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b-stationVisual Productions launches B-Station2
Monday, 2 November 2020

The Netherlands - Visual Productions has launched B-Station2, a successor to the popular B-Station.
The B-Station2 is designed to offer a user-interface to lighting projects, it is a wall-mount panel with six push-buttons. The buttons can be configured to send out a multitude of control messages via DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN.
The B-Station2 is designed for triggering lighting scenes stored in a CueCore2 or LPU-2 controller. The push-buttons are fitted with RGB LED rings. The LEDs can be freely programmed to create an intuitive user experience, for example by indicating which button or lighting scene is active, or representing the real-time colour of the fixture.
Messages from protocols such as DMX, UDP, OSC, Art-Net or sACN can be used to control the feedback to the LED rings. For small lighting projects, the B-Station2 is a compact and complete stand-alone solution.
Fitted with a DMX port, the B-Station2 can be programmed via the web-interface. It features a patch for 32 fixtures, six playbacks, many cues and even a basic FX-engine.
The bi-directional DMX port is RDM capable. This enables the BStation2 to discover and commission RDM fixtures.
The B-Station2 ‘speaks many protocols that are popular amongst AV equipment and systems integration’. This makes the B-Station compatible with a wide range of third-party equipment like audio players, media servers and show controllers. The B-Station2 seamlessly integrates with other devices from the Visual Productions family of control products including CueCore2, QuadCore, DaliCore

coloradobattenq15COLORado Batten Q15 offers versatility
Friday, 30 October 2020

USA - The new IP65 rated COLORado Batten Q15 from Chauvet Professional features an array of rigging options that make it suitable for a wide range of designs.
The adjustable trunnions on this one-meter long RGBW LED batten, which can be adjust without tools on its integrated track, have been given an even greater degree of versatility with the addition of ¼ turn omega brackets.
Adding to the COLORado BattenQ15’s adaptability is a new system for joining different units together. Integrated into the end caps of the fixture is a system to connect units seamlessly for perfect row alignment. Since these attachments are weight bearing, the COLORado Batten Q15 can be hung ‘icicle style’, or arranged in tower configurations using the included hanging/floor mount plate.
“Given the demands of today’s market, when lighting rigs are being set up in many different types of settings, we feel that adaptable rigging options have never been more important,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The COLORado Batten Q15 combines a high degree of rigging versatility with outstanding performance features.”
Among those performance features is the intense output from the new fixture’s 15 20W LEDs, which render beautiful and vivid colours and lend themselves to sizzling pixel mapped displays without the “skittle” look often associated with battens.
The COLORado Batten Q15 features an elliptical 42-15° beam spread, a stowable glare shield, colour temperature presets from 3200 K to 10000 K, and selectable smooth dimming curves.

virtual-fadersAvolites releases v14 Titan lighting software
Friday, 30 October 2020

UK - Avolites has announced the release of the latest version of the Titan lighting software with version 14, featuring time-saving and practical features taken from user feedback.
“We decided that this release was a great opportunity for us to focus on the many feature requests we have from our users. We feel it is really important to listen to what users want and to provide them with what they have asked for. We hope everyone enjoys using this feature packed release,” says Paul Wong, managing director at Avolites.
Key features in this release include Virtual Faders, Open Workspace Window Overlay, MaskFX, Handle Options, and Manual Crossfade FX.
Virtual Faders give you access to 15 virtual handles that provide additional control of playbacks, masters, fixtures and more via the touchscreen. The faders can be paged and the window is fully configurable to suit your needs.
Mask FX is a brand new feature that expands and replaces the old ‘Block Shapes’. MaskFX expands Block Shapes to cover key frame shapes running on any attribute and Pixel Maps. MaskFX is a quick and powerful tool to adjust the shapes running in your show, helping to make programming more efficient.
What was previously Playback Options is now upgraded as Handle Options. This feature has been completely re-engineered under the hood to make it faster, simpler and more predictable, and to help address a very common pain-point: assigning a key profile to multiple playbacks at once. New shortcuts, along with the streamlined interface, are designed to increase effici

laccontourxomixingdesk-001L-Acoustics and JH Audio develop IEM system
Thursday, 29 October 2020

