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Akusta Intercom System From Federal Signal
Friday, 10 August 2001

Akusta Echo is the new digital intercom and alarm system from Federal Signal. Echo is ideal for fast, reliable and cost-effective hard-wired communication/alarm requirements on off-shore installations, as well as petrochemical, refineries and power plants. It offers individual station-to-station communications, conference calling, page party and emergency alarm broadcast facilities.

User friendly on-site programming from either the central digital exchange or a master station enables quick system installation and commissioning. Common features can be programmed simultaneously, with specific features added to the individual field stations separately. PC software is provided for commissioning assistance, system set up and operational monitoring. The standard central equipment can be connected to a maximum of 48 field stations. This can be further expanded to 96 through system duplication. A second modular system can be easily added when station quantities between 96 and 9,072 are required. A choice of field stations are available for different applications. These include desktop master with membrane or tactile keypad, recessed or surface mount pre-programmed call buttons, security station, heavy industrial, Zone 1, Zone 2 Cenelec certified and UL variants.

Philips CSI Launches Plena
Friday, 10 August 2001

Philips Communication, Security & Imaging (Philips CSI) has expanded its Plena public address system to include a full range of mixer amplifiers, universal and system pre-amplifiers, booster amplifiers, call stations and a matching CD player/tuner source unit. This modular system is ideal for a wide range of applications from simple PA announcement installations to complete 6-zone call and emergency evacuation systems. Superseding the successful Philips SQ 20 public address system, Plena offers top of the range performance with low cost-of-ownership and greater versatility.

Plena can meet a wide range of PA needs including shops and showrooms, office and factory premises, small hotels, bars and restaurants, churches through to large shopping malls, public buildings, theme parks, entertainment complexes, universities and schools, workshops or warehouses, playing fields, sports and leisure facilities, bus and railway stations and so on.

Plena’s major advantages are its ease of installation and versatility without compromising performance. Most units can be connected together using just a single cable to simplify and speed up installation. Its modular design allows a wide range of optional facilities including up to 8 call stations, zoning, mixing, background music, recorded messages etc to meet almost any requirements.

The Plena family includes mixer amplifiers offering a choice of 30, 60 or 120 W rated output power. A dual-zone 120 W model allows routing of announcements to two separate zones. A universal pre-amplifier offers a choice of mixing, blocking (first i

Dansk PA Center Offers DPAC at PLASA
Thursday, 9 August 2001

After operating as a wholesaler and manufacturer for 17 years, Dansk PA Center A/S has decided to market their domestically well-known loudspeakers internationally. For the first time, Dansk PA Center will exhibit at the PLASA exhibition on stand S7 (Top Deck) with their DPAC Audio line of active powered loudspeakers. The first system in a new line of self-powered loudspeakers consists of the AS2 (one dual 18" subwoofer with built-in 4800W class D amplifier), the AM152 (one 15" plus 2" mid/high loudspeaker with DPAC Easy Fly system and class D amp). The low-cost system boasts easy transport and set-up, easy flying, high sound quality, low power consumption and excellent reliability.

Dansk PA Center can be found on stand S7.

New Prism from Par Opti
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Par Opti is introducing yet another original product to the already extensive catalogue of fibre optic lighting components manufactured by the company. The PP8 prism changes the light emission by 90 degrees, creating new uses for fibre optics employed in confined spaces, for example behind narrow skirting in bars and other displays. A bezelled version suitable for ceilings and walls creates a dramatic effect in the minimum space.

