products, encompassing the 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and the upcoming integration with HelixNet.
The need for simple and quick adjustments to the system is reflected in Arcadia’s two large front panel touchscreens, with four rotary encoders to quickly scroll through menus or for use as a four-way key station. The system is configured and monitored throug

jdseriesAbsen unveils Jade Dragon display panels
Friday, 16 July 2021

Germany - LED manufacturer Absen has launched the Jade Dragon (JD) Series, its latest LED display series, as announced in its March online product launch.
As a transparent LED display solution, created to be used in windows or to divide spaces, the JD Series boasts a lightweight 6.5kg design, as well as a thin 10mm thickness and up to 86% transparency.
Featuring brightness of up to 7,000nits and a high refresh rate of 3,840Hz/20,000Hz, the JD Series will be ‘eye-catching and bold, and uncompromised by the transparency of the screen’. Retailers, meanwhile, will gain the added benefit of windows that can not only provide ample light and visibility for instore products, but also advertise to and attract customers simultaneously, says Absen.
The standard size of the panels in the series is 1,000mm by 500 mm, but the three models in the series offer alternative sizing and design customisation to meet more creative demands. The models differ in pixel pitch and transparency and can be frame-less if required. The JD10 and the JD16 are capable of over 80% transparency and can be fully customised in shape, down to the LED strip. In addition, customers can choose to install the transparent PC cover for the JD3.9 model, which further protects the panel and prevents dust build-up.
“Over the last year, businesses across the globe have faced unprecedented challenges,” said Ben Phelps, Absen’s retail industry director. “The Jade Dragon Series will enable businesses to create state-of-the-art experiences that customers enjoy being in, while also b

rcfRCF extends NX Series with three new models
Friday, 16 July 2021

Italy - RCF has added three models to the NX Series portable audio system series. RCF engineers have merged purpose-designed transducers, a constant directivity waveguide, FiRPHASE processing, and newly-added Bass Motion Control algorithms, all driven by a powerful amplifier with 2100 Watts Class-D technology. Durably built in a rugged wooden enclosure, NX 9 is tour-ready, and delivers ‘remarkable audio performance and versatility to any professional audio application’, says RCF.
Now 50% more powerful than previous models, NX 9 manages high sound pressure levels, says RCF. The amplifier is energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan. The circuit is attached to a solid aluminium heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts. Performance improvements are enabled by the new 1.75" compression driver with Polyimide-Kapton dome featuring a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs. The combination of purpose-designed woofers and the constant directivity waveguide produces coherent coverage on the listening area.
These components work in harmony with two RCF exclusive DSP algorithms, one for phase linearisation and crossover design, the other for woofer excursion management. FiRPHASE allows for a coherent distribution of sound without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies to the system. With proprietary FiRPHASE technology, the new shape, and the placement of the vented ports, the speaker now acts as a single source for a true sound image.
The woofer excursion management feature, Bass Motion Control works by creating

greenGreen Voltage extends emission-free range
Thursday, 15 July 2021

UK - Battery powered generator specialists, Green Voltage, has extended its range of emissions free, mobile power systems, with the addition of a new 20kW E-Gen unit.
Designed specifically for use within the film, TV and live production industries, the 20kW E-Gen delivers ‘new levels of power and performance’. Adding to the company’s selection of 2kW and 5kW units, the 20kW offers ‘even greater quotas of robust, reliable mobile power - enough to keep you powered right throughout the day’.
Green Voltage director Adam Baker says, “We worked hard to make sure our new 20kW is a premium, powerful extension to our range of E-Gen systems. Like the 2kW and 5kW, the 20kW is completely emissions free and silent, but remains extremely capable and perfectly suited to all types of application.”
Having established themselves as a popular choice with crews working in the studio, live venue or the most extreme locations, the E-Gen range is suitable for powering lighting, electrical and camera units, or any other department, on productions of all size and genre.
Gaffer David Sinfield (Wonder Woman 2, No Time to Die) comments, “The E-Gen units have been the ideal solution for the provision of mobile power in some pretty remote and extreme locations. They have however, proved exceptionally useful when working in noise restrictive and emission sensitive areas. The addition of a 20kW unit is a great extension to the range.”
Following their recent product launch, the 20kW units are available for rental now, directly via Green