France - L-Acoustics has introduced its first offering in personal audio, Contour XO in-ear monitor powered by JH Audio.
​Contour XO is born from the meeting of Jerry Harvey and Dr. Christian Heil. Both pioneered technologies that influenced the pro audio industry: multi-driver in-ear monitors and the present-day concert PA based on the L-Acoustics line source array.
Jerry Harvey, the founder of JH Audio, focused on the in-ear experience. Challenged by mega-stars demanding better sound quality on stage, Harvey developed the first custom dual balanced armature in-ear monitor. Demand caught fire, catapulting him into the position of a world-leading custom in-ear monitor manufacturer.
L-Acoustics, founded by Dr. Christian Heil, revolutionized the live sound industry not once, but twice, bringing the Wavefront Sculpture Technology of V-DOSC line source arrays to the masses in 1992, and then in 2016 deepened the connection between artist and audience with the first object-based mixing technology for live events, L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound.
For the first time, Harvey and Heil have combined their R&D teams' forces to reproduce the L-Acoustics sonic signature frequency contour in a premium, 10-driver in-ear monitor (IEM).
Additionally, the development of Contour XO supports the upcoming release of new L-ISA binaural object-based mixing software tools currently in beta testing with a select pool of audio professionals.
"I was impressed by the jeweler-like precision with which JH Audio could tune to match our frequency contour i

bosel1-pro-familyBose unveils latest L1 portable line arrays
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

USA - Bose Professional has introduced the Bose L1 Pro portable line array systems, the latest advancement of a PA category created by Bose 17 years ago with the release of the original L1.
The three new systems - the L1 Pro8, the L1 Pro16, and L1 Pro32 with its choice of two subwoofers - offer 180-degree horizontal coverage along with clarity and tonal balance. A RaceTrack woofer design integrated into the L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16 and the Bose Sub1 and Sub2 modular subwoofers, provides extended base response and less bulk, making the subwoofers much easier to transport, carry, and fit onstage. Built-in multi-channel mixers offer EQ, reverb and phantom power, while Bluetooth streaming capabilities and access to the complete library of ToneMatch custom EQ presets, allows performers to play with recording-studio tonal quality.
These three new portable PA systems are designed to give artists choices, suit different styles and audiences, and provide an impressive solution for creators reintroducing live music and sound experiences into venues and online platforms across the world today.
The ultra-portable L1 Pro8 provides ‘a perfect solution for intimate spaces’; the L1 Pro16 ‘performs exceptionally in small-to-medium spaces’; and the peak-performance L1 Pro32 ‘is an unrivalled portable system for entertaining large audiences’. With a modular design, each system is easy to pack, carry and set up.
“The new L1 Pro family gives users an ideal balance of performance and control on stage and portability everywhere else,” comments Craig Jackson

ptrq35kproductimage20201009highptrq35kfronthighPanasonic projectors address immersive sector
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

UK - The latest range of Panasonic 3-Chip DLP laser projectors, available in December, are designed for immersive location-based entertainment with 4K image quality alongside ease of set-up and use. The small and light 30,500 lumen projectors, the PT-RQ35K (4K) and PT-RZ34K (WUXGA) are designed to ‘visually thrill visitors to museums, exhibitions, theme parks and events and for projection mapping’. Reliability and Quiet Mode (46dB) also make them suitable for use at conferences and in auditoriums.
“With consumer behaviour changing, location-based entertainment (LBE) brands and destinations will need to compete with bigger and more stunning attractions to bring visitors back into venues,” said Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic Business. “Immersive digital experiences will play a huge part in this transition. With its spellbinding picture quality and expanded colour gamut, compact body and simplified workflow, the PT-RQ35K Series is the ideal projector for creating the enhanced in-person experiences that LBE venues need.”
Despite its powerful capabilities, the RQ35K Series is billed as the world’s smallest and lightest projector in its class. At 40% smaller than the current RQ32K projector, it can easily be transported, stacked and installed by two people. Once in place, the series has a host of features that ease set-up.
Smart Projector Control, using NFC, enables the installer to prepare for set-up via an app on their mobile phone without plugging in the projector. Remote Preview is a time saving feature that all

x102fd3amateaudio-loresAmate Audio unveils alternative to line arrays
Monday, 26 October 2020

