dLive gets deep with Skunk Anansie
Wednesday, 27 November 2019
skunkanansiedlivefohpolandrockThe Allen & Heath dLive mixing system at FOH
Europe - Skunk Anansie have recently wrapped up their 25th anniversary tour along with an Allen & Heath dLive mixing system at FOH.
With a string of European festival and headline shows, the milestone tour followed the release of Skunk Anansie’s new live album, 25live@25 and finished with a run of UK performances.
Long-time Allen & Heath user and FOH engineer Ben Hammond comments: “dLive is just the perfect console for me. I’m able to lay out each show file the same way so the shows are always consistent, whether it’s an outdoor amphitheatre or large indoor arena.”
The full set-up (owned by Hammond) features a dLive DM64 MixRack and dLive S5000 surface fitted with a Dante card for virtual soundcheck and multi-track recording, and an AES 10 out card, which feeds Hammond’s speaker management processor.
Rather than using external hardware, dLive’s on-board processing, FX and compressors, are more than enough for Hammond, who currently utilises 13 of the 16 RackExtra FX available in order to enhance Skunk Anansie’s larger-than-life rock anthem style.
“I use a lot of the built-in effects on dLive,” says Hammond. “As an example, I start with the Hall 480 reverb on Skin’s vocal, which adds a nice bit of weight and then I add two EMT 250 reverbs on snare and toms. A.D.T is also on pretty much everything; it's on the bass, the guitars, keyboards and all the vocals, and it adds a nice big stereo spread and just excites everything a little bit.”
(Jim Evans)

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