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etc-arclamp-2ETC adds ArcLamp Flicker and new drivers
Friday, 2 October 2020

USA - The award-winning ArcLamp LED solution from ETC has received an upgrade with the addition of a new Flicker variant as well as new driver options. Designed for use in themed environments, the specialised Flicker lamp creates a 2700 K Fade to Warm effect by flickering randomly to imitate candlelight. Flicker lamps can also be used at constant brightness by changing the DMX value on its single control channel.
New ArcLamp driver form factors are now available, including wall mount and rack mount options for the 350 and 700 versions.
Along with the ArcLamp updates, ETC has added the ArcSystem Pro Four-Cell Pendant to its family of architectural LED luminaires. With this solution, the line now features both Four-Cell Round and Pendant options, depending on a facility’s mounting needs.
The popular Four-Cell Round offers a choice of hanging hardware, such as a clamp, threaded rod or aircraft cable to be secured to the fixture’s captive hanging point. The Pendant option includes a traditional stem kit with canopy, complete with internal wiring to provide a clean finish.
Both Four-Cell Pendant and Round are available in black, white, and custom colour finishes, with a clean, round form that looks classic in any venue. The Pendant offers stem lengths ranging from 6 to 96 inches, with custom lengths available.

digilive4c8cStudiomaster expands digiLiVE series
Friday, 2 October 2020

UK - Studiomaster’s digiLiVE series of remotely controllable digital mixers has been expanded with the addition of two new micro models, The digiLiVE 4C and digiLiVE 8C combine mix hardware and superior sounding analogue I/Os with a mobile device based GUI, providing access to an expanded range of professional production parameters.
The 4C and 8C are respectively 4- and 8-channel input models; the 4C having 2 mic / line IN combo XLR / jacks
 and a single stereo jack / 3.5mm mini jack input, and the 8C 6 mic / line IN combo XLR / jacks and a single stereo jack / 3.5mm mini jack input. All mic inputs have switchable 48v phantom power and variable gain control. The 4C has two FX busses and one mono AUX bus, the 8C four FX busses and two mono AUX busses; both models have stereo PFL and L-R main outputs on balanced XLRs. As well as stereo headphone monitoring, the 4C has one, the 8C two, stereo monitor AUX / OUTs, in addition to an assignable footswitch input - all on ¼ inch jacks.
Digital processing is 40-bit floating-point SHARC based, and AD/DA conversion is 24-bit / 48kHz. Both models feature a USB media player / recorder, with the USB port also supporting scene storage and system updates.
The common hardware configuration of the mixers and the html5 based web-browser GUI - operable cross-platform on mobile phone, tablet or laptop - provide an analogue feel and approach in use, along with a full suite of professional sound production features. Unique to this class of mixer are the three main rotary encoders on the control surface which enable

lak3arrayL-Acoustics unveils compact K3 line source
Friday, 2 October 2020

France - L-Acoustics has extended its K Series with the introduction of K3, the manufacturer’s smallest full-range enclosure, designed to “deliver big sound for mid-size events with audiences ranging from 1,000 to 10,000”. K3 provides full-range bandwidth, without the need for a flown companion subwoofer. Its efficient design reduces amplification needs.
“K3 is ready for the events of today and tomorrow,” shares L-Acoustics executive director of application design Florent Bernard. “Our design team created a dual-12-inch-based system with the form factor and price of a 10-inch design, without the inherent performance compromises of 10-inch loudspeakers. K3 offers long-throw, full-range performance in a compact, accessible package, tailor-made for small to mid-capacity events and venues that are the mainstay of most sound providers. It is a ‘no compromises’ tool, perfectly adapted to the current event landscape and, when paired with K1 and K2, is quickly and powerfully scalable for large-capacity events.”
Providing the full-range L-Acoustics contour from an enclosure that is 33% smaller than K2 and weighing only 43 kg (95 lbs), K3 is ideal for applications that require plenty of power and bandwidth from a small form factor, including mid-size tours, festivals, corporate events, religious services and other productions. Dimensioned to keep sightlines clear, K3 integrates easily into venues with space restrictions.
The new two-way active WST enclosure boasts laminar vents for powerful and linear low frequency response, and ‘time-te