Audio Tools from ApexAudio Tools from Apex
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Developed for the stringent sound level monitoring laws in Europe, the 'Argos' Sound Leveller and 'Hera' recorder/controller from Apex, Belgium, combine to make an affordable, dedicated limiting system. As well as keeping audio levels under control, the system also monitors and records events over a 14-day period, time-stamping and saving data to PC to create a log for local inspectors. The Argos leveller features speed selection, built-in Pink Noise Generator, inline test button and three connection/detection sources - mic (supplied), line or speaker (up to1800W / 8ohm). A mode selector switches between normal (automatic) and 'hold' which sustains threshold level between quiet pauses, or song breaks during live performances. Ins and outs are all balanced XLR and unbalanced phono. Setting switches for 'Argos' are located behind a removable plate, and when linked, the 'Hera' will record any removal or tampering. 'Argos' will also operate as an independent stand-alone limiter.The 'Hera' calculates and controls level over a set period of time (up to 14 days). Mic level input is set using the offset placement feature. The front panel also has a large LCD level and data display with dimmer and rotary encoder. Access to dealer settings is via pin code entry. As a stand-alone unit the 'Hera' can be used as a very accurate dB meter and recorder with cut-off device featuring level warning and power cut-off via relays. Also available from Apex are the high-end PE Series Paragraphics and GX Series Graphic equalisers.

Pani Adds to Projector Range
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Pani is introducing the BP 2.5 ECO - a new development on the PANI ‘T’ (Turbo) generation platform. Economy and effectiveness were the prime aims for the company in the achievement of unprecedented value-for-money in a projector in this category. The BP 2.5 ECO is specially designed for short and medium distances. As a high-quality member of the PANI projection system, it is fully compatible with the complete accessory range including all objectives as well as the new Compact Scroller CS 70.

Another inovation from Pani, the Economic Slide System (ESS), gives users the opportunity to produce their own slides. They only need a PC or Mac. The ESS is a one-stop solution consisting of a state-of-the-art inkjet photoprinter, printer software with template for the output medium, 50 PANI special foils and 15 aluminium slide frames.

Pani can be found on stand R30.

Three New Products from Constella
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Constella is adding three new products to its DMX512 lighting range at PLASA this year. Following the success of the Chameleon 5 at PLASA 2000, the company has made the unit intelligent, and now presents the Chameleon 5 DMX. Other additions include the Astra Moon Scan and Astra Moon Star effects, combining the crystal sharp images and responsive movement of the Chameleon 4 with a choice of two light delivery systems – the scan head or the rotating barrel.

Constella can be found on stand L5.

ADDA’s PLASA Catalogue Launch
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

ADDA will launch its new catalogue at the PLASA Show. The new full-colour catalogue features 12 pages of information about the company’s large range of high quality cases and services, highlighting the wide choice of materials and finishes as well as fittings and colour options. For the first time, the catalogue will embrace the OXO product range of architectural lighting protection - Con'Dome, Flight'Dome and the new Upside'Dome. The latter received an honorable mention at ABTT earlier this year and finally solves the problem of bad weather versus intelligent lighting. Also covered in detail are the range of options for sizes and rigging kits for the Domes. The complete catalogue will go online in September 2001.

ADDA can be found on Stand G37.

Unitek Launches Benchmark MS5/10 ScreenUnitek Launches Benchmark MS5/10 Screen
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

Unitek are going head to head with the other giants of LED high resolution displays with the launch of a screen destined to put the company in pole position. Shown for the first time at Infocomm Europe, the MEGASCREEN MS5/10 using VHR technology, will be Unitek’s first very high resolution display designed specifically for the rental market. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and offering full colour, superb clarity, high brightness and close viewing distances both inside and outside in full daylight.

Unitek’s unique VHR technology processing ensures the image sharpness is sustained across a wide range of viewing distances. Horizontal viewing angles are in excess of 160° with precision LED alignment ensuring a consistent performance across all panels without ‘tiling’ effects. Unitek has taken the unique approach of offering lamp-type LEDs rather than surface-mount technology (SMT) devices, squeezing three full-size oval LEDs into each 10mm square pixel, thus being able to offer a light output in excess of 5000 nits from weatherproof modules, with perfect colour balancing ability and rear access for maintenance. Other inherent problems associated with SMT devices such as heat dissipation are also eliminated.

Avolites Announces Third PLASA Launch
Tuesday, 7 August 2001

Avolites continues to expand its Art2000 digital dimming range with the addition of the 32 Amp dimmer module, to be launched at PLASA 2001. Art2000-TV has been developed to meet the growing and changing demands of the television, film and industrial show and exhibition lighting industries, where the use of dimmable fixtures is becoming an increasingly popular, cost-effective method of lighting these specific environments.

