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etc-jtse4ETC and Avab head to JTSE 2018
Friday, 23 November 2018

France - On 27-28 November, ETC will be teaming up with Avab Transtechnik France at JTSE, and this year ‘an exciting announcement’ will be made exclusively at the show. High End Systems will also be exhibiting at the annual tradeshow, which takes place at Porte de la Chapelle in Paris.
Visitors to the stand - 140-141/162-163, Dock Pullman - will gain an overview of the product range, including the latest innovations and lighting solutions by ETC and HES. In Dock Eiffel, in-depth product presentations will also be available in JTSE’s Black Boxes, an area dedicated to demonstrating lighting equipment in optimal conditions.
Amongst the products on display and available for demonstrations are ETC’s Eos family of consoles - Eos Ti, Gio @5 and Ion Xe; ETC’s newly launched Relevé Spot fixture and High End Systems’ SolaFrame 3000, SolaFrame 750 fixtures and Hog 4-18 console.
Relevé Spot is the first member of a new product family for ETC - an automated fixture specifically designed for the theatre. The fixture boasts a calibrated four-colour additive mixing system and a unique Ani-gobo wheel which is paired with a dynamic customisable five-position rotating gobo wheel.
ETC’s Eos family of consoles brings award-winning colour tools and advanced, granular control of your whole rig. Flagship console Eos Ti, as well Gio @5 and Ion Xe will be available for demonstrations at the show this year.
ETC’s EchoTouch controller offers compact, stylish and intuitive touchscreen control of lighting in architectural and smaller entertainment

adj-av-wADJ expands AV Series
Wednesday, 21 November 2018

USA - ADJ has expanded its AV Series of LED video panels with a new high-resolution model.
Each of the AV2 panels features a configuration of 3-in-1 RGB SMD2121 LEDs with a pixel pitch of 2.97mm (0.17”), allowing for vivid video display and a low minimum viewing distance.
With a brightness of 1000 nits and blackface LEDs for superior contrast, the AV2 features a pixel density of 168 x 168, which is equivalent to 112,896 p/sq.m. It offers a wide viewing angle of 160-degrees (horizontal) and 60° (vertical - up and down) from a minimum viewing distance of just 9.75ft (2.97m). This makes it ideal for use in situations where impactful large screen displays are required but that can be viewed from close-up as well as over a long distance.
With compact dimensions of 19.75” x 19.75” x 3” / 500mm x 500mm x 73mm and a low weight of 17.64lbs/ 8kg, the AV2 panels are easy and convenient to rig, transport and store. They feature in-built plastic corner protectors that can easily fold out from the back of the panel to keep the corners safe from knocks during transportation. The AV2 is also fitted with a useful retractable handle, which makes carrying panels easier both for installers and touring road crew.
As with other models in the range, each AV2 panel is divided down into four mini panel modules, which allows for easy serviceability. This means that in the unlikely event that a pixel fault should occur only one of the four mini modules needs to be replaced and returned for repair, not the whole panel.
To make it easy to take an AV2 syste

boom-arm-2Doughty debuts Heavy Duty Boom Arm
Tuesday, 20 November 2018

UK - A new 1000mm Heavy Duty Boom Arm capable of taking the weight of a moving light has been launched by Doughty Engineering. The latest addition to the Boom Arm range is set to offer users an attractive solution without the need for a brace.
Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty, explains: "Our Boom Arm range is already extremely popular with our customers. The regular Boom Arm works well in most scenarios and has a 25kg Safe Working Load. However, the feedback we were getting from customers is that they wanted something that would allow them to hang moving lights in environments where the overall aesthetic is important."
He continues: "Up until now, anyone wanting to hang a moving light would have to use our Braced Boom Arm which is capable of taking a 100kg weight. However this depends on a brace support which, while effective isn't necessarily the most attractive solution. We hope that the new Heavy Duty Boom Arm bridges the gap. It has a SWL of 50kg which should more than suffice in the majority of situations while still looking good in its place. We hope it's something that our customers will appreciate - and as always, we welcome feedback."
(Jim Evans)