bishopBishopSound debuts ‘British voiced’ models
Thursday, 1 October 2020

UK - Crystal clear full range flat response sound is the Holy Grail for guitarists using modelling or advanced FX processors - but traditionally the sort of amplifier and speaker quality required has come at a high price.
Now, UK PA specialist BishopSound has announced its two “British voiced” FRFR contenders. The Orion 8 300w and the 400 Watt RMS Orion 12 are fully capable of achieving FRFR quality at a very affordable price, says the company.
The trapezoidal compact Orion 8 weighs in at 9kg and includes TWS Bluetooth enabling guitarist to sing and play along to any track for rehearsal at home, in a studio, live streaming or professional performance.
The Orion 12 is much more than a conventional FRFR amp and speaker, coming with onboard Bluetooth which means users can drive it from a smartphone to provide backing tracks. The Orion also features a separate USB input and a full five band EQ so users can get exactly the sound they want. Suitable for home practice or recording but equally capable of producing 400 Watts RMS on stage or at rehearsals, sturdily constructed in moulded enclosures, the Orion 8 and the 12 come complete with a 35mm pole mount and can be used in a variety of positions, including on its side in floor monitor mode.
Offering twin channel performance, Orion users can employ the mic channel as a mono modeller input via a jack plug, the line channel then provides stereo inputs (with a mono output) using either a 2x mono jack to 2x phono adaptor or a 2x mono jack to stereo minijack adaptor. Equally, an Orion user can run v

manewsgma3-onpcsolutions1170x695New products for grandMA3 onPC solutions
Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Germany - MA Lighting has introduced new products for its grandMA3 onPC range: the grandMA3 onPC fader wing and the grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail.
The grandMA3 onPC fader wing is designed as a hardware playback expansion to the grandMA3 onPC software. In combination with this free of charge software, the grandMA3 onPC fader wing offers the full playback capabilities and adds 2,048 parameters to the grandMA3 onPC parameter count.
The range of grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes DIN-Rail are specifically designed for the ever-increasing demands in fixed installation applications to build a reliable and stable backbone of synchronized data transportation. All Nodes are remotely configurable from any console or onPC station within the session to provide easy access to DMX output or DMX input.
The grandMA3 onPC range offers powerful and easy to use solutions that are a cost-effective entry into the professional lighting world of MA Lighting.
It consists of two components – the free, easy-to-install and use grandMA3 onPC software for MAC and Windows, plus the powerful onPC hardware solutions.
The grandMA3 onPC software delivers the same performance and uses the same software functionality as the grandMA3 full-size, light and compact models.
The scalable grandMA3 onPC solution system is suitable for budget-sensitive events and installations. Different hardware options in combination with the free-of-charge grandMA3 onPC software build the basis for a genuine lighting control system.

nanlux-dyno-seriesNanlux introduces Dyno Series softlights
Wednesday, 30 September 2020

China - The new Dyno Series softlights from Nanlux has been developed for film, broadcast and media applications for both studio and location work.
Backed by almost 30 years of experience operating at the cutting edge of lighting technology, the Nanlux family of professional LED products are amongst the most innovative, versatile, energy efficient soft sources available. Built using state of the art LED technology, the Dyno Series has been expertly engineered to combine stunning levels of ultra-efficient, low energy illumination with complete control, allowing users the artistic freedom to innovate and explore.
The Dyno Series allow precision management over every aspect of their output. Flicker free, fully tuneable between 2,700K and 20,000K and dimmable from 0-100% in ultra-precise intervals of just 0.1% (1-100%), whether choosing tungsten, daylight or from over 16 million available colours, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless.
Robert Kulesh, executive VP Nanlux Americas, comments: “We are immensely proud to be introducing the Dyno Series. This exciting, new family of LED softlights offers users a hugely effective, low energy alternative to traditional light sources. They are feature rich, extremely capable and incredibly versatile.”
Both the 650W and 1200W units feature a collection of preset, fully customisable effects plus an extensive ‘gel library’, allowing users to instantly switch between a huge variety of looks or to match almost any lighting filter configuration.
The low profile, intelligent design, make

