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ag08-b02Yamaha launches live streaming mixer
Friday, 27 January 2023

Europe - The AG08 is a new all-in-one, multi-purpose live streaming mixer and audio interface from Yamaha. As the flagship model of the company’s second generation AG series, it combines all the essential functionality of the AG range with practical new, intuitive functions for a powerful streaming solution.
By integrating more flexible I/O and USB routing options, additional DSP effects, expanded functionality and improved internal circuitry, the AG08 supports an impressive depth of streaming applications, including speech, instrument, playback, gaming and ASMR, as well as offline audio content creation, all with class-leading sound quality. But while it’s packed with useful features, the AG08 is very flexible and simple to use.
Eight input channels are provided, all with assignable faders and mute switches for instant, hands-on control of sound levels. A range of effects is processed by the AG08’s onboard DSP, ensuring zero latency and no load on the user’s Windows or Macintosh computer. They include a new voice changer effect on Channel 1, with an amp simulator on Channel 2 for enhanced guitar or bass sound. All of the unit’s input channels feature compression, EQ, reverb and delay, which can be set independently, allowing the optimal setting for each input to be dialled in.
A ducker function can automatically attenuate channels 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 to make sure the sound from channels 1 and 2 is always clearly heard. A maximiser is also provided on the output stage, which can add a level boost to the mix for extra polish and professionali

leyardISE 2023: Leyard Europe debuts DirectLight Pro
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 sees Leyard Europe highlight its range of new products and a collaborative solution.
First in the new product line-up is DirectLight Pro, an LED solution based on MicroLED Technology. A 1.2mm pixel pitch DirectLightPro will be on display, offering the opportunity to experience its service-friendly interior and front-access for easy maintenance of the redesigned cabinet.
In a dedicated control room area, the company will present its solutions for Videowall processing, including the new netPIX Controllers and videowall management software, eyeUNIFY Software. A first for ISE, both products will be showcased in newly developed versions.
Also on display will be creative solutions, including a 1m diameter, LED-sphere, a 0.7mm pixel pitch video wall constructed from TX Series MicroLED, the latest generation of micro-pitch LED display products; a 2.6mm pixel pitch LED interactive floor; and a large installation of the successful fine pixel pitch, stackable, front access TVF series.
Additionally, and in cooperation with Cyviz, suppliers of video wall and room management for command and control, executive meeting rooms and other versatile environments, a curved,1.2mm pixel pitch AT series video wall will demonstrate a Microsoft Front Row solution.
The Leyard Europe stand design will also underline that its solutions are made in Europe, which brings significant advantages in terms of fast delivery and low carbon footprint to its European customers.

prodigyISE 2023: DirectOut expands Prodigy Series
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - DirectOut has added a new module to the Prodigy Series: the MADI2.SFP.IO. The new module comes with the housing and form factor of the Prodigy Audio Network modules and hosts two SFP cages that can be equipped with Optical or Coaxial MADI SFP transceivers.
Each port on the module supports 64 audio channels expanding the MADI capabilities of both Prodigy.MP and Prodigy.MC mainframes to respectively 384 and 256 MADI channels when operating at 1FS.
MADI2.SFP.IO also offers the possibility to perform HD SRC on MADI, a feature which was already available for Dante, Ravenna/AES67 and SoundGrid, and which provides an alternative to the FastSRCTM.
It is equipped with FPGA-based state-of-the-art sample rate conversion which enables asynchronous operation between the module and the Prodigy mainframe, independently from the configured reference clock of the device.
With SNMP(v1/v2), DirectOut offers another third-party standard protocol to monitor the Prodigy Series in mission critical positions.

