Bandit’s Venue One hosts Taylor X video shoot
Thursday, 9 February 2017
taylor-x-video-shoot-1Taylor X on set at Venue One
USA - Bandit Lites provides its clients access to its Venue One rehearsal facility, consisting of virtual programming suites, accommodations for 80,000 pound hang capacity, bus parking and easy access. Up and coming urban pop dance artist Taylor X utilized the space for her recent music video shoot for the song, No Ceiling.
In addition to using the Venue One rehearsal space for the shoot, Bandit Lites supplied VL 3000 Spots, GLP X4S, Martin Atomic Strobes, and ETC Source Four Pars, giving lighting designer Erik Parker the tools to tailor a high energy look.
“My role in this shoot was to add the ‘rock and roll’ effect in the video with moving lights, but the looks were much more about lease-flare and how the lights interact with the lens than what an audience member would see,” said Parker. “For a live production I try to make large pretty pictures to be seen from the front row and back of arena alike, whereas for a music video shoot my aim is to make the viewfinder look epic, which brings everything in much tighter than for a live experience.”
Even with the video calling for multiple scenes, Bandit’s expansive Venue One facility allowed for all scenes to be built within the 8,000sq.ft space, while still leaving room for both a Bentley to drive through and space for the dancers to rehearse choreography.
“I took their vision in the treatment and added lights around it to help expand the video and add some ‘pop’ in each scene,” Parker explained. “Some of these would use the ‘less is more’ approach having a light or two sit stagnant, others would use lights moving as fast as they can in a colour chase to give the up-beat flare in the camera.”
“Erik did a wonderful job incorporating lighting to properly compliment the scenes of the shoot,” added Bandit’s business development officer Brent Barrett. “Because of his talent and temperament I always look forward to working with Erik on a project.”
(Jim Evans)

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