Chauvet lights Enterprise Vision Awards
Wednesday, 23 October 2019
enterprisevisawardsThe Empress Ballroom provides an elegant setting for events
UK - Blackpool’s Empress Ballroom provides an elegant setting for events. The 3,000-capacity venue also offers lighting designers a magnificent canvas on which to ply their art. Ollie Wilkinson of ArranPaul Audio and Lighting Design took full advantage of this recently when he lit the 2019 Enterprise Vision Awards at the century and a half old ballroom with a rig anchored by 22 Chauvet Professional Maverick fixtures.
Drawing on the output, gobo capabilities, and zoom range of 14 Maverick MK2 Spot, and eight MK2 Wash fixtures, Wilkinson created an enchanting atmosphere in the cavernous room. "The thing about lighting the Empress Ballroom is that I like to let the venue talk for itself," he said. "Once we start lighting the beautiful pillars, the extravagant ceiling, and other aspects, such as the balconies, the venue really starts to come to life."
To ensure the large room was sufficiently lit from a whole manner of angles, the powerful 440W MK2 Spot units were positioned along a 16m- long central trussing beam above the stage. While four of the Maverick MK2 Spots provided custom gobos for the stage and the venue floor, the rest of the units were used for the creation of star field gobos, projected magnificently throughout the venue, including on its high domed ceiling.
"I used the star field gobo effect to create an ethereal look within the venue; and it looked stunning to say the least," said Wilkinson. "We also had four custom gobos for the main sponsor of the event projected onto the stage. The clarity and focus was second to none."
A further eight MK2 Wash fixtures were also positioned from the main trussing rig to wash the room and guest tables with saturated, atmosphere-inducing colour
Wilkinson also used 40 Freedom Tri 6 units from Chauvet DJ, positioned around the balconies to award the upper echelons of the venue with a warm and inviting visual atmosphere.
(Jim Evans)

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