Claypaky Mini-B chosen for Forest Showcase
Tuesday, 4 August 2020
claypakyforestCube chose eight Claypaky Mini-B fixtures for the Forest Showcase
Germany - Cube Entertainment in Rostock selected Claypaky Mini-B fixtures for the Forest Showcase with psytrance DJ Morten Heuer at the Housersten electronic dance music club tour in northeast Germany. Due to Covid-19, this year’s Houserasten events consisted of videos and livestreams targeted to fans instead of in-person shows at clubs in various German cities.
Cube Entertainment supplied the lighting and sound gear for the nighttime Forest Showcase, designed the set and handled the video production and postproduction. “The design was simple, but a bit futuristic,” says Fabian Schikorr, Cube’s owner and an event technology specialist. “We had the idea of building a little truss cage on the ground and illuminating that. In the middle of the cage there was the DJ stand with his platform, monitoring system and DJ setup.”
Cube chose eight Claypaky Mini-B fixtures for the Forest Showcase, mounting two on each side of the truss cage. Mini-B is the smallest LED moving light ever made by Claypaky for the professional market. Although it weighs just 7 kg and measures only 34 cm, the versatile Mini-B features the most advanced, modern optical and electronic technology.
“The Mini-B is one of the most flexible fixtures we use,” notes Schikorr. “It is small, bright and fast with a wide zoom range, tight beams and brilliant colours, so it was perfect for the Forest Showcase. We needed a small fixture with a big output to produce both strong beams and a wide wash to illuminate the forest around the set.”
VisionTwo is the Claypaky distributor in Germany and supported Cube Entertainment for the Forrest Showcase project.

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