claypaky-mini-b-parled-aqua3Claypaky debuts weather-resistant LED PAR
Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Europe - The Claypaky MINI-B PARLED Aqua is a weather-resistant, mini par fixture with 40W RGBW LEDs.
With the increasing demand for weather-resistant fixtures for entertainment and architecture applications, Claypaky’s MINI-B PARLED Aqua fits the needs for size, output, and features, says the company. With its seven Osram 40W RGBW LED engine, this little fixture makes it one of the brightest available.
MINI-B PARLED Aqua is a static version of the recently introduced MINI-B that is IP65 rated. This fixture has the same optical and electronic features as the MINI-B: a motorized 4° to 55° zoom, independent control of the central LED for effects, 2500K to 8000K colour temperature control, 16-bit dimmer with four different dimming curves, 25 flashes per second electronic strobe and Ethernet access.
This fixture is compact and lightweight and complimentary to the MINI-B and MIDI-B fixtures in optical performance and colour consistency.

qsc-touseQSC releases Microsoft Teams portfolio
Tuesday, 29 September 2020

USA - QSC has announced a complete portfolio of meeting room accessories certified for Microsoft Teams. QSC has worked with Microsoft Teams certified partners Sennheiser and Logitech to provide complete room solutions that simplify installation and management for high-value divisible spaces, training rooms, executive boardrooms, and all-hands spaces while delivering a high quality Microsoft Teams experience for end users.
“These newly certified solutions give IT and AV Managers the opportunity to extend their Microsoft Teams experience into rooms that traditionally required complicated programming, separate DSP and control integration schemes,” says Jason Moss, VP of alliances & market development, QSC. “We have worked with Microsoft to remove the guesswork out of specialty room design and deployment for Teams Rooms.”
“Microsoft strives to bring the Teams Rooms experience of seamless collaboration experiences to any space,” says Albert Kooiman, director of Microsoft Teams devices partner engineering and certification, “and the solutions of QSC for Microsoft Teams make it easier to bring the power of Teams to larger, specialised meeting spaces.”
“The integration process of Sennheiser microphones into Microsoft Teams Rooms is seamless and simple with our new Q-SYS plugin that Sennheiser co-developed with QSC. It allow admins to easily configure and control solutions like our TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone,” says Charlie Jones, global business development manager at Sennheiser. “Together with QSC, we are excited to help us

composer8Symetrix Composer 8.0 adds enhanced features
Tuesday, 29 September 2020

USA - Symetrix has announced the release of the latest version of its free Composer programming software for Edge, Radius NX, Prism, and Solus NX DSPs. Composer 8.0 for Windows expands the power of the Symetrix ecosystem with multiple new features including Lua Scripting, Radius NX AEC Enhancement, Audio Playback, and Media Manager.
Composer 8.0 has been enhanced with Lua scripting which allows users to create custom Intelligent modules for Composer. These Intelligent Modules allow the software to control and monitor any device that can be controlled by a third-party control system or provide system logic functionality which previously required large and complex logic programming.
For example, a council chamber audio system could be programmed so that as each person presses their mic button to speak, they're placed in a queue. When each person is finished speaking, the mic of the next person in the queue is automatically unmuted and their indicator LED illuminated. This can be accomplished with logic programming, but it requires large, very complex combinations of objects. Implementing the same functionality with Lua scripting is a simple task that can be programmed and tested in a few hours.
Intelligent Modules created using Lua Scripting in Composer 8.0 are identical to the native Intelligent Modules delivered with Composer and work with both new and existing Symetrix devices compatible with Composer. There is no activation or licensing fee for creating or using Lua scripted Intelligent Modules in Composer.
The Acoustic Echo Cancellation (A