Spain - Amate Audio is launching the X102FD, a high output point source active 2x 10” system, developed to offer a higher performance, higher efficiency alternative to line arrays, in medium and smaller size application environments.
In any application, fewer X102FD systems will always be required than with other cabinets, says the company. Weighing just 32 kg, the cabinets can be deployed and rigged by just one or two people; without the infrastructure, man-hours and effort required to fly a line array.
The X102FD can be deployed both vertically and horizontally, due to its rotatable horn with a simple “no tools required” pull, turn and release mechanism. In vertical FOH applications, the horn provides 80° x 60° (HxV) dispersion (in its default position). In the horizontal plane – for applications such as front-fills within a large-scale line array system, or close to the ceiling hanging in an auditorium – quick rotation of the horn maintains the same dispersion. Likewise, 60° x 80° (HxV) coverage can be obtained in either plane.
With cabinets already rolling off the production lines in Barcelona, the company is confident that the X102FD offers its customers a highly efficient cost saving solution in a multiplicity of applications.
“Partnered with the company’s latest X218WF sub-bass, the X102FD offers sound companies a ready phase-aligned, full-range, plug-and-play sound system that will deliver a lot of power without the need move a lot of weight,” says head of sales, Jordi Amate. “In terms of cost of purchase and op

etc-fos4-fresnelETC adds fos/4 Fresnel to studio line
Friday, 23 October 2020

USA - ETC has announced the addition of the Fresnel to the fos/4 studio family. With the addition of LEDs, however, many Fresnels became more about the technology and less about light. ETC’s fos/4 Fresnel ‘takes the most desired features of an incandescent Fresnel and adds in the nuanced colour mixing, smooth fades, and LED technology of ETC’s other professional grade fixtures. With fos/4, you get a true Fresnel with an LED engine, not the other way around’.
The fos/4 Fresnel includes ‘all the features you’d expect from a standard Fresnel’. Adjust the 15°-50° zoom from either the front or the rear of the fixture. Use the accessory slot to add any number of beam-control accessories such as barn doors and soft boxes. The adjustable yoke enables easy balancing of the fixture after focus, and the homogenized optic gives you an impressively seamless beam of light. Remote control and contactless features of fos/4 include wireless communication using City Theatrical’s Multiverse technology and contactless programming using ETC’s Set Light app via NFC from a mobile device.
Like the fos/4 Panel, fos/4 Fresnels are available in two arrays - Lustr X8 for the full gamut of colour mixing, and Daylight HDR for the brightest whites. Both arrays include deep red LEDs for the most nuanced rendering of skin tones, fabrics, and scenery of any fixture on the market. The fos/4 Fresnel outputs up to 9700 lumens.
fos/4 Fresnel is currently available with a seven-inch aperture, with 10” and 5” variants scheduled to be available in the coming months

orbitalOrbital hits drive-in market with Car-Link
Friday, 23 October 2020

UK - Orbital Sound reports “an outstanding summer season” for its Car-Link wireless in-car speaker series, designed specifically to address the drive-in sector’s demand for a high quality, reliable solution. Car-Link was created to address the challenges of delivering consistently excellent in-car audio, overcoming the myriad issues associated with reproducing modern movie soundtracks and live music performances without compromise in the growing drive-in market, says Orbital.
MD Chris Headlam expands: “Car radios fitted to vehicles are all different. Some have big bass speakers, and others just tiny tweeters. None really sound very good, and none are designed for accurate sound reproduction. As a result, it is totally impossible to relay clear and fair sound equally to everybody via the vehicle manufacturers’ car installation. Add to this a raft of other issues - including car batteries going flat, radios auto-switching off after five minutes and obtaining an appropriate licence from OFCOM, and you face a long and tortuous list of negatives.
“We recognised that the industry was breaking a fundamental rule: the responsibility of safely delivering the sound to the paying public had been moved from the organiser to the audience itself. Our phone was ringing constantly for better solutions to this hazardous situation, and we knew we had to pick up the design gauntlet. So, the Car-Link concept was born - with the brief to build our own self powered, stereo, wireless in-car speaker with true clarity of sound, that would work reliably day-in day-out