rcfRCF debuts ART 9
Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Italy - RCF has unveiled the ART 9 series, a range of six active loudspeakers that can be used as the main sound system, fills, or stage monitors.
This is the ninth generation of the series, which brings speakers with 10" to 15" drivers and a new cabinet design. All speakers also feature a 2,100W two-channel Class-D amplifier with advanced DSP processing.
RCF says ART 9 speakers are 50% more powerful than previous models, with “extremely high” sound pressure levels. The amplifier is energy-efficient so there is no need for a cooling fan. The circuit is attached to a solid aluminium heat exchanger in the back of the unit with no moving parts. Performance improvements are assured by new RCF transducers, featuring advanced materials such as kapton, titanium, and neodymium.
The new 1.75-inch compression driver with polyimide-kapton dome features a new bonding technology and reinforced ribs that make it 10 times more durable than previous models, whilst newly-designed woofers gain more stability over high currents, with less distortion. Every woofer design is tested with a 200-hour continuous signal to stress the transducer at extreme levels, says RCF.
Meanwhile, the new True Resistive Waveguide (TRW) housing is the result of several refinements in both the transducers' and the vented ports' design with Finite Element Analysis, and constant measurement in RCF anechoic chambers. TRW mimics a resonance-free pure resistive load reducing the high-frequency distortion of a classic horn. With its asymmetric acoustic radiation, the coverage angle of

station-icstudio-bClear-Com’s virtual Station-IC now available
Friday, 9 July 2021

USA - Clear-Com’s new Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client, a Mac- and Windows-based software application, is now available for the LQ Series of IP interface devices as well as Clear-Com’s Eclipse Digital intercom Matrix. Full integration with the wide variety of LQ interfaces offers channel-based routing which allows Station-IC to connect to Clear-Com’s Encore Partyline systems, TW Partyline, HelixNet, Two-Way radios, SIP telephone lines, GPIO signalling and to any other intercom, or audio, system via four-wire.
Station-IC allows LQ users to assign up to 24 Channels with individual talk and listen keys and level control as well as optional Call signal, LQ Network Control Events and Remote Mic Kill keys for the individual channel.
Stations-IC's Flexible application window can be scaled to the Desktop while the Compact Mode allows users to access their most important keys for the minimum space. Incoming Call signals are shown on a dedicated Reply key and in the Notifications of the Mac or Windows Operating System
Clear-Com offers Station-IC Event and Subscription licenses to better meet the needs of a broad range of applications. For production companies who need to ramp up their intercom instances for a one-off event or other users who need intercom capabilities for a shorter amount of time, the Event license is a cost-effective and flexible solution available in one-week or one-month increments. For Broadcast studios, theatres, and other users who will be using Station-IC as part of their everyday workflow, the annual Subscription license offe

phantomHighlite debuts Showtec Phantom 250 Spot
Thursday, 8 July 2021

The Netherlands - Highlite International has expanded the Showtec Phantom series with a 250-watt LED spot moving head for indoor venues.
The Phantom 250 Spot is equipped with six metal gobos and one bi-rotating glass gobo plus open. It has two prisms (5-facet linear and 6-facet circular) and two frost filters, which are placed together on one wheel and are addressed via one DMX channel. Two colour wheels with seven colours plus white are also incorporated.
The second colour wheel is equipped with three correction filters: CTB (Colour Temperature Blue), CTO (Colour Temperature Orange) and ½ CTO, so every colour can be modified with three shades. Motorised zoom and focus functions, allow everything from a sharp, focussed beam to a wide, soft wash effect, manual and DMX control, W-DMX as an option, and Quicklock brackets, complete this powerful moving head.
Despite its powerful LED and multitude of options, it is compact, weighs 18 kg, and is easy to rig.

phantomHighlite International extends Phantom series
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