danteISE 2023: Dante AV adoption accelerates
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - Audinate Group has announced that 30 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have now licensed the Dante AV technology to build networked video devices. The list of OEMs includes AdTechno, AVer, AVONIC, Bolin, BZB Gear, Chingan Technology, Cypress, Lumens, Minrray, Patton, PTZ Optics, ProAVIT, Soundhouse, Televic, Telycam, Tenveo, ValueHD, Yamaha and Yuan.
Several of the OEM partners will introduce new Dante AV-enabled products next week at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, including: Bolin: the D2-210H and D2-220H PTZ cameras; BZB Gear: the BG-ADAMO-4KDA PTZ camera; Lumens: the VC-A71P PTZ camera and PTZOptics: the Link 4K 20x PTZ camera.
These add to the growing ecosystem of 15 Dante AV products that are currently released and available to purchase, including cameras, encoders and decoders. In addition, several manufacturers will preview pre-production products at the show, including AdTechno, Bolin, Soundhouse and Yuan.
“The network effect is in full force here at ISE,” said Joshua Rush, chief marketing officer at Audinate. “We have seen a sharp increase in demand for Dante AV from OEMs seeking to bring the ease of use and interoperability of Dante to the networked video market, and we’re excited to see more and more of these products come to market and make their way into customers’ hands.”

sennheiserISE 2023: Sennheiser promotes TeamConnect
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - Sennheiser will unveil the newest addition to the TeamConnect family, amongst other new products and features
Sennheiser’s ISE 2023 stand will once again feature two live demonstration rooms. In one room, the newest TeamConnect Family member will be demonstrated for the first time publicly. Visitors will have the opportunity to see its sleek design, while experiencing the trusted audio quality one has come to expect from Sennheiser.
The other demo room will feature the multiple award-winning and readily available TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2), where it will again showcase its beamforming tracking capability with Sennheiser partner Q-SYS’ cameras. The TCC 2 demo will replicate a real-world meeting environment, allowing visitors the opportunity to experience the audibly superior ceiling microphone already trusted by thousands of our customers around the world.
Starting later in Q1, the TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions will come with an extended warranty. By owning its manufacturing and maintaining strong relationships with its suppliers, not only has Sennheiser been able to maintain reliable delivery dates for these products, but their quality can be proudly certified. Additional details about the warranty extension, including its new length and who’s eligible, will be shared at ISE.
MobileConnect is an award-winning assistive listening solution that enables inclusive meeting and lecture participation through the use of a smartphone. At this year’s ISE, Sennheiser will formally launch a set of new exciting features, including app c

claypakyminibaquaISE 2023: Claypaky extends Aqua series
Friday, 27 January 2023

Spain - Claypaky will present a range of innovative lighting solutions at ISE in Barcelona.
The Aqua Series meet the needs for outdoor installations and also for rental companies with outdoor productions. They offer an IP66 degree of protection which is greater than the average protection offered by products currently on the market. Some fixtures even offer a Marine-grade C5-M protection, which further expands the field of application to the cruise ship sector. No more need to worry about water, humidity, dust – or even salt: put your show on without concern for the elements!
Premiered at ISE 2023, the Mini-B Aqua was created to meet the demand from lighting professionals for a weather resistant, lightweight, compact, agile mini-washlight. It is IP66 protection rated, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor use. However, it is also ideal for indoor installation since it does not require the same levels of maintenance as ordinary IP20 fixtures thanks to the total protection of its internal components against dust.
Also on show for the first time, the Mini-B Spot is a complement to the Claypaky Mini-B and Mini-B Aqua, but it also has innovative, exclusive features. The light source is based on a 70W white LED engine, capable of delivering 4300 Lumen, but with a power consumption of only 150W. Claypaky has also developed a proprietary optical unit that optimizes light intensity and light output. Mini-B Spot is bound to become extremely popular also in the installation and cruise ship markets, where versatile, small fixtures with a big punch are s

defenderDefender debuts presents XPRESS cable protector
Thursday, 26 January 2023

