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audioheadsetsPoint Source Audio upgrades headsets
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Point Source Audio’s CM-i family of lightweight in-ear intercom headsets has received a design upgrade. The new design - brought to market earlier than initially planned in light of the current health crisis - adds factors such as detachable earbuds for improved hygiene and accessibility to more easily customize with a user’s custom in-ear monitors.
The upgraded design now features a connector common among in-ear monitor manufacturers that will allow for a much quicker change over should the user choose to personalize their headset with in-ear monitors from brands such as 64 Audio or Ultimate Ears.
A further benefit of this important feature is for rental companies and venues that supply headsets for their techs. The comfort and noise-isolation of in-ear headsets are a no-brainer, but no one is comfortable sharing in-earphones no matter how well they may be cleaned. The new detachable in-ear design addresses hygienic concerns with earbuds that quickly detach from the cable so they can be assigned to the user and replaced for new users.
“The current global situation has brought hygiene to the front of everybody’s mindset, but in fact, these challenges have always been looming,” says James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “This design change can help ease the administration process of dispensing personal gear to work crews, especially in regard to reducing the health risks if sharing equipment.
“Customers tell us again and again that they will never go back to their old-style headsets after using a Point Source headset,

avante-imperio-qrcAvante Audio expands Imperio Series
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Avante Audio has expanded its Imperio Series by launching a collection of pre-configured systems designed to make the lives of audio professionals easier. Devised around specific applications and methods of deployment, each of the systems include everything necessary to get an Avante Audio Imperio PA up and running, including array modules, subs and rigging hardware.
Imperio is a ‘mini array’ system that offers ‘a powerful, flexible and scalable active audio system that is ideal for installation in mid-size venues as well as for use by production companies working on one-off events or touring productions’. At the heart of the series is the versatile Imperio mid/top module, which offers a 90-degree x 15-degree dispersion angle and an integrated rigging system allowing multiple units to be connected together with splay angles of 0, 4, 8 or 12-degrees.
The compact and lightweight cabinet incorporates a 240W (RMS) Class D amplifier module driving a pair of 4.75" Neodymium woofers alongside six 1.75” IDVAT (Inverted Dome Vertical Array Technology) high frequency drivers.
The largest of the new Imperio Series Systems is the Imperio Max210. It combines eight Imperio modules and a pair of Imperio SUB210s with a pair of Imperio Flybar LGs and three Imperio Link Pin Kits. This provides everything needed to fly a full hang of eight Imperio array elements with the two subs sitting above. Two of these systems would create a complete audio rig suitable for theatres and concert venues with a capacity of 1000+.
The Imperio Theatre Rig 210 is

medialon-showmaster-miniMedialon launches Mini control for museums
Monday, 18 May 2020

USA - Medialon has launched a new micro embedded solution for museum audio-visual (AV) control applications – Showmaster Mini.
Showmaster Mini is suited to simple AV control applications and installation types. Its ruggedised and fanless small form factor makes it easy to mount where AV racks aren’t suitable, says the company. The ultra-compact design solution is available, as standard, with a reduced-feature version of Medialon Manager show control software which makes it a low-cost solution.
Created for less demanding installations, Showmaster Mini can control up to 20 devices in its standard configuration, and is expandable in batches of ten devices, up to a maximum of 50 devices.
Each Showmaster Mini unit measures 158 mm × 114 mm × 53.5 mm and weighs 1.2 kg.
“For some installations, the requirement is for a control solution that simply needs to schedule and automate the AV system’s daily power-up and shutdown sequences, or have a tablet interface for managing media on a video wall. Showmaster Mini has been designed for such applications,” explains Eric Cantrell, VP business operations, Medialon. “It’s also compatible with other Medialon products so can work as a sub-system controller under the scope of a larger Medialon system.”

arthur-800w-ledhd-3cRobert Juliat releases Arthur LED followspot
Monday, 18 May 2020