The dimmer offers 32 Amps - continuously rated - in six-channel modules. Each channel has 240µ rise time - optimised for silence on both dimmer and fixture - and forced air-cooling via a speed-controlled fan. C-Type breakers are fitted to deal effectively with high in-rush currents. For full flexibility, the Art2000-TV module is available in two standard frame formats - 2 bay (12 x 32 channels) or 4 bay (24 x 32A channels). Art2000-TV’s top-mounting control module is smart and auto-detects the number and type of dimming modules attached. Each module offers the useful facilities of local fader control and individual Channel Test.Avolites can be found on Stand C4

Midas Heritage Theatre Control Software at PLASA
Tuesday, 7 August 2001

PLASA 2001 sees yet another important launch for Midas, this time in the form of theatre control software for the Heritage range of consoles. The first console to benefit is the compact, theatre-friendly Heritage 1000, and a large portion of the Midas stand will be dedicated to the demonstration of the new software. Introduced in two phases, the PLASA launch represents the first step in dynamic control for Heritage consoles from a PC, enabling the user to make global on-line changes to scene set-ups from a PC. A last-minute change which previously could have caused chaos, can now be made on the PC in seconds and simply cut-and-pasted into all the scenes as required, rather than having to adjust each scene on the console manually. It also enables engineers to get a head-start on rehearsals by being able to start their programming off-line at home, instead of the bulk of the work beginning with rehearsals.

Indeed, this is the first step of the software development, and the one that will be demonstrated at PLASA - the ability to edit off-line. The second phase, which is due for release in the New Year, is the development of dynamic control in the way that already exists for Klark Teknik products such as the DN9848. The Heritage theatre control software runs under the same Stardraw shell as all PC-controlled products from the Klark Teknik Group, hence taking the user one step closer to just one piece of software for overall system control.

Klark Teknik can be found on Stand B10.

beyerdynamic’s Audio Line Up
Tuesday, 7 August 2001

The focus for beyerdynamic at this year’s PLASA Show will be on conference products and sound contracting audio systems, as well as the wide range of products that the company has exclusive UK distribution agreements for. Currently representing seven major US and European manufacturers, beyerdynamic offers an integrated range of premium products for the theatre, sound contracting, sound reinforcement, recording & post studios and the broadcast industries.

The range of new and existing products on display includes wireless and cabled conference and voting systems, simultaneous translation systems from beyerdynamic, including the MCS 1038 Chairman's conference station (pictured). Also featured on stand will be the Audia Digital Audio Platform, Cobranet audio network solutions, automatic microphone mixers, teleconferencing products and echo cancellers from Biamp; active and passive speaker systems, radio microphones and In-ear monitoring systems from dB Technologies; Active monitor, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker systems from Klein+Hummel; signal processing and microphone distribution systems from XTA and acoustic measurement and analysis devices from AudioControlIndustrial.

Beyerdynamic can be found on Stand H42.

Doughty Keeps up the Suspense
Tuesday, 7 August 2001

Doughty is showing a range of new products for the first time. The latest addition to studio suspension equipment from the company is a range of two and three adjustable spring pantographs. The Doughty spring pantographs have been designed to be lightweight and compact, with strength, safety and ease of use being the major design criteria. Loads from 5 to 20Kg can be suspended from overhead tracks or barrels and quickly positioned with height ranges of 2.2 to five metres. Also new is the Quick Trigger Clamp. The design of the QT clamp gives a high degree of safety by allowing one person to hang heavy luminaires and scanners on any size tube from 38mm to 51mm. The jaws are sprung loaded to stay open to leave both hands free to lift and position the load, the weight of the object being hung then becomes its own safety factor by automatically closing the clamp. This unique feature allows the luminaires to be easily positioned and then securely locked off using the large Tee handle. This range of clamps have been tested and certified by TÜV and has a safe working load of 250Kg.

Doughty can be found on Stand D10.

