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Wharfedale signals return of the corner speaker
Friday, 19 April 2002

Wharfedale Systems’ new Programme Corner Speakers have been purpose-engineered to achieve the high output/nearfield delivery of background and foreground music in a broad sphere of applications. A wide operating band was required to ensure natural music and speech articulation, which would remain clean at high levels.

These two-way, ported systems thus provide a wide frequency range coupled with high power performance in an acoustically-efficient enclosure. Aside from their sonic quality, the environments for which PCS speakers are designated - such as airports and railway stations, places of worship, retail outlets, restaurants, sports complexes, bars and hotels - all required elegant styling.

The range offers two different models, each with black or white painted finish, and with 70.7V or 100V transformer versions. In addition to the standard finishes, the lightweight, impact-resist ABS plastic enclosure is paintable, therefore allowing the speakers to match a venue’s interior. PCS speakers feature a 125mm Kevlar woofer and 25mm Titanium Neodymium driver.

The progressive/dynamic high-frequency driver overload protection circuit provides sophisticated limiting and protection from extended abusive levels and short-term peaks. The trapezoidal design facilitates a wide variety of mounting (and coverage) options. For instance, PCS speakers can be mounted flush on the wall or in a corner, with the respective brackets that are provided as standard. Alternatively, a compact array of four Corner Speakers will give a smooth 360° sphere of coverage.

(Lee Baldoc

Shure’s WH30 headworn performance mic shipsShure’s WH30 headworn performance mic ships
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Shure Incorporated is now shipping the affordable WH30 headworn microphone designed for users, especially performers, who require full mobility along with the professional audio quality of a condenser capsule. The WH30 features a frequency response tailored to enhance the clarity of vocals. Ergonomic and lightweight in design, the hands-free unit features a flexible gooseneck that facilitates optimal microphone placement and an isolation shock mount that reduces vibration noise. Temperature and moisture-resistant, its cardioid polar pattern delivers maximum gain before feedback. Capable of handling high SPLs, the headworn mic comes with its own snap-on windscreen.

The WH30 is available in a hard-wired version, as well as with Shure's T Series, UT Series, LX Series, ULX Series, UC Series, and UHF Series wireless microphone systems.

(Lee Baldock)

Denon launches DN-D9000Denon launches DN-D9000
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Denon has raised the stakes again in the twin CD marketplace with the release of the DN-D9000, designed as a creative tool for DJs of all genres, and now available in the UK through Hayden Laboratories.

For all its complexity, the DN-D9000 is simple, user-friendly and logical to operate. It utilizes high-speed internal processors, offers many new digital features and has a large memory capacity. The world-first Alpha Track facility allows DJs to play two tracks off the same disk simultaneously.This function - not found on any other CD player - allows two completely separate tracks per drive to be selected and replayed - or played on top of each other. Both tracks can then be simultaneously Pitch Bent, and have other additional effects like Scratch applied.

The D9000’s digital ATAPI drives will reliably playback CDR and CD-RW disks. The drives are also user replaceable - a great advantage for installers and venue managers - and each drive can also be removed ‘live’ whilst the other continues playing. The end result is no more down time and no incursion of expensive loan and carriage costs or service charges should a drive need replacing.

In another unique feature, the DN-D9000 offers four Hot Starts per drive including Stutter Start Loops. The Hot Starts can be set up and selected in a variety of ways - as four Loops, four Sutter Start points and two Samplers per drive. An extensive array of effects - Delay, Flanger, Filter, Transform or XFM - can be applied. All effects can be simultaneously activated and are assignable to either the Main Track or t

Le Mark offers 20,000 dpi resolution glass gobo service
Thursday, 18 April 2002

Le Mark Group have announced that, as part of their ongoing relationship with US company Apollo Design Technology, they now have the opportunity to offer glass gobos of up to 20,000 dpi resolution. The SuperResolution and ColourScenic range offers high-resolution quality on both black and white and full colour, allowing for crisp images and specific colour matches or gradients of colour. As part of the arrangement, single and two colour gobos are also available up to 6,000 dpi across 86 standard patterns.