Germany - Defender has introduced its new XPRESS Series. These drop-over cable protectors, which feature a cable duct, are available in two versions (XPRESS 40 and XPRESS 100) with 40 mm and 100 mm wide cable ducts and can be quickly and easily placed over cables and hoses that have already been laid.
This makes the cable protectors suitable for a variety of outdoor and indoor uses at events, festivals, Christmas markets, trade fairs, shopping centres, studios, or offices. In addition, the XPRESS models have the Defender 3D LaserGrip surface for particularly high slip and tread resistance, even when driven over with trolleys, wheelbarrows or bicycles.
The XPRESS 40 (1005 x 125 x 20 mm; L x W x H) and XPRESS 100 (1005 x 250 x 40 mm; L x W x H) cable protectors offer the fastest handling of all Defender models. The lack of a base is a major factor in this, making the cable protector particularly easy to install in existing cable routes.
While a simple cable protection mat is often used in similar cases, the XPRESS cable protectors provide a much more robust and safe solution for people and materials. Despite their low weight, the XPRESS cable protectors have a high load-bearing capacity of 0.5 tonnes per 20 x 20 cm area laid, which means that even cars can drive over them without any problems.
As with the tried-and-tested Micro and MIDI 5 2D Series, the innovative 3D LaserGrip surface also provides XPRESS cable protectors with special slip and step resistance. With its special shape and surface structure, it also minimises the risk of accidenta

chauvetiseISE 2023: Chauvet demonstrates designs
Thursday, 26 January 2023

Spain - The Chauvet Professional stand will be more than a product showcase at ISE, it will also serve as a “storytelling platform”, one designed to stimulate ideas and invite visitors to imagine how the company’s fixtures can transform a variety of spaces.
Moving beyond standard tradeshow concepts, Chauvet Professional is devoting much of ISE stand 7E800 to scenes that reflect real-world installation environments. Encountering these settings provides vivid impressions of the design possibilities offered by the products on display.
Among the products transforming the stand’s settings are the Ovation Rêve E-3 IP a virtually silent ellipsoidal that renders full-spectrum colours and tuneable whites; the Ovation Cyc 3 FC, a convection cooled, low-profile RGBAL fixture that excels as a cyclorama wash or footlight, and the widely heralded series of onAir panel soft white lights.
Also accenting the scenes created at the stand will be the Ovation E-2 FC, which will be making its European debut at the ISE. A compact full colour ellipsoidal that packs a powerful punch, this new fixture opens new creative possibilities for designers by allowing them to position it in spaces that are too tight for the Ovation E-910FC. Equipped with the same high-quality optics as its larger stablemate, the E-2 FC also features an integrated 25-50 degree zoom lens.
In addition to being transformed by Chauvet Professional fixtures, the representative settings will be enlivened by Iluminarc products such as the Ilumiline ML, which will be used for grazing the area

bromptonISE 2023: Brompton to unveil ‘game-changer’
Thursday, 26 January 2023

Spain - Brompton Technology will present the latest Tessera software features, including two major features published as part of the Tessera v3.4 software release: Extended Bit Depth and Stacking. The biggest product announcement and a new ‘game-changer’, however, will be revealed on the first day of the show.
Located in Hall 3, Brompton’s newly designed stand (3S800) will include 8 x 6 panels of Absen Jupiter LED wall, provided by Lang AG, which will feature exceptionally high-quality HDR content, as well as revealing the company’s newly announced product. Two smaller LED walls, provided by LEDitgo and ROE Visual, will demonstrate the latest Tessera software developments, with the Brompton team on hand for in-person product demonstrations.
Brompton’s Tessera processing has been making a big impression across many industries, including live events, virtual production, esports and film and television. Used on everything from the biggest global world tours to pioneering virtual production and XR studios, ISE will give visitors the chance to experience Tessera features such as Stacking, Extended Bit Depth, PureTone, Operating Modes, ShutterSync, and Frame Remapping.
Additionally, visitors will be able to see High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, achieved using Dynamic Calibration, Brompton’s revolutionary approach to calibrating panels whilst maintaining uniformity and unlocking the full potential of LEDs.
“We are thrilled to bring the new product to this year’s ISE and start showcasing it to our customers across the globe,” says Br