move8perspHK launches Move 8 battery-powered speaker
Monday, 28 September 2020

Germany - HK Audio is expanding the Premium PR:O series with the addition of the new Move 8, a high-performance, battery-powered loudspeaker.
“The new Move 8 combines impressive acoustic performance with superb battery management and fascinating features that are truly unique in its class”, says Rüdiger Forse, senior product manager at HK Audio. “This combination makes it a real all-rounder for all musicians, DJs, speakers, music enthusiasts and audio professionals. With the Premium PR:O Move 8, HK Audio has invented a new level of freedom in the use of mobile loudspeakers.”
In contrast to previous battery-powered speakers, the new Move 8 has a slot for two rechargeable batteries (both batteries are supplied with the speaker), which are either inserted simultaneously to extend the running time or inserted alternately to ensure uninterrupted playback. Thanks to the external quick charger (optional accessory), endless, uninterrupted battery operation is possible.
On the input side, Move 8 has a well-equipped mixing console. The two mic/line channels with XLR and jack inputs and the special instrument channel each have their own bass and treble control and adjustable reverb. There is also an aux channel for playback devices, which offers audio streaming via Bluetooth 5.0. in addition to the stereo mini jack input.
Another special feature is the instrument channel, in which original Celestion cabinet simulations (impulse response) of the most popular guitar speakers can be activated (includes: Celestion Greenback, Celestion V30, Celestion

tmb-proplex-ethernet-cables-adopted-by-new-marketsProPlex Ethernet cables adopted by new markets
Friday, 25 September 2020

USA - If you have seen recent Olympics Ceremonies, Super Bowl Half Time shows, The Academy or Brit Awards broadcasts, concerts by artists from Beyonce to the Rolling Stones, or limitless other technically driven live performances and events around the world, you will have witnessed TMB’s ProPlex Ethernet cables in action.
In an industry where stakes are high, failure cannot be tolerated, and technical performance must be flawless, ProPlex is the default standard for portable network cabling. In entertainment staging and live production, where cables are handled every day and are routinely subject to abuses of all kinds, ProPlex Ethernet cables have earned a reputation for durability.
Now, engineers and technicians in a variety of other fields are recognizing the unique capabilities and many benefits of ProPlex Ethernet cables. They provide the assurance of unsurpassed data transmission integrity, even after years of heavy use, indoors and outdoors, says TMB.
“Anywhere high quality, reliable portable network cabling is required; from portable testing and exploration to research, from communications systems to automation control, aerospace, municipal and military applications, proven ProPlex Ethernet cables deliver your critical data without worry. When your reputation and livelihood are on the line, trust the best,” notes Colin Waters, TMB co-founder, CEO, cable pioneer and inventor.
Unlike solid and bonded conductor Ethernet cables, ProPlex’s Kevlar reinforced, stranded conductor design provides flexibility with a very low risk of m

ovation-h55fcChauvet introduces Ovation H-55FC
Friday, 25 September 2020

USA - Chauvet Professional has made an addition to its popular line of Ovation house lights. The new, compact Ovation H-55FC offers theatres, recital halls, houses of worship, and other venues greater versatility by fitting seamlessly into smaller spaces.
The RGBAL fixture works with the larger H-605FC, as well as other Ovation house lights, to provide a smooth even field of light throughout a room. Its removable fixture yoke, sconce mounting kit, and recess mounting simplifies the installation process, even in tight quarters. Adding to its versatility, the new house light features interchangeable lens plates to adapt to different mounting heights.
Suited for applications that need to eliminate distractive background noise, the convection cooled Ovation H-55FC is operates in complete silence. The fixture’s RDM and W-DMX control offers greater flexibility.
Weighing in at only 7.4 lbs. (3.4 kg.) and measuring 13.14 x 6.92 x 4.52 inches (334 x 176 x 115mm), this compact house light packs a powerful array of performance features including 16-bit dimming and a selectable red shift, as well as virtual colour and colour temperature pre-sets, says the company.

