Chauvet DJ provides visuals for Licher Wiesnfest
Thursday, 31 August 2017
licherwiesn0605174162The wide range of acts, included the official Oktoberfest band, Simmisamma
Germany - Beer, food, folk music and a wide variety of other forms of entertainment are a perfect recipe for a good time. The Licher Wiesnfest Beer Festival has been following this formula successfully since 2009. While Munich’s Oktoberfest is Germany’s most internationally famous beer festival export, this summer event, which takes place near Frankfurt am Main, has been gaining traction since its inception, thanks to its beer and varied entertainment programme.
Wanting to give Licher Wiesnfest’s main stage a visual look worthy of a much larger festival main stage, local production specialists Flashlight Veranstaltungstechnik supplied light operator Björn Göbel and lighting technician and LD Benjamin Graff with 14 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Hybrid 140SR fixtures, which they skilfully deployed to create some impressive looks.
By positioning eight Intimidator units from above stage trussing and a further eight units at the base of the stage, Göbel and Graff were able to exploit the wash, beam and spot effects of the Intimidator fixtures to successfully engender a great sense of engagement between the acts on stage and the beer-drinking festivalgoers.
The top tier of Intimidators was used primarily to wash the stage with an evenly distributed canvas of saturated colour with occasional bursts of spot lighting during solo performances. Göbel and Graff used the bottom tier units to project vivid throws of light onto the stage and into the audience, taking advantage of the Intimidator 140SR’s powerful 140W beam.
“Considering their compact size, we were thoroughly impressed by the brightness of the Intimidators,” commented Graff. “With 14 fixtures in total, we were able to create a pretty intense visual spectacle.”
(Jim Evans)

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