smartipISE 2023: Genelec to unveil Smart IP models
Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Spain - Genelec will be further expanding its Smart IP family of networked loudspeaker systems at ISE with the introduction of the 4435A in-ceiling and 4436A pendant models. The two new additions join the existing 4410, 4420 and 4430 on-wall Smart IP models to provide an even wider range of loudspeaker solutions – packing all the convenience, ease of installation and scalability of Smart IP’s single-cable networked technology into two popular new form factors.
Originally launched in 2019, the Smart IP loudspeaker range provides flexible power, audio and management features via a standard CAT cable. All models can be freely combined on a network, and are compatible with both Dante and AES67 streams, deriving power via PoE or PoE+ Power-over-Ethernet formats.
As well as receiving both power and audio-over-IP, the 4435A and 4436A both feature a rear panel RJ45 connector which allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager – a sophisticated downloadable software tool that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, a versatile room equalisation tool set, system organisation and status monitoring.
A public API command set allows easy integration with third party automation systems, or for less complex Smart IP systems, Genelec’s intuitive Smart IP Controller mobile app can be used to provide the end user with basic control of key loudspeaker functions.
Created in conjunction with industrial designer Harri Koskinen, the 4436A is Genelec’s very fir

mergingfluxiseISE 2023: Merging Technologies gets immersive
Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 is set to be a busy show for the Merging Technologies team, who will be demonstrating their extensive portfolio of audio solutions with a wide range of use cases including visitor attractions and events.
Highlights to look out for at this year’s trade show include updated integration with SPAT Revolution, an immersive audio rendering software from FLUX:: Immersive. Developed at the French audio institute IRCAM, this real-time immersive audio mix engine follows decades of research. SPAT Revolution is designed to integrate into virtually any workflow and with full automation of the spatialization parameters. SPAT Revolution offers a wide range of possibilities, empowering artists, sound designers and sound engineers with virtually unlimited possibilities to design, create and mix an outstandingly immersive experience.
New offerings from Merging Technologies and FLUX:: also include the FLUX flagship analyser for real-time spatial and loudness monitoring, as well as the latest developments to the Merging Ovation media server. Originally developed for theme park use, Ovation has evolved to be the leading solution for many applications in AV. It has also been used extensively as a playout solution for live-to-air broadcasts.
Live demos at the stand will demonstrate Ovation’s ability to import Dolby Atmos ADM files and its Open Show Control (OSC) capabilities for live events. Finally, Merging’s popular Anubis controller will be on show, demonstrating its flexibility across a variety of missions from monitoring, recording and broadcas

gf42-blackISE 2023: KGEAR reinforces GF family
Wednesday, 25 January 2023

Spain - KGEAR by K-array has reinforced its GF family of ultra-compact column loudspeakers with the addition of two new models: GF42 (4 x 2") and GF162 (16 x 2"). Also highlighted at the show is the GM44 analogue audio matrix for straightforward multi-zone audio distribution.
Both models feature the same 2-inch drivers deployed in the existing GF22 and GF82, plus the same robust build quality and flawless sound characteristics, while offering different throw and dispersion angle options.
Taking the versatility of the range a step further KGEAR has announced the release of active versions of three models (GF22A, GF42A, GF82A) featuring a built-in amplifier with auto ON-OFF and the possibility to drive a passive speaker, plus 70/100V versions (GF42T, GF82T, GF162T) for large scale loudspeaker deployments.
The whole line (including GF82 and GF22) comes with a totally re-designed bracket system that offers even greater flexibility of installation and a cleaner look; and finally, thanks to the new IP connector sealing cap accessories, all GF loudspeakers can now be used for outdoor applications. Suitable for any small to mid-sized venue in applications ranging from hospitality to corporate, retail, houses of worship and more, there is now a GF solution for every situation,
GM44L is a 4-Zone analogue audio matrix that features four stereo line inputs with gain control; four stereo line outputs with treble and bass adjustment; four zone input selectors, and 1 x Auxiliary input that can be independently assigned to each zone output and mixed to the se

