It’s all white on the night with Maestra
Friday, 17 May 2019
maestraWhite on at Maestra
UK - Maestra Group has made some major sound, lighting and video equipment investments recently in the London office, including white sound and lighting kit, which will ensure all its clients have the most flexible and dynamic solutions available for their shows and events.
The equipment is proving especially popular for car launches and other automotive events, fashion shows, corporates, industrials and expo stands as well as for art exhibitions, parties and architainment applications, where white equipment is often better suited to blend into the environment than traditional black.
The kit includes a substantial purchase of 30 x custom coated white Robe moving lights – 12 x LEDBeam 150s, 12 x Spiider LED WashBeams and six Pointe multipurpose fixtures which bring Maestra London’s total stock of Robes to over 100 including black versions of these three types and others.
In addition to these, there are over 100 other white luminaires in the inventory – a mix of Showtec Sunstrip Active Mk IIs, ETC Source Four Junior Zooms and Aria F1000 fresnels, all giving an excellent choice for different lighting designs.
On top of that, there is a selection of d&b audio speakers in white – currently a combination of Y7Ps, T10s, E5s and M6 monitors – which is expected to be expanded soon.
Maestra’s MD Justin Hammond highlights how the demand for white lighting and sound kit has dramatically increased in the last year in certain speciality sectors, and both Maestra Group’s London and Dubai bases have been proactive about addressing this.
The initial decision to get more white kit onboard was prompted by an Easter event at The Lanesborough Hotel in London’s Michelin starred restaurant, Céleste, for which white lighting and sound equipment was essential.
“We saw the results of this and knew it was a sensible investment to get more kit onboard in both locations. It’s been an instant success and having the flexibility of offering a diverse range of options to all our clients is a priority” states Justin.
Recent Maestra Group projects utilising white products have included an event for luxury jewellery brand Akillis working for Z7 Communications in Dubai, as well as a conference for Nike Town in London and a private event hosted at the trendy Shoreditch Grind.
(Jim Evans)

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