Corey Hart returns with Coda Audio AiRAY
Thursday, 8 August 2019
coreyThe singer-songwriter recently undertook his first full arena tour of Canada since 1986
Canada - Corey Hart has sold more than 16m records worldwide and earlier this year was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. The singer-songwriter recently undertook his first full arena tour of Canada since 1986, having twice taken long sabbaticals from the road during his 35-year career.
The hotly anticipated Never Surrender tour demonstrated that he has lost nothing of his ageless star quality and reviews of the shows praised his skill, showmanship and the quality of his powerful eight-piece band.
Supplying audio for the shows was production specialist Solotech and its choice of Coda Audio’s compact AiRAY system to deliver the Corey Hart message to his fans proved a great success. Front of House engineer Gary Stokes (k.d. lang, Adam Lambert) enjoyed his first experience with the system and was in no doubt about its qualities.
“Usually, the biggest challenge with an arena system is trying to make it sound consistent in every seat and that’s probably what we spend most of our time trying to do. Of all the different systems I’ve used - and I’ve probably used most of the ones on the market - I would say that this system has proven to be radically effective, in the sense that you can make it sound the same everywhere pretty easily.”
The System deployed on the Never Surrender tour comprised main hangs of 16 x AiRAY per side, side hangs of four AiRAY with eight ViRAY per side, a sub array of 16 x SCPF Subs and eight ViRAY as front-fill.
Stokes continues: “It was very obvious that this system is different from other systems. You put it up, delay it correctly and it’s almost as if it’s one big speaker going back and forth in the horizontal, from one zone to another. Even if it’s a different model of speaker within the Coda line, it’s been much easier to achieve seamless transition between zones than it has with any other sound system I’ve used.”

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