ASI Audio adds Bluetooth control to 3DME
Tuesday, 19 January 2021
3dme-iemThe 3DME IEM System consists of a bodypack mixer/controller and Active Ambient earphones
USA - ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has announced the imminent release of the upgraded version of its flagship 3DME Music Enhancement system. The new version will incorporate Bluetooth connectivity for the included ASI Audio App, enabling set-up and control via any current iOS or Android device. The core 3DME system remains unchanged, using patented Active Ambient technology to give the user natural room sound from their monitor mix, their bandmates, and the audience.
The 3DME Music Enhancement IEM System consists of a bodypack mixer/controller and Active Ambient earphones. This new Bluetooth version allows users to pair any common portable device with the 3DME bodypack mixer for untethered adjustment of the system’s 7-band stereo EQ and limiter threshold via the free ASI Audio app. The app also offers access to an Audio Seal Test to confirm perfect IEM fit and allows the saving and recall of User Presets to ensure repeat access to preferred sound signatures.
“By adding Bluetooth control for both iOS and Android devices, 3DME has added ease of operation to its unmatched flexibility,” notes ASI Audio VP of marketing Evan MacKenzie. “We’re very excited to see our full vision for this product come to fruition, and without raising the price. In addition to an enhanced monitor mix, you hear your bandmates and audience in a soundstage of your choosing.”
The system comes with universal-fit Active Ambient in-ear monitors with an embedded binaural miking system. In operation, after locking in the preferred EQ and limiter settings, up/down switches on the bodypack make it easy to add the perfect amount of ambience to the monitor mix, so the performer can hear exactly what they want, no matter the style of music or type of venue. When used without a monitor mix, 3DME functions as variable-level, high fidelity earplugs. The universal-fit earphones supplied with 3DME can be converted to custom fit with silicone sleeves from Sensaphonics.
For touring professionals, Sensaphonics has announced the 3DME Custom Tour version, converting the system’s dual-driver IEMs with MEMS ambient mics to the company’s acclaimed full-shell, soft silicone design. “With the coming return to live music in 2021, we have created this new pro touring version of Active Ambient technology,” says Sensaphonics president, Dr. Michael Santucci. “With its onboard EQ, rechargeable bodypack, and Bluetooth control, it’s the best-sounding, most powerful IEM system ever.”

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