MiPro to Launch ACT 707
Monday, 6 August 2001

At PLASA 2001, Mipro is launching the ACT 707 wireless microphone system aimed at theatres, houses of worship, touring and A/V rental applications. Featuring revolutionary new colour LCD display panel and ACT (automatic channel targeting) operating frequency selection, this is a standard 1U, 19" EIA design metal case. Each 1U main frame is capable of housing up to four separate, quick hot-swap diversity receiver modules and built-in mixer, antenna divider and detachable universal switching power supply. 16 base main frames with a total of 64 wireless channels can be interfaced with only one Mipro DV with remote control up to 1000 metres. Each receiver module is preset with 100 user select frequencies and access to 960 computer select frequencies in each 24MHz band.

TiMax ImageMaker in UseTiMax ImageMaker in Use
Monday, 6 August 2001

Out Board Electronics’ new TiMax ImageMaker 16, the audio localisation and virtual surround matrix, has been used on recent high profile corporate event shows with two leading audio design/production companies.

Dimension Audio’s Mark Boden used the system’s multi-dimensional effects capability for the first time during a walk-in for 200 BT delegates at the Sofitel in Paris. The event, called BT Ignite, was staged by production company Catalysm, and the TiMax showcontrol PlayList was used to trigger two CD players, running for half an hour on a continuous loop. While the main audio track came from the screen, the TiMax ‘image definitions’ created an array of voice sound effects which appeared to be emanating from different areas of the room.

"We used TiMax again to create a surround sound effect during various points of the video," said Boden, adding that the level/delay matrix was so successful that it would now form an intrinsic part of the sound at the repeat event, which will be held at London’s Metropole Hotel. Boden was joined by James Eade on engineering duties, and in addition to TiMax Dimension Audio featured Trantec’s S5000 UHF wireless system (10 lavaliers and two handhelds) and a d&b sound system, mixed through a DDA CS8.

Meanwhile, Delta Sound Inc was asked by Jack Morton Worldwide to provide the audio at the National Agricultural Centre for the dealership launch of the new Vauxhall Vivaro van. A specially-commissioned music and effects score and video were provided and a TiMax ImageMaker 16 was used to e

Sony’s Show of Strength
Monday, 6 August 2001

Sony Professional Audio is showing several products for the very first time at PLASA, not only in Europe but worldwide.

Brand new products intended for professional AV installation applications include two multi-media matrix switcher/control units offering high quality video and surround-sound audio processing. The SRP-X700P, being unveiled in prototype form, is a Digital AV switcher/mixer that combines a 5.1 channel surround sound digital audio mixer with digital EQ and active feedback rejection control, power amplification (stereo), dual channel wireless receiver rack (optional WRU-806B), and RGB/video switcher - all in a single integrated, 3U high, rackmount unit. Designed to integrate with the most up to date presentation systems, the SRP-X700P can process and switch multi-media sources, including presenter microphones and programme material from audio, video, DVD and PC sources.

The PVS-R102 Multi-Media matrix switcher is a simple to operate, compact and integrated 10 into 2 AV matrix switcher, providing for the management and control of multi-media programme sources. The unit enables switching and format conversion across a wide range of graphics and video standards. It is equipped with both stereo and 5.1 surround sound audio I/Os. Both parallel and serial (RS-232) control ports are included, while an additional serial port enables the control of several Sony video projectors and PDP models, with ‘one-touch’ source switching.

Sony is also showing a new improved range of its radio microphone systems designed for AV, conferencing, small to medium sca

TOA Intelligent VM-2000 Amplifiers
Friday, 3 August 2001

TOA’s VM-2000 Series amplifiers are designed to allow for expansion as requirements increase. For example, if the standard five loudspeaker zones are not enough, the unit can be linked to another unit for servicing an additional five zones and doubling the power output. Optional accessories and related equipment are available to meet specific requirements and enhance a unit's operational scope. The VM-2000 Series conforms to most international emergency sound system standards and requirements such as IEC60849.

The VM-2000 Series also offers intelligent self-diagnosis capability. When a VM-2000 Series unit is fitted with the optional SV-200M Surveillance Board, the unit gains the ability to conduct automatic system-wide checks for open or shorted speaker lines and ground leakage as well as other malfunctions, simplifying maintenance and other routine system tasks as well as instantly alerting operators when a fault occurs. And of course, the VM-2000 Series is ready for failsafe operation with backup 24V battery power to ensure uninterrupted operation.

