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CF7 WZX leads Coemar’s new charge
Wednesday, 3 July 2002

In the short time since its launch, Coemar’s new CF7WashZoomX has been establishing itself throughout Europe. Wrapped in the carbon fibre covers that have become the trademark of Coemar’s CF family, the new unit extends the series of moving lights.

The WashZoomX is fired by a 700W MSR lamp down a high quality optical path, delivering standard Coemar high output and crisp definition. Output can be manipulated via the powerful zoom lens system and series of filters, which will adjust the beam characteristic from maximum intensity to maximum evenness to maximum diffusion. Alongside the zoom capability - which can produce beams as narrow as 9° and as wide as 54° with the diffusion lens, or as wide as 80° with the prismatic lens - Coemar's CMY colour mix system is included, plus a single dichroic colour wheel and colour correction filters.

The company has also introduced a pair of new Cyc lights. The iCyc250 and ColourCyc250 LX are designed for applications requiring compact, intelligent colour wash facilities. Both are constructed from the latest VO ABS material and feature a unique snap-on lens system, allowing four lenses to be quickly changed to alter the beam configuration as required. Utilizing the MSD/HSD 250 series of lamps, the iCyc also features full CMY colour mixing and full on-board dimming, whilst the ColourCyc utilizes a colour wheel with replaceable dichroic colours.

Finally, the Panorama range has been extended with the addition of the Panorama Cyc250 and the Panorama Cyc250C. These compact, outdoor colour wash units are IP44-rated and ut

Bag-o-Light from Cirro-Lite
Tuesday, 2 July 2002

Cirro Lite now has available for rental the new Bag-o-Lite system from Licht Technik. The Bag-o-Lite was originally designed for the film and television market, but when combined with Licht Technik’s combination shutter/colour changer, has been used to stunning effect on a number of live productions.

The system was originally conceived by Uwe Hagenbach and Bernhard Grill of Licht Technik, the original idea being to provide a soft light with unique qualities that would offer new solutions to some of the more traditional lighting and rigging problems that occur on locations and in studios. The units are filled with nothing more than compressed air and have the ability to protrude up to a full 6m when horizontal. Cirro-Lite are currently stocking six-metre and three-metre bags with attachments to fit onto 4k and 6k/12k ARRI & LTM Pars.

(Ruth Rossington)

Stardraw launches Web-Enabled Technology
Monday, 1 July 2002

Software provider Stardraw has chosen InfoComm 02 to unveil a new suite of design applications. While they follow the principles of the developer’s established product range, Stardraw AV, Stardraw Audio, Stardraw Lighting 2D, etc, the new applications are fully web-enabled and users simply hit a web page to use the software within their Internet browser.

Stardraw managing director David Snipp explains: "Our conventional applications have established the sorts of tools that integrators find easy to use and valuable for system design and documentation. The web-enabled applications have been written from the ground up to provide comparable functionality, but they are designed to run within a web page. This is brand new technology and Stardraw is proud to be the first company to our knowledge anywhere in the world to offer full CAD capability via the web. It's a significant development and we're very excited by it."

Where conventional software is shipped on CD and installed, Stardraw’s web-enabled applications are delivered through HTML pages, using tools which download themselves as and when they are needed. This means that all of the functionality, for instance Cut, Copy, Paste commands or drawing lines, is executed on the client side for speed, and symbols libraries, pricing etc are stored in databases on the server. An advantage of the client/server split is that even if your internet connection is broken, you can still continue to work and save your files locally.

Snipp continued: "We are showing these new applications to manufacturers and

New EVO Firmware
Monday, 1 July 2002

ENTTEC has just released a new firmware version for the EVO, featuring more than 100 improvements on the previous release. Many new shortcuts have been implemented to drastically reduce the number of key-presses. Users can also perform the same task many different ways offering real flexibility - a significant advantage for users who are uncomfortable with the touch screen in live environments.

Many new features have also been added such as on-screen keyboard to edit names of any item; advanced lean timing mode, allowing users to instantly reassign an intensity fader to a crossfade fader; greatly improved palette support and auto creation, and jump to cue functions. The V1.35 firmware creates a larger gap between the EVO and other consoles in this range. The ease of use, power and flexibility make the EVO a truly unique product.

(Lee Baldock)

New UK distributor for ‘Media Products’ appointed
Monday, 1 July 2002

Deltron Emcon, is pleased to announce the appointment of their new UK ‘Media Product’ distributor, Agosy-Cable Warehouse. Argosy will be stocking a comprehensive range of Media, Video, and Audio products from their centrally located facility in Stokenchurch, Bucks.