The Netherlands - Highlite International has extended the Showtec Phanton line of high-end lighting fixtures. The Phantom 12R Hybrid has recently been added to the series as the most powerful fixture yet.
The Phantom 12R Hybrid is a versatile hybrid moving head with a 300-watt discharge lamp that produces up to 8600 lumens. It is equipped with motorised zoom, generating a beam angle from 2.2° to 48.8°, focus, frost, and strobe function. Two overlapping prisms of eight and 24 facets can be used simultaneously, creating very dynamic projections.
Together with the motorised zoom and/or prism, a metal gobo wheel with 17 static gobos and a second gobo wheel with eight removable, rotating glass gobos plus open, it is possible to create numerous unique gobo morphing effects. A colour wheel with 12 dichroic colours plus white provides the necessary lively colours. Although it is possible to control the fixture manually through control buttons and a graphic display on the unit, the most likely and convenient way is to use the 14 or 18 channels of DMX of the Phantom 12R Hybrid. The manual controls might prove indispensable for fault checking of cables or outputs, though.
Despite its strong light output and multitude of effects, it is still quite compact at 55x32x22 cm and weighs in at 16 kg. Rigging the Phantom 12R Hybrid is made simple with the Quicklock brackets. The optional W-DMX (external module, sold separately) eliminates cable clutter in your truss and avoids long cable runs in large venues.

rl256-frontNixer Pro Audio joins Ravenna community
Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Europe - ALC NetworX has confirmed British pro audio tools and interface experts, Nixer Pro Audio, as the latest Ravenna partner.
Based in Dunstable, Nixer Pro Audio specialises in the design and development of professional AoIP monitoring, mixing and diagnostics solutions. Founder and CEO Nick Fletcher has an impressive pedigree in product design and development, having spent over 30 years designing and building equipment, including over a decade as director of R&D at Cadac.
“We already have a number of products built on the Dante protocol, but our new RL Series (launched in June) was specifically designed to have Ravenna capability in response to requests from customers within the broadcast market,” explains Fletcher.
RL Series is a range of 1U rack-mounted AoIP mixing and monitoring units available in 64, 128, 192 and 256-channel versions, configurable at purchase to be either Ravenna or Dante. RL Series units allow two modes of operation: a mixing mode which can mix up to 256 channels at 48kHz (128 channels at 96kHz) plus a microphone input (via headphone connector) and AES input to create a 259-into-2 mixer; alternatively, it can be set into a simple listen mode where touching a channel instantly routes to the L/R output and cancels any previous selection.
“Given that Ravenna is now an integral part of our product range, becoming a Ravenna partner seemed the logical option in order to keep ourselves and customers updated on all Audio-over-IP developments,” observes Fletcher.
Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna evange

christieChristie extends Captiva projector series
Thursday, 1 July 2021

USA - Christie has launched the Captiva DWU500S 1DLP ultra short throw laser projector, designed for classrooms, conference rooms, museums, retail stores and other small-midsize applications.
The DWU500S is the third generation of the Captiva Series, and it delivers ‘a host of improvements over its predecessors’, including a larger maximum screen size, a significant brightness increase and upgraded WUXGA resolution for sharper all-round performance. The new Captiva is available at the same cost as previous models and provides 20,000 hours of reliable operation with laser illumination.
“We’re pleased that we’ve been able to provide significant enhancements to our popular Captiva Series while ensuring value to our customers; delivering more brightness and better performance at no extra cost,” says Chris Kee, executive director, enterprise product management, Christie. “Its ultra-short throw lens makes it suitable for a variety of environments, maximizing space without sacrificing visual impact. We expect these latest enhancements to be a welcome upgrade for partners seeking a projector to deliver on price and performance.”
The Captiva DWU500S provides 4,500 ANSI lumens and can display 1920x1200 resolution images up to 12.5' (3.8m) diagonal in landscape or portrait orientations – a 50% increase in maximum size on the previous Captiva model. Its four-corner geometry adjustment allows users to present precise images every time, with its 0:25:1 ultra- short throw lens making it suited to installations where space is limited.
The i

