Chauvet DJ broadens product range
Tuesday, 20 October 2020
kinta-hpThe Kinta HP boasts new colour mixing capabilities
USA - Chauvet DJ is introducing a range of new products including the company’s first CMYO colour-mixing fixture and the first Intimidator to use built-in RGBW colour-mixing instead of a colour wheel.
Covering a broad product range, from washes, to movers, to pin spots, the new fixtures ‘represent the latest in lighting technology’. Many of them offer advanced DMX control features.
Among the new wash units are the Wash FX Hex, a multi-purpose effect light that packs a punch with hex colour (RGAW+UV) LEDs and six chasing zones, as well as the Kinta HP, which features ‘dazzling displays of thousands of multi-coloured beams’. The Kinta HP also boasts new colour mixing capabilities, as it is the first Chauvet DJ effect light to feature an innovative grouping of a CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow and orange) as well as RGBW (red, green blue, white) colour-mixing.
In the spot effect category, the new 6Spot RGBW is a complete ‘Pack-N-Go’ lighting solution fitted with high-intensity quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs that allows users to achieve total room or stage coverage with six individually adjustable heads, all of which are on a single bar for easy setup and tear-down.
The popular Intimidator line has been expanded with two new movers: the Intimidator Beam Q60 and the Intimidator Scan 360. Featuring full 360-degree pan and tilt, the beam unit is the first Intimidator without a colour wheel. Instead it is fitted with a bright 60-watt RGBW colour mixing LED.
Intimidator Scan 360 is a scanner fitted with a 100 W LED designed for mobile performances.
D-Fi XLR technology provides instant wireless communication through compact battery-powered wireless D-Fi receiver (D-Fi XLR RX) or transmitter (D-Fi XLR TX) units that plug directly into the XLR port of DMX-compatible lights. The D-Fi XLR Pack includes one transmitter, three receivers and one multi-charger.
“We are excited to offer this rich variety of new products and technology” says Chauvet DJ senior product manager Allan Reiss. “It’s encouraging for all of us to see the event industry making strides to thrive again and we’re happy that we can provide some powerful new lighting tools to help it get there.”

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