The studio’s expertise extends beyond production
China - Votion Studios, a technology-driven creative agency in Hong Kong, incubated by Vobile Group in 2021, has launched a new virtual production studio that centres around an AOTO LED display powered by LED video processing from Brompton Technology.
The studio’s expertise extends beyond production, and also encompasses the pivotal pre-production stage. Through its dedicated in-house VFX team, the facility offers comprehensive support to its clients, functioning as a creative hub for the development of XR and VP productions, underlining its commitment to go be more than a service provider by cultivating partnerships that drive inventive storytelling.
In 2022, Votion reinvested in its LED volume, replacing the original LED configuration with advanced AOTO LED panels and Brompton’s Tessera LED processors.
At the heart of the studio's capabilities are three AOTO LED displays: an RM 2.3mm curved LED wall, measuring 10 by 3.5m; an 8.5 by 5m AE 2.3mm LED floor; along with an M3.7mm height-adjustable LED ceiling, which spans an impressive 4 by 3m. The entire setup is driven by five Brompton Technology Tessera SX40 LED processors, complemented by four Tessera XD 10G data distribution units to deliver a unified data distribution solution.
“Adopting Brompton LED processing marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to provide cutting-edge, innovative visuals throughout our projects,” says Roger Proeis, co-founder at Votion Studios. “The inclusion of full 4K support and remarkable LED video processing, encompassing HDR, Dynamic Calibration, and HFR+, ensures consistently stunning, accurate visuals. Teamed with Tessera XD distribution units, this configuration provides a cost-effective solution and the highest quality resolution for our ambitious LED initiatives.”
Combining its LED set up with a disguise vx4 media server and three rxII render systems, Votion Studios optimises workflows, seamlessly integrating all aspects of the production set into the media server - from backgrounds to XR elements enhanced by ARRI lighting and RED cameras. Everything is unified and can be programmed in advance. Emphasising the studio's ethos, Proeis asserts: "The cornerstone of our approach remains the creative concept. Our aim is to elevate these concepts to new heights using industry-leading technologies like AOTO and Brompton."

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