audiotoolNEXT-proaudio releases Audio Tool software
Monday, 19 November 2018

Portugal - NEXT-proaudio has introduced Audio Tool, a free software for speaker and amplifier systems configuration.
This tool includes a database with all NEXT-proaudio passive speakers as well as the company’s digital and analogue amplifiers of the M Series, MA Series as well as Powersoft’s X Series.
The databases include parameters that enables the software to calculate the optimum configuration.
With Audio Tool the user can, automatically, get the best combination between speakers and amplifiers in order to get the best performance from both devices.
Basically the user inputs which speaker model and how many units per amplifier channel and the software sets the recommended amplifier, according to the selected amplifier mode and technology (Stereo/Bridge and Analogue/Digital).
Besides that, Audio Tool, is also capable of automatically calculate the proper limiter settings such as threshold, attack and release times regarding the whole system settings.
(Jim Evans)

lucrntiLucenti offers innovation opportunities
Friday, 16 November 2018

Belgium - Developed and engineered in Belgium, Lucenti “brings innovation to the high-speed entertainment lighting industry”. “With power line communication, we saw an opportunity to take festoon lighting to the next level,” say Yoeri Renders and Olivier Leirs who have been developing and testing for the past years to get the Lucenti bulbs durable and the protocols flawless. “By sending the data to control the bulbs over the power line, we reduce cabling. Standard socket wiring can be used to make lines of up to 250 meters long with 128 individually addressable bulbs.”
The flagship bulb called the Pearl has RGB coloured LEDs in the base and a dimmable LED filament. Each channel is individually adjustable through the controller. With the app you can opt for plug and play, or connect your DMX (wired or wireless) lighting console and integrate it with the rest of your lighting.
The Lucenti team have “managed to create a rugged and intuitive controller that lasts at the rough environments of event venues or production sites”. With its IP67 resistance both bulbs and controller can be used outdoors. More shapes will be added to the Vinci collection soon to give lighting designers more options.
(Jim Evans)

highlite-wHighlite International heads for JTSE
Thursday, 15 November 2018

Europe - Highlite International will attend this year’s edition of JTSE, 27 and 28 November in Dock Pullman at Porte de la Chapelle, Paris.
Highlite will present a selection of product innovations from their brands Infinity, Showtec and DAP Audio. The Infinity family with the Chimp Tourpack, the Furion series and Signature range will have its own dedicated stand. Showtec is represented, amongst others, by the Helix 5000, the battery operated Eventspot 1600 Q4 and the Candela Pix 50 outdoor light bar. Dap Audio will have the Celestion powered Odin line array present.
At JTSE this year Highlite occupies two booths showing their current developments in the entertainment business.
Infinity will show the Furion Series, very fast and powerful LED-based moving heads, equipped with Wireless DMX. The Infinity wash lights iW-740 and iW-1240 will be present as well. With a zoom range of 4.5° - 36°, these moving heads can be used both as a washlight or as a powerful LED beam. The Infinity Signature LED based theatre spots which have been designed and developed in collaboration with world renowned theatre spot manufacturer Robert Juliat can be found at the Infinity stand as well.
The Infinity Chimp Tourpack completes the presentation. Regarding the Infinity Chimp light controllers, at the Highlite Academy beginners and advanced users are instructed on how to get the best out of each unit. The Highlite Academy found a strong partner in Oliverdy (booth 18), a true knowledge centre and certified training organization
Showtec offers the Vintage Blaz

laserworldpl-5500rgboutdoor-frontLaserworld launches outdoor laser
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Europe - Laserworld has released PL-5500RGB Outdoor, a professional laser system dedicated to the outdoor use of logo, text and architecture projections.
The laser has a waterproof enclosure and has a built-in control interface that can also be loaded laser frames and animations to. The system can either be computer controlled or switched with a timer clock or a timed show playback.
The outdoor laser highly visible in the dark, due to its high power. The scanner system is fast and well-suited to graphics projections, logos or texts. It comes with a special wall mounting bracket, which is designed to be used for fixed installation.
The Laserworld PL-5500RGB Outdoor comes as a complete system including built-in LAN control interface and suitable professional control software.
(Jim Evans)

glp-wGLP breaks new ground at LDI 2018
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