(Ruth Rossington)

Chameleon’s Salisbury gainChameleon’s Salisbury gain
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

When Salisbury-based PA hire company, Amethyst Audio, decided to replace its existing but ageing amp rack and invest in the best Britain could provide, there was only one choice, according to managing director Chris Wynn - Chameleon. Amethyst Audio’s revamped rack now houses a pair of Chameleon 2750 DP/2s for low-end duties, a 1200 DP/2 to handle the mid, while a 600 DP/2 takes care of the top. "The old amps were a respected traditional brand, but in my opinion they don’t hold a light to the Chameleons. The response is so smooth, even the audience ask why the sound is so good," commented Wynn. He continues: "I have also noticed a sizeable increase in new business since customers discovered that Amethyst Audio was using Chameleon amps. The existing client base, which spans from Cornwall to Kent and the South Coast to Leeds, is delighted with the significant improvement in audio quality."

(Lee Baldock)

VEGA buys D-PAC AS-2 self-powered subwoofers
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

The prestigious Danish venue VEGA has recently bought four AS-2 self-powered subwoofers for use in both Store Vega and Lille Vega, making full use of the self-powered concept. The AS2 is a dual 18" subwoofer, designed to meet the demand for compact, high-powered, ultra-low frequency (31-80Hz (-3dB)) subwoofers for touring and other professional use. Flemming Nielsen, technical manager, says that the power and sound quality were very important, along with the mobile possibilities for clubbing events. Store Vega is equipped with a d&b 402 system processed by XTA DP 200.

Anders Christensen, managing director of D-PAC, said: "D-PAC is proud to have VEGA as one of the first customers for our new line of self-powered loudspeakers. We have done thorough research making our class-D amplifier as powerful and well sounding as possible, and exploiting the full potential of our custom-made loudspeaker components with major success."

(Lee Baldock)

Zero get ready to Mambo
Wednesday, 17 April 2002

Zero 88 launched their latest Frog desk - The Mambo Frog - at the SIB show in Rimini. T he Mambo Frog is a continuation of the Frog desk range, and shares many features with the other desks, including similar styling, design and case size as a Fat Frog. Designed with the club, disco and music touring sectors in mind, the desk is primarily a 'fixture only' console. It has no preset faders to control dimmers, although dimmers can be controlled by assigning them as fixtures and using the desk wheels.

Due to the design and interfaces of the Mambo Frog, it is a very powerful and flexible club controller. The combination of a theatre style memory stack, along with both fader and button controlled submasters makes fast-access to lighting states possible. In intelligent-only or rigs with a small number of dimmers, this desk is ideal. It's small size and flexible playbacks mean, again, that it is a fast desk to operate and program.

(Lee Baldock)

New Chroma-Q Gobo Rotators from A.C. LightingNew Chroma-Q Gobo Rotators from A.C. Lighting
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

The Chroma-Q range now offers the lighting professional an even wider choice of high quality, affordable lantern accessories following the launch of a new line of gobo rotators.

The three models available all accept glass or metal B-size gobos and offer compatibility with most popular spotlights including Source Four, Shakespeare and Strand SL types. The Single and Twin models feature basic manual speed adjustment using a small stand-alone power supply. The Twin DMX model offers compatibility with the Chroma-Q and Rainbow power supplies enabling bi-directional, variable speed control via DMX. The robust construction and quality components used in the manufacture of Chroma-Q gobo rotators guarantees long-term reliability, coupled with near silent operation.

This expansion of the Chroma-Q range now gives consultants and designers the opportunity to specify a ‘one brand’ package.

(Ruth Rossington)

Audio-Technica introduces Artist Elite series
Tuesday, 16 April 2002

Audio-Technica gave the European launch of the Artist Elite Series of microphones at last month’s Pro Light & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. The result of extensive research and field evaluation, the new Artist Elite Series consists of four handheld microphones (two condenser, two dynamic) bring premium sound quality to touring/live performance, club sound, broadcast, corporate facilities and worship venues, say the company.

The flagship in the Artist Elite Series is the AE5400 cardioid condenser microphone, which features a true condenser, large-diaphragm element design. The AE5400 has an aged, vapor-deposited gold diaphragm for a flat frequency response with improved dynamic range and has the ability to handle high SPL’s without sacrificing high-frequency performance. It also features a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter and a 10dB pad. The AE5400 provides natural vocals, with off-axis response which is linear and uniform across the entire frequency range of the microphone.

The AE3300 cardioid condenser microphone has been designed for use in venues ranging from the largest arenas to the most intimate club settings. Featuring a well-tempered cardioid polar pattern with high-quality rejection qualities, the AE3300 provides clear and uncoloured reproduction. Like the AE5400, the AE3300 has a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and 10 dB pad.