dante-bridgeAJA unveils 12G-SDI to Dante audio bridge
Friday, 25 September 2020

USA - AJA Video Systems has announced its first partnership with Audinate, developers of Dante IP-based audio networking, to launch the first 12G-SDI embedded audio to Dante audio bridge. Targeted at live event and Pro AV workflows, the new OG-DANTE-12GAM is an openGear, Dante audio embedder and disembedder, with dual 12G-SDI ports, 64 channels of audio and DashBoard control software integration.
“Dante provides a robust system for IP audio transport and is the primary choice for system integrators and a growing number of broadcasters worldwide. We’ve teamed up with Audinate to introduce AJA’s video workflow technology to the Dante ecosystem and further bridge the broadcast and Pro AV markets,” comments Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “We’ve expanded our openGear card portfolio and developed the first converter solely dedicated to bridging 12G-SDI with IP-based Dante, offering simple installation and production-proven reliability at an affordable price point.”
“We are excited to welcome AJA to the Dante family with the introduction of the openGear compatible OG-DANTE-12GAM,” states Joshua Rush, senior vice president of marketing for Audinate. “AJA is known as an innovative leader in the industry, and they have recognized the need in the market to break audio out of existing 12G-SDI workflows into the ever-growing ecosystem of 2,800+ Dante-enabled networked audio products. This need is especially true in markets that straddle the professional broadcast and installed sound applications, such as performing arts venues, houses o

mtnshopMTN Shop EMEA to distribute Xenon Fever Defence
Thursday, 24 September 2020

Ireland - With restaurants, hotels, businesses and public amenities beginning to reopen across the EU, temperature testing has become a mandatory requirement to protect against COVID-19. In an effort to support the protection of our customers and reopen safely, Mountain Productions’ global e-commerce platform MTN Shop EMEA has introduced a new temperature screening technology.
The Xenon Fever Defence is a standalone facial temperature screening solution that can screen users in less than one second, helping to avoid congestion at busy entrances. This system can capture early signs of fever and provides an accurate reading to +/- 0.3°C. Upon reading of the temperature, this stop-go system alerts an individual of their result via a red or green light. Should a user have an elevated temperature, an audible message and warning alarm will sound.
With its sleek and unobtrusive build, along with its ability to operate without the use of internet connection, this device can be installed in almost any public setting, says the company.
To date, the Xenon Fever Defence has been installed at companies and organisations across a number of different industries in the Irish, European and US markets in industries including construction, hospitality, office, retail and education. To learn more, visit

sm-clubxs-6plusStudiomaster ClubXS series gets a makeover
Thursday, 24 September 2020

UK - Studiomaster’s popular ClubXS compact mixer series has received an upgrade with the introduction of uprated 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-channel ‘XS+’ models.
The addition of a DSP on/off foot-switch socket comes with new black livery - matching the brand’s digiLiVE console series - and more ergonomic colour coding of channel rotary controls.
ClubXS has been a big seller for Studiomaster since its introduction in 2016. A dedicated compact design for small to medium entertainment installations or portable live sound, it offers a wealth of product-class leading features and specs for these applications at an amazing price point. The ClubXS+ refresh maintains the value for money proposition with 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-input channel models now equipped with the DSP on/off foot-switch capability, bringing them into line with the already existent ClubXS16+ model.
Input channel configurations on all models feature two stereo channels, and increasing +48V phantom power mic channel counts across the range, with; two on the ClubXS6+, four on the ClubXS8+, six on the ClubXS10+, eight on the ClubXS12+ 8, and 12 on the ClubXS16+.
Series’ specifications include balanced mic/line connectors, three-band EQ, built-in variable independent input channel compression (non Stereo chs), two aux channels, channel MUTE switch, 16 programmable DSP effects, and a versatile MP3/USB/SD card playback and recording system. This includes a Bluetooth playback capability that enables playback of audio from phones, laptops and other Bluetooth devices. High quality 60mm smo

