Chauvet in the frame at Docks de Paris
Thursday, 9 November 2023
jtse-chauvetA wide range of new Chauvet Professional projectors will feature
France - The CHAUVET Professional team has built its spaces at JTSE (29-30 November) around the theme ‘Frame your scene: immersion in the frame’.
Visitors to Stand #85 and Boîte Noire (Black Box) #14 will find a wide range of new Chauvet Professional projectors designed to help them create striking visuals, enabling them to ‘frame their productions impeccably’. Among them are new additions to the Maverick Storm and COLORado families, all IP65-rated to suit all conditions.
The COLORado range is enhanced by the COLORado PXL Curve 12, an innovative new spotlight with 12 zooms and 12 individual tilts. This fixture is also to be presented at the JTSE Awards. Lighting designers will appreciate how this groundbreaking projector offers them new ways of creating a moving frame and conveying emotion through all their pictures. The controllability of each of the 12 fully dimmable sources gives designers access to new curves and wave patterns that can't be achieved with traditional LED battens.
A new addition to the Maverick Storm family is the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash. With its two independent zoom control zones, it opens up new creative perspectives as a result of its completely unique beam, wash, and pixel mapping effects. Its full pixel mappable16-lens outer zone and 12-lens inner zone can be combined to create intense and varied images.
The Maverick Storm 4 Profile is capable of creating a universal frame, even in the largest arenas or amphitheatres. Thanks to its powerful LED motor and advanced optics, it projects an intense light over a very long distance. Its precise framing, smooth iris and 8.5:1 zoom make it a suitable tool for creating highly targeted areas of light.

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