shureShure debuts subminiature DuraPlex
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Europe - Shure has unveiled DuraPlex, the company’s new subminiature (5 mm) omnidirectional lavalier and headset microphone. Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions, DuraPlex boasts Shure’s first IP57 certification rating, keeping dirt, dust, water, and perspiration from upstaging the audio.
The minimalistic form factor features the same cable durability of TwinPlex – Shure’s premium line of lavalier and headset microphones. DuraPlex was developed ‘with input from esteemed audio professionals and supports the diverse needs of film and television, theatre, broadcast, and corporate presentations’.
DuraPlex consists of the DL4 Omnidirectional Waterproof Lavalier Microphone and the DH5 Omnidirectional Waterproof Headset Microphone.
“In developing DuraPlex, we wanted to provide a simple, consistent, reliable solution, ready to tackle any environment,” commented John Born, senior global product manager at Shure. “The neutral response, easy-to-use accessories and design, combined with best-in-class cable durability and waterproof element, quickly make DuraPlex an outstanding leader at this price tier.”
DuraPlex comes complete with the accessories needed to support simplified usability: a carrying case, snap-fit and foam windscreens, single tie clip, and a presence cap are all included. DL4 also comes packaged with a sticky mount. The easy-to-conceal form factor and ultra-lightweight/easily mountable design allows for quick applications, costume changes, and discrete placement under wardrobe with no impact on sound quality.

jblirxfamilyproductphotoirx115sirx108btirx112btJBL Pro debuts IRX115S powered subwoofer
Wednesday, 21 October 2020

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer.
The JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer, the newest member of the JBL IRX Series, draws from JBL’s top professional touring technologies and offers 128 dB of low-frequency coverage in a rugged, compact cabinet weighing just 65.3 pounds.
“With our IRX Series, we’ve drawn from 70 years of JBL innovation to design a portable PA that’s lightweight, powerful and doesn’t take a lot of work to sound great,” says Craig Lambrecht, director, portable PAs, Harman Professional Solutions. “JBL IRX Series loudspeakers already deliver stunning sound in an incredibly compact footprint. By adding the IRX115S subwoofer, users can enhance their systems with room-shaking bass, without breaking anyone’s budget - or back.”
Inside, a 15” woofer with 3” voice coil produces powerful bass coverage from 35Hz to 147Hz (-10dB); a high-efficiency, 1,300-watt amplifier protects components while ensuring top-level acoustic performance. Selectable 80Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz crossover points smooth out system response, especially when used with JBL IRX Series loudspeakers; a tuned port optimises response and reduces woofer noise.
Simple, intuitive settings adjust crossover and polarity to optimise system response in any space.
A durable MDF enclosure features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb grille that offers rugged protection without compromising acoustic performance. A built-in pole mount expands system configuration options. Transport is easy, thanks to thoughtfully

kinta-hpChauvet DJ broadens product range
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

USA - Chauvet DJ is introducing a range of new products including the company’s first CMYO colour-mixing fixture and the first Intimidator to use built-in RGBW colour-mixing instead of a colour wheel.
Covering a broad product range, from washes, to movers, to pin spots, the new fixtures ‘represent the latest in lighting technology’. Many of them offer advanced DMX control features.
Among the new wash units are the Wash FX Hex, a multi-purpose effect light that packs a punch with hex colour (RGAW+UV) LEDs and six chasing zones, as well as the Kinta HP, which features ‘dazzling displays of thousands of multi-coloured beams’. The Kinta HP also boasts new colour mixing capabilities, as it is the first Chauvet DJ effect light to feature an innovative grouping of a CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow and orange) as well as RGBW (red, green blue, white) colour-mixing.
In the spot effect category, the new 6Spot RGBW is a complete ‘Pack-N-Go’ lighting solution fitted with high-intensity quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs that allows users to achieve total room or stage coverage with six individually adjustable heads, all of which are on a single bar for easy setup and tear-down.
The popular Intimidator line has been expanded with two new movers: the Intimidator Beam Q60 and the Intimidator Scan 360. Featuring full 360-degree pan and tilt, the beam unit is the first Intimidator without a colour wheel. Instead it is fitted with a bright 60-watt RGBW colour mixing LED.
Intimidator Scan 360 is a scanner fitted with a 100 W LED designed for mobile perfor

