Green Hippo and mo2 design on children’s TV
Thursday, 24 August 2017
mo2-designThe 1000th edition of 1, 2 oder 3 was broadcast on ZDF
Germany - The 1000th edition of Germany’s hugely popular children’s TV show 1, 2 oder 3 aired in July, and Green Hippo and mo2 design helped ensure it looked suitably impressive. Based on the original US version, which was called Runaround, those in the UK may be familiar with the UK show, which went out in the 70s and 80s under that same original US title. The success of the German show has outstripped that of any of its ‘siblings’ seeing it become a mainstay of German childhood TV watching.
mo2 design produced the historic episode, and to help ensure that the visuals went perfectly to plan, Green Hippo delivered special training to the German lighting and design company. Cologne-based mo2 design has extensive experience working with Media Servers – it was the first lighting designer to widely use them in German television – and has recently focused its attention on Green Hippo’s Hippotizer product line. Consequently, Lanz Short, product specialist at Green Hippo, provided three days of Hippotizer training sessions, including a bespoke day, which was planned around the technical requirements of the upcoming show.
The live event itself saw mo2 design use four Hippotizer Boreals – teamed with a pair of grandMA2 lighting desks – controlling four Barco HD 30.000 projectors creating a four-cube wall, a further two Barco HD 30.000 projectors enabling rear projection, plus an LEDGO Black Spinel LED floor.
Manfred Ollie Olma, founder and owner of mo2 design commented: "Hippotizer Media Servers work visual creative for a designer of site as well as with their performance on site."
Bennet Fuchs, visualization & video operator of mo2 design added: "The Hippotizer gives you a creative toolbox to realise ideas and designs. Doesn't matter if you need a hammer or a screwdriver!"
Matthias Allhoff, responsible for planning and projects at mo2 design, said: “As a company that carries out projects from design through planning to implementation, we appreciate the many different aspects of the Hippotizer Media Server. Its intuitive user interface, in combination with the clear workflow, makes life easier for our video operators and server technicians. The powerful content converter minimizes discussions and problems prior to productions, giving us more flexibility. The options and tools enable a large application field from standard shows to most complex projects."
(Jim Evans)

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