GLP lights Berlin business awards ceremony
Wednesday, 23 August 2017
berlinThe event was expertly lit by locally based lighting designer, Björn Hermann
Germany - The annual DPWK Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation (German Prize for Business Communication) gala award presentation took place recently in the casual surroundings of Berlin’s Columbiahalle rock venue (replacing the usual formal ‘black tie’ event).
Known as Der Goldene Funke, the event was expertly lit by locally based lighting designer, Björn Hermann, working in conjunction with phase7 performing.arts, with whom he shares a studio. German lighting manufacturer GLP provided many of the creative tools, including 24 x GT1, 14 x impression X4 and 16 x impression X4 L.
Hermann says he believes it is important to support the City’s institutions, particularly at student level, and GLP were also happy to lend their sponsorship.
Explaining his conceptual mission, the designer states, “It was important to create an ‘Oscar’ type feeling for the students, nominated companies as well as guests, and therefore I attempted to create a dynamic intro for the winners with moving lights that drive through space and other effective scenarios, which then explode with the announcement of the winners.”
The GLP fixtures were used principally as effect and show lighting, and to create a spatial atmosphere for the judging and prize-giving. “All the lights worked flawlessly,” he confirmed.
Working together with the students of HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences and Technology) and phase7 performing arts, who designed the stage show, he was given a free hand in the lighting design.
Hermann also undertook the lighting programming, including DPWK´s lighting design. The aftershow party was then taken over by Marc Preschke, who is studying lighting programming in Hamburg. A pair of Hog4 systems were used as consoles.
In summary, Björn Hermann said: “I am a big fan of GLP products. The X4 series I like especially as there is a complete family of fixtures with different lamps and sizes. The Wash light from the X4 series is wonderfully precise, with defined beams, so you can easily create a really good show.
“The GT1 is very compelling as a hybrid lamp, with all three functions performing perfectly. The Spot mode, for example, has a really clean beam without hot spot.
“Another major plus is the baseless design, which GLP is the only manufacturer to offer. This enhances the optical stage design, as the fixtures are simply more compact.”
In 2017 the Goldene Funke was awarded for the 16th time. The nominated companies and agencies competed in six categories for particularly good, goal-oriented and effective communication. In addition, a special ‘start-up’ prize was awarded for excellent communication.
The award ceremony, which was organized by the HTW Berlin and the non-profit association ‘Verein zur Förderung der Wirtschaftskommunikation e.V.’, was once again considered a total success.
(Jim Evans)

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