outline-l3000-the-worlds-toughest-compact-power-amplifierOutline launches multi-purpose amplifier
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Italy - Outline has announced the launch of their latest design, the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier.
The L3000 has been created to offer ‘a compact, powerful DSP-equipped multi-channel amplifier that can be configured to drive most loudspeaker configurations’. Additionally, its form factor eschews the traditional 19” rackmount format, its mechanism being housed in a ‘super-tough’, lightweight chassis using the same materials and roadworthy polyurea external coating as Outline’s tour-grade loudspeakers.
Its modest dimensions make it suitable for a wide range of audio installation projects, notably those where space constraints make it impossible or impractical to find space for traditional amplifier racks.
L3000 allows 3,000W of audio power to be tucked away out of sight, under a bar, on a shelf, in a cupboard or anywhere that’s convenient to the application . . . but if you really want to put it in a rack, Outline also supply a dedicated rackmount kit that allows one or two L3000s to be secured in standard enclosure.
Featuring two inputs and four outputs, the unit’s routing and operational parameters are configured using Armonía Plus, the amplifier's management software which also offers control of input / output levels and EQ, delay, polarity, crossover filters and limiter settings. Its combination of power, onboard DSP control and flexible operation make it a cost-effective option for powering virtually any installed sound system, says the company.

broadweighBroadweigh releases new shackle
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

UK - A new, Generation 3 shackle from Broadweigh is set to be released this week. It will incorporate a Smart Sleep mode, which protects battery life and bandwidth by only kicking into fast transmission when it detects an anomaly.
Tom Lilly, applications engineer at Broadweigh says: "With the new Smart Sleep, you can optimise your battery life and still monitor the load. If the load is stable, there is often no reason to monitor at a fast rate. You only really need to know when something changes. Smart Sleep monitors at a slow rate and compares the current reading with the last. If the difference is greater than the level set, then it will switch into fast mode until the load stabilises again.
“However, if you want to monitor at the fast rate you can still wake the modules using LOG100 or a handheld. This allows you to monitor at the fast rate when you know that something is going to chance, such as when a lift is happening."
The third-generation shackle is also paired with a Broadweigh designed bow which has undergone rigorous testing over the summer. The bow comes in black as standard and has been treated in a process called Tufftride which is a surface heat treatment involving a salt bath nitrocarburising treatment carried out at around 580°C for short periods of time. This produces a hard-wearing surface which increases corrosion resistance, increases wear resistance and improves fatigue strength.
The shackle also features a ‘one- swipe’ power cycle which completely removes the need to open the battery enclosure when hard pairing.

mxl-miniMXL Microphones extends Revelation range
Monday, 19 October 2020

USA - MXL Microphones has introduced an addition to its microphone line-up, the Revelation Mini FET. Inspired by the Revalation and new Revelation II tube microphones, MXL set out to create a microphone that has the same intimacy and warmth of a tube mic, but built around a FET circuit with a smaller footprint.
“While everyone loves a beautiful, elegant-sounding tube mic, sometimes artists require a smaller, more durable solution,” says Trevor Fedele, director of sales at MXL Microphones. “With these needs in mind, the MXL team put a great deal of energy into the design of the Revelation Mini FET in order to preserve the classic Revelation sound while increasing the mic’s flexibility for a range of applications, both in-studio and out on the road.”
MXL’s Revelation Mini FET utilises a premium 32mm centre terminating, gold-sputtered capsule combined with a low noise circuit to provide pristine sound in a range of applications. The Mini focuses on the midrange and lower frequencies, which sets the mic apart from basic entry-level condenser mics, says the company. This innovative design results in recordings with less hum and more music. Additionally, the inclusion of a three-stage pad (0, -10dB, -20dB) provides the flexibility needed for recording high SPL sources, such as horns and kickdrums.