elationISE 2023: Elation covers all the bases
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Spain - Elation is set to have a major presence at ISE 2023, offering lighting solutions for rental, installation and entertainment applications on stand 7C500
On show will be the latest in Elation’s IP65 Proteus line, including the new 75,000-lumen Proteus Brutus LED wash effects moving head, the powerful Proteus Excalibur sky beam, the linear Proteus Rayzor Blade LED wash and FX light, and the big brother to the popular Proteus Rayzor 760 LED wash effects luminaire, the Proteus Rayzor 1960.
New fixtures in Elation’s high-performance, high-value Fuze series will also be shown, including the full-color-spectrum Fuze MAX Spot/Profile LED moving heads, and the full-spectrum Fuze Wash 500 LED Fresnel moving head. Visitors can also get up close with new luminaires in Elation’s broadcast-optimized KL series, including the full-color KL Profile FC ellipsoidal framing fixture, and KL Panel XL/KL Panel XL IP, a bigger, brighter and bolder version of Elation’s popular KL Panel LED soft light.
Visitors will have a chance to demo the new NX1 from Obsidian Control Systems, a scalable, full-featured lighting console that offers the complete Onyx experience without compromises in an ultra-compact package. Magmatic will be showing the high-output Magma Fog 1500 IP, a new water-based fog machine for professional applications of all types, along with other atmospheric effects.

mighty-toughISE 2023: Mighty Tough debuts affordable cases
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Spain - Mighty Tough Cases is staging its range of robust, affordable flight cases, for the first time since the business’s inception, at ISE 2023 at Fira Barcelona. The company can be found in the Discovery Zone on stand CS524.
Mighty Tough Cases Ltd launched as ZCASE Professional Flight Cases’ exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland in October 2022. Since then, the company has successfully provided a steady stream of off the shelf and precision, made-to-measure, heavy duty, bespoke-branded flight cases to a range of entertainment technology product manufacturers and rental operations.
In just three months of trading, Mighty Tough Cases has nurtured a reputation for its attention to detail and fast delivery of affordable, tough, quality-built cases. Michael Cobb, from Firefly Audio Visual Solutions in Leeds, says: “We ordered eight cases for our new Aryton Karif lights. The cases were delivered on time, as promised, and the quality of the build was excellent. In an industry that is struggling with supply chain issues ZCASE and Mighty Tough Cases met and exceeded our expectations. Great service from first contact to delivery.”
Mighty Tough Cases knows that its clients invest in expensive equipment that require flight cases to protect their investment, often in challenging and rough environments, time after time. Jack Linaker, managing director of JL Lighting Ltd says: “Having ordered dozens of new lights and other equipment we simply need cases to house them all. Aryton Eurus, LEDJ Spectra Flood Q15s, Lynx BS-8 speakers, and many more.

hh-electronicsHH Electronics unveils installation loudspeakers
Monday, 23 January 2023

UK - HH Electronics has announced the launch of TNi WPRO Installation Loudspeakers. There are two versions available - the 12-inch TNi-W12PRO and 8-inch TNi-W8PRO. Suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized applications, both models are available in black or white, and have rotatable waveguides for vertical or horizontal dispersion with 90° x 60° coverage, to enable precise control of sound field.
The TNi-W12PRO features a 12-inch high-power HH low frequency driver with 2.5-inch voice coil, and a 1.4-inch Celestion CDX1-1445 high frequency driver, while its smaller counterpart features an 8-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2-inch voice coil, and a 1-inch Celestion CDX1-1070 high frequency driver.
TNi-WPRO are all-wood enclosures with a hard-wearing finish that offer versatile input connection options via either M4 barrier strip or Euroblock. Mounting options include seven M10 Penn-Elcom fly points, and four M8 mounting points for optional TNI-BRK30 mounting bracket.