USA - GLP highlighted its latest products and claimed an LDI Awards at the annual trade show in Las Vegas last month.
GLP products were both on static display and incorporated into a light show, while the award for Best Large Booth recognised the German manufacturer’s stand, designed and programmed by Matt Shimamoto (Volt Lites) in conjunction with GLP Inc. president Mark Ravenhill.
Ravenhill comments: “We were hugely busy throughout the show and saw a great number of people from across the country and abroad. We designed a brand new “Licht!’ bar which became the central attraction of the booth and was surrounded by eight new product launches, all making their debut, which received a fantastic reaction.”
The product array included impression E350 and S350, KNV Cube and KNV Arc, impression FR1, X4 atom Rackmount PSU and products from distributed brands, Cosmic Truss and Scenex Lighting.
Another change for GLP this year was the adoption of a rolling presentation, whereby customers were presented with one of GLP’s new products at regular intervals without interrupting the collective ambience and hospitality of the booth. “This worked extremely well,” adds Ravenhill.
Away from the stand, GLP sponsored the Knight of Illumination Awards category, Award for Arena, at the inaugural US ceremony, which was staged in conjunction with LDI.
The North American GLP Inc team were in non-stop action throughout the show, supported by senior members of the parent company in Karlsbad, including MD Udo Kuenzler and key account manager

RealMotion now integrates with Notch
Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Canada - RealMotion, the new technology venture stemming from award-winning experiential design firm Float4, has announced the market introduction of the next generation of its transformative RealMotion content generation and editing platform which now supports full integration with Notch software.
According to director of RealMotion Geoffrey Platt, the second generation updates stem from user requests and research, and they underscore the company’s commitment to make the RealMotion platform the most powerful, flexible and creative content generation and delivery system available for entertainment purposes today.
“We listen to our users,” Platt emphasized, “and we want to evolve RealMotion into a platform that optimizes workflows in the way that creative professionals work in entertainment today. By adding full integration support for Notch, we are directly addressing the industry’s need for the best tools that empower professionals to produce their very best work.”
In addition to the Notch integration, RealMotion now supports the NDI video streaming protocol, offering creators “even more flexibility for every project”.
The company is also adjusting its product catalogue, evolving from performance-based configurations into versions designed for specific vertical market applications, beginning with fixed installations. This new organisation will provide end-users with the specific tools and capabilities they need for the work they do, and comes as a result of market needs.
“Ultimately, the new capabilities introduced to

mirage-sstChristie expands RGB laser projection line-up
Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Christie has announced the launch of the Christie Mirage SST, a high-performance RGB laser projection solution featuring Christie TruLife electronics.
Featuring an ultra-compact, fibre-coupled projection head, the Mirage SST is suitable for complex, demanding applications including theme park attractions, dome theatres and planetariums. Weighting just 110 pounds (50 kilograms) and with its small form factor, the Mirage SST projection head enables installation where space constraints have previously been a barrier. The remote light source allows the chilling equipment to be placed away from the projector head, saving space and ensuring a whisper-quiet experience for audiences.
With TruLife electronics, the Mirage SST delivers 4K resolution at 120fps, or, with an optional license, 480fps at 2K resolution. High frame rates remove blurring and strobing effects in fast-moving images, critical to creating an immersive experience for audiences.
“The Mirage SST joins the recently released D4K40-RGB in Christie’s line up of RGB laser projectors,” says Mike Garrido, senior product manager, Christie. “The Mirage SST brings flexibility to system design and incredible image fidelity, and, as a result, we believe the creation of the next generation of spectacular, immersive visual experiences is now possible.”
The Christie Mirage SST can be installed in single or multi-projector configurations and is compatible with Christie Mystique Install, which simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of multi-projector arrays, and Christie Guardian, whi