Ken Eckardt, managing director and Bob Clark, sales manager of Argosy-Cable Warehouse, are proud to be associated with the established ‘Media’ brand from Deltron Emcon, which will further enhance Argosy’s product offering to UK and export customers.

Neill Redmayne, business development manager for Deltron Emcon, sees this as a crucial appointment in the planned growth of the Media brand following the recent relocation of the whole manufacturing businesses into one purpose-built unit in Scunthorpe. The Media range is being re-vamped under the technical guidance of product manager Goolam Ramjan, and sales agent Brian Fairchild of Minium, Deltron’s recently-appointed sales agent, who between them have more than 30 years experience in the Broadcast Industry.

(Lee Baldock)

ARX releases MSX 8ARX releases MSX 8
Friday, 28 June 2002

ARX has introduced the MSX 8 microphone and line splitter. Active microphone and line splitting has a number of benefits over passive splitters: primarily these are improved sound quality, noise figures comparable to the best microphone inputs, increased resistance to RFI, consistent microphone load and, where required, total signal Ground isolation between outputs.

The MSX 8 consists of two channels of actively buffered ultra low noise microphone and line splitter. Each of these channels has four electronically balanced splits - two on the rear panel, two on the front panel. All four output splits have the option of transformer balancing if required. A 'Link' switch links channel 1 with channel 2, providing an maximum of 8 outputs from a single input, ideal for multiple Press Splits. Each channel has a 20dB pad switch and a +20dB Gain switch, plus silently switchable 48V Phantom power with indicator LED. Housed in a 1RU chassis with integral power supply the MSX 8 offers a solution for wherever flawless signal distribution is required.

(Lee Baldock)

SP Series amplifiers  - power at WORK!SP Series amplifiers - power at WORK!
Friday, 28 June 2002

Since Fuzion introduced the WORK line of loudspeakers and amplifiers dedicated to the installation market at PLASA 2001, the brand has gone from strength to strength. The newly introduced SP Series amplifiers are no exception and represent solid, reliable design in an attractive 2U package.

There are four units in the range with power ratings ranging from 420W per channel into 4 ohms to a beefy 1500W into 4 ohms. They are extremely well-featured for the price with all models offering jack and XLR inputs, binding post and Speakon outputs, a 30Hz high pass input filter, a defeatable clip limiter and integral fan. There is also an impressive amount of built-in protection circuitry to guard against thermal and ultrasonic overload or short-circuiting as well as RF protection to guarantee stability under reactive or mismatched loads.

(Lee Baldock)

RMS introduces new link-options
Thursday, 27 June 2002

RMS - Rental Management Systems has introduced new options to link its rental management software to external software programs. With the 'input-link', users of RMS are able to import equipment-lists from drawing programs such as AutoCAD and Stardraw. Once a design has been created in a drawing package, a list is automatically generated containing all the elements within the drawing, which can then be imported into a project within the RMS software.

The 'output-link' provides an easy way to connect RMS to the most popular accounting packages.After the completion of a project, all relevant financial information can be exported into a file, which can then be read by the accounting software.

(Lee Baldock)

iLight launch lighting management system
Thursday, 27 June 2002

Until now commercial and architectural lighting controls have generally been served by two independent systems with interfacing provided via volt-free contacts. With its latest lighting control module, iLight has integrated both the commercial and architectural functions within a single system, providing a fully integrated solution in terms of both hardware and software.

The new SCH1000T is a 10-way pluggable lighting control module. Most commercial lighting control products have only eight output ports on the lighting control module which can cause problems when dealing with a regular ceiling grid. The iLight system’s 10 outputs will enable a 3 x 3 or 2 x 5 luminaire matrix, creating shorter cable lengths to the lights, as well as reducing the total number of units required. The system is easy to install since all connections are via a plug and socket arrangement. As part of the iCAN range, the LCM utilizes the iCAN network - a data connection system that connects all of the devices together and enables them to communicate with one another in an intelligent manner. The iCAN network is based on the CAN bus network and uses standard CAT 5 FTP cable for data cabling.

Utilizing the Windows platform, the software has been arranged to use standard Windows methods of selection and navigation presenting the user with a tool for operating the lighting that is familiar and easy to use.

(Ruth Rossington)

FlexiLine from Philips CSIFlexiLine from Philips CSI
Wednesday, 26 June 2002

The latest addition to Philips CSI’s range of public address equipment is the FlexiLine family of mixer/amplifiers aimed at budget conscious applications ranging from retail, restaurant and catering establishments to schools, leisure facilities and workplaces.