The Artist Elite Series also includes two handheld dynamic microphones. The AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic microphone delivers clean articulation for great on-stage presence and excellent monitor cut. It features a polar pa

High definition virtual surround sound
Wednesday, 10 April 2002

BBE Sound Inc has introduced BBE ViVa, a new virtual 3D surround technology that has been integrated with the company’s BBE High Definition Sound. The result, according to the company, is authentic three-dimensional surround sound. Whereas ordinary 3D surround effects often tear the stereo image down the middle, resulting in centrally staged audio material such as dialogue becoming fuzzy or even disappearing, ViVa has the ability to maintain proper sound stage imaging, and provide crystal clear solo vocals and movie dialogue throughout the process.

ViVa will be available in both analogue and digital formats, while ViVa+ sees the addition of the proprietary BBE Mach3Bass enhancement system. Other suitable applications for ViVa include personal stereos (with or without headphones), domestic sound systems and in-car audio. ViVa will be offered to BBE licensees in the consumer electronics industry and companies already featuring the BBE High Definition Sound circuit in their products include Sony, Panasonic, Aiwa, Sanyo, JVC, Sharp, Pioneer, Alpine, Hitachi, and over 150 other manufacturers.

(Ruth Rossington)

Sound meter solves stadium PA problems
Wednesday, 10 April 2002

A portable sound level meter from Hampshire firm Testo has provided a simple solution to PA volume problems at Reading FC's home ground - the Madejski Stadium. At the start of the 2001/2002 football season, Reading FC received complaints from supporters regarding the PA system in certain parts of the ground. While some supporters commented on the excessive volume, others complained that it could not be heard.

The Club decided to acquire a reliable and accurate sound meter so that operations manager Jeff Adams could measure the volume in specific areas of the stadium and balance the sound levels uniformly. Portability, accuracy and ease of use were essential requirements, all met by the testo 815.This is a compact hand-held sound level meter, weighing just 170g. It features an attachable microphone to avoid measurement errors, digital noise suppression to ensure accuracy and easy calibration via buttons. Jeff Adams comments: "Since adjusting the volumes in concert with the sound meter we have received no further complaints."

(Ruth Rossington)

Link and Le Mark make new connection
Monday, 8 April 2002

A new distribution agreement between Le Mark Group and Link srl or Rome was finalized during the recent SIB Exhibition in Rimini. As a result of the agreement, Link will distribute Le Mark's Magtape range of gaffer tape, as well as its award-winning Slipway cable cover tape.

Link is internationally recognized for its range of high quality products, which includes its own Eurocable and LK Connector ranges, both extensively used within the audio, video and lighting sectors. "We are all extremely pleased with the new agreement," said Le Mark's Stuart Gibbons. "Both companies have excellent reputations and have shown sustained growth within the industry."

(Ruth Rossington)

It’s cell cell cell with Milos
Monday, 8 April 2002

Milos SRO, Milos America and Milos UK have jointly announced the introduction of their latest range of cell aluminium clamps. The company’s comprehensive range of QuickTruss systems has been further enhanced with the introduction of a range of high-quality extruded theatrical clamps and couplers to suit standard 48mm-51mm (2") and 32mm (1.25" tube sizes.

Glen Brown, Milos UK sales & marketing director reported: "The addition of the clamps and couplers range to our extensive portfolio of products enables us to supply a comprehensive package of trussing and rigging equipment to all our customers. Our products’ quality is endorsed with TUV standards approvals and safety certifications." Brown adds that this will be the first of several new product introductions and developments to be announced during 2002, which visitors to the PLASA Show will get to see in September.

(Ruth Rossington)

DSP 4 from QSC Audio
Monday, 8 April 2002

QSC Audio has introduced the new DSP-4 digital signal processor, which offers two channels of independent DSP and attaches to the back of most 2-channel DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers - without occupying any additional rack space. Capitalizing on the success of the DSP-3, the second-generation DSP-4 provides a number of enhancements as well as incorporating balanced XLR connectors. These improvements include enhanced A/D and D/A converters for superior signal-to-noise performance and upgraded software that significantly increases the unit’s operational characteristics.