alcons-audio-lr18bAlcons Audio ships line array bass
Friday, 9 November 2018

Europe - Following early previews at this year’s Prolight+Sound Frankfurt and InfoComm USA, Alcons Audio is now shipping the LR18B.
The LR18B is the dedicated low-frequency extension to the LR18 compact mid-sized pro-ribbon line-array system. It can also be combined with any other Alcons pro-ribbon system as subwoofer in both permanent and portable applications.
The front-loaded system delivers a super accurate bass and sub response with highest output under lowest distortion. The Max-Vent port design combines further increased output with low power compression.
The LR18B is designed for optimal deployment flexibility - it can be used as single subwoofer or in multiples end-fire or cardioid array as well as together with LR18 or in separate sub-only arrays. All functionality is possible in stacked or flown configurations.
Philip de Haan, head of Alcons R&D, comments: “With LR18B we are continuing our philosophy of bringing advanced transducer technology in our designs. The 18” is a new-generation transducer, fitted with a large, dual- 4.5” voice-coil Neodymium motor; This enables a significantly-extended excursion, thus SPL output, while maintaining a high sensitivity.
“Specific attention in this design has been paid to obtain lowest possible distortion; In combination with the SIS sensing circuit onboard the Sentinel, this combination of advanced technologies is a perfect match with our pro-ribbon mid-high systems.”
(Jim Evans)

tube-wAstera Titan Tube wins plaudits
Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Europe - Astera’s Titan Tube was awarded a PLSN’s Gold StarProduct Award.
Titan Tube, which also won the PLASA Gold Award for Innovation, is a battery powered linear light tube that can be pixel mapped and controlled via its backside display, wired and wireless DMX or via and an app. It’s a high-end version of the original Astera PixelTube that has been specially re-engineered for the film industry.
With 72W of total power that can be used for up to 20 hours, TitanTube offers a combination of Red-Green-Blue-Mint and Amber LED chips that produce a CRI/TLCI between 96 and 98. It also has a boost mode which allows it to almost triple its output for just under two hours.
Titan Tube comes with a large range of mounting accessories as well as a new charging and transporting case featuring the PowerBox: a removable power supply that also transfers data for DMX control and longer installation.
(Jim Evans)

prolyte-rigging-2019-Prolyte training in Johannesburg in January
Tuesday, 6 November 2018

South Africa - DWR Distribution's annual Prolyte rigging course will be hosted at DWR's HQ in Johannesburg from 28 January to 2 February 2019.
Presented by Rinus Bakker of Rhino Rigs, the course will cover a range of topics from safety, maintenance, lifting materials and force calculations to load tables. The last day of the course is a practical session.
Those interested should be competent in mathematics, says DWR. Delegates who pass the course will receive certification and 48 SACIA CPD points.
The cost is R9 750 including VAT and includes lunch and refreshments. Bookings can be made online.
(Jim Evans)

bosearraytool-wBose debuts Bose Array Tool
Monday, 5 November 2018

USA - Bose Professional has released Bose Array Tool, a new AV system design software with intuitive workflow.
Users can trial loudspeaker models, placements, and coverage formations to best match the needs of the venue. The software also provides drawing tools to manipulate room surfaces and loudspeakers dynamically and allows for visualising the speakers’ coverage effect in near realtime.
Once designed, ordering lists, rigging, and array information can be exported for ease of work on site. Version 1.0 only supports designing with Panaray MSA12X, but Bose is adding more models in future releases.
Trevor Donarski, product line manager at Bose Professional, comments: “It was important to us that the software have almost no learning curve. It’s made to help system designers identify optimal loudspeakers and ideal placement with less effort, in less time. Our goal was to design a familiar and easy-to-use tool. And we’ll build upon that simplicity with each update.”
“We know that for system designers, creating ‘quick estimates’ can often waste hours of time,” he adds. “The Bose Array Tool reduces that burden, so you can try out various coverage and SPL options for a specific room and budget and deliver estimates quickly.”
(Jim Evans)

quasar-science-q-rainbow-wAC-ET showcases LED solutions at KitPlus
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