France - Robert Juliat has announced the launch of Arthur, its new 800W LED long throw followspot capable of matching the lumen output of a 2500W HMI RJ Aramis followspot and delivering up to 29,000 lumens.
This eagerly-anticipated move opens up the use of LED followspots into large venues such as opera houses, musical theatre and live music venues, concert and touring venues, both indoors and out, says the company.
Arthur’s powerful LED engine, narrow beam angle (5.5° - 15°) and long-throw capability, ensures “invincible performances with a minimum output of 2000 lux at a distance of 40m (200fc at 130 ft), while offering premium light quality with a high CRI (>90) - an essential feature for a followspot whose main role is to shine a light on performers in the most sublime way possible”.
A smooth flat beam with no hot spot is teamed with excellent gobo projection, sharp focus at every beam angle and independent control of image size and focus, thanks to Arthur’s variable zoom optics featuring a 3:1 beam ratio.
The electronic dimmer ensures smooth, high quality dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels, and no shift in colour temperature.
Power consumption is minimised, not only by the lower power requirement of the LED source, but also because it can be switched off when inactive, unlike discharge sources which need to run constantly throughout a show.
With the choice of several ventilation modes and silent-running cooling fans, Arthur is much quieter than its discharge rivals – “Arthur can rule

genesis-console-and-wing-with-color-pickerAltman debuts Genesis lighting console
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - Altman Lighting has introduced the Genesis lighting console.
The desk combines physical fader and touchscreen control and provides advanced programming functionality with features such as Shape FX, Chases, Fan, and Individual Cue Timing. Additionally, the graphical user interface allows control of luminaire parameters via familiar icons, colour picker, movement targets or touch sliders.
For moving light control, pan and tilt are also controlled via the touch pad adding a fine movement control for those critical focus points. The animate feature provides a simple and intuitive way to quickly create chases, sequencing, and patterned attribute control within a single cue.
“Focused on giving programmers of all skill levels the operation simplicity of an instinctive console which boasts high-end features, we are very excited to be releasing Genesis,” adds Pete Borchetta, Altman vice president product innovation. “This product line takes us into a new direction that allows us to broaden the innovative and affordable technology solutions that people in the industry have come to expect from Altman Lighting.”
Genesis control consoles can control up 24 discretely addressed luminaires, each with a physical intensity fader and bump button, and each console is capable of controlling one DMX 512 universe. Additional universes and luminaire counts may be achieved through the connection of an optional Genesis wing, and two Genesis wings may be added to each control console.
(Jim Evans)

shureq5xShure and Q5X collaborate on sports range
Thursday, 14 May 2020

USA/Europe - Wireless microphone developer Q5X and Shure have announced a collaboration to combine their expertise to provide “superior sound quality and security that today’s sports broadcasts require”. Together, Q5X and Shure have developed specialised Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters that deliver the latest wireless digital technology “with unparalleled RF stability, encryption, and spectral efficiency”.
“With the combination of Q5X and Shure, this is really the best of both worlds,” said Jens Rothenburger, director of pro audio marketing at Shure. “The new Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters provide sound engineers and the sports industry with a complete solution in a superior, already-established form factor.”
For more than a decade, Q5X has worked closely with professional sports leagues (like the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, and CFL) and major sports networks to develop wireless bodypack transmitters specifically to safely meet the rigorous demands of athletes without impeding athletic performance.
Shure has extensive experience bringing sound to live sporting events, including the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, the Olympic games, NHL finals, World Cup soccer, and MLB World Series telecasts with its portfolio of microphones, transmitters, and receivers.
Developed to directly address ongoing technical challenges plaguing major sports organisations, the Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters incorporate the most innovative wireless technology in the world. With outstanding signal quality in ev

jbl-bc-cinema-series-group1JBL launches Cinema Expansion Series
Wednesday, 13 May 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL Cinema Expansion Series sound systems for small to medium-size commercial theatres.
The line, which includes JBL 3153 and 4253 3-way screen-channel loudspeakers, 3181F and 4281F subwoofers and 8102 surrounds is designed to cover rooms up to 85ft deep and up to 40ft wide. Harman has also debuted the two-channel, 1,300W Crown XLC 21300 amplifier, which supports Cinema Series speakers in a range of system configurations.
“When we created the Cinema Expansion Series, we wanted to offer flexible solutions for cost-conscious theatre owners looking to provide a premium audio experience in every seat while maximizing their investment,” said Sunil Karanjikar, cinema product manager, Harman Professional Solutions. “Now, whether a theatre offers traditional 5.1 or more complex multichannel sound, it can offer the fidelity and performance synonymous with the JBL name at a competitive price.
“By combining Cinema Expansion Series speakers and subs with the JBL CPi2000 cinema processor and our new Crown XLC21300 amplifier, theatre owners and integrators can build fully integrated Harman cinema sound solutions. But above all, it’s that legendary JBL sound that will thrill theatre goers and keep them coming back.”
JBL 3153 and 4253 screen speakers provide full-range, symmetrical 90° by 50° coverage. Speakers operate in passive or biamp mode and incorporate built-in crossover networks and transducer protection circuitry. Two sizes are available: The single 15-inch, 460W-rated JBL 3153 deli