The new FlexiLine family of 120W mono-mixer amplifiers are easy-to-use and ideal for a wide variety of PA requirements where a combination of emergency announcements and voice messages are required, with optional background music. FlexiLine allows up to 3 microphone inputs to be mixed together with music to provide the right combination of public address messages and background music for any application. Microphone 1 can be set as a priority override, automatically muting other microphone inputs and the background music to ensure vital messages always get through. The mixer/amplifiers feature a powerful 120W output with a transformer isolated 100V constant voltage output designed to drive high voltage 100V loudspeakers. This high voltage output significantly reduces line losses especially on long lines allowing transmission over longer cable distances with improved signal quality. The FlexiLine amplifiers feature a balanced 5-pin DIN microphone input for the main microphone 1 input, plus balanced phone jacks for microphones 2 and 3. Input 1 also has a phantom power supply to power to a condenser microphone such as Philips' own Plena table-top microphones. A separate music input internally converts stereo signals to mono for background music broadcast using standard Cinch connectors, whilst a tape output allows

MCL launches real-time web helpMCL launches real-time web help
Wednesday, 26 June 2002

Audio visual rental and staging company MCL has launched the UK’s first real-time audio visual help facility on its website. The online interaction enables MCL clients to ask real-time questions about equipment or hire pricing during UK office hours. The help facility takes the form of a chat forum co-ordinating live enquiries between the regional MCL offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

MCL’s online marketing manager, John Leah, commented: "We have been trialing the system for a couple of months now and are confident that it is stable. We are getting an amazing response from site visitors and users who seem impressed that they can get immediate information when putting together project proposals, want local venue details from our regional MCL operations or just need some technical information on a piece of kit." The MCL web site now also acts as a portal for consolidating resources from the rest of the Avesco Group, including linked services to Creative Technology, Screenco, Dimension Audio, Broadcast Services - as well as European and American operations. MCL have rationalised their internal structure to operate as a single limited company for the first time since the integration of the former Gearhouse companies.

(Ruth Rossington)

Artistic launches MIDI-Button
Friday, 21 June 2002

Artistic Licence has launched its latest product, MIDI-Button. MIDI-Button is a compact wall point button panel with 12 press buttons. On-board electronics provide a configurable MIDI output that is used for remote control. The initial product release provides two MIDI patches designed for control of No-Worries TC and Grand-Master Flash! When MIDI-Button is used in conjunction with the DMX512 real time recorder No-Worries TC, the user can configure the system to allow any combination of 12 macros to be assigned to the push buttons.

When MIDI-Button is used in conjunction with the PC based lighting console Grand-Master Flash!, the 12 push buttons emulate the PC keyboard function keys. In either configuration, MIDI-Button provides a compact and sophisticated remote control solution that is ideally suited to architectural and retail applications.

(Lee Baldock)

Power boost for Carlsbro's Headline range
Monday, 17 June 2002

British pro audio manufacturer Carlsbro has increased the power of its acclaimed Headline range of loudspeakers. The Headline 312 and 315 cabinets have had their ratings increased from 300W to 500W RMS (1000W program power) and the Headline Sub 515 now produces 500W of pure bass (1000W program power).

Andrew Bishop, Carlsbro's managing director, explained: "I've been asking dealers and musicians exactly what they want from their PA gear and the overwhelming response was ‘More power!’ So that's what I decided to give them. The brief I gave to the R&D department was to increase the power output of the cabinets but make sure that the sound quality and reliability of the units were not in any way compromised. We've managed to achieve this goal and give the customer the best ever deal. All in all, it adds up to more watts for your money."

(Lee Baldock)

Unique Formula Sound product remerges from the Shadows
Friday, 14 June 2002

Formula Sound has recently reissued the Shadow Standby mixer, providing an invaluable lifeline to clubs and venues that rely on music. The Shadow can be installed as part of a new sound system or easily retro-fitted. It has all the switching required to replace the main mixer instantly in the event of trouble. Simply switching on the unit causes internal relays to re-route four stereo music input sources, one microphone and all output connections. PFL (Pre-fade listen) switches are provided on the four music channels for cueing purposes, and two band equalisation is provided via pre-sets on the back panel, for the mic channel.

(Ruth Rossington)

Gradav new catalogue now available
Friday, 14 June 2002

Gradav have released the latest version of their comprehensive catalogue. Following the same format as previous catalogues, but redesigned to improve the layout, the publication covers the full range of lighting, audio and trussing equipment that the company handles - from AKG to Zero 88 - as well as communications, rostra, and special effects.

For a copy call Gradav on +44 020 8803 7400.