UK - On 6 November (Tuesday), A.C. Entertainment Technologies’ specialist film & TV sales team will be showcasing its broadcast lighting solutions at the KitPlus show, MediaCityUK Studios, Manchester.
Chroma-Q’s Studio Force II high intensity tuneable white (2,800K - 6,500K) wash light will be shown for the first time. The fixture is specifically designed for broadcast and film applications.
Studio Force II complements the Cine Gear Expo award-winning Chroma-Q Space Force tuneable white (2,800K - 6,500K) LED space light/soft light source, which has been adopted by leading television studios and specialist rental companies, including the Marjan Television Network, Aurora Lighting and Pixipixel.
Quasar Science's Q-LED Crossfade Linear fixtures have the benefits of a self-ballasted variable white LED source in a compact, low profile form factor. Q-LED Crossfade Linear lights provide three-point subject lighting to general area lighting, making them ideal for lighting actors or environments. They can also be used as a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes in traditional fixtures.
Using LumenRadio CRMX wireless technology, RatPac's AKS system allows users to control lighting fixtures directly from their mobile phone, tablet or PC. The Cintenna wireless receivers can plug directly into the back of the lighting fixtures themselves, and require no additional rigging hardware.
Tourflex Cabling - AC-ET's in-house custom cable assembly service - can produce all popular types of power, signal and multicore cables used by the broadcast se

art-centric-lighting-showroom-2ADB wins best debuting product award
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - ADB Stagelight, Claypaky's theatre brand, won the LDI Award for the Best Debuting Product for lighting with its new ART Centric Lighting line for museum lighting.
The judges wrote: “ART Centric Lighting has created a tuneable white light fixture for lighting works of fine art with sensitivity and class. The spot or wash with a CRI of 97 is controllable via Bluetooth, changing the way you’ll look at works of art.”
Simone Capeleto, ADB's CEO, comments: "The basic principle of ART Centric Lighting is to respect the works of art, which become leading players like actors on a stage. It is no coincidence that the small ART Centric Lighting units are true miniaturised theatre lights: they are made by ADB, a well-established company in the theatre world. They are not just luminaires with an elegant, non-invasive design - they are fixtures with professional optical units that generate a high-quality light, which can be modulated.”
(Jim Evans)

sq-6-opto-compressorAllen & Heath releases SQ series plugins
Monday, 29 October 2018

UK - A range of DEEP processing plugins is now available as optional add-ons for its SQ Series, Allen & Heath has announced.
The new options allow SQ users to choose from a suite of plugins ported directly from Allen & Heath’s flagship dLive mixing system, including premium compressors inspired by sought-after hardware units and a collection of powerful GEQs.
Thanks to SQ’s 96kHz XCVI core, based on latest generation FPGA technology, a preamp and compressor plug-in can be used on each of the 48 input channels, while a GEQ and compressor can be applied to each of the 16 mixes. Unlike third-party plugin solutions that require additional hardware, DEEP plugins are built in to the console architecture and add no additional latency to the system, ensuring phase coherency across channels and mixes.
Nic Beretta, Allen & Heath’s head of product, comments: “One of the key reasons for dLive’s success has always been the quality of its on-board processing and now we’re bringing that direct to SQ. These new additions confirm SQ as the most powerful console in its class, and certainly one of the most customisable. As an SQ user, you can pick the combination of plugins that you want and really hone the desk to your applications.
“Whether you need a vintage compressor to bring a studio quality sound to a live vocal, or a precision GEQ to tune an audio system, you can now bring the power of dLive’s DEEP processing to your SQ.”
(Jim Evans)

claypaky-launchesClaypaky products make world debuts at LDI
Monday, 29 October 2018

