Dramatic backdrop for Mercedes Fashion Week
Friday, 7 December 2018
mercedesOld Government House provided a dramatic backdrop for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Australia - Completed in 1862, Queensland’s stately Old Government House provided a dramatic backdrop for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.
Tying the stunning 19th and 21st century visuals together into a balanced panorama was a colourful lighting design by Tim Allder of Chameleon Systems that featured 110 Chauvet Professional COLORdash Par H12IP fixtures, supplied by Showtools International.
To light the runways that ran on three sides of the iconic building, Allder had his COLORdash fixtures positioned on top of ground support vertical towers. Each tower had a 4-meter pipe on top that held five of the RGBAW+UV LED wash lights.
“We relied on the COLORdash fixtures to set the mood on the walk-in, as well as to light the building’s columns,” said Allder. “The building provided an excellent backdrop for the catwalk with lots of depth for us to play with, and the colours from the COLORdash really helped us accentuate these architectural features.”
The colour rendering capabilities of the COLORdash fixtures were also essential to highlighting the models and their outfits. “We used the fixtures to create hot, cold and medium skin tones that enhanced what the models were wearing during each segment,” said Allder. “For the brighter designs we had warmer colours and then pale blue-lavenders for the cooler apparel.
“Our biggest challenge in a project like this is to keep the levels and colour tones even along the entire catwalk, even with the limited number of locations we had to work from,” said Allder. “Happily, we were able to do this with no difficulty, all while give the building an amazing look with colours. Plus, we got no complaints from photographers about light levels. Graham ‘DB’ Jelly, my co-designer and operator, deserves a lot of credit for making this work.”
(Jim Evans)

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