Barco’s new projection solutions
Thursday, 13 June 2002

Barco Intelligent Displays, a division of BarcoProjection, has introduced a new range of high-resolution and high-brightness products for the fixed install market. With the IQR300, the functionality of the IQ series is now available in SXGA resolution. Barco’s IQ series offers new functionality, such as advanced picture-in-picture, seamless switching, dual-lamps and an advanced modular design. With its feature-set, the IQ provides intelligent solutions for high-end applications, such as meeting rooms, videoconferencing centres, training facilities and auditoriums.

The UR 7000 projector is one of the first commercial native UXGA (1600 x 1200) projectors available on the market, equipped with features that will make it ideal for meeting rooms and production houses requiring high resolution data and/or video projection. The projector’s picture-in-picture (PiP) feature allows the presenter to display up to two fully resizable source windows on the screen simultaneously and its seamless switching capability between data and video or video and video puts an end to the distracting ‘no picture’ waiting moments that appear when source windows are added.

The projector, which is also equipped with digital zoom-in, lens-shifting, digital keystone correction and logo storage, uses 1.8" poly-silicon LCD panels with a native UGA resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels), offering a maximum of 3,500 ANSI lumens and is capable of handling up to QXGA resolutions (2048 x 1536 pixels). The set of standard connections, including video, s-video, SDI and high-resolution 5

Philips CSI offers three-year warranty on all products
Thursday, 13 June 2002

Philips CSI is extending its three-year product warranty scheme to embrace its range of public address, congress and paging systems. The new three-year warranty immediately applies to all existing and new products including the recently launched Praesideo - the first all-digital PA and emergency system. It also covers the full range of Philips PA systems, plus the DCN Digital Congress Network and CCS 800 Congress systems, as well as the DP6000 and DECT6000 digital paging systems, excluding mobile pager handsets. It already applies to the company’s CCTV cameras, multiplexers, switchers and related CCTV products.

(Ruth Rossington)

New Clear-Com products launched
Thursday, 13 June 2002

Clear-Com’s UK distributor, Autograph Sales Ltd, are introducing two new innovative product ranges to this year’s Production Show at London’s Olympia. The first of these products is Clear-Com’s all new i-series, a range of intercom stations for use with Matrix Plus - the pioneering digital intercoms system. Also on show for the first time in the UK is Clear-Com’s Q700, a new intuitive wireless communications system.

The i-series includes two display stations, two non-display stations, two expansion panels and a level control panel. The design in based on simplicity and a user-friendly interface, and has intuitive programmable lighting, which can indicate the status of the keys and in turn denote ‘talk’, ‘listen’ or ‘talk-with-listen’. Some of the advanced features include auto-sensing headset and microphone connection and individual cross point volume adjustment.

The Q700 is a programmable frequency agile UHF wireless intercom system, which consists of a master station and up to six fully duplex two channel belt packs. The MS700 Master Station, at the core of the system, provides the ability to receive, mix, route, transmit and monitor all of the audio sources from the wireless BP700 belt pack. The Q700 range will be licensed in the UK early this summer.

(Ruth Rossington)

Digital Sound Projector from 1 Limited
Wednesday, 12 June 2002

You may have read about 1 Limited’s multi-channel sound technology that produces up to eight channels of surround sound from a single loudspeaker in the April issue of L&SI - well now, you can actually see it, because the first product to embody this technology will be on show at the Cedia UK Expo 2002 (taking place in Brighton next week).

According to the company, unlike virtual surround systems, which employ psycho-acoustic techniques to simulate a surround sound effect, the Digital Sound Projector (dSP) produces genuine surround sound from a single loudspeaker. Using patented digital technology, derived from research in the fields of SONAR and RADAR design, the Digital Sound Projector produces multiple steerable sound beams that are ‘bounced’ off the walls and ceiling towards the listening area. The current version of the Digital Sound Projector uses 254 tiny, individually driven transducers in a precisely arranged array. The Projector’s computers deliver a unique signal to each transducer, whose emissions combine to form a ‘focal point’ for each channel. The effect is akin to having a separate big focusable transducer for each channel, all at the same place, but pointing in different, controllable directions

. Huge computing power allows the user to manipulate the multiple channels of sound according to taste. A simple, menu driven, user interface enables the listener to easily adjust key parameters. The trajectory of each sound beam can be easily altered to suit different room geometries and layouts. Equalization and volume cont

New Lighthouse screens
Monday, 10 June 2002

Lighthouse has recently released no less than five new products: The ultra high brightness LVP1050 (10mm pixel pitch, 5000 nits brightness) screen is the world’s first outdoor SMD (Surface Mount Device) LED display, according to the company. The combination of high brightness and the image quality of Lighthouse’s M4 technology will open up new markets to LED screen technology. The high definition LVP0630 (6mm pixel pitch, 3000 nits), is targeted at the indoor rental and fixed installation markets. Its high resolution allows much closer viewing distances and creates a sharp image.