g73colourlineupangledAmate debuts compact installation speaker
Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Spain - The G7 from Amate Audio is the first in a new family of premium installation / integrator loudspeaker cabinets, designed to ‘provide compact high performance solutions, where looks and sound are everything’, in retail, hospitality, recreation, enterprise and culture application environments.
A two-way system within an EN54-24 certifiable, hexagonal-form, reinforced ABS plastic enclosure, the G7 offers power handling capabilities rated at 120 W, providing for 112 dB SPL. So a lesser number of cabinets is required for any installation, operating well within their range of capability, leaving sufficient headroom for instances where higher output may be required.
In addition to its Amate Audio cabinet design, features include the high-performance 6.5” carbon-fibre woofer and 1” titanium dome, neodymium tweeter, aluminium grille and hardware, outdoor ready construction and recessed connector panel with ergonomic protective cover, and integrated U-bracket mounts for the supplied wall mount. Recessed screw sockets provide compatibility with Amate Audio’s SP-6N wall mount for dual-axis orientation.
The -range frequency response from such a compact design, is the result of a complex internal architecture that includes a custom designed HF phase plug and flare, and a bass-reflex port extending the LF response of the genuine carbon-fibre coned woofer. This remarkable 6.5” transducer provides an output and LF response equivalent to a normal 8” driver. A second order crossover network ensures that response across the full frequency range is

adjADJ releases Focus Spot 5Z moving head
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

USA - ADJ has announced the immediate availability of the new Focus Spot 5Z LED-powered moving head spot luminaire. Building on the success of ADJ’s popular Focus Spot 4Z, the new 5Z model takes the same LED engine and compact body, but adds additional beam-shaping tools to give lighting designers increased creative potential.
As with the 4Z, the Focus Spot 5Z is built around a 200W cool white LED engine, which offers an impressive 50,000 hour lifespan. This is focused through high quality optics to allow the fixture to punch out sharp GOBO projections, in vibrant colours, that are equally suited to adding texture to a stage as they are to generating aerial effects over a dancefloor.
Motorized focus, which allows for pinsharp Gobo projections over variable distance, is the signature feature of the entire ADJ Focus Series. In addition, the Focus Spot 5Z inherits the 4Z model’s motorized zoom function, allowing for a beam angle variable between 11 and 22-degrees. The fixture also retains the same pair of indexed rotating prisms: 5-facet linear and 6-facet circular, which allow for the creation of multi-beam effects that are ideal for mid-air projections.
The Focus Spot 5Z has been designed with the house of worship and theatre markets particularly in mind, and it wouldn’t be a true theatrical fixture if it didn’t offer a Silent Fan mode. The unit is fitted with two high power fans that ensure its light source and internal components are maintained at the optimum temperature
“The Focus Spot 4Z was one of our top sellers last year,” co

akgk361bt34vert-560AKG K371-BT headphones now shipping
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

UK - Harman Professional Solutions and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced immediate availability of the new AKG K371-BT professional studio headphones. The AKG K371-BT joins the previously announced AKG K361-BT headphones in the range.
AKG K361-BT and K371-BT headphones are designed for mobile artists, engineers, podcasters and beatmakers who want the flexibility of wired or wireless connectivity combined with studio-quality sound.
The K361-BT and K371-BT feature an over-ear, closed-back design that is precision-engineered to reproduce natural, balanced audio in exceptional detail, so users can make more confident decisions when mixing and editing. With a frequency response of 15 Hz to 28 kHz in the K361-BT and 5 Hz to 40 kHz in the K371-BT, they deliver “the deepest bass and highest highs in their class”.
Both models offer the convenience of switchable Bluetooth wireless and wired connectivity, with a built-in microphone for two-way Bluetooth communication. Plush, ergonomic earcups cradle the listener’s ears to provide “uninterrupted, comfortable enjoyment”.
“Today’s artists and content creators are creating in more locations than ever before, and they need uncompromising audio performance at home, in the studio and on the road,” says Chris Hansen, director recording and content creation, Harman Professional Solutions. “With class-leading frequency responses, Bluetooth connectivity and ergonomic, foldable design, K361-BT and K371-BT headphones are the perfect reference headphones for today’s mobile creative lif