USA - Claypaky debuted five luminaires, including two newly-launched fixtures, at the recent LDI trade show.
Claypaky also celebrated the inaugural edition of Knight of Illumination Awards USA, which the lighting manufacturer sponsors.
LDI saw the launch of Claypaky’s Axcor Spot 400, a moving LED spotlight for the medium power market. Axcor Spot 400 features two rotating dichroic glass gobo wheels with a total of 14 rotating gobos, an animation disc, a rotating prism, a power-driven iris, a 16-bit dimmer, and a 5.5° to 55° zoom. It also boasts advanced tools for colour management based on a CMY system with linear CTO and six-colour wheel.
Also launched at the show was the Sharpy Plus, a hybrid unit that can be used as a beam moving light or a spotlight. The fixture houses the Osram Sirius 330W X8, a new high-output discharge lamp, and weighs only 21.6kg (about 47.6lb). A 3° to 36° (1:9) zoom covers the entire range linearly, both in spot and beam mode, and Claypaky says all functions are ‘extremely rapid’.
(Jim Evans)

cti-booth-feat-qolorflex-lightwrightCity Theatrical enjoys successful LDI 2018
Friday, 26 October 2018

USA - City Theatrical’s new Multiverse wireless DMX system was recognised as the 2018 Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Accessories and Integration category at LDI 2018.
The Multiverse system can to broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems. Every product in the Multiverse system is built around a tiny radio called the Multiverse Module. Products in the range include Multiverse SHoW BabyTM, City Theatrical’s fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system, Multiverse Node, the primary receiver in a multiple universe system and a single universe transceiver, Multiverse Transmitter, a transmitter that provides multiple universe control, and Multiverse Gateway, a transceiver that delivers multiple universe DMX with data distribution.
Other products presented by City Theatrical at LDI were DMXcat Multi Function Test Tool, QolorFLEX NuNeon linear lighting, plug and play QolorPIX pixel control, as well as ultimate colour blending and control with QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape, flicker-free dimming control with QolorFLEX Dimmers, lighting project paperwork organization with Lightwright 6 software, stunning event lighting effects with QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters, and stray beam and spill control with beam control accessories like Concentric Rings.
DMXcat makes it easy for anyone to control, analyse, or test any DMX lighting fixture, whether it’s a simple LED PAR or a complex moving light, including QolorFLEX prod

lighting-podTomcat debuts Lighting Pod & Zig-Zag
Friday, 26 October 2018

USA - Tomcat launched a new Lighting Pod at LDI 2018. The product offers lighting designers a much broader canvas for their creations and affords them the opportunity to present 'walls of light' on a much larger scale than with traditional truss profiles. Extreme adjustability and flexibility allow for the use of multiple lighting options within one framework that can be utilised both vertically and horizontally.
The Lighting Pod is constructed from 2” x 1/8” and 1 ½” x 1/8” tubes for strength and durability, and measures a healthy 6ft x 2.6ft x 6ft for extending your lighting wall possibilities. Stable stacking and convenient transport are ensured with steel spigots, forklift pockets and heavy-duty casters.
Also unveiled at LDI, Tomcat’s new Zig-Zag Truss is a unique concept that combines the advantages of pre-rigged truss - efficient truck packing and speedy load-in/load-out - with a hinging spigot design that allows folding of the truss system over itself for efficient storage/travel and trouble-free unfolding via vertical lift and pinning applications.
The strength found in Zig-Zag truss comes from its 2” x 3/16” chords, 1 ½” x 1/8” small horizontal tubes, 2” x 1/8” large horizontal/vertical tubes, and 21” x 1/8” diagonals. It also features steel spigots, ¼” end plates and 2” round studs for extended stability and durability.
(Jim Evans)