ec1414x50jpeg300dpiCranborne Audio introduces Camden EC1
Friday, 16 October 2020

UK - Cranborne Audio and UK distributor Sound Technology have announced the Camden EC1, which combines Camden preamp technology with a reference-grade headphone amplifier.
“We designed Camden EC1 to make it easy for musicians, vocalists, podcasters and video producers to achieve elite-quality recordings and reference headphone critical listening,” says Sean Karpowicz, managing director and founder.
Its 12-way rotary gain switch enables easy recallability of preamp gain whilst it’s dedicated mic, line, and hi-z input modes allows Camden EC1 to not only become your go-to mic preamp, but also a line-level saturator and instrument DI thanks to dedicated ¼” jack Link outputs for each channel, says the company.
“Camden's unprecedented performance allows you to vastly improve the quality of your tracks,” says Elliott Thomas, product manager. “Using its ‘Mojo’ control, Camden EC1 goes from extraordinarily clean and natural sounding, to thick, vintage-style analogue saturation that can add that ‘magic colour’ to your tracks.”
Camden EC1 utilises Cranborne Audio’s C.A.S.T. system for distributing audio around the studio or stage using affordable Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cabling “whilst achieving the highest sonic results”.
“Engineered and designed under the Cranborne team’s watchful eyes,” continued Karpowicz, “Camden EC1 features elite audio specifications and application-based features that defy its price tag and is accessible for professional, project, and home studio engineers.”

restaurant-white-plaster-wall-with-bsp1000-whitesBluesound releases network active speakers
Friday, 16 October 2020

Canada - Bluesound Professional has announced the immediate availability of the BSP1000 and BSP500 network active loudspeakers. Both models incorporate integrated streaming capability designed for use in either indoor or outdoor commercial installations. The BSP1000 and BSP500 speakers are offered in choice of white or black matte finish and come supplied with an integral wall mounting bracket for easy installation.
The units are powered by Power over Ethernet, allowing a one-wire connection to the speaker for both power and audio. The player in the BSP speaker is based on the established BluOS platform and is capable of playing and distributing content from local network storage as well as from a large number of streaming services, including some specifically designed for commercial use, such as SoundMachine, Custom Channels, QSIC and internet radio stations.
As well as stand-alone use, it is possible to use a pair of BSP speakers in stereo configuration and multiple speakers in a room in either mono or stereo configurations. Use of either BSP model in a larger BluOS system is also possible, allowing for grouping into user-definable groups of whatever size is required with other BSP speakers and/or any other connected Bluesound Professional players, amplified players or network speakers on the network in an installation.
“At Bluesound Professional, our focus is to combine exceptional sound quality with unique flexibility and convenience for both the installer and their customers,” says Graeme Harrison, vice president and general manager for Bl

playlistwebupdate-1Avolites releases Prism Player
Thursday, 15 October 2020

UK - Avolites has released Prism Player, a new software application for media previewing and encoding. This is the first release under the Prism product range and can work as an auxiliary tool to the Avolites Ai video software platform.
Earlier this year, Avolites launched the Q Series Media Servers, a range of four media servers designed to power every performance. The company is now looking to expand its user base and introduce the discipline to new users with Prism.
The Prism platform is designed with an intuitive and clear user interface to give newer video designers and operators a stepping stone into the discipline. “With Prism, we wanted to create a set of complementary tools that would help designers start to integrate video into their projects as well as improve the user experience for our current Ai users,” says Paul Wong, managing director at Avolites. “Now that we have synergy, we really want to get as many users as we can to start looking at video and seeing how they can incorporate it into their designs.”
Prism Player is a powerful tool for previewing and encoding media clips without connecting to a server or Ai application. Video clips in most common video formats can be easily encoded into the AiM codec, ready to be loaded into the server. AiM is Avolites’ video codec that is designed for high performance projects and shows. Prism also supports the HAP codec, so clips from other servers can be previewed and transcoded to be used in Ai. Clips can be encoded in batches to save time.
Content rendered in AiM can also be