mux22-ivt-ic422picfrontBroaman adds 12G-SDI support for MUX22
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Europe - BroaMan has announced that it will now offer its Multipurpose Fibre Extender for video, audio and intercom (MUX22) with 12G-SDI interfaces - to support greater resolution, frame rates and colour fidelity.
The 12G addition to the existing 3G support means that BroaMan will not only continue to support 4K SDI transport formats but also routing and transport of high bandwidth data streams, such as 10G IP traffic for SMPTE 2110. Uniquely, the company offers not only single-mode but also multi-mode options for 12G fibre transport.
BroaMan technical sales manager Maciek Janiszewski comments: "12G migration is our step into the future. Our customers have been asking about 12G and IP technologies, and the new hardware upgrade will allow us to meet all modern requirements; it means we can offer pure 12G-SDI, pure IP or a mixed 12G-SDI and IP transport solution.”
He adds: “At the very beginning we decided to use CWDM multiplexing technology, which is not restricted to bandwidth, to run multiple signals over a single fibre. The migration to four times higher bandwidth is a logical step for us and means we can keep the same form factor of our well-known products.”

prisma-seriesMagmatic debuts outdoor-rated Prisma series
Monday, 11 May 2020

USA - Magmatic atmospheric effects has introduced Prisma, a range of advanced UV LED lighting products with weatherproof IP65 rating.
Designed for use in clubs, EDM events, glow paint gatherings, or any production with a UV element, Prisma’s IP65 rating and fanless design mean they can be used in even the most challenging environment, says the company. Compact, lightweight and easy to handle, a variety of narrow to wide beam angles are available.
Prisma combines true 365nm UV output for long and wide throw performance with the control and efficiency of LEDs. Because Prisma uses high quality, medical grade LEDs that emit UV light in the 365nm range, no visible light is emitted, meaning only the UV reactive material glows and nothing else.

Smode integrates support for Notch Blocks
Thursday, 7 May 2020

Europe - Smode users are now able to benefit from improved 3D content design due to the integration of Notch Blocks within the platform. Smode combines tools for creating the optimum stage-show experience, with real-time rendering and 3D previewing.
Notch is a graphics and video effects tool that gives creatives the power of real-time rendering. It has been used to create motion graphics for the live performances of artists including Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, The Brits, and numerous music festivals worldwide.
Smode is an integrated real-time compositing and media server software, which allows users to change any parameter at any time. Creators can achieve an updated image immediately on screen, in the 3D simulation, or on the actual stage. Thanks to its layer-based system, creators can efficiently combine different pieces of content together to create the optimum stage-show experience, while keeping real-time control over any parameter of the content. The software is used across concerts, TV Shows, and live events such as performances by Mylene Farmer and Jean Michel Jarre.
The 3D stage preview functionality means that creatives are no longer bound to the stage whilst rendering their designs. They can develop creatives from any location and even work as a team, remotely, across projects. The system also allows users to utilise VR technology to get inside their designs.
Francis Maes CEO and founder of Smode comments: “We are happy to bring this capability to Smode users. Notch allows the creation of some of the most beautiful 3D visuals on the

dsquaredfamilydprdhudbusquareLectrosonics grows D Squared Digital family
Thursday, 7 May 2020

USA - Lectrosonics has introduced the two newest members of the D Squared digital wireless family, the DPR digital plug-on transmitter and the DSQD/AES-3 receiver.
The next extension of the D Squared wireless family platform which premiered in 2019, the DPR digital plug-on transmitter is fully compatible with the DSQD digital receiver and features a tuning range of 470 to 608 MHz (470 to 614 MHz for the export version). The new transmitter includes specially developed, high efficiency circuitry for extended operating time on two AA batteries, and offers RF power selections at 25 and 50 mW.
Studio quality audio performance is assured by high quality components in the preamp, wide range input gain adjustment and DSP-controlled analogue limiting. Input gain is adjustable over a 55dB range in 1dB steps to allow an exact match to the input signal level, maximizing audio dynamic range and signal to noise ratio. The two-way IR port ensures quick setup and allows for encryption key transfer and other data sharing between units.
The DPR can be configured as either a transmitter or a recorder, with files stored on microSD card memory in the industry standard Broadcast Wave .wav (BWF) format at 24-bits, 48kHz sample rate.
The new DSQD/AES3 digital receiver is a four-channel, half-rack design with high-resolution colour display, analogue or AES digital outputs, and rear BNC antenna ports with ‘loop-thru’ buffered BNC outputs to another receiver. The new receiver is compatible with the latest Lectrosonics all-digital transmitters including the DPR plug