EV With Shuttlesound at PLASA
Wednesday, 1 August 2001

Electro-Voice has a big presence on the Shuttlesound stand at PLASA this year, starting with EViD, an elegant new range of loudspeakers designed for the installation market, in particular bars, restaurants, retail and leisure complexes. Increasing in both size and power and suitable for both live and installation work is the successful new Rx Series, whilst the concert market has recently witnessed the debut of EV's new line-array system, X-Line. Shuttlesound will also be exhibiting the ultra-compact Venice console from Midas along with product from Dynacord and a comprehensive range of EV microphones including the new N-Dym wireless system.

New Eminence Speakers at PLASA
Tuesday, 31 July 2001

Eminence Speaker Europe is using PLASA 2001 as the platform to introduce its new sub-bass and bass driver range, Eminence Magnum. Power ratings are expected to be in the region of 1kW. The Magnum is available in 15" and 18" sizes and uses a ‘bullet-shaped’ aluminium phaser at its centre to act as an acoustic device that minimises destructive phase conditions. The phaser doubles as a heatsink. Motor heat is drawn through the aluminium by the draught from cone movement (a principle employed by the company’s Kilomax series).Magnum possesses a number of other interesting developments including a copper shorting ring to reduce distortion; core periphery ventilation - a series of eight holes in the pole piece that enable a continuous exchange of hot air inside the motor and cooler air inside the enclosure; sinusoid suspensions; lower QT parameters for use in smaller vented enclosures; a choice of HO and LF specifications. The HO version has a lighter moving mass for greater sensitivity; LF has a longer X-MAX and greater moving mass for extended low frequency performance.

The Eminence stand at PLASA will be the biggest ever taken by the company. Managing director Arthur Barnes explains: "We have seen a growth in the importance of this exhibition and an increase in the attendance of key buyers - many are people we perhaps do not reach at Frankfurt. PLASA, in reaching a different audience, has become almost as important to Eminence as Frankfurt."

Eminence can be found on stand E24.

James Thomas Launches
Monday, 30 July 2001

James Thomas Engineering will launch its new Exterior MR16 fixture at PLASA 2001 and also feature the new Image Plus focussing device for the MR16 lantern. JTE is also highlighting examples of its large, versatile range of standard aluminium trussing, ground support and roofing structures and theatrical lanterns - applicable and popular in all areas of the entertainment industry, from clubs and destination venues of all types to large scale festivals, theatres, concert tours, theme parks, visitor attractions and retail environments. The Par 16 Outdoor lantern is IP65-rated and developed for use in all types of weather conditions. This highly durable fixture’s body is made from corrosive resistant, robust, cast Aluminium.

James Thomas Engineering is also introducing the latest evolution for the Par 16 lantern - the Image Plus 3. This is a simple and cost-effective focussing device that attaches to the lantern’s colour frame runners, increasing yet further the massive versatility of this already dynamic lantern. The Image Plus 3 takes a standard size 'E' Gobo, enabling any desired image or logo - in either glass or metal -' to be projected onto a surface or wall up to four metres away. James Thomas also offers an MR16 gobo rotator that will rotate either one or two gobos.

Other highlights include the Thomas Follow Spot Chair, which has received a major upgrade in the last year, and a streamlined version of the James Thomas Moving Light Truss (MLT) with enhanced ergonomics, along with examples of the company’s popular and versatile range of standard alumi

A-T In the Loop
Monday, 30 July 2001

Welsh audio company Sound Induction Systems Ltd has employed Audio-Technica's Freeway radio microphones and PRO44 boundary microphones in a new portable loop system, pioneered to aid the hard of hearing. The system, which packs neatly into a briefcase and provides loop amplification for an area of up to 120sq.m, is proving an overwhelming success, and is available for sale or hire from SISL for non fixed installations.

SISL has pioneered a number of new products for the market as a direct result of the Disability Discrimination Act, and has built Audio-Technica microphones into many of these innovations.