rcem-z-000-0Neutrik Group launches Rean connector brand
Thursday, 1 July 2021

UK - The Neutrik Group has announced the launch of Rean, a global brand ‘marrying over 45 years precision engineering know-how with the group’s own dedicated state-of-the-art production facilities’.
Rean offers designers of audio, video and lighting products a comprehensive range of connectors featuring’ robust, high-reliability designs, that promise unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a truly global supply-chain and experienced regional sales network’.
An extensive worldwide portfolio of connectors incorporates a full range of ’standard’ professional XLR, ¼” Jack, XLR/Jack combo, ethernet, power connector, 3.5mm, phono, DIN, and dual banana plug solutions, and the new Z Series of IP65 rated XLR and RJ45 ethernet connectors. These are specified for outdoor applications, resistant to water and dirt, and optimised for use in lighting and digital signage applications.
Neutrik Group CEO Chad Trevithick stated: “Rean enables the group to bring its engineering experience and expertise to focus on a new, much broader client base, enabling those customers to more readily specify quality connectors across a much wider range of product designs, offering the end user a performance connectivity solution, industry trusted and globally supported.”
Product is now available from stock, with the range set to expand significantly over the course of 2021.

fischerFischer and Sennheiser collaborate on in-ears
Thursday, 1 July 2021

Germany - Fischer Amps has teamed up with Sennheiser to create the FA 500 Custom. These in-ear monitors combine handcrafted custom earmolds by Fischer Amps with the transducer of Sennheiser’s IE 500 PRO. Featuring Sennheiser’s TrueResponse technology, the in-ears ‘open up a completely natural, clear and spacious sound stage, enabling musicians and engineers to fully focus and critically monitor their sound’.
Jochen Fischer, founder and owner of Fischer Amps, comments: “At the heart of each precisely crafted earmold sits a truly incredible dynamic wideband transducer, which allows you to precisely monitor the entire audio frequency range with a THD of as low as under 0.08%. Having just one transducer does away with the cross-over effects and phase differences known from balanced-armature types that operate with multiple drivers.”
He adds, “Custom earmolds are probably the single best investment that you can make to improve your performance. If you are able to hear precisely, you know exactly where to tweak your sound.”
The FA 500 Custom deliver a particularly wide and deep sound stage that allows musicians to easily localise themselves in the mix. It is fitted with a detachable cable with a reinforced ear hook and break-proof inner cable duct: The cable’s sturdy anti-kink sleeve sits directly on the earmold, providing a long-lasting solution for the rigours of stage use. The clear, twisted-pair cable provides optimised resistance to structure-borne noise.
TrueResponse relies on a single, high-performance driver to reproduce mo

neutrik-na2-io-dpro-loresNeutrik updates Dante interface device control
Wednesday, 30 June 2021

UK - Neutrik has issued an update of its FOC Controller app for its compact, NA2-IO-DPRO I/O Dante interface device, that enables connectivity of legacy analogue and non-networked digital audio equipment within Dante audio networks, in the most demanding application environments.
The DPRO Controller gives users remote control of device functions such as level, mute, gain, phantom power, input signal (including patching input signals to either output) and low-cut filter; as well as monitoring the status of the device and providing the ability to change the its network settings.
DPRO also enables save, recall and loading of user presets. V2.0 introduces a completely new device discovery mechanism that dramatically improves the response speed of the software and enhances the user experience by separating online and offline devices. For optimal performance DPRO Controller V2.0 should be used in combination with the latest (v9.14) firmware and the website download bundles the updated controller and firmware.
Available in Windows and macOS versions, the Controller app requires a minimum of 2GB RAM, better than 1280 x 1024 pixel display resolution, and Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.12 or higher.
The NA2-IO-DPRO front facia features two inputs on XLR, switchable between mic and line level and AES/EBU, and two XLR outputs switchable between line level and XLR/EBU. The rear panel sports Primary and Secondary Dante ports, making it one of the most powerful portable Dante audio interface devices on the market.
XLR connector and Ethernet ports are