akgpodcastingessentialspackaging560AKG Podcaster Essentials arrives in UK
Thursday, 7 May 2020

UK - Harman Professional Solutions and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced that the AKG Podcaster Essentials bundle, previously only available in the US, is now available in the UK with stock arriving this month.
Designed to give podcasters, video producers and content creators a professional edge, the AKG Podcaster Essentials bundle includes the new AKG Lyra USB microphone, AKG K371 headphones, Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software, a four-part Berklee Online recording class, and a full set of audio cables including a headphone splitter.
The AKG Lyra is an ultra-HD, multi-mode USB microphone that delivers pristine 24-bit, 192 kHz audio quality, with four versatile capture modes suited to a wide range of recording applications. AKG K371 headphones provide clear, detailed sound with largest-in-class 50mm drivers and a closed-back design for superb sound isolation. Ableton Live 10 Lite is a streamlined audio production platform that allows users to quickly and easily record and edit professional podcasts.
“Today’s podcasters and content creators need versatile, powerful audio solutions that enable them to create the highest quality productions that stand apart from the crowd,” said Chris Hansen, director of recording and content creation, Harman Professional Solutions. “The AKG Podcaster Essentials bundle provides everything creators need to transform their computer into a professional-quality podcasting studio.”
Ableton Live 10 Lite is a fast, flexible, lightweight version of Ableton’s flagship Live 10 audio production

martinelpzoomlensbannerads1080x1080fbMartin adds zoom lenses to ELP series
Wednesday, 6 May 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced zoom lens accessories for the Martin ELP family of ellipsoidal LED light fixtures.
Martin ELP Zoom Lenses broaden the functionality of ELP CL and WW LED ellipsoidal lights with two industry-standard beam ranges and two housing colours.
Their six-lens design promises “stunning optics, providing the ultrabright output, unmatched flat projection and crisp focus of a static lens with the speed and flexibility of a zoom lens”. The lenses feature a mechanical anti-slip locking mechanism and a convenient service hatch for easy lens cleaning and maintenance. A gobo/accessory gate accommodates A/B-size gobos, and a colour gel frame is included.
“Martin ELP LED ellipsoid fixtures are famous for their unrivalled luminance, output and light quality,” comments Mark Buss, product manager, entertainment lighting, Harman Professional Solutions. “By expanding their functionality with zoom lenses in a choice of beam ranges and housing colours, lighting professionals can bring new simplicity, flexibility and speed to their designs.
“ELP Zoom Lenses eliminate the need to perform the beam angle and distance calculations required to achieve comparable looks with fixed lenses. And, the optics are truly stunning: An all-new six-lens design delivers flat projection across a full zoom range, with consistent, razor-sharp focus - all with virtually no loss of output compared to fixed-lens options.”
Two variants are available: a 15–30-degree range with a 7,000-lumen output (ELP CL in High Output mod

actHighlite International debuts Showtec ACT
Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Netherlands Highlite International BV has launched its latest campaign, The Power Of Entertainment with publication of an updated catalogue, numerous activities and various product launches. One of these product launches concerns Showtec’s latest addition: the ACT series.
With the ACT series, Showtec offers a range of compact entry-level luminaires with a high-class finish and high CRI levels. Due to their size and output they are well equipped for a wide range of applications and venues but also offer a lot of advantages for the rental business.
The ACT series consists of five different models. It starts off with a 20WW and a 50WW Fresnel version which come complete with matching barndoors, followed by a 60 RGBW PC unit, a 50WW Profile spot and an Flood 80 RGBW.
All, except the 20WW version, are controllable via 3p DMX, have easy to handle rotary knobs at the back for dimming and, with the RGBW versions for choosing the desired colour and have OLED-displays for adjusting the requested settings. The ACT-units are virtually plug-and-play and based on the model, come complete with barndoor, filter-frame, gobo holder, gobos and lens.