Lightfactor’s PLASA Line-Up
Monday, 30 July 2001

Leading UK distributor Lightfactor will be displaying the latest products from LDR, LightProcessor, SGM, High End (Lightwave Research), Apogee Sound and Zeck Audio.

New SGM products include the launch of the Giotto 400 spot and wash moving head luminaires. Producing a powerful 8000 lumens, these fixtures were designed and built specifically for large shows, theatres, TV studios and entertainment venues. The light output is produced by a combination of the Phillips MSR 400HR discharge lamp and a dichroic reflector that allows the heat to be dissipated on the rear of the fixture - ensuring maximum temperature reduction.

From Apogee Sound, of California, will be the recently-released range of powered loudspeakers - the APL Series. Modelled on the highly successful AE and F Series cabinets, Apogee’s powered versions emulate the performance, clarity and quality of the conventional loudspeakers, with processing and amplification both contained within the enclosure. Models on display at PLASA will include the powered versions of the AE-5 (APL-500) AE-10 Subwoofer (APL-10), AE-8 (APL-800) AE-12 Subwoofer (APL-12) and the FH-2 (APL220). Also on stand will be a ‘live’ demonstration of the ease of rigging and de-rigging the Apogee ALA-9 system using the new Prolyte delay tower from Holland.

From the LDR brand of Italian-made theatre lanterns and accessories there will be three new products launched at the show: the Suono f650 Plus and Suono pc650 Plus; the Nota f1200 plus and Nota pc 1200 plus Tono f2000 plus and Tono pc2000 plus. These are

Citronic’s Product Line-Up
Monday, 30 July 2001

The Citronic DJ Product Line continues to grow and has become one of the most extensive DJ brands in the World. At PLASA 2001, Citronic will be showing new and recently-released products. Also, Citronic will be announcing the winner of the ‘Design a mixer’ competition launched at last year’s PLASA and we will be previewing the winning design.

New mixer products include the CS3 mixer; the CDM10:4 DSP - the famous 10:4 with effects; a new silver panel version of the PRO 8; the latest addition to the company’s Mix Station range, the MSX-4; the SM450 Mk3 high end DJ install mixer and the VT3:2 - the hottest new product around. New CD Players incldue the CD3 Professional anti-shock with vari-speed and the CD4 high end 20 second anti-shock memory with Seamless Loop. Amplifiers products include the CPX Amplifier Range, the Ephos 6:2 mono PA head mixer with DSP and the Ephos 8:2 mono PA head mixer with digital delay. Other products include the PDQ Turntable, the KD-1 Karaoke Decoder, the BC-2 Dual BPM Counter. Other highlights include Citronic’s new 3D animated promotional DVD and poster line up.

Citronic can be found on stand D32.

Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001Hayden Labs at PLASA 2001
Monday, 30 July 2001

Hayden Laboratories, the UK distributor for leading audio brands Denon from Japan and Rane from the USA, is launching four new products for professional DJ and installation markets at PLASA 2001. Also highlighted on the Hayden stand is equipment for the fixed installation market, including Rane’s renowned ECS conferencing system products and their various CobraNET interfaces.

The new Denon DN-X400 DJ mixer is aimed at pro DJs wanting high-spec, robust kit. It follows hot on the heels of Denon’s first DJ mixer, the Denon DN X-800, launched earlier in the year, which has already proved a massive success with cutting-edge DJs. The X400 mixer is aimed at mobile DJs, entry-level installations and bars, cafes, and retail environments featuring guest DJs. Features include improved tactile touch-rubber knobs and superior faders, and a Track Mark button on the front panel for the insertion of ‘track breaks’ when recording a continuous mix. The machine has two mic inputs, Channel Fader Start and Crossfader Start using the industry standard 5v pulse trigger, and cross fader Contour Control. Other features include individual gain control on each channel; three-band EQ; eight line and two phono inputs; Booth/Zone output for separate control of the DJ booth; effects loop from the main output and mic output and coaxial and optical digital outputs for great connectivity.

The new Rane DA 26 distribution amplifier is a neat 1U splitter/mixer device providing a one-box solution for all installers of paging and background music systems. The DA 26 provides a paging p


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