t-seriesPowersoft extends T Series touring amp platform
Monday, 28 June 2021

Italy - Powersoft has launched two additions to its rtouring amplifier platform, the T Series.
The new T902 and T904 have been introduced to extend the applications of the T Series further, allowing it to cover the requirements for any system deployment, including larger-scale live sound applications.
The T902 is a 2-channel amplifier specified to deliver 4000W at 2 Ohms, 3200W at 4 Ohms, or 1800W at 8 Ohms, and its high rail voltage and peak current on the outputs make it ideal for driving large 4-Ohm subwoofers (like dual 18’’) or 2- and 3-way line sources.
The other addition to the T Series family is the 4-channel T904, which can deliver 1800W at 2 Ohms, 2000W at 4 Ohms, or 1600W at 8 Ohms. This new amplifier platform is designed to power Bi-amped systems like stage monitors, 2-way point source speakers, and 2-way line sources, as well as smaller subwoofers.
Much like the rest of the T Series family, the new T902 and T904 feature onboard DSP, in-built Dante inputs, and live impedance monitoring, as well as Powersoft’s Active DampingControl for cable resistance compensation.

zero-88-rigswitch-1-cuRigSwitch is a winner for Zero 88
Friday, 25 June 2021

UK - Zero 88’s RigSwitch is a remote controlled and synchronised power switching and surge control device that is proving to be a reliable, cost-effective, and popular solution for multiple venues and installation scenarios worldwide.
RigSwitch was launched in 2019. It builds on Zero 88’s reputation for designing solid and practical power, control, and switching products, like the Chilli dimmer ranges, and applying the user-friendly logic that has always characterized the brand. Its price point makes it accessible and adaptable, and RigSwitch is opening more new business opportunities for Zero 88’s core customers.
Before RigSwitch, ‘power management’ was a department largely co-ordinated by the electrical contractor of a new build or technical upgrade/re-fit project, “but utilising this product, can now be in the hands of the specifiers or integrators who are designing other elements of the technical installation,” says Zero 88’s Tyler Holpin, UK and Ireland systems and distribution sales manager for entertainment lighting.
RigSwitch is available in standard 12 or 24 channel configurations - a popular module size to match the 12 and 24 channel format of Zero 88 Chilli dimmers - with a 48-channel RigSwitch device also available on request for the most power-hungry users.
RigSwitch can be supplied with RCD, MCB, or RCBO options - again informed by the success of the Chilli dimmers - plus a choice of different user control interfaces. Individual relays are rated for up to 32A operation.
The idea of automatically introducin

danteBolin and Patton add Audinate Dante AV
Thursday, 24 June 2021

USA - Audinate’s Dante AV is now available as part of new solutions from Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics. These new products are the first commercially-available offerings in the Dante AV video-over-IP networking platform, ushering in a new era of video connectivity over standard 1Gbps networks. The new offerings are available and can be ordered immediately from the Bolin and Patton websites.
“Today’s announcements from Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics bring the reality of easily managed AV-over-IP to life,” comments Aidan Williams, CEO of Audinate. “Complete networked AV systems can now be deployed over 1 Gbps networks with the no-nonsense compatibility, automatic discovery, and one-click signal routing that have made Dante audio the most popular AV networking solution in the world.”
Bolin Technology is now shipping its new D-series PTZ cameras featuring Dante AV. The D-series is available in both HD and 4K resolutions, and are designed for use in live production, houses of worship, corporate conferencing, higher education, and broadcast.
“With Dante AV, Bolin is combining 4K60 video, impressively smooth pan, tilt, zoom movement, and extremely low latency with the easy interoperability that Dante is famous for,” adds Jennifer Lee, director of sales and marketing at Bolin Technology. “With Dante AV we know our solutions will integrate seamlessly with existing products and deliver professional audio and video over standard 1Gbps networks. This gives us the confidence to continue offering the very best visual solutions

alchemy-701DTS Lighting extends Alchemy range
Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Italy - Two years after launching Alchemy 5, DTS Lighting has decided to expand its range of Fresnel wash moving heads. Alchemy 7 is designed to extend the range and offer a more powerful option.
DTS’s Alchemy line already caught attention in the theatre and television industries over the last few years for its high quality of light, extended colour palette and versatility.
Alchemy 7 was launched on 16 June on the company’s social media platforms, with one of its focal points being its quality light. Like its predecessors, Alchemy 7 features a six-colour chip LED source that allows to recreate a wide range of shades, especially when it comes to pastel tones.
Its tungsten emulation function will allow the LED projector to generate the same effect of halogen lamps on the dimming curve. From a technical standpoint, Alchemy 7 presents some impressive new features like a two-blade framing system with a 180° full system rotation, and a more powerful lumen output that reaches up to 22,000 lumens.
Raffaella Scaccia, sales director at DTS lighting comments: “Alchemy 7 marks a stepping-stone for our company. We believe it will meet expectations for both creative and technical demands and will positively impact our future. Our vision is to keep being a leader in the professional lighting field, and to design Italian-made products that will be known as top-quality in the industry.”

