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Monday, 14 October 2019
clf-untold-1LD André Beekmans from The Art Of Light was responsible for designing the main stage
Romania - Romania’s largest electronic music event, Untold Festival in Cluj-Napoca, was recently staged for the fifth time.
The main stage was located inside the Cluj Arena stadium and almost all stages were packed with CLF fixtures.
LD André Beekmans from The Art Of Light was responsible for designing the main stage while Chris Das from Four Aces took care of production management and design of the secondary stages. The main goal was to achieve and elevate the light design in comparison to previous years. Fourteen trusses with CLF Ares and Orion fixtures were added to the Arena setup.
“We used the Ares to create a massive audience wash, which worked really well for the livestream as well as pictures. We used Orions as effect lighting and the double spot/beam functionalities meant it was the perfect fixture for creating spherical momentums to hype up the crowd”, says Beekmans.
The stage itself had to be suitable for touring artists with their own floor kits. The house rig ensured the whole stage had a combination of spots, washes and beams. The wings of the stage were filled with scenery. CLF Yara fixtures took care of the small details, whereas CLF Ares fixtures functioned as main scenery wash. Chris Das comments: “Every time, the Ares surprises me in terms of their output and intense colours. Moreover, the flexible diffusor kits make it very easy to find the right balance.”
CLF Aorun beams were used as effect lighting for the complete main stage. “The Aoruns really helped extend the stage visually into the arena itself. We are very familiar with using CLF fixtures and the possibilities they offer and we use them for many other shows, like for example Amsterdam Music Festival. These fixtures were also very much appreciated by visiting guest LDs”, concludes Beekmans.
“Because of their heavy-duty housing, excellent colours and high output, we decided to purchase Ares, Yara and LEDbar PRO fixtures. We plan to deploy them in Romania throughout the season. For example at Neversea Festival, Afterhills, Hifi and Mioritmic. Our next event is Chouette, a small business-focused event on a beautiful new location in Gilau Transilvania near Tarnita Lakelake. We will be deploying 140 Yara, 24 Ares and 48 LEDbar Pro fixtures there”, says Das.
(Jim Evans)

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