Both screens feature Lighthouse’s new M4 Uniformity Control that brings TV quality images to the giant screen, the Quarter Bin sorting process and 13-bit processing displaying 16.7 million shades of colour. The LVC88, LIP SX and LIP QX Lighthouse Image Processors, offering a choice of VGA, SVGA and XGA resolutions, display capacities up to 1024x768, and DVI options. All the new products are on show at this week’s Infocomm.

(Ruth Rossington)

AcousticDesign from QSC
Monday, 10 June 2002

QSC Audio has introduced its new AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers, incorporating a number of innovative features. Aimed at environments and applications ranging from hotels, restaurants, meeting and convention facilities to home theater and other multimedia environments, this loudspeaker system incorporates QSC’s new Intelli-Dock mounting system (patent pending) combined with Advanced Directivity rotatable waveguide. Available in both black and white color schemes that can also be painted to match any specific decor, these weather resistant enclosures are available in multiple configurations.

Available in high-output and standard output configurations, the speaker’s Advanced Directivity 60º x 90º rotatable waveguide enables sound to be focused precisely. Should a wide dispersion loudspeaker be more desirable for a job, the standard output version is also available in a wide dispersion model - with or without a transformer.

The first members of the AcousticDesign Series to be introduced will be high output and standard output models incorporating an 8-inch low-frequency driver with the Advanced Directivity 60º X 90º rotatable waveguide.

(Lee Baldock)

SoundField introduces new look MKVrv microphone systemSoundField introduces new look MKVrv microphone system
Monday, 10 June 2002

SoundField has upgraded its flagship MKV microphone system. The new MKVrv control unit has been fitted with a robust 5mm thick anodised aluminium front panel with a brushed finish designed to withstand the rigours of outside broadcast use and rack-mount transportation. In addition, the main control sections have been given a contoured design layout for improved visibility. Perhaps the most significant new design feature, however, is the unit's new enlarged LCD bargraph display which shows SoundField B-Format, Stereo and M/S output level activity.Positioned at the top of the SoundField product range, the MKVrv System comprises a four capsule microphone and 2U control unit capable of generating full 5.1 surround sound delivery.

(Ruth Rossington)

Industry first for SPS at IPC Media Awards
Friday, 7 June 2002

Show Presentation Services (SPS), the UK's largest stockholder of the Barco Dlite7 large screen LED system, has created an industry first through its innovative use of LED screens in the corporate sector. The new ‘Pop Idol’ style LED screens, which allow images to move in sequence across a collection of screens in any order, were launched at the IPC Media Awards, held at Grosvenor House Hotel, London, where SPS continued to build on their longstanding relationship with IPC.

Bryan Leathem, head of SPS’s LED display department, explains: "Our brief was to take this important event that has been running for nearly a decade and bring something new and exiting to it, which we hope we achieved with this unique system. LED screens are often used as a back drop to events and conferences, but the feedback we had been getting from our clients was that they wanted to find a new way of staging their events. The way we used the LED screens is not a new idea in itself, the music industry hit on the idea a few years ago, and has most recently been seen on the ITV show ‘Pop Idol’. Because of the costs involved in hiring a video post-production suite to produce the images to fit the block of screens, this option remained closed to the corporate sector until now.

"We were able to create a template, which we designed in house, enabling the video or graphic images to be correctly positioned on each block of LED, and feed from one block to the next in sequence regardless of the position of the block within the set. Images displayed on the screens were

Compy from Compulite
Friday, 7 June 2002

Stagetec, UK distributor for Compulite, announces the latest addition to the product line - the Compy cable or wireless remote control. This cost-effective, flexible control solution can be used to control all Compulite consoles via Ethernet interface (i.e. the 4D and SABRE series). Compy has been developed jointly by Compulite and DTT Scandinavia, utilizing the latest Pocket PC technology.

One of the major problems with most rigger’s controls is that they are difficult to see in the dark: Compy solves this problem as it utilizes a Compaq iPAQ Handheld PC which is a colour TFT touch screen. Apart from this, when not being used as a rigger’s control, the iPAQ can be used as a standard PC.

Compy is available in three configurations: The Compy Rigger allows control of all the rigging and basic edit functions of the console; the Compy E-Mote allows control of all rigging and console functions, including the displaying of all system screens on the handheld unit, while the Compy Dim offers full programming and monitoring of Compulite’s CompuDIM 2000 digital dimmers.

(Lee Baldock)


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