Brant Underwood - associate principal
USA - Brant Underwood has joined Theatre Projects’ New York office as associate principal. “Viewing industry consultants from the outside, I always knew TP was at the top of my list if I ever made the leap,” shares Brant.
Brant joins Theatre Projects from the world of fabrication, automation, technical direction, visual arts, scenic construction, and experiential design, where he held a broad resume, moving from union stagehand at various New York venues to lead project manager at Hudson Scenic Studios in a relatively short period of time (and with ample detours along the way). Working with Theatre Projects attaches him to the same communities and opportunities, but with an even broader impact.
“Brant and I have a long history together. We started in the New York theatre scene, assembling the tools we now share with clients at Theatre Projects. We spent time in the creative fires of modern dance. We forged a client services focus in the crucible of experiential marketing. And through it all, Brant remains one of the most intelligent, egoless, solution-oriented, and technically creative people I have ever met,” offers general manager Daniel Ordower. “I know his philosophy matches that of the reenergised Theatre Projects brand. Every day, we provide our partners with practical, innovative solutions to their goals, and Brant knows that success - creating positive solutions for clients - comes from truly listening. He is a consummate collaborator and an asset to our clients and growing suite of services.”
Officially, the new department Brant spearheads is ‘technical direction’. That encompasses environmental projects ranging from temporary activations to permanent art and architectural features. Most critically, however, it offers a resource to bridge the gap between concept and creation for clients, a cosy niche in an industry largely split between big-thinkers and fabricators.
“I love to collaborate and design engineering solutions. And I’m interested in projects and partnerships that delight a diverse range of end-users,” notes Brant. “Mostly, I love imagination brought to life. Non-traditional projects that make people say, ‘Wow, how did they do that?’ Making unique connections for clients and always being there with a solution when needed.”

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