xrled-3000-w-framingPR extends XRLED moving head series
Tuesday, 5 May 2020

China - Following the launch of Aqua LED 1700 Framing, PR Lighting has announced another new shutter blade device, the XRLED 3000-W Framing.
This new addition to the XRLED moving head series features the latest advanced 1200W white LED light source. In addition to its complete range of spotlight effects and features, the fixture’s four sets of framing blades offer “endless rotation, different size and shaped graphics, and a curtain effect in a module designed and patented by PR Lighting”.
This bright and powerful spot, which is suitable for any type of project, comes in two versions. The 6500K, 70 CRI, 55000 lumen version is suitable for concerts, major events and exhibitions while the 5600K 92 CRI 41000 lumen spot has been designed specifically for theatres, TV studios and corporate events.
Thanks to the design of the LED engine cooling system, the noise level can be controlled at a very low level - and lower still when run in theatre mode (39dB), making it a suitable choice for both theatres and TV studios. Moreover, for pan and tilt use, PR has upgraded to a new non-contact magnetic encoder positioning system that gives the lighting designer more precision and stability. Another key feature which is sure to impress designers and operators is the 6°-54° variable light angle, with autofocus.
The fixture, which weighs 45kg, also contains a 4-facet prism and a linear prism, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds, and indexable; light and heavy double Frost filters; replaceable animation wheel, bi-directionally rotatable at variab

gobo-libraryETS launches industry toolkit app Toolbox
Tuesday, 5 May 2020

World - An app designed to serve as a pocketable all-in-one toolbox for the events industry has been released.
Toolbox, developed by UK lighting, rigging and previsualisation services company ETS, combines over 20 virtual tools, converters and guides in a single app.
Designed to make it easier for lighting, audio, and video technicians to get on with their daily tasks, Toolbox includes DMX, power, weight/length and currency converters; vehicle, wiring and knot guides; information for over 2,600 pieces of equipment; filter and gobo libraries; beam and patch calculators; a decibel meter, and more.
The app is currently only available for iOS devices through the App Store (£9.99 for a lifetime licence) but ETS is working on an Android version, to be released by September.

ClearOne awarded PoE strategic patent
Friday, 1 May 2020

USA - ClearOne has been awarded a strategic new patent relating to power transmission for Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Awarded on 14 April, 2020, the patent describes a simple method for providing power to multiple devices in a ‘daisy-chain’ series connection using PoE. Use of the new method can eliminate the 100m Ethernet distance constraint for power and data transmission.
ClearOne’s technology disclosed in this patent brings powerful benefits for at least two important applications. First, it is useful for devices such as audio products including microphones and speakers, security and conferencing cameras, remote sensors, smart home technologies like thermostats and alarm systems, as well as computers and displays, all of which can be freely deployed anywhere within the reach of an Ethernet cable.
As an example of this application, ClearOne uses the patented technology in its professional audio products, including its beam-forming microphone array ceiling tiles. The patented technology allows Converge Pro 2 DSP mixers to communicate with its beam-forming microphone arrays at distances that greatly exceed traditional distance limitations for conferencing equipment, providing additional deployment options when compared with other Ethernet technologies like Audinate’s Dante.
Second, the patented technology is also useful for transmitting power only, without data, where access to electrical power outlets may be inconvenient or power outlet safety is a concern. For example, mobile device cha

ballast-calculator-1Roe Visual introduces Ballast Calculator
Friday, 1 May 2020

China - Looking to improve its service and to enhance user convenience, Roe Visual has developed a ballast calculator. The purpose of the Ballast Calculator is to help adding the right amount of ballast on stacked LED screens.
When you are building large video walls, one of the most prominent challenges is to do this safely. Even if you use the official Roe Visual LED stacking systems, in most cases it’s necessary to add extra ballast. Not all AV technicians are aware of the total weight a complete LED screen can amount to and what forces this can generate, even if you use it indoors.
For Roe Visual it’s of paramount importance that its customers are aware of these factors and can build their LED wall safely. “Creating awareness on safe working practices is one thing, we frequently touch on these issues in the ROE Academy training sessions, but with this simple calculating tool we actually help the AV technicians making their job simpler and safer”, comments Luc Neyt, deputy director Sales and Service Centre.
Available in six languages, the Roe Visual Ballast Calculator offers ballast information for a broad range of Roe Visual LED panel types, such as the Carbon series, Black Onyx, Black Pearl and Sapphire, but also the newly added panels Vanish V8 and Ruby.
“The calculator works fairly simply, but it’s the complex calculations, testing and structural analysis that are behind the results that are the true worth of this Ballast Calculator. No other LED manufacturer has put so much effort and attention to these vital details. In the