digicoISE 2023: DiGiCo and KLANG offer innovation
Monday, 23 January 2023

Spain - DiGiCo and KLANG return to Barcelona for ISE 2023 to give visitors another opportunity to experience the power of DiGiCo’s Quantum range of consoles, its 4REA4 installation system and KLANG’s innovative immersive in-ear mixing systems.
The DiGiCo Quantum 7 features 600 channels of processing in 96kHz operation, eight assignable MADI connections and two DMI slots (DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface) for AoIP along with other connectivity options from the complete family of DMI card options. Other powerful enhancements include Nodal Processing and True Solo.
The Quantum 338 provides power and connectivity in a remarkably compact format. It includes 128 input channels with 64 busses and a 24 x 24 matrix, all with full channel processing. There is a new look and feel dark mode application and three 17-inch, 1000 nit high brightness multitouch screens, allowing both the meter bridge and soft quick select buttons to be displayed on each screen.
The agile and flexible Quantum 225, meanwhile, has been developed to meet the demands of the changing environment of live events. Specified with the DQ-Rack with integrated Dante, it also delivers the perfect system for AV installation and the demands of an AoIP networking environment.
Designed to run as either a stand-alone install system, as an enhancement to an existing installed system, or to add install functionality to a multi-console setup, the 4REA4 is a powerful low latency FPGA based audio engine, featuring allocative processing, customisable I/O and a range of programmable hardware controll

i3-engineeringISE 2023: i3 Engineering offers automation
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Ukrainian manufacturer i3 Engineering will present its latest systems (#CS640) in the show’s Discovery Zone.
i3 Engineering is a specialist hardware company in the fields of smart home and building automation solutions manufacturing. The company develops and manufactures controllers which configure without programming from their own mobile app.
"Our devices can be combined to a multi-master bus, which allows any of them to know what is happening to others,” says CEO Pavlo Tsiupka. “A user or integrator creates an automation rule in a mobile app, which transmitted to the device. The device processes the rule and sends the command to execute. For example, if switch is turn on, then light two lamps, if double-press - raise the air temperature, if a long press - close the curtains. We want everyone electrician to be able to set up an automation system of any complexity using our devices.”
i3 Engineering systems can manage various types of electrical equipment, such as lighting, sockets, heating and air conditioning systems, blinds and curtains, irrigation, etc. The system can be installed in private houses, apartments, restaurants, ships, business centres, malls and hotels.
Having received the CE certificate in 2021, the company focused on growth in Ukraine and distribution in markets where the frequency range of 50Hz 230V and 60Hz 127V is used. The company has partners in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Egypt and Portugal. Now they are looking for interested distributors companies in Spain, Italy, and the UK.

hypervsnISE 2023: Hypervsn shows holographic solutions
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Hypervsn is bringing the latest in interactive holographic solutions to showcase at ISE 2023. Featuring the all-new Hypervsn SmartV Digital Avatar and Full Body Live-Streaming, these products are designed to ‘completely revolutionise customer experiences in retail, education, events, and many other verticals’.
Recently, Michael Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Europe, was able join Talent Congress in Barcelona in 3D Hologram form while being 4000 miles away in Oman, thanks to Hypervsn Full Body Live-Streaming. Hypervsn is bringing a demo of this innovative solution to ISE 2023 to showcase how it is adding the much-needed ‘human touch’ and visual form to the traditional flat screen calls and live streams. This live streaming solution is based on Hypervsn SmartV products, with specially created image layers and visual effects to maximise the realism and impact on the audience, perfect for education and events.
Another solution to be showcased at the show is SmartV Digital Avatar, a new solution which allows two-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar, bringing the Metaverse to the physical world. Based on Hypervsn Holographic Human solution, which runs on pre-recorded content, Digital Avatar takes it a step further by allowing real-time conversations with users, thanks to its interactive AI capabilities and the scalable ‘human touch’. This is a new solution for banking, retail, and other human-dependent sectors where holographic assistants can take over the routine everyday questions, leaving time for its