With its new A/D and D/A converters, the DSP-4’s boasts an improved noise floor. These new converters provide an unweighted dynamic range of >106dB (20Hz - 20kHz) for a 4V input sensitivity. Software refinements to the DSP-4 (which will also retrofit the DSP-3 and DSP-30) include the addition of a true power limiting feature. Additionally, preset selection is now available via the contact closure.

Each channel handles a wide variety of digital signal processing functions including high- and low-pass crossover filters, high- and low-pass shelf filters, signal delay, compression, peak limiting, parametric filters, two-to-one mixer, signal splitter, signal mute, signal polarity reversal, and more.

DSP configuration is made simple with an advanced ‘click-and-drop’ software graphical user interface. Users can access a DSP toolbox with icons and simple drawing tools to configure processing functions and signal flow. The software package also offers real-time control along with set-an

Allen & Heath shows rotary mixer conceptAllen & Heath shows rotary mixer concept
Friday, 5 April 2002

Allen & Heath used the recent Musikmesse trade show to showcase an esoteric rotary mixer concept, which goes by the working title of Xone:V6. Although the exact specification of the final design is still not complete, the company has set out a clear mission statement for the product: to provide the best audio quality of any club mixer, past or present.

Xone series designer Andy Rigby-Jones has been researching and testing the very best components available for this project, including thermionic valves and VU meters based on an original 1950s design. The emphasis on quality means that a single rotary fader for the Xone:V6 will cost as much as some complete entry-level mixers. Rigby-Jones commented: "I wanted to give visitors to the Musikmesse a chance to see where the company is going on this project and to tell me what changes they would like to see between the prototype and the finished creation. We did this with the first prototype of the Xone:464 a few years ago, and the feedback we got from DJs and club techs really helped make that product what it has become. I can't say exactly when Xone:V6 will be available. This is all about absolutely pristine audio quality, so it won't go into production until I am 100% confident that it sounds phenomenal."

(Lee Baldock)

Allen & Heath extends ML Series
Thursday, 4 April 2002

Allen & Heath has introduced a package of new products and options for its flagship ML series of live sound VCA consoles. These include a 24-channel version of the ML4000, the option to order ML5000 consoles with eight dual stereo channels and a Syslink kit for the ML3000, allowing two mixers to be linked in a master/slave system.

Visitors to the Musikmesse were the first to see the new ML4000-24, a 24-channel version of the ML4000. This latest addition to the series was developed in response to frequent requests from customers who needed extensive control and output facilities for conferencing and installation work, but who did not want a large footprint console with lots of inputs. The ML4000-24 can be connected to up to two 24 channel sidecar units, a prospect which has been warmly greeted by PA rental companies looking for maximum flexibility in their hire stock.

Prospective customers for Allen & Heath's top-of-the-range ML5000 mixer were also offered more choice at the show in the shape of the new ML5000-C variant. Instead of the four dual stereo channels offered on standard models, the ML5000-C provides eight dual stereo channels in each frame size, allowing up to 16 stereo sources to be mixed. Each dual stereo channel offers mixable A inputs on TRS jacks and B inputs on XLRs with independent gain, four-band EQ and mono summing. Stereo channels 1-4 are to the right of the master section and are not included in the channel count (so a 48-channel ML5000-48C has 44 mono inputs and eight dual stereo inputs), while stereo channels 5-8 are at the far right of the consol

Artistic Licence announces expansion of Art-Net Alliance
Thursday, 4 April 2002

The Art-Net Alliance is a key industry group made up of major lighting control manufacturers, intended to promote the widespread adoption of the Art-Net Ethernet Standard. Artistic Licence reports that the Art-Net Alliance continues to expand and now includes AC Lighting Ltd, AC Lighting Inc, ADB, MA Lighting, Doug Fleenor Design, ELC Lighting, Electronics Diversified, Enttec, Goddard Design Co, I-Light Group, IES, Medalion, Media Motion, SandNet, Touchlight Systems Ltd, Zero 88 and Artistic Licence.

"Art-Net is the only public domain Ethernet Standard in the marketplace - that’s the reason the Art-Net Alliance is growing at such a rate. We regularly receive emails congratulating us for the decision to put Art-Net into the public domain," said Wayne Howell of Artistic Licence. "The aspect I find most pleasing is that we see both large and small companies supporting Art-Net. Over the next 12 months, I think we’ll see a vast expansion in new Art-Net products."

