Chauvet fixtures transform Labadoux Festival
Thursday, 29 June 2017
labadoux-2This year’s headliners included The European Pink Floyd Show and Levellers
Belgium - For almost 30 years, the municipality of Ingelmunster in the Belgian province of West Flanders has played host to the Labadoux festival. Now as much a part of the Belgian cultural fabric as the region’s chocolate and beer delights, the 'Music with Roots' festival blends a wide variety of folk and other genres, and serves as a key platform for both established and up and coming acts.
For this year’s festival, organisers wanted to up the visual ante for headliners including The European Pink Floyd Show and Levellers. To this end, LD Vincent de Schinckel specified a number of Chauvet fixtures for the festival’s main stage, including 12 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 spots, 16 Maverick MK2 washes and 16 Chauvet DJ Intimidator 140SR hybrids.
Wanting to give the impression of visual depth from the audience perspective on the main stage, De Schinkel positioned the 440w Maverick MK2 Spot and 480w Maverick Wash fixtures over three rows of ceiling trussing hung from the front to the back of the stage. The contrasting looks of the Maverick spot and Wash fixtures allowed de Schinckel to create a colourful lattice of light which both illuminated the performers on stage and the audience, whilst simultaneously empowering the stage with a formidable visual aesthetic.
“I specified the Maverick Spots for their ability to produce ipowerful and sharp spot lighting with versatile effects such as gobos and three-facet prisms,” commented de Schinckel. “The wash fixtures, on the other hand, allowed me to contrast the spots with saturated and vivid colours. This combination painted the perfect backdrop on stage and created appropriately large looks for the main stage of the festival.”
In addition to the Mavericks, 16 Intimidator SR140 Hybrid fixtures were positioned both from overhead stage truss and on the floor. The resulting addition awarded the overall main stage with an extra visual layer.
“The Intimidator Hybrids were my secret weapon,” de Schinckel continued. “Given the incredibly compact size of the fixtures, the Intimidators can be used everywhere. Thanks to their ability to project crisp spots, beams and wash effects, the Intimidators were consequently able to transform the stage with impactful lighting and visual effects.”
(Jim Evans)

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