hiveplayerISE 2023: HIVE to launch media players
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - Media control specialist HIVE, has announced it will launch two new products, hold live demonstrations on Panasonic booth #3J500 and run video playback on Leyard Europe’s stand, #3D800, at ISE 2023 in Barcelona.
Visitors to the show will be the first to see two new 1U rack mount pieces of hardware, Player_3-Pro and Player_4-Pro. Both units will run the feature-rich HIVE software and will be available to order at ISE.
Developed utilising the team’s combined 60 years’ experience in entertainment technology, the new hardware features include a 10G Ethernet connection, SMPTE LTC Timecode In/Out and balanced L/R XLR audio outputs, alongside the 4k and 8k output options.
Additionally, HIVE will showcase the SDM Module prototype, a fresh approach to media control that incorporates high performance HIVE Media Player software directly into the display hardware.
HIVE units can already integrate with wide-ranging display technology. Now, the SDM Module is able to connect directly into the Intel SDM slot, inside the Panasonic DLP Projectors. This delivers valuable, wide-reaching environmental benefits by freeing both integrators and customers from complex and expensive signal distribution networks, and increasingly unmanageable control room footprints.
HIVE’s Mark Calvert comments: “We are very excited by this move and are grateful to Panasonic and Intel for their ongoing support of HIVE with this ground-breaking product advancement.”
At ISE, HIVE will also provide a high-performance based LED playback system featuring a l

audiofocusISE 2023: Audiofocus debuts loudspeaker series
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 marks the debut of a new compact loudspeaker series from Belgian manufacturer, Audiofocus. The first releases in the new range are the Cyris CX6 coaxial 6” loudspeaker and the companion C210S low-profile 2x10” subwoofer.
Cyris CX6 delivers a peak SPL of 122.4dB in a compact format optimised for short-throw fixed installations or live events and can also serve as a fill cabinet in larger performance, conference, or worship settings. Its naturally cardioid design permits CX6 to be positioned close to walls or corners without reflection problems, while a flared vent manages low frequency distortion. A mic stand insert and optional U bracket allow CX6 to be deployed according to the needs of the venue.
C210S is a dual-vented band-pass subwoofer, housing a pair of high-specification 10” neodymium LF transducers and employing Tetracoil technology for maximum efficiency and a peak SPL of 126.5dB. With its low-profile design, C210S is a discreet option for hospitality and leisure installations as well as corporate AV and live events. C210S features an integral Class D amplifier with full DSP, allowing it to power multiple CX6 speakers and cutting the need for external hardware.
“Thanks to some clever design choices, CX6 delivers far more power than industry-standard 5” loudspeakers, but its footprint is only fractionally larger,” comments Audiofocus CEO, Ann Leroy. “In our listening tests, customers have been blown away by the SPL and intelligibility we achieved with this tiny cabinet. By adding the low-profile C210S, we can

bridging-the-silosISE 2023: Jetbuilt offers AV roadmap
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Jetbuilt has announced a strategy ‘to bridge the silos existing within the AV industry’. While industry professionals recognise their software as the go-to tool for fast and efficient proposal generation and 360-degree project management, Jetbuilt’s platform possesses more comprehensive capabilities. Ushering in a new era, Jetbuilt is focused on bridging the silos within the industry to foster better communication and collaboration, all within one easy-to-use and purpose-built platform. Jetbuilt will emphasise its new focus during ISE 2023 with a larger appearance, including personalised product demos.
Along with providing the tools to build, sell, and manage projects with speed and efficiency, Jetbuilt’s platform is designed to enable real-time communication across various roles.
“Our software is not just for integrators and designers. End-users, manufacturers and distributors greatly benefit from Jetbuilt as well,” explains Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Our company roadmap for 2023, and the demos we have planned for ISE, are focused on bringing project stakeholders together for the good of the project and the benefit of every party involved.”
Jetbuilt’s team has identified a need for greater cross-profession communication. Interaction and collaboration happen between these groups on projects every day, yet they are forced to work in isolation. AV professionals share a common goal: to provide fully-functioning, high-quality systems to the end user. The Jetbuilt platform reduces the inevitable friction

tpm29s-l100SIXTY82 launches TPM29S box truss
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