The Art-Net Standard allows over 250 Universes of DMX512 to be transported by Ethernet cable, providing a highly economical solution for the distribution of lighting data. Issues such as ‘merging’ are built into the standard and no longer require separate products. Perhaps most important is the wide range of options offered by Ethernet. Radio Ethernet is now widely available, providing low cost options for ‘Radio DMX’ solutions.

Artistic Licence, the inventor of Art-Net, continues to provide a wide range of innovative Art-Net products. Included in the range i

Marantz Introduces new CDR300 Portable Recorder
Thursday, 4 April 2002

Marantz Professional has launched the CDR300 - the world’s first CD recording system designed for stand-alone portable recording. The table-top design combines ease of use, typical of traditional analogue recording machines, with the sonic quality, convenience and flexibility of CD-RW multi-session recordings. The CDR300 is ideal for recording live onto blank CD-R (write once) or CDR-RW (rewriteable) discs, using either the internal microphone or external XLR (with 48V phantom power) and 1/4" mic/line inputs for stereo recording. Universal SP/DIF digital inputs and outputs allow direct connection between digital devices (such as DAT, MiniDisc and other CD recorders), while internal speaker and headphone output provide for easy monitoring of input and playback signals.

Switchable automatic record level and limiter features on the CDR300 easily accommodate use in unpredictable recording environments, while programmable recording and playback EQ controls allow optimisation of sound quality without the need for external mixer processing.

(Lee Baldock)

Maltbury Steeldeck 7.5 at the Royal Opera House
Thursday, 4 April 2002

For Verdi's larger-than-life opera Attila, staged at the Royal Opera House recently, it was necessary to add to the number of staging modules that make up the raked stage. Maltbury was approached to supply units of its strongest demountable staging system, Steeldeck 7.5, and these now form part of the repertory stage sets stored at the Royal Opera House on stage trucks.

When the Royal Opera House underwent its refurbishment one radical change was to the way the sets are constructed. Instead of repeatedly building, dismantling and re-building each show in the repertoire, sets are now built just once directly onto massive stage trucks, where they remain. At the touch of a button the automated trucks can be moved on stage, into storage or into a rehearsal room backstage making turnarounds between repertory production quicker and easier.

Head of the technical department at the Royal Opera House, Geoff Wheel, specified 20 units of Steeldeck 7.5 for the Attila stage. "Productions at the Royal Opera House require staging that is economical, durable, reliable and flexible," he explained, "which is why I approached Maltbury. Having used the system before, I know it meets all of the specified criteria. Maltbury's Steeldeck 7.5 fulfilled all our expectations and we are looking forward to making use of it in the future."

Steeldeck 7.5 is one of a number of Maltbury's popular demountable staging systems, which include Ambideck, Metrodeck and, Maltbury's latest developments, Pro-Alloy and Metrodeck Ultra. Maltbury's systems have recently been used

Yamaha DM2000 and PM1D honoured at MIPA Awards
Wednesday, 3 April 2002

Yamaha's PM1D large-format digital mixing console and the newly introduced DM2000 took top honours at the recent MIPA (Musikmesse International Press Awards) held at this year’s Frankfurt Music Messe.

Over 300 representatives of manufacturers and distributors of musical instruments and pro audio equipment from around the world gathered at the third annual MIPA awards to see honours awarded in over 40 categories. The awards are designed to acknowledge the best products of the previous year and are nominated by editors representing over 50 music and pro audio magazine titles worldwide. The PM1D was awarded first place in the high end mixing desk for top events category beating off competition from the ATI paragon and the Midas Legend whilst the critically acclaimed new DM2000 took top honours in the mixing desk high end section.

(Ruth Rossington)

Video follows audio with Soundweb expansion
Tuesday, 2 April 2002

BSS Audio have taken a major leap in the expansion of their acclaimed Soundweb programmable DSP system with the introduction of new matrix switchers, capable of routing multiple video sources to several zones, all controlled within a Soundweb system.

While stand-alone video switchers are used in many systems alongside Soundweb, the integration of the control of the video sources has relied upon custom programming between the two systems’ RS-232 ports. Such systems are typically found in theme bars and restaurants (such as sports or music bars), corporate boardrooms and visitor attractions. The SW9016 8x4 Matrix Switcher features eight broadcast-quality composite video inputs (on BNC connectors), which can accept CBVS or SVideo signals of NTSC or PAL standard. These can be matrixed to four output zones (again on BNC connectors). Alongside the video inputs, 16 balanced audio inputs can be matrixed to eight balanced audio outputs (which can then be fed directly to the local Soundweb 9088 DSP unit), and are programmable entirely independently of the video matrix. This means that zones can be programmed to show a news channel while music is playing in the background. Two SW9016 units may be cascaded to provide an 8x8 matrix.