christieChristie expands RGB pure laser line-up
Wednesday, 23 September 2020

USA - Christie has announced the launch of the Christie Mirage SST RGB pure laser projector with a 50,000-lumen light source. With the same small and flexible form factor of the original 35,000 lumen Mirage SST, the new 50,000 lumen model cranks up the brightness for spectacular visual experiences, says the company.
The Mirage SST features a fibre-coupled, ultra-compact projection head weighing just under 51 kilograms and a remote light source that can be located up to 50m away from the head. It is engineered specifically for complex applications that require a high-brightness projector with incredible image fidelity, but that are tight on space such as venues without projection booths or outdoor weatherproof enclosures, or where quiet operation is critical and otherwise challenging to achieve.
“The new Mirage SST is a powerhouse in a small package,” says Larry Paul, executive director, technology and custom solutions, Christie. “With the chilling equipment and light source installed away from the projection head, as well as the ultra-low output of 2501 BTU, it gives users a flexible and quiet solution for theme parks, projection mapping spectaculars, domes and planetariums.”
A wide range of lens options are offered for added installation flexibility, with a total of 10 high-brightness 4K lenses with ratios from an ultra-short throw 0:38:1 to a long throw 7:69:1, and eight high-contrast lenses that offer enhanced contrast performance from 2000:1 to 5000:1.
Christie Mirage SST features TruLife electronics, a proprietary electronics plat

db-44sd&b debuts first flush-mountable loudspeaker
Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Germany - d&b audiotechnik has announced the introduction of a new addition to the company's product repertoire, the 44S loudspeaker. The 44S is d&b’s first flush mountable cabinet, delivering compact, high performance audio and a wide range of flexible mounting options.
“For audio professionals who may be challenged by dimensions, architecture, or aesthetics, the 44S loudspeaker is a powerful, compact, flush-mountable loudspeaker that provides the sound needed, no matter what space they have to work with,” comments Wolfgang Schulz, d&b product manager. “It’s a very compact point source loudspeaker for flexible use in nearfield applications, and there is a big need in our industry for this type of form factor.”
An intelligent waveguide and baffle design creates a very smooth horizontal dispersion down to the lower frequencies while being tightly focused vertically. The 90º x 30º dispersion pattern keeps sound directed exactly where it should be.
The asymmetric cabinet design and the optional back box supplies additional flexibility that allows adjustments of +/- 20º in 5º increments, accommodating different listening heights. A rotatable waveguide extends this to both horizontal and vertical positioning.
Paired with the 10D or 30D installation amplifiers the 44S claims an exceptionally high performance to size ratio providing a powerful 121dB and123dB output, respectively.
“We at d&b are very proud to showcase our ongoing commitment to the installation market with the launch of this new product”, comme

mezzo-series-screenshot-websitePowersoft premieres new-look website
Friday, 18 September 2020

Italy - Powersoft, has launched its fully overhauled website, with a clean new layout and simple navigation structure designed to help users to quickly and easily access essential information, while offering a comprehensive understanding of the company’s value proposition, technologies and solutions.
The new website is also fully responsive, meaning that it is compatible with all browsers and can easily be navigated using any mobile devices.
“Through this easy-to-navigate design, users can learn about Powersoft including the services offered, said Powersoft’s brand, communication and trade marketing manager, Francesco Fanicchi. “It also details the applications the Powersoft’s products are suitable for, as well as providing support material, product guides, tutorials, application examples, and case studies. We hope that this new design will help customers to learn about Powersoft solutions and their relevance to specific applications or market verticals.”
Another aspect of the new website is the introduction of MyPowersoft, which will allow registered users to have seamless access to Powersoft ArmoníaPlus software and ProManagerPlus multi-purpose configuration tool, without having to remember multiple accounts and passwords.
“MyPowersoft is not only the simplest way to connect with Powersoft users and partners by providing what’s relevant to them, but it also allows them to gain access to an exclusive set of tools and services,” said Fanicch