UK - SIXTY82 has introduced the all-new TPM29S, a 29cm box truss that is up to 25% stronger, yet fully compatible with, the M29 series box truss.
TPM29S is up to 25% stronger than similar box trusses, says the company, enabling it to withstand the most demanding conditions. An improved design of the diagonal braces helps to increase the strength and stability of the truss system, while the new optimised shape and dimensions provide better support to withstand higher forces.
Extruded end frames enable TPM truss to withstand more load without deforming. The extrusion process ensures ‘a precise and uniform shape that is 100% square with a perfect fit, reducing the risk of failure due to poor connections’. The extruded end frame also makes TPM29S bounce- and smash-proof.
The removal of the end diagonal support in the new design makes for easy storage and allows easy placement of uplighters within the truss without interfering with the light output. A new truss spigot made of stronger alloy adds a further key improvement to the strength of the TPM Series.
A major feature of the TPM29S is that it is fully compatible/interchangeable with the current M29 Series and can be seamlessly integrated into any M29 Series setup. In cases where both truss types are used, customers can simply use the loading tables of the M29 truss for safe and reliable operation.
“We have taken the holistic approach to improving our whole production process, not only implementing advanced robotics technology, but also adapting the design of the truss to fit the robo

shureISE 2023: Shure returns as partner and sponsor
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Shure will be back for another year as an ISE conference audio partner and platinum sponsor to support the AV gathering and demonstrate its latest solutions for the AV conferencing and professional audio industry.
“With today’s flexible workforce and innovative office environments, high-quality audio is one of the most integral aspects of facilitating effective collaboration - yet it often gets overlooked,” said Chris Schyvinck, president and chief executive officer at Shure. “We recognise that AV integrators and IT managers face unique challenges when it comes to finding the right conferencing systems. At ISE, we’re excited to showcase how we support this modern workforce with our audio solutions.”
Shure will showcase a range of conferencing solutions, and partnerships at the show, including Microflex Ecosystem which offers the complete portfolio of networked and audio solutions, from DSP to loudspeakers, that can be tailored to meet the needs of any AV infrastructure.
“We can’t wait to meet the integrators, AV professionals, and customers at ISE this year,” said Rob Smith, senior director of integrated systems sales, at Shure. “We look forward to joining important conversations and sharing insight regarding the future of the industry during the biggest gathering of the AV market.”
In addition to its booth on (#3N250) on the ISE 2023 show floor, Shure will also be present at various conferences and other spaces across the show floor, including PSNI conferences.

wharfedaleISE 2023: Wharfedale Pro unveils Drone series
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Wharfedale Pro is kicking off 2023 with the release of a fixed installation loudspeaker series, alongside a new line array solution and several updates to their popular classic loudspeakers, all of which will be on display at this year’s ISE show in Barcelona.
Of particular interest is Wharfedale Pro’s Drone series. Specifically intended for the hospitality sector, this passive installation solution is designed with versatility and flexible configurations in mind. The IP56-certified Drone-G Pack is intended for outdoor use. Available in a range of colours and with ground spikes, it is specifically designed for discreet placement in a variety of environments. With Hi and Low impedance models, systems can be as large or as small as needed.
Another newcomer to the Wharfedale Pro range, the WLA-210A active line array will also feature at ISE this year. This dual 10” active solution is designed and engineered in the UK and includes several new acoustic features, including custom phase plugs and the acclaimed EVO-Fold waveguide.
“The WLA-210A possesses all the technical detail required for serious fixed install or touring,” explains Simon Godfrey, sales director at Wharfedale Pro. “We’re enthusiastic to share this innovative line array solution at ISE.”
When it comes to amplification, the new 4-channel DP-4035i from Wharfedale Pro brings all the DNA of the DP series into a configuration perfectly formed for fixed installations. A tamper-proof front grille protects the channel volume controls while rear panel connections, incl


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