iris-net-01-wDynacord IPX Series amplifiers now shipping
Friday, 26 October 2018

Europe - Presented to the market earlier this year, Dynacord’s IPX multi-channel DSP amplifiers are now shipping. Incorporating Dante and OCA (AES70) audio networking technology, the amplifiers are accompanied by the 4.0 release of IRIS-Net software for system configuration, remote control and supervision as well as the ability to create customised graphical user interfaces with individual user access permissions.
Engineered and made in Germany, the IPX Series comprises three 4-channel and one 8-channel amplifier model, offering a power density of 5 kW, 10 kW and even 20 kW from a single amplifier with all channels driven. Designed from the ground up for outstanding audio performance, integration flexibility and reliability, IPX Series amplifiers cover a wide range of demanding sound system installations from concert halls, art centres, theatres and houses of worship to distributed systems in stadiums and entertainment facilities.
IPX series amplifiers feature eight Dante audio inputs in addition to their analogue inputs. In combination with native network redundancy and configurable input fail-over and fallback configuration, this feature represents a new level of system redundancy.
The full potential of the DSP-controlled amplifiers is unleashed with the IRIS-Net 4.0 software. It facilitates the creation of fully customisable graphical user interfaces with user access privileges for different user levels - an important feature to control even the most complex sound systems.
Combining pro sound and public address functions into a common sy

mediaconNeutrik launches mediaCON family
Friday, 26 October 2018

Europe - Neutrik AG launched the new mediaCON product family at the recent IBC show in Amsterdam. mediaCON includes lockable USB Type-C cables and panel sockets, with all components designed for data rates up to 10 GB/s (USB 3.1), 100W power and 10,000 mating cycles.
Fabio Röllin, product manager at Neutrik AG, states: “With increasing digitisation, the demand for high-quality and robust data connectors is steadily increasing. More and more manufacturers rely on USB Type-C technology. However, a lockable and reliable interface to connect professional audio components, storage media, cameras, monitors and computer hardware has been missing. The new mediaCON series now offers the perfect solution for professional AV and broadcast applications, live rental, system integration and industrial applications.”
For ease of handling, the space-saving, flush-mount panel socket with push-pull locking mechanism, can be mounted from the front or the rear, and the majority of the moulded cable connector is concealed when mated and locked in place. This not only ensures a reliable connection, but also protects against dirt and mechanical stress. mediaCON cables with bend protection are available in lengths of 0.5 and 1 meter. mediaCON cables and panel sockets are also compatible with standard USB-C products.
(Jim Evans)

l-acousticsL-Acoustics integrates P1 with Q-SYS
Friday, 26 October 2018

World - L-Acoustics has released a plugin to enable interoperability between its P1 processor and QSC’s Q-SYS designer software.
The integration will enable users to control and monitor L-Acoustics’ P1 through Q-SYS.
Jeff Rocha, director of product management for L-Acoustics, comments: “Following the successful introduction of a Q-SYS plugin for LA4X and LA12X in June, accompanying the P1 release with a complementary plugin seemed essential.”
The L-Acoustics P1 plugin for the Q-SYS platform as well as the LA4X and LA12X Q-SYS plugins are available from the L-Acoustics website.
(Jim Evans)

elation-at-ldi-20182-wElation draws a crowd at LDI 2018
Wednesday, 24 October 2018

USA - Elation launched a new Artiste Series LED fixture while its latest luminaires continued to make an impression during this year’s LDI show.
Elation launched the Artiste Monet, a new 45,000lm LED profile light with SpectraColor system that received an LDI Award honourable mention.
Smarty Hybrid, the compact, CMY colour-mixing with efficient 6,000-hour lamp was also recognised by industry peers, receiving a PLSN award for Best Hybrid Fixture.
Interest was also high in two other Artiste Series luminaires - the Artiste Van Gogh, a powerful framing wash LED luminaire, and Artiste Picasso, one of the brightest and most feature-rich profile LED lighting fixtures on the market.
A host of other innovative products received significant attention at the stand, including the Proteus Profile, a new 45,000 lumen IP65-rated LED Profile fixture that houses the same 950W LED engine as the Artiste Monet. The RAYZOR 760 and IP65-rated Proteus RAYZOR 760 LED wash effects also generated a lot of attention with its TwinkLED LED twinkle effect system.
The Elation team kept busy showing these latest innovations but perhaps the most popular personality on the Elation booth was sales director Eric Loader, who attended the show in the form of a maneuverable E-Bot complete with attached iPad that allowed him to interact with customers and colleagues.
(Jim Evans)


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