shuremxa910p300mxn5Shure Microflex speaker certified for Microsoft Teams
Thursday, 17 September 2020

Europe - Shure has announced that its new Microflex MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker is now certified for Microsoft Teams. The MXN5-C joins a select portfolio of Shure networked systems products - the Microflex Advance MXA910 Ceiling Array, MXA310 Table Array Microphones, and the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor - that are now certified for Microsoft Teams, providing a complete audio signal chain.
Introduced at InfoComm Connected in June, the networked loudspeaker from Shure provides high-quality speech reproduction for AV conferencing applications. PoE-enabled with an onboard amplifier housed in a low-profile design, the MXN5-C is optimised for easy installation in drop-ceiling configurations.
Microsoft Teams provides a complete solution that includes online meetings, live broadcasts, Microsoft Team Rooms and audio conferencing. Whether it’s a corporate conference room, special event venue or higher education campus, sourcing a dependable solution that provides crystal clear audio while also integrating with leading collaboration technologies is important for successful communication.
“This certification illustrates our commitment to providing best-in-class experience across the entire audio ecosystem for Microsoft Teams users,” comments Paul Gunia, director of technology partnerships at Shure.
“To be certified for Microsoft Teams requires products meet high quality standards to help ensure a better collaboration experience,” adds Albert Kooiman, director of Microsoft Teams devices partner engineering and certification,

s4wrdparparnel1ETC extends Source 4WRD fixture family
Wednesday, 16 September 2020

USA - ETC has introduced Source 4WRD Color as the latest addition to the Source 4WRD fixture family. This new product offers a colour-changing retrofit for existing full-size Source Four ellipsoidal/profile fixtures, bringing additive RGBA colour-mixing, saturated washes, quick colour changes and more to Source Four.
As a non-destructive retrofit, Source 4WRD Color is the next generation of ETC’s Source 4WRD LED line. Source Four ellipsoidal/profile fixtures can be transformed into RGBA LED luminaires with the Source 4WRD Color LED engine, while retaining all of the features of the Source Four including the lenses, accessories and its renowned reliability.
Source 4WRD Color technology is also available in two complete wash light fixtures. The Source 4WRD Color PAR and PARNel deliver soft-edges and saturated color, no retrofit required. These luminaires incorporate the Source 4WRD Color LED engine into a custom housing, offering economical colour washes, including zoom on the PARNel version.
David Lincecum, vice president of marketing at ETC comments: “With Source 4WRD Color, you get a simple and cost-effective colour-changing retrofit that can upgrade an existing lighting system quickly, allowing you to create even more stage looks than before. 4WRD Colour will allow venues to move their existing equipment to LED, using less energy, lower maintenance and all this at a very compelling price point.”

emberDirectOut’s Prodigy available with Ember+
Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Germany - DirectOut’s Prodigy has added Ember+ as the first network based third party protocol for the series.
It is an open control protocol based on an initiative of the Lawo Group and is already used by companies such as Riedel, SSL and Lawo. The DirectOut implementation allows controlling the configuration, the settings of the microphone preamp and the routing matrix including channel labelling, as well as monitoring the status of the device.
“Ember+ opens up the range of control systems that can interact with our Prodigy devices. For example popular and widespread software like hi, VSM or KSC may be used. Even direct access from a mixing console can be possible,” says Claudio Becker-Foss, CEO/CTO of DirectOut, “Actually, we´ve already successfully tested our implementation with Broadcast Solutions´ control software hi, without any changes required in the software.”
Ember+ will be available as a paid software option for the Prodigy series and can be purchased separately per device.