radius-group-image-MasterSounds launches latest Radius range
Friday, 1 May 2020

UK - Boutique mixer brand MasterSounds has launched a third generation of its Radius 2 and Radius 4 DJ mixers, which contain various technology enhancements.
Originally launched in 2016, the two-channel Radius 2 rotary DJ mixer became an instant hit with the high-end DJ and club installation community, and was followed by the introduction of the four-channel Radius 4 mixer, two valve-based versions (the Radius Two and Four Valve), an FX unit and dedicated LinearPOWER supply accessory.
"Four years on, and the brand has seen remarkable growth but the higher production costs of a premium rotary mixer rule them out for DJs on a tighter budget,” explains MasterSounds’ founder, Ryan Shaw. “Designer, Andy Rigby-Jones, and I decided to do something about it, by redesigning the compact Radius 2 and Radius 4 to make them more affordable but without compromising any of the features, the feel, or the audio fidelity of the original model.”
The new generation Radius 2 and 4 offer “clean, open, and dynamic sonic quality on both LINE and RIAA inputs”, as well as improved usability. Both mixers feature easy-reading analogue VU meters, a responsive Master EQ/Isolator, a smooth natural sounding hi-pass filter on each channel, and an AUX send/Return system with insert button for easy integration of external effects, including MasterSounds own FX unit. Radius 4 also includes two mic inputs, selectable via the rear panel.
“The redesign challenge meant going back to the drawing board to see where we could simplify the circuitry without impairing perfo

disguiser17disguise adds work from home enhancements
Friday, 1 May 2020

UK - With its latest release r17.2, disguise has introduced improvements to help users optimise their workflow at home such as Application Mode and devise new concepts to connect with audiences online with AR and 360° video.
A key new addition in r17.2 is the ability to run disguise’s Designer software in Application Mode. The new mode enables Designer to run alongside multiple applications so users can perform tasks concurrently and effortlessly switch between its software and other apps. With Application Mode, users can easily pull content from the web into a project to work up concepts and share work-in-progress with others to communicate progress, gather feedback and collaborate better.
r17.2 introduces support for HTC VIVE tracking accessories which make it possible to develop AR experiences at home without high-end tracking equipment. HTC VIVE accessories can be used to emulate camera or object tracking systems, so users can work up AR concepts from lockdown in their home office set-up, living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen - wherever they choose to augment their world.
r17.2 also allows users to create simple AR screens without the need for other tools so they can quickly test out ideas for AR experiences. By making it possible to render layers separately, users can also experience better overall project performance and a cleaner workflow.
With the new Spherical Camera in r17.2, users can now render 360 video content, in disguise, engaging content for online audiences. 360 video is also a valuable addition to users’ remote pro

arx-zonemix-new-cosmeticsThe ZoneMIX launches new look for ARX
Friday, 1 May 2020

Australia - After 35 years of manufacturing professional audio products, including its popular blue boxes, Melbourne-based pro audio manufacturer ARX Systems has decided the time is right for a cosmetic upgrade across their rack mountable range.
Starting with the ZoneMIX multimedia zone mixer, now shipping globally, ARX signal processing products will be manufactured with a stylish grey front panel with blue screen print.
“It was a big decision for us to make this change, but it makes sense for us to keep evolving as a company. We are continually upgrading what’s inside the box but until now have not looked at the cosmetics. The new look makes the front panel lighter and the controls are clearer - especially for installations where light or view is limited,” comments Colin Park, managing director and co-founder of ARX Systems.
Designed to cope with the variety of audio sources found on multimedia devices today, the ZoneMix is a 1RU multi-channel mic/line zone mixer that features wireless audio, USB and minijack inputs, two mic/line inputs, stereo line input, and Zone 1 and 2 Stereo Master level controls.


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