sonicuematrixFulcrum supports Dynacord via Sonicue
Monday, 12 October 2020

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has announced that manufacturer pre-sets for the complete portfolio of Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers are now available for use with Dynacord electronics via Sonicue sound system software, adding flexibility for consultants and integrators designing multi-brand systems to align with specific application or budget requirements.
A Fulcrum loudspeaker installation can now run on a single Dynacord amplifier and DSP/matrix platform with the assurance of optimal performance - all with complete and unified system control via Sonicue.
"We are excited to add Dynacord to the ever-growing list of third-party DSP amplifiers we support," says Rich Frembes, product manager, Fulcrum Acoustic. "Dynacord's engineers are passionate about their products and were very helpful during the extensive preset development effort. As a bonus, a Fulcrum pre-set database will be hosted by Dynacord and is immediately available to our mutual customers when Sonicue software is installed. This makes deploying a Dynacord/Fulcrum system incredibly easy."
The collaboration brings Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers models into the powerful Sonicue ecosystem, for seamless integration with Dynacord's system-wide range of hardware solutions - including IPX, L and C series power amplifiers, and the new MXE5 matrix mix engine.
The Fulcrum Acoustic settings database is now available via Dynacord Sonicue sound system software, downloadable at

zero-88Zero 88 releases ZerOS software update
Monday, 12 October 2020

UK - Zero 88 has announced the next major release of its ZerOS software platform – ZerOS 7.9.8 – which powers the FLX and FLX S lighting control consoles, along with the recently announced ZerOS Server.
The headline new feature is ZerOS Library – an all-new library which doubles the amount of fixture personalities available to Zero 88 users, and includes extensive gobo libraries, additional fixture macros and much more detail about each fixture’s parameters.
“‘ZerOS Library’ is a brain-transfer for ZerOS - not only providing great new features today, but setting up for the next decade of releases planned for Zero 88 customers, users and fans,” says Zero 88 product marketing manager Jon Hole.
To achieve this, the ZerOS Library collates data from many different sources which are then referenced throughout ZerOS. Some of these sources include Carallon's Fixture Database, ESTA's Manufacturer ID Database, LEE Filter's Mood Boards and Zero 88's latest Effects and Waveforms.
The new software update also introduces a series of comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for all the front panel controls and many other software controls.
“Our users are often utilising tools like ZerOS Server and ZerOS Monitor to control their lighting rigs remotely from their console, which ZerOS 7.9.8 makes even easier and quicker to access,” explains Edward Smith, Zero 88 product specialist. “We initially added these neat shortcuts to our offline editor ‘Phantom ZerOS’ to assist in remotely training users during lockdown, but the update was so we

mbcRND debuts Master Buss Converter
Monday, 12 October 2020

USA - Rupert Neve Designs has entered the field of analogue-to-digital conversion with the MBC Dual Path A-D Converter and Limiter. According to the company, the MBC represents “the ultimate tool for creating digital signals with the tone, transparency and power expected from Rupert Neve Designs”, and includes a fully-featured analogue limiter, 24-bit/192kHz conversion fed by selectable analogue drive paths for tonal versatility, high-resolution metering, word clock I/O, analogue XLR inputs and simultaneous AES, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK outputs.
The newly developed analogue drive circuitry allows the MBC’s converter to be fed by either a class-A transformerless path for maximum transparency, or by purpose-built interstage audio transformers with the company’s own variable Silk Red and Blue circuitry to control harmonic content and drive saturation for a wide variety of tonal enhancements.
“The MBC was designed for reference performance regardless of genre or desired sonic character, and the key to this lies in the quality and adaptability of the analogue drive circuitry,” says the company.
The MBC’s Compound Active Release analogue limiter section has a class-A line amp stage with up to 20dB of gain, adjustable threshold and release controls, and an insertable high-pass side-chain filter fully sweepable from 20Hz to 250Hz. “The resulting limiter achieves both transparency and the capability of pushing the level of tracks or mixes without damage to the integrity of the source.” The limiter may be used in dual mono or stereo linked operat