bsp200Bluesound launches network streaming speaker
Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Canada - Bluesound Professional has announced the launch of the BSP200 network streaming speaker. The BSP200 is an all-in-one PoE solution featuring the convenience of precision BluOS app control. Offered in a choice of white or black matte finish, the BSP200 is now shipping in North America and globally in July 2021.
The BSP200 is powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE+) allowing a one-wire connection to the speaker for both power and audio. The player in the BSP200 speaker is based on the established BluOS platform and is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC, SiriusXM Music for Business and internet radio stations.
In addition to stand-alone use, a pair of BSP200’s can be used in stereo configuration. The BSP200 can also be used in a larger BluOS system, allowing for grouping into user-definable groups of whatever size is required with other BSP200 units and/or any other connected Bluesound Professional players on the network in an installation.
The BSP200 features a 3.5” LP driver and a 1” HF driver powered by a 23W high efficiency amplifier including a low power standby mode. The frequency response of the speaker is 45Hz-20kHz and the THD+N of the system is 0.003% at full rated power. Built-in DSP allows for equalization as well as other audio processing. Access to content is via ethernet for glitch-free streaming. A USB input further adds to the capabilit

dalicoreVisual Productions releases DaliCore
Monday, 21 June 2021

The Netherlands - Visual Productions has expanded its presence in the architectural segment with the development of the DaliCore, a smart lighting controller for the DALI protocol.
From commissioning to daily control, the DaliCore takes care of the DALI lighting system. Targeting hybrid installations that comprise both DALI and DMX, the DaliCore also controls DMX fixtures including support for RDM communication.
The web interface offers a sophisticated commissioning tool for discovering ballasts, setting addresses and creating scenes. The DaliCore is fluent in controlling DT6 and DT8 fixtures. As an application controller, the DaliCore can work with DALI actuators like sensors and switches, making autonomous decisions and control DALI lights accordingly.
Although the DaliCore is capable to perform conversions between DMX and DALI, the DaliCore does offer ‘a superior strategy of linking DMX and DALI networks’. The DaliCore can be triggered by DMX (or other protocol) and then call DALI scenes using the luminaire's internal fade times. In contrast to conversion, this strategy results smooth cross-fades.
The DaliCore integrates easily with third party devices. Open protocols like UDP, OSC, HTML, Art-Net and sACN can be used interact with other AV or lighting equipment. This also opens up the possibility to extend the DALI system with the user-interfaces from Visual Productions like Kiosc and B-Station, or powerful DMX lighting engines like CueCore and LPU-2.

auxililary-title-1Cleanfeed Aux Ouputs offers more options
Friday, 18 June 2021

UK - Cleanfeed, a collaboration tool for high definition, live audio and recording, in your browser - has announced their latest product feature - Aux Outputs, designed specifically for the TV, film and broadcast industries.
The feature opens up new non-linear workflow possibilities for recording, live performances and more, says the company. It allows you to assign a unique audio output device for each remote guest connected to your studio. Now you can route your remote audio wherever you want to.
Marc Bakos, founding partner, Cleanfeed, comments: “We're excited about the new possibilities Aux Outputs opens up to creatives working with remote audio, especially broadcast producers. We have already seen production houses taking advantage of this new tooling, and the results have completely blown us away.”
During the lockdown, Cleanfeed Aux Outputs has helped many sound engineers to connect to remote actors to complete their productions.
With more flexible routing, broadcasters and producers have already taken advantage by speeding up their creative workflows.
Cécile Janet, sound editor, Fitzrovia Post, comments: “Cleanfeed has become our favourite browser-based audio streaming platform at Fitzrovia Post. Their new Aux Outputs feature has been a game changer for remote crowd ADR. The ability to route multiple actor feeds into individual record tracks in ProTools has removed the need for unpacking and editing takes at the end of the session, streamlining the whole process.”