stadia28v-arrayOutline’s Stadia 28 array now shipping
Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Italy - Outline has announced the immediate availability of the new Stadia 28 constant curvature array designed for outdoor applications, launched during the 2020 edition of ISE.
Stadia 28 is a medium-throw system for permanent outdoor installations, suitable for sound reinforcement in stadiums, theme parks, leisure facilities, tourist attractions and public spaces.
Its main selling point is its weight-power ratio, being a single enclosure, weighing just 21 kg (46.2 lb), but able to reach 139 dB SPL, by means of two 8” mid-woofers and a compression driver with a 3” diaphragm - all in neodymium. The system operates in bi-amp format.
The dispersion angle of 90 x 22.5 degrees enables, for example, to form horizontal or vertical arrays with no less than 135° x 90° using just six cabinets, which means guaranteeing coverage in any context, as well as remarkable versatility.
Additionally, Stadia 28 hardware is designed for safe long-lasting installation: the 10 mounting points in light top-grade anodised Ergal are fixed to the internal load-bearing structure, manufactured entirely in stainless steel.
IP55 protection rating is ensured by a three-layer coating in elastoplastic material (‘OutSIDE Coating Technology’ - Outline proprietary technology) along with a series of sophisticated ideas introduced in Outline’s manufacturing process.
Outline’s senior loudspeaker system designer Francesco Simeoni states, “The lines of the cabinet, combined with the waveguide designed and optimised specifically for this type of application

polar12subtopHK Audio unveils Polar 12 column PA
Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Germany - HK Audio has unveiled Polar 12, a full-fledged active full-range columnar PA system for musicians, entertainers, DJs, presentations, schools and audiovisual applications, and big brother to its bestselling Polar 10 model.
The Polar 12 system consists of a subwoofer and two columnar elements. The birch-ply subwoofer’s enclosure is acoustically shaped and sized to deliver excellent audio results in combination with a specially developed 12” long-excursion woofer. Driven by a muscular 2,000-watt power amplifier, this combination delivers an incredibly full bass response even at high volumes.
The midrange/HF column comes in two sections for easy transport. The top section is loaded with six high-performance 3” neodymium midrange drivers and a low-distortion, 1” constant directivity horn. The Polar 12 system delivers well-balanced, exceedingly natural sound, rendering everything from 35 Hz all the way up to 20 kHz with remarkable authority.
Tuned to project an expansive 120° throw pattern and engineered to impede feedback, it gives users freedom of choice when it comes to positioning the PA in venues. Placed behind the speaker or performer, it can also serve as a stage monitor to take the place of wedges in many scenarios.
Setting Polar 12 on a raised stage is not a problem, as it can still be aimed at the correct height by simply leaving the column’s bottom section – which is a spacer – out of the stack.
The four-channel mixer offers two mic/line channels, one instrument channel, and one aux channel for music players

clear-oneClearOne Conference Controller now available
Monday, 14 September 2020

USA - The newest Conference Controller from ClearOne is now available worldwide.
The Conference Controller’s 10-inch touch screen is designed for easy control of ClearOne’s Converge Pro 2 audio DSP mixers as well as Collaborate Live video conferencing room systems from a single device.
The Conference Controller functions can also be accessed from a personal mobile device, eliminating the need for touching shared surfaces by downloading the free mobile apps.
The Conference Controller can be paired with Converge Pro 2 DSPs, allowing users to make and receive VoIP and/or PSTN conference calls and multiparty calls with the easy-to-use, on-screen dial pad. When paired with Collaborate Live room video systems, users can make and receive video calls as well as manage content-sharing options.
A modern user interface makes controlling conferencing functions as intuitive and simple as familiar mobile and tablet devices.


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