The SW9016 Video/Audio Matrix Switcher integrates totally with Soundweb Designer’s presets, and connects directly to the serial port of a Soundweb device with no extra programming. Matrix settings are made with Soundweb Designer, and stored within the main system presets. This means that via either the simple 9012 wall panel or the more sophi

Martin Pro launches into advanced control marketMartin Pro launches into advanced control market
Tuesday, 2 April 2002

Martin Professional introduced the Maxxyz lighting control system at last week’s SIB International exhibition in Rimini. One of the main product highlights of the exhibition, Maxxyz boasts a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features and attractive, modular design, with an intuitive operating system, easy programmability and customizable characteristics. The desk’s built-in 3D visualizer with real-time Preview mode gives full real-time preview of shows, allowing the user to create new ones without interrupting the running show. Maxxyz offers Ethernet capability (10/100 Mbit) for DMX universes and multiple console linking, remote access via a laptop/PC or Internet network, plus a link for automatic Internet updates, programming modification, service and support, and more.

Two complete Pentium III-based computer systems communicate with each other through COM+ technology. This allows the system to work as one large, integrated system with internal fail-over and four 3D accelerated screen outputs with DVD playback capability. Eight DMX 512 outputs give a total of 4096 channels. Each DMX 512 output is opto-isolated, half duplex, and the DMX-timings and refresh rate can be adjusted individually.

Other features include two industrial 12.1" super high luminance SVGA TFT screens, built-in Effects Generator, built-in DVD/CD-RW, digital LCD buttons, motorized assignable and multi-functional playback faders, SMPTE/VITC/LANC timecode reader and generator, MIDI in/out and balanced audio in/outs.

(Lee Baldock)

ARRI Lighting award portable lighting kit
Tuesday, 2 April 2002

ARRI recently awarded a portable lighting kit - consisting of the Junior range of Fresnel spotlights - to a lucky competition winner, after he entered a ‘business card’ draw on the company’s stand at the Video Forum Exhibition earlier this year.

Richard Hookings, a freelance lighting cameraman commented: "I was so surprised to actually win as I was dubious that these things are ever genuine. This kit will nicely complement my existing lighting kit, and being so compact, it will be ideal for situations when I’m working on my own and need to transport my kit around single-handedly." ARRI displayed two new kit formats at Video Forum - both suitable for 3-point lighting arrangements. The first contained two 650W Junior Fresnels and an 800W ARRIlite which offers flexibility and control, whilst the second contained two 300W Junior fresnels and a Junior 150W fresnel, which offers a package weighing in at 12kg for those where portability is the overriding concern. ARRI will also soon be launching a new range of kit formats.

(Ruth Rossington)

New ProSys features integrated amplifier control and CobraNETNew ProSys features integrated amplifier control and CobraNET
Wednesday, 27 March 2002

BSS Audio has released a new processor for the expanding install market, aimed particularly at integrated system solutions. The ProSys PS-8810 is a fixed-path digital processor, with eight inputs and ten outputs that each has a dedicated processing path which includes EQ filters, gates, compressors, auto-mixers and delays, as well as other processing objects.

With its fixed-path design, system installers need only configure the routing matrix and decide which of the processing objects will be utilized. Once these are established, the set-ups may be stored as presets and recalled via the PC, contact closure or the 8810’s own internal events scheduler. All functions of the PS-8810 are set-up and controlled from a PC running IQ-WIN software, the control suite that can control a variety of types of audio equipment.

The real strength of this new DSP, however, is that it is the first in a new generation of Harman Professional ‘partnership’ products, utilizing the IQ communication protocol from Crown. In addition, it provides audio networking via CobraNet technology that will enable digital audio and control signal exchange with other existing and developing Harman equipment. With the well-established IQ system, the PS-8810 has the ability to network with Crown amplifiers and other IQ-compliant devices. This means that systems with control and monitoring of amplifiers and signal processing can now be readily constructed, with centralized control from a PC running one control program. IQ for Windows allows the designer to create custom control pages so that c


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