astera-pixelbrick-dsc55554pcstowerstageAstera launches compact PixelBrick
Friday, 18 June 2021

Germany - LED lighting specialist Astera has added another dimension to its portfolio of lighting products with the PixelBrick.
This flexible luminaire is billed as ‘a multi-functional light source with the power and finesse of Astera’s Titan LED engine coupled with the practicality of its popular AX3 LightDrop product, all in a completely new and fully adaptable housing’.
Suitable for concerts, events, filming, or broadcast scenarios, PixelBrick is compact, light (1.1kg) and handy as an up-lighter - like an AX3 - or it can be hung anywhere and become a universal light for accenting and texturing buildings or facades. For exterior use, it is IP65 rated and therefore resistant to rain and other elements.
The PixelBrick has 450 lumens and 1,200 lux at 2m - both at 3,200K and can also be used like a PAR as a general-purpose fixture complete with a bracket.
PixelBricks can be easily joined together and built into an impressive array of geometric shapes and clusters. With the help of adjustable connectors, shapes like circles, hearts, numbers, etc. plus other illuminated scenic pieces or signage can be created. These can be used in a plethora of contexts, like performance spaces, on live events, on location or in the studio for film projects and photo shoots.
PixelBricks are physically interconnected via a bespoke engineered track system on all four sides which gives maximum scope for creativity. These tracks can also be used to mount airline track accessories and brackets can be mounted to the PixelBrick using the same track system.<

bt-rush-box-singleRCF partners with Midland for BT Rush intercom
Friday, 18 June 2021

Italy - RCF and Midland, a historic radio transceiver earphone systems company from Reggio Emilia, have developed a new intercom called BT Rush.
RCF has brought its know-how inside the motorcycle helmet to offer ‘a custom, carefully designed and technically sophisticated project’, which the user can appreciate through parameters that are easy to spot.
Features include: better defined bass, thanks to a new custom speaker, driven by power and processing; professional sound, achieved through a DPS (Digital Sound Processor); 40mm round speakers with Peek diaphragm, designed to support maximum sound clarity and definition.
Ear cushions enable improved sound performance and low frequency feeling, thanks to a memory foam heart and protein leather lining.
“The excellent work carried out together with the Midland team resulted in a precise fine-tuning of the professional DSP engine of the BT Rush, recreating a quality sound worthy of a concert, with optimal bass extension and great linearity,” says technical manager Manini.

christieChristie introduces Core Series II LED tiles
Thursday, 17 June 2021

USA - Christie has announced the launch of Core Series II LED video wall tiles, available in a range of pixel pitches, including a new 0.9 mm pixel pitch. Designed for easy installation of near-seamless video walls of any scale, Core Series II is suitable for corporate spaces, like lobbies, meeting and conference rooms, and various digital signage applications to engage, entertain or collaborate with your audience.
Core Series II takes the original Core Series LED video wall tiles and improves them, making them lighter, and easier to install. Tiles in the new Core Series II are 23% lighter than the original, weighing 14.3lbs (6.5kg). Featuring a slimmer form factor, with a scant 38mm depth, and along with a new ADA-compliant direct-mounting structure and concealed cabling, Core Series II video walls are easy to install, and completely front serviceable.
Available in five pixel pitches: a new 0.9mm and 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8 and 2.5mm, Core Series II produces vivid, clear and detailed images that are 33% brighter than its predecessor, at 800 nits calibrated brightness. When paired with Christie’s optional E600 HDR10-compatible controller with advanced image processing, Core Series II delivers content in 4K @60Hz and low-brightness enhancements for great visual performance. For added peace of mind, Core Series II features redundant on-board power.
“With Core Series II, we’ve improved on an affordable choice for LED video walls that doesn’t sacrifice on features,” says John Dixon, director of product management, Christie. “Choose from our range


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