le-markLe Mark highlights customisable GIG-Screen
Monday, 12 October 2020

UK - British manufacturer Le Mark has focused its resources on developing products that can help studios and cultural institutions adhere to social distancing guidelines through the use of clear protective screens.
The company released in the summer a vinyl screen that is suitable for enclosed spaces and provides protection against sneeze and cough droplets. Known now as the GIG-Screen, it has found use in rehearsal spaces and with the reopening of universities, demand for the product has only increased.
Stuart Gibbons, MD of Le Mark, explains: “Like many others, we had to turn our hands to the development of many new and unexpected products, to both sustain and keep employed as many of our ‘stitchers and sewing’ team as we could. We started to produce a simple self-assembly use and demount clear screen, now known as the GIG-Screen. From a small amount leaving Le Mark in the summer, we are now producing 60-70 a week, many destined for schools and drama studios and recently, the excellent Central School of Speech and Drama.”
Designed for smaller venues where space is limited, the GIG-Screen has an easy-to-clean transparent PVC screen, which is attached to durable metal frame that is placed on lockable castor wheels for ease of transport. The product can be assembled in two minutes according to the company and measures 122.5cm x 188.5cm (4ft x 6’2).
Gibbons concludes: “We will continue to do our bit for our wonderful industry - the GIG-Screen is heavily price-supported to make it as affordable as possible. For larger clients that wan

dpa6000-seriespaintable-capDPA adds 6000 Series accessories
Friday, 9 October 2020

Denmark - DPA Microphones’ 6000 Series of subminiature lavaliers now provide more versatility with the addition of two new accessories - an eight-way double clip and a paintable cap.
Designed to provide an extra level of stability and flexibility, the eight-way clip offers a 360-degree clipping solution with eight positions in 45-degree increments. This not only makes it possible to quickly and securely clip the mic on both left- and right-button shirts, but also the neckline of T-shirts and blouses, says the company. With the double-mic element, users also have the ability to add two mics, for redundancy - giving an extra level of security during filming and live broadcasts.
Used in place of the standard 6000 Series grid, the paintable cap can easily be painted or covered in makeup, allowing for ‘unlimited visual creativity for both film and theatre productions’. Safe to use with most paints and makeups typically used in film and theatre, the cap is available in white. The versatility of the paintable cap means that it can also be used as is, as a white mic in the buttonhole of a white shirt or mounted in the white eight-way clip for subminiature mics.

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-extends-studio-and-residential-solutions-with-srhv-9040-system-1Alcons extends studio and residential solutions
Friday, 9 October 2020

The Netherlands - With the CRMS-SRHV/9040, Alcons Audio has extended its solutions portfolio in the studio, screening-room and residential markets. The CRMS-SRHV is designed as very compact reference main / screen system - or larger surround system in immersive sound-for-picture applications.
The system features Alcons signature-sound, based on the Alcons pro-ribbon driver.
The amplifier-efficient 2-way passive-filtering crosses a vented 8” mid-bass driver with the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver. With a lowest-usable LF response of 58Hz, the CRMS-SRHV can be used as stand-alone monitor, or can be combined with a subwoofer; the MHF section has an 800 W peak power input, enabling a 1:15 dynamic range with up to 90% less distortion to beyond 20 kHz.
The patented 90-degree horizontal offers a wide horizontal and a tight vertical coverage up to the highest frequencies; Very important for the seamless imaging in base channels of immersive systems.
Due to the “compression-less” principle of the pro-ribbon transducer, the system has a linear response at any SPL; in combination with Alcons Audio’s tight manufacturing tolerance within 1dB, making each system a “matched-pair”, the CRMS-SRHV is a perfect choice for critical reference monitoring.
Philip de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D comments, “The strongly increased demand from the studio and residential markets for Alcons pro-ribbon systems led to the development of the CRMS-SRHV/9040 speaker. Needless to say, ‘immersive’ is the leading audio theme today and with our religious


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