Chauvet gets festive at Phish after-party
Monday, 18 October 2021
phish-after-partyThe after-party featured improvised jam and funk sounds by six-piece band Big Something
USA - Nashville’s new Brooklyn Bowl venue hosted a late night ‘Phish after-party’ following their concert at the Ascend Amphitheatre. Kicking off at 10:30 pm right around the time Phish was finishing their encore with a cover of the Rolling Stones Loving Cup, the after-party featured improvised jam and funk sounds by six-piece band Big Something.
Adding to the festive atmosphere was an electrifying Daniel Thibault lightshow that reverberated visually throughout the intimate, 1,200-person venue, filling it with an whirlwind of movement and colours. “I wanted to make this room look its biggest,” said Thibault. “Everything about this band’s sound and stage presence is big.”
Thibault, a partner in Life Is Art Studios, added 20 Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures from his company’s own inventory to the house rig, to create the desired immersive atmosphere at the venue. He positioned eight Rogue R2X Beam fixtures in an arch around the band members and arranged 12 Rogue R2 Wash units around the rig’s beams.
“The R2X Beams gave me a convenient way to create full room looks,” he said. “I was able to immerse even the farthest part of the theatre in light with them. As for the washes, they worked hand-in-hand with the beams to provide a base wash of colour and underlying tone for the rig.
“I often started out songs with only the washes behind the band on, zooming them all the way out to make an enveloping wall of light that set the tone for the song from the first notes,” continue Thibault. “After that I would bring in the rest of the rig as the song built up.
“I use archetypal colours as a base of my colour picking onstage,” continued Thibault. “Colours stir up certain feelings in all of us. Blue is cool but can also convey calm feelings of peacefulness. Red is hot but also love. Using this as a base, I listen to the mood of the song and try to pick a colour that will convey that mood. Once I’ve done this, I will select a complimentary colour to go with it